Behing the story of “Tell it to my heart”

081112 YMGA Hiphopplaya Interview

Translation By JANG

– HHP talks about “tell it to my heart”, and wu says that teddy originally made the song to give to big bang, but jinusean took it, and then they took it from teddy again. the result was that when they were recording (M/N: i guess it was for fun at first), it turned out so well and they really felt that it turned out better than the one big bang and jinusean did, so it naturally became theirs to use (*he laughs here, haha).

Credit:, Jang @ soompi u can read more of her translation Here


~ by Momo on November 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “Behing the story of “Tell it to my heart””

  1. Aw…I want BB to sing it. 😦

  2. same i want BB to sing it 😦

  3. Ahaha oh wow,
    stop stealing! nooo i wanna hear Big Bang sing it!
    Meanie, stole it from teddy & big bang

  4. wowww *O* i wanna listen the BB version xD

  5. that song is so hot
    and yea i would love to listen to BB’s version! they should release too xD

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