15.11.08 Fancams MKMF 2008


Credits: ALWAYS-GD( http://always-gd.com ) by.나리 ||VIPZ이젠끌래

Credit: :지드래곤홀릭닷컴(gdragonholic.com) || VIPZ 홀릭


Credits: 그녀석 (http://www.victory90.com/ ) 사심님 || VIPZ 인생한방


Taken from; iluvbigbangforever@yt



~ by Momo on November 17, 2008.

19 Responses to “15.11.08 Fancams MKMF 2008”

  1. Thanks for the fancams!! Now i can have uninterrupted viewing of BB..haha

  2. the GD fancam is GOLD!! his expressions before and afterwards says it all! he was soooo relieved afterwards and so happy!! but seungri and top had like no emotions…haha.. GD looked at seungri and he gave him nothing..hehe..that was cute!! they must be still shocked…. aahh…still feeling so happy for them! 🙂

  3. I must say,

    The funniest was SEUNGRI’S hahaha, at the beginning when he
    almost had the balloon in his hands, but missed it LOL! then
    towards the end..everyone was like bowing to eachother
    and he’s just in the back bounce the balloon..then it like
    BOUNCED AWAY from him and someone from Shinee tried to bow
    to him but he just ran after the balloon..HAHAHA! that was too

    Tae Yang looked super sexy right when he got on stage!

    HAHAHA the last fancam of GD..he was so VIOLENT with the balloons!! LOL he even THREW a big one to the VIPs!! LMAO crazy guy, I swear, but I know its FOR JOKES!! SO CUTE to us VIP!!
    lol the 3RD one was a pretty GOOD fancam..like WOW!!

  4. Yeah, it is kinda funny how none of them seem to interact that much on those shows.

  5. LOL. our guys would be the ones standing in the back
    more interested in playing with the balloons instead
    of the performance.

    i love fancams. always shows us what we never get to see
    during the broadcast.

    glad to see Jiyong happy about the Artist of the Year
    award, which he should be. Baby looked hecka bored/unemotional
    next to him though. contemplating there, Baby? hehe.

  6. fancam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love watching GD and YB fancams! GD was soo cute playing with ’em balloons!! what a cute dork! for the most part, BB seemed bored at some levels. they prolly was jux tired. I hope they get to rest soon…

  7. Seungri is the most adorable thing EVER. He was like a child in the background bouncing the giant balloon, and running after it when it got away. Poor minho…seungri was just preoccupied…

  8. hey have any of you notice that TOP kinda looks like a really cute vampire in the black and red tux?? or is it just me… ><

  9. lol
    look at them all playing with those baloons.
    Bong even don’t dare to let the baloon go till it finished

  10. omiigosh…bong is so cute!!!! and seung ri too!! they are soo sweet! xD

  11. omg ,<
    GD and SR fancam <3333333333333333333333

  12. OMO. Did anyone else see YB reach out to Junsu (2PM) after winning Daesang? They are known as good friends and Junsu even thanked him (and Jiyong) in 2PM’s first single. So cute! ❤

  13. seung ri & GD & their balloons = <333333

  14. Lmao awwww G-Dragon & Seungri was so cute playing
    around with the ballons. =]]]
    Hehe & GD kept running around too.
    those ballons were BIG! i want to play/hit someone
    with him. hehehe

  15. LOL! omg did you guys see when GD and SR were like lost and searching for YB/DS and TOP xD

  16. Ha ha,they’re so cute. When i look at them playing with the balloons,i juz remembered that they’re still very young. So young-So famous

  17. omo. omo. omo. omo x)
    i died when i saw GD&SR fancams!
    their so adorable, and so alike — playing with the balloons and throwing them at the crowds of fangirls x) i wish i were there too.

  18. amazonmoney GooD!

  19. lol seung ri and his balloon XD he’s so adorkable geez, chasing after them and acting like a little kid XD and when they others were bowing, he’s off in his own little world XD playing basketball with his balloon and lol when it bounced away and he ran after it XD

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