★Taeyang – On the Front Line of Music Industry This Year, There was ‘Look at Only Me,’ and Taeyang was Shining There.

(picture wasn’t included)

Credit to: GQ, 영배갤, 큰엄마 @ BBVIPZ
Original article:
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Translated by: Jeska @
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*GQ Korea picked Taeyang as the man of the year. CONGRATULATIONS!*

*Warning: this is a pretty long interview so give yourself some time to read! ^^*
Q: Do you like to receive compliments?
-It’s okay. I like to receive criticism too.

Q: You like to receive criticisms?
– I am used to being scolded.

Q: Why would you like it even if you are used to it?
– I think it’s a part of showing interest (to me) in anyway.

Q: I was about to give you compliment that you did very well this year but our conversation is getting twisted.
– Ah, haha. “Thank you.”

Q: How can you describe your year of 2008 in one word?
– Well, out-of-control, maybe?


Q: An idol, especially if someone from idol groups under big management company does something, I don’t think his act (doing) is entirely his: A song that someone made, a dance that someone put a polish on, a first place impression that someone could’ve wrote even. But your performance was different. 
I tried to put my sincerity as much as I can during solo performance. The biggest reason why I sing is to convey my sincerity (to people who give me love).


– Interview continues under the cut.

Q: Sincerity is a hard word; rather, iffy. It includes to do what you wanted to do, to know what you do exactly, and etc. What’s your sincerity?
First of all, it’s music. A thought about doing music in real life that I’ve been wanting to do since I was little was in center (of my mind), and I strived to enjoy every work.

Q: ‘Strived,’ do you mean everything wasn’t fun all the time?
Yes. Compare to my younger days where I used to just like music, I feel music as a work so I get responsibility. So I think I need to strive to have fun. Isn’t it obvious that I need to strive because I am happy when I do music most?

Q: You were able to shine part of it is because of a stage. Stage is a scary place. Fake ones can be found easily and not all of sincerity can be conveyed.
I just want to say this for now; I am at the happiest moment when I am on stage.
Instead of being happy by just standing up on a stage, I feel truly happy when my thought and will make something perfect. I strived to make it perfect.

Q: How did ‘Look at Only Me’ stage start?
I first wanted to express lyrics well. It carries a bad boy image, but when you express it, doesn’t it have some pureness of men that can’t be hidden? In other way, I guess it would be right to say that I expressed to make (myself) not to look like a bad boy on the stage.

Q: All that was calculated; I think I saw this system too negligible.
In any way, I am not a bad guy.

Q: I want an evidence.
I never cheated at least.

Q: How simple is that! Wasn’t your solo activities (promotions) were like a wind? Inside of those, according to your word, ‘out-of-control’ days you spent, I think you would feel like there’s a hole.
Like feeling empty? I feel it a lot. I feel even more since year-end is coming. In this year I gained a lot of popularity through Big Bang promotion, a lot of albums were released, we did a lot of concerts,
but I still feel empty about what I achieved by myself.

Q: Taeyang inside of Big Bang surely don’t look fun compare to solo.
I think that way too. When I do solo activity, the fact that there isn’t the time to prepare to promise ‘next’ makes me feel empty.

Q: That was summer then, and it’s winter now. What has changed?
The fact that I have my own song changed. I like how people who didn’t know me while I was active as Big Bang recognize me (now) and say ‘he sings this kind of song, he the one who can dance like that.’

Q: Did the meaning of ‘Big Bang’ change? Like ‘I want to finish Big Bang activity and do solo activity.’ I know you will say no, but I am asking anyways.
Haha, I don’t have that kind of thought. In anyway, because I think Big Bang activity led solo activity, I think there will be another good chance as I work hard during Big Bang activity in future.

Q: A chance doesn’t always wait for you only. First of all you are really busy.
That’s right, I am busy. I think I bump into the limit every time. Limit of tiredness, limit of hunger, I am saying being busy make you bump into a lot of limitation.

Q: I heard you were the only one who didn’t collapse?
I am healthy. I thank myself for exercising hard frequently.

Q: I can think of you when I hear ‘only member who didn’t collapse:’ He must be healthy, not drink, go to church every week, and not that funny.
No, I am funny. People laugh when I talk about something serious. For me, it’s something I wonder.

Q: A boy image is dominant (over your whole image). I can’t think of Taeyang who would be lazy, sly, or corrupt. What do you think about future?
I am worry about that too; people always see me as same image: straightforward, constant, changeless. But I won’t always be like that.

Q: Do you see any signs for it?
I think no one will know as a year or two passes by. Noonas or fans say I will marry with my first love no matter what…

Q: That suits you.
But I don’t have enough confidence. I really hate how that image is stuck (with me).

Q: You are at the age of being able to do what adults do. What kind of thoughts does it give it to ‘boy’ Taeyang?
It gives me a lot of temptation.

Q: A word ‘temptation’ feels like an enlivened word.
I think I won’t be able to control soon. Now those temptation really…

Q: Isn’t it fun to fall into temptation?
One day I got swept away by atmosphere and as I drank one shot and another, I felt like I was getting drunk. I was hearing people talking like a tape was stretched and I was getting hyper. I realized ‘this is why people like to drink,’ and started to worry after what happened.

Q: You worried because of how you felt when you drank? You have a long way to go.
Maybe it’s because I started with something really strong. I drank the one where you drink with straw after you put a fire.

Q: ‘Taeyang drinks an alcohol with fire on it;’ that sounds like a ‘concept’. So what happened in the end?
I just felt being drunk and ended.

Q: So you ended up going back to a boy in the end. I want to give my vote for you getting married with first love.
No, I don’t think that would happen.
I have an idea that my first love can’t be everything.

Q: Then who would want to be your first love?
Haha. Like how I try to lead to the good side on the stage, I think relationship will be poor first, but it will be organized certainly as it gets better.

Q: Is there another side of you that people don’t know of?
I am not that as honest as how people think. Of course I try to (be honest) but not as much as how they think.

Q: Do you like yourself?
I, myself…yes. But, I don’t like myself that much either. I try to put myself strict a bit.

Q: What kind of 20s do you want to live in?
I want to be someone proud who can stand up on a global stage. I want to be approved. I want to be approved more in musical talent, singing, or on stage.

Q: Wouldn’t that happen if you think that way?
I’ve been doing it since I was little. Maybe not in YG, but I never thought about not becoming a singer.

Q: Do you have time to be absent-minded?
I am gone once I think about one thing deeply , I usually end before that. I tend to think all the day (once I do it.)

Q: What’s on the end? the universe?
I end up falling into nonsense thoughts, but there’s no special meaning to it in the end. I think it’s important to be absent-minded first. There might not be anything left, anyhow I gain a result through that process.

Q: This world is in a mess to record celebrities. A lot of medias are capturing you without you knowing it. How do you record your everyday life?
I pray. Even if I exclude religious meaning, I pray about how I spent the day and what I did wrong…

Q: What was your worst thing you did in 2008?
I have so many.

Q: Good things you did fill twelve baskets, (it means he has done a lot of good things) (so) I think you can say it without any obligation.
Word is a problem. I hurt people around me with words I didn’t intend to say.

Q: People see only parts of what you showed, instead their want will increase. They will want something more than what you showed this year, and that’s a fair hope. What are you going to do?
If it goes by a plan, I am going to do a solo activity (promotion) again next year. I am working on an art piece now (or I have been drawing (painting) an art piece). I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Q: I think it will be better after you experience more temptation.
Haha. “Nae.”


~ by jeska on November 21, 2008.

72 Responses to “★Taeyang – On the Front Line of Music Industry This Year, There was ‘Look at Only Me,’ and Taeyang was Shining There.”

  1. thanks for the trans.

    haha Tae Yang drunk….I want to see it =P

  2. lol
    his interview is adorable~!!!

  3. Lol Tae Yang is so innocent, I cant take it! lol
    I LOVE IT!
    Q: Isn’t it fun to fall into temptation?
    – One day I got swept away by atmosphere and as I drank one shot and another, I felt like I was getting drunk. I was hearing people talking like a tape was stretched and I was getting hyper. I realized ‘this is why people like to drink,’ and started to worry after what happened.

    hahahaha I loe him even more! but with the whole not so honest
    and sometimes saying words he doesnt mean didnt really expect
    that lol but its totally acceptable

    so our YB is doing some art huh? lol painting 😀 so cool!

    YB is such a sweet guy. Im glad he is more than what others
    assume he is

    Tae Yang saranghaeyo!!

  4. by the way, LOVE the choice of picture

    thats the one I constantly stare at

    in my HOT album lolhhehe ^_^ [so hottt!!]

  5. awww, i wanna c him drunk! He must be soo funny!

    tae is such a innocent guy, i luuv it ❤
    but im bit confused he said he is not that honest people think =D
    maybe he will transform into a bad boy one day ahaha =D

    Aww, let me be ur first love, YB !!! Sarangehaeyo !!!!!!!

  6. Baebae! I love the picture…so happy for him to be chosen by GQ as man of the year…^^

    That interview was long but it was worth reading all of it through…I love how he wanted to deviate from his public image as a serious and straightfoward person. =) He really didn’t want to be like that. After reading all his answers I felt he’s still searching for his true self…he still wasn’t satisfied by what he did…he’s serious at the same time innocent..=)
    Yep he’s the only Big Bang member who hasn’t collapsed yet, Dae’s body gave in during his musicals. Hope he keeps his clean record. ^^
    I love how he is being realistic too…
    I just love this interview to death…it shows a different side of baebae that we do not see as much.
    I think he’s a fun person. and hot. 😀

    I just love him, my dear baebae. =)

    Can I apply for being your last love? hihihi!

  7. eh..i felt like the person interviewing him was trying to make fun of him ,or twist his words around.. 0.o or is it just the way i was reading it ? lol well YB is so true,and his answers were so serious ? it made me laugh xD

  8. my BEBE drunk a “BLOWJOB”!! < yes! there is such a drink/shooter! kkk!

  9. Oh wow he is so open about everything. =P
    I think it’s awesome how he can be so open without reppercussions.
    But, I can’t wait for his next solo album.
    And I hope the boi’s come back and do something in the US, more then just learning. I know they will get alot of love here. =)

    Can’t wait!!!

  10. A good interview———I like TY.

  11. bae sounded so serious..i think he’s still searching for his identity..i think it would be good for him to like fall into temptation once or experience something different..then perhaps we can see change in him..apparently he doesn’t want to stick with that innocent boy image

  12. @kohjidmal, i feel the same way too. the questions are tough and sounds tense but YB still able to answer it…he’s smart ^^

  13. awwww yong bae is so cute. although i am a hardcore GD and TOP lover (i love these rappers, they get me so hot) — YB is sexy in a way where you really wanna steal his innocence cos he is just too cute for words. the way he talks about temptation — he is the one who tempts us noonas to stop being a good boy


  15. CONGRATS to my baby!!!! WOOTTTT me so happy he was chosen…wow waking up to that beautiful picture in the morning made my day!!

    i have to say YB was VERY HONEST in his interview…some of his answer made me think “why would he say that?” but then i realized, he’s not the type of person to make himself look good through interviews and politically correct answers…he admitted he hurts people with his words, admitted he gets drunk, admitted he doesnt like the image he’s stuck with etc..and i commend him for that…he’s definately a gem…..this interview doesn’t show his “sweet” side but mostly shows his true feelings being in BB and a solo artist….


  16. i love tae yang no matter what…
    YB does art?? i didnt know that..really looking forward to it!!!
    he sounds really inoocent and like how people tought he is. but i think that there is more than what he showed through his answers…
    go yb!!!

  17. sweetsorrow


  18. lol. he draws? that’s pretty hot! haha. man, his answers made me smile 🙂 so innocent. aigoo. XD

  19. reading this really gives me a different perspective of taeyang and im pleasantly surprise. he is indeed a deep thinker and we can all feel that he has alot of worries on his mind. the future is so unsure and i think his transformation will be one of the most anticipated for me. regardless, i love his honesty, it’s im sure hard to admit you’re not as honest as people think. alot of things many people would not say, he did. i give props to him. (plus…the picture is so hot)

  20. Bae is completely and utterly ADORABLE!!! But I can’t believe our go-to-church-everyday boy got druck…LOL
    Is it me or this interview sounds much more pro and better than any other interview I’ve read. The interviewer really paid attention to Bae’s answers and build up his questions from Bae’s answers

  21. omg i lovE YB soooo much hes my perfect person.lol…i cant belive he drank he is human..lol

  22. awww i know what drink hes talking about. that was my first shot too lmao! hes adorableee<3

  23. aiyoo youngbaebae is soo cute and adorable.
    i swearr there are not many guys like him these days.
    soo sincere and honest yet have a strong passion in what they like to do.
    hes amazing and his answers just blow me away. =D
    haha i ❤ his innocence, its like mine ^^.

  24. aww Dong Young Bae, such a cutie pie.
    I wonder who will be is first love…I pray u will fine your true love as u have dreamed about ^^

  25. awhh, his interview was so cute.
    thank yuu so much for the translation.
    HAHA, temptation, so freakin’ adorable.

  26. @Misa
    I think that way too. Such a good interviewer,probably a professional & interview for standard issues / peoples on such level of topic. Well I don’t noe what I’m saying here…ignore me!LOL

    yeah go Young Bae! we all love ya! really looking forward to ur next project! fighting!

  27. haha he’s such a sweet guy ^^
    i’m totally showing my friend this, she’s a taeyang lover
    not that i’m not, but she loves him more (:
    i think i’ll stick to gd ❤

  28. i think a bad boy image will look good for him. Cant wait till his new album, if its anything like his last album, its gonna be freaking amazing!!
    Young bar hwaiting!

  29. THAT’S MY BOYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. P.S.

    i think alot got lost in translation…

    p.s.s. when he said “exlcluding religious meaning” does he mean he is not religious??

  31. awwww my yb draws/paints?? that’s so nice! we have something eles in common now lol ^^. but i really loved this interiew. i was laughing at some of the remarks the interviewer was making at YB. but i really appreciate how YB’s answers aren’t generic. he was just being real and admitting that basically he is human and that he messes up sometimes. he doesnt have this perfect image that we all like to paint for ourselves. but the great thing is that he pulls himself back together into his right mind.

    but dammit, i want to see him drunk too lol. not dangerously drunk, but i want to see how loose he can become.. at least a safe level of it ^^

    hope he does come out with another album next year.. or just later period.

  32. @gilberto: no he’s still religious. he meant he prays about not only religiously but also pray about his daily things as well.

    and YES HE DRAWS/PAINTS! i got so excited because i major in art so i thought maybe i could teach him a bit if i see him lol.
    well. i think he does it for fun. that’s good.

    and like some others mentioned, i think this interview was a good interview to show who he is as ‘dong young bae’ meaning more about himself rather than taeyang from big bang. i am glad that some questions were direct. there were some parts that i didn’t understand why she changed the subject to something else, but overall the interview was great.

  33. its definitely a end to a good year for the boys!

  34. YB is always so intelligent and honest in his interviews, he never gives half-a$$ed answers that ppl expect from idol stars…
    Ahhh I’m so proud of him <333

    Congratulations YB and GD for making Men of 2008!!!

  35. YB never fails to impress me!!!!! i think the person giving the interview was a bit “iffy” she totally tried to corner him with straightforward questions. and i love how bae jux totally responded with his sincere answers.

    thanks for sharing! YoungBae fighting! ajaa~

  36. Aww cute interview :]
    Congratss YOUNGBAE (: ILY<3

  37. this gives me such inexpressible joy to read.

    CONGRATULATIONS BAEBAE. you sexy beast…way to go.

    aww, i cant way to see him develop to even greater heights in the upcoming years.

    VIPs right behind ya baby. ^_^


  38. God this interview nearly made me cry. =_=; Like actually. Young Bae draws/paints?


  39. would like to see him drunk ;]

  40. lol, ‘im not as honest as you think. i try to (be honest) but im not as much as you think’. ^_^

  41. He’s not as honest as we think.
    I think that’s pretty interesting.

    He has fulfilled my dream.

  42. lol….I think i’m gonna vote for him getting married with his firts love also…lol…he is so cute…I wonder how he looks like when he drunk….anyway…congratulation our TY…^^….

  43. wow its like TYC all over again…waves to Ethrapt, Latiana, Reishiya….is that place EVER opening again!?!?!?!

    ps. i agree the interviewer was trying to be all tricky but Bae is too smart for her lolz..he prolly just smiled and answer, pissing her off….

  44. LOL, drunk YangYang? xDDDDD! I’d love to see that. x3.
    And I could really see him being sly and corrupt and bad ass and all that. >D. xD;

  45. i want to see a drunk YB xD haha
    i cant imagine it so i have to see it ^^

  46. hahah i would loveeeeee to see taeyang drunk!

  47. OMG this was such a cute interview!!! awwwwww!! he is too adorable.I just wanna squeeze his cheeks lol. I can’t imagine him drunk lol i don’t know why.W-O-W tempttion?? my bae doesn’t need any lol. *sighs* first love…. i just wanna meet hi, after reading this interviewlol

  48. Tae Yang is sooooo sweet and innocent!
    The interview was soo cute, lool him n temptation!
    OMG tae yang DRUNK! i wanna see that!
    I wish i could meet him!
    I love how he said: ” I pray. Even if I exclude religious meaning, I pray about how I spent the day and what I did wrong…” and “I hurt people around me with words I didn’t intend to say.”
    that’s sad, he didn’t mean to hurt people!


  49. temptations…?
    huh? and he drinks. whoa didn’t know that.
    He does look innocent! what did he do wrong this year?
    he did a lot of good things. And how does he hurt
    people with his words? he’s been saying good things
    especially about his hyungs. Gosher TaeYang…
    smile. I’m glad that he didn’t faint though & is healthy

  50. is “nae” a korean word?

  51. he is a great human.

  52. wow YB O.O!!! i like this interview ^^’ so…Temptation? xD

  53. @vannie: yes. “nae” is a korean. mostly used for “yes” or “i understand”

  54. omg, tae yang! he is a man now!!! MAN~~ boy, u grow up alot…
    he knows temptation, limitation….. he drunk?! omg, this is temptation!!! oppss… jk…jk….
    boy, u did so well this year, and im looking forward another “out of control”, more and more in 2009..
    don feel empty.. VIPs always by ur side.
    supporting and hwaiting.
    and i feel tae yang and also the other BB members have a lot of image, not only boyeee.. and yea, they always give me a lot of surprises. it’s awesome and great..
    i feel so touched with what they achieved! and they’re going to do more awesome next year.. solo or BB promotion also fine! they will be good on global stage. they’re doing their job and dream…

    LOVE BB! support support!!

  55. Young Bae ah,even your imperfections are perfect to me.


    he get drunk once??
    i wanna see him drunk!! omoo
    it must be really funny LOL

    reading the interview jst make me love him more and moree

  57. lmfao, taeyang drunk ?
    idk, that was kinda a weird interview ?
    taeyang seemed like he was just trying to show that he can be just as bad as everyone else in the music world…
    i`ll miss his innocence D:

  58. ^ He’s trying to show that we shouldn’t have false views on him if we’re going to be his fans. He’d rather we know that he’s as human as everyone else and still like him for that and the music he expresses.

  59. ah tae yang my baby he’s so.. him.
    i don’t think he ever tries to be anyone else.
    and he is funny without trying!

    he’s perfectt 😉

  60. wow thanks for translating jeska – that mustve taken a while
    a rather serious interview, but i liked it. taeyang trying to dispel these commonly held beliefs about him, about his innocence and whatnot. seems like he puts a lot of pressure on himself, hope he can lighten up
    taeyang, love him even more!! come to the US pronto

  61. Woahh, taeyang’s trying to be a bad boy. ;D

  62. MA BOI is really not that innocent and honest..hahaha! but now i know that he is really straightforward he answers the questions without hesitation. and he drinks!!! yehey! hahahaha!
    ma boi is talking too much about first love…i really wonder if he already has a girlfriend. i’ve been hearing this rumor since 2 months ago. hope he doesn’t have.
    ahhh! MA BOI is really cute

  63. I luv tae yang!! wooww MAN OF THE YEAR!!! soo awesome!! congrats cutie!!! ^ ^

  64. Man of the Year ! Awesome ! He seems like me lol not being too innocent and honest but i try to and his interview is so serious
    Tae Yang Sarabghaeyo



  66. Young Bae needs a good girl with a wild side like me LOL I can keep wholesome and let the bat out of the cave too. I’m most like DaeSung personality though free spiritesd with a smile. Oppa just needs the right girl hopefully it’s me he needs to break out his shell though.

  67. @ top&yb’s girl: it’s just a rumor…….so yeah….i don’t think we should care about it until it’s official… lol. yeah. and besides, it’s his private life. i think we should support yb and other boys no matter what.

  68. TaeYang is perfect to me (^^)

    I love him everyday more!!!

  69. Will there be a photoshoot for this GQ Issue?

  70. hey! what is taeyang? like what religion does he follow? since he prays and go to church.. christian? or what kinda religion?

  71. wow taeyang you’r so cute ^^.. love you…

  72. oon niin suuri fani ett toista ei ole… kuuntelen niin paljon haru haru, ett muistan videon jo ulkoa ja sanat vaikka olen suomalainen… =) aivan uskomattoman spj artisteja…

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