11.23.08 Sunset Glow on Inkigayo | DaeSung, “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members”

11.23.08 SBS Inkigayo
Sunset Glow Performance
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Haha started with Tabi getting something stuck in his hair and he have to take it out and then I laid my eyes on Bong… what? Steve isn’t there….. but instead… he’s bringing the 90s back!!! I like Steve better… but maybe because Steve wasn’t being a good boy and keep slipping down to Bong’s eyes so he have to punish it today, awww.. Steve ah~ I saw Bae in the pink jacket and I got all happy haha… well it’s more of a dark magenta, Love it~

Well since my hubby is Baby, I have to say I love his ‘I LOVE U GURL’ the most but Bae come in a freaking close second, just look at his bright smile with the small eyes, awwww~~ Bae ah~ you’re too cute!!! Thankyou SBS camera man for once zooming in on my husband’s face, seriously, like these past couple of performance, they keep zooming out when Baby sing his verse, I got so mad, my husband is cute darn it!! show him more. And I also love Dae’s smile at the end of his verse, with the teeth haha

Another win for SBS camera men, close up on Baby’s ‘I LOVE U GURL~” yup yup yup!!! he love me hahahahah I like Bong’s face when Bae was singing the bridge, but add a lil more CUTE now Bong, (this is what happen when he haven’t hang around Baby enough these days)

Gotta love Dae’s “WHOOOOOOOOOO YEA~~~” and Bae said ‘VIP’ when they sing the ‘ah ah ah ah” at the end, kekeke and Bong staring at his glove at the end kekek, he probably was thinking “WHOA~ IT’S PINK?????!!!” hahhaha

DaeSung, “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members”

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Big Bang DaeSung has recently revealed that he does exchange mobile phone text-message with female idol groups members, which almost put him into a difficult situation.

DaeSung was on the episode of SBS ‘Family Outing’ aired on 23rd November, where he said shily, “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members.”

After he revealed that, other family members had posed him the question “who?” which immediately had him flustered. His answer was “I can’t go without doing that for even a day”.

He then added, “I drew a line to just exchange 2 messages a day.” which invoked more misunderstanding amongst the listening family members. But after making clear that he meant simply receiving encouragement messages as of friends and not of any love relationship, the other family members said, “So you do text-messaging to keep in contact”.

On another hand, on the same episode, DaeSung revealed, “When I shower, and if there isn’t any cold water coming out, I will pretend to fake my voice.” This was a secret only known to himself.

He then went on to reveal another secret,”On the first episode of ‘Family Outing’ I peeled off the insole of my shoe” showing his webfoot and said, “I took them out during the opening and the ending of the show” causing a ripple of laughter from around him.

 Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

I don’t get the shower thing and the insole, but Dae DOES got the ladies connection haha, but as friends only, who can blame him? Everyone wants to be his friend, because he’s too just dang nice and friendly, I think the shower thing is something hilaious… Yet.. I don’t get it.

~ by Vicky on November 23, 2008.

68 Responses to “11.23.08 Sunset Glow on Inkigayo | DaeSung, “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members””

  1. DAE!!!
    i had no clue~ lol im not that suprised though, our dae does have the charm __<

  2. awh I miss Steve too 8D


    UYYY daesungi HAVE A GF..jkLOL^_^

    i agree, our daesungi have his charm…awwww!!!!

    Im really curious who it is!!!…

  4. and i’ll say it again…I knew Steve wont last..though I like Steve..but thats GD 4 U..haha..<3

  5. awh I miss Steve too </3

  6. the shower thing is that when they go to all these places in the country, they often stay at houses without hot running water…so he said that when the water is cold…he just pretends to go in and take a shower cuz the water is so cold that he is afraid hell have a heart attack. and i think he was super embarassed and apologetic towards fans for exchanging texts but i dont see the big deal lol…and i acually like GD’s new hair…of course I always do tho

  7. i miss Steve. i hope Bong wil wear it like how long he wear Sam.

    i don’t get the funny part from Dae >.<

    i can’t spot hubby too much. but still this cameramen is better than MBC

  8. Haha, TOP would get something stuck in his hair. It’s huge.
    And Daesung would be the one who keeps in touch with the ladies. I hope he taunts YB about it. Haha, kidding. xD
    But I mean, his smile alone is charming enough and, in my opinion, he’s got the best voice in Big Bang, so I wouldn’t doubt it.

  9. Bongie’s smile is SO CUTE!! xD
    Meh. Haha, and Dae’s so dorkyyy~~ 😀
    I miss Stever. =_=;;

  10. TOP seemed to be in a good mood at the perf today!

    Bae looked goooooooood in pink to me XDD
    i rly liked the stage in inkigayo, they have the best cameramen too
    okay babys ‘iluv you girl’ is definitely the cutest in my opionon kyaaa

  11. OMG!!
    the pink/magenta theme…awesome!!!
    loved my man’s jacket
    he looked so cute trying to get the thing out of his hair ;P
    Bong killed me!!!
    doesn’t matter what he wear it always looks so damn sexy!

    this cameraman…GOOD JOB!
    should go teach the others ;P

    Dae Dae…LOL!
    he’s just soo cute!
    I didn’t reallly get the the thing about the shower
    only thing I know is I wanna go see him do that XD

  12. ahhh they’re all so cute ^^
    haha i squealed whenever they did the “ah ah ah” thing and my brother stared at me D”:
    oh well 🙂 i’m willing to be a family disgrace (or rather, a sibling’s disgrace) to show my love for bb :]

    haha daesung D:
    they always take things wrong in interviews TT^TT
    oh well
    i’d love to text him as a friend too ^^~

  13. Jini

    we underestimate Dae all this time
    he got his ways too you know kekke
    bet you he can get more girls than Bong hahaha
    but less than Baby though
    Baby have magic hahaha

  14. gdrandomness

    inorite, Steve just grows on you
    but there’s a chance he’ll bring it back

  15. -G-RILEEN

    haha I got a feeling it’s not 1
    it’s a lot more
    since he’s been hosting Music Core, where LOTS of artist will be there and he would see lots of other artist, I won’t be surprise.

    I have hope that Steve will be back
    i give him a goddamn name haha he better be back soon

  16. jek967

    AH~ I get it now, he just go in the bathroom and pretend that he took a shower so the members won’t be like ‘ur dirty’ and stuff like that? hahaha
    that’s cute
    thanks for explaining.

  17. nya

    when we’re not fond of Sam, he wear it freaking everyday
    now that we like Steve, he only wear it for 2 days
    I think it’s because Steve kept slipping down to Bong’s eyes that’s why

    brother in law is getting zoomed out now when husband is getting zoomed in
    these camera men hate us.

  18. Maryam

    hhhahaa yea~
    Dae should show Bae the rope around these things hahahah

  19. Jini

    of course,
    our husband have to be the best at the ‘I LOVE U GURL’
    now the dance for this song that everyone know is the ‘I LOVE U GURL’ haha
    with the hand thing. XD!! cute

  20. Sexica

    cheat on Tabi much??
    wanna see muscle Dae naked aigooo~

  21. gloriaaaaaaaa

    that’s Korean reporters for you
    they can turn the most normal thing, add a bit of stupid stuff in and turn it into some crazy rumour
    I hate it so much

  22. VI

    i think TOP can get the most girls! then bong and dae and baby. some girls are turned off by our husband…idk why..theyre wierd..lol
    hahahha ‘our husband’ sounds so funny idk why. <33
    he is tho. hes married to like hundreds of girls around the world. hes worth sharing though <33

    The shower bit is HILARIOUS but I have no idea wtf he means. xDDDD ❤ DaeDae!~

  24. vi
    yup, maybe thats why

    ah~ i hate them zooming off hubby’s face.
    while his expression in Sunset glow is priceless

  25. Vicky
    I can totally see it now. “No, no, it’s just a text! You say ‘hi’, not ‘I love you’!”

  26. Vi
    mmmmm…I can’t be considered cheatin unless I enjoy seein Dae more than my man
    and since that’s not the case let’s just call it obserivin and learnin

  27. okay the whole insole thing is translated weird..
    it’s actually like in inner wedge that makes celebrities look taller..
    he admitted to WEARING them on the first episode for the opening scene….then he went on to exclaim that he still wears them…but only during the OPENING and ENDING scenes..not that he takes them out.

    i just had to make that clear
    but the rest are true…loved this episode esp. cuz there were more daesung parts!!!

  28. Oh, has anyone noticed how their back-up dancers always seem to come out of no where?

  29. i agree dat dae dae has the charm:)he’s the one dat attracts more girls than the others.even those in YGentertainment say dat.
    but i like gdragon!!!He’s sooooooooo damn cute in this performance!(he’s cute anyway,in every performance though)
    all of them will attracts many girls though,cos they are the HOTTEST!

  30. dae said that when there is no hot water & only cold water, he pretends & says he already took a shower.

  31. :O when you said top got something stuck in his hair, I thought it would be confetti or something! But it looks like he ran out too early and GOT HIT WITH THE SPARKS!

    Poor boy! Ahhh I need to give him a hug, stat!

  32. lol we all gotta love steve.. i bet hes gona be bak soon~ haaa
    the perf was awesomee as always.. i think inkigayo sunset glow perfs hav less STUFF? my opinionn hehe..
    DAE IS SO FUNNY &HONEST~ family outing is a must
    see for every week<3

  33. argh~~~~
    they r so cute!!!!!!
    dae dae, i also wanna exchange no. wif u!!!!!!!
    love yea^^

  34. Baebae’s getting cuter every perf..waaa… I need to protect him from fangirls now. hihi. Everyone screamed when he said “VIP” towards the end of the song. ^^
    Tabi looked cute too at the last “I Love you girl”. =)
    Waaaaa….Dae’s smile is so damn infectious. hehehe.
    Baby Ri just has to looked cute and mature nowadays don’t you think?
    I laughed when Bong looked at his glove at the end…he was like…”dannggg I’m wearing a pink glove.” hehehe. =)
    Yeah we missed Steve too. huhuhu.

    Dae is too adorable for words. He’s like a living stuff toy I wanna take home and play with. hehe.

    OOhh it’s that what dae said? hahaha! I think Dae’s mouth is running out of control sometimes..I guess from smiling a lot. heheh. But I gotta love him too! =)

  35. I really WONDER who’s the mysterious female idol group member Dae has been encouraging EVERYDAY? hehehe.
    That really made us all curious to death huh?

  36. i dont get the shower thing either o.O

  37. the shower is actually….
    when there is only cold water…and no hot water
    he actually just leave the water flowing so people can think that he’s showerin but actually he’s not…hehe

  38. and somehow i dont know why im running on d conclusion that d girl dae messaging is ye eun from wg….or its just the wonderbang spirit thing….

  39. Aww – I love Daesung! I don’t understand about the whole insole thing either, but I’d LOVE TO EXCHANGE TEXT MESSAGES WITH HIM :D.

    Okay, so, this is my first time posting here, even though I go to this site everyday – erm – I wanted to share with you that I got to see Se7en perform recently and took a picture with him as well! He’s an awesome performer – I nearly died XD.

    OH – and, I also go to meet the editor of KoreAm, the newspaper company that also hosts the Korean Music Festival. I asked him if he could invite Big Bang to the Korean Music Festival next year :D. I don’t know if it’ll happen, since it’s a long ways away, but I had to ask. Cross your fingers!

    If you want to see the photo, it’s at moootastic.wordpress.com.

  40. love it so much and will never get enough of sunset glow!
    hahahahah IT’S PINK lol u cracked me up again gurl
    bong is so so cute~do you plan to give a name to the 2 eyes fella which bong is wearing? hahaa..he’s in this family already T__T

  41. Aww i think G-Dragon look so cute!
    heheh he looks like a little kid, a cute one =]
    i will & always love Sunset Glow performence.
    they always smiling while doing the performence
    and maybe that’s why i love it more! but i cannot
    imagine Big Bang doing Sunset Glow performence with
    frowns and tiredness. But i don’t want to see them
    with those expressions b/c it will make the performence
    less happy. but yeah…
    Whoa, Dae is getting more girls & girls
    Lols; talk about a ladies man (:
    i wouldn’t minde texting with him but i don’t have a phone. =/
    Yeah what does the shower thingy mean?
    i still wanna know who he’s texting with though.

  42. yeah BB’s hottt so they all can get lots of girls but Baby Ri is a girl killer kekeke i came to this concl after Ri’s fun fun radio and his kissing pic with his ex-g luv u Baby <<<3

  43. oh my dae. hahah…I love the theme color outfits!

  44. I don’t mind exchanging text messages with Dae Sung, ROFL

    But yeah, the Media always have to make a lot of controversy.

  45. lol sorry for all the misunderstanding about the translation. did it really briefly 5am in the morning.. >.<

    but thanks for clearing up too, i didn’t understand the part about the insole thing

  46. LMAO hilarious when TOP was gettin somethin outta his hair

    Ahhhh!!!~~~ YB, SR and TOPS “i love u gurl”… im dead!! ^____^

    lol SR mannerism after he sings his part is so funny but cute lol

    WHOA~ I love GD’s style! lol gotta love DaeSung “oooh weeee!!” lol

    Ohhh yes, VIPS represent when YB said VIP : D

    LMAO tchyea in the end GD was just lookin at his glove
    like..oh wow, pink! lol hahaha

    Theres somethin about the stage..its really cool lol I just
    loved the performance : D

    I do not get DaeSung in the shower thing -_-
    lol im sure it is something random

  47. gargargar..i’m watching it now. the part where daesung revealed his secrets…i hope his telling the truth..i wonder who..

  48. heliodus

    really? wOw..thank you sOOO much! yeah cross fingers!!!

    i saw d pic,,wow se7en seems have lost weight,,did he? but hes still HOT!!! lucky u got 2 c him perform..^^

    btw THANK YOU again..i cant wait for them 2 get their rest next year and have some fun,,d boys *ehem* i meant the men need it forreal..hehe^_^

  49. whoa. Bong looks really good in that hat/hairband/bandana thingy xD
    makes him look even cuter:P
    I DEMAND MORE CLOSE-UPS OF BABY!! T^T how come so little…
    I love Bae’s ‘I LOVE U GURL’…so cute><

  50. vicky:
    i’m gonna remind you again to categorize your posts.

    it’s your job to organize your posts for future references.

  51. I love that camera man xD! Awwww poor Tabi he have something stuck on his hair T.T….Steve is gone ='(
    YB said VIP yay! .< awwwww i really love this camera xD!

  52. thats lik mah favorite sunset … perfff ever caz the camera man lol
    GD lok so freakin darn kute w/ the head thin

  53. nya

    I KNOW!!!
    They serioulsy NEED TO LEARN that we don’t care about the pretty lights and the stage
    we care about our boys’ face goddamn it!!!

  54. Jini

    Bong is known for his playa self hahahaa
    got his first gf when he was in elementry school with a nuna T___T haha

  55. Sexica

    just don’t APPLY it to anything then you shoudl be good hahahaha

  56. Maryam

    yea~ they come out at every end of the performance to do the ‘ah ah ah ah’ as a group

  57. candysweetz

    I KONW!!!!

  58. sis in law

    beacuse Baby is wearing suits nowaday
    and dang he look MIGHTY FINE haha
    but I still want my cutie patootie hahaha

  59. jiyanz

    which one ???
    I gave the one with the 2 tails the name ‘Steve’ already hhaha

  60. Melly

    yea~ I’ll try to remember to do it
    I’ve never done those catagory things
    and it’s been a year since I’ve been … not doing it haha
    so old habit is hard to break
    i’ll try to remember to do it though

  61. Mariale

    I know~ when we like Steve.. he’s gone after 2 days
    and with Sam…. it was here for a LONNNNNNNNNNNG TIME.

  62. Vi
    now tell me…
    what would I be learnin if
    I didn’t apply it to anythin???!
    gotta watch carefully now

  63. VI

    that was in elem. school!?
    keke. wow he musta been a smooth talking 10 year old!
    HA! he probably rapped for her or sth. XDD

  64. Sexica

    hahahah well if you apply it….. keep it in TOP ZONE alone
    don’t wander no where near my man hahah

  65. Jini

    this boy have such amazing charm its…. whoa
    he can get any girl he want
    i’m sure his number of girlfriends he had are more than 5

  66. VI

    hhaha maybe~
    i bet all he has to do is look at a nuna or dongseng, bite his lip and walk away… 😀
    what would you do if he did that to you!? bahahah

  67. where can I watch family outing of big bang ? big bang rocks and i love their sunset glow performance 🙂

  68. Daesung’s whooooo wee!

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