To BBFansite Readers

We have been facing this problem from readers whenever there’s any upcoming awards that involves Big Bang with another artists.


Let me quote from Tablo’s Blonote (posted on his cyworld): “what, is there a separate category for good songs? the songs you like are the songs that are good.” (translated by melodygreenleaf)

Ponder on that for a moment and you will know.



~ by Momo on November 13, 2008.

50 Responses to “To BBFansite Readers”

  1. concur.

  2. tablo? gosh i love epik high songs, 1 minute 1 second, umbrella, etc..
    but they’re second on my list ;D

    tablo is right.

    ok i apologise to all fans of other artists if my words were harsh on you people, if you’re reading this, i’m sorry.


  3. YAY,,THATS SOOO TRUE!!! actually Im all over this AWARDS thingy last night,..IM HAPPY and PROUD THAT our BOYz have gotten this FAR,,if U think about their pre-debut days 2 yrs ago, theyre almost unrecognizable 2 d public BUT nOw theyre competin’ w/ really great Artists,,dont U feel proud???..I LOVE ALL BB’s SONGs (+BB) and theyre my # 1 sO thats all that matters 2 me nOw..BIG BANG HWAITING!!!

    I Cant wait 2 C their perf..,,Sat. HURRY!!!^_^

  4. sometimes, i just can’t help but loose it.
    it is often a pain when you know way a bit too much.
    well, in time it will reveal itself.
    rest assured, am doing my best to keep the oath.

  5. and yeah I may have said something harsh 2,,sO 2 all d fans of other Artists ,”IM VERRY SORRY” *bow 90degrees* ,,hOpe we can b friends just like our IdoLs!!! LETS GO CHEER FOR THEM!!! ^_^

    GO VIP GO BIG BANG GO!!! ^_^

  6. @anyone

    I was just wondering, will overseas fans be able to watch the award show? or will we have to wait until its out up on youtube,veoh etc?

    if it is possible to watch it on saturday somewhere, could someone please let me know.


  7. word. ^__^v

  8. Thank u momovip & tablo^^It’s right,there’s no good bashing other artists & their fanbase,no no..we’re the VIPz,proud VIPz!We will make our boys proud by not making any arguments&all..I would really like to apolgize if I had said sth harsh & rude about other artists & fans,they’re just like us,trying to make our boyz the best,again,hwaiting VIPz !!We can do it!!

  9. sooo true!!!!!

    i agree!! =>

  10. n 1 mOre thing: “IM VERY SORRY” *bow 90degrees* 2 all d artists that i’ve been rude 2 a little bit,,^_^ U GUYS r AWESOME 2 and i didnt mean 2 put d blame on U guyz,,HWAITING!!!


  11. kekekke. totally love that quote. TABLO is also another artist i totally respect.
    i love his outlook on life and music.
    “no genre, just music”

  12. it’s so funny cause such a small thing got blown up to such a big thing…but after this post i think everything is a little calmer…or maybe i just feel that way. kekeke. thanks MOMO for posting this awesome short and powerful post! we all needed the breather! it’s all good now. let’s all calm down, be cool, let the wind flow through our hair, and listen to “good music.” ^^

  13. aghhh
    my bad
    in soompi i put the “the reason why big bang is always 2nd place is because 1st place is always DBSK”. and then it was also posted on here and people read and yeah…

    i didn’t mean anything bad. just wanted to explain why in the poll BB’s results are always second.
    i guess that kinda made people misunderstood and started the whole thing.

    i’m very sorry about this.

    and of course we all just want BB to win. just that some of us need to be abit more careful in what we’re saying.

  14. Janie: thats my favourite quote and have been using it since.

    Ncly: no worries on that matter. Its a give away when DBSK participated. So even without u mentioning it, it will come out and will become an issue between fans.

  15. ^ no worries.

    we understand all your concerns. sometimes vipz just can’t control themselves.

    others take the voting too seriously.

    all we need to do is support the boys.

    they will be around for years to come. we don’t have to worry about that.

    we just need to keep buying their albums & going to their concerts. this is the most direct way to reach out to big bang, b/c these figures get thrown in their faces. when they recognize how many fans they have elsewhere than korea, they will take the ivipz more seriously.


  16. *nod nod*
    totally agree with melly and momo.

    momo: which one is your fav quote? the one about good music or the “no genre, just music”?
    i love em both! ^______^

  17. janie: no genre, just music. wherever i go, i will quote that. even for projects like BB 2nd anniversary/gd’s music book to name a few.

    its like an everyday motto to keep me going. i just love music and also love to educate others about other genre.

    whenever i see there’s other artist or producer that is helping out with BB’s album, i will make a post about them so that others will know.

    If BB didnt come out with Number 1 album, some of you may not know about Silverroom. I have heard about them way back and their music. they are indeed good in what they do. Hence, i name my post as “no genre, just music”.

    Also i love when Tablo mentioned that “The movement of all fans will always keep them influenced”. with that i applied the same quote for Big Bang as such that we as fans will always keep them influenced to be good at what they are good at which is Music.

    Thats my 2 fave quotes from Tablo. I love Tablo and his beautiful mind. The way he sees and perceives things is somewhat different from the rest of us. Most of his words can be rather subjective and we may not understand the overall meaning. Thats the point. Looking at a different angle makes us UNIQUE in so many ways.

  18. omg tablo 🙂 i love him..and love epik high too!! ^^
    yeah no genre just music..i shall stick to this principle and no bashing..thanks for reminding momo ^^

  19. Word yo. he speaks the truth. cuz its all about the MUSIC (of course!).
    everything else is after. no doubt about it.

    it’s just a “friendly” competition. it’s cool to see our fave artists compete nicely in awards like these. nothing to get way too crazy about. we’ll all get over it in time ^_^ So lets just all really support BB in the good and right way throughout, no matter what y’know! 😀

    Just remember that it all comes down to the music and the love of it. that’s what mostly made us love Big Bang in the first place right? cool. =]

    Very good quote. Great post to inform all us readers/fans about all this. thanks for saying it 😀


  20. I have not once bashed another artist publicly on another site or anything of the sort (i just say it to myself or my sister LOL).

    Tablo does say things that make sense (remember the time when he got pissed off with downloads?) but it also does seem to me he only says his wise words when it suits ‘Epik High’. If I’m completely honest, I am a fan of Epik High but their latest stuff has disappointed me.

  21. agreed=] if we like the song then its good, just because we like it doesnt mean others will, and just because others like a song doesnt mean we will. we all have our opinions, so theres no need for bashing other artists if they are competing with big bang. our boys have made it this far and i’m really happy with that ^.^ i love Tablo’s quote;)

  22. Yeah, we actually shouldn’t bash other artist. We should all remember that these PEOPLE also worked hard to be where they are now, living their dreams and wanting to please everyone with their music and touch lives with it.
    I guess the bashing really started with the Overseas’s Award on Arirang.
    Let me tell you something, don’t pay attention to that, I really think it is completely rigged, and probably the artists are clueless about it.
    What is more important is giving our support to our beloved artists because I know that they appreciate our love for them and it makes them happy, even without the awards.
    Just continue the support! =)

  23. OHMYGOD.
    such a touching quote

  24. ahhh, half my comment didn’t send XD

  25. I’ve been with BBF since early 2007, and I can feel that each article published here shows how much each one of the editors have work. How many of you remember, bigbanggurl ? The original founder of this site? Without her, MANY of us would’ve never loved Big Bang as much. So please, respect the posts, and if you were ever to post in this fansite, please respect the other editors. Have some pride in your work, and display it through your posts. If they’re just random, it’ll just piss me off. Looking at Momo, Vicky and Melly work their butts off, and having someone else do a half ass job, it just pisses me off. And it’s called BIG BANG FANSITE FOR A REASON!, BIG BANG ONLY! This has to be a strict rule, come on.

    If there is a collab, with another artiste, and if you don’t particularly like that artiste please do not show your displeasure here. This is a Big Bang fansite, no other mentions if it does not conincide with Big Bang.

    If you hate SNSD, please do not show it here. SNSD’s Factory Girl show will recognize G-Dragon for his Fashion sense next week. Just something, I found out.

  26. omg yeah like some ppl be hating on dbsk an wonder girls they are all good. >:O

  27. ok guys…let’s not talk about negative stuff…it’s time to reflect on whatever you’ve done that you aren’t satisfied with and be gone with it…not state what others have done wrong. people should just comment on info about the post.

    momo: yes, tablo has a very unique mind that just makes me want to understand all of it in one day…but there’s just too much good stuff to take in. ^^ ok…i’m off to work.
    let’s KEEP THE PEACE VIPz!!!!

  28. yay for all groups in the running.

  29. Totally agree. No bashing. Gives us a bad name and we’re soooo above that =]

    Tablo’s the freaking man lol

  30. I understand people can get a little jskadhsjd right now, but we should all respect other artists! I may not be a big fan of the other artists nominated, but I won’t say anything against them. They all deserve a nomination. … 😀

  31. Well I dont like to bash..I think I didnt but sometimes when I read really ugly comments about Big Bang I just cant help myself
    U_U…but yea I respect the artists..even If I dont like them…but I hope that other people respect Big Bang in the same way I do with their favorite group or singer ..

  32. thats all I want, respect ^^

  33. love that quote. that’s always been my personal philosophy.

  34. No hunk of metal on a slab of wood should change what we are–VIPs.
    love is a feeling we express. Not a physical ornament to give.

  35. THANK YOU! sorry, but lately those posts, whoever the writer is, has been annoying me. i don’t want the bashing to reflect on bbfansite.

  36. well yea it true
    i dont lik other ppl talk bad about big bang so i shouldnt talk bad about other singer
    but wat i say about DBSK votes number been unreal last time is alll about wat i think
    it doesnt mean it true
    it just my thoughts so sry if i hurt DBSK fans

  37. It’s about time. -___-;
    And isn’t it usually the POSTERS/MODS bashing on SNSD? hmm.

  38. this is madness. LOL

  39. Tablo’s such a genius.

  40. @ shutter:

    you should read who actually posts them before you jump to the conclusion as to WHO actually does the bashing.

    i have yet to bash on snsd. i actually like them.

  41. couldn’t have been said better CAT!

    and i’ve been a reader on bbfansite for awhile now and NO none of the mods/admin/posters have ever done any bashing…so yeah please don’t spread those rumors.

  42. THANK GOD! Big Bang is great in Vip hearts DBSK is great to cassies and blah blah blah IT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND =] Awards don’t represent anything. They know they are good. Proven by us loyal fans. The best we can do is to support and Buy their cds which was an awesome investment by the way!

  43. wow how rude :[
    i’m glad you posted this~
    i don’t think i’ve bashed other artists but if i have i’m sorry and i won’t do it again =.=
    though i still think snsd shouldn’t be ahead of my lovely big bang in the music awards =____________=

  44. Oh yeah i get it.
    okay, no more bashing then
    Lets go VIPs and vote vote vote!

  45. yup yup ^^

  46. @ shutter:





    NoT all people has the same thinking as we do here.


    i know some people here post non BB related here. And i am one of them. Its a spur of a moment thing that i want to share to others on certain. What a better way to reach and talk to u guys if not here. Since i know most of you here and you all know me. So dont take it seriously, just have fun once in a while. SHould trust us in what we do. I know what am doing and wont be wasting ur time to read it if i didnt think it was an awesome piece.

    @ To the rest of readers:

    Thanks for your comments. SNSD/DBSK are my good friends, But Big Bang is my best friend. Thats how i differentiate my favourites. Hope you do too.

  47. Music is the universal language… It’s the force that breaks all bounderies.whatever race you are in, whatever language you speak, wherever you cleanses the spirit and opens up the soul. Tablo is right. We all have the same passion: MUSIC. all we have to do is to enjoy and support their music. Tablo you’re so cool…
    Let’s support all genres of music. No to piracy
    “Music is my passion”

  48. tablo, you are a saint to my soul.
    i just can’t help it though, since everything is all about fan base ><

  49. @ momovip,
    I support your view 100% Tablo’s quote was 100% correct. I think BB is the best because their music matches very well to my liking.
    My only regret is not being on top of things to know when and where to help put in my votes for our BB 😦 By the time I know about these voting things, it was too late.

  50. U.U Ok…i apologize from what i said before…….

    ahhh…BB <333

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