YG Family English & Chinese Global Sites Updated

http://eng.ygfamily.com/main/main.html (English)

http://chn.ygfamily.com/ygf/ygfamily.html (Chinese)

 http://www.YGFAMILY.JP (still underconstruction)

Credits: ygfamily, jess @ ygworld


I like the part where they mentioned Malaysia in “Business in Overseas” part.

“YG Entertainment, as a center of Korean Music, has contributed to the Korean music wave releasing out artists, Se7en and Big Bang throughout Asian Region, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand”

Cheers to that Malaysian Fans. And to all Asian Fans!


~ by Momo on November 18, 2008.

16 Responses to “YG Family English & Chinese Global Sites Updated”

  1. the english site doesnt work for me =\

  2. michelle:

    it works fine for me

  3. it didnt work the first time, but then it worked
    refresh sweety

  4. yeah, just refresh it,,it happened 2 me 2,,…

    I’ve been stalkin’ this english site,,LOL^_^

  5. ahh okay it works now. thanks 🙂

  6. we are YG family who talks professionalism and passion?

    this is their catch phrase? did anyone proof read this? wft?

  7. I’m just glad that the english site is finally working. I understand wanting to spread in asia but cmon over to the US guys!!!! we’ll show you how many VIP’s and fans that YG Entertainment has over here!!!

  8. yeay…
    i was mentioned in d greet…
    well i’m a Malaysian n a huge VIP n also a huge fan of YG…
    I LOVE YG!!!

  9. anybody know whats yg entertainment email??

    I want to email them but the company doesn’t seem to show the email… T_T~

  10. yay! im malaysian too! cheer for malaysia VIPs~

  11. cheers!

  12. cheers ^^ thanx 4 the update Momo

  13. cool~

  14. seriously MALAYSIA?!!
    omg i’m on cloud nine
    but sigh i wont be in malaysia next year also lah wtf
    y not australia? T__T~

  15. cheers! 😉

  16. JEEZ, finally they updated the english site *ehehehehhe. I can finally rep YG Entertainment without my friends asking me to translate lmao*

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