15.11.08 MKMF 2008: Sean and Harang

Like father Like Son. Spiky hair ROCK!

Credit: chau @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/

Post taken from: Jess @soompi

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Post taken from: Pupae@soompi


~ by Momo on November 18, 2008.

39 Responses to “15.11.08 MKMF 2008: Sean and Harang”

  1. what a cute lil boy! =) awwww…love these pix…so adorable..^^

  2. me & jiyong, aka JIMEL. will produce beautiful children who look just like harang.
    that is my goal <33333

    aghhh jiyong, wait for me honeyyy <33333

  3. Nothing compares to Asian babies———-it´s really true.

    But I must say, the baby looks alot like good, old Tae Young ?!

  4. OMG this kid totally has Sean’s eyes and his nose and mouth
    look just like his sister’s!!

    This baby is too adorable!! and this Hip Hop family
    isjust looking fly with their matching outfits!!

    I swear, when these two got on stage I yelped with excitement
    when I saw Sean carrying Harang!! he is too cute!!

    Sean’s such a good husband and father.. I would be lucky
    to have a husband like him!! ^_____^

  5. thats epic.

  6. I swear, if that boy has a blinging watch to match the one like
    his daddy’s, that is one lucky child!!

  7. Sean always dress his kids like him hehe
    bling bling shoes
    same shirts, pants.
    ha rang looks adorable in the mohawk hair~~
    just like TY~~
    bet he’s gonna be very handsome when he grow up hehe

  8. TOO CUTE, TOO CUTE! matching clothes, isn’t his shoes a bit TOO big though?

  9. awwwww. Sean has the cutest kids.

  10. aaawh~ harang is damn cute!!
    i wanna have one…
    but it’s going to takes a long time since i’m still 16 T_T

  11. he’s soo cute!!!!!!

  12. omg seriously the most cutest celeb family ever….harang is going to be so cute when he gets older..it would be cute if all of BB’s kids and Harang made a band toether…

  13. oh i forgot to mention…me and YB are going to have beautiful kids like him ~haha it is possible, we’re both the same age…all i gotta do is hunt the man down and rid his fear of women

  14. O.M.G baby maknae you NEED 2 b LEGAL FAST!!!..I LOVE Sean’s family..I really wish I could have a family like that in the futute!..SEUNGRI HURRY!!!


  16. AAAHHH!!!!!OMGGG!!!!!!!
    Harang is SSSSOOOOOOOOO cute with like-daddy outifit of his!!!!!!!

  17. he has a daughter too right?

  18. harang is super CUTE!!!!!!!
    and sean is a lovely father..awww~
    i’m so envious.

  19. cutest kid in the world, I swear. Besides, my teacher’s son who is trying to kiss me right now xD

  20. omgggg SO CUTE!! i love their matching sweaters^^
    waaaaaaaaah hes so small and adorableeeee!!!!

  21. aww! what a cutie!! hes gonna be a lady-killer when hes older fasho. XDD

  22. aww..he’s so cute!!^^ the cutest father and son team..haha ^_^

  23. awww! sooo cute!!!! hes soo adorable and he looks just like his daddy!

  24. Harang is so freaking cute!!
    He’s going to be hot later hehe xD

  25. i want childrenow so they could be like friends with Harang 😀

  26. lol.. those shoes are TOO big.. and he does look like taeyangs.. its that baby face of taeyang that makes it possible

  27. Okay, maybe I’m going to get shot for this but who is this? I’ve heard os Sean around the site but I’m too sure who he is. Help??!! haha

  28. such a beautiful family:o)

  29. Awww…
    The kid is too cute. ❤
    He is gonna grow up to be pimping!
    They girls will so be all over him. XD

  30. soo cute! they’re matching from head to toes!

  31. whooaaa!! Harang is very cute!!!
    i want to pinch his cheek ^^
    they wear the same cloches^^
    opppa, when we’ll make one? ahaha

  32. oh my gosh ; that is the cutest kid EVER :]

  33. debbye:

    Sean is part of a DUO group called JINUSEAN, one of the SENIORS of YG Family.

  34. OMG!!! Harang is sooooo freaking adorable with his little mohawk and his same clothes that his dad is wearing.awwwwww~

  35. Lmao true, true
    Harang so cute! hehe
    i love his mo-hawk & he matches with his dad =]
    does his/ i mean their shir say
    “Music is Life”???
    that’s what it looks like. aww so cute!

  36. awwwwww Harang is super cute >___<

  37. Their matching outfits ignites something in me that makes me say…


  38. the matching outfits are so CUTE xD
    omg; the shoes are adorable on the babyyy 😀

  39. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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