2009 BB Calendar + Diary Preview

ayo. ayo ayo ayoooo.

my birthday’s coming up:

mind putting this on my desk?

more under the cut —->

-if you are one of the lucky people able to access YG e-SHOP, you might be lucky enough to see more of it =\


^ that has definitely got to be the hottest pic i’ve ever seen of jiyong & sexy boi.
sexy boi looks good in the suit, but my baby with his light hair & just OMGAHHH. that’s sex man…..

– & i just saw BOSS make his lil appearance in the BB calendar. lol he’s so funny-looking.


not much is disclosed…
but i’m sure the entire set will cost a pretty buck. expect it to be at least $40 bux.

check out YG e-SHOP for more details. (IF IT EVER WORKS FOR ME!!! >_<)


~ by gdluvzmc on November 17, 2008.

57 Responses to “2009 BB Calendar + Diary Preview”

  1. oh my lordyy. im buying this thing just to look at it! dont dare to write in it lol XD

  2. how do you order it?

  3. I WANT THE CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh wow.. they look so grown up on these. im gonna try to buy it.. if i cant, ill just make my own lol.

    I hope I’ll be able to find it in Korea Way or Flushing.

  6. Aww I wish I got that for Christmas 😀 But I won’t… =( I’ll just wait until I get older 😀

  7. Everyones posing is good—-except for one—TOP.

    He used to be so good with all of his little moves………….BUT, the shot with him holding that chessfigure is priceless!

  8. Oh gosh, hotties.

  9. gosh..I want it..NOW xD..haha…I’ll buy it…..

  10. hot. Waiting for yesasia to put it up for pre-order. woo!

  11. omg ahh the previews are so cute xD ,the link doesnt work >__< but ill beg my dad til DEATH to get it for me xD

  12. omgness. i am so getting one. gah!

  13. well hopefully i get a job soon or at least a decent
    amount of money for Christmas because i so want this.
    ahaha. along with a bunch of other BB merch of course.
    i’m so behind. xD

  14. wow soo hot i have to get this

  15. waiting for something to put it up for preorder!hah >.<

  16. OMG! This is a seriously hot calendar!!!

    I LOVE IT!!

    TOP’s expression in the chess picture is so CUTE!! ^_^

    I totally want one!

  17. OMG. Meh!? Must Buy!? 😀

  18. hahhahaah! I read your commenting and I was like “wait….where’s BOss, what is she talkinga bout?” And i looked very closley and found his little head in that small pic with yb. so so cute!

  19. Ahh! HOT =D

  20. It will be available on YesAsia? please tell me

  21. when will it be released? i’m over here counting my change!!! lol. i’m going broke. ’em boys be robbin me of all mah mulla

  22. i need that i need it i need it!!! >.<

  23. ohh myy D:
    i wanttt that for x-mas lol
    sighhhhh, just to die for ;]

    Oh, man, in the first shot of TOP playing chess, he looks like he’s all “Hey, who dares me to eat this?”

  25. i SOO want that now ):

  26. aah~ boss is so cute
    he’s getting more popular noow
    with his HOT appa~
    aaaah i wanna buy one!!

  27. but i just got remember cd… now this
    ahh need money…


    ❤ ❤ ❤

  29. There are some fine pictures of choiTOP and SR~ man, i want that for x’mas!

  30. i want it REALLY BAD *drools*

  31. I WANT!

  32. how and where 2 get this???i want buy it!!!I like the pics.

  33. omg hot!
    i want too!

  34. i want it too !

  35. ahhh! they’re sooo cute!
    dae looks so cute pointing at the chess thing! ahaha
    and TOP’s eyess >:]
    i want oneee! i hope they sell it in stores in nyc. ^^

  36. will they be selling this in stores in other countries?

  37. http://www.dvdheaven.com/dvd/dvd_list_music.php?human=11
    preorder is available people!!!!!
    but with the depressing AUD against the USD, it feels like i’m paying double for anything on that catalogue.. =[[[

  38. Ooohh Boss is such a model these days!!! I love!
    me wanna boss and his master! haha!
    Yeah i hope they sell this in other countries! i wanna buy one!

  39. OMG!! can’t wait to be able to purchase mines..too bad i have to get mines of yesasia..and if it’s going to run around 40 bucks..then i better start saving money cause yesasia is a super jipper!! man, they con me out of my moeny i swear..but i can’t get my stuff anywhere else..
    gosh! i bet i’ll have to pay at least 60 for mines. somewhere around there.
    anyone knows of a korean store in sacramento california that sales these??? please please let me know.

  40. OMGGG!!!! i want it T.T
    TOPie play chess with me ♥__♥ lool!

  41. wooo!!

    *OFFTOPIC:: i laughed so hard when i saw the “ayo ayo ayo..” because actually thats my middle initial XDD

  42. wooo!!

    *OFFTOPIC:: i laughed so hard when i saw the “ayo ayo ayo..” because actually thats my middle initial XDD

  43. hahahhaa the calender/diary costs 70usd.. mineohmine. check out dvdheaven.com

  44. awww i want this calender sooo bad! i dont care what it will cost !

    Boss is soo cute, n ur right, Bong & sexy boi look realllyy hot !

  45. hhhotttt zomg 😀 sorry for the trouble but does anyone know how the pre-ordering thing on dvdheaven works? would really appreciate it if anyone can help! 😀


  47. TaeYang doggy boss and my doggy needs to have a play date!!! I have to get the calendar my dog has to see her daddy and her husband win win situation right???

  48. wow wow want it!!!!!!!

  49. I want IT! But where can i buy it?? *sigh* >.<

  50. hello! um…where can i order these calendars of big bang? i luv them!!!!!!!!!

  51. omg.
    yb is mr. december ! :DDD
    more hotness coming my way.

  52. aww taeyang’s dog look so cute lol he even kisses his dog too lol

  53. man i want da calender buh where do yu buy it i think its only avaiable in korea or sumthing

  54. where can i buy one of those calenders??

  55. nooo…. the pics are not showing… where else can i see these pics. it’s saying something in corean but i can’t read it so… lol^^ i feel so lost somehow.

  56. OMG 0_o i have to buy it.!!!

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