11.21.08 Big Bang Shooting new Baskin Robbins CF

These videos are must watch no matter what…. Baby’s butt….Bong chewing….. Tabi being a dork… Bae being all jumpy… Dae’s thighs being touched… it has it all.

This is what Bong and Wolly was talking about when Baby was in the bathroom:

Baby was suppose to sit in the middle where Bong is for the commercial
and Baby was so excited to know that since that’s the first time he get to be in the middle
but for some reason the crew change the seat so he have to stand in the back, so Baby was all disappointed.
So when Bong told Wolly about it, he suggest Wolly cheer Baby up by asking Baby about his new solo, and also Tabi gave up his seat for Baby and look how happy he is

I’m so happy to see that, the hyung caring for the maknae
making him happy. AWWWWWWWWW… they’re like a family.

11.21.08 MBC Section TV
Shooting of Baskin Robbins CF
186 MB

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Thanks to S님

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Big Bang is doing another commercial for Baskin Robbin, and since it’s winter time, ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WonderGirls was endorsing it last year during christmas and I was thinking it’ll be so cute for the boys to do one too, and this year they did!!! WHOO HOO~ They were just being dorks throughout the whole thing, I think I’m gonna die when this CF release. The setting is amazingly beautiful, then I see Tabi try to attempt a Spider Man stunt keke they were chasing stuff all around the room………..yet we don’t know what and why haha but Bong’s face with the teeth AHHHHHHH~ I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH BONG AH~ Then I see Tabi ‘touching’ Dae… Then he even abuse his hyung power to bully the dongsengs

Baby was AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!! Like there’s no FREAKING WORDS to describe how cute he is. Wearing that knitted sweater chasing stuff around in the air with that face of his, then he got tired and lay on the couch awww … When I see his butt view………….I lost it… I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS ANYMORE….. I feel so perverted when i keep pausing the video and stared at it kekekeke First time ever Tabi talk most of the interview…and he was being a dork too kekek ice cream cake bring out the kid in him hahaha

11.21.08 Mnet WideNews
Shooting of Baskin Robbins CF
132 MB

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Thanks to S님

Thanks to S님

It’s Wolly again!!! oh em gee… is it just me or Wolly resemble Tabi now??? WHAT? While Tabi and Dae was talking to Wolly, Baby sitting on the side singing.. awww.. I notice that voice anywhere, it’s so sweet and gentle. Then they showed the boys’ manager taking a spoon out of the ice cream haha he’s camera shy, so this is the manager hyung these boys were talking about who eat all of their food kekekekek I laughed so freaking hard when I saw Bae while he was shooting the CF, the whole ‘jumpy surprise’ thing is just toooo dang hilarious okay kekeke Everytime Baby notice the camera is on him, he just HAVE to do the peace sign kekeke and then took a picture with his ‘camera’ kekke such a dork!~~~

They were sitting and chilling in the dressing room, Bae showed us Tabi’s food, and I’m not surprise that that thing is filled with fruits, who doesn’t know our Tabi love fruits to death? Then Bong knawling on a mini pizza kekekke so cute, the way he chew. Then he did that imitation again with his nose puffing kekeke………..then he go and touch Dae’s thigh T_________T Whlie Baby was in the bathroom, Bong is saying something embarassing about Baby behind his back and crack Wolly up… aigoo~ you touch Dae.. you talk about Baby… Bong ah~ Baby will leave you one day and don’t come crying to me. you gotta keep the GRi love going strong man~

They talk about Baby’s solo in the new album and he even sing a bit from the song…. OH SO SEXXAY… ah~ They were positioning their seats and our Tabi gave up the middle front seat for Baby..awwwwwwwwww… how sweet, Baby sat down and did that thing with his nose and mouth again, kekeke I have no idea how many I’ve seen him do that kaaka but yet it’s so freaking cute!!! Baby was being a dork and having fun with his ‘camera’ and Wolly joined in too hahaha IT’S REALLY HARD TO FIND SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTAND BABY LIKE THAT kakekkke trust me, Tabi introduced himself…and after the ‘merry christmas’ they make this BEEEEEEPPP sound like he cuss or something hahahah Bae and his habit of always saying a ending line in the beginning of every interview kekekekeke crack eveyone up hahaha

~ by Vicky on November 21, 2008.

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  1. O.M.G ..

    Big Bang truly are “unlimited, rainbow, heart, happiness, and entertainment weekly [actually daily]” … i have sOOO much LOVE ryt now,,im confused again..haha^_^

    baby’s butt is d BEST!!! [never thought i would b interested in butts”..haha^_^

    speechless AGIAN… 🙂

  2. OMG!!
    I..I died!
    so adorkable…my man spankin Dae and kickin Bae(OMG!it rhymes)
    could they look cuter than this?!

    that icecream commercial is looove!
    their faces…I’m sure little kids are jealous..THEY SHOULD BE!
    My man’s been killin me with his cuteness..I don’t know I shouldn’t be surprised I mean is Tabi my fruit eating freak ;P

    poor Tabi got the beeping sound….his face was just adorable!!!

  3. Ohmygosh, these videos were speechless :]
    I loved them so much *GASSSPPPPP, if you
    were next to me right now, you’d think I was
    on crack. LOLLLLLL! But yeah, I LOVEDDD IT!
    I gotta point out the part when they all looked
    SURPRISED for the Commercial. That part is HILARIOUS =D

  4. i am SO pervy ^^’

    did u see that?! oh my gah. and that necklace, so cool…

    i saw this on youtube when i was looking thru my subscriptions ^^
    haha, dae was just sitting eating his orange in the first like, two minutes XDD i like oranges…

    my gad, i need to get those scarves, dont u, vi? i know u do, ur two hubbies are wearing them lmao.

  5. omg they are so freaking cute!!!!
    hahaha..chasing around like little kids..
    baby…please don’t kill nuna out there anymore
    he was just too cute..yup no words can describe how cute he is!
    bong..i love you too..and your teeth xDD
    tabi is being such a dork! and he sounded so excited when he talked about the ice cream cake..haha..hope BR gives them some to bring back to eat kekeke

    hahahaa…the whole surprise jumping of bae was so cute!!
    it cracked me up so badly gurl T____T
    what was they talking about baby? 4 of them were like sitting over there and laughed while wolly interviewed baby
    ahahaaa…i love wolly man..and this is like the 1st time i saw his face so clearly..he looked kinda good xDD
    bong touching dae’s thigh T____T i was very perverted at that moment..staring at dae’s thigh and was like OMG..i wanna touch it too xD don’t tell me u didn’t xDD
    wolly and baby playing with the camera..thats so freaking funny!!

  6. Ah, they are soo cute!!
    i want them for christmas =]]]
    but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…
    but still i’m happy Christmas is coming

    I am like so EXCITED for their CFS!!! AHH!! I love Christmas!!

    ahhh!! GDYB and that ball…TOO CUTE!! hahaha Dae Sung is so comedic!

    LMAO TOP is freaken CRAZY! he like massively grabbed on DS and
    was like beating up Tae Yang..hahaha but it was sooo CUTE!!! 😀

    Hahaha SeungRi laying on the couch AAHH!! his position was so
    cute!! eeeek!! and yes….oh, yes….his *bottom* 😀 lol LOVE IT!!!!!

    LOL who was that DaeSung look-alike?? haha random!

    aaahhh~~ when TOP said “icecream cake” hehehe ^_^ & YB’s oh
    so sexy voice..ahhh, heaven!!

    loved the 1st vid!

  8. Tabi wants the ice cream!!! Give him ice cream cake darn it! haha!
    That’s how he looked like in the interview at the 1st vid….hihi…

    Tabi how dare you kick baebae?just because your the big hyung…huhuhu…and touching dae too…hehe..

    I think Bong just bleached his pearly whites…they are so bright…

    lil sis in law I got that feeling that when you saw that butt view…hahaha….you wanna tie him up now do you??? =)

    Baebae always had that good voice…waaaa….

    now on to the 2nd vid!

  9. LMAO second vid is HILARIOUS!!

    lol I love the way DaeSung eats ❤ ^___^ ahhh~~

    YB & GD’s “WHOA!” expressions were just so funny! hahaha especial TaeYang!!
    SR is such a dork taking a picture with his fake camera! LOL!
    so cute when he just poses!

    OMG When DaeSung was talking to TOP then he did that peace sign with that eyebrow..ahhh!! lol so cute!

    Where was SeungRi sneaking out to?? hmmm? lolol!

    I wonder what SeungRi and Wally were talking about, before his solo??
    the hyungs seem to be laughing at him again.. lol

    AAHHHH SeungRi was soo good singing his SOLO..I LOVED IT!! so sexy! ahhhh~~~~~ loved his voice!!

    LOL SeungRi’s nose & mouth mannerism is so funny, hahaha!LOL!
    LMAO such a dork taking pictures again with his camera LOL
    taking one of Wally and givin him a High5 LOL crazy guy i swear!

    LOVED the WAY TOP said merry christmas!! ahhh!! so hot with his
    cuteness~~~^__^ why did they bleep him out? lol his expression
    after that was super funny! lol

    LOL then TaeYang like cracking up hahaha so cute!

    LOVED the vid!!

  10. Tabi’s all dorky again..and so are the rest! haha! Dae was touched by Bong, by Baebae…and he doesn’t mind… he looks like he likes to be touched…>.< hehehe.
    Waaa Baby sang a part of his solo! awww! Then again no one cheered after it…waaa poor baby…we love your solo anyway!
    Hihihi..Baebae’s getting all dorky too..must be from the ice cream they are all getting. hehehe.
    Awww Bong looked cute while eating that pizza. hehe.
    I wanna see the subs of these! Hope these get subbed soon.
    Thanks lil sis in law for the vids! I so needed a dose of Big Bang lately. hehe.

  11. hehehe ^_^


    I’ll die happy though~~ 😀
    Baby was so cute with his cardboard camera!? xD
    And JiYongie was so adorkable when he was eating his pizza! xD

  13. Ya know, baby keeps acting completely adorable like this and the camera just zooms in on his cute little butt. Then he plays around with the fake camera. he wonders why we all squee at him. Then he sings part of Strong Baby and its just…my god.
    TOP ice cream really does him no good. lol he tries to act all big and bad. Yet time and time again the camera catches him acting like a little kid no matter how much he doesnt want to admit it. That spiderman thing just completely me up soo badly cause it was just so random and hes like, imma sneakin aroun, climzin the wallz.
    Dae was just hanging out on Youngbae’s lap. It panned over to TOP. I think he was jaelous that it was Youngbae and not him XD or maybe my fangirl imagination was just running rampid because of the cuteness. Dae stop makin TOP jealous lol
    Youngbae, I freaking love you and jiyong hopping around like idiots. I swear seeing him so loose and carefree really makes me happy. hehehe you need to stay away from Dae lol. TOP beating him up a little in the commercial when there all running around. And his laugh when TOP said merry christmas. OMG squeetastic!
    last but certainly never least, my Bongie. Ok i melted into the floor with that damn smile. like seriously, puddle of goo. His expression when they were chasing the things around the set was just way too… Gah how can someone be sexy and freaking adorable all at the same time? and then eatin the pizza. too freaking cute. he needs to stop cause Bongie, your gonna kill me.
    They are all such dorks and yet i love them sooo much lol

  14. @rosiebb

    lmao i love you for putting that up XD

  15. for the mnet wide news one

    SR wasn’t in a good mood .
    and GD was teasing SR hehe.
    when SR went to the bath room, GD explained that SR was in a bad mood because SR got to sit in the front, in the middle of the two hyungs for the first time ever, and so he was very happy.
    however the director thought that his acting wasn’t very good, so he put SR at the back with DS, so SR was very sad.
    and then yeah. GD told Wolly to make SR feel better by asking SR about Kwang Ju (SR’s hometown) and his solo and blah blah.
    then after SR sang his Strong Baby solo abit, GD teased SR again by saying “you should keep on practicing on your singing skill again”, which made SR speechless.
    and then in the end all the hyungs felt bad so they tried to make SR feel better by telling him to sit on the front in the middle of TY and GD. this is why SR started to smile so much more in the end LOL.
    awww, GD stop teasing your little maknae~

  16. daamn~
    love their dorky side!
    so cute
    please please please vicky..
    tell us if it’s already sub
    i wanna download it so bad~

  17. ..im just going to say WOW ,,LOL xD ,if i explained how much i loved this it would be soo long ,take me HOURS,and it would probably get cut off xD LOL.oh and that nose mouth thing that baby does i do the same thing whenever i have a stuffing nose xD god this was so cute ,i need to make some gifs of these! xD

  18. awww that was too cute.
    i loved that surprised look they gave.
    i wonder what Top said at the end to where they had to beep so long… hmmm
    lol Gd is wrong for picking on SR like that though lol. He’s so mean.. I LOVE IT!! hehehe
    Can’t wait for the CF to come out.. im guessing it will be out by tomorrow maybe.. or in the next 2-3 days. that’s what usually happens

  19. haha..true..kohjidmal, i do that too when i have a flu..i guess it’s just human nature..that just shows they are natural despite being in fron of the camera

  20. omggggg the last video i was LMAO! xD! my dad is gonna think that i’m crazy xD! this is MUST WATCH <33333 i can’t wait for the CF ^^

  21. Vi
    Just when I said it earlier u post this?
    Kekeke… Tabi with his endless love for fruits & sweets. Hahaha
    Look at his food. All fruits, only a lil of whipped cream maybe? Hahaha

    I’m curious about things that tabi said after that merry Christmas. Why they cencored it???

    Kekeke spiderman stunt. Hahaa… LOL
    Oh ToDae… at the butt.. no… do it in a room. Kakaka

    Vi, don’t just look at the back aka butt. U need to look at the front too. Hahaha

  22. I know this is mean… but I cant stand why seungri has to be so anti social…

  23. aawwwww what ncly said about SeungRi

    now I feel even more bad for him when the hyungs were laughing
    at him while he was talking to Wally. lolol

    no wonder it felt like something was wrong with SeungRi
    he wasnt talking much lol
    but at least in the end he cheered up cus he got what he
    wanted LOL again, that is soo maknae-like lol hahaha

    so cuute! gotta love him!! <333

  24. non

    its okay..it does look like his anti social but he’s really not,,according 2 ncly hes just being sad cuz he was place @ d back during their CF cuz he wasnt good enough @ d front..I would guess ur a new fan? or a visitor? bcuz Seungri is 1 of d most social in d group, except when he once just stare @ d group while theyre making gags,,haha…but yeah hes not anti social..n’ GD always tease him…hahaGRI<3 …there r really times when even each member doesnt seem 2 blong in d group when theyre doing interview bcuz theyre 2 quiet or theyre not playin’ w/ others but i dont think theyre bein’ anti social,,thats just how they r 2 each other..theyre FAMILY!!! though i agree that sometimes i felt like SR is left out, or he just have his own world..[which actually he does have his own world sometimes in a cute way]haha^_^

  25. non

    n’ 1 more thing: if ur wonderin’ y he left when wally is callin’ him, is bcuz he has 2 go 2 d bathroom,,n’ when he left, GD told Wally why SR is sad..n’ again hes not bein’ anti social..HWAITING baby maknae^_^!!!

  26. I can’t wait to see the commercial.

  27. omg… they are so cute!! i cant wait for the CF…

  28. Damn this is soooo cute!!! >__<
    I love how Daesung eats lol its so adorable!
    and Seungri being cute as always~ ❤
    The end was hilarious with TOP saying “Merry Christmas” and then it went BEEEEEP xD haha i was laughing like crazy!
    This would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect if it had subs!~ ;]

  29. aw
    TOP looked so adorable hitting everyones butts >.<
    i LOVELOVELOVED baby and bongs sweaters!
    i thought the set looked like someones actual house during xmas! lol

  30. Vi
    i was watching these vids over at Lily’s LJ post and i just
    kept thinking about you after seeing everything Baby was
    doing. so i was just waiting for you to post your ‘essay’
    commentary. sure enough, here it is. Bong eating the pizza
    looking thing made me crave pizza too and let’s just say that’s
    what i had for lunch. xD

    can’t wait to see the complete CF. the boys were running
    around being goofy during that one scene, so i can only
    assume that we’ll be giggling as we watch it. hehe.

  31. haha dae sitting on bae’s lap, and jiyongie and bae touching dae’s legs thats just…… LOL. Is that really their manager i swear from the last baskin and robbins cf he looked much older. He looks well young thats weird. Cann someone please sub these!! i really wanna know what they were saying about seungi and bae

  32. cute cute cute. love GD’s imitation. so cute. SR singing is ❤
    they are all so cute!

  33. did anyone notice how big all of their dark circles are =/ Hope they get a good rest when they go to america

  34. J-G-RILEEN

    hhaa you sound like a TV show
    which is very true kekke

    Baby’s butt is soo freaking addicting to look at
    I’m not even kidding with you hahaha

  35. Sexica

    haha spanking Dae
    more like touch it and won’t let go kekekekek
    how perverted hahah

    idk WHAT he say that they BEEEP it out
    make it look like he was cussing or something

  36. Sexica

    haha spanking Dae
    more like touch it and won’t let go kekekekek
    how perverted hahah

    idk WHAT he say that they BEEEP it out
    make it look like he was cussing or something

  37. shuggah

    NAH~ i wouldn’t think that
    I would think you’re on the same crack as me hahahah

  38. Dori

    those aren’t orange
    they’re called ‘Hong’ in Korea and Vietnam
    those are really sweet and soft
    I love them.

    I rather have them instead HAHAHAHAH

  39. jiyanz

    he complain about how he hate it when nuna touch his butt
    but now he gotta go and pull that butt on the couch stunt…

    kkekeke Tabi and ice cream
    the connection is just TOOOO tight kekek

    my friend translate it for me, and this is what happen

    Baby was suppose to sit in the middle where Bong is for the commercial
    and Baby was so excited to know that since that’ll be the first time he get to be in the middle
    but for some reasont the crew change the seat so he have to stand in the back, so Baby was all disappointed,
    so when Bong told Wolly about it, he suggest Wolly cheer Baby up by asking Baby about his new solo, and also Tabi gave up his seat for Baby and look how happy he is

    I’m so happy to see that, the hyung caring for the maknae
    making him happy. AWWWWWWWWW… they’re like a family.

    did you see Family Outing where Dae and MC YOO went and look for snails?
    how they roll up their pants?? T_____T
    so freaking white hahahah

    I KNOW!!! I was laughing so hard at that part
    Baby found someone who understands his maknae world.

  40. ninalee

    Hahaha i already ask Santa that for the past year…
    hahaha he’s not working hard enough!!!!

  41. rosiebb

    that was Kim Jong Kook
    a new family on ‘Family Outing’ with Dae

  42. sis in law

    haha Tabi is abusing ur man
    OOH~ u bettuh tell nya to take care of her man kekekek

    SO SO SO SO SO SO MANY THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. rosiebb

    Baby was going to the bathroom haha
    I can understand ‘bathroom’ in Korean so that’s how I know kekeke

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!
    that nose and mouth action KILLED ME
    so so so many times

  44. sis in law

    haha Bong is so pervy these days
    Baby’s gonna leave him soon

    these hyungs
    try to cheer Baby up by asking him to sing his solo
    but then give him the cold shoulder afterward.. speechless

  45. rosiebb

    haha i saw that too
    I stared at it for a good 30 minutes :d

  46. ncly

    my friend told me about it
    but I didn’t know it was because his acting wasn’t good
    awww… poor Baby
    how is that possible???
    I mean he’s the Baby of the group
    who is better at being cute than him?????

  47. latiana2003

    we don’t know yet
    but hopefully

  48. nya

    hahahah that fruit was just heaven to him kekeke
    first time I see that many fruits in a cup kekeke

    i know right
    they make him sound like he cuss or say something reallyr eally bad

    you WANT them to do it??? XD!!!!

    but the butt is so cute to look at hahahh

  49. non

    what make you say that?
    cuz he’s like one of the most social person in the group
    when he start talking, he can’t stop haha

  50. Jini

    i want my house to look like that
    SHOOT~… so freaking pretty

  51. Heather

    you were looking forward to it? kekek
    I actually edit the essay a bit cuz I think I type too much kekeke
    but I did post the real essay over in HQBB hahah
    I was going insane and type every second okay
    this is just too amazingly cute

    or amazed.
    that’s what always happen to me whenever I watch their CF haha

  52. ahh so sorry okies understood . ^^
    no i dont hate him was just wondering why.

  53. baby’s butt..interesting!! xD
    AWwww….so sweet!! xDD
    and baby is really a little baby who was disappointed for not being able to sit in the middle
    awww so sweet when tabi gave up his middle seat to baby~

  54. Lil sis in law

    Yeah, nya should take care of her hubby! hmmmp! Tell him to do those stuff only in kinky mode when they are together. hehe.
    Dae really liked to be touched! haha!
    yes that classic butt view…hmmm… I guess slapping is just a minor detail that will be repeated frequently? hehe.
    Poor Baby…being the maknae really is hard..but I know they love him just as much. hehe.

  55. Anyone know when the CF comes out?
    In December, right?!

  56. LMAO!!
    my man really knows what he’s doin

    I guess we weren’t the only ones ;P
    I would’ve done the same thing but for a longer time

    I didn’t get it at first
    so I was like did he really do it?
    I blanked out for a minute until I got it

  57. vi
    i’ll prepare so many fruits just to lure him home. KAKAKAA….
    so umm… after he had some time with his fruits, he could have some time with me. hahaha

    idk what are they talking?! really.
    i just sit there doing nothing, watching a vid that i couldn’t understand even a little.
    that’s amazing. i won’t watched it if its not my hubby. hahaha

    umm… Dae could stand in male line but in female line, i’m first. kekeke…

    i think baby look cute in every way. hehe

  58. Vi

    hmmm…. hong….
    lol, that ryhmes with bong ^^
    if only it were bong eating hong… but instead hes chowing down on his pizza…

    i have a random mind, dont blame me… XDDDDDDDDDD

  59. jiyanz

    I feel so bad for Baby
    aww.w… he was so excited to finally be in the middle
    poor Baby

    but it was really sweet for the hyungs to try and make Baby feel better

  60. sis in law

    INORITE!!! keep in the kinky between them two
    if Tabi start touching my man’s butt
    there will be something alright haha

    nuna fans will do more after December 12….. he’s gonna be legal by then
    OH LORD ~

  61. Reina

    we’re not sure yet
    but probably soon

  62. Sexica

    HAHAHAHAH of course you would do it for a LOOOONG time
    i’m not surprised kekekek

    he probably think cuss
    just accidently say something he shouldn’t… not sure
    it’s a mystery

  63. nya

    you and ur perverted-ness
    Tabi’s future look dark

    will there ever be some SeungHyun love?
    since we all know Baby love Tabi too much but doesn’t know how to express it
    Tabi care for Baby a lot but doesn’t show it often..

  64. Dori

    kekekeke Bong eating a pizza is priceless
    he’s covering his mouth while he’s chewing. AHHHHH~~~

  65. LMAO!!!
    both hands if neccesary

    yeah maybe he messed up or somethin
    but I’m tellin ya his reaction was priceless

  66. Vi
    of course i was looking forward to it. it’s fun reading
    your fan girl input and you tend to point out things
    that i don’t always catch the first time. hehe.

  67. Vi

    kakaka, i saw that, i saw that~
    but that was in the middle of the… shooting…
    in the end, he just sat eating his pizza, glaring at the camera and cameraman ^^

  68. OMONA these videos are DORKABLE and LOVABLE !!!!!!!!!! LMAO
    baby kwonnie eating his pizza, GEEZ friggin CUTE~~~~~~~~~~
    BABY RI’s BUTT!!
    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I dream about touching and squeezing it
    reminds me of TOPPIE touching dae’s fluffy BUTT! LMAO
    I’m such a pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    awwww, toppie cares for seungri so much..
    I’m touched..
    Why did they have to be mean to RI!? LMAO kidding!
    POOR BABY………
    I wanna jump there and cheer him up!!!!!
    SMILE BABY SMILE!! LOL he did smile widely AKHAHAHAHA
    I love it when he smiles a lot and be happy!!!!
    GD! why were you so mean! I’m gonna punish you! LMAO
    but if it’s not because of you, baby wouldn’t smile in the end.
    can’t wait till the full CF releases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is gonna be so friggggin killingly CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and wolly does resemble toppie a bit with his glasses and all, and he’s kind of handsome too! LOL xoooppp
    thanks for cheering up babyy! x)))))))))))))))))))))

  69. awww so cute
    1) wow that was a lot of feeling up on daesung!
    2) seungri was so cute!! when he got to sit in the front and was playing with his camera with wolly

  70. that was me up there LMAO

  71. and up again I mean! LOL

  72. OMG!!! The Wide interview was soooo funny. I love these behind the scene interviews. GD and YB playing with Dae’s thighs was priceless. He has very healthy looking thighs. Tabi got all embarrassed when YB lifted his cup of persimmons peels because there were cigarette butts in the bottom of the cup. Not Tabi’s but managers. I feel so bad for maknae. He was supposed to sit in the front middle during the commercial but the ad people said GD should be in the front. The director actually wanted SR to be in the front. Ahhh GD was being brutally mean to SR. Aigoo leader Kwon being very GD. No worries Baby your solo Strong Baby is my favorite track in the album. Hwaiting!!!

  73. vi
    thank u. than u.
    i admid i’m perverd. hahaha….

    SeungHyun love is like limited edition for us. they didn’t show that much of it, but there is. hahaha…
    there is vi.
    they’ll become a real brother soon after we married to them. hahaha…
    call my man “big brother in law” & i’ll call ur man “lil brother in law” HAHAHA

  74. Hi, Erm, sorry it’s me again, and I’m having trouble with the downloads again.
    I can’t seems to get access to both of the videos especially the Wide news, it kept on telling me that the Interner cannot display the page. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Sexica


  76. Heather

    forreal? hahaa
    I thought it was very obvious
    which is why sometimes I feel a bit uncertain about writing these long ones since I thought it only point out the obvious and no one would read them since it’s kinda pointless
    but I just do it anyway cuz I like it, it’s what I do
    something you can’t change overnight haha
    a habit I would say.

  77. Dori

    he be like “is my face really that cute when I’m chewing? then I’m gonna do more ” hahaha

  78. kimvipbunnie

    like somehow it’s so freaking addicitng to just STARE at his butt hahahah

  79. nya

    they need to invent a new word for u
    cuz ‘perverted’ is a bit underrated for you hahaha

    that’s how it is now
    I got a new brother in law!!! hahahah

  80. Andie

    try again, it should be working now
    or it’s because of ur internet connection

  81. Vi
    Huh? Aw~ r u saying this as a compliment or an insult??
    Hahaha… I don’t care which one but I’ll take it as a compliment.

    New brother in law? Kekeke…
    Umm… but still, call him “future brother in law” for now.
    Since we haven’t sign the paper yet. Kakaka…
    I’m waiting for the day. Fufufufu

  82. lil sis in law

    Be prepared for Baby’s debut as being legal.
    He’ll be hitting the clubs and drink. hehe.
    And for sure a lot of nuna fans will run after him..wooohoo.
    OMG, if he turns legal this december, when he performs Strong Baby at their concert on January…tsk3….
    lil sis in law you gotta double the efforts of protecting your hubby.
    I’m already with full hands since Baebae learned to remove his shirt…and now is the Man of the Year in GQ Korea…waaaa…more nuna fans for him too… huhuhu.

  83. Vi

    lol, ites either that or, ‘why is that dude recording me eating a pizza?’

  84. LOL
    though I wish I had more then 2 hands….cover more ;P

  85. soooo cute thaxz u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. nya

    hahaha take it anyway you want keke
    you’re luving it anyway

    and you can just go ahead and call baby bro in law
    he’s MINE already kekek

  87. sis in law

    Baby is a real man
    and real name dont drink
    I’m proud of him for that
    he’s gonna hit some club
    but he’ll crawl back home to me at the end of the day hahahaha

  88. Sexica

    speechless here

  89. VI

    itll be like barbies dream house, cept itll be big bang dream house,
    itll be perfect with baby as your husband!
    dreamy isnt it~ keke.
    the set is soooo pretty but it doesnt match the prettiness of baby or bong. <33

  90. Vi
    you’re not the only one
    even I shocked myself after rereadin that comment
    I’m speechless too

  91. aww sooo cuteee, tabi is lyk so into it since its ICECREAMMMMM! lol
    i feel so much closer to him, we both are lyk in love wit fruits and ice cream, haha he is such a little dork everyday <333
    lovehimso muchh

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