11.14.08 Foolish Love & Sunset Glow Performance: ComeBack Stage on Music Bank

**EDIT: You HAVE to watch this… I went insane after watching this

**MP4 version of the performance for you iPod just been added! 🙂
TaeYang: Promo Video for Big Bang’s 2009 Calender and Diary


Thanks to 마시멜로님

hehe I saw him and an apple keke, then amuse by something on the dinner table…….. GROPING Dae.. kekke awwwwwwwwwwww… they’re so cute, the small eyes brothers of the group, is that another dog??? I thought he only have Boss…. whoa~


Finally some BaeRi action, Bae always complain about how Baby only act like he like him when the camera’s around… maybe Baby has change. kekekek Baby lean in to kiss Bae and he got all surprised kekeke he literaly jumped kekek these two are SO CUTE!!!

I see Boss again, awwww.. he’s been doing so many photoshoot lately, Boss a star too man haha

11.14.08 KBS Music Bank
ComeBack Stage: Foolish Love Performance
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11.14.08 KBS Music Bank
ComeBack Stage: Sunset Glow Performance
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thanks to S님

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I saw the lamp… then Baby…. I died…. I can literally feel my heart weakening, his vocal is amazing oh ma gad, perfect~ so is Bae and Dae, there’s like NO audio mishaps lately, I’m so happy, Bae sitting on the bench, yet somehow manage to look so sexy, Dae sound a bit different, maybe because of his musical, he doesn’t sound like himself today, hope he’s not tire….. The dance they did with the dancer was really cool, I love the part where they put their hand underneath the girls’ face and ‘air’ lift it up haha. Baby and his ‘EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT RIGHT’ looking hot and bobbbing up and down haha.

Tabi appeared with pink glasses hehehe the more I look at his hair, the more I love it. DANG! And look like our Bong is going back to his ‘This Love’ days, with the beanie and the coat haha I love it when he wear stuff like that, cuz I freaking love ‘This Love’ and the MV.

This is such an awsome song, love it and Baby’s ‘Everything’s gonna be alright right’ killed me.


thanks to S님

Haha I like how when they say ‘WHOA’ you can actually see a stop sign that says ‘WHOA’ hahha WAH~ they’re wearing green this time, I love it whenever they have a color theme stage costume. Tabi definately sound better, so good to hear that, I love seeing them perform this song, because it just bring amazing happy mood and seeing them smile is the best thing a fangirl can ever ask for. HAHAH did you see Tabi pose after his second rap verse??? kekeke the hyung of the group is the dorkiest, if you look at Tabi closely, you can see him trying so hard to hold down his laughter, wonder what was so funny.

Of course, my fave part, the ‘I LOVE U GURL~’ CAN WE PLEASE GIVE IT UP FOR THE KBS CAMERA MEN????? They zoom right at Baby…and that my friend, is a great strategy, let him work his maknae magic haha. While Bae was singing the bridge, look at Tabi hahahah, he’s so amusing to watch keke with his dorky self.

Bong has score himself extra 4 eyes haha, have anyone noticed? he’s been wearing it a lot lately, he always have something he’s obsessed with for a while, and this time, those eyes are it haha, and then another of my fave part the ‘AH AH AH AH AH ~’ part Dae’s smile is so bright it’s amazing, the way his eyes move haha Tabi on the side T_T he can’t lose to Dae that’s for sure hahaa.

another awsome hyped performance. LOVE IT!


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~ by Vicky on November 14, 2008.

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  1. Thank you VICKY

  2. us da best i was waiting for it

    FOOLISH LOVE so hot. oh mah gah they’re so hot and Baby’s ‘Everything’s gonna be alright right’ waoooooooooooooo
    SUNSET GLOW they’re wearing green my favourite color love it “i love you gurl’ love it
    “i ove you boys”<3333333333333333

  4. Ooh a jean’s theme..they all looked so hot in blue jeans. hehehe. They looked like the boys next door that are either looking for love or in love..that was so refreshing. =)
    Baby looks good with a turtle neck…and white…waaaa he’s so growing up now.
    Baebae looks so lonely in that bench…can I join you? hahaha! He looked so hot.
    I want Bong’s coat!!! I love it!!!
    Woohooo a foolish love life performance! I love the stage set up. they all looked so good…and they gave a great performance again. =)
    Then a green theme for the sunset glow perf!!! OMG!!! they killed me again! hahaha! They always make me smile with every sunset glow performance…I can’t help but smile with them. hehehe.
    Dae always looked so happy with every Sunset Glow perf. He looked so cute and hot at the same time. hehehe.
    Tabi, why do you wanna laugh? Maybe because he’s high whenever he hears or performs the sunset glow perf…the song brings out his total dorkiness. hehehe. loving it!
    and Baebae…damn you…do you want me to come on stage and stick my fingers on your mouth to curve your lips out? hahaha! really he has to let loose and be infected like the rest of them…doesn’t he know he looks so cute whenever he smiles and kills a lot fans in the process? hehehe.
    Maybe I should bring Boss to the stage. That would make him smile a lot more. hehehe.
    Thanks lil sis in law!!!

  5. sis in law

    haha looking for love
    or getting attacked by a whole bunch of girls kekeke
    cuz gurl~ if i see them on the street :D… you know what will happen kekeke

    you need to stop talking to nya while ur still innocent haha
    cuz she can do some bizarre stuff to you
    i.e RIGHT THERE thaha that bench thing keke
    I’m already in TOO TOOO deep okay kekek it’s been 3 months
    so I can’t get out anymore
    save yourself gurl~~~~

    hahah you know
    that may be true kekek
    our peguin little Tabi can get high haha
    i can soo see it keke

    T_T again.. STOP TALKING TO NYA hahahaha
    ur infected gurl
    even with a violent side effect

    I can see his face totally change the second he see Boss keke
    that’s our little cute Bae who’s been hiding his inner cuteness

    my heart start melted away…aaaaaaaaaaa im going crazy again

  7. Best Thanksgiving present ever…thanx!!! made my day!

  8. Oho———-seems like GD´s got himself some meat on those skinny bones.

  9. Oh, I see—-my mistake—-GD only lifted YBs shirt—-again.

  10. how freaking cute is the “sunset glow” performance ! well that performance is always adorable ! all so cute !
    TOP is so adorable !!!! =)=)

  11. oww that picture where from plss i wonder too bad!!

  12. BABY looked so fine..i gotta love this guy more! what a great song..i’m so happy that they performed it!!~
    sunset glow was freaking cute man..getting cuter and cuter!!
    again..our boys get to sing 2 songs and end the show..great 🙂

  13. i love both of those songs so i’m
    a happy fan girl right now =]
    hehe i miss G-Dragon and his beanie
    that beanie had a smiley face on it. cool (:
    Sunset Glow’s performence always make me happy and laugh
    i love watching them perform that song.
    hehe i love it when they did the close up on Seungri too
    and when they do “ah ah ah” it’s so cute!
    TOP’s always laughing, him and GD for some odd reason
    just like when they did a radio show and he was laughing too
    then GD laughed. G-Dragon was cute, when they showed him
    smiling..made my day. i love it when they are smiley =]
    WHOA thank you for that Thanksgiving gift!!!
    Thank you!

  14. Vi
    just when i was about to go to sleep, you spring
    this on me. how am i suppose to sleep now with
    Baby singing ‘everything’s gonna be alright right’
    echoing in my head? xD

    man. i love that song too. i’m hecka happy they
    performed it. then there’s Jiyong working that bum
    look. and yes i think he looks like a well dressed
    BUM. haha. i like it though cause as usual, he makes
    it work. 😉

    oh and one more thing, Vi. i guess we don’t have to
    boycott these camera guys huh? unlike the Love Concert
    camera guys. haha.

  15. lil sis in law

    wonder what happened to your talks with nya? hehehe.
    Is Baebae abs here subjected to nya’s…err….wild imagination?
    Hehehehe…thanks for the early gift ^^ that pic is so….yummy..hehehe..
    I guess if I talk with nya a lot more for sure the things that I usually supress will come out when I talk with her more. hehehe.
    Abs are really one of my weaknesses…woohoo…hahahaha…I really am infected and I think you can’t do anything about it.
    All hail our leader nya. hihihihi.
    Baebae should never hide his cuteness. He looks good whatever he does, and that includes smiling and being cute…hehehe.
    Yeah you are deeply infected now…but I guess Baby will be happy? hahaha!
    Poor tabi. then again, I think he’s game for anything. =)

    G-dragon Sixpack<3

  17. Don’t you just wish there is somebody who’s as HOT as seungri waiting for you at night by that lamp,hmmmm…lol! I simply love this song esp. my top’s “nothing ever ever change” part…so SEXY!!!Oh, and I’m loving GD’s look lately…

  18. moar pressiez please vi XD

  19. ….Vicky I love you XD. ok the perforance for foolish love was amazing and i freaked out when i saw that they performed that song. I loved that performance sooo much. Sunset glow i love watching just because all the guys have alot of energy while doing that one. That and the part where they go ah ah ah is just too damn adorable.
    ok the reason I love you lol. That pic. OMG >.< SQUEEEE I knew my Bongie has been workin out but hot damn O.O *melts into puddle of goo*

  20. omg………………..xD foolish love ..what a great performance…GD looks so HOT with his outfit!! and T.O..P also!! goshh all of them looks HOT xDD…and then GD’S “yEAAAH” …*died*

    what can I say..I LOVE BiiiG BANG XD

  21. lmao ok i have to change my comment. I looked at the pic so quickly that i didnt notice it was YB standing in front. XD who cares hes drool worthy too XD

  22. does the 4 eyes thing mean specs? haha…i like the specs look.
    (: prefer the music core performance..cos he has his specs on :DD

  23. Great performance!! Loved every second of it. Sunset glow performances are the oasis in my exam desert! my fave parts are both the ‘i love you girl’ and ‘ah ah ah’, i feel less stressed when i see them being so dorky. it puts a smile on my face!

  24. Super awesome performance! Can’t wait for more! I really love the performances. Kudos to Big Bang!

  25. seungri kills meee! shit! he’s freakin HOT!

  26. i love seungri more and more, his cuteness makes me weak. his magic makes me go crazy!! XD

    my heart swells with love for this boy, life is unfair why couldn’t i have him? i’ll trade everything i have in this world just to have him, i would even sell my life to the devil for just one night with him, my heart was beating violently. aigoo! XD

  27. g-dragon, i love yoo too.. g-ri ❤

  28. seungri ^ gdragon ❤

  29. oh mah gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gd’s pic was sooo dang HOT…aaaaaww!!!

    whoa~ i really love this song (SUNSET GLOW)!!
    makes me dance with the beat! lolz
    cool~ they’re wearing green..

    i’ve melted with dae’s bright smile..aaww..
    and our maknae is so CUTE as always..
    YB so dang SEXY!
    Tabi..such a cool dork!!
    and finally..
    GD, dang!! no comment..*(speechless)*

    thanks for sharing this vicky!!

  30. OMG! TABI NEW HAIR. i think i might be a little late at noticing this haha. anyway im a little sad that johnny bravo is gone but i thank GOD he found this hairstyle. is it possible to fall in love TOP twice? i think so….

    oh and OOOOOH YEAAAAAH happy thanksgiving indeed!

  31. OMG!!!!!!!!!! what can i say..i love big bang!!!
    i love their hip hop pants!!!!! it’s been so so so super long since i last saw them in regualar jeans..it looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on them..so in love..
    and GD..hahaha..so cute and funny, he’s wearing a smiley bennie on such a sad song..

    and sunset glow wha~~~~~~~
    i love black and green on them..super hot.

  32. OMG!! how could i forget to comment on the GD pic..ma gawhhhhhhh~~ drools..
    thank you so much..i think my thanksgiving just got better. hahahah. even if the gift is a bit early.
    i wish he could stop getting skinny and get some of that sexy meat back. ^^

  33. Omg, thanks a lot vicky!!!! I totally smiled like an idiot to myself during both performance. My face just lit up when I saw seungri leaning against that lamp post. Tabi is just so awesome, I saw him controlling his smile too. ahaha. How cute can these boys be.. Thanks a lot!!=))

    GD is absolutely sexy there! Omg.

  34. Vi
    OMG!!! XD!! Look at ur hubby’s deadly stare when he laying on the lamp.
    Gurl, r u awake? Don’t faint or even died. The performance just begin. Hahaha

    That bench I could so imagine kenley & roro sitting beside bebe. Hahaha… then they begin the fight & bebe end up calming down they 2. kekeke…
    How he make them calm down, I don’t want to know. Coz the thought can’t be said here. Kakaka…

    Yup, Dae vocal r not as good as usual but he still give us the best. Fighting Dae Dae!!

    Hubby with his pink glasses. He looks good on everything. I can’t even say anything to describe him.

    Hahaha… bong with his beanie. I love the smile face that on the beanie. Kekeke…

    Its jeans now! Yay~~ so long since I saw them wearing jeans, since Lies day? Oh~ I can’t describe it. The feeling of ‘I miss u so much’ to them wearing jeans. Hahaha…
    I actually have a really bad day these 2 days but when I see them performing Sunset Glow I feel all things got better. Especially watching hubby smile like this & being all dorky. Ohh~ thank God. I fell all better now.

    mmm… should I thank God or thank Vi who post it? Kekeke…

    I wonder what make my man hold down his laughter like this? Something that funny? But whatever it is, I’m glad. Coz I could see hubby’s smile ^^v
    Yup his pose. Kakaka… “hyung, u can’t be like that” will the members tell him like this?

    Why everytime hubby performs this song he have so much sweats??

    Look at hubby’s pose! Spreading his arm like that! Hubby ur chest… I want to jump there & hug u. I really do XD!!

    And at the end! Did u see hubby’s smile? Such a warm smile >o< hubby, u make addicted to u day by day. How could I even leave u like this??

  35. kenley & vi
    after so long time since i read all the comments i found u 2 back talking about me??

  36. wow I think this performance of sunset glow has the best camera work. we get to see closeup mic rockin from everyone. I hope theres gonna be an HQ dl for these two vids!!


  37. BONG <3! Seriously, Vicky you’re not alone. I freaking love the ‘This Love’ video too o_o HE IS SO HANDSOME IN THE COAT … I died D: ❤ GDMOMENT FO’SURE <3!!! and Sunset Glow, I’m speaceless, I’m in love ._. ❤

  38. OMGee I thought that the 6pack was from Kwonnie himself*drool*
    But it is the 6pack of YoungBae:( But also *drool* =P
    I love Kwonnies style sooo badly!!!! And the rest of the BB’s Are also sooo sexay!!!!!!!!!!

  39. i hope you’re right about Ji Yong returning to his “This Love” days – those were awesome [and sexy] times ^_^

    ahahaha that picture screams TAE7EN – it’s so similar to how Se7en used to play around with Taebin back in the day – *sigh* miss those days…

    oh wait .
    aw man ):
    that’s taeyang’s sixpack .___.
    my friends make fun of me because jiyong doesn’t have a sixpack (at least not in the photos we’ve seen of him lifting his shirt) and i love him D:
    oh well he’s still hot who cares what they say 🙂
    taeyang’s awesome too ^^

  41. Oh man, Foolish Love was SOOO GOOD!
    GD looked super sexy in his beanie & jacket.
    Great performance.

  42. oh my, the ‘foolish love’ performance was so great. i really like theme background. *sigh* seungri look so handsome when he looks serious and gd look fine as hell with his ghetto outfit. hahaha 😛

  43. OHHHH!
    baby looks mature nowadays~ i love it
    bong looks like a gangsterr from the old days kekek
    looks like TOPie needs a haircut, that front part is just too long lol
    love foolish love perf! the set was really fitting

  44. YB’s six pack sent me to heaven LOL…reminds me of his solo days…sigh…..back to the point…foolish love is one of my fav songs off the album, i was uber excited for this perf and it didnt fail me…Baby stole the show..lol….sunrise glow is awesome as usual!

  45. i love it when they sing sunset glow! It’s always such a beautiful performance!!!
    TABI I LOVE YOU! He looks greattt as always :] and he has a lot of camera time 😛
    Dae with his smiles AH!
    They’re heaven for sure!

  46. Got a question 🙂

    Does someone know where I can buy this t-shirts?

  47. Ahhh! this perfromance was so great, i loved it!!
    :] teehee!
    FOOLISH LOVE, that song is soooo great =]
    I LOVE the combination of their outfits & all, together. :]
    SUNSET GLOW! OMG, i love the BIGBANG signs! The stage looks
    so cute! Hahaha, there goes the “Ah ah ah” dance :] Teehee,
    that gives me the giggles
    YES, another GREAT, more than GREAT, perforance :]
    Goodjob Boys (:

  48. OMG. *nosebleeds*
    I LOVE the coriography(i fail spelling) for both performances!!! xD
    OMG. IT WAS SO CUTE! when Baby did the little wave and the cam-man zoomed in!! :O
    OMG. And that pose that JiYongie did at the end of Sunset Glow!!! ❤
    my weak fangirl heart gave out!! <33

  49. Foolish Love is my joint best song off their new album glad they performed it. Still waiting for seungris strong baby, hahah that’ll be funny! Love the colour theme things =] Mann i wonder where they gets baes leather jackets in all those different colours? I want one!!!!

  50. runlyrunly—>

    even though it’s a family holiday
    don’t let ur family members see it though haha
    or we might have some problem

  51. BBismyLife

    It was during their STAND UP Concert tour in Japan while they were performing ‘Conme be my lady’

  52. jiyanz

    I’m really happy that instead of performing like just 2 songs like they did last album with Haru Haru and Oh My Friend
    they did differnt songs
    they’re only gonna perform the intro and Sunset glow for Inkigayo
    but i’m always excited for every new performance


    omg…hyperventalating right noww…

    gaahhh!!! Sunset Glow…aahhh…im like so in love with what theyre wearing!!! SR in a tie, GD in a fedora, YB with green leather, Dae Sung with that turtle neck, TOP just looking sexy withe that mask!! lol gggaaahhh!!!

    MAnn…i just like DIED when they did a close up on SR in the part “uhhuh i love you guurrll!” ahhh….
    then that other close up with the YB & GD duo..AHH!!!

    I think DS got a haircute…im loving it! (or was that old?lol)

    OMG…I freaken loved that performance! maybe cus the angles were
    pretty good.. AHHHhhh!!!
    Im like in love when TOP says “wait, hollup, hollup..” lolol
    then they do a close up on DS!! AAHH!!
    Dae Sung you sexy beast!! hahaha

    I just love their smiles in the end..!! ^_______^

    k gonna watch Foolish Love

  54. oh, of course i loved the performances ❤ how many different colours do yb have that jacket in? lol. love their colour coordination too. anyways, vote for our boys for mnet countdown, http://mnet.mnet.com/NProgram/mcountdown/Poll.asp?bidx=mcountdown (you can use the same user you used for mkmf voting. remember to use IE, and remember to enter to number verify code before clicking to submit [purple button on the bottom of page]) big bang hwaiting!

  55. ninalee

    Tabi was ESPECIALLY giddy today
    i really wanna know why haha
    his dorky self always amuse me

  56. Heather

    haha shouldn’t u be getting a damn goodnight sleep because of that??? hahaha

    bum look kekeke
    does look like a homeless
    a homeless person that I would LOVE to take in kekek

    KBS camera men got some HUMAN SENSE
    others don’t

  57. sis in law

    dude u don’t wanna know haha
    our conversations are a blur hahah

    GLADLY, muscle man isn’t
    or else I’m even in DEEP DEEP trouble
    she only have eyes for Tabi keke

    kekkeka I saw it and I was like ‘OOH DAMN~ my big sis in law have some competition’ kekekek

    his eyes when he smile still amaze me how small it look hahaha
    sometimes I think it’s smaller than Dae

  58. top_lover

    LA DUH~
    who wouldnt want that?? hahaha
    I would put a lamp in front of my house just so he’ll come by and stand there hahah

  59. Ili

    hahahah wait til christmas XD!!!!

  60. kay-chan

    haha thanks
    I feel the love

    but that’s not Bong haha
    that’s Bong lifting up Bae’s shirt

    and yes he is VEERY drool worthy

  61. nxh

    I meant the necklace and the ring he’s wearing it has eyes on it keke

  62. zzen

    wahhh~~~ so poetic
    I would so do it too haha

  63. meriezu

    haha i should do that too
    Bong… no comment
    but I feel like I have to write something
    and it always turn into a freaking essay about him haha

  64. vesna

    Bong’s style is just the skinny kind haha
    that’s the main reason why he’s called ‘bong’ in the first place keke

  65. AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!

    Foolish Love! omg!
    that performance seriously took my breath away!!

    First, their sorta baggy jeans!! OMG!! lol I LOVE IT!!!
    ahh..havnt really seen them in those…lol they look so hot
    what theyre wearing its so casual and cute

    and of course i just LOVE THE PART “everythings gonna be alright..right..right” lol omg..I love you SeungRi!! then
    he does that vest pull thing lol….ahh…so sexy!!

    then TOP comes out rapping and doing his thing..shaking his head
    and all that..hhehehe…GD looks so HOT in a beanie!!


    SR just killed me in the end!! when he like wiped his lip!
    AHHHHHH!!! an amazing hot performance!

  66. LOVE the present 😉 LOL haha

  67. nya

    hahah he try to turn on his sexy charm kekeke
    but it just look so cute

    I woke up at freaking 4:30 AM to watch this online
    I got like… less than 4 hours of sleep hahaha
    i have to go all nighter for the MKMF and Music Core today too

    i dont wanna know either hahaha

    i didn’t even notice what pants they were wearing
    you of course would look down south hahah

    with all that jumping of course he’ll sweat like crazy
    he’s the most enthusiastic with the jumping thing kekeke
    he’s been smiling nonstop these days
    which is so awsome to see
    I rather see them smile than see their abs
    … seriously hahahah

  68. nya

    T_T…. uh… no… we’re not talking about you.. kekekeke

  69. YelloPhase

    already been added 🙂

  70. gdrandomness

    I know I’m not hahhaa
    I love it when he perform it back then
    just a coat and a beanie
    that’s the GD STYLE keke

  71. Jini

    Baby is like WHOA~
    did you spot him copying Bong’s hand on the lips move at the end?
    i was like XD!!
    Baby!! you try to kill me??
    cuz everytime Bong does it
    just… kills me

  72. Tony

    you can order it on NII’s oficial website
    but they only ship within Korea

  73. hoichu

    I think we won’t get to see it until their concert in January
    since it’s a solo
    he won’t perform it live
    though I hope he would

  74. rosiebb (aka roranges)

    I think he had a haircut too
    it look a bit small than what it use to be

  75. elusive

    OOH~ thanks
    I’ll be voting everyday 🙂

  76. LOL i also noticed TOP was like seriously jumpy
    in Sunset Glow..LOL

    in the first “ah..ah..ah..” it sounded like the first “ah” was off
    LOL so cute though..I wonder who that was..GD?..hahaha

    then TOP was rapping…then GD…TOP kept going like
    “oh, ay, oh, ay”…lol then he was like “down, up” LOL

    like what the hell..hahaha hes so crazy..hes like saying the
    dance steps..his and SR’s dance steps…lol a dork seriously

    but I just love his eyebrows when he says “2008” in the beginning
    and his expression in the background when YB is singing the bridge..heheh

  77. yay ! thanks vicky !
    awhh , topie the dork . ahah .
    btw just wondering if there is an mp4 version of it ?
    so i can stare at them in class on my ipod . AHAHA jkjk .
    thanks !

  78. Vi
    Hahaha… but still u died when u see that the first time ^^
    Huh? Well, u could get plenty of sleep now, before MKMF start. Hahaha…
    Then just go crazy all night^^

    Huh? What happen to vi today? Rebellion? Kakaka…

    Huh? Its jeans gurl, of course u could notice it from the start. I kind od tired seeing them using that skinny pants all the time now. I don’t want them to expose too much of it. I miss their gangsta style day.

    One sentence.. does that mean the comeback of Tabi penguin?
    Coz penguin could jump nonstop. Hahaha

    Yup, I’m agree, I’m not too much into abs thing. as long as he smile. ^^

    Just admit u r lil gurl. Kekeke…

  79. the peformance was awesome xD

    lol the pic…when i first looked at it..i thought every hand from different direction pulled GD’s shirt up oO
    i was like damn GD! i didnt know you have abs! xD

    im so retarded when i looked at it again…

  80. Vi
    haha. i meant, how could i sleep if i was so
    giddy hearing that echoing in my head? but no
    worries, i went to sleep with a huge smile on
    my face soon after watching the vid a few times.

    man and who knew these guys wearing jeans again
    to perform in would be such a turn on. oh and as
    nice as the coat is, i think Bong should just take
    it off because i’m sure he was just wearing a
    sleeveless number under that and that’d be really hot.

  81. You know the necklace GD is wearing, the one with the eyes. I’ve noticed it from their first perfomance on music core and though nuh it can’t be the same as mine….. but then from this perfomance it showed that theres like some sort of transparent plastic between the eyes (if you get what i mean lol) and OMG!!! Its the exact ones i have!!!!!

  82. Thanks!! The performance was awesome ^^
    BIg Bang All the way ^^

  83. OMG!!
    foolish love!!!
    the choreography is so sexy
    I just wish I was one of them dancers… >.<
    My man looks sooo damn sexy…doesn’t he always?! ;P
    that hairstyle+my man= PERVY THOUGHTS
    and Bong with his coat…..HOT!!!

    sunget glow performance…SO MUCH DORKINESS!!!!
    I love how they can’t help smiling when singing this song
    even my man ;P
    Dae was definitely killin me with his smile
    and what can I say about the green theme….too damn fine!!!

    I died after seeing the pic…I wish it was my man
    I just hate having to cheat on him like this but he makes me

  84. thanks for the download and everything !
    ahha i dont know if it is just my computer
    but the link for part 2 or the sunset glow performance
    doenst seem to work for me , (:
    thanks !

  85. OMGGGG Thanx Vicky! Foolish Love Performance *hands down* <333
    it was perfect! lovely song *o* and Sunset Glow 😀 is fangirl heaven!!!! xD!

  86. thanksssssssssssssssssss ❤

  87. Might I say T.O.P was MORE SEXY THAN USUAL! I don’t know I was just drooling WAY more than usual, and his hair…SEX-A! but hey wat can i say anything he does makes me happy!

  88. vicky

    it would help if you started categorizing your posts.

    keeps everything organized.

    utilize all the categories made & organized by keriann.


  89. I LOVE U manageRI!!! I really dO!!!

    and thanks 4 d gift! actually when i 1st saw d pic. I thought its only babyG liftin’ hi shirt up [n’ i died instantly] n’ when i looked up closely I was like “OMGD its GDYB”,speechless..LOL^_^

    sunset glow: everytym they perform, it always feels like something new [even though they perform diz song everyweek n’ their previous songs], d cameraman SURE knows hOw 2 work it..I 2tally miss baby’s youngcute expressions..n’ sOrry baby 4 thinkin’ perverted stuff when ur sO cute like that,,i just really cant help myself,,Y must u dO diz 2 me?..OMLord babyG, I ❤ his new obsession thingy[lol],,is he spyin’ VIPs through that eyes necklace?haha^_^ n’ what could it b?haha^_^..babyYB is sOOO cute, n’ he smiled [at least try]!yay^_^ n’ did u guys spot his eyes smiled 2? wOw,<3 it!,,daesungi sOOO cute 2,,he always smile I ❤ it,,n’ in d end when d cameraman focused on his face, he back away a little bit while smilin’, i guess he kinda get a little shy there *aahhh so cute* but then he moved back forward..<3 it! n’ oppaTOP OMLord his dorkiness is unstopable n’ i ❤ it sOOO much!!! his facial expressions is priceless man…,,,this perf is sOOO AWESOME,,its always make me smile even if im sO dead tired n’ irritated n’ stress n’ sad..thats 1 of d reasons I became a VIP,,I just ❤ their way of comfortin’ n’ entertainin’ people!^_^ I’ll never get tired of them even if d whole universe hates them..spread d LOVE!!!haha^_^

    fOOlish LOVE: OMLord, I seriously never imagine that a singers would b sOOO HOT when they just stand there n’ sing! Im really amazed that BB can make me realize a lot of things whether is gOOd or bad,,they [n’ U VIPz] seriously changed me a lot [in a good way],physically n’ mentally! n’ Im really thankful! nweiz,move on 2 spazzin’ tym hehe..OMLord I ❤ this song n’ I ❤ it more that they performed it,,I agree manageRI,baby look reaLLy HOT w/ “everything’s gonna b alright right~” n’ him leanin’ on that Lamp pole,,man I would hunt him down [softly] n’ juz__________________________________________________……………………. b HAPPY!LOL^_^ nya LooK what U did 2 me,,LOL^_^
    its really refreshin’ 2 C them wear a jeans again,,I ❤ their skinny jeans [b/c theyre still HOT w/ it n’ U can C —censored— stuff LOL^_^] but I think I ❤ them wearin’ loose jeans d MOST! I ❤ d vocals n’ rap man,like seriously literally fell in ❤ w/ it again! Daesungi lookin’ HOT OMG,,his voice does sound a bit different..babyYB OMLord, hOw is it possibLe that some1 would LooK sOOO HOT just sittin’ there? weLL babyYB has d answer 4 US!..n’ did any1 spot d form of his lips after he sang? OMLord i thought i’ll become unfaithful 2 maknae there in instant BUT not 2 wOrry maknae,just a sight of U is enough 2 OWN me,,^_^ babyG,I dont even know hOw 2 start in this bOy, hes pure HOTNESS whether u agree or not,,haha^_^..babyTOP “never ever change” WHOAH O.O..I ❤ it 2 d fullest!!! n’ d turn around n’ walk away in d end is sOOO sexy man..I feel like runnin’ 2 them n’ just HUG them tightly!!!^_^

    I ❤ it!!! Thank You very mUCH Big Bang 4 makin’ my day! n’ manageRI 2 4 sharin’ it!!!


  90. Gahh, they all looked so AMAZING in the Foolish Love performance. Especially, Seung Ri.

    Mmm, TOP looked really good in Sunset Glow. Sounded great, too. They all did. They all looked like they were having lots of fun. I think it’s the best performance for this song so far. And, I liked this camera guy (I can finally learn the dance!).
    I need a Big Bang street sign for my room.

  91. OH! I just now noticed Daesung’s pants in the Sunset Glow performance. Yeah, I want them.

  92. thanks for the thanksgiving present x)
    — too bad it isnt mr.kwonjiyong.
    but taeyang is still FINE x)

    i love all their performances of sunset glow.
    && foolish love. OMO. OMO. OMO.
    i died when i heard seungris voice.
    oh who am i kidding, i die whenever i see them!
    but then i come back from the dead to die for them once again.

  93. n’ OH I 4got 2 mention their little dance w/ CRAZY,,man I LOVE it,,I 2tally envy those girls not only b/c they can effin’ b sO close 2 BB but also b/c theyre amazing themselves especially hye jin, she’s sOOO pretty n’ charmin’ n’ talented,,I learned 2 ❤ her somehOw..[sorry 2 say this YB lovers] but IF she happen go out w/ YB someday, I would sOOO suppOrt them 2 d fullest!!! ^_^

    VIPz r awesOme 4 respectin’ n’ understandin’ d dancers [CRAZY] bein’ w/ BB all d tym n’ daincin’ w/ BB!!! I ❤ that they dont make it a BIG Issue,,VIPz U rOck!!!^_^

  94. HHHHH
    n goshhh BAGGY PANTS IS BAK BABE!!!!!!!
    SR look sooo hot at the begining!!!!
    i agree!!! my heart just stop at that moment!!!!!!!!!

  95. vicky

    inkigayo this sunday??
    yeah i’m kinda happy that they performed foolish love..
    i thought they are not gonna like perform it
    how good if they will change song in every performance?
    hahaha but its impossible though..i don’t want my boys to be dead tired practicing for those choreography
    sunset glow is so enjoyable and fun..same feeling like their heaven performance..i love it!! all of them are plain adorable ❤
    i actually prefer watching sunset glow more than haru haru
    cuz haru haru is too emo T.T

  96. so the MKMF is today ryt? anyone staying up for it?
    i wanna watch it but can anyone give me the time?
    thx ^^

  97. thank you for clip 🙂

  98. OMG!!! im back ‘ i just really have 2 say this,,I planned 2 sleep early 2day n’ wake up when MKMF starts but Im sOOO excited I cant sleep,,,man U have nO idea hOw excited I’am,,I really cant wait 2 C their performance!!! Even though Im actually really tired this couple of days b/c of my schOOL work,,4 BIG BANG there’s nO such thing as “tired”,..man I really cant wait!!! hOpe ants wont die on me nOw cuz ants has been really irritatin’ lately,,IDK whats wrong,,sO just 4 back up can any1 tell me if they know any online TV i can use 2 watch MKMF except channelchooser? thankz..*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* HURRY TYM!!!

  99. awww seungri was so handsome in the Foolish Love Perf. That’s my fav song on the cd. they preformed it really well.. loved Daesung’s voice in it the most… and my YB baby ^__^

    i hope GD goes back to dressing like he did when they first came out.. that was my favorite GD fashion ^^ what he wore for that was pretty close to how it was then. and ahhh… TOP never fails to crack me up in the sunset glow perf. he’s adorable lol

    ok i hush now.. got to get back to homework >__<
    i’ll check out the MKMF perf whenever it get’s posted on youtube.

  100. aww the promo video is cute! Taeyang and seungri. hahah too cute! I can’t wait to see the other ones.

  101. <333

  102. lol @ YB and SR…. that was cute. cant wait for that calender to come out. YB seems to really take a liking to doggies

  103. kekeke that was so cute!!
    hahaha bae was like huh wtf then he jumped off lol
    baby just can’t stop gaying around..when will ToRi action comes?
    haha ToRi sounds really weird but looking forward though xD

  104. LMAO! maknae’s becoming like bong..kissing ppl XD [or more like attempting to kiss ppl]

  105. oohhhhhh~~ i love foolish love!!! it reminds me of fools only tears, tho its totally diff. i dunno, myb its gd, or me.hahahaha nvm. loving the jean theme, seems like their old ghetto again. thank youuu vicky ure the best! and woooooo bae-ri cuuuteee action~

  106. OMG!!
    can’t wait for the calendar to come out!!
    Bae’s killing me…tay smile is sooo dangerous…must resist yhe tempation
    Baby kiled me!
    I was so sure he was gonna do it 😛
    but Bae jumped
    imagine Bong’s face…. ;P
    Bae and boss just too cute for words

  107. babyshy

    I just added it

  108. nya

    I went to sleep at 7 and woke up around 11 PM
    is that enough sleep?
    I hope so
    ahhhhhh~ Music Core is starting in like 1 hour

    I couldn’t say I miss their gangster style day when I know them when they first starting their ‘Lies’ day
    and the gangster style didn’t fit everyone in the group
    so I would say I like this better

    hm………maybe a different bird species this time haha
    he can’t keep doing the same thing keke
    keep it FRESH~

  109. Heather

    well it works damn well for me when I listen to it on my iPod on the bus on the way to school
    I sleep like a Baby hahaha
    I saw that at like 4 AM
    i actualy stayed up to watch it online haha

    or……he was wearing nothing kekekeke
    HAHAHA I’m sorry
    I’ll stop with the pervertedness now haha

  110. Sel.

    ooh~ where did u get it?
    I’m always amuse by where Bong got his clothes from

  111. Sexica

    wouldn’t it be cool?
    if Bong surprised Tabi by doing to him from the back?
    GREAT pleasure for us
    but Bong will PROBABLy got scolded by his hyung afterwards

  112. babyshy

    If you’re using Firefox
    maybe that’s why

  113. Melly

    will do just that 🙂
    i don’t even know those categories was there… at all.
    damn. what’s wrong with me

  114. J-G-RILEEN

    it’s like hearing myself talk hahaha
    and u…. nya did something to you too huh??
    run while you can gurl~~~~

    and yea~ the dancers thing
    us VIPs are cool like that
    I think they even create a fansite for them
    though I’m not sure what it is
    these dancers are wayyy cool

  115. jiyanz

    yup, they will make their comeback on inkigayo this sunday

    it will be AWSOME
    but that’ll be too much work try to rehearse
    so it’s understandable

    I enjoy watching them all so idk kekek
    Haru Haru didn’t seem emo to me at all
    maybe because I’m blinded by their hoteness

  116. ghina

    I AM!!
    ahah I sleep in advance just for it keke

    the red carpet event wil start at 5 PM ~ 7 PM
    MKMF will start at 7 PM in Korea time

    you should google and see the time difference between ur area and Seoul, Korea

  117. J-G-RILEEN

    here, but u need to download the GOM Player


    I went to sleep at 7 PM and woke up at 11 PM haha
    I’M GOOD TO GO!!!!

  118. huongface

    TOP’s promo has been release

  119. xtopieloverx

    he’s copying Bong
    u know how he is with the whole copying his hyungs

  120. Sexica

    Bae was always jealous of GRi
    and now that he had his chance he backed off.
    NOT KEWL. kkekek


  122. vicky

    yesh meaning i’ll ended up watching inkigayo instead of studying T.T

    no its not like very emo but they perform it like with very serious expression and without smiling kekeke..coz it would be weird if they show happy expression while singing haru haru..right? i can see our boys smiling 24/7 in sunset glow perf..dae’s smile is amazing..you can see baby enjoying so much and keeps showing his maknae magic ❤ tabi being dorky T__T freaking kill me..bong seemed more cheerful to me compared to the previous perf idk why..its just my 6th sense. bae smiled more too! kekee..can’t get enough of sunset glow ❤

    waiting for music core now~
    gurl you’re awake already? did u have enough sleep hmm?

  123. okok i know u slept at 7pm and woke up at 11pm
    but how can u freaking go sleep at 7pm???
    hahaha..it’s not even my dinner time yet kekeke

  124. LOl
    it would be awesome!
    Tabi should understand Bong is doing it for all of us

    he was wasn’t he just cause he doesn’t get any action
    Dae and Tabi should join Bae…XD
    but is better for u
    “NOT KEWL”

  125. OMG!!!! I love the song Foolish Love and Sunset Glow!!! I especially love the video on Taeyang’s photoshoot for the 2009 calendar & diary!SOOOO CUTE!!!Seriously though, every1 loves to kiss Taeyang!!!First it was G-Dragon, then Seungri!hahah….don’t we all want to smooch him!;-“]

  126. manageRI

    lol^_^,,i got ideas from U n’ i guess we felt d same way sO thats Y theres nO diff. in expresin’ it!!!

    i c, u got some sleep! i cant sleep @ all..im 2 excited!!!^_^

  127. lol everyone wants a piece of my hubby eh…first GD, now SR and even little girls want to hug him..poor baby has to avoid women and men lolz….who wouldn’t want to kiss him!?

    – lol i think GD and SR have a running bet on who can kiss YB first lolz….

  128. @Vicky

    I got it from Urban Outfitters, though the chain is a little shorter. I doubt its the same one but its very similar!! (it was quite pricey too)


  129. BaeRiiii. I loves it, even though I will stand by GRi forever.

  130. Oh to add on, though i bet if its the urban outfitters in the US it’ll probably be a whole lot cheaper damn the stupid UK urban outfitters for being a lot more expensive!!!!! >______<

  131. jiyanz

    haha I will probably be watching it instead of sleeping anyway keke
    I always do
    every freaking weekend

    excited to see it everyday
    i’m watching Music Core right now
    Big Bang is always on at the end
    these ppl knows how to keep audience watching the show
    cuz if they boys are on early I would turn it off after that hahah
    these other performers are oh so boring
    make me wanna sleep SO SO BADLY

    I had…. 4 hours of sleep haha
    that should be enough

    ikekeke I was already sleepy from waking at 4:30 AM yesterday for the Music Bank comeback
    and I didn’t get enough sleep in school today haha

  132. Vi
    Omg gurl… do u think that its enough??
    I can’t afford less than 8 hours sleep a day >.< my head will feel dizzy.

    I’m not their fans from beginning too but I searched all old news about them also their picture etc.
    ?? I think gangsta style fit hubby quite good. Although he’s not. He’s a big dork inside. Kekeke…

    KAKAKA where the hell this bird species idea come from gurl?
    U don’t know how hard I just laughed. Kekeke…
    Fresh~ oh~ it have so many “meaning”

    OMG… now baby will lay his hand on bebe??
    Not bong again? Does he get bored?
    Wow~ u could look at bebe & dae moment. Hahaha…
    Does this couple ever exist? I never know.

  133. Sexica

    but he would feel really embarassed
    u know how he is

    Bong will probably get the cold shoulder from Tabi from then on

  134. J-G-RILEEN

    haha cuz i was smart and went to sleep early so I can get some energy gurl~
    i’m humann… so r u, u should’ve sleep earlier

  135. Sel.

    probably hella expensive over here too
    I’ll go check it out
    thanks for telling me 🙂

  136. nya

    I dont’ exactly know how my great mind work haha
    It just came to me kekeke

    Bae and Dae, this is the first I see them too so idk keke
    but they look cute~

    I just saw the performance on Music Core today
    and of course, he was being a dork x100000000
    no bird species, but one hyper Tabi

  137. vicky

    hmm..yeah others were just ok..i was doing my work and only listening but not watching..but wheesung’s vocal is pretty good though..he was under YG last time right?
    yup~~purple theme this time!! hahaa
    bi is so hot…ahhhh
    DBSK?~wrong number! ahahaaaa gotta love it

  138. LOL
    yeah I’m sure he would be mad
    I guess we should stick to seeing Bae instead

  139. LOL OMG

    that vid was cute!!

    I love YB & DS togetherrr!! their smiles are so cute especially
    with their small eye smiles..lol hehehe

    OMG that BaeRi action was definitely CUTE!!!

    although I must say, SeungRi looked super hot when he was trying trying to kiss him! hehehe ^____^

    then YB backed away like he was ready to fight lol haha then he held his chest…that was so cute!!

    AH dont worry Boss youre cute too!!

  140. Hey all. Do you know why GD wears those eyes? It’s cause he wants ALL eyes on him! hahahahaha 😛

  141. I can’t wait till the calendar and diary come out!! Are you able to preorder it on yesasia?

  142. omg how cute is taeyang <3333

    BABY!!!!! SO CUTE
    hes taking after our bong! kissing anyone they can get their hands on >< keke
    i love that, bebe just jumped like WHOA! baby ‘calm downn lol’

  144. VI

    baby is like killer cuteness X21487634953487634623462387536037423!
    that was so hot.
    all the boys should do that. knock out every team there is >__<

  145. Vicky,

    Thank you so much!! It’s so awesome to see them in jeans. They wear themn so well too, I might add.

    I’m in serious need of BB Calendar and Diary !!!!!!!
    Wonder if Yesasia.com will have it??

  146. LOL AT present. I was like “WTF GD got abs?”

    But no. TaeHubby just got molested again by GD. xD

  147. omg i had the worst day ever and the foolish love performance made me soooooooo happy that it almost makes me cry every bad thing that happened to me ❤

  148. hehe i luv BaeRi!! >.< so cute though i wish my YB didnt move TT_TT so if lil Ri would actually kiss him or pull away lmao hahaha, awww boss looked so cute for some reason!! hehe YB looking smexy while his lil Boss just looking around and being all cutesy ^-^

  149. They are such SEXYBEASTS!!!!
    Hehe =D I lovee themmm muchh foreverrr!!! ♥
    Awww sooo adorablleeee [ They are wayy older than me ] 😛

  150. they are AWESOME!
    lol i’m running out of vocab words here.
    Big Bang is…..ahahaha see there i go again!?
    ahhh~ i love how they wear a certain color to perform, that’s so cute. everything about the boys are just mind blowing =)

  151. freakin sungrei!

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