Big Bang Leader G-Dragon, Solo Coming Close; Plans to work on Solo Album Next Year in US

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Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon is planning on debuting as a solo artist.

G-Dragon is planning to go to United States to work on songs as soon as Big Bang finishes their 2nd album promotion, thus he can release his solo album. In July, YG Family’s Yang CEO mentioned about G-Dragon’s solo activity through company’s website. This plan has started to make progress and G-Dragon is looking forward to his solo debut very close.

During an interview with MyDaily, G-Dragon revealed his plan and said the “songs were already made,” and reported that the plan is to become actualized.

G-Dragon is planning on going to United States soon as Big Bang’s 2nd album promotion ends. G-Dragon revealed his reason why he’s going to US, “all the people who I work with are in United States right now” and said his happy plan that “(with this chance) I am planning to go on a trip to the United States with members.”

There is a higher chance that his solo album will be a mini album. G-Dragon predicted that “about 6-7 songs will go into the album,” and also mentioned that “concept and genre aren’t decided yet.”

Big Bang is receiving a lot of love as a group, but Taeyang and Daesung were active as a solo with “Look at Only Me” and “Look At Me, Gwisoon”

** the article says that the MEMBERS (the rest of the boys) might possibly be “tripping” down to the states as well. SO EXCITING! don’t feel left out – there is hope for all of us ^__^


over the summer there was a meteor shower.
luckily, i was awake at 3AM so i went outside when the entire neighborhood was quiet & i looked up in the night sky trying to spot those lil things. mind you, LA is a very smoggy place even at night. so you’re lucky to see some meteorites shooting across the sky in the city.

right when i was about to give up hope, i saw the BIGGEST meteorite i’ve ever seen; it just shot across the sky – GODSEND.

i had a wish i meant to make for the longest time, & this was the opportunity to do it. so i did.

& finally, today, i get some form of answer. before when the news about BB coming to US, it seemed like a close answer, but this was more specific, & it has finally answered.

i’m almost positive he will hit up either the WEST COAST (LA) or the EAST COAST (NYC) – where all the big dogs reside.

hearing the news that his producers reside in the states, WELL, that only means – IF JIYONG IS GONNA DO IT BIG, HE BETTER INVITE HIS FREAKIN ROLE MODEL aka PHARRELL of the NEPTUNES. or kanye. i’m sure TEDDY will get a piece of that. but i really really pray that it’s PHARRELL. that would be freakin AWESOME. grand-slam hit. it’s gonna be huge. he’s doing it huge guys. expect great things from our KWON LEADAH.




P.S.: i made a new siggy. i lovez it <333

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  1. Qfweihflqwkhflufilqweurwlfasdkjblajsdfs

    DUDE. if they are here in LA, man. we need to find them fosho.

  2. OMG!!!!
    that’ll be sooo cool!!!!
    please let it be LA

  3. wow, oh yeah metor showers. i tried looking for them
    in the summer. you are soo lucky && thank you for
    wishing! i would’ve of wish the same thing.
    damn he he comes in the US, crazy fan girls [AHEMS]us too
    are gonna be even more crazy! hehe i think it’s
    all of ours christmas present too.! yeah no i can
    tell my sisters what i want. heh- heh they’re gonna
    think i’m super crazy and is too addictive to big bang 🙂
    Thank you YG! YG Family is in the US! cuz se7en is too.
    and i think Teddy too in NY.
    i love your sig. GD is cute!
    wait so is all the BB members gonna be in the US too?

  4. OMG!!! we have been receiving sOOOO many GREAT news this weekend and im going insane man!!! that is freakin’ AWESOME!!! OMG,,I CANT WAIT…2009 HURRY!!! im cryin’ again of joy,,not 2 mention ive been cryin’ since MKMF awards, maknaes message and NOW babyG’s solo…*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

  5. lol jess. u translated that & u leave me a comment xD
    HAHA <333

  6. sweetness! I can’t wait for GD’s solo album! I’m sure it’ll be just as awesome as TY’s solo album, HOT.

  7. they are going there on a trip…i wonder where would it be?
    can’t wait for his solo album…

  8. GD really looks HOT!


  10. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg *dies* They had better go to NYC. If not i dont care. I will fly out to see them if i have to. omg i cant believe it. omg omg omg omg Bongie *squeeeeeeeeeee* omg with the songs hes already written and produced for big bang alone i can only imagine how sick his solo stuff is going to be. i dont think i will be able to breathe. I’m like hyperventilating right now just thinking about it. omg. I cant wait. This is like a dream come true. Who cares if they just visit here?1? maybe if they see how much love we have for them here then maybe itll lead to other things?!? And the whole go to cali thing? Cmon Bongie give some love to the East Coast. We get nothing out here compared to Cali.

  11. Melly the new banner is really good minus the kiss scene…
    hehehehe! i still can’t get over their smiles after their kiss.

  12. soo exited for thiss!!!!

  13. melly. i did this quicker than before because i read the part about other members coming too. DUDE.

    we need to stop freakin out

  14. GOOO GD!!

    VIPs will support ya 24/7 !

  15. yea. i know. i keep saying I WILL STUDY, but things keep popping up this weekend…



    hopefully they come to L.A. !!!!!!!

  17. oh my god… i went on here to procrastinate a little bit and after reading this how can i POSSIBLY go back to doing my chem lab!??!?!!??!

    my baby’s coming to the us of a!!!! AAAAAH!!!

    any chance of him coming to texas? XD (here’s to hoping he’ll want to try country music hahahaha)

  18. OMG!!! i need to move to LA!!! now~~~
    se7en’s there and GD’s possibly going to be there too..omo omo omo..i’m so jealouse..i really want to walk with GD on the street. that’s so hot..
    i’m going crazy..i wish he was here now~
    actually i want him in my house..hahah. but that’s more than a wish i guess. ^^

  19. it has to be NYC!! Please be NYC!!!



    ahh if he comes to la at least come to the bay area as well, so many lovers here !!

  22. lmao i love how we area all freaking out XD I’m not alone in the spazzing

  23. AHHH ! if only i was old enough to drive already, i’d drive to LA. coz i doubt they’ll come here to SD )):< UGGH. BUT I’LL WISH ! & wish he works pharrell ! AHHH, they’re both sexy (:

  24. whooaa~~~ the last part of GD’s word.
    does that means other members would go there too with him?
    wow~ US VIP so lucky

  25. i’m confused. xD so he’s just coming to the US to record right? or is he also debuting solo-ly in the US? he plans on staying w/ BB right? are they gonna hold a concert here in the US as well? I HOPE SO! 😀

  26. he’s gunna be here to record it then he goes back to Korea to promote it. he’s not debuting in the U.S as a solo singer. he’s debuting in korea~ AHHHH. I’M. SO. EXCITED.

  27. OMO!
    im happy as i am confused.
    if he goes solo…
    what’ll happen to big bang? I’m happy for him,
    but i worry for my boys.
    Good luck to all of them!

  28. omg xDDD i can’t get my hopes up but i wish they have like a concert or fansigning event here in la. i would totally crawl there if i have too xDD g-d’s gonna do another genious production. i can’t wait for it =)

  29. he’s gunna be here to record it then he goes back to Korea to promote it. he’s not debuting in the U.S as a solo singer. he’s debuting in korea~ AHHHH. I’M. SO. EXCITED. GD will make amazing tunes! homiE gots the beats. ^___~ i hope all of the BB gang will be here to vakay with him for a while.

  30. imma PRAY that it is L.A.
    GAHH he’ll be really popular here in the U.S.

  31. he’s only in the states to produce his album. he’s not debuting here… yet.

  32. I hope it’s NYC, personally speaking, because I live around Toronto in Canada and it’s a lot easier to make a road trip to NYC than LA -although if it’s a debut, it might be the latter.. if it’s just working on the album and not a debut, it could go both ways.. hm…

    Either way, I hope they come West!!
    It’s almost like YG is testing out the waters of the American market with Se7en, and seeing if the more western-styled music will still be as loved/appreciated by the asian fanbase with BB.

  33. AH!! I WANT HIS ALBUM! 😀 THE US! so CLOSE! yet SO FAR D:

  34. big bang will still be big bang right?
    i mean…after he debuts?

  35. wow, they should takes some time off and travel. hmm…does that mean were going to miss lots lots of them??? =( hope he wont meet boa there. nono.

  36. AWW Yipppeee!!
    Jiyong will do fine (:
    I’m so happy for him (:

  37. OMG OMG OMG OMG this is driving me nuts like crazy nuts
    omg but i’ll be in skoo still damn it omg no fair haha lmao
    i wish i live in LA rite now

  38. good luck my bongie!!
    looking forward to the solo album so muchhh~~
    i’m dying to buy~~~~~~~~~~
    trip to US with members? cool!~
    hope they’d have fun!


    I was procrastinating and stressing about this stupid lab report and this takes all my worries away!?!?!!? OMG. BIG BANG?! U.S.!?!
    OMG. OMG. OMG. *heart attack*
    OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. Big Bang. U.S. That’s like freaking CLOSE TO CANADA. *dies happy*
    OMG. I can’t wait for the album!?!?!? :O

  41. Please be NYC… it’ll be the closest I will ever get to be to you.

    It would be a dream come true to see him, but my selfish desires aside, I can’t wait to see what GD will surprise us with! I know it’ll be awesome. My hubby’s going to be amazing, like always. ❤ BEST OF LUCK, JIYONGEE!

  42. OMG! Can’t wait for GD’s solo debut! And you just know it’s gonna be stylin’!

  43. all shit!! hopefully they have a concert here in the u.s.a!!

  44. YAYY!!! I’m excited for him since I know he’s been waiting for his solo!! WHOOTT!!! BUt GD is getting a more special treatment…LOL…by getting to go to the US to make the songs!! WHOOTT!!! Hopefully, all of the members will get to go on the US trip with him too! YAY! Then we can probably spot them in a mall…LOL…but then how will DS’s FO be though if they’ll be in the US?

  45. Forget the fact that he is only working on his album in the US and debute as a solo artist in korea. Just the fact that he is gonna be here in the US is like OMG~ Please let it be NYC though. Everyone, forgein artist wise, loves to kick it in LA. I want them to be in NYC for once. Just, so maybe I can get the chance to walk down teh streets and maybe just maybe bump into them. And get to see them in front of me for liek a second, before they walk away.

    O.o I sound liek a desperate stalkerish fangirl. ><; But, I think I can’t help it at the moment. JiYong is love, Big Bang is love, (&& their Se7en Hyung is love too. XD).

  46. wow! US???
    how cool can that be??
    i can’t wait for this!!
    i’m so proud of you KWON LEAHDAH!!!

    and i know he’ll do it just FINE!!!

  47. teefannie,

    i know what you mean !
    i always procrastinate and get all stressed but big bang just makes it all better!! 🙂

  48. Gahh, I’m so giddy right now. Crown J came to Atlanta so I’m not ruling out the possibility of Big Bang coming either.
    But, I’m hoping NY at the end of March/beginning of April? I’ve got relatives and it will be my Spring Break.

  49. i’m so happy! it’s about time, gd definitely needs his shine!

  50. oh wow that is exciting..and sad >____< closer to me.

  51. whoa already? wow i thought his solo plans will come much later O_O haha CANT WAIT!
    so if he does his solos..what will the other members be doing cuz i doubt they are going to do things in a group for a while since the leader isnt there with them :X

    Unless I go to Cali for college. XD

  53. Wow, I’m definitely excited and looking forward to Bong’s solo album. Even if Tabi is my favorite out of the boys, GD is definitely a close 2nd. Gotta show him a LOT of SUPPORT!!!!! better have it when it’s coming out.

  54. wahat will happen to BIg bang then?!?!?!?

  55. itstaceyy~
    Haha! Yeh! School sucks!? xD
    The boys make it so much better though!? xD
    But my reason for procrastinating is the boys too… =_=;;
    But looking back, all those times I procrastinate, it’s definitely worth it. 😀

  56. Oooohhhh I can’t wait for Bongie’s solo album! He’s got to be one of the great composers and lyricists out there. ^^
    Yeah if he’s gonna produce an album might as well do it in a vakay in the US with the other members…they so deserve a break. =)
    Cheers to Bong and Big Bang! =)
    I know you US VIPs are getting all giddy (I would be too if they’re coming in my place) so give them their rest too ok?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of you volunteered to massage them while lounging somewhere or just make their stay warm and refreshing by serving them all day.
    And that would be one hell of a treat..hihihihi.

  57. solo album. yay! I hope its in LA so i can come on by to see all the boys:0) hee…

  58. Though I love him I really wish he wouldn’t do a solo here in the US…I don’t want them leaving Korea and staying here for so long trying to make it like their Se7en hyung is…I DO REALLY REALLY want them to have a concert here though…I would DEFINITELY go

  59. oo wait…nvm I think I read wrong…so he’s going coming here to work this the peope he works with and debut back in Korea? That’s sounds a lot better

  60. with the people**

  61. OMG.
    TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE @_______________@;;
    JI YONG AH BABY~~<3333333333333333
    i will totally buy your solo album no matter what. T___________T <3333333333333333

  62. GD, baby, you gonna hit it big! I’m expecting a lot and I know GD is not gonna disappoint me. Taeyang’s solo was big and I know GD will be the same.
    I really can’t wait. I always told my friends that I want to hear GD’s solo. It’s coming true!

    I think Seungri is after GD, because he’s the only one with the solo song on the ‘Remember’ album. I think YG did that to see what kind of response he’ll get back. My friends and I and many other people came up with the idea to ‘promote’ it, to spread it, so YG will let Seungri have a solo too! Wouldn’t that be so sweeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!?

  63. Oh if it’s LA, then whhooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeee! I’ll be there in a flash! “With the members” !! OMG! Excited!

  64. wait…so is GD debuting as a soloist in USA? or is he coming here with Big Bang to do something? as much as i love GD, i’d love all the boys to be big in the USA not just GD, its not fair but ofcourse i never understand YG’s decisions sometimes…

  65. i hope they’re gonna go to LA. especially ktown cuz i live right smack in the middle of it LOL
    it’ll be so cool if THE BIG BANG is staying next door to me XD
    KYAAA!!! i cant wait~

  66. haah did they say exactly where in the U.S

  67. didi- i think he’s just going to come here to record and then go back to korea to debut… and haha you just want yb to go to canada.. =P

    hmm maybe he’ll come to tx to escape from all the fans.. *fantasizes*

  68. okay so so soooo….. i PRAY TO GOD THAT HE’LL HOLD MEET AND GREETS like se7en !!! good god please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. WOW
    going to US??
    that’s a BIG thing to do.
    i wish all the best to GD!!!!
    looking forward to big bang! and GD’s solo album

  70. but i’ll miss their activity in korea though 😦

  71. OMFG :O
    daww but wen ?

    The good news just keeps on coming!!!
    Please let it be soon!
    And please come to NYC!!!

  73. oh shit… my vacation trip will so be wherever he is lol. but i dont wanna seem stalkerish lol. oh well… time to start planning lol. hopefully the other members will visit as well ^__^
    even if they are in Cali or in NYC.. im kinda in the middle of the country so it’ll be the same damn distance i have to travel… but I think i may be a little more close to LA.

  74. AM happy for you Melly and the rest USA VIPs

  75. lol. imagine come that time, everyday i be posting up these lil stalker pix from afar… shame on me xD

  76. WHOA!! This is GREAT and AWESOME news!

    wow, I wonder who his producers are?? I hope
    he brings in other people to collaborate!!

    I totally CANNOT WAIT for THIS SOLO ALBUM!!!

    Im so excited! I have a feeling, because GD will
    be in the states, he won’t be so much on the down low
    lol cus, yea he probably is going to a big city
    Im not in LA but I hope he goes to LA lol

    but what I do hope for are some


  77. Will G-D be in L.A.? I hope so! I will be moving there early next year also. I hope one of the persons that he mention as to working with is Teddy Park. I’ll totally stalk them day and night.

    I can’t wait for his solo album, but more, I can’t wait to see what part of the US he goes to! SUPER STALKIN TIME~

  78. I’m so looking forward for this! go my baby kwonnie!
    the album is gonna be a BLAST!

  79. ————-Hahahahah————————hahahaha————

    This is some good news! Really good news!

    I´m glad that GD is finally doing his soloalbum. But I´m even happier that he wants to go to the US.

    Not because I think that BigBang needs the United States—-NO—-actually I really want them to improve their songs.

    I don´t know what you all think about it, but to me it seems as though BigBang have outgrown Korea (and Japan).

    I´ve always said how talented BB are, and even more, I´ve always admired their abillity to grow———to me it really seems like the next logical step.

    Wish them all the best.

  80. rofl @ rosiebb:

    i highly doubt american vipz will do as well as kvipz have in stalking bb.

    on the other hand, i wouldn’t be stalking – i would make an effort to go up to him & say:

    “SUP BABY?”


    that’s how we do it on the WEST COAST YO lol

  81. aww…i gonna miss their perf. oh well, it’s a good break for them..

  82. but one thing’s for sure, their english would be way better than now after 2-3 mnths residing in USA, i cant wait. They’re prob. better english-speakers than me. ^_^

  83. awww, U’r soo lucky =D i wish Germany would have excellent producers, but well.. i cant think of one >.<

    I hope GD will do somethin with kanye, love kanye but pharell would be awesome , too !!

    so excited n hyper. Got so many great news this week, awesoommeee

    saranghae big bang ❤

  84. Oh My Gosh~~~~~~~
    his solo~~~~
    can’t wait for his solo album~~~~

    his solo album is a korean album???

  85. GD FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WAITING FOR UR SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. yaaaaaay GD !!! GOSH I’M SO EXCITED!! CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE !!!!!


  87. I’m soooooo excited for him. But at the same time, I’m scared. He puts so much effort and calling the big guns into his album, what if his album does sooo well, and subsequently overshadowing big bang~? Because lately, most of the hype (even about big bang) is centered on him, i’m just scared he’ll be more popular than big bang itself; as in like “Jiyong!” instead of “Jiyong from Big Bang!” TT

    Ahh.. Just ignore me. I’m just being over-concerned.

  88. omg!!
    i knew nov. was gonna be a hugeee month!!
    im so exicted!!! this album is gonna be banging forsuree just hope it wont be like most hip-hop artists in america, talking bout sex in a dirty way and all about money and showing off lol
    i just hope its new york! thats only like 3 states away!!

    My LOVEEE…Jiyong, LOL…releasing a solo album AND COMING TO THE US!!

  90. OMGGGGGGGG. just being in the same COUNTRY as them would make me SO happy.
    i love gd <333

    i hope he comes to nyc!

  91. OMGG gar even though they’re not gonna have a concert here, at least theyre coming :] && WOWW VIPz think alike! i saw a comet about a month ago and i made a wish almost identical to yours


  93. LA has to be a definite stop! >.< Who can pass it up? 😀

    Actually, I’m just happy that they’re even coming here! ^^

  94. so jealous for those vips in US…GD is HOT and CUTE!I wish him success in his solo album for 2009.jiyong oppa,FIGHTING!

  95. you guys are so lucky T______T

    i know Jiyongie will do it great >_< <333

  96. NYC !
    please let him come here
    or visit here or somethinggg

  97. WAAAHHHH!!!??? * Im in like TOTAL shock mode!!!! hopefully he comes to the EAST COAST (sorry west coasters):P im SOOOO EXCITED right now that i dont even know whether im typing correctly lol. I am HOPING and PRAYING!! that he becomes SUPER SUCCESSFUL. I want EVERYONE to know who BB is lol

  98. OMGAD ! ____< lol . ahhhhhhh . i hope
    they move to NYC ❤ close to me haha jk . but i hope !!!

    umm wont he be doing tour in the usa too ? ;D

  99. ahhhhhhhh !
    i so hope they like for sure , FOR SURE come to the U.S (:
    yyaaaay ! 😀 😀 😀

  100. im looking forward to his solo!! (even tho can be mini album) haha. doesn’t matter!! i just LOVE his voice and everything about him!!! >w<

    and finally they’re coming to the US!!!

    its going to be awesome. and all of bigbang coming HERE to US= 5x the bonus ❤

  102. I PRAY NYC!! :O
    omggg; i can’t wait till they comeee!!
    looking foward to his solo ! 😀

  103. though i know this is a 10% of a 100%.


  104. OMG! i have a feeling that he will go to LA, anywayss i still hope it’s NYC cuz i still have a chance to drive down there!!!! AND GD, PLZ IF U HAVE TIME COMEEE TO TORONTO so i don’t have to drive all the way! (even if it’s not in US) GO JIYONG BABY!

  105. actually its more like 85%

    LA has the biggest pop of K poppers.
    Then NY
    and THEN chicago( comin in numero 5). =)


  107. AAHH I hope he, THEY, will make a stop in the Netherlands!!!
    I Will Freake Out!!!! I will faint ^^

    OOOHH I LOOOve THEEr MUsic SOOO MUUtch….<3

  108. I hope can come to NC,LA,NY,AND ALANTA because mostly koreans are there but im sure they’re going to LA i mean duh! Mostly Koreans are at LA! im glad im koreans! KAWAII!!!!!!

  109. OMG please palse please tell me there coming to newyork.
    there’s alot of koreans in newyork toooo!

  110. maybe their going to L.A but they still can go to new york b’cuz NYC is near in L.A right if im wrong just correct me guyzZ hehe,,, sooo… you guyzZ are lucky if ever they go there you will be able to see them in person hehe,,,

    wish they could go here in hawaii too ‘cuz the last time they went here i wasnt here i was in another country so i wasnt able to see them in person huhu,,, poor me!!!

  111. I like that…”Kwon Leadah”. I support the group tremendously and wish all of them lots of luck. Ji Yong will do great. How do I become a member on this site? How do we even make friends?

  112. i always knew my Kwon Ledah was extraordinary! he’s definitely Godsend n yea lives among the meteorites! buh sorry to wish dat he comes to the East coast instead cuz i live in Nyc…mayb i shld see one of those meteorites too!!! G-d is my heaven 24/7 n o btw…gdluvzme too! n i lov u too for lovin G-d heehee! Jiyong oppa! plz hurry over!

  113. COME TO NEW YORK DAMMIT! then hopefully they’ll come to canada the forgotten country right above the states… usually when people tour and go to new york they come to toronto canada too. big bang has plenty of fans here!!!

  114. *spazzes out* IT’S SO UNFAIR!
    I hate England, no one ever comes here, all our asian guys are fugly, stereotypical, with glasses and no personality… WHYWHYWHY can’t they… G… come to England 😥

  115. damnnnnnnnnnnn why do they never come to europe..omgg ma se7en is already in us and nOw gd too??? oww lordd, cant take it no more,,am like the craZiest fan and never got the chance to see them live..pfff oh godd plzz send them to europe hee

  116. nawhh..
    let it be TEXAS!!

  117. Omg! o.O !!
    BIG BANG ! <33
    PLease LET IT BE NYC!! 😀 OMG ! Iam Going CRAZY! LOL
    And thanks for wishing!

  118. Somehow I highly doubt they’ll go to Arlington TX Or Dallas TX D:

    But I’m willing to go anywhere they’re going!

    [Not stalking, it’s call “Tracking” (: ]

  119. I kind of doubt it but I hope they come to FL.

    That would be the best~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Yes in Orlando Florida would be SWEET~!!!!!!!

  121. That sweater is so funny! RAINCOATISH! LoLz. jK. I hope I get to see Big Bang! I pray to God.
    Dear God,
    Please let me meet Big Bang! I love them so much! I’d do anything! As long as it has nothing to do with death. I love and believe in you. Please, oh please, oh please!

  122. waittt when are they going ???!!!
    is it going to be in the summerr ??

  123. gd is cool. my favortie fashion icon [:
    Lmao, well hope him BIG BANG loves and also
    great lovee.

  124. Let it Be Portland Or……..

  125. i wish i could marry g-dragon
    but nahh hes older than me by a lot
    of years
    if i knew him and i wuz much older
    i would totally date him (maybe)

  126. So they’re coming to the US? nicee ;DD Anyone know where they are heading? Im guessing NewYork and maybe LA ? But I don’t know o-o
    I soooo wannna meet them D:

  127. Awesome.<3333

  128. i LOVE g-dragon he is so hot !!!

  129. OMGOMG……..


  131. i love g-dragon from belle thailand

  132. i love bigbang bigbang bigbang bigbang bigbang bigbang

  133. G-dragon fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. again LATE; but still…
    i really hope Bong is very successful here in the states, because i’m SO ready to support these guys! (not that i don’t) but OHMYGAWD they’re gonna be in the SAME country as ME and the other IVIPZ!!!

  135. i wish i can go to USA = =”
    and visit them.
    i wish.
    i pray.
    i hope.

  136. AUSTIN TEXAS! Come on, it’s the Live Music Capital of the World 😀

  137. Hope he’ll come to SF during spring break! since Se7en been there before right? (= but too bad i missed se7en’ visit cus i didn’t know until later on ><”


  138. @ Annnerrs(= ; Se7en was in SF?!?! :O I didn’t know T^T
    Btw same here I SOOOOOO WANT THEM TO GO TO SF [x


  139. T_T im all the way in florida unless i force my mom to send me and my friend plus her big sis trinh to new york or la or something that would be amazing xD like omgosshhhh T____T i hope they like try coming around to florida miami because i will freakin go i mean like furreal xD lol if someone lives in florida and stuff lets talk and like keep updates with eachother like please!

  140. DUDE NO!!! that sucks!!! hes gonna be end up goin to New York or sumthin!! and I live HERE!! in FL ,the south…DAMN!
    …they really should come to FL cuz you know…we got tha beaches like no other place.
    TELL GD to come to florida <33
    its where all tha music is from lmao….
    Luv to BB ~<3
    and GD ish hot lol very cute n so is his smile cuz he got like no otha

  141. omg my little cousin heard they were coming to the US and she started freaking out….haha, can’t wait.

  142. He still shows up on Korean TV .. wonder when he’ll be in the states actually … whenever it is .. the place should be NYC NYC

  143. Hi Lizz!
    u stay in FL, right?
    im Thai’s fan, hope u know bout Thailand keke
    That period, im gonna go there for working in Walt Disney summer program.

    i agree with u so much, u know y hahaha
    pls tell GD comes FL and travels in Walt Disney.
    i strong believe, there r many fans to support him anyway.

    it will b better in coming FL keke ^_^
    By the way, always cheering them up!

    Love Bigbang much, XOXO

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