Recap on the Golden Disk Awards 2008

I posted earlier on the list of nominations. So for more info on the nominees, please refer to:

Old Post (dated Nov 4th): Golden Disc Awards 2008

Original Site: Nominees


~ by Momo on November 17, 2008.

11 Responses to “Recap on the Golden Disk Awards 2008”

  1. BB FTW <333

  2. It would b really great if they win an award especially DAESANG BUT no matter what happens BB will always b NUMBER 1 for VIPz…

    and besides those tropy will fade away BUT VIPz LOVE and BIG BANG’z REAL-TALENT and ABILITIES wiLL remain 4ever…^_^

  3. whats the diff bet bonsang and daesang??? or is there any diff?

  4. isn’t Tae Yang also nominated for another category?
    Digital Bonsang?

    ^^to tubby, i don’t know the exact difference, but to me bonsang=badass and daesang=super badass.

    lol. excuse my language all.

  5. Thank you for telling us.
    Big Bang & YG Family FIGHTING!


  7. so how do they select the winners here? just by using judges? thanks.

  8. they are not performing?

  9. what happened? Why is Big Bang not part of the Golden Disc Awards for 2008?


  11. i know dis is suppose to be somewhere we adore BIG BANG but i so so fell in love wif TVXQ’s performance in Golden Disc Awards.. So juz check it out k..

    Anyway, BIG BANG is stil d greatest.. ❤

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