MKMF First Joint Stage Performance

Popular group, Big Bang and Singer Lee Hyo Ri prepare a joint stage performance which calls for each to swap their hit tracks.

On the 14th, Cable Channel Mnet’s MKMF Producers revealed, “Big Bang and Lee Hyo Ri’s joint stage will be a 3 part opening at the 2008 MKMF,” and “The plan is to achieve Lee Hyo Ri’s version of ‘Look Only At Me’ and Big Bang’s rap version of ‘10 minutes’ within a time frame of 12 minutes.”

Also, “The plan was to keep the joint stage performance under tight wraps until the day of performance but due to unavoidable circumstances images of Big Bang in the practice room were exposed by fans and the news spread.”

A performance of ‘Look Only At Me Part 2′ by G-Dragon is also planned.

Celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary this year, MKMF will be held on November 15th.

Source: Star News



~ by Momo on November 14, 2008.

36 Responses to “MKMF First Joint Stage Performance”

  1. wow
    omg i didnt expect this!

  2. oh.

  3. A performance of ‘Look Only At Me Part 2′ by G-Dragon is also planned.

    !!! CANT WAIT

    thanks for the news 🙂

  4. cant wait for the special stage
    they’ll surely pull off a great performance!!
    and ahh..look only at me part 2..dang my gd ah~~
    i would die for this

  5. Erm, I know its random, but anyone knows where to watch music bank online? thanks in advance!!=)


    Watch here:

    It will be broadcast live I think, but you need GOM player, fast download, plays virtually every file type, useful.

    posted by: olivia18888


    one of the editors will post up the guidelines

  7. But I thought MKMF is tomorrow? Music bank is showing today right?

  8. Wasn´t she in one episode called “Change” too?

    She´s the one TOP has a crush on, right?

    I want to see GD perform “look only at me part 2”!!
    argh…y do my exams have to be around the corner at this time??
    i shall endeavor to study the whole day so that I can make time to watch mkmf tomorrow…

  10. yes leehyori&bigbang!! i love them together!

  11. yay yay yay!!!
    now im really looking forward to mkmf 2morrow XD
    2 of my fave stars…yay!!!

  12. Oooh…wonder how the boys will dance with lee hyori.
    I remembered the change episode with all of them dancing around her. hehehe…wonder how hyori would look now at mkmf.
    Can’t wait for the mkmf!!!

  13. Hyori must be happy being able to perform with BB
    I’m really excited for MKMF’s now, and GD’s gonna sing a solo yipeeeeeeee
    10 minutes is gonna be awesome but i was hoping they would perform one of their songs

  14. Big Bang and Lee Hyori joint stage???!!!
    Can’t wait!!!

  15. this is really amazing…can’t wait to see TOP and Lee Hyori in one stage…hehehehe! shouldn’t i be jealous but i guess i really like Lee hyori thesedays he does take care of our dae dae..hehehehe! LOVE THEM so much! TOMORROW is the day!!!!
    i know that VIPZ will increase in number again! hehehehe!

  16. Yay can’t wait! YEAHH
    Hey isn’t that the same beanie G-dragon was
    wearing when he appeared on DaeSung’s family outgoing
    and when Hyori had to kiss him….?
    BUT i’m excited to hear them, i KNOW it’s gonna be
    Big Bang, Hyori FIGHTING! (:

  17. yaaay!!

    I’m so excited !!

    Look only at me part 2 YAAAY GD !! xD

  18. Are there Web sites for direct broadcasting ?

  19. whoa~
    hyori unnie and Bigbang!!
    i so love her!!
    i can’t wait to see this performance!!
    I’m really looking forward to it!!

  20. that means no Haru Haru????
    i want haru haru performance..
    but oh well~~
    at least they get to perform on stage..rather than just sitting down watching people getting award..
    but some people said that
    they don’t perform haru haru cuz they didn’t get the big award nomination for haru haru
    which is song of the year?? O_O….
    i don’t really care
    i’m over the awards and stuff hehe
    i’m gonna look forward to the joint performance YEAH!

  21. OMG! look at hyori unni!
    she’s sitting next to TOP.
    i think he’s her fav.
    haha, she’s so bold, i wish i could be as bold as her sometimes cause she always gets what she wants.

  22. Well, then she should get the TOP—————-;O

    (I bet people in Korea would go crazy!)

    Nah, seriously, I always thought that these two would make a great couple.

  23. oh i definitely am watching THIS ;O

  24. OMG TOPPA<3.
    Lol, I’m not a big fan of Hyo Ri but I liked 10 Minutes and U-Go-Girl pretty well, so then, I was like, omgomgomg10minutes.
    And guess what.
    YEY. XD

  25. i LOVE seungri and taeyangs jackets ^^


  27. Yay! Look Only at Me Part 2 live?!
    I’m soo watching this ^^

  28. FINALLY! ive been waiting for their joint stage with lee hyori and big bang &&…look at me part 2 and all that!

    im anticipating :]

    keke bong looks like hes in charge in the pic kekeke
    go kwonleader!

  29. oh wait im looking at this other pic o.O
    wow NVM!


  31. and yeah I think TOP is hungry or he just miss the sweets sOOO much hes starin’ at the fOOd,,LOL^_^ ❤

  32. i will try to watch it live T.T wahhhh

  33. LOOK ONLY AT ME PART 2?!?!?!? yessssssss.
    i’m sure TOP is just basking in this opportunity to work with Hyori, we all know how much he loves her.
    can’t wait till MKMF!

  34. IF we dont get to see it, it will be posted RIGHT?!!!!

  35. for LA, wat time is it gna ba aired?
    can anyone give me the website for finding out time differences?

  36. OMG!!!! rap version of “10 MINUTES” !????
    that’s freaken awesome!!!!!

    thanks for sharing.
    and TABI looks so cute in those bright colors. i missed seeing big bang in bright colors…they went emo on me for a bit there. hahahhaha.

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