Big Bang SeungRi to make it to the big screen this December

After WonderGirls’ SoHee, Big Bang member SeungRi’s debut as actor in the movie ‘Why did you come to my house’ will be released this year-end.

The movie, also starring Kang Hye Jung and Park Hee Soon, started its filming in June. And in a recent interview with MyDaily, SeungRi said, “The filming has ended 2 months ago. And it will start screening in December.”

After his first musical ‘Sonagi’, fans are set to witness SeungRi’s acting skills in this debut movie.

SeungRi said, “Even though I did musical earlier on, this is the first time that I am doing movie. I told myself I just need to do it like how I did for the musical. Appearing as Kang Hye Jung’s first love. Suffering pain hating Kang Hye Jung and seeking revenge against her in the movie.”




~ by Momo on November 18, 2008.

34 Responses to “Big Bang SeungRi to make it to the big screen this December”

  1. aaaaaahhhhhh Seungri! i’m so looking foward to this
    hold on, so Seungri’s the one taking revenge on her? i thought she was the psyho one
    haha this is going to be great

  2. lol. wow his first movie and he’s in a psycho one. XD i’m so excited. i want to see how his acting is. maknae in a psycho movie. XD omg, he didn’t even look like he was filming the movie at all. it seemed so secretive or something lol.

  3. i CAN”T WAIT to see it!!
    SR always wanted to act in a movie like TOP is his drama haha
    i still remember when TOP cracked up saying how SR even memorized TOP’s lines in I Am Sam~~~
    bet SR’s acting is gonna be awesome in it!!

  4. Oh My GOsh????
    omg~~~~~ i wanna watch tat movie..
    i’m sure.. seungri is very cute in his movie..
    can’t wait for tat movie to release~~~~

  5. now baby is going to play the BAD BOY “much anticipated” it seems that our SEUNG HYUNS are really brothers..oh no iris will air also next year…this is too much!!!

  6. OMG~ baby in BIG SCREEN??
    how cool is that??
    dang!! i can’t wait for this..
    i know he’ll do just great!! so don’t you worry maknae~


  7. ahh!!

  8. dangg.. i’ve been waiting for this movie.. omma! i’m lovin’ it.
    seungri, you’r always killing me.. how could you? haha. j/k..
    anyways, i’m pretty much excited for seungri’s debut movie, mm, interesting movie! we should watch this!!


  10. awww i’m looking for to this movie!!! 😀

  11. wha~~ so SR is the bad person in the movie..aww~
    oh well, i want to see his acting skill!

  12. yah, fighting seungri!!!!!!!!!!!! :*:*:*
    .. i just hope there’s no kissing scence of seungri with some girl(?) scared*

  13. So exciting, so exciting, so excitinggg!
    Is it going to be more of an indie movie? Because there’s not much information about it online. Just the general plot, which sounds really cool. Definitely something I’d watch.

  14. i can’t wait to see it!

  15. yay!!!
    my baby can act! >__<
    im dying to see this keke

    soo excitedd to see this :))))

  17. awww!!! Maknae in a Movie how awesome is that… I’m waiting for it… uh he is the bad one, that’s cool

    maknae hwaiting

  18. omg!! finally..maknae can show his acting skills!!^^

    im fighting!!^_^

  19. AHHHH! totally looking forward to this! shall mark it in my calender~


  21. maknae is no longer a maknae! he’s growing soo fast. i’m sure there’s gunna be lots of nuna fans at the movies for his film. seungri fighting!

  22. YIPPPEEE (:

  23. Yay!
    Go baby!
    I can’t wait to see that movie. =]]

    can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all grown up huh? forreal!
    Ooh his role, seems interesting
    wow everything’s happening

  25. Wowww! and now actor Seung Ri ^^ congratzzzz to him ❤

  26. I’m gonna scream the whole time watching this movie, but I have to wait for like months to get the dvd, sigh ! I can’t wait to see baby ri on screen, 1 hour full ! ! ! Geez, this is so exciting ! XDD yeah, I hope theres n0 intimate scene, but then if there is, it’s ok, cause I’m dying to see his sexiness ! Xp and I can imagine that the main girl role is me ! Lmao ! ! Go baby ! !

  27. i can’t wait the movie….hwaiting SR….i’m excited…chayok baby

  28. i’ll be anticipating this. the role seems alittle awkward since she is much older than him, but luckily she pulls off the young girl look. i’m assuming there will be scenes that’ll make me shocked especially with seungri. i can’t imagine him seeking revenge on someone. baby, bring on your acting skills. im ready.

  29. Omg yay! I can’t wait! And I’m SO glad that he didn’t choose a typical rom/com role. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing him in one haha XD

  30. wow cool, well i just wanna let you guys konw that i’ll be releasing my new album in December 2 so come and get it!!….
    “You & Me” ft. G-dragon

  31. YV are u for real?
    if it’s true then good luck

  32. SR fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

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