11.21.08 Music Bank: Winning #1 and Tabi Stalker Pics

Congrats the boys Winning #1 on Music Bank

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11.21.08 KBS Music Bank
Sunset Glow Performance
383 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님

thanks to S님
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I didn’t expect them to win at all, since this was only their 2nd time performing this song on Music Bank, I saw it this morning and I was like ‘REALLY????’ I didn’t believe it myself, of course it’s our boys haha never doubt them kekek DM in the back acting all crazy kekeke he’s their hyung so… of course our boys learn from the best. It was sweet how Kim Jong Kook hugged Dae after Big Bang won, after all, they’re ‘FAMILY’ now haha DM run in the front and grabbed the trophy kekek Bong say please give YMGA lots of love. The YG men are all dorks kekeke

thanks to S님

They were messing around too much keke our dorks, even the hyung of the bunch, DM is being such a dork too haha if you think OUR boys are dorky, you haven’t seen the rest of the YG men yet… T____T hahaha Baby try to fight his way in, Tabi kept covering the camera lense, Dae is ‘crying’ Bae is jumping up and down, Bong wearing something…. furry… AGAIN and doing the SoHee move kekeke

thanks to S님

Bong score himself another furry friend…. well at least it’ll keep him warm during this time of year in Korea, cuz it is FREEZING over there. I love it whenever Tabi shake his head when he do the ‘Sori Chima’ move hahaha Dae and his smile, always there awww… there kekek did you catch mr. Tabi going ‘:OOOO” during Bae’s verse? kekkekeke

The part where Bae going ‘I LOVE U GURL’ straight to the camera with his cheerful face… awwwwwwwwwww… I’m in fangirl heaven, he’s TOO ADORABLE. He let himself go and have fun during the performances now, awsome to see. and who doesn’t love the ‘ah ah ah’ part?

Tabi was ESPECIALLY cute during all the Sunset Glow performances, I love these stalker pics, the true big hyung of the group is right here. More under the cut, MR. T.O.P HAVE GONE DORKALICIOUS.

11.21.08 Music Bank Stalker Pics

hehehehe he’s doing DAE and BAE’s signature smile kekeke

Thanks to cottoncandy | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on November 21, 2008.

103 Responses to “11.21.08 Music Bank: Winning #1 and Tabi Stalker Pics”


  2. aw, tabi: so cuteeeeeeeeeeee XDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. KYA!
    TOP looks so happy! i love whoever this stalker is. lol
    i didnt expect them to win this soon but VIPs are amazing
    BB hwaiting <33

  4. i didnt expect this BUT IM SOOO HAPPY 4 them!!! btw i noticed that you didnt mention baby again on your description about sunset glow perf.,,,LOL^_^

    tabi YOU DORK!!!


  5. i guess i’m use to GD’s replacement of his hair aka his furry hats XD

    appearely its turning into a fashion statement in japan too Xd.
    ppl are starting to wear cuz of GD lol

  6. I think i decided that top will be my 3rd favorite big bang after dae and gd:D he’s getting hotter and now that i see the dorky side makes me like him more. ha!

  7. first of all, CONGRATS to the guys on being #1. no doubt.

    secondly, those are great stalker pics of TOP. man. i’m
    so crushing on him right now. xD

    thirdly, Vi, you know i’m not too fond of Bong’s furry
    friends, but this latest one is an exception. i quite like
    this furry friend. hehe.

    i love that dressing room vid btw. goofy BB and their hyung.
    i would’ve loved to be there jumping around and being stupid
    with them. haha.

  8. so so so so so cute :]]]
    i wish i was there but these videos make up for it 😀
    congrats big bang <333333

  9. lol…the clip which in the waiting room was so funny….Bae was trying to hit Dae……and Dae was crying…how cute they were…poor baby…he couldn’t find his way to go in….lol….
    I love U boys

  10. ——–Finally—————-some TOP stalker pics!

    He looks really good in here—-really good indeed.

  11. OHHMYTOPPA~!<3333
    Aw, he looks so cute here. x33333.

  12. OMG these stalker pics are AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!!

    *worshiping on knees* lol 😛


  14. LMAO I just LOVE those 8 seconds of pure randomness & craziness!!
    HAHAHA what the hell was TOP doing?! kept covering the cam!
    GD with his cute face hahaha then TOP again
    GD imitating SoHee was SO CUTE haaha he just had big smile on
    LOL they all looked so cute in that whatever they were doing
    mosh pitting? lol hahaha

  15. the performance was AWESOME!! totally lovin the stage!
    lol SR is such a show off with his ‘mic trick’ hahaha
    GD’s headwear is so cute he kept playin with it lol
    ahh YB’s smile suring that I love you gurl part ahhhh!!!
    his sweet face is heaven!! lol everyone was just rockin it
    during their part!

    loved the show!!

  16. i was wodering bout the red balloons lately.. isn’t that color for dbsk.. i think cassiopeia loves bigbang also..

  17. YG men are definitely dorks hahahah
    so random & cute! : D

  18. i was wondering bout the red balloons lately.. isn’t that color for dbsk.. i think cassiopeia loves bigbang also..

  19. OMFG!!!
    Congrats boys!!!
    loooveee Bong’s furry thing!!!! ;P

    the sunset glow perf was awesome as always
    LOl the bus in the background
    I just don’t get tired of this song it’s amazing

    the stalker pics are heaven!!!
    whoever took the pics…THANX!
    my man looks delicious
    he’s been at his dorkiest lately

  20. does anyone know about allkpop.com? i just hate how they bashed artist there especially bb… everyone loves dbsk, so do i but isn’t it not ryt to compare it.. i hope it will stop then..
    when are they going to america? is it a long vacation? hope they’ll keep on touch with the vips…

  21. Vi
    Wow~ win already??? That’s surprising. But our boys strength… haha congrats for our boys!!
    At 1:30. spot Tabi at the back doing “hurray hurray…” hand. Kekeke… this boy.. idk what to say about him again. Kekeke… how can he had anti fans? I don’t get it. He just being so charming these time & make ppl love him more & more.

    This is my favorite vid! Hahaha… omona…
    Look at Tabi~~ the process when he go to cover the lense, OMG ~,~a
    Tabi VS Bae, of course Bae with his height can’t win over tabi though he have so many muscle, but tabi win. (hey, he got muscles too)
    Poor Bae, when he push Bae, bae was like “being thrown away” (? Is this an exact phrase?) kekeke

    What’s with this cameraman??? He supposed to do a close up on tabi’s “pul pul pul nah” part. The cameraman missed out the cutest part of tabi T-T I feel like to sue him. The expression when he look at a van full of ice cream. It’s priceless, yet… ggrrr…

    Ah! Yup! I see Tabi’s :O, kekeke… this hyung is just to adorable isn’t it? I just could spot him wherever & whenever. Haha

    Vi, it’s bad now. Just early in the morning but yet, my mind is filled with so many thought. Ah~ look at the 2nd last part of “Ah ah ah ah ah ah” I can’t take my eyes of hubby’s chest XD!! Damn, he’s too sexy for words.
    So many though flowing by after seeing it. The feel like I could peek at something inside. XDDDDDDDD!!!!

    Vi~~~~ thanks so much for the stalker pics~~
    Ahh~~ tabi’s cute side. Who said that he didn’t match the image of the song while he being so cute???
    Ah~~ I should make my dream come true by opening the whole ice cream shop with him.

  22. J-G-RILEEN

    Tabi is distracting me hahah
    can’t think of anything else kekeke
    but I do notice Baby, like how he flipped his mic right after the first ‘ah ah ah’
    but i didn’t feel like typing it kekeke
    I think I write too much already kekeke

  23. Daisy

    NOO~ really??
    the fuzzy thing??
    oh wow haha
    that’s the Bong power

  24. Heather

    haha can’t blame you gurl
    he’s ASKING for it
    even I fell for it

    I like it too
    it’s soo cute~
    but if he start wearing it for a while… then I might have to come up with a name for it kekekek
    Sam was the first thing popped in my head last time
    idk about this one.
    Steve sounds nice hahahahahaha

    Master Wu in the back laughing his butt off haha
    they’re too awsome

  25. winniemai

    hahah i know
    Bae was like so freaking hyper
    and with his muscle filled self, how can Baby win in this situation? haha
    he didn’t even come CLOSE to getting in haha

  26. spinx

    haha esepecially fond of Tabi all the way from the begining :DDD

  27. rosiebb

    haha well the big hyung is hyper
    so we never know kekek

    Bae was especially bright in today’s performance
    look like they have PLENTY of rest after their performance at the club last night

  28. vipbb

    yup that’s for DBSK
    and who can resist Big Bang’s amazingly awsome song??
    no one kekek

  29. Sexica

    I was laughing at that too
    how they put the boys’ picture in the window square kekeke

    he say he can be cuter though kkekekek

  30. vipbb

    I suggest you delete that site from your computer history forever
    I use to go on there because they were once a fair site who mainly translate stuff
    but as soon as they gain popularity, they do those crap
    you’re just wasting your precious time reading those stuff
    bashing ppl make them feel good…. oh wow~ that’s their problem
    you shouldn’t get mad over it
    it’s a WASTE OF TIME. like I’m not even kidding
    you’re too important to be bother with those PATHETIC ppl.

  31. nya

    YUP YUP YUP!! I saw that too hahah
    he was acting dorky for all the fans down there
    how sweet~

    I bet 99% out of those anti are boys who are jealous of him
    NO WAY girls can be in that okay.
    just NO!!!!

    hahah the muscle man can’t fight the tall dude in this case kekeke
    he got to the camera 2 times kekeke

    ‘being thrown away’ sounds good enough for me kekeke

    these camera man
    we need to start an angry mob with pitch fork and everything and go protest them

    HAHAHAHAH It’s almost 9 PM over here
    I’m eating raisin and drinking water
    this is my dinner hahaha
    my mom like to starve me to death
    oh well, I’ll survive on the boy’s sexiness hahaha

    you only look at his chest kkeke
    it’ll be funny if Tabi did a remix version of Bae’s song ‘Only Look at Chest’ kekekekekekek
    I OWN IN LIFE!!!

    and can’t forget the workers !!!! hahah

  32. HeeDragon love. I’m so happy. My heart is beating. lol. That was so cute in the waiting room. Congratulation boys.

  33. Vi
    Steve? haha. sure. i can roll with Steve. i was kind of
    thinking Charlie. haha. idk why.

    oh and good. i’m not the only won who got swayed by Toppie’s charm.
    so hard to resist him these days. sorry Nya. x]

    didn’t even notice Master Wu in the back until i watched the vid
    again. haha. he’d rather stand back laughing than to join in on
    the fun eh?

  34. LOl
    I can’t imagine that happenin
    by the way is your name Vi or Vicky?

  35. keke his smile at the last pic xD
    that was so cute!

  36. manageRI

    its okay im distracted by him 2,,but of course I ALWAYS noticed baby 1st than any1 else..haha…


    yeah i know allkpop, i visited it a couple of times and they do bashed so many artists especially those that are competitors of their SM artists idols, BUT just ignore them, they just NEED attention bcuz apparently their LIFE SUCKS [^_^]..and bsides they know NOTHING about big bang @ all so they have nothing to prove..i just seriously pity them, they cant even enjoy d REAL life fandom,,haha [if that makes sense?]..so yeah just ignore them n’ have fan spazzin’ BB _________censored_________ LOLjk^_^ they’ll get tired sooner/later..if not then gOOdluck 2 them..^_^

    anywayz its a happy day so dont let those people ruin ur HAPPY DAY!!! smile VIPz!!! ^_^

    PS: n’ like YB said “they can say whatever they want in d internet bcuz they dont reveal themselves”..^_^

  37. dreamandlove
    her real name is vi but she goes by vicky on this because… she likes it…
    but some people reply to her as vi (like me) cuz… we’re too lazy to call her vicky (or is that just meh?)

  38. OMGD i seriously LOVE d dressin’ room vid,,theyre all sOOO dorky..I LOVE IT!!!

  39. ahh yay! but on dvd heaven they have the individual preorders like aout $20 each..plus shipping which is alot..LOL well to the videos 😀 haha yay!congrats to them __<..i know i was going to say something else but i totally forgot o_o

  40. ahh yay! but on dvd heaven they have the individual preorders like aout $20 each..plus shipping which is alot..LOL well to the videos 😀 haha yay!congrats to them xD lol in the 2nd video what were they trying to do ?LMAO looked like YB was going to punch somebody and bong is in his own world doing that nobody move thing . i need to put that in my ipod LMAO. the sunset glow performance ..the furry thing..i like it xD way better than that racoon lol xD its cute too.BAE BAE BAE so cheerfuller and hyper i kept my eye on him the whole time xD ,LOL were ALWAYS in fangirl heaven ,they amaze all of us so much.. xD OMG when i saw the last picture..ahh i was about to go CRAZY_ER xD hmm..they killed me agian…LOL ,plus i was dying ! the quality of the video LMAO i cant stand watching them in pixelate like..

  41. vipbb

    i meant “so yeah just ignore them n’ have FUN spazzin’ BB _________censored_________ LOLjk^_^

  42. vicky
    can you please make a MP4 of this
    thanksss 🙂
    you’re the besttt !

  43. Vi
    right? This hyung is just too cute. And the dork side in him XD!!!

    Yup, there’s no gurls that can resist him.
    I think I’ve told u about my friend call hubby “horse” right?
    (she mean that he have a long face so it made him look like horse)
    That’s when she saw hubby in Lies days with his LV shades covering his eyes & bald. So my friend, she can’t see hubby’s proper face. And she blame me how could I attracted to a man like this.
    But when she saw hubby’s NII pics, good now, coz she can see the whole face of hubby’s. She said “this man is HOT”
    I went “ew~~ no. he’s not. He looks like horse” mocking her. Hahaa

    Hahaha… I don’t get why he did that. covering the camera.
    He doesn’t want us to see their dork side? While we know that they’re all dork from the start?

    Just to let them know. My knife is really sharp *wink* hahaha…
    They better do good job next time. Just put some sense when u do ur work, cameraman! Grrr…

    Hahaha… u’re better. I haven’t eat anything since I woke up.
    Ur mom too? Well in my case since my school is in the evening n we go home at night, so I always skip my dinner. (also my school canteen’s food is not that good) so I just have to go back home for dinner. But they never left anything for me. Hahaha…
    Oh mom~ hah.. ~.~A

    BUHAHAHA… u win in life gurl. U are.
    I CAN’T HELP IT! XD!!!
    I just can’t.
    But believe me. Things I look is not only chest. Things down south also. Kakaka…
    I want to take a peek of all of Tabi. Really. Since he’s so delicious.

    Hahaha… after I think about that again. Yup.
    Tabi only need to say out the numbers he wants. Then I’ll give him.
    He’s like a drugs and addiction.

    Hey, I visit ur youtube account & the making of 31 new CF.
    Hahaha.. Tabi, being a dork all this time.
    Oh, I so love sunset glow. He totally bring out Tabi’s dork part. Also baskin. Kekeke… ice cream cake. Hahaha…
    My breakfast is BB after all. kekeke

  44. yay its out already..im sOOO gonna BUY that calendar and diary but I have 2 wait 4 my christmas money cuz i just spent d my last money on their 2nd full korean album n’ also i bought a colonize hoodies so im broke ryt now BUT I WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS!!! OMG I CANT WAIT!!!…^_^

  45. YES! they totally deserve all the awards in the friggin world 8)
    THANKS for the clips~ u upload things so fast~ ily x)
    ahhaaaa the perf is jus BIGBANG STYLEE
    aw i love my hubby’s stalker pics. mr. sexydork ^^
    OMG. i NEED to buy those calendars.. i jus hav to
    convince my mom.. and i WILL with my life~
    u noe wat else i want? my hubby’s sexy spikey
    NINJA MASK!! hawt stuff ❤

  46. Heather

    haha I was thinking for 1 syllable name
    haha furry animals give me that thoughts kekek

    nya have to deal with it keke
    it’s her fault for choosing him hahahahaha

    or maybe he just can’t do anything cuz his stomach hurts too much from all the laughing haha
    I would

  47. Sexica

    I don’t think it’s possible either hahaha

    I was born in Vietnam, so my real name is Vi
    and Vicky is my english name
    and sorta my ‘internet indenity’ hahahah

  48. Yay they won #1! YIPPEE Congrats for them <3!<3
    OMG! I LOVE that video of them in their dressing
    room, they are such cute dorks! that video
    totally made my night :] HAHAHAHAH! I had to
    rewatch it again & again & again. LOL (: “I LOVE U GIRL” ;
    SUNSET GLOW Rocks XD Top stalker pictures, Ohgosh, he’s
    looking fine as ever & so are the rest of the boys (:

  49. J-G-RILEEN

    hahahah of course
    Baby is always NUMBER 1 kekek

    seriously dude~
    they’re nothing but a bunch of pussy
    seriously 🙂
    cuz like the only reason they have to guts to say those crap is because they’re hidden
    a bunch of losers who absolutely have NO LIFE
    no one should waste their time on those ppl

  50. Dori

    hahah nah nya too
    ur not the only lazy person in here
    remmebr how I shorten ur name??? kekeke

    I’m the queen of laziness here

  51. kohjidmal

    YesAsia also have individual orders
    just search ‘Big Bang’ and you’ll find it
    what I like about the whole package it they have free shipping for it
    I’m also ordering the NUMBER 1 poster

    for ppl who live in the US
    ordering from YesAsia is the best way
    cuz DVDHeaven charge shipping base on mileage and they ship from Korea

  52. LOL
    no wonder
    I always see people writin Vi and I wasn’t sure why

  53. kohjidmal

    HAHA he was pulling a Dae and Bae smile at the end
    that is too cute keke

    me too gurl~
    i can’t stand watching LQ video for long
    i JUST HAVE TO HAVE HQ video
    which result in me having a total of 117 GB of JUST BIG BANG VIDEOS
    doesn’t count other videos for my other korean variety show haha which is A LOT kekek

  54. bigbangloverr

    I already update it with the MP4 version

  55. AMG MY TOPiee SO CUTEEEE!!! >..<.

  56. Vi

    lol, i remember that, i went as dot ri when u shortened it ^^
    my friends thot it was so cute~

  57. nya

    OH NO SHE DIDN’T~ just ask that questions hahaha
    you can go ON AND ON in explaining it kekeke

    haha at least ur friend got her common sense back kekekek

    I’m sure he’s just being a dork and like to touch the camera lense just for the heck of it hahah

    HAHAHAHAH you’re scaring even me
    all i gotta say to you is

    U GO GIRL~~~~~~~
    baby baby baby gurl~~~ hahahaha

    so we both have evil mom……..
    dude~ that long lost sister theory sounds more and more freaking logical kekek

    thankyou ~ thankyou very much
    my brain is working TUNELY today kekeke

    so overrated jesus gurl~~~
    what is with u?
    is it that time of month again???
    keke why so horny nao???
    u’ll scare him away.

    so you came to an agrreement to give him as much as he want now??
    hahaha good for you
    hope ur business expands to many branches kekek
    so yall can get busy kekeke

    watching them just make u full keke
    i do that a lot
    soemtimes I only eat once a day because I don’t feel hungry the whole day haha

  58. J-G-RILEEN

    chinese new years for me too hahaha
    so I’ll have money by then
    i still have money left from my birthday
    so WHO HOO~~ i’m giving them all to YG hahahah

  59. Sexica

    now you konw
    you can call me whatever you feel like kekeke
    except for ‘Vick’ idk why ppl write that sometimes, i understand if it’s a typo but someone does type it over and over again, calling me that i feel like such a dude hahahah

  60. Dori

    i’m amazing kekekeke
    admit it :DDDD

  61. LMAO!!
    I get you
    I hate it when people call me Jess or Jessy
    or even worse by my last name… >.<
    I guess I’ll call you Vi
    somehow I think I sounds sooo cool ;P

  62. congrats for winning!!
    wow it was just 2nd time..yeah..so proud of our boys ^^
    kekeke bong with his furry thingy again..i’m starting to love that fashionista style of him haha xD
    bae was so cute in the i love you gurl! yeap show us this expression more often bae 🙂

    i bet noone doesn’t like the ah ah ah ah part. i’m always focusing on dae and tabi in that part..the way tabi did that part was hilarious..hahaa..others were using their hands but tabi was kinda just using his fingers and just move along like that. and dae forever with that amazing smile..that’s why i’m so happy watching perf of this song..cuz they are all happy like that 🙂

    love the stalker pics! there are rarely stalker pics of tabi T__T gonna save it up hohoho

  63. haha..yay!!!

    you’re givin’ them all 2 YG so d boys will have better foods 2 eat n’ better environment..haha..like YB said in their skoolooks makin’…haha…remember when he was pick as a class president?..haha..^_^


  64. I’ll say it again: YG FAMILEH ROCKS!!! ^_^

  65. Vi
    lol, yes. you are amazing.

    oh my gad… im so tired *yawns*
    i didnt sleep at ALL last night, it felt so weird this morning, i yawned like, every five seconds, and people thot i was wearing eyeliner, when i dont wear makeup. i fell asleep in math after i finished my homework too…
    its like big bang when they over work themselves… -_-

    they tottally deserve it!
    Sunset Glow performence is always cute & funny
    ahaha i love them, they are funny
    what is g-dragon wearing on his head though…?

  67. just died. again.

    hahaha…all I can say is that I’m so proud of my baebae…letting go of his serious side and getting high with the rest of them. hihihi. =)

    As always his smiles sent me to fangirl heaven.

    They are such dorks!!! I love it!!!

  68. Hey I dont get why there are three calendars..?

    what kind of calendars are there? does anyone know?

    are they huge? is that why its like 100 bucks lol or

    what is the diary like? a monthly planner?

  69. thanx 4 the downloads Vicky ^^ i love Sunset Glow performance it always take me straight to fangirl heaven xD! hehehe
    awwww Tabi <333

  70. aww! so adorable! i love tabi!!
    like he said in his interview he “can be sufficiently cute too”
    hahaha.thanks you guys for uploading this!
    love y’all!

  71. YB so got lost in the midst of them horseplaying lol. he’s so short, but it’s so cute ^__^
    congrats to them winning ! ! ! !

  72. lmao i just realize where Masta Wu is after watching the video three times <.< he was standing next to crown j boo ❤ XD and when bb won he came over to DM XD

    DM reminds me of Jin (azn rapper) for some reason. i love what he did when bb won lmao XD SEXYYYY

  73. and oh yeah… i hate to say it, but seriously, calenders should so not cost that much.. unless these are like the size of my wall.. and i hieght and width of one wall in my room. i think i’ll just wait until the price goes down lol. maybe i’ll tell a relative they can get that for me as a graduation gift though ^_^

  74. Vi
    Kekeke… I think I’ll stop by now.
    No more exploiting hubby’s sexy part. Keep it for myself. Hahaha…
    I’m really greedy.

    What’s the good feel u could get from touching camera lenses? Haha

    HAHAHA… I’ll assume that u’re on my side. Keke
    U go gurl, baby baby baby gurl~~ umm… we need to put “s” behind the “gurl”

    Evil mom is everywhere. But still, long lost sister theory sound creepy.
    The way our behavior resemble each other ~.~A

    BUHAHAHA… now that u mention it.
    T___________T yup, my period is coming. End of month.
    But gurl, how could u know???? U scare me.

    I hope hubby won’t be scared by just this. Coz there’ll be so many bizarre things I could do to him. HAHAHA…

    AMEN for that vi, don’t forget to come & enjoy our ice cream. Kekeke…
    Hope ur soccer team will do well too. Hahaha

    Huh? U too??
    Hum… I think I need to say thank u for breakfast. Hahaha…
    U just change place with my mom & prepare my breakfast every day. Kakaka

  75. waaaa $100?!

  76. I’m sorry but the links not working for me. I downloaded the video and joined them with HJ spilt but the video is not working. Can help me?

  77. yup, could some kind soul please download the links again? everything is down, somehow. i dunno why. im goin crazy cos i need to get my daily dose of the boys.

  78. Sexica

    hahaha INORITE
    my last name… I use to be mad when ppl call me by my whole name
    but i get use to it
    and thought it was unique and cute
    bet you don’t know what it is
    it’s 2 letters long just like my first name too hahahahah

    u sounds good when u call me Vi? hahaha

  79. jiyanz

    STARTING? SAY WHAT?? hahaha

    I focuse on Baby and Bong
    cuz they’re my love haha
    what can I do???

  80. -G-RILEEN

    without us mr. YG and our boys would starve
    Bong will be sad if he can’t buy new furry animals haha
    so we have to support them

    have you read the thing about company treating their aritst like slave??
    SM and JYP entertainemnt was also on it
    but guess which company wasn’t on it? YG FTW!!!!!

    read this, and also the comments, you’ll be proud


  81. Dori

    you better get some sleep if you’re gonna go to school
    u have to set a good example for the boys
    can’t follow their footstep

  82. rosiebb

    one if a wall calendar
    one is a desk calendar
    and the last one I’m not sure

    and yea
    I saw the picture of the diary and it looks HUGE

  83. latiana2003

    this is the price of 3 calendars and a diary
    and it cost extra because they’re selling it international
    which can be understandable

    and YesAsia barely put stuff on sale
    these calendars will sell REALLY FAST
    like they did last year
    trust me
    if you don’t get it now
    wait another month and it will be OUT OF PRINT.

  84. nya

    yes………very creepy
    hahah our mom are creepier though I must say

    I just know gurl
    the way you’ve been acting hahaha

    oh trust me gurl
    everytime there’s a winning game
    I’ll take over the whole ice cream shop so our little SeungRis and Vis can ate all of them up kekeke

    haha I’ve been awake for 2 hours and haven’t eaten anything yet haha
    though I am hungry
    lazy to eat kekeke

  85. untamedvixen

    MF does that a lot
    you should try again
    it should be working now

  86. Andie

    one of the file probably corrupted when you download
    check to see if all of them added up to 383 MB

  87. hey all, i found colonize hoodies -> prettyduste.livejournal.com

  88. LOL
    it’s because my last name is a guy’s name or so people think
    it’s just so annoyin but I guess I have been gettin used to it now

    I don’t


  89. vi
    how could u know????
    hahaha damn gurl, u’re amazing.

    hahaha… “our Seungris & Vis” kakakaa
    tell me if there is game, so our Tabis and Nyas could come to watch too.
    KEKEKE… tha sound so good. i like it.

    hahaha… what we do is mostly the same.
    this just amazing. the whole long lost sister theory. keke

  90. Vi

    guess what? i got sleep this time. but now, its saturdae, i dont even NEED to wake up that early -_-zzZ


  91. vicky

    oh ok.. well thanks for explaining that to me.
    but i still think that’s too pricey lol. im probably saying because im a graphic art student and i have to buy all of my programs and materials and stuff first for class projects and for portfolio. i havent been able to buy anything just as a “want” for the past 3-4 years now. i was lucky to be able to get the “HOT” CD, but that’s only because my aunt bought it for me as a gift lol. shoot i dont even think i will be able to take my last college spring break trip to LA,CA like i want to. college sucks man lol. at least for art students it does >_<

    so for now, all i can do is just make my own things until i can afford to purchase them. some of the things i’ve made has actually made it into my portfolio (like a small photo book, 2 web layouts, a nonexisting website, and a mini diary.) and im giving them exposure as well lol, because now all of my friends and classmates ans teachers know who they are because of me ^__^

  92. Ahhh. I love those stalker pics of Tabi. He’s looking super cute nowadays, hahas.
    Yeah, Bong’s new furry hat thingy is much cuter now and hahas, I like steve.Nice name Vicky. =))

    I was so missing them just cause I was away from Spore for one day, hahahs, Big bang is my addiction.
    Thanks so much for the HQ vids!=)

  93. ahhh, he’s just too cute Dx

  94. this is soo cute~
    i love TOP~~
    haha he’s a true kid:D

  95. congrats to boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ah top so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. is GD and Sohee a couple???
    i was just wondering..cuz i saw a vid of them wearing matching bracelets and chanel chains..plus the outfits and the glasses..
    then i saw the vid of the dressing room..those were Sohee moves???? where can i see Sohee doing that move??? pls tell me..
    isn’t it GD’s way of saying HI to her..did you see GD wave??? i think, there’s a meaning to that..
    ARE THEY DATING???? SECRETLY? someone please answer..

  97. I love them more and more each day…. Big bang is Great !

  98. nya

    kekekek our little SeungRis and Vis and your Tabis and Nyas should have playdates often kekek
    since they’re siblings anyway kekekeke

  99. chicharonii

    I saw that too but that was something netizen found that was a coinsident
    since they’re both celebrities and Korean celebs normally get the same sponsored clothing so it’s no surrprise
    we dont know the fact that they’re dating or not but Bong did say that he doesn’t want to date anyone right now and focus on just his music
    but we never know, if they are, we should be happy for him, it’s his personal life, we have no right to be in it

  100. ^ hey vi, nice wae to spell ‘coincidence’ lol xD

  101. we’ll that’s a relief..i totally be jealous if they’re going out..but if they really are..Then, if he’s happy then I’m happy for him..(crying!) I want GD to stay single though..just make music and shower his GDcutess to us..

  102. they’re so funny!
    i love them!!!


  103. omg TOP looks so happy and cuteee, lol what a dork tabiiii <333

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