GD Calendar Promo Video | Big Bang Magazine Pictorial Scans | Bae being cute~

GOOD NEWS!!! SeungRi’s debut movie “Why did you came to my house?” started filming last June, and will premiere in DECEMBER~ can’t wait to see him act!! it’ll be awsome!!

He got his legs and hands tied up.. what is going on? The lead female character in this movie suppose to have a mental disorder…. so……… O_____O what will be our Baby’s fate??
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Thanks to 마시멜로님
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Look at his little angelic face in the beginning.. awwwwww he’s turning on his cutecharm this time.. aigoo… we’re gonna be DEAD.. by the time this release. GRI~~~~~~~~ but this time… Bong is the cute one while Baby is being sexy.. what is going on??? I don’t know if you can see this in the video, but on Bong’s tie, there’s a crystalize ‘V’ hahah he’s wearing my name on his chest!!! how cute is that? nya pointed it out to me and I was like ‘XDDDDDDDDDDD WIN IN LIFE!!! ‘
The part where they show him taking photos with the weird potato face shirt haha look where that hand is grabbing kekekekekekek

While I was suppose to research on techniques for my Photography class, I went and check this… uhm………. I act like such a fangirl my friend thought I was high and ask me if I’m on drugs hahaha, and I said I am, I’m on Big Bang Drugs… it’s ADDICTING~ Looks like they use the FILA clothing for this… and they look so FINE~~~ so growned up… they’re not boys anymore, nuh uh, they’re men.. even the Baby haha. As soon as I saw Baby’s picture, I lost it… to amazing. Dae was looking ANGRY SEXY haha never knew Dae can do that, Bae was FLYING~ in his dust-like color leather jacket… Bong is bringing the guyliner back and Tabi…. well just being his attactive sexy self, after the kiss…. I felt attracted to him now.. THIS IS BAD… I already have Baby and Bong, can’t love no more… aish~ there’s many… that probably wants to kill me right now.. haha including my dear long lost sister haha.

Mnet and their HQ official release pictures… it’s too much hotness, and over 100 pictures, that I can’t post them all up but zipped it, so enjoy. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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Did you know that our ‘i don’t hungry’ boi Bae can be cute??? haha like to an extreme level where he even use Bong’s signature ‘air in the mouth’ move??? oh yes… Bae did.. he’s so freaking cute!!!!!! aigoo………….I never knew… I’ve discovered oh so many things today haha.

ELUXE Magazine December Issue Pictorial Scans


Bae being extremely cute

I just wanan pinch his cheek, OH SO BAD!!

Thanks to 태영님 | BBFlow | SS.J님


~ by Vicky on November 17, 2008.

132 Responses to “GD Calendar Promo Video | Big Bang Magazine Pictorial Scans | Bae being cute~”

  1. ::FAINTS::

    those pics are to die for.. they are soo HOTT

  2. i want to steal him 🙂
    soooooooooooooooo sexy

  3. awww..yb is so happy these days…

    soooo cuuuute!!

  4. hes sooooooo …soo cute.. ^w^

  5. OMG. *hyper ventilating* MEH. OMG.
    SO CUTE!?!?!?!?!? 😀
    OMG. *chokes on drool*
    *cough cough*
    UGH. =_=;; I’m going to die young of heart attack.

  6. OMG.
    so cuteee ❤
    i loveee YB fer life !
    i hope when they come to the US they have a mini concert.
    preferably in NY (:

    GO YB.
    be happy 😀

  7. thanks for sharing!!! the boys are soo cute!!! whenever i look at bae’s pics…sometimes…they remind me of my nephew. weird. maybe it’s the eyes. b/c my nephew is mighty darn cute! ^__^

  8. awawww >.< baebaee *pokes*

  9. Vi
    i can’t seem to DL the zip file. it keeps telling
    me that the content is no longer available on MF.
    is that a code word for ‘please try again later’?
    haha. i so want to see the pictures.

    but aside from that, whoa YB all up in the place.
    look at him puff his cheeks. so cute. ^__^

  10. Vi
    Aigoo~ bong being cute. Hahaha
    I quite miss them all being cute since these days concept is them being manly.
    Hahaha… I can’t see it in this vid but Bong using the V tie again?
    He know how to make u happy.
    OMG gurl… I never realize but please… u look too down south. Kakaka

    What?! While u’re on top of Bong’s chest u still can look for the other man?
    The most important thing is he’s u’r brother in law???
    Arrgghh… don’t bring this ti family. It could start affair!
    Oh gurl, having 3 husbands is not that good.
    So while u’re awake, u should stop it asap >.<
    U could be addicted to Big bang drugs but not tabi drugs ~,~A
    This is bad… vi feel attracted to hubby while he’s covering his jawline with mask. What would happen in this world?

    Hahaa.. Bae being cute. This macho man.
    What did they called him? Shik shii ki? His nickname? Haha, look like they have to change it now.

  11. nvm. it WAS code word for ‘please try again later’.
    haha. it finally let me DL the file. weeeeeee…

  12. Vi

    yes, i definitely ‘wanan’ pinch his cheek, lol

  13. someone please wipe the drool off my mouth 🙂 lawl
    they are so cute!! that TY picture is the cutest I’ve ever seen him as! I’ve never heard of the “I don’t hungry” line before… is that something TY said before accidentally?

  14. teefannie

    ‘choke on drool’
    oh wow
    how gross
    yet I can relate kekeke
    I died LONG ago.
    trust me gurl

  15. mrsdongyoungbae

    they’re having a US tour so of course there will be concerts
    it’s probably going to be in the big cities
    so NYC is definately on the list
    I might fly to California to see them since I know they’ll have a concert in Cali

  16. feyfey

    haha then ur nephew is pretty dang cute
    hope he grow up to be a little sexy beast too haha

  17. Heather

    haha yup yup yup
    that’s the codeword
    try again later
    MF does that a lot

    puff his cheeks haha
    i can’t think of a word to describe that so i call it ‘air in the mouth’ XD!!

  18. OMG!!!
    soooo gettin one!
    I spot some GRi goin on ;P
    add me to the list of Tabi lovers wantin to get u ;P
    unless you’re willin to share… XD

    the first MNet pic Baby….ILLEGAL!!! 0.0
    I know I shouldn’t be lookin but I couldn’t help it

    Bae looks sooo cute
    for a second there I thougth it said I want to punch him instead of pinching….XD

  19. Their shoes are sexual!

    -random info-
    i had a workshop with shaun everisto and he said he’s going back sometime in january to work with a new girl group

  20. nya

    they can be the man on the outside
    yet they’re men who are dorky hahaha
    does that make sense? haha

    I saw the HQ video, I saw it I was like ‘XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~~”
    he DOES know how to make me happy,
    Bong is trying hard to win me from Baby
    will it work??? hm…..

    I CAN’T HELP IT!!!
    don’t blame me when ur husband have a gorgeous jawline and just look so effin sexy when he turned his head like that
    it certainly NOT my fault.
    though i AM trying to stop.

    i can’t be addicted to Tabi drugs
    cuz you took them all and hide in the cabinets somewhere

    kekek ‘muslce man’
    he’s been trying to be a different ‘TaeYang’ lately ekkee
    so cute to see!!

  21. Dori

    he’s more like Baby now
    isn’t that cute????
    BaeRi definately have the influence on him

  22. kris

    well Aimee [the one that YB dance with in the NUMBER 1 MV]
    she wrote a blog about the member’s english
    and she said that YB once said ‘i don’t hungry’ before haha
    cute grammar.

  23. Sexica

    hahaha ur already on the list gurl hahahah
    top 5 too kekekek
    i’m not interested in being killed here
    Bong and Baby is already too much for me to love
    add Tabi…..T_T
    i’m DONE-ZO

    I keep my eyes off ur man
    u keep ur eyes off of my illegal husband.

    haha i wanna punch him?
    no power on earth can let me be able to do that hahaha

  24. BangBig

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~ you met him??
    that is soo cool~

    hm… probably will be female big bang
    i wonder what their group name’s gonna be
    I heard something about it being ‘SISTA’ or ‘YG BABY’

    though I think it’s ‘YG BABY’ since Bong wrote ‘YB BABY’S’ in his ‘THANKS TO—-‘ album message and CL also mention ‘YG BABY ‘in her ‘WHAT’ rap

    try to get him to spill more haha 😛

  25. Mmm, those pictures are hot.
    And YB looks so cute!

  26. LOL
    top 5?…more like top 3 ;P
    okay then I’ll try to keep my eyes off
    but look at his round be-hind OMG!!! he’s growin 0.0

    I was like why would you wannna punch him?
    I had to read it like 3 times

    i have a hard time breathing when i see stuff like this D:!!
    jee, tae yang is sexyyyyishly CUTEE 😀
    ahaaa, i lovee seung riiiii [he’ll be my wish of a perfect guy forever] lol
    big bang is so cuuuteeee. GD’s cute/hot as alwayssss ;D!!
    DAESUNGLOLL. and topp NO DERR :] he’s alwayss sexy hahaa
    aw903 ajoweijjalskd f
    i lovee big bang! :]<3

  28. i heard yb has a girlfriend but the two seemed to keep a little distance on each other right now…

  29. awww..

    u knoe im starting 2 waver w/ all this cuteness and hotness TOP and YB showed..O LOrd please dO nOt let me commit a sin,,LOL^_^

    its really really hard 2 escape or ignore other members charm,,OMLord maknae>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………………<3<3<3BB

  30. y is my post cut off??? 😦

    anyways..maknae<3Bongi i still love you two but if both of you dont do something i might share d SUPERLOVE 2 TOP and YB..LOL^_^

    of course I LOVE dae2x 2!!!^_^

  31. chaerin

    4REAL??? O.O

  32. Vi
    HAHAHA… man who r dorky. Kekeke.. yup, that make sense.
    Have u ever found another 21 year old man but still so dorky? Kekke
    Look at him playing with balloon in MKMF. Hahaha.
    He played with that pink balloon like 4 year old boy. OMG… I laugh so hard when I saw it. Bouncing that balloon. Kekeke..
    same thing goes for hubby too. He plays with that big ball that have so many balloons inside. Hahaha… but, he hold himself >..< imagine how sad bong & baby face when u leave them. I hope u could stop & be loyal to ur 2 hubbies. AMEN.
    Blame u? no, I’m trying to stop u. I know I can’t blame anyone coz hubby is too gorgeous. And I can’t do anything to prevent his gorgeousness, so the only thing I could do is to prevent the number of hubby’s fans increasing. Kakaka…
    Like what I do to u now ^^

    Or is it my fault coz every time I just talk about tabi cute & sexy part till u notice it all start to attracted to him?

    They need to change it for a cute one.
    Bae, he won’t have any future if he keeps up that face.
    I’m imagining what will Roro & Kenley do to him.

  33. aah omo?
    does he really has a girlfriend? *my heart brokes*

    youngbae is acting cute recently~

  34. T.O.P IS HOT!

  35. vi
    they cut my comment, especially on the important part too. hahaha

    No, he’s not trying TO WIN U FROM BABY.
    Bong is making an escape road for his hyung. So u could put all ur attention to him, not to hubby.
    What a good dong-seng he is. Also baby, he try our his charm but u still lay ur eyes to hubby ~,~

    Stick to ur road. Don’t make a U turn >.< imagine how sad bong & baby face when u leave them. I hope u could stop & be loyal to ur 2 hubbies. AMEN.

  36. bae is so so so CUTE!!!
    hhahaha…my roommate and i were hyperventilating in the library again hohohoho
    others are pure hotnesssssssss
    dang just kill me

  37. vi
    i just realize this, but why there’s no hubby’s calendar promo download??

  38. OMG!

    how sexy are these pictures?!!!


    Dae Sung you sexy beast! look at him in those shades!

    Tae Yang is definitely cute with that DORABLE SMILE!!
    ahh ITS KILLIN ME!!

    These pics are hot & gorgeous!

  39. nya2

    she must b keepin’ it 2 herself,,LOL^_^

    BEWARE Of manageRI..LOL^_^


  40. damn daesung is friggin hot @_@

  41. J-G-RILEEN
    ahh!!! that sounds logical.
    hahaha.. since she’s attracted to my hubby these days >.<
    kekeke… OMG.
    maybe she forgot to post it?

  42. vi
    look now, everyone know that u want to corrupt my hubby. LOL.

    “why u come to my house”
    why this sounds like a horror movie??
    baby sure fir to b the victim who’s being chased by a ghost. hehehe

  43. hotness overload and I haven’t even watched the video yet. hahaha…I’m saving it for later. Too much hotness at once. ha!

  44. it is this movie?

  45. Sexica

    he’s growing.. yes.. FOR ME
    so keep look at Tabi’s butt istead of my man!! haha

    punch Bae…. i don’t think that’s possible
    though i dont’ think he’ll ever fight back if a girl does punch him

  46. milkydonut

    he is perfect huh?
    maybe not in others’ eyes
    but mine… DAMN. haha

  47. chaerin

    where did you hear that from?

  48. J-G-RILEEN

    not gonna give in

  49. Hey, I’m Jenny . I’m new to your site but its pretty fuckin’ ill. TOP and GD are so bad-ass hott <333 . hey comment me back or talk to me kthx. — JENNY LUU .

  50. OMGOSH Seung Ri got tied up!
    GOSHHH thats HOT!! =]

  51. nya

    dude.. if you didn’t mention his age just now
    I would just FORGOT the fact that he’s already 21 hahahah
    unbelievable sometimes.

    he likes balloons
    especially ones that are GIGANTIC
    dude I really want one of those balloons

    they will be DEVASTATED!!!!!!
    that reminds me.
    my friend send me this amazing birthday present, it’s just a 5 pages of ‘Big Bang Birthday Message’ where she wrote a message to me in the boy’s point of view, like for Baby, it’s ‘hey my babe Vicky, you’re now already 16, we can run away to a place where JiYong Hyung won’t find us’ kekekekek then for Tabi, it was him spelling all over the place and ‘CHICKA CHICKA CHEESECAKE’ ahahha
    it’s awsome
    if I have time tomorrow I’ll type everything up for you
    it’s amazingly hilarious

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm… maybe~ keke
    nah I’m sure it’s the jawline that did that to me
    cuz I already know how attractive he is LONG AGO
    especially talking to u so much
    but to be ‘attracted to him’ …. whoa~ damn that jawline
    I have WEAKNESSES!!! jawline and wrist
    i love them~

    what will they NOT do to him?
    i dont wanna know
    I’m only 16 for god’s sake

  52. LOL
    I am belive me I am ;P
    yeah I think he would just smile and be shy about it then you would get beat up by all the Bae luvers

  53. purple.princess

    we shouldn’t believe in any rumour on the internet [we know how crazy netizens are]
    don’t beleive it unless there’s official statement
    but if it’s true, be happy for him, he never had a girlfriend ever before
    the boy need some experience too

  54. nya

    well he still SO WANT ME hahaha
    this is not all sacrafice you know
    you make it sound like I’m some kind of bullet Bong is taking for his hyungs hahaha
    i may be a horny perverted 16 years old fangirl
    but I’M NOT THAT CREEPY hahahaha

  55. jiyanz

    HAHAH again?
    did ur librarian say anything this time? kekek

  56. nya

    because it was release during my ‘BLUE PERIOD’ remember?
    but if you want I can upload it up for you

  57. rosiebb

    I think we all know the answer to that question hahaha

  58. J-G-RILEEN

    NAO NAO..
    i’m an amazing nice person
    i would never do that HAHAHA

  59. nya

    only my bad part are show to the world
    thankyou very much
    can you guys read that now?? it’s the CAP!!
    please don’t be creeped out by me haha

    Baby’s hands and legs was tied… so what do you think?????
    a friend of mine told me the plot was about this woman with a mental disorder… O___O what will she do to Baby??????

  60. Dee Dee

    no that’s a DRAMA that’s already been broadcast
    it just have the same name

  61. ayee jiyongie don’t you see what you’re doing to me D:
    so so hot~ +_________________+” ayah !
    i can’t wait until they’re here in february 😀
    i will totally “befriend” them, as melly so wisely said

    if befriending means capturing and smothering ^^
    haha only kidding, oh i wish~

  62. lolz oOo ok thanks Vicky =]
    Gosh i cant wait to see Seung Ri acting
    he will be SUPER SEXy

  63. LOL^_^


  64. jayluuuuxo

    haha new VIPs are always welcome
    and OH YES THEY ARE hahah

  65. Sexica

    that’s VERY VERY VERY true
    no one can ruin that perfect cute face of his
    Bae luvers will murder me
    that’s why I can never do it keke

  66. Ahh GD is soo cute
    i cannot wait till the Pictures comes you BIG & HQ!

  67. gloriaaaaa

    or ….something else??? hahaha
    my perverted mine T_T

  68. and O.M.G. is that my baby all tied up???

    man, i need 2 stalk this movie..when exactly is this movie will come out? I canNOT wait…tied me up 2…i think i need it bad…^_^

  69. Dee Dee

    he got tied up.. so let’s see how sexy he can be

  70. J-G-RILEEN

    YES I AM!!
    it’s a FACT

  71. J-G-RILEEN

    it’ll come out in theater fisrt
    so…. maybe a while until we get to see it.. NO FAIR!!!

  72. Vi
    Yup, 21. when u’re already 21 u’ll feel all matured & won’t be so dork like u was.
    But them all. Speechless. Hahaha even the hyung is the dorkiest one.
    My friends who older than me always act cool everytime when he hits 20. I was “do everything u want. Not my business. I’ve seen ur tail before.” Hahaha

    Huh? Kwon Leadah with balloons? Kakaka…
    Sound so cute. Unbelievable.
    U want one of those balloons? The big one?
    But if I’m u, I’ll want the one that he played with. Kekeke…

    “we can run away to a place where JiYong Hyung won’t find us”
    HAHAHA… does she forget that baby also illegal?
    Trying to hook an illegal gurl though he’s illegal himself? Hahaha..
    These chika chika cheesecake so sound like what tabi would do. Hahaha…
    Ur friend. WIN IN LIFE. XDDD!!!!
    Hahaha.. I’ll wait for it.
    But I think u better post it up. Since it’ll be very hilarious post to spazz. Haha

    But hubby already covered his jawline with mask so u won’t be attracted to it again.
    But gurl, ur unstoppable. Hahaha…
    I think 30% of u being attracted is my fault too. But this is the temptation that must be pass by couple. Decide if u want to stick with baby & bonh or go to other man.
    (OMG! What I’m typing? I give vi a “pass” card? No!! she can’t touch hubby)

    HAHAHA… bullet. Maybe a love bullet.
    No, bong only want to hold his position. He don’t want u to have another hubby again.
    But actually u do is creepy. HAHAHA…
    Remember when they promote Haru haru & baby almost slipped coz of lippery stage?
    From then on, I notice u’re pretty creepy too. The same as me. Hahaha

    Ah!! I want 1. please upload it ^^ seeing hubby in HQ is better than the one on youtube verse.

    I don’t think u’re quite saint if its related to ur hubby. Especially baby. U’ll do so many illegal things to him. Hahaha

    OMG… why now the movie sounds so BLUR now.
    What will she do to baby? Imprison him? *gasp*

  73. J-G-RILEEN
    i think u need to bold, italic, & underline it so everyone will see. LOL ^^

  74. nya2

    haha..4gOt abt daT!!! i’ll dO it again,LOL^_^

    its okay,,i dont think others would believe it anyway..LOL jk manageRI!^_^.. V (peace),,wahaha…LOL^_^

  75. can’t wait for SEUNGRI’S MOVIE!!!


    I wish I had him tied up in my room like that…i am a bit mental..

    LOL im just kidding!! ^_^

  76. cool!! seungri’s he the lead in the movie?

    sighhh, i reallyyyyreallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to watch
    it loll.
    seung ri is my favv ;D!
    i love seung ri so much!! xD his voice makes me half swallow my
    saliva and barf it out lmao.
    i love him so much, his voice is verryy pretty ;D<33333333333333

  78. I just died when I saw baebae’s cute pix!!!
    Yeah lil sis in law he can be really cute… I told him to loosen up and looks like he did…hehehe
    Bong’s pose in his calendar diary..I was really wondering at first what was it but he’s actually sitting on the floor..hehehe.. I saw Baebae’s and Baby’s promotional vids too and they looked so damn cute…Baebae killed me with his Dae moments and when Baby attempted to kiss him and when he brought Boss…waaaaa..then Baby and Baebae were getting close in Baby’s vid..that was too cute for words…if there’s such a thing as fangirl heaven I would be typing from there now..hehehe.
    the FILA pictures look amazingly hot!!! I saw the group pic before on another kpop blog and they are all looking mighty fine! If they can’t be artists anymore they can model and still be popular! haha! Yep Tabi’s getting his good looks more exposed here..hihi…and Baebae smiling in one of the pictures! waaaa! I love it!
    these are just too adorable…waaaah…..
    lil sis in law…when you saw that picture of Baby ri tied up…have some, errrr, dirty came across your mind? hahaha…
    Ooooh I wanna see his movie soon!

  79. Just realized he looks so young when he smiles and becomes too cute for words…waaaaa…I’m gonna take him home now…hihihi.

  80. YAY! HUGE PICS of TOP! 😀

  81. DANG if those ain’t some good shots!

  82. OMO OMO OMO!!! i can’t wait for SR’s movie to come out. i’ve been waiting for it..
    and TOP’s drama too..
    ahh~ so many goodies.

  83. i agree..bae is uber adorkable…thats why i love him so much =)

  84. nya

  85. vicky
    i agree with you, the kiss somehow made him even more attractive :]

  86. OMG! Those pictures T.T this must be ilegal +_+

  87. for some reason, that movie screencap with SR reminds me of a scene in the movie “Misery.” all the woman needs is a hammer to hit his feet with lol.. and to tie him to the bed XD that movie actually used to make me laugh a little.. only a little

    but i cant wait to see his silver screen debut ^__^

  88. vicky

    well yeaah, he need some experience! really2 need it
    i think i’m going to be broken hearted at first, but i’ll let him go later on
    if he really has a girlfriend 🙂

    aaah i wanna see seungri’s role in the movie!!
    this is a must-watch movie

  89. OMG~!!!!!!
    look at Jiyong’s pic..
    i already nose bleeding and…
    FAINT!!! FAINT!!!!!!
    he’s so charisma.. and sexy~

  90. I want that weird potato face shirt O_O

    where can I buy it TT” love the hawt pictures
    =DDD yeah && im exited to see SR’s role in the
    movie ;; && omg GDragon so adorkable in calendar
    promo video *___________* nyááááá

  91. roro
    ?-? huh? what?
    suddenly say “molest” to me?
    of course i’ll molest tabi, what less u’r expecting from me? kekeke

  92. aww these pics are soo hoott!

    tae looks so cute, luv his smile~ saranghae ❤

  93. nya
    ahh well you were wondering what i would do if i saw taeyang looking so cute. i would molest. keke

  94. omgaasshh~ ULTIMATE HOTNESS!!!
    Kwon Ji Yong,,, why are you sooo dang HOT!!!!!!!

    *GRi love this two…

  95. roro
    HAHAHA… i don’t think u’ll only stop on molesting him
    u’ll do more bizzare thing to him ^^ kekeke

  96. woah,…sexshii photos!!! ^^

    and tae yang is soo cute !!

  97. hmmm…. i seem to have wavering feelings for all 5…Tabi has gotten hotter- wait is that even possible???lol Dae is lookking great, Baby is looking grown and sexi lol and Bong is just..WOAH lo…BUT MOST OF ALL-BAE!!!!! he sooooo adorable in those pics i knew my hubby was cute but he is being extra CUTE 🙂

  98. WhatDaEff!! O_O oh noo seungri’s tied up
    poor maknae :[ hahah i cant wait to see his acting
    the pictures omgd. they look so hott.
    like always. :] xo

  99. yes, yes it has… bebe has DEFINITELY attached to baby kakaka ^_^

    but if only someone could get baby and bong together again, like with there was still G-Ri…

  100. Is it gonna be on arirang Seung Ri Oppa movie?

  101. Taeyang soooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!!! I LOVE him!!!

  102. nya

    well I’ve seen the hyungs from YG act… they’re in their late 20s and yet……….T_T haha
    they’re even dorkier than these boys keke
    our boys learn from the best obviously.

    ‘I’ve seen ur tail before’
    haha I need to use that line in my everyday life now kekek

    or I want him to play with me :PPPPP
    I have my fantasy.

    so? ikekke it’s KINKY hahaha
    she knows me too well
    it’s freaking awsome
    and during Tabi’s message, there’s nothing but spelling it’s hilarious hahah

    Since I have time right now, let’s type it out


    To my baby Vicky,
    Guess who? It’s SEUNGRI AH~ Vicky you’re finally 16, now we can run away to a place where JiYong won’t find us. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time baby. YOU’RE ALL MINE NOW. You’re gonna be Mrs. Lee soon ❤ [She typed Happy Birthday in Korean here] !! mwahz. Since it’s your birthday, I wanna tell you how much I love you as my girlfriend. ❤ You make me have butterflies in my stomach and when I see you smile, it’s heaven. “This time fo sho, Gonna let you know, My love is straight from the heart. Forever you my girl, Forever be my world.” You’re so pretty, I’m scared of losing you to other boys, but I tell myself.. “SeungRi ah, you are a handsome boy you can do it”. Saranghae Vicky. ~ I will always love you

    Oppa/Hubby SeungRi


    I wanna wish you a happy birthday dongseng. I want you to know that I still love you even though I lost to SeungRi. I don’t know how I lost to him though. I have the style, the looks, the hair. How did I lose? I’m GD’ stun’em. Geeez. “OMG I’M SO HOT” remember that lyric? It’s true isn’t it? sigh…… Vicky saranghae babe. I waws so sad I wrote ‘This Love’ for you. At least I lost to a Big Bang member than some other loser. But Vicky HAPPY SWEET 16 ❤

    G-Dragon aka JiYong



    YO YO YO, This is T-O-P, freaky freaky FRESH. YO YO YO, SAY A BIG HELLO TO VICKY VU. V TO THE I TO THE C TO THE K TO THE Y. WHAT DOES THAT SPELL??? VICKY! CHIKA CHIKA CHEESECAKE. PEACE~ Have a good birthday dongseng and stay happy. Always support Big Bang and remember MR. T-O-P.



    Vicky ah~ This is oppa. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope all your birthday wishes come true and stay healthy. Always eat until you’re full and never give up on your dreams. Oppa will always support you. ^__^ Focus on school and dont’ do bad things. I wish you and maknae the best in the future. Don’t worry JiYong is doing okay. But he misses you a lot. Since you went out with him before, he kept looking at the memories you guys had together. Sigh. Anyways HAVE A NICE BIRTHDAY.

    YoungBae Oppa


    HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY VICKY. Have a good one and don’t forget to make a wish on the candles. I’ve been so busy these days with music core I almost forgot it was your birthday. Forgive oppa. Don’t forget to ALWAYS SMILE <3. hehe like this :] Maknae’s been smiling a lot lately, I thought he had a disease or something. I was going to the bathroom and I see him smilng there singing ‘Here comes the bride da da da da. La La La” I’m telling you this boy is getting weirder and weirder each day, should have chose leader. Aiiishhh.


    and already uplaod the video for you gurl

  103. J-G-RILEEN

    people need to start believe in the TRUTH :dddd

  104. rosiebb

    GURL~ i wanan do the SAME thing

  105. tubby

    he’s not the ‘lead lead’
    but still a big character in the movie

  106. milkydonu

    normally with Korean movies, they do release it with sub in HQ
    just not as fast
    I’m not too sure since I’ve never been this excited about a release of a Korean movie before

  107. sis in law

    hahah he’s a man who listens
    keep him gurl
    dont ever let go

    my man is trying to get with urs… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? hahaha

    what would come accross ur mind when u see my brother on the floor tied up like that???? T______________________________T


  108. roro

    HAHAHA molest…. i figure that hahahaha

    ooooh yea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
    show his sexy side.. OH DAMN~~~

  109. latiana2003

    what??? that sounds VIOLENT!!!

  110. purple.princess

    we can do anything but be happy for him that he found someone who make him happy
    and that girl is one lucky lady cuz we all know Bae will treat her right

  111. Dori

    the heart lies where it belongs.
    we all know GRi is there no matter what
    trust me kekeke

  112. LOL^_^ indeed!!!

  113. OMG!!!
    I just read the thing about the movie…he’s still illegal
    can’t wait to see it!!!

  114. AHHHHHHH i love it lol SR is sot cute!!!

  115. Vi
    Hahaha… looks like YG is a company filled with bunch of dork.
    They learn from their hyungs & they made a good decision on it. Since we love dork ppl so much ^^

    Yup, I’ve seen his tail before. Coz, when we’re in our senior high, he was all dork
    Better than our boys I think. He was crazy all day.
    There’s time when our teacher can’t come. Our class is a mess, we all gossiping, reading comics, playing, listening to music, etc. And he suddenly went in front of class & took a broom.
    We all surprised by his attitude.
    “hey, what’s wrong with him?” that’s the only question we had.
    But then he suddenly yelled out loud.
    “everyone!! Here is Bon Jovi with … (I forgot the song title)
    Then he use that broom & make it looks like a guitar, playing with it, imitating Bon Jovi, (all alone in front of the class) singing that song. He even did that throwing guitar style that rocker usually does. Of course with the broom.
    We all went speechless. No one ever guessed he’ll do that. After he sang for a while, the whole class went like crazy!! The boys just follow him & went in front of the class, dancing, singing, take another broom. Bizarre. Hahaha

    Aahhhh!!! Vi… this shouldn’t be said by an 16 year old only gurl. Kakakaka…
    Like u’ll care. Don’t forget about baby too.

    OH MY GOD!!

    Hahahaha.. this gift is awesome!! Ur friend know u too well. Hahaha
    I laugh so hard at Bong message XD!! “I don’t know how I lost to him though” kakaka… bong will surely get shocked if he lose to baby. Hahaha

    Tabi!! Buhahaha… omg, what kind of message is that? Its all spelling. Hahaha…
    (damn, I got stomachache. Laugh too hard)

    Bae message. Hahaha, sound so him. Wishing a for a good ending for u & baby.

    Baby is… haha, I don’t want to say anything. Its u & ur couple business. Hahaha..
    Keep ur FANTASY. Hahaha… but don’t do it too hard. He’s illegal. Haha

    Dae’s “aissshhh” kekeke… “should have choose leader”, “this boy is getting weirder and weirder” omona…

    Tell ur friends that she’s GENIOUS. Buhahaha

    Aw~~~ thanks for the vid Vi, oh, hubby look so good with HQ.
    Ah~ I need him for my bday gift. Kekeke… yesus, give him to me?

  116. I figured Baebae got his wish granted of getting close to Baby and Baby was getting jealous of Dae and Bong so he’s going for Baebae…
    …You lil bro-in-law get away from my Baebae…hehe…=)
    Nahh it’s ok…as long as there are boundaries..and I know Baebae can protect himself. I trust him! =)

    I would think he’s just tied up…but haven’t any, eherm, dirty thoughts cross your mind when you saw him tied up???
    Isn’t it like a preview to a…errrr….night fantasies?
    Dear don’t be too innocent. I know you thought something like that. hehehe.

  117. lil sis in law

    the first msg was for you. hehehe.
    I just read ur msg to nya about the boys writing a bday msg to you..hehehe.
    Tabi’s msg was so funny, spellings and all. hehehe.
    Bong would have called you babe even if you’re baby’s now. hehe.
    Baebae’s msg sounds so much like him… and it feels like he’s doing all the comforting when you broke Bong’s part.
    Dae’s msg is so adorable funny too..thinks Baby’s getting weirder and weirder everyday and wishing you that you should chosen Bong instead because he can handle you and work better. hehee.
    And Baby, baby is such a classic. especially the last line…hehehe…
    You’re friend is so cool writing that for you! =)
    Ooohh my bday’s coming up in about 10 days…I wanna get Baebae here fast. hehe.

  118. Vicky

    yeah i met him it was sooo cool
    i felt like i met a part of big bang…haha
    he’s a really good choreographer and teacher he’s really patient

  119. i find seungri tied up oddly attractive.

    ultimate bondage.

  120. Oh DAMNS Whne I saw Ji Yong I Feaken HOP Up
    And Said DAMNS Baby Ji Yong Why You Look So F** HOTT~!
    -chanel thao!

  121. Sexica

    i ask a korean friend of mine and she say he may be the one play the mental disorder woman’s first love
    and i was like.. he’s too damn young to play somebody or ANYBODY’s first love hahaha

  122. nya

    haha or maybe only special ppl can be great dorks *POINT TO SELF* hahahah
    HAHAHAHA that is amazing!!
    ur friend is awsome… maybe I should pull that stunt the next time my teacher isn’t in the class keke
    that’ll be hilarious.
    I really like ppl like that
    they don’t care what other ppl say or think of them, as long as they just being themselvs and have fun,
    ppl can call me stupid and crazy… mostly violent, but i dont’ care haha
    i have fun with it

    I was laughing like insane when I read Bong’s message haha
    I was blushing when I read Baby’s though hahaa idk why, even though I know it’s not really from him, still make me shy kekeke

    ur husband’s message was just wayy too much for me
    I was on the floor laughing when I read that
    that fit him so well though you know? hahahahahah
    he’s always the kind that doesn’t talk much
    so….. kekekekekeke spelling is perfect for him

    I like Dae’s too hahaha how he tell me I should choose Bong instead kekek
    and the whole bathroom and singing T____T

    i don’t know how the hell she can come up with that haha
    what a freaking great idea

    haha ur asking me to give Tabit to u as a birthday
    haha I’ll call him and see what we can do kekeke

  123. Baby ah~~~
    Gri… they’re playing this little game again… speechless
    Bae can protect himself haha who’s gonna protect MY Baby then?? kekeke

    AND I’M LOVING IT!!! hahaha

    hope he didn’t get hit or anything in the movie
    i won’t be able to watch that
    that’ll be a freaking horror movie for me

    cuz he’s totally somone who would call someone’s girl that
    i find it so sexy hahaha

    and Bae’s also the serious one who told me to stay out of trouble haha

    Baby want to run away with me hahahahaha

    nya want Tabi
    you want Bae
    I’ll call them up and see okay? haha

  124. BangBig

    he seem like a really cool guy
    you met someone who’s already been in contact with the boys
    that’s pretty cool
    hope to hear more juicy inside scoop from you hahaha

  125. chun hee

    hahaha SO DO I
    and he’s illegal… .so am I kekeke

  126. Vi
    Kakaka… we do need special condition to become dork. Kekeke
    I know tight?
    That’s why I said “I’ve seen ur tail before” but now all he do is acting cool & that’s no fun at all. Whenever I told him “why u’r like this now?” he only said that “I’m already old” huh! He doesn’t need to be like that. he also act cool in front of his GF ~.~a
    Yup. We really enjoy & like ppl like that right? That so fun & they let out their charm.
    As long as I happy, I don’t care what ur talking about me. Hehehe… that’s my principle. Hehehe

    Yup. Bong message, Idk but I really could imagine him disappointed like how Gwisoon choose baby instead of him. Kekeke

    U blused when u read baby’s message??? Aw~ so sweet… ^^v
    That show how much u love him. Hehehe but if I put myself in ur position, I think I’ll get blushed too, hey, its someone I love said that he’ll take me to somewhere the other boy won’t find us. Kekeke… a world of two. Sweet XD!!

    I know it! XD!!!! Tabi’s message just so sound like him. Hahaha…
    That’s why I said ur friend is genius. OMG…
    At first I really think wow~ Tabi… but wait… its ur friends messages as tabi. Not himself. Kekeke, then the whole laughing begin out loud.
    Yup yup, he only need spelling. Kakaka

    I love Dae expression that like “Aiiisshh… why u choose baby?? Bong better” kekeke

    U didn’t ask her? That’s a really great idea. Also the fact that it really sound like how our boys would do. Hahaha…

    No, I don’t ask u. I ask Jesus. Kekeke…
    I really need an angel to deliver him to me.
    When I open my door I could see him with roses & suits then wish me a happy bday. Ahh~~~ that’s so sweet.

  127. Vi

    G-RI is alwaes at its best XDDDDDDDDDd kakaka

  128. they are soooo coool!!!!!!!!

    luv them very much!!!!!!!!1

  129. tae yang is cute and sexy woot lol i wait to watch seungri’s movie cant wait big bang i love you guys

  130. Oppa why do you tease me so badly!!!

  131. waaaaaaaaaaaa
    sus videos y ellos son muy sexis waaaaa!!!!! los amamos somos girls
    para que no piensen mal ok somos sus grandes fans mexicanas
    amamos loa cancion haru haru y la de la la la y tambien a ustedes genial son muy guapos bye

  132. bigbang ยุนัยจัยสะเม๋อ

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