11.16.08 Big Bang’s ComeBack on SBS Inkigayo | MKMF Pictures


** UPDATE: Thanks babybom@LJ. HE’S NOT MAKING A US DEBUT. The article was talking about how Bong will go to the US early next year to work on his solo album then come back to Korea and start promoting it, he have to travel to the US because the producers for his album are reside in the US. And it will most likely to be a mini-album containing around 6~7 songs.

WHEW~ i was scared out of my mind for a minute there.. LOOKING FORWARD FOR HIS SOLO ALBUM NEXT YEAR!!!! AH~~~~~~~



yay~~~ I love this HQ man. make everything hotter, 372 MB of hotness.

Download it here

11.16.008 SBS Inkigayo
ComeBack Stage
361 MB

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**EDIT: Someone ask me about the ranking of ‘REMEMBER’ album on the chart, and I posted it for you guys under the cut, it was on the 9th day since their release (11.14). ‘Sunset Glow’ is toppin almost every chart, doing very well. 🙂

  • Dae luvers HAVE to see this.
  • Give yourself a pat in the back if you can spot Bong when he had the hiccups hahaha, so freaking cute!!!

11.15.08 2008 MKMF
Big Bang Cuts
96 MB

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I can’t help but cracked up whenever i see Bong, the whole outfit and hair hahahahaha….. add the glasses for comedy effect hahah kekekek… that is just.. wow…. We get to see Bae and Baby bust a move up close whooew~ I love this intro man….then again I love all their song, I really like the choreography, especially the ‘oh oh oh oh oh’ then the part where Bong introduce the members.

At the end where they did that hand thing was kewl~


thanks to S님

WHOA~ Talk about BRIGHTness~~~~ keke this time it’s leopard prints haha Wondergirls theme much? I dont know if you notice but Bae have let himself be more carefree and happy during performances now, which is awsome to see since this song require that, he’s always the serious one but this song won’t let him do that haha. I love the chorus with the ‘I LOVE U GURL~‘ you can NEVER get tire of it… at least I’m not haha are you????

Everytime Tabi rapped his second verse, haha his eyes look like he just found a truck load of ice cream and he’s gonna pull a ‘psycho Bong stunt’ climb through the window and drive the van away hahaha

again with the ‘ah ah ah ah ah ah~’ i love it too much, their facial expression are just priceless.


thanks to S님

Big Bang talked about their new title song, hahaha Bong’s hair T______T he run out of gel today???? kekekekeek the glasses make him look like one of those old blind ppl that went around and tell other ppl’s fortune hahaha. Baby talk about the dance move in ‘Sunset Glow’ the ‘I LOVE U GURL~’ ahhh~~ that’s the highlight of the choreography.

kekek LOL at Bong and Baby bobbing around after talking about Eun Ji Won’s new album haha. getting OLDSKOOL~haha


You know one of those pictures that are so HQ that you can see their pores?? hahaha yup these are it. kinda look like Bong was holding Bae’s hand right there. Dae look pretty happy and calm in the video but here he look a bit shock. Bae kinda look like he’s tearing behind those shades. Tabi look so happy and Baby………uh…. just being himself haha.

and btw. You know how Bong was look all COOL when they won ‘Artist of the Year’ as soon as the camera switch to another angle, he was being a hyper dork and went ‘WHOOHOO~’

Stalker pic to prove it too, haha the dork inside the Kwon Leadah. Under the cut.

11.15.08 MKMF Pictures


Don’t you wish you were standing in the midde? 😀

and BTW. an article has been release stating that the kiss between TOP and Lee Hyori was planned by the Mnet crew, to add a surprise element to the performance, it wasn’t just anyone’s idea.

Kwon Leadah got excited!!

hahaha he’s all COOL~ when the camera’s on him, but as soon as he turn around…… keke when you watch the clip, do you see how happy he is when he realize Big Bang won arist of the year? The smile that can’t be hidden.


Thanks to SPOstudio | 지디갤 Vocalise님 | 핑구님 | 880818

Big Bang Vol.2 REMEMBER 9th Day (11.14.08)

  • Total album sale as of Novemeber 14 is 76,000 copies


1위 Sunset Glow (=)

31위 Wonderful

57위 Oh Ah Oh

58위 Twinkle Twinkle

64위 Foolish Love

67위 Strong baby [VI solo]

69위 Remember

72위 Everybody Scream [intro]

73위 Lies Remix

78위 Haru Haru (Acoustic version)

84위 Last Farewell Remix


2위 Sunset Glow (↑2)

67위 Wonderful

69위 Oh Ah Oh

72위 Twinkle Twinkle

73위 Foolish Love

76위 Remember

77위 Strong baby [VI solo]

85위 Everybody Scream [intro]

87위 Haru Haru (Acoustic Version)


1위 Sunset Glow (=)

14위 Oh Ah Oh

16위 Wonderful

33위 Twinkle Twinkle

41위 Strong baby [VI solo]

61위 Foolish Love

69위 Everybody Scream [intro]

71위 Lies Remix

73위 Remember

78위 Last Farewell Remix

84위 Haru Haru (Acoustic version)


1위 Sunset Glow (=)

10위 Oh Ah Oh

19위 Twinkle Twinkle

20위 Foolish Love

21위 Wonderful

24위 Lies Remix

29위 Strong baby [VI solo]

33위 Last Farewell Remix

39위 Haru Haru (Acoustic version)

40위 Remember

45위 Everybody Scream [intro]

Bugs (실시간) – 100위권 3곡 제한

3위 Sunset Glow (↓2)

8위 Wonderful

16위 Oh Ah Oh

Thanks to 도라대성형님









~ by Vicky on November 16, 2008.

127 Responses to “11.16.08 Big Bang’s ComeBack on SBS Inkigayo | MKMF Pictures”

  1. oh nice intro. yb has that same jacket in all variety eh.
    near the end of the sunset glow perf, poor dae hit his head on gd.
    eeeee, gdyb love. happy fangirl here.

  2. hihihi
    LOVE THE HAIR JOKE Vicki!!!!
    and that last picture make me laught soo hard
    u know i was watching the click wen they got the award and i was saying to myself… why dont GD show any emotion on his face..he doesnt want that award?. or does he already know he got the award or something?
    but thx to that pic now i know
    he is face soooo cute wen he smile

  3. man…. jiyong really…. he really looks like a rich blind old man…
    but i really like him still !!! he looks like a HOT rich blind old man and the HOT is what counts..lol

  4. what happened to bong’s hair T___T hahaha
    poor dae his voice cracked a little bit during his part in the intro
    did you notice that?

    hahaaa ice cream!! yeah..that dorky expression of tabi is priceless kekekee…and i will never get enough of i love you gurl~cuz i self-assumed that he’s telling me I LOVE YOU GURL kekekeke..hahahaa~~leopard theme this time..pretty sexy lol~

    bong..the amazing smile of a leader with superb confidence ^^
    i love that smile!!!
    and those hq pics..breathtaking!!~hahahaa

  5. elusive

    If I have any energy left I would go back and check it out
    but i stayed up all night last night to watch MKMF and stayed up until now to put up Inkigayo
    haven’t sleep in 24 hours
    I’ll check that out when i wake up tomorrow
    Dae bob his head into Bong
    that’s hilarious.

  6. Queenie

    which part?
    haha the gel part
    or the blind dude part?
    i’m extra comedic at night haha

    if you watch the beginning of the clip
    right after they announce BIG BANG
    you’ll see him flash an instant smile

  7. OMG..i saw a lot of dorky vid and pics of BB in BBvipz site..babyG and babyRi playing with balloons ahhhhh~~ theyre like a kid,,sOOO cute^_^

    thanks manageRI 4 this…i’ll comment again 2morrow, i really need 2 SLEEP sOOO bad!!!lol^_^ nyt VIPz…

  8. jiyanz

    T__T….. PROBABLY run out of gel haha

    i didn’t notice that, sice I was too busy sining along haha
    i love that song too much

    can you imagine himd doing what Bong did in ‘OH MY FRIEND MV’ if that van was filled with ice cream?? hahahaha

    Kwon Leadah wanna look serious, bt he can’t help it haha
    artist of the year~
    dang that sound so nice haha


    I KNOW~
    maybe you should do a report on them and their interest with baloons hahaha
    i saw the pic of Bong holding a balloon that is so big it look like he can float while holding onto it hahah

    me too gurl~
    i NEED sleep
    before I become dark circled like my husband

  10. @Vicki
    the MC part
    sooo funny
    i cnt stop laughtnig at it
    n wow
    u surely stay up late
    n goshh i hate myself for missing the award show live!!!!
    grrr i knew i shouldnt have go to my grandny house where there no cp i can use!!!!!
    n goshh i need sleep tooo

  11. vicky

    hahahaha..yeah maybe T___T
    but still..it’s a style…hahah kinda hilarious though

    hahaaaa i’m laughing with myself now T__T
    what i imagined is his hair got gel down like bong in the mv T__T
    wearing the patient clothes T_____T
    popping out and cheering from the window of the van T_____T

    yeah..that really sound nice..
    no wonder our leadah had that smile on his face
    i love it!!
    did you fix the Artist of the Year clip?
    cuz it says there the link is broken T__T

  12. omo..BaBy’s too cute!!!
    and did anyone notice G-Ri moments during the interview?? *spazz*
    the intro and sunset glow was amazing…i cant stop replaying XD

    and yay for Bong stalker pic!!! finally get to see kwon leadah real feelings ^^

  13. Nice intro performance as usual, they should do it everytime.
    Sunset glow…nice…dae almost had an accident with GD’s elbow. hehe…

  14. OMG i love the intro,it was soo cute.am over the “kiss” between TOP and hyori.my heart is still in tact and thank god it wasnt TOP’s idea or hyori(better not be)but if it was more then a few seconds i have to make a trip to korea and personally murder her,just kidding.i guess since TOP just turned 21 and is the oldest from BB,she got to kiss him.still jealous cause she lots of VIP treatment and got to live out the dreams of all VIPs.oh Vicky you know the download for BB’s Artist of the Year wont work. whenever you click the mediafire file it says missing or something.can you please fix it?i want to see my favorite boys win in better quality,thanks.and btw loved the hair joke.

  15. I love the suit baebae’s wearing in the intro perf. =)
    Bong ran out of gel…lmao… I think he feel asleep and when they have to perform he forgot to fix his hair, and since our leadah is a perfectionist he did his hair with the only time he had…w/c would be about 30 mins. hehehe. Nah I love you bong. =)
    when Bong introduced Baebae in the intro he did his “Yeah I know I’m so hot” eyebrow thing…damn…it killed me…waaaa…Baebae you’ll always be a winner for me. =)
    The Sunset glow perf was as always spectacular. =) Everyone looked so damn cute and adorable…but I think they are a bit tired, especially Baby and Baebae…waaaa…yep Baebae’s much hyper here but the look in his eyes seems like he’s really tired…
    Tabi the dorky guy again!!! Can see his dorkiness in the 2nd verse and the last part! hahaha!!!
    Dae the smiling angel…he’s got to be the most adorable guy there with every sunset glow perf. =)
    I love the interview…Baebae joined Bong and Baby a bit in old school but I can feel he’s tired…waaaa…hope to see this in sub version. =)
    Woooahhh HQ pix! When I looked at the pic closely when they were receiving the artist of the year award they all looked like they were suppressing tears, Bong, Baebae, Dae, Tabi…Baby ri can hold on to his tears and look like he’s not gonna cry..hehehe.
    I think Baebae was about to get Bong’s hand…or usher him to speak too. =)
    Still giddy about the awards and perf!
    Thanks lil sis in law for the post! Now you go get some rest dear. =)

  16. LMAO ! the intro perf ending was friggin horribly CUTE~ !!!!!!!!
    sunset glow as wonderful as always!! love the leopard theme this time, yes! reminds me of the sexy WG! LMAO LMAO
    and the last pic of the excited BABY KWONNIE!
    OMONA made my day…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyways, for the intro suit they wore, why does my baby gd look like a 90’s blind old man wearing sneakers? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    sorry but it’s true! at least it’s like that what I see LOL
    but he’s still HOT, whatever he wears no doubt of that! okay, instead of what’s outside I’m more intrigued by what’s inside.. BUAKAKAKKAKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKAKAAAAAAAA l.ol

  17. That last picture is love…lol

    Have you noticed that whenever TOP is rapping in “Sunset Glow”, he looks like he wants to laugh so hard? Maybe he DID see that ice cream truck…in his mind XD It’s so cute.

  18. OH DAMN!!!

    the INTRO was HOT!!

    I really LOVE YB’s part his dance looks the coolest..he just looks
    hot dancing to that!!
    and SR just looks so damn hot with his fluid dancing..
    when GD was introducing them that was SO SEXY!!!
    ..haha TOP moving his neck, his expression while rapping was hot!
    When DS was introduced he just gave that sexy model stare lol

    intro was hot! them just standing there in the beginning just killed me! gah!!

    will watch sunset glow

  19. LOVE those HQ pics!! thanks a bunch!!
    haha GD is so cute..
    and TCHYEA, man oh man do I WISH i was Hyo Ri in the middle

    I SO HOPE that article about MNET PLANNING THE KISS is TRUE!!!

    love the pics!

  20. lol… I just noticed that last year their style was hot young boys…
    this year is HOT YOUNG MAFIAS..

  21. ji young is like the leader of the mafia gang..
    TOP is like his body guard
    Taeyand is ji young’s financial advisor..
    daesung is like the son ..lol
    ermmmm seungri can be the water boy.lol


    OMG that CLOSE UP on YB at the beginning…AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like died right there!!! that is so CUTE!! ^^
    that just totally starts off the performance right!!!
    I love you Tae Yang!! ❤

    LMAO!!! OMG i cant help but crack up seeing TOP towards
    the end of the first chorus…he’s wiggling too much!! haha wierdo!

    OMG!! SeungRI’s smile after he sang his part IS HEAVEN!! omg so cute and handsome!! I love that smile!

    LMAO!!! LOL what hell was that, TOP?? lol hahaha when they were
    doing the “ah..ah..ah” line up part idk what in the world
    TOP was doing..hahaha! whatta dork! omg and again at 2:56! lol

    AHHH!!~~~ Dae Sung looks SO CUTE doing the “oooohhweeee!!!” part
    hahaha his expression is so priceless! haha

    LMAO and omg..who caught that? after the slow “ah..ah..ah” part
    DaeSung was squatting down then GD was behind him..DS turned around and kinda got scared cus he almost bumped into him
    hahaha random..but it was so cute!!…

    then after that SeungRI and his cute index finger thing ^___^

    LOL after TOP said “what?!” his expression looked like he
    SAW the ICE truck and had to go CHASE after it..haha so cute!!

    I just love their pose at the end!!!

    GD looks like a little kids smiling like that!! hehe such a cute snmile!!!

    They all looked so good in that performance and with the leopard print! hehe 😀

  23. HAHA! They’re such dorks! Theirs something with TOP and his shoulders :L He was moving them from side to side at 0:55 like a zombie then up and down at 2:56, LOL! What’s he doing at 3:13, silly! Every time they pose at the end Seungri and Dae bob their head up and down, so cute~ Bae is so focused on his moves, so that’s good and sexifying ;D

  24. SR was so cute in the interview doing the “I LOVE U GURL!”
    part…and GOSH!!

    his three hyung meanies on the side…trying not to crack up

    lol i feel bad but its funny!! lol

    Dae Sung looked at TOP and YB looked at them and had to let out
    a laugh…osh u boys!! lol support your maknae! GD has some
    kind sense to do the move with him!..lol


    I love u SeungRi!! hehehe
    you have crazy hyungs!

  25. lol TOP and YB felt bad and did it the second time..LOLOL

  26. man, those boys look so handsome, its orgasmic. lol!
    they look so cute!
    i in love with bongs leperod hat, its rly sexyy~
    our boys even make those boring interviews funny! lol

  27. the end with GD and SR is so cute! hehehe..
    i just love GD’s dance and SR bobbing with the album 😀

  28. ahhh GD looks so CUTE 😀

  29. aww i love the perf ❤
    YB looks good as always n his dance was great n baby did sexy dance moves =D

    aww, bong really looks like a blind old man,what was he thinkin? =DD
    i love top’s n dae’s expressions at sunset glow, they loook soo happy n this time top didnt almost fell at his second part =D

    I truly love the “I Love u gurl” part, it makes me soo happy n i cant get enough of dis song <3<3

    big bang fighting ❤

  30. sunset glow’s awesom~!
    love the ‘I LOVE YOU GIRL’ part the best too vicky
    Tabi’s husky voice is AMAZING~

  31. that Ji Yong smiling getting award pic is priceless. make me so happy with tears.
    nway. can you please please tell us by post how well big bang are doing with their 2nd album? like in the charts etc, what position they are in. thank you if you read this.

  32. Queenie

    I got.. like… 4 hours of sleep haha
    idk why I woke up so early when I went to sleep so late last night

    when I was watching it live,
    Bong came out and I saw his hair
    I laughed so hard I choked on my water
    idk what is with him haha

    I miss the first part of the award because it was so boring it put me to sleep
    but thankgod I woke up before the boys perform
    or else I kick myself for setting it all up and yet still miss it

  33. jiyanz

    hahah he was driving, he’ll poke his head out the window and have that expressionon his face hahahah
    THAT WILLL…BE…. hahhaah
    dead for us kekek
    we will die from laughing too hard
    it’s possible haha

    did it say it was unavailable?
    MF does that a lot
    you should try again now

  34. lli

    which one? haha
    there’s a lot
    since they’re standing next to each other hahah

    all of them look like ‘cool~ i won’
    but then they probably jump up and down behind the stage and going ‘YAY YAY YAY YAY~~~~~’ hahahah
    i can imagine that

  35. nimco

    I just tried it and it works again
    MF does that a lot
    so whenever you have that problem, just wait a while and try again
    it should be working again

  36. Haha! That SO CUTE!! OMG. The boys look good in leopard print!? xD
    They can pull off any look, really~~!! xD
    Hah, i’m still all hyped up from yesterday!? xD

  37. vicky

    hahahaha that’s the reason why i laughed non stop when i was imagining just now kekekee
    hahaha. i wanna see tabi do that hahaaa~
    being dorky is kinda his thing too kekee

    no its still not working..but i’m downloading the hq version now
    so no worries hehe

  38. sis in law

    kekekkeke i didn’t notice that eyebrows haha
    but of course you would

    well since Baby wrote a message at 3 AM last night haha
    maybe they stay up late to do a little PARTAY~ kkeke
    since they ARE.. ARTIST OF THE YEAR
    hahha i just like saying that OVER AND OVER AND OVER again
    cuz it’s just TOO TRUE.

    they all just wanna bawl out crying like we are while we was watching it, but they can’t they have to hold it in man, HOLD IT IN haha because Big Bang is COOL~ they know we woudln’t want to see them cry, Baby… he’s just too good at it you can’t tell haha but since I’m his wife hahahah I can totally tell that that face is a face where he try so hard to hold it in.

    when ur their fangirl, you can never rest
    never know what the heck can happen
    lot of time good things
    but sometimes,
    i feel like I take my eyes off of them for a while and something bad’s gonna happen
    just like last year T_T
    never wanna go back

  39. kimvipbunnie

    THANKYOU!! hhaha
    I know I’m not going crazy here
    it still look good on him for some reason haha
    but funny though keke
    I can’t help but laugh whenever I see him

  40. Loco_Roco

    I do notice that haha
    I’ve been saying that over and over again
    he wanna laugh so badly but idk WHY though hahah

    someone moon him onstage by accident?? haha

  41. rosiebb

    I like Baby’s…. haha
    then again I’m bias hahaha

    yea~ Mnet release an article stating that they plan it, it wasn’t Big Bang or Lee Hyori’s idea 🙂
    so it’s STRICTLY BUISNESS…. though Tabi liked it… a lot~ you can tell

  42. haruko


  43. rosiebb

    He likes to wiggle a lot lately haha
    who spiked his ice cream? keke

    Baby and Dae’s verse was my favorite
    Baby’s voice just sound so clear and it fits that line so well
    so is Dae, that’s my fave part of the song

    i caught it now haha
    Dae bump his head on Bong’s arm kekek

  44. rosiebb

    haha i’m watching it right now and just notice that too
    how Dae just look at Tabi and like ‘ah~ this kid’ hahaha

  45. aaawh youngbae oppa is acting so happy in his leopard jacket
    aaah how could he know for all this time that i love leopard prints so much eh?

  46. Jini

    O___O orgasmic?
    you mean… organism??
    hahhaha you pervert

  47. yuen193

    well this is the result on the 9th day since the album was release, which is 11/14

    The total album sale is 76,000 as of 11/14

    They topping every chart and is #2 on Dorisak


    1위 붉은 노을 (=)
    31위 Wonderful
    57위 오, 아, 오,
    58위 반짝반짝
    64위 멍청한 사랑
    67위 Strong baby [VI solo]
    69위 Remember
    72위 모두 다 소리쳐 [intro]
    73위 거짓말 Remix
    78위 하루하루 (Acoustic version)
    84위 마지막인사 Remix


    2위 붉은 노을 (↑2)
    67위 Wonderful
    69위 오, 아, 오,
    72위 반짝반짝
    73위 멍청한 사랑
    76위 Remember
    77위 Strong baby [VI solo]
    85위 모두 다 소리쳐 [intro]
    87위 하루하루 (Acoustic Version)


    1위 붉은 노을 (=)
    14위 오, 아, 오,
    16위 Wonderful
    33위 반짝반짝
    41위 Strong baby [VI solo]
    61위 멍청한 사랑
    69위 모두 다 소리쳐 [intro]
    71위 거짓말 Remix
    73위 Remember
    78위 마지막인사 Remix
    84위 하루하루 (Acoustic version)

    Muz (실시간)

    1위 붉은 노을 (=)
    10위 오, 아, 오,
    19위 반짝반짝
    20위 멍청한 사랑
    21위 Wonderful
    24위 거짓말 Remix
    29위 Strong baby [VI solo]
    33위 마지막인사 Remix
    39위 하루하루 (Acoustic version)
    40위 Remember
    45위 모두 다 소리쳐 [intro]

    Bugs (실시간) – 100위권 3곡 제한

    3위 붉은 노을 (↓2)
    8위 Wonderful
    16위 오, 아, 오,

  48. VI
    no comment :))
    but you gotta admit, the boys look really handsome 😀

  49. Wow, the intro was so hot.
    The boys in suits…GD & TY in shades.
    SO HOT.
    Seriously love the part where GD introduces all the members.

    Gosh, still super proud of the boys for winning.
    And their album is doing great!

  50. Vi
    OH MY GOD!!!
    I missed this just for my whole shopping stuff??
    Damn, I shouldn’t have gone shopping >.<

    Oh~ I so love the intro. Idk, I just love the intro from all their single & album.
    But… where is the box?? Its hotter that way! Ah, but they still hot anyway,
    Bae, is that the same one u use during MKMF? Kekee…
    Baby, look at him busting a move there. Vi, still alive??
    Dae, why sleeveless? R u sure ur not mistaken it as Bae’s outfit?? Or u two change it?? Coz its bae who usually wear the sleeveless one.
    Tabi, oh~ that’s his style everytime he perform intro. I thought it was because of the box. Kekeke…
    Bong!!! What happened with that black glasses??
    I love the choreo of this song. Fufufu… look at tabi. Look at him when he move his head. Kakaka… that’s so funny yet incredibly cute. This choreo is for him for sure ^^
    Ah~~~ the hand thing they did in the end. COOL!!

    Sunset glow, aw~~ never tired of listening this song.
    Bae, ahh~~ he smiled! After a while, he being serious when they perform & now he could enjoy it.
    Tabi, kekeke one of the main point why I love this perf so much coz Tabi could let it loose, all of his dork side. Hubby I love u so much!! Look at his face at the first part of “around the world”. So dork & cute XD!!
    “nuhlamyun heemee pulpulpul nah” KYAAAA… this “pulpulpul nah” part!! Oh look at his eyes. kekeke
    Bong, yup, u better hide ur hair that’s not gelled today with that hat. U look better ^^
    And oh~ I still amazed at how u work the short pants.
    OMG baby… he looks like a young executive!! That suits & that leopard prints tie. Haha… he indeed look hot. & close up at the 2nd “I love u gurl” hehehe… vi got so many service from baby nowadays.
    Dae, his pants for today is cool. Look at him almost hit his head on Bong. Hehehe..
    Also they change a bit of “ah ah ah ah ah” part XD!!

    I can’t stand everytime hubby spread his arm at the 3rd rap part.
    That chest… I want him so so bad…
    & what’s with his dance at the 3rd chores part?? A new species of bird or the new style of penguin tabi’s dance style??kakaka I think I got some service too.

    Hahaha… look at GRi couple dance at the interview. Kakaka.. I can’t stop laughting while bong had those glasses & that hairstyle.

  51. They look darn happy in the comeback perfs xD

  52. G0 G0 G0 BIG BANG!^^
    & why Mnet doing that?~~
    but it’s ok…
    G0 BIG BANG!!

  53. aww thank you for postin the chart rankings. i was the one who asked. so fast as well.
    yeah well done to them for doing so well 😀

  54. so khalil fong was there performed too? omg. hes like my fav before big bang. and he performed my fav song!!!

  55. I saw gd smiling. It was huge. you totally know he was extremely happy.

    That was a GREAT intro and sunset glow performance!
    beautiful pictures too! :]]

  57. LOL.that screenshot of him smiling even gave me a tingly feeling lol.i watched the thing with bong hiccuping it looks like he is just bobbing his shoulders 😀 LMAO, in the intro performance tabi kneeled down on his part agian ,ahh it just makes me laugh so hard xD but yeah i LOVE it when they perform this because when g dragon says the members names ^^,i love it when they did it on mbc music core comeback stage bong is smiling and all :] oh and when they do ‘bang bang bang’ it sounds great when the fans sing along with it.SUNSET GLOW eekkk,they rock leopard better than the wondergirls!(the ground it leopard too) .&its so cool when YB wears the same jacket but different color or style LOL xD i do agree with you whenever i see tabis eyes in this songs performance they look so alive !i just want to jump into them ?__? LOL at :55-57 he looks jiggly 0_o? lmao cant explain xD ahh omg bong and YB are holding hands..thats so sweet xD ha,baby looks so spaced out ,just being his normal cute weird self LOL . hahah and of course bong would get excited,all of us were jumping in our chairs when we saw them win!

  58. OMG!!!…Baebae & SeungRi look Oh so FIIIIIIINE xD !!!
    thanx 4 being the best !!!

  59. I want to ask sth relating to the awards.Well,how come there was a category for best male(not male group but MALE artist) for voting.And there wasn’t such an award.I am pretty confused and mad cuz our Taeyang SO deserves it.I’ve checked the winners and there was only best female,NO AWARD FOR SOLO MALE?

  60. the way YB moves his body is just downright sexy…they should have a celeb dance reality show and YB should be on it…he’d win hands down…both SR and YB looked hecka sexy… and finally he smiled….i hope he’s not too sad about not winning at MKMF….DONT WORRY BAE..YOUR WINNING A GOLDEN DISK…I FEEL IT…..

    gosh im so angry at MKMF!!!!! (i love them for giving BB two awards, but i REALLY think that BAE deserved an award…and im not saying this cause im biased, if he didnt deserve it i wouldn’t say it – forgive me, im going to be angry for a while)

  61. kwon leada-sshi xD lol…..
    im so proud of him !!!!

  62. can you post the whole mkmf awards on so we can download it or watch it via youtube or just a download on your blog thank you very much

  63. I thought their album hit 200K before it was released (pre-orders). So is it 200K+76K?

  64. waa!
    they did ‘master’?! cool! i love that skit, so funny~
    was bong sitting near the left in front of the wondergirls?lol cuz it looked like him

  65. JIni

    that’s like telling an alcoholic to admit that wine taste good hahaa
    you know me,
    I can never say that the boys doesn’t look fine hahah

  66. nya

    i know~ i love all the intro
    they’re always so freaking good
    but it’s sad that it’s so short

    I died long ago gurl haha
    there’s no Vi on this earth no more
    I’m a pernament resident in Maknae Town hahaha

    they say ‘around the world’?
    and all this time i was wondering what they were saying ahahhaahah

    Tabi’s eyes are so alive in this perf it’s amazing haha
    talk about hat, I just went shopping and blow my entire birthday money stash hahah
    i got a fedora similar to that but it’s checkered black/red
    it’s so freaking cute~~~

    haha you know it keke
    my husband doing my personal service
    cuz he’s MINE~

    you definately got some yourself too gurl hahaha
    just wanna jump in that chest eh??

    he look like those old blind ppl jkekeekke
    a hot one

    a friend of mine, she just email this MSN convo she had with her friend, and it’s so hilarious, they were talking while watching MKMF live, and I even got mentioned too kekek

    they have a nickname for Baby too, keke Puffy, sounds cute
    this is their convo [me] as in my friend [friend] as in HER friend haha

    Friend: hey doesnt puffy seem kinda distant in this perf?
    Me: duh he doesnt have vicky’s permission to get anywhere near hyori
    Friend: LOL
    Friend: that true. vicky would kill him for getting near her
    Me: nah she would kill hyori
    Me: she cant ever hurt puffy
    Friend: lol
    Me: maknae is way too young for hyori anyway
    Friend: whatever

    I’m known for being violent hahahha

  67. mahirah

    he performed in Hong Kong but they broadcast it live to Korea
    he also win an award, not sure what it is though

  68. kohjidmal

    if you watch the HQ video
    you’ll see him bobbing up and down twice and he covered his mouth afterward haha
    hiccup Bong.

    the boys just look like they’re realy really really hyper haha
    like they just ate 20 lbs of sugar before the show

    u were jumping in ur chair? haha
    i was yelling, screaming and crying my ass off
    even slap myself so i would stop screaming haha
    cuz when he announced it, i closed my eyes and just wait, the minute i heard ‘big bang’ … it was the best feeling ever

  69. Jiyonghoney

    yea there is,
    Best Male singer went to Seo Taji

  70. sweetsorrow

    YUP YUP YUP!!!
    Golden Disk
    where fans don’t get to vote
    so whoever win, they will know that it’s because they deserve it
    not count on how many time a person can click the vote button
    I’m looking forward for that award more than anything

    he lose to Seo Taji, which is a LEGEND in Korea
    so you shouldn’t be that upset
    it’s kinda like a pleasure to be set in the same category as Seo Taji

  71. sammy793

    the whole award show is 6 hours long
    i only have clips of Big Bang
    i don’t know about the rest


    that’s pre-order
    so we can’t be too sure if those will be sold

    but so far the total sale is 76,000 copies

  73. Jini

    YUP!! that’s him
    if you look closely
    you’ll see Bong getting the hiccups twice hahaha
    it’s so cute

  74. VI

    aw! i wonder what he sounds like when he hiccups! omg lol
    dae looks really good with eye-liner
    oh btw, did the new episode of family outing air today? i cant find the new epi. on youtube XDD

  75. YAY!!!

    thanks a bunch Vicky for the MKMF BB CUTS!!! yay!!
    haha they look the cutest when they got on stage

    and omygosh!! HQ of the special stage, yay! thank u thank u!!

    AHH! I am like so satisfied with these chart results! 😀

  76. vicky,LOL yeah but still funny 😀 wow bong is a weird hiccuper,only 2 ?lmao xD lol well yeah ,i wouldve been screaming,and everything else if i watched it live and was already cryin since i missed it -__–,but i checked out the fansite that morning and was jumping in my chair(actually a stool) and it like slid or something and fell on my side,so i got in trouble cause my parents room is right under mine xD

  77. ohmygosh, they look so good xDD
    sighh :] jiyong looks amazingly adorable
    seung ri, will you marry me!? D:

    lol bigbang is awesome i wish them the
    best year ever they’re doing great :D!<33
    always have 😛

    congrats to the boys [again] for being so awesome =D
    BIG BANG! whoa, these comebacks are sooo awesome, i loved
    every second of it. & Lee Hyori is one lucky girl.

  79. baby maknae looks like he was strike by lightning on that pic when they received the award!LOL^_^ hes sOOO cute!!!


  80. omg khalil fong was the foreign performer or whatever? i love him, why were dae and taemin giggling so much lol.

  81. I just realize now but I love how our Big Bang boys are teenagers in their lies n last farewell days then turned into adults in their haru haru and now theyre like kids in their sunset glow(cuz of cuteness),,LOL^_^ I LOVE the transformation^_^

  82. loool! thanx 4 the downloads Vicky ^^ i can’t spot the hiccups xD!

  83. Vi
    Uh? U too?? Kekeke…
    Agree, its sad that its freaking short >.<

    Maknae Town in Maknae World? Kekeke…
    OMG.. always have the new fresh juices to laugh about. Kakaka

    I think I hear them say that. But my listening not that good.
    & its hard to hear Korean say English, they have the special accent like Singapore.

    Kekeke.. that’s the hyung magic, u always say maknae magic, but this time,it’s the hyung magic, u can’t help but to look at his eyes.

    Fedora that similar to Bong’s? wow~ that’s cool.
    Dare to wear it? Kekeke, coz I think u’ll take a really good care of it.
    Waw~ naw, I can’t stand looking at cute stuff. I’m infected by my man virus.

    The personal service is “I love u gurl” just for u. haha
    Yup. Jump & hug it. Really that chest is so seductive.

    Hahaha… first when I read ur comment while waiting for the vid to load I wonder what’s so funny.But now I understand. Kekeke.. the old blind ppl who usually tell fortune. Hahaa

    BUHAHAHA… u friend sure know u. yup, u’ll kill Hyori, not baby.
    U won’t even dare to. Hahaha… yup, maknae is way too young for Hyori, Tabi also, so Hyori unnie, please let go of them. Hahaha puffy make maknae sound like puppy’s name. oh so cute~~

    Who doesn’t knkow that u’r violent?? Kekeke…

    Whew~ they’re playing with the really big ballons. Hahaha our dork..
    Bong hiccup? I didn’t see it.

  84. WAIT. You mean Bong might go to the U.S.??? O_o
    *crosses fingers* please say yes. please say yes…. :O
    please let it be close to Canada. close to Canada. close to Canada. :O

  85. whoa
    like the united states of america??
    NO WAY
    where’d you find out?

  86. US debut? GD? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! <— That seriously was my first reaction.
    I kind of wish it’s all, Big Bang as a whole. I know GD will be popular cause his rap is badass.

  87. i should be happy about this news but its a little unsettling for some reason

  88. ** UPDATE: Thanks babybom@LJ. The article was talking about how Bong will go to the US early next year to work on his solo album then come back to Korea and start promoting it, he have to travel to the US because the producers of his album are reside in the US. And it will most likely to be a mini-album containing around 6~7 songs.

    LOL Bong’s hairstyle
    and their faces it’s just too much

    Sunset Glow
    the leopard clothing…..beyond hot! 0.0
    I will never get tired of seeing them prform this song
    the choreagraphy is awesome and they look so adorkable
    especially in the ah ah ah ah part
    the cameraman…genious!

    Baby was workin his magic during the interview…. >.<
    Bong’s dance at the end…CUTE!!

  90. phewwwww

  91. hmm, would that mean that Big Bang wont be performing as a group in that period of time?? :F

  92. teefannie

    he probably will stay in the area where the producers are though


    turns out he’s not
    he’s just coming over here to work on his album
    i really don’t like the idea of an asia artist ‘break through’ the US market
    so glad Bong didn’t do that

  94. Jessica

    i would too if that was true
    haha i know~ WHEWWWWWWW

  95. tubby

    he will probably wait until after Big Bang’s promotion stops and then he’ll travel to the US
    and probably finish their concert in January too

  96. Pheww! Good luck to Bong though 🙂

    Hm, just wondering, are they going to come to US for a tour or something? I heard it was confirmed, but after all their packed schedule, will they come?

  97. VI~
    Meh, I wanna see him LIVE SO BAD. =_=;;

  98. Jini

    haha like how a normal person sound?? keke
    yea it did
    but they probably just slow on it
    i have it but i haven’t watch it yet
    too lazy hahaha
    i saw the beginning of it live last night though
    but went to sleep because I was too tire and Rain and ChunHee took too long to cook breakfast hahahah

  99. rosiebb

    I was surprise too
    at first I was doubting ‘Sunset Glow’
    but… I was proved wrong
    of course haha never doubt Big Bang

  100. kohjimal

    that’s a good thing haha
    imagine him rapping ‘Only look at me’ and then he had the hiccups…. that would be BAD~
    falling out of the chair

    now whenever I rewatch the video, the same feeling went through me again and I started crying again [i just stop crying hahahaa i like rewatching them]
    i was also crying when Wondergirls won, I’m really happy with the results of everything, the artists get the daesang they deserve. 🙂

  101. J-G-RILEEN

    maybe the weather isn’t so good that day in Maknae Town hahaha
    struck by lighting hahahaha

  102. elusive

    because the big screen at the MKMF was showing Dae’s face, so everone there saw him on the screen, he did too and start getting embarrassed, and BOng in the back laughing at him and the other ppl that were there was cracking up too hahah



  104. J-G-RILEEN

    i can’t say this enough
    you win in life hahaha
    they are seriously
    5 years olds…..

    that mean I’m a nuna by 11 years??? T_______T
    wonder what my mental age is
    you know me haha how old do u think my mental age is? kekeke

  105. bong is so cute~ haha, he was hiccupping… ^^’ i kinda got the hiccups when iw as watching bong…. hiccup…

  106. G-Dragon is so cute!
    haha i know, i saw him a smiling when watching it =]]]
    Lmao i think i saw the hiccup but whenever i was
    waching him, he was cute! =]]
    Damn congrats Big Bang again! they totally deserve it!
    gosh, wish i had a party for them celibrating that they
    won but i had to go to my cousin’s hmong new year party
    which was boring but i spazzed out on them that big bang won.
    Ahaha GD’s hair does look like he is especially with
    the black sunglasses =] But i like it though
    i’m so proud of them, so proud of being a VIP, so proud
    of big bang debuting and even coming out.
    so my niece asked me like i liked big bang soo much
    && i said “because it all started as a school project then
    after looking them up so much i started to like them alot!
    it’s not an obsession, it’s an addiction!” i was gonna explain
    more but she stopped listening… =/
    hehe yeah i would of guessed that the kiss thingy was planned.
    damn if i was in the croud i would of screamed even more! cuz
    i did and my sister woke up and yelled at me. heh-heh
    but i was praying that g-dragon didn’t kiss her…again
    [AHEMS]like on Dae’s family outgoing show, otherwise i would
    of screamed more and stuff. i liked how GD introduce everyone..cool
    Sunset Glow always makes me smile =]
    leopord prints again… wows i wrote alot

  107. where in the US is jiyong going to?

  108. Bong comin to the Us?!
    he better watch out here’s where the crazier fangirls are
    not goin to mention names XD
    can’t wait for the mini album

  109. damn i think i’m having a heart attack.
    first when i read “Bong in the US??”
    i was just like..”what??”
    but then Screams* i’m excited right now!
    yeah, do you know when & where?
    [i hope he comes to Mall of America so i can go and see him]
    wait i thought he was having his solo album
    n..next year. Oh YEAH!!!! this made my night =]]]]
    thank you for sharing! if he’s not making a US debut
    then it’s a korean solo mini-album right?
    yeahh! now se7en & boA is in US too. =]]]]]
    Asian stars (:

  110. nya

    i told u already
    haha we’re related
    of course we be thinking the same thing hahah

    haha they do~
    pretty hard to understand
    even the way they write T_T
    keke it takes me a while to make out the word
    like they write an english word… in hangul… so it gets all confusing

    the big hyung of the group got the power too kekeke

    i just have to find a cute outfit to wear it with ahhaha
    there’s no point of having clothes and just leave it at home haha

    there’s this old tale in my country about blind old men touching elephant’s butt to ‘see’ what a elephant look like, cuz since they’re blind they never knew how they look like keke
    so whenever i see Bong, I thought of a elephant’s butt hahhaha

    even ppl who dosen’t know about my fangirling side say I’m violent
    i am a VERY VERY VERY nice and well behaved girl
    YES I AM……well except my english teacher, she doesn’t think so, she pick on me the most. T_T…. she have freaking problems

    LOOOK CLOSELY~~~~~~~~~~
    during the comedy sketch

  111. Bong Hwaiting!!
    but i hope they come here as a group to go on tour still
    and i hope its around my area
    cuz i already promised a few ppl that i would take them^^

    Wow its only the 9th day and they’re topping all the charts!!!

    btw, at the MKMF awards a chinese guy did perform
    his name is Khalil Fong
    and he sang “ai ai ai” (love love love)
    but I still don’t get why DaeSung and TaeMin were laughing???
    and i can’t find bong and his hiccups

  112. itstaceyy

    they already confirm about Big Bang’s US concert tour next year
    but haven’t announce the time and place yet

  113. teefannie

    who doesn’t?
    i hope it will be in California during summer
    so I can fly over there


    hahaha i expect someone to say they’ll stalk him kekekeke

  115. ninalee

    NICE~ i like that
    “it’s not an obsession, it’s an addiction”
    don’t be surprise when u see that pop up somewhere hahaha
    I will be re-using it
    probably forget to credit u cuz have HORRRIBLE memory ahhaha

    and we don’t know where exactly
    they probably woudln’t tell us and just have him ‘quietly’ come over here during any time to prevent unwanted situation

    it’s a korean mini-album FOR KOREA
    not US.. i was so relieved when i found out whew~~

  116. michelle

    we don’t know
    but i have my money on California

  117. Sexica

    EH HEM……..wonder who huh???

  118. thank you vicky !

    the boys need to rest!! :[
    hopefully everyone will be healthy and not faint or anything !

    ahh, i wish they would come to LA !

  119. LOL
    I heard you’re buying a van
    I wonder if that has something to do with Bong comin to the US?!

  120. haha..Ur mental age??? hmm?? is that a Question??^_^ ur mental age is diverse guRL..but mostly a kid..LOL^_^ same here^_^

  121. Vi
    Hahaha.. and the way they speak, there’ll be a Korean accent in the English & that make ppl confused what r they talking. But I never read Korean write English before. English word in Hangul? Kekeke

    This big hyung always got the power. Especially when he’s in his dork mode. U can’t help but to stare at him. Like how the vid of him eating that apple. Hahaha, I don’t care about Bong talking in the front. All I see is him munching that apple at the corner back of the camera. Hahaa

    Hmm… if its me I’ll take care of the outfits & only use it if there’s party or anything special. I won’t dare to use it on my daily, I scare if I might broken it ^^

    KAKAKA.. elephant’s butt. Omg… the blind old man would never know what elephant looks like. & some advice, don’t think about elephant’s butt, think about Bong’s butt will be more interesting. Kakaka…

    Maybe it’s written on ur face like the one written on baby’s face “I’m pimp” hahaha… but I think u’ll be pretty normal if its not related to fangirling. We just have a natural teacher enemy. I also have one that always pick on me. Ah~ just let she be. As long as we didn’t lose anything.

    Yup, I found it. Bong so cute when he hiccups.
    I don’t like the part when the DJ lift up his shirt. haha

    ahh~ thats good Bong going to US. also the fact that its Korean album.
    i don’t think Korean music will sell in US market ^^
    og gurl~ u must be so happy.

  122. I love BigBang

  123. whoaa that chinese guy was there aswell!! erm…fang da tong? dunno if he has english name@_@ he’s pretty good =] i like his songs>< but obviously bigbang FTW 8D

  124. these pictures are sooo hottt~~~
    haha although sometimes their hair is kinda weird
    even with the weird hair they are good looking 😀

  125. […] 11.16.08 Big Bang’s ComeBack on SBS Inkigayo | MKMF Pictures HIGH QUALITY OF BIG BANG & LEE HYORI’S SPECIAL STAGE IS AVAILABLE!!! yay~~~ I love this HQ man. make everything […] […]

  126. sunset glow video …everyone looked sooooo goood.

  127. GD&TOP you are my obsessions wish i would meet you cause you are drop dead SEXY!!!!!-IM YOUR BIGGEST AND NUMBER 1 FAN, I LOVE YOU

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