Big Bang Taeyang, First Place in “Male Idol Who Will Succeed as Solo”


Posted on: November 19th, 11:07am (Korean time)
Credit to: Money Today
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang was voted first place in “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo.”

DCInside had a survey from 11th through 18th with “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo” as topic, and Taeyang received 2335 votes out of 10,084 (23.2%), thus he was placed as first.

Taeyang, Big Bang’s main vocalist, released his first solo album “HOT” on May and made a big hit with “Look at Only Me.” As a first in the group, he had a solo concert in July.

Second place went to Seungri from BIg Bang with 1553 votes (15.4%), and SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong received 1130 votes and received third place. Kim Hyung Joon from SS501, G-Dragon from Big Bang, and Kim Kyu Jong from SS501 were place after.

Earlier, DCinside had anoter survey with “a female idol member who will succeed most as solo” as a topic and Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation received first place.


logo1I was surfing around Cyworld and saw this post. I think this survey was random, but was happy to see three of our boys mentioned. hahaha. 😀
More translated articles will be coming up. I found an article where our boys were interviewed. it’s a bit long and I didn’t have time to work on it until now. Please look forward for them ^^


~ by jeska on November 18, 2008.

27 Responses to “Big Bang Taeyang, First Place in “Male Idol Who Will Succeed as Solo””

  1. No surprise here! 😉 hehehe

    Wow BB is ranked pretty high

    I totally think each of them can succeed at being a solo artist

    but I still like BB as a group 😀

  2. well CONGRATS to YB then for being voted first.

  3. Congrats to YoungBae! I love his solo album! But I’m kinda surprise that my baby SR got 2nd place although he’s my favorite…Because I thought DS would get 2nd or GD cuz they’re always been more “popular” especially with DS “Look At Me, Gwison”?? Well, I’m just happy that all three of our boys got up there! BigBANG is RULING!

  4. of course yb rocks!!
    lol seungri is probably excited to be ahead of his kwon leadah.

  5. congrats to my dearrrr YOUNG BAE AH~

  6. That picture of baebae is so damn HOT….<3

    Yeah I think he can succeed on his own…and also Baby Ri…and Leadah Bong. hehe.

    Wonder why Dae wasn’t voted. I think he can succeed as a solo artist…no wait he’s better at being a TV personality.

    But I think all of them can have great solo careers…But I love them as a group.

    Hope they disband after a decade. hehehe. =)

  7. I believe that TOP will most deffinately succeed solo. Why he is so underrated I really don´t know.

    But he certainly has all the qualities it takes.

    (But TY will make it of course——–all the Big Bang members will make it)

  8. wow….
    congratz to them~~
    Big Bang Fighting~~~~

  9. Woww! thanx 4 the news Jeska ^^ YB is very talented ^^♥

  10. whoa~ I’m so proud of him!!
    i know they’ll make it!!!

    *hwaiting BB*

    thanks jeska,,
    i’m so looking forward for the next article…lolz

  11. ANYWAY….WOOT YB!!!!!!! my baby is awesomeeee super duper incredible and yes, his solo was so good….i really hopes he comes out with a second solo album!

  12. Wow, I thought GD would be higher.

    Anyways, congrats to TY & BB!

  13. oooooohhhhhhh Go YB and BB! congrats to them
    thanks for translating



  15. We can’t stop Baebae’s hotness! haha! no wonder people are getting jealous of him!

  16. Aww YIPPPEE FOR YoungBae :] I’m DARN proud of him
    & all the other artist.

  17. thats my boyee taeyang!!!!!!!!




  18. im sorry but that picture of my hunny is SOOO F*CKEN HOT!!! WHOOOWEEEE

  19. YEAHH!!
    he would be Best Male Idol too.
    Ahhh Seungri is #2, i didn’t know that
    i thought G-Dragon would be but i’m happy too
    I’m soo proud of Big Bang especially
    TaeYang. He serves this, b/c he didn’t win
    MKMF’s awards.

  20. no duh hes the best and sung ri deserved second im sure hes gonna have a single hit soon both best voices..and dae no one liked giswoon but I really.

  21. God he is so fine!
    He totally deserves first.
    He works so hard with the boi’s..

  22. i dunno why baby rank higher than gdragon…but anyway,bigbang is the one RULING!!!Go,big bang fighting!

  23. OF COURSE HE IS THE ONE because MA BOI can really sing and dance very well + the charisma..aaaahhh! but then i will have more rivals.

  24. Ahhhh…Big congrats to u, TaeYang!
    Ur hardwork is being paid off… =)
    Eventhough u didnt won d MKMF awards but u r alwiz gonna be a
    w-i-n-n-e-r in our heart – in da past, present and of course future as well!!!
    Keep up ur good work and ya gonna achieve even more in da future!!

  25. *deleted Chun Hee’s comment and any other comments that were related to Chun Hee’s comment*
    THIS IS A FANSITE. NOT A PLACE TO CUSS. please try to use clean words.
    and sorry about late action.

    thank you.

  26. Whooops..sorry jeska for using inappropriate words here..
    thnks for d editing..and we will nv use this fansite to cuss anymore.. =)
    More compliments to come on this fansite.. 😀

  27. It would be amazing if he went solo because I’m all about supporting the love of my life LOL my ex knew that too he said he would give me to him if he saw him I love TaeYang so no surprise oppa holding down #1 LOL!!

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