Kim Jang Hoon Thanks to Big Bang, “Helping The West Sea Needs Courage to Do It for Idol Group” (Interview)



Posted date: Noveber 17th 2:01pm (Korean Time)
Credit to: Newsen
Original article: Click Here
Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Singer Kim Jang Hoon sent his gratitude to Big Bang who stepped up to help the west sea.

On 17th, during an interview with Newsen, Kim Jang Hoon said, “I am very thankful and proud of Big Bang, who gives an big influence to people, for stepping out to help the west sea,” and clarified that “Big Bang probably needed a big courage to make this happen. (People) need to applaud when there are things that needs to get applause.”

He also said, “Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ release is something I was hoping for,” and revealed his thought, “I experienced a lot of difficulties as I was working on helping the west sea. I felt limitation towards teenagers because I don’t have enough popularity (power) to influence them.”

Kim emphasized that, “I personally hoped that famous idol groups will step out (for this project). It may sound easy but not easy at all. They need a huge courage because they are idol groups. Honestly, 

Big Bang could’ve release more commercialized songs instead of ‘Sunset Glow’.”

Big Bang recently released 2nd album “Remember” and promoting “Sunset Glow” as main. ‘Sunset Glow’ was made to help the west sea that is moaning from the oil leakage incident last year, thus brought attention. Big Bang has been revealing their thought of helping Kim Jang Hoon who has been helping out the west sea to recover back to how it was. But some netizens criticized that Big Bang is using the west sea incident commercially. Due to this pitiable situation, Kim Jang Hoon decided to cheer Big Bang.

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I receive a big encouragement through Big Bang. People started to give less interest after first prevention (of oil spread) ended, but Big Bang stepped out in this situation and I am really thankful for that. I think their power to influence (others) is hundred times bigger than I am; I am very proud of them.

Also said, “This is a historical thing within idols. I hope other idol groups will help as well.”

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I directed their concert last year but we don’t have any special connection.” As he was recalled Big Bang, he said, ” there were things that lacked when I was directing, but Big Bang brightened the stage more. I thought they were very talented friends.”

He continued, “After we were busy (with our own thing) for a year and half, and I got surprised when I heard the news about them releasing ‘Sunset Glow,’ ” and added with encouragement that, “Big Bang was in a situation where they could’ve get negative feedbacks that they brought up the topic too late, but they still continued to help the west sea with their song.”

“I felt bad whenever I saw few netizens seeing Big Bang with negative eyes,” then expressed his opinion: “(I hope) people will give applause to their courage. There needs to be a lot of praises when there are good actions.”


Kim Jang Hoon added, “Right now, the west sea is in a situation where the fishery and tour business are in danger. It’s time to fight for not only 1-2 years but 5-10 years. I feel thankful for Big Bang for adding encouragement at a time like this.”


~ by jeska on November 17, 2008.

23 Responses to “Kim Jang Hoon Thanks to Big Bang, “Helping The West Sea Needs Courage to Do It for Idol Group” (Interview)”

  1. WOO first. anyways — comment me back (: JENNY LUU . your site is so great — you write a whole lot like every hour. O_O — ❤

  2. Awww i’m soo proud of Big Bang!
    Yeah that’s right, Big Bang is AMAZING!

    “I felt pity whenever I saw few netizens seeing Big Bang with negative eyes,”
    what?? what’s that suppose to mean? Big Bang is just helping out.
    Well still, i’m glad & proud of Big Bang =]

  3. yayay
    of course you’d thank them kim jang hoon ^^ they’re perfect~ hahaa

  4. wow~ that make me feel proud of our boys even more ^^

  5. I agree w/ him!!! instead of just helping big bang encourage people to help out, netizen would rather take it as a negative! I really hate when people wont just THINK, u know! I mean they need to be more considerate and maybe ask the opposite side what they really meant with their statement rather than assumed things and always make it negative and then if it more make sense to them the negative issue, they would make it as a fact or if they cant accept the fact that someone else is making a progress [envy or jealous?] they would think of it as negative! Im not saying this is all fact but this is what i think about those kind of people! WHY CANT THEY UNDERSTAND??? *sigh*…BUT im glad that theres still someone who understand!!!

    thanks for sharing!!!



  7. PROUD VIP!!!

    sorry i lost myself up there!!!LOL^_^

    it just really irritate me when it comes to helping citizens and then some people would say “OH, theyre just doing that b/c they need publicity”,,i mean WTF ryt?..anywayz im calmed now^_^


    Kim Jang Hoon HWAITING!!!


  8. Big Bang jia you.. I hope they get to read this and I hope all the other VIPS.and non VIPS.. get to read this too.. if i can i will spread this around … ^^ cause not only does BIG BANG deserve their courage to help.. but also the staff members and the fans who participated in the MV… so everyone if you can just spread the love around ^^

  9. this makes me really proud =) it saddens me though that people think that big bang is doing this to seek attention. obviously, their the ones who stepped up. no one asked them to do so. they also could’ve promoted other songs like “wonderful” or “foolish love” but they decided to do something that will impact the future. it takes a voice to get something heard and im proud of them for that =)

    hwaiting !

  10. @ jayluuuuxo: thanks for compliment and congrats on your first comment xD we try to update fast as we can to share news to all fans out there. 😀

    @ninalee: oops. i think i used wrong word? i just changed it. KJH just felt bad that they are getting negative feedbacks when they are trying to do some good stuff 🙂

    @J-G-GILEEN: it’s okay. sometimes it’s good to let out your anger xD just leave those netizens alone. they are just jealous. 😛

    @Jun: it will be great if you can spread to other VIPS/non-VIPS that there are people who are still working hard to clean the west sea.

  11. awww…. that’s nice of him
    I can’t believe netizens can say stuff like that… but then again they’re netizen
    sorry to say this but THEY HAVE NO LIFE and their one and only hobby is to searching DEEP for a negative point in something or someone and blow it up.
    they can’t just accept the fact that Big Bang is more than typical idol group, the word ‘idol’ is being misused many time in my opinon, cuz the typical idol group..T_T

    The MV I think was really meaningful and actually made me cry, sorta make wanna fly to Korea to clean that ocean up hahaha.

    with Big Bang’s current popularity in Korea, I dont’ think they need to pull something fake to gain attention when they know if they do that these negative comments will come up, they do it because they really wanted to help, they can say all this stuff about our boys but are they over there trying to solve the problem?… I didn’t think so

    Hopefully this message from Kim Jang Hoon will clear those ppl’s eyes up a little bit.

    thanks jeska for the translation.
    make us proud of our boys.

  12. lol ^^ as a fan i shall blog this on my blog

  13. why would the netizens think that big bang would need to use the incident to help make them even more famous? i believe big bang wanted to help from their heart! because they’re awesome like that!

  14. WOW…. I really proud to be a V.I.P
    Guys,…. we don’t have to worry about what people think. They can say anything about Big Bang, any negative comments.
    But we know who Big Bang are, right??????
    Many people just can’t accept the fact that an idol group can be more concern about nature than they did^_^


  15. btw, those that have blogs,,spread d word.. 🙂

  16. what a relieve! so proud to be a V.I.P!!
    eventho i’m far apart but i can feels that i’m part of the situation…really hope we can do such good deeds no matter where we are, who we are…^^
    million thanks to Mr Kim Jang Hoon for the statements, you really know what’s best & who’s deserve the compliment!
    please take a good care of BIG BANG then,we can rely on you rather than those retarded netizens! BIG BANG does give an impact in reality…

  17. This makes me so proud of the bois.

    I can’t wait to meet them. -girly sigh-

    Its such a good feeling to know that people are recognizing how much they care.

  18. exactly!
    why would BB release sunset flow for “extra publicity”? …any song they release burns up the charts anyway

  19. Wowww! that’s so true 😀 i’m so proud of BB >_<
    Jeska cool signature ^^ ❤

  20. i am really glad to see everyone supporting kim jang hoon’s thought and bringing out your ideas ^^ this is when i feel so happy that i translated this and share the news

    thanks Mariale 😀 you are second person who mentioned it hehehe XD
    i am so proud of what i made HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.-_-;

  21. whoa~
    GOOD JOB BB!!!
    think whatever they want~ i know BB did a good job on this!!

    *hwaiting BB*

  22. jeska! love your little icon of YB!~

  23. proud! Actually I saw Kim Jang Hoon in a KBS programme before this, in the show I saw he went to the west sea helping to clean the sea…pity him, the sea is very very I can understand how he think and encourage our 5babies to influence more people to pay attention to the issue..anyway Hwaiting!!! 🙂

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