11.22.08 Sunset Glow Performance on Music Core | 11.21.08 Club VERA Opening Night Stalker Pics

UPDATE!!! MUST READ. NEW INTERVIEW. again thanks to SooKyeong

What would Big Bang do if they are given 2 days of rest?

their answers are so freaking cute, Bong want to eat Ddeok Bokki by the street, Bae want to ride the subway, Baby want to ride a bicycle through the streets of MyongDong, and our Tabi like to sleep for those 2 days. Baby ah~ I would jump in the back of the bike with you anyday.

11.22.08 MBC Music Core
Sunset Glow Performance
182 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님

Thanks to S님
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Oh lord~ Bong’s new furry friend is here to stay.. T____T I think it’s only fair if I give this one a name just like I did with Sam……his name is Steve. hahaha that just pop into my head when i saw it so Steve it is. hahah freaking camera man keep zooming out… what the heck!!!!! With a cute performance like this, the face is where the camera should be at man!!!!! STUPID CAMERA MAN!!!

Bong was having fun with Steve’s tail the whole time, while Bae was singing his verse, awww… Bong ah~ I like Steve…. hahah I didn’t like Sam that much when I first saw him but I like Steve, Steve is cute hahah but Steve keep slipping down to Bong’s eyes hahaha

Music Core doesn’t have a voting system like other music shows, so whoever perform last is the most important performance…..and it’s only their 3rd time performing, they already get to close the show, how awsome are our boys??? eh??? pretty fricking fly.

On November 21, they were performing at Club VERA’s opening night, and….  they all look smoking hot wearing suits… with cameras all around them, NOW they REALLY REALLY look like celebrities, on the club info, it strictly said “NO MINORS ALLOWED” and in Korea, the legal age is 20, Baby is only 19 in Korean age, he’s not 20 until 2009, so far Big Bang haven’t perform in clubs as a group yet, because of the 2 minors in the group, Dae and Baby, Dae is already 20 this year but Baby is still illegal, so Baby was probably stuck at home doing nothing while the hyungs are out performing in the club, awwww…… poor Baby, wonder what’s he’s doing to kill time, the hyungs look freaking hot and it looks like the club be JUMPIN!!! Dang! Stalkers pic behind the cut.

Also pictures from when they were in Japan for their promotion….. Baby.. and his.. celebrity self.. kekek crack me up.

11.21.08 Club VERA Opening Night

The club looks so freaking HOT according to this picture 😀

Because Baby wasn’t there, stalker pics of him on other shows


Big Bang in Japan

Bong ah~~~ i miss his mohican now~

kekekek Baby T_________________T

Thanks to victory90 | DCGD NAE. | YB effect | 원샷~* | bigbangpop | 탑달 | yg.jp


What would Big Bang do if they are given 2 days of rest?


And the answers were “I’d like to take the subway”, “I’d like to ride on a bicycle through the streets of MyongDong”, “I’d like to eat Ddeok Bokki (spicy rice cakes) by the road sides”.

We see the pureness and youth of an ordinary 20-year-old in the Big Bang members, the ones who took the Kpop scene by storm this year.

Big Bang has started their 2nd album ‘Remember’ activities. Big Bang, who has been working without a rest for this 2 years and 6 months, was posed the question of what they would like to do if they can go on a vacation.

And the answers were “I’d like to take the subway”, “I’d like to ride on a bicycle through the streets of MyongDong”, “I’d like to eat Ddeok Bokki (spicy rice cakes) by the road sides”. We see the pureness and youth of an ordinary 20-year-old in the Big Bang members who took the Kpop industry by storm.

Q: This time for your title song ‘Sunset Glow’, it’s a remake of a famous song.

GDragon: We try to convey a message of hope for many people who are feeling wary of reality. Had wanted to do this since some time back and I had a talk with Yang president. So we took up the challenge and did the remake of this famous song.

Q: Helping the residents who are also the victims of the oil spill in the West Coast as the subject of your MV is really some refreshing.

TaeYang: We wanted to help out with the oil spill since last year but we couldn’t and it was a shame.”

GDragon: Even though we released a lot of minialbums, we try to put in a message for our full-length album. The release of our 1st album ‘Dirty Cash’ looked at the society at the time of a economy crisis. And for this 2nd album, we want to put in the message of hope.”

Q: You released albums after albums without rest.

TaeYang: Because we don’t want to forget. (Laugh) It will not be right if we take a rest. It seems that it is luck on our part that we can continuously release albums. And we thought it is something that we should do to produce enjoyable music at the right time to the masses.

Q: It seems that you guys have as little as no rest since your debut. When will your long vacation come?

SeungRi: It seems we can’t rest for even a day. But we would think that busy is a good thing too. We can’t do much to the fact that we are tired. We are in fact thankful that we can be this busy.

Q: What if, you are given 2 days of rest?

GDragon: I’d like to go to the amusement park with my friends. And I’d like to eat ddeok bbokki on the streets in a place with many people like in MyungDong. It’s been like 4 years since I last did this.”

TaeYang: Me too. When I was still a trainee with JiYoungie, we have a lot of fun taking the subway together to go for our training.

SeungRi: I would like to ride through the streets of MyungDong on a bicycle. I have been wanting to ride a bicycle a lot lately.

TOP: I’d like to find a quiet place and sleep during these 2 days. This is the practical way. Right now, we have to meet so many people in a day, this can be a rather tiring lifestyle.

Translation done by my Vicky Virus Inffected babe SooKyeong. haha.

~ by Vicky on November 22, 2008.

94 Responses to “11.22.08 Sunset Glow Performance on Music Core | 11.21.08 Club VERA Opening Night Stalker Pics”

  1. definitely very cute. I love their non professional pictures!

    How cool 😀

  3. YB effect? wth? haha
    they do look mighty fine~keke i miss bong’s mohican too! gosh..

  4. vi
    oh my god!! their stalker pics!! XD!!!!
    i died. especially hubby’s. oh gurl…
    i missed him wearing that kind of glasses. like last Farewell days. hubby look so cute yet so sexy.

    >.< i can’t watch the vid coz i’m in my friends house now. using cellphone T-T
    i;ll watched it tomorrow. its 1 am already & i haven’t sleep. hahaha…

    hubby’s pic when he’s in Japan. omg… he just look too hot for me

  5. LMAO!!
    Steve…it fits him
    and my man’s old haircut.. ;P


  7. my comment got cut >.<

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!
    baby’s glasses, SO KEWL…

    … speaking of glasses… is top sporting new glasses in that second pic?

  9. LMAO, seriously?
    Seungri wasn’t there?
    Poor kid!!
    What a cutie.
    Whoo…hot pics.

  10. kekekeke. TY & SR holding note cards? so cute!!!

  11. TOP tops it———-for sure ;OOOOO

  12. Sweaty Big Bang members are the best kind XD
    I’m loving Seungri’s hair more and more everyday ^^
    But STEVE?! ROFL My name for it was similar: It was Stan lmao

  13. thanx so much for sharing all diz awesome pix & for d mp4 DL! Luv d last 2 pix of em from japan. GDs such a dork. he draw dat? haha so cute. &BAERI gah~ SeungRi crack me up posing like dey’re in a photoshoot endorsing their tickets? haha xD

  14. nya

    oh gurl he be looking good in that suit
    you know you wanna be in that club so badly hahaha

    it’s 2:16 PM over here
    gurl u better get some sleep

    dude i was planning on watching Music Core live last night
    but i fell asleep watching ‘Doraemon’ haha
    it’s too freaking awsome!!!

  15. Sexica

    kekeke INORITE!! Steve ah~~~~~

    we need to freaking sue those camera man

  16. JL

    all of them do
    an apple store in Seoul invite Big Bang to their opening day and gave them each an iPod touch with BIGBANG engraved in the back

  17. Dori

    you know how he is with glasses haha
    probably new

  18. jess

    yea~ he’s not old enough to be in a club
    so he have to stay home

  19. Loco_Roco

    YES!!! IT IS!!!

    haha Stan??? that is awsomely close kekek

  20. MariahJanine

    I think a fan drew that for them as a gift
    aww.. that’s cute

    Baby was holding up their plane tickets I think keke
    just standing the middle of the airport and start posing T____T

  21. LOL

    why sue him???…
    let’s just go burn his house down

  22. what does the tattoos on GD’s arms say?

  23. ayo why does yb have to be so effin sexy haha

  24. Nice picture… GD and Seungri have the same suit… GD said one time that Seungri always steal is clothes… but this time… Seungri steal it or GD did? lol

  25. LOL
    the interview was cute!
    I expected my man’s answer to be like that
    I bet he’ll just eat and sleep
    my lazy dork ;P

  26. AW! They’re so cute!? xD
    They must be really tired now, hope they stay healthy?! :O

  27. Keke, the interview was cute.
    Yay! Stalker pics! =D
    I miss Bong’s mohican too. I really liked that cut on him.
    And Steve! Welcome to the family Steve!

  28. Vi
    yup. Steve looks like he’s here to stay, but at least it’s
    Steve and not Sam. then i began to wonder if Bong would
    ever start playing with the little tails and he did. ^__^

    nice stalker pics and of course, Vi, you just had to throw
    random pics of Baby so that he wouldn’t be left out. what a
    wifey. haha. oh and i guess you’ll be riding on the back of
    Baby’s bike while i’m on the side eating spicy rice cakes with
    Bong. yup. wouldn’t that be something. 😉

  29. O.M.G!!! thats it,,im losin’ it again!!!..NO WORDS to DESCRIBE THIS BOYS…

  30. wow YB all sweaty *gulps*…must refrain from naughty thoughts…must refrain from naughty thoughts…

  31. aww I loved this performance. LOOK AT JIYONG’S NEW
    FURRY FRIEND. LOl That’s funny. Haha.
    I love the pictures alsoo (:

  32. LOOL. That is an awesome picture of Baby and Bae..

  33. WAAAA~~~ LOVED the performance! alla them were smokin HOT!!

    GD was so cute with uh “Steve” lol, must agree, the cam-man
    didnt do that great of a job -_-

    HAVE MERCY! YB and TOP are definitely looking OH SO FINE in
    those club pics!! GGAAHHH!!!~~ so sexxxay!! lol
    GD is just tearin the club UP!! DS just sitting there is sexy enough lol

    I also wonder what SeungRi did cus he wasnt there lol

    the stalker pics of him OMG!! idk? SUPER HOT!! lol AAHHH!!!
    his tongue!! ^_______^ hehehe I just LOVE his hair!!!

    LOVE the Japan pics all of them LOOK HILARIOUSLY cute!! except TOP who looks like hes lookin for some new shades lol
    SR looks idk in the last pics hehehe! I so wish I bumped into
    them while I was there *sigh*

    Lol the interview was so cute! love how GD and YB talk about
    their past and how SeungRi was thankful to be busy : D so
    mature of an answer..all TOP wants to do is sleep?? lol
    dont blame him lol but I wanted to hear an activity he would
    like to do : ) … wheres DaeSungie?? : (

    Performance & pics were hott! interview was so cuute!

  34. DAE wasnt there?

  35. Vi

    yes, most likely…
    they are so cool-looking~! *needs to get pair of glasses, quick!*

    even if they are new, they ARE oldfashioned looking, dont u think? hmm…

  36. i think when they wear suits its much better!! especially when they made their comeback that was just quality. Omo i dont believe seungi couldn’t go to the club, it not like he would drink or anything thats stupid. Oh well i guess he can catch up on his sleep. LOL Bae riding the subway what a weird hobby

  37. how does a ddeok bbokki look like???
    can anyone show me so i can eat that “ddeok bbokki” like my Bongie???

  38. I LOL at the ajumma standing next to BEBE.
    she looked so starstruck to me.
    she was like,Tae Yangsshi nice meeting you.
    but in her mind she’s like,omo what a hot young stud
    Tae yang is in person.

  39. here are the club performances :

  40. bong is cutie!!!

  41. Aww where was DaeSung?
    aww JiYongie & TaeYangie. i didn’t know
    they hung out together other then in traning.
    what is ddeok bbokki? i want to know!
    AH they DO DESERVE some rest! b/c they work
    so much & so much to make everyone, [Us VIP]
    happy. therefore the deserve it sooo much!
    i love G-Dragon. ahaha he always does drawings (:
    i want to hang out with Big Bang on there day
    off =] ahaha uhmm if it’s possible

  42. Awwwww i stay watching Music Core last night >_< it was an awesome performance xD! so Steve is the new friend~lol

  43. now that i think about it and i looked @ d pic of our jiyongi , I MISS HIS MOHICAN 2 😦 !!! BUT its okay,,hes still HOT!!!^_^

  44. SexYBeast

    LMAO I was totally thinking the same thing LOL… who can resist?
    look at him all SWEATY!! lol

  45. aw!
    bongs furry hat doesnt look much like a steve to me…looks more like a ‘Honey’ to me. lol
    imma call him honey~ the hat i mean XD kek.
    babys stalker pictures are love.
    he looks so good in that suit..

  46. VI

    I’m wondering, since you’re Vietnamese, how are you able to sub some videos like the big bang come to play clip on your YT account?

  47. @Queenie
    here’s a pic of ddeok bbokki aka spicy rice cake.

    i’ve always wanted to try those things. seen them a lot
    in kdramas and they always looked good. ^__^

  48. wow, i’m pretty surprised they didnt let baby go to the club anyways. o_o maybe im just way too use to the american scene where if youre famous you can go anywhere. that’s pretty sad :T
    but the interview totally made me go aw. i like the normalcy of what they want to do on a regular rest day.

  49. awww, they’re ohh sooooooo cuuutee ;]<3
    such talented, hardworking guys.
    they deserve all the love they get from crazed fans like us xD

  50. awww…baby..he’s still illegal..too bad xD
    the boys definitely made the club alot hotter xDD
    i would go clubbing every night just for the boys hahaaaa~

    sigh…subway T__T ride bicycle T___T
    they don’t have normal lifestyle and you see..now they only want to do normal stuff that people do everyday T__T
    poor thing. i actually hope feb to come faster so that they’ll have their break asap…but at the same time..i’d miss them alot
    sigh..i don’t even know

  51. rosiebb
    fangirls think alike.
    but i cant just stand there like her n just gawk at him.
    i’ll grab his face with both arms and plant a smooch on his
    overly sexy lips.
    or prolly i will be too embarass to do anything and just look at him with wide eyes and with a bleeding nose.hehe

  52. vi
    i just watched this and… what a stupid camera man.
    if i was his Boss, i’ll get him fired no matter what. hahaha

    so this new family called Steve? hehehe
    welcome Steve ^^. i like this one better than Sam or its relatives. hahaha
    look at Bong playing with Steve tails. kakaka.. acting cute.

    i can’t be in the club. i’m not 20 yet. hahaha
    so i’ll wait for hubby to go home & preparing a warm towel for him if he need it. fufufu…

    i slept last night at 3am and woke up at 6.30. hahaha
    awsome & now i’m all tired & sleepy. but i just eat, i can’t sleep yet. it’ll make me turn fat. hehehe

    Doraemon? AWSOME!! kakaka
    LOL. i’m speechless.

  53. Ahh, Daesung looks so good in the second picture! I think he looked good in all of them. I could see his eyes. He has nice eyes. xD

    I think I would be a like TOP and sleep all day. I have so much homework that I never get enough rest anymore. I need those two days now.

    Aww, look at Bong’s cute doodle and, HOLY CRAP, BABY LOOKS SO HOT IN THE LAST PICTURE.
    Totally giving off a Strong Baby Vibe there. I love his glasses.

  54. OMG i totally agree. the cameraman sucks! >:[
    but Bong was soooo cute playing with those balls~
    lol and those pics of Baby are smokin hot! <33

  55. nice pics of them in the club too bad im underage too im only 16 and i love their answers for what they will do in the two days lol big bang rocks cant wait till they come to the US

  56. aii.
    thanks a lot for translating. ;D
    poor guys. hope they could do what they want on days off,
    as soon as possible.
    …&& thx for photos. hahah.
    as i read it with the ‘no minors allowed’, i try not to laugh. xD

  57. tht was sooooooooooooooooo cute 😀 :*:****
    i wish theyw ill get tht ‘day’ someday SOON!
    and thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for the trans 🙂

  58. stalker pics–hey,are they professional stalker?the pics were well-taken.seungri was so cute in every pics.
    the pics of gdragon in japan–i like his hair!SO hot!
    the interview–i have neva tasted spicy rice cakes before,and i wish i could do dat if i go korea.Wow,if i really can,can i go and eat with u,gdragon?they should REALLY have a few days break!

  59. kris

    vita dolce on the right inner arm that means ‘sweet life’ in italian
    and moderato on the left inner arm which is a musical term for being moderate

  60. Sexica

    haha no cuz we need the money to fly to Korea kekeke
    burning his house down will waste OUR money hahah

  61. Devja

    hahah Baby did most of the stealing
    but Bong does it sometime too
    but in this case, every member have their own gray suit so hahaha it’s their own

  62. Sexica

    hahaha i thought he would be somewhere lifting weights and eating fruits

  63. Heather

    I like Steve because of the tails haha
    it’s too freaking cute
    but since Steve keep slipping down on Bong’s eyes, he left him home today
    he didn’t wear it for the Inkigayo performance

  64. sweetsorrow

    hahahaha REFRAINING GURL~~~~
    but i bet it’s NOT gonna work kekekek

  65. rosiebb

    Dae was probably again busy with his musical or variety show
    he’s a busiest member in Big Bang these days

  66. Dee Dee

    sadly no, or else he’ll give like an amazingly random funny answer for us to laugh for 3 days straight

  67. Dori

    yes they are, but HEY~ old school stuff is COOL
    i love old school stuff
    wear what you wanna wear
    don’t get hold back because it’s weird or old

  68. hoichu

    now you know what you should take when ur planning on kidnapping him hahahah

  69. Queenie

    try google it
    it’s like rice cakes with really spicy sauces

  70. Mariale

    yes, hahaha Steve it is

  71. Jini

    hahaha beacause the ‘Steve’ I know is sorta my honey so hahaha
    that’s why Steve popped up in my head
    same goes for Sam, just popped up for some reason
    and I believe in first instinct so, Steve it is kekekekek

  72. anonymousn

    because I have a korean friends, Anecia and Iyasu
    and she translate the whole thing, send it to me and I timed the video and encode it
    if you look at the beginning of the video, you’ll see where it says ‘translation done by anecia and iyasu’

  73. Heather

    they look good gurl but they are SPICY~~~~~~~~~~

  74. jiyanz

    yea~ make us realize that too huh?
    we think they have everything but they’re missing out a lot
    someone should give Baby a bicycle for his birthday so he can drive around the street of LA when he’s here instead hahah.
    hopefully the trip to the US this time will give them that freedom to do whatever they want
    Bae can visit New York and ride the subway there hahah, Bong can visit Korea Town for the ddokbboki and Tabi……. well he can sleep on the plane hahaha it’s freaking 20 hours plane ride.

  75. nya

    yes yes Steve is very very cute
    thanks to his tails
    I love it

    what a wonderful wife
    wait at home for husband while he’s out clubbing
    ur one of a kind gurl haha
    if it was me, Baby would have to STAY HOME until the day I turn 20, no way I’m letting him out of my sight to go clubbing

    I ate and sleep right after last night too
    I’m gonnaa become such a fatass it’s amazing.

    what? hahah Doraemon is COOL~
    kekek he’s so awsome
    remind me why I love him so freaking much

  76. i was to paris and i’m back after 15 days and I looking mkmf and i saw TOP and … kiss OMG i tears I have no words but CHUHA HAE BIG BANG they deserve
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TOP destroys my heart :(((((((((((((((((((((((

  77. Vi
    U too? Kekeke.. yup. Steve is very cute than Sam.
    The round fuzzy tail. Hahaha.. bong wearing it is so cute. But
    What if its wear by Baby???
    Ok? Baby gurl. Just imagine how cute he would be with Steve.

    HAHAHA… he can’t go out if he with u.
    I believe at him Vi. Haha… love is based on trust. If u can’t trust him anymore, that’s the end.

    Let’s hope that we won’t turn into a fatass. At least a cute or beauty fatass. Kekeke

    Doraemon is cool. But I don’t understand how could u slept coz of watching Doraemon. I love Doraemon too but I never fall aslessp when I am watching it. I just can’t. if I watched things I like, I won’t fall asleep at all. But If I watched boring movie, maybe I will.

    OMG… how could I didn’t read it earlier?? The translation.
    Thanks so much.
    Hahaha hubby want to sleep the whole 2 days. So lazy.
    But its okay, since if he want to sleep that means he’ll be at home. & in home there’ll be no one except me. Kekeke
    He want to spent his holiday with me so much. hahaha

  78. @Vicky

    If Seung Ri’s birthday is December 12th… shouldn’t he be turning 20 then, since he’s 19 now?

    Thanks for sharing! (:

  79. Vi
    don’t you think sueing him would cost us more?!
    let’s burn his car then

    I’m sure lifting weights was one of the last things on his list
    now eating fruits…that the first

  80. Hate the cameraman, hmmmp. Many cute moments were missed in the perf…dang…
    I saw Bong playing with steve too! haha! that’s just too cute. =)

    Those club pix…well…I just wanna say one thing.
    Baebae is so dead. ohohohoho! =)

    Poor Baby, he’s not yet legal…I can just imagine him saying his famous lines “I like you Seungri, I like you very much,” inside their lonely apartment. hihihi.^^

    I love their japan pictures too…Bong scribbling and showing his artwork to us, hihi, Tabi listening to music, Dae walking, and Baby looking oh-so-cool with the glasses and the tickets with Baebae looking so damn cute.
    I’ve never seen a picture of a guy looking at a cd on a cd store that oozes so much hotness than that picture of Baebae…but maybe it’s just me being bias.hehehe.
    Can’t help it though!!!
    Thanks lil sis in law..I’ll ride with Baebae now on the subway…hehehe.

  81. Vi

    … i think my dad used to wear glasses like that….
    *searches thru all parents stuff*
    ; _ ; i cant find it…
    lol xD

  82. new perf but i dont know how to make a post so HERE 😀

  83. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vJhGIJb4MQ this is the direct link haha :]

  84. AHHH TOP looks sooo good :]]]]

  85. luv big bang more &more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. ok ok ok saya cape liat orang cina

  87. thank you for sharing the download. i really like their performances ^^

  88. Vi
    oh really. aww dats so cute &GDs showing it off haha
    Seungri is seungri&his maknae world haha so adorable =>

  89. nya

    Baby would have SO FREAKING MUCH FUN with Steve
    I just KNOW he will hahaha

    it’s not that I dont trust him
    I dont trust them
    they would try to get all over my man even if he say no
    i know they will
    my Baby is too amazing.

    haha I always fall alseep watching stuff
    if I can’t sleep, I just put in something to watch and 2 minutes later I will sleep like a Baby haha
    my brain is weird
    what can I do
    last night I fell asleep watching Snow White hahahahaha


  90. vipreirei

    no he’s turning 19 in Korean age and 18 in western age
    in Korea, you don’t wait until your birthday, as soon as the new year come you’ll be 1 year older
    when the new year for 2009 come, Baby will be 20

  91. Sexica

    kekekke VIPs are powerful
    one cent each person and we will bring those camera men DOWN~~~ hahah

  92. Vi
    I hadn’t thought of that
    maybe that’s the best way
    though burnin his house would be more entertaining
    let’s see where you focus your attention now!

  93. t.o.p replied so simple but hecka cool

  94. aawww!!! BABY stalker pics!!!

    so cute~

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