Recap: MKMF 2008 Highlights!

Song – Wonder Girls, “Nobody”
Artist – Big Bang
Album – TVXQ, “Mirotic”

Best Artists
Female – Lee Hyori
Male – Seo Taiji
Girl Group – Wonder Girls
Boy Group – Big Bang
New Female – Davichi
New Male – SHINee

Dance – Lee Hyori, “U-Go-Girl”
Ballad/R&B – Brown Eyes, “Don’t Go, Don’t Go” (가지마 가지마)
Hip-Hop – Epik High, “One”
Rock – Nell, “Time of Collecting Memories” (기억을 걷는 시간)
House/Electronic – Jewelry, “One More Time”
OST – Kim Jong Kook & SG Wannabe, “Go Back to Fate” (운명을 거슬러)

Music Video
Wonder Girls, “Nobody”
Best Director – Wonder Girls, “Nobody”

Special Awards
Auction Netizen Popularity – TVXQ
Overseas Viewer – TVXQ
Auction Style – TVXQ
Mobile Popularity – TVXQ
Mnet KMPD Special – Shin Seung Hoon
10 Year Anniversary Remember 1999 – HOT
Music Portal – Big Bang
Digital Music – Big Bang

Source: Newsen
Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.


~ by Momo on November 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Recap: MKMF 2008 Highlights!”

  1. WONDERBANG! I would’ve been so pissed if DBSK won Artist or Song of the Year. BB and WG totally deserve it. 🙂

  2. Wonderbang!!! G-Ye for suuuure. 🙂 I’m happy BB/WG/DBSK got a share of the Daesang awards and not just one group.

    Totally deserved. Can’t wait for GDA!

  3. CONGRATZ really to them..they really deserve to win. and to the other winners congratz.

  4. I seriously am happy with these results…

    but of course being a BB VIP I wish they took
    ALL the Daesangs!!

    I still think Tae Yang shouldve gotten an award

  5. Congrats to all the winners! I agree though… Taeyang should’ve definitely won an award. His solo was great and he deserved it. I loved his whole album. He had such great feedback I’m really surprised that he didn’t win something.

  6. I so wished too that baebae got an award…he deserves it. His song was so popular that everyone attempted the choreo of it…=)
    Congratulations to all the artists who won!!! and for the Daesang award winners! =)

  7. Erm so BigBang won 3 or 4 awards? sorry i’m a little confused cause i’m still high about em winning a daesang!

  8. Congratz!!! awww i wish TY could won at least 1 award U.U i vote for him ❤

  9. Yeah! congrats!
    i would of got mad if DBSK won Song or Artist of the year too.
    but i’m not bashing or anything, just supporting my
    Love to Big Bang =]
    Aw TaeYang didn’t win. i was so sure he was too.
    I’m glad they won though

  10. DBSK & BigBang & Wondergirls

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