Daesung, by FO’s Exposure that He “Exchanged Text Message with a Female Group Member,” He Undergoes Hardships



Credit to: Newsen
Original article: Click here
Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Idol star Daesung from Big Bang admitted that he exchanged text message with a female group member.

On 23rd during ‘Family Outing’ of SBS ‘Good Sunday,’ he confessed shyly that he has “exchanged text message with a female group member before.”

One of members exposed a secret, “I saw Daesung exchanging text messages with a female group member” and as he was showing his surprised expression, he made idle remarks that he “won’t be able to work forever from now on if this continues.”

Daesung continued and spoke, “I exchanged two text messages but I drew the line (between us),” thus brought misconception. Although it was a simple text messages that can be exchanged between colleagues, he was trying to explain that there’s nothing special between them; family members cheered him that “it’s fine to exchange to keep in touch.”

In addition, Daesung revealed, “when only cold water came out when I was about to take shower, I pretended like I took shower.” But, this was a secret that he revealed himself. He made an awkward smile and showed interest about his another secrets (that others wrote).

But at a sudden exposure he said, “I put on a slipsole on the first episode of ‘FO'” and feigned innocence. But ended up confessing that “I put slipsole inside of shoes during opening and ending of the show” and made people around him burst out in laughter.


There was a bit of confusion at Sookyeong’s translation while I was reading and seemed like Vicky was getting confused about cold shower as well, so I looked for an articlelogo4 and translated by own to clarify for everyone just in case there was a misunderstandings.
I hope this helped everyone a bit.

*slipsole – i meant this styrofoam block looking thing that you put inside of shoes to make you look taller. a lot of male celebrities wear them; it’s like how female celebrities wear high heels to make them look taller.


~ by jeska on November 24, 2008.

33 Responses to “Daesung, by FO’s Exposure that He “Exchanged Text Message with a Female Group Member,” He Undergoes Hardships”

  1. bet u either SNSD or Wondergirls

  2. people are psycho.. he is a PERSON so he need to talk with other people too. He is not a robot which has to talk only with those people who we want..
    I think this is his personal thing with who he talks..
    and if I had a chance I would write text messages with another celebs, what is wrong in it?
    and he wrote to a girl – ok
    it would be worse if he would talk only with guys..

  3. hahaahaha! he was even asked by yo jae suk if he loves that woman or if that message is love message then he said no it’s not like that. then they said so don’t be worried..hahaha!
    i really love family outing…he was so cute. and he is really getting close to his hyori noona..there was a time there when they cooked some korean fod i remember and they can’t pull the cover he looked at lee hyori really closely..ah so sweet..damn i want to be his noona too!!!

  4. maybe kara or browned eyed girl. hahaha! or maybe the girl who likes him…

  5. i still dont understand the slipsole-shoes part…

    maybe it was an episode thing?

    but cool. our daesung doesnt always shower. he either just smells naturally good. or deodorant did the trick… or no one noticed. ahahhaha

  6. hahas. i hope its a member from the wondergirls. Daesung is seriously so cute. XD

  7. i’m betting wondergirls…. >}
    but ahahaha
    well at least he admit it xD

  8. After reading this it was much clearer now. hehehe.
    Dae should get used to shower with cold water, though that would be hard in a very cold weather…hehehe.
    I tried it and all my body heat just went smoking up in the air…it was fun to watch your arms release smoke…hehehe.
    Dae is too cute…I got this feeling it’s a wondergirl though. =)

  9. …I like his hair.
    LOL, random.

  10. omo, daesung pretends he took shower so he’ll cried how cold the water where in fact he wasn’t even let the cold water into his skin. LOL XD Daesung’s really a funny guy! I think it’s Kara or Wonder Girl’s Ye Eun. HAHA ;]

    And I love family outing because of him!

  11. Oh yes, it makes sense now. Thank You.
    It is hard to take a shower in cold water, i understand Dae
    Lols since i’m reading it’s wonder girls,
    yes maybe it might me Yeeun b/c now they are going
    to go to school/university together =]
    idk maybe though, he should’ve of gave a clue who on it
    is though. gr but, his hair is BROWN & BLACK
    i can see the some parts of it black! Lmao

  12. i bet its someone from wonder girls…they’ve done so much together….i hope its Ye Eun (sorry im a wonderbanger lol) they’re just adorable together =)

  13. But i think its taeyeon.. after all
    she is the only one who’s every been closer to him
    even when you see wonder girls and big bang together they
    dont really talk much

  14. it could be kara…i read somewhere that a member likes him so much

  15. OMG! could it be YeEun? JK!

  16. I think is from wondergirls!
    maybe park ye eun?
    wonderbang couple – dae eun!

    daesung is damn cute >.<

  17. he’s an adorable guy forever~~
    i’m fine with him texting that female group member
    and i’m happy that he’s texting her as his friend.
    and i don’t mind even if he likes her hehe~~
    he’s happy, i’m happy.

  18. aww..dae is so cute!
    i don’t find him exchanging text with other female group as a biggie cause he only worked with them..like wondergirls for example. hahhaa.

  19. Daedae……~
    He betrayed me.NOOOOOO~
    nvm,as long as he happy *wink* 😉
    still love him to death.go DAEDAE!

    i wonder why he need slipsole tho.Isnt he tall enuff?
    (I think the 1st episode is the one they wear tux and dresses?)
    LOL how adorable,wanna be as tall as your hyungs huh?

  20. aww my dae. Everyone wants to be friends with him, i wouldn’t be surprise if a female idol likes him. He’s too funny!

  21. omgggggggg im so jealous- but i dont blame him 🙂
    he’s a good lad :p 😀
    i love u daesungggggggggggggggggggg,
    but plz dont be in love with ‘her’ tho!

  22. Ohhhh now i understand 😀 Thanx Jeska 😀 u rock!
    so a female member group is stalking Dae ¬.¬ uhmmmm i wonder who is she…?
    lol~slipsole xD!

  23. LOL daesung’s so awesome ^^
    poor guy, so much misunderstanding D:

  24. haha daesungie~
    yea the previous translation wasn’t totally correct.
    the whole shower thing is that Daesung doesn’t like cold showers so if all the hot water is gone and only cold water is left. he just pretends that he’s taking a showerd and makes noises like he is taking a shower.
    haha soo cuute~
    i was watchin this episode yesterday
    my dad downloads everything for me 😀

  25. ohhhhkay
    i get it xD

  26. thanks for explaining the article Jeska 😀

    also Happy Birthday Girl 😀


  28. ^^ Well I hope it was Wonder Girls.
    I love Wonder Girls && Big Bang therefore I love Wonderbang.
    I hope its Yeeun ! OMG, I’ll die.

    Ahaha. I really hope its not Jiyoung [Girl that likes him in Kara]
    I love Kara but isnt that weird ?
    He’s 20 and she’s like 14 . Maybe when she’s older and Age difference doesnt really matter but right now I dont want him to be labeled at pedofile.
    Even if they were writing love notes to each other its still awkwards.
    But I love Kara. and Maybe when she’s older.

  29. Thank you Jeska for translating it again.
    LOL at Daesungie..

  30. i watched the episode
    and it sounds like the female idol group member initiated the exchange of text msgs.

    so its mostly likely someone who’s interested in knowing dae –
    Kara’s Jiyoung is a very large possibility

  31. omg..yeah daesung is a person too just a lil busy..anyway…i wonder who she waS..HAHA

  32. hi! The babes are here! This is my favorite site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  33. ITS A GIRL FROM KARA!!!! i think jiyong .. if you watch episode 72 of FO daesung & UEE have a conversation & when they do KARA’s song immediately plays up …. hehe cute

    im not saying its like a relationship, cos the idols DO have friends that are other idols & that are girls not just guys
    so no biggie =]

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