NEW CYWORLD MINI-ME’s!!! | New EDGE Pictures

whoever made these gifs…. i must shake your hands. these are too … no words to explain. gosh.



TOP singing lyrics to Sunset Glow cuz “he thinks he can be cute” xD

my baby jiyongie being so damn cute “BANG BANG!”

SR aka SEXY BOI w/ his panda eyes doing a cute dance


  • some updates:
    YB in an interview sorta confirmed he was gonna head down to the US for this ‘break’ so he did say it!
    JIYONGIE is SICK 😦 apparently he got an eye infection from TOO MUCH SLEEP. i will never understand that. there is no such thing as too much sleep damnit.
    – i said that about TABI earlier cuz ppl were saying SUNSET GLOW was too cute of a song for him, but he said: “that’s true, but I think i could be cute (laughs)”he definitely could ❤
    SR was feeling red-eyed that YB & DAE got their solo shines, so YG gave him a solo, & the outcome was STRONG BABY. yea that’s right lol
    JIYONG was selected as one of the TOP 8 A-LISTERS WHO INFLUENCED 2008. he’s like the youngest of the bunch. that’s so amazing. <3333
  • you will see more of this when we are done w/ translations. ^__^


PS: EDGE PIX under cut —->

^ idk if you noticed, but TOP seems to be on cloud 9 after that kiss… -.-

^ cutie. <33 you better clear your eyes boi. i will send you some saline solution lol or an ice pack

^ YB looking sexy w/ them oversized shades. just don’t wear them in clubs man.


^ i RAWR again.

SOURCE: 머찌구리 @ 네이트톡


~ by gdluvzmc on November 19, 2008.

83 Responses to “NEW CYWORLD MINI-ME’s!!! | New EDGE Pictures”

  1. THE ICONS!! OMG!!
    theyre are all SO FREAKEN CUTE!! AHH!! omg!
    LOL! its SOOO LIKE them!! hahaha
    I ❤ BOSS!! lol omg GD and his guns!!

  2. omg, those things are sweet! and YB fighting! get well soon GD! rofl TOP. Strong Baby is a perfect solo for SR! and GD, awesomeness!

  3. ITS OFFICIAL! theyre headin to the US!! and it seems everyone
    is coming along! YAY!!

    YG making SeungRi sing STRONG BABY.DOUBLE YAY!! haha so cute how
    he was jealous and wanted a solo too that IS SO MAKNAE LIKE!! lol!

    😦 NO WAY GD got sick from TOO MUCH SLEEP!! ahhh T_T its like
    they have to eeextra careful but at least he INFLUENCED THE
    YEAR 2008!! that is so AWESOME!! I totally agree he’s like

    OMG!! TOP!! hahaha you make me crack up…it was hilarious when he said “that’s true, but I think i could be cute (laughs)”

    LOL its just so ironic sometimes

  4. they look so cool!!!


    they all make that cell phone look HOT!!!

    LOL especially YB!!

  6. ***NOSE BLEED***
    all of them are so cool~~~~~~~~~~
    haha… My jiyong~~~~~~
    omg~~~~~~ u are sick???
    poor jiyong~
    sayang jiyong~~~~ Muackx~

  7. ahh! cute icons!
    THANK god i bought the phone
    im so happy wen i use my phone..
    i’ll be like “hmm..they were promoting this!” XD

    get well soon jiyong! though it’s kinda funny cos from too much sleep ><!

  8. TOP’s so cute even if he has kissed Hyori
    The New EDGE seems to be designed for only BB =))

  9. Baebae’s so damn hot…makes me wanna change my phone again…and I just bought it a few months ago…waaaaa….
    Bong leadah I can’t believe you got eye infection from too much sleep..for me you guys are so sleep-deprived.
    Awww…Baby wanted a solo song too. hehe. well his solo song is one of the hottest in the album…love it…^^
    Yep Tabi can be cute. of course. =) No wonder he’s getting all high-like whenever he does Sunset Glow. hehehe.
    I love the GIFs!!! me want Boss and his master! hehehe!
    Yes I think all of them are headed to the US for a break and vakay…not just Baebae. =)

  10. The GIFs are too cute!! Love them all!!
    TOP is always cute to me even no matter what he does, his cuteness just shines through.
    The cell phone pics are HOT..they’re working their style..

  11. Too much sleep——————–what the hell—————-TOO MUCH SLEEP???

    And damn it—you can really see how much taller TOP is from GD!

    (By the way—-are all those lil updates true??)

  12. SeungRi and Dae Sung looking super hot in those ties

    I LOVE all their EXPRESSIONS in the group pic!

    lol Dae Sung is looking mighty sexy with that intense pose
    hahaha SeungRi is looking like a STRONG BABY! lol
    GD is just his flyy self
    here it looks like TOP is tryna act all cute! lol not so much
    a tough and intense stare lol YB is just lookin yummy!

  13. owwmaaa i wanna die now Kwon Leader is sick T_T i want him to make him healthy T_T i hope he’ll be healthy in a short time …kiyamam ben aşkımaaa böhüüüüüüü……..

  14. i already bought all!!!! yehey!!!

  15. the updates were from a recent interview they gave.

    i don’t post things that aren’t factual & say they are.

    there’s some things you just can’t make up…

  16. OMO. these boys can do no wrong. look at those
    pictures. so friggin’ hot. but yes, along with their
    hotness comes those adorable little mini-me’s. i want
    to shake the artist’s hand along with you, gdluvzmc.

    can’t wait for the translations although i got the
    jist of the interview at one of my livejournal comms.

  17. GD isn’t sick…
    cuz in the interview 2 days ago..
    he said he wasn’t sick, he looked sick cuz he slept too much on that day..

  18. Awwwww i love the Mini me’s <3333
    lol~TOP you are always cute for me ^^♥
    Jiyongie ftw!!!!!

  19. … although it doesn’t change the fact that he got an eye infection from SLEEPING TOO MUCH.

    idk i still find that funny. when he does get some sleep, he still has lil issues siighhh.

  20. hahaha i only wonder why they didnt photoshop top enough 🙂

  21. ^ haha. cuz imperfection is sexy.

  22. They are wearing Fila’s shoes instead of NII’s xD yeah agreed choiTOP looks happier or something^^

  23. hey,, i know this question is out of the topic..
    but, can anyone help me what is thank you or thank you very much in korean???
    it is just really urgent…please respond! thank you..

    and by the way,,, i so0 love bigbang!! i almost memorized all their songs even i’m a filipino! and i learned how to rap because of them.. and now, i don’t sing any other songs, but only k-pop especially BIGBANG songs.. hihihi. and another,, my ipod only contain k-pop esp. BIGBANG songs, i deleted all the english and filipino songs.. yeah! !… lol and oh i so0 love my dear Seung ri.. i’ve been a V.I.P. for more than 2 years now… hehehe

  24. @ SR’sFIANCEE:

    thank you in Korean is “Kamsahamnida” to an adult or someone you don’t know, and “Komawo” is to a friend.

    Daesung’s is too cute!!! ^^
    I hope Ji gets better… 😦 but it’s funny how he’s on that Top 8 thingy because he’s had a MAJOR influence on my fashion lately haha
    Thanx Ji!!! ❤

  26. aaawww!!

    those gifs is so adorable~

    so dang HOT pics!!

    i wish our LEADAH will get better soon~
    (i’ll take care of you GD…im a NURSE!!)
    he definitely deserve to be included on TOP 8 A-LISTERS WHO INFLUENCED 2008…coz its JIYONG!!(no more explanations needed)

    wow, YB headin’ the USfoa a break!! good for him!
    SR be STRONG BABY!!! lolz

  27. tabi’s not “could be cute” but he’s cute.
    he’s being cute everytime

  28. @chun hee

    thank you so0 much.. –Kamsahamnida! or better i’ll say komawo! ’cause we already are friends… hehehe.. are you korean???
    i really wanna have a korean friend.. can we be?? hehehehe…

    and wait,, VIPz, please help me translate this korean phrases into english.. ’cause i don’t understand… wanna learn korean language so0 much.. i’m cravin’ for it.. waahh!!!!

    please translate this:
    ottoshimnikka ?..
    Ch’oum poepgetsumnida?,
    A nnyonghi kashipshiyo
    Anyong-haseyo! Yojuum Oh-toe-Shim-nee-ka? Kujoh-Kuray ssum-nee-da.. Manaso ban-gap ssum-nee-da..!
    South Korea eeso-wa-ssum-nee-da..
    e-ear-ee-mun Eun-hae eem-nee-da..! Moo-zuun-eell-ee-sye-yo?

    chway-go-da sogogi..! wahh beef..! bibimba..
    Ko-mahp-ssum-nee-da..! Annyonghee kah-sayo..!
    Dangsinege banhaetsseumnida..
    Urin cheonsaengyeonbuniya..
    chonun chup ssumnida

    thank you my dear VIPz..!!!!

  29. ahahah the Bae & Boss icon is so funny..poor Boss floating in a bubble…cute!!!! aw so he’s heading off the states too…WOOT…im sure he’s going to find was to hang with Shuan and Amiee….they’re all such good friends…

  30. ROFLS
    then we gotta snap TOP out of could 9 ;x
    Taeyang’s shades are so sexy on him ! [:
    Daesung looks mad pissed >_>;; but still ever so hot ❤
    TOO SEXY ❤

  31. ..waah..tabi’s pic is so cute!! gosh!!

    ❤ bong….Get well soon! ❤

  32. OMG!!!! the icons are just super cute!! muahahaha..and Ji Yong got listed as one of the people who influenced 2008!!! wow..i saw the pic of him with other A-listers from Arena Mag..saw it in BB Thailand. i was dying to know what is it this mag said and your tranlation is so damn anticipating to me!! ajja ajja fighting!! woot woot..Ji Yong is an A-lister, too damn young, aye Mister? toot proud of him…=D

  33. all of them look so good! : D
    tabi, hottttt. ❤
    bong with too much sleep, yea i agree – it’s not an excuse ahaha sleep is everyone’s best friend..i suppose? hahaaha

  34. Oh gooossh !!! they look so freakin hot!!!
    tabi’s hair is so awesommee i just luuuv it !

    aww these gifs r soo cuuutee , bae n boss <3<3<3

  35. Ji Yong ah ~
    Get well soon as in very very soon ^^

  36. Hahaha! “^ idk if you noticed, but TOP seems to be on cloud 9 after that kiss… -.-” that was like so funny!

  37. that’s cute Hyori and big bang are fans of each other. I will definitely be saving galore when I get home from work.

  38. The boys be looking made nice as always.
    Haha, TOP is on cloud nine XD
    Who would be?
    Cause I sure as hell would be too after that kiss.

  39. Then gifs are adorable and the pics are too hot
    The reason for GD’s eye infection is too funny, i think it might be because of dirty eyeliner lol

  40. LOL too much sleep ? haha so cute :] but get better soon gd~


  41. aww thats so cute
    Aww GD how he get an infection for “too much sleep” what its that?
    well, get well soon

  42. OHH THE GIFSA ARE TO ADORABLE. I love how Youngbae’s hat-thing lifts up and we see his mohawk. hot and cute!

    but dae’s is tooo cute. love jiyong’s one, i see why gdlovers melt everytime he flashes that smile. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

    As for the phone…must have it. lol.

    *goes to pester parents for moneyyy*

  43. eye infection from too much sleep. LOL! burst out laughing after reading that. oh, the irony!

  44. YB’s and Boss’s icon is too cute. they made baby’s dark circles too dramaticc. lol i love how dae’s is so happy!
    kekee at least bong got some sleep~~

  45. i love those icons!! they’re just….SO CUTE 😀

  46. OOH these pcitures are HOT!
    Eye infection from too much sleep? That sounds weird.
    Get bettter Jiyonggg! The icons are soo cute :]
    & the pictures… *Faint. they’re awesomeeeee =D

  47. OMG. The animations are SO CUTE!!! xD
    And And they’re SO HOT in those picturessss!?!?!? 😀


    How do you get an eye infection from too much sleep? ._.; But damn. >< <3333 Jiyongiieee.

    And damn, the guys are all looking hot in the pictures.


  49. niceeeeee

  50. Wait, Boss? XD
    Tae yang’s dogs name???

    i guess you can get eye infection if you sleep with your contacts on too much. XD maybe he did that, i dunno. XD

  51. ohmy!
    there so cutesy.
    YB and his dog. :D.
    and panda is cutesy too.
    i loove them all. lol.

  52. melly. i think we had miscommunication there. SR didn’t ask YG for it, YG gave him a chance to have a solo song. YG asked “you want to have a solo song too, am i right?” this kind of tone. haha.
    i better finish interview soon-_-

  53. ahh that is so ADORABLE !and wow ,jiyong is really a weirdo LOL poor him >__< oh yeah BTW BONGGGGGG is one of the MOST 8 INFLUENTIAL MEN IN KOREA :OOO lol pictures ? so sexy ! i saw it here.

  54. Ahhh those are Adorable! Taeyang and Boss i was like yayyy boss you’re one famous dog ^-^ I know Jiyong influenced my 2008 and i hope he gets better soon! SR’s solo is awesome XD i freaked when i first heard it.

  55. awww those icons are soo precious!! i see Boss is a star now lol… love that icon the most ^__^
    but im still trying to figure out how the hell you get an eye infection from sleeping too much. that’s a new one to me. if aything, i would’ve thouht he hadn’t had enough sleep, but i guess i’m wrong. well, i hope he gets better.
    those Edge pics are dead sexy. i really love the colors.. especially in TOP’s & YB’s pics. our cute sexy boys have blossomed into so gorgeous sexy fione men. ::drool:: lol

  56. @ SR’SFIANCE:

    Granted, I’m not Korean, but I am very familiar with the language and I take classes in it. Of course we can be friends :]

  57. i am so sorry to trouble you…
    can u pls re upload those pic…pls pls pls pls pls pls
    casue i cant see it, the picz wont show…

    please please help…
    thank you…(T@T)

  58. Omg CUTEE!!
    Ahaha TOP does.
    i like G-Dragon =]]
    Hehe that’s right Seungri, you are
    all grown up. WTH how can you
    have an eye infection just for too much sleep?
    sleep is good and these boys work hard!
    Arghh, well GD get better =]
    i thought all of the BB member are going to US
    in like 2009. Aww JiYong’s is soo cute
    “Bang Bang” hehe him in his water guns.
    [looks like water guns]
    Thank you so much for showing/tellin us
    and thank you for whoever made them

  59. omgg..those gifs are sooo cutee =)
    and i think TOP looks so cute up there…
    and yea..maybe he is on cloud 9 LOL
    omg..and i’m laughing at how everybody has
    like a black/grey phone..and seungri
    has a pink one lol~
    hehe ur too cute


  60. AWWW
    the icons are beyond cute!!

    & the ‘i rawr again’ lol

  61. haha…erm..u actually get eye infection from to much sleep…
    it happen to me before…
    it kind of sucks…

  62. OMG!!! this is crazy!! me and GD has an eye infection..i found out this morning when i woke up..haha..maybe due to too much sleep..kekek..but no way, i didn’t sleep that much.
    anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cyworld mini big bang..
    OMG~~~ YB and BOSS are super cute..i almost died seeing it cause it was just too cute..
    and GD ahhh~ that boy is cute in any form..
    top is always cute..i don’t know what people are saying..when he’s the cute goofy huyng.
    SR..poor boy..he can never get away from the panda eyes..but that’s okay, he’s a strong baby~ yeah~
    DS is so cute..i love his makes me happy seeing it.

  63. love it all 😀
    too much to say with all this cuteness <33

  64. is DS taking the vest look away from SR? xD

  65. lol seung ri is farting love

  66. I am going to rawr with you. that is all.

  67. seung ri is soo cuuteee ;D!<3333

  68. Those gifs are adorable! Hearts coming out of SR’s butt? LOL.
    I thought Sunset Glow was too cute for TOP when I first heard the part from the teaser but he totally pulls off cute. I think he can pull off anything except for that…monstrosity called a hair-do from the ‘With U’ video. -_-

    Eye infection from too much sleep? O.O And here I was, convinced that I would die from sleep deprivation…

  69. hahaha so cute love all the character….i kind like Tabi new hair..spike… Tabi photos when he was small..

  70. LOL THE ICONS are ubber cute& AWESOME!
    dayum all of them lookin finee as always
    why must they look so dam hott in everything x)<3
    LOL my hubby prolly replays tat kiss in his head
    like i do.. rawr T T

  71. Hey the leader of big bang fan site. I am very thnk for u ma favourite singer is Kwon Ji yong you are like too??/why GD is sick ?? i am very worried and Bigbang is really going the U.S.A plz answer me plz i am waiting

  72. OMO! tha picture’s are so haawt! and the icon’s … CUTE!

  73. oh mah god
    awsome men
    i love you gyong :X:X:X:X:X

  74. i luv those icons very cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    the pics of them sooo hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. the icons were cute:)
    their pics were damn HOT!

  76. the icons are soo cute
    ahhh those pics were soo hot!

  77. wow the icons/gifs are so cute and are so big bang lol i love the pics they are hot like usual big bang saranghaeyo

  78. YB and boss are like my dog and I we’re lovey kind of couple. OMG my friends asked me to choose YB if he was mine or my dog. I’m proud to say I choose my dog LOL I love her!!!! That’s scary cause I almost said YB!! Oh but no other man

  79. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow i luv that EDGE phone lol
    also loving the icons and the pics =]]] thnxz!!
    OMG that kiss with TOP and that one chick was super cute!
    XD seungri looks so cute♥♥
    i hope they come to the US =D

  80. they managed to make a bunch of stairs look hot (-_-;;)

  81. I LOVE bae’s and GD’s!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so adorable!!!!!!!!



    haha…seungri w/ his panda eyes… lol

    i wiah to see them soon…:[

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