Preview of Baskin Robbins Ad. | 11.24.08 Shooting of Baskin Robbins CF on Mnet WideNews

Read more details about their CF concept, thanks to SooKyeong. Baskin Robbins are giving out snow man beanies, like the one the boys are wearing…….. not fair; I can’t buy ice cream in Korea!!!

Big Bang will bring you Snowmen and ‘Dream House’ this Christmas season

nimco pointed this out, GRi is wearing pink beanies while the rest are wearing blue. 😀
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS PREVIEW????? I wanna see the CF so freaking badly now!!! AHHHH!!!!! Why make us wait??? All of them wearing snowman beanies kekeke the concept of the CF is that they will be chasing snowmen around kekekek that’s cute Look at Dae and his over excited self in the back kekeke you’re too cute Dae ah~ Even Bae be working the cute magic, winking too kekek Bong………..blowing out the candle with that face.. I’m dead XD… DEAD~ Tabi being mad but OH SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! TABI AH!!!!!!!!! Mad that Bong will eat ur cake?? keke my Baby in the back going XDDDD hahahaha love it, I cannot wait man!!!!!! Need to see it… now.

But since that’s not gonna happen right now, let’s watch more of them behind the scene.. keke watch our DJ TOP work his magic… such a dork it’s amazing haha.

11.24.08 Mnet WideNews
Shooting of Baskin Robbins CF
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Thanks to S님

Thanks to S님

Ahhh~ hahaha Tabi and his DJ self kekek scratching cake the stand and using the tape as his headphone kekekek that is too awsome haha. Baby’s face brighten up right away when he got to sit down in the middle, awwwh~ Baby ah the hyungs let Baby do the introduction kekeke him and his camera, his face look so bright and happy.. aww~~ taking picture with his ‘camera’ and Tabi in the back T____T hahaha

keke they’re running around again, this time it looks like they’re trying to kill mosquitoes haha doesn’t it though???? so violent mosquitos… making my Baby out of breath, thought he look so cute slapping haha. Dae is complaining about Tabi who keep attacking his perky butt hahaha poor Dae, TABI AH~~~~ Leave Dae alone please!!!! hahaha the boy is only 19!!!!

HAHAHAHA CLUB BIGBANG with DJ SUNNY!!!! hahahah first time Bae attempt dry gag kekekek this is interesting keke DJ TOP walked in khahahaha with the tape T____T of course the gag king is better hahahah with the sounds, Tabi wins in life.

Tabi must be the happiest member since his love for ice cream is just TOOOO BIG~ haha Bong with his eyes thing.. Bong ah~ kekek Wolly feeding the boys candy kekek that is cute!!

I’m not a fan of ice cream cake at all since my throat can’t handle too much sweet, I ate too much candy on Halloween and more cake on my Birthday, the result is my throat STILL HURT until today, so I have cake-phobia right now haha but I wanna eat this cake so badly; I blame the dudes in the snowmen beanies.


~ by Vicky on November 24, 2008.

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  1. wah~~ the pictures is so cute! can’t wait for the cm!! gonna be loving this Christmas!

  2. O.O me^_^

    ah, idk what 2 say seriously..

  3. OMG!they are tooo can they do a total hot cf that will give you a heart attack then switch to being sooooooooo cute and adorable for another cf?why are they doing this to,am dying to see the BR cf.i cant wait!!!they can fit any concept and look like they were born to do it.i love how G-Ri are wearing the pink hats and bebe,dae,and tabi are wearing blue.Bebe’s english is so hot and he loves to use it,lol.we also get some more daebi love.tabi just cant keep his hands off of dae.bong brought out all of his cuteness and hopefully we get to see more G-Ri moments,miss them.and i also wish that baby can sing more of his solo,so hot.since were the same age,it feels weird calling him baby but i cant help,another long essay.

  4. umm wat does cf stand for?

  5. how effing adorable is that freaking picture !!
    makes me wish i had a winter christmas so i can wear those beanies but noooooooo, i have a hot summer christmas . damn you aussie land LOL

  6. Vi
    OH MY GAD!!!!!!!
    The perview is too cute XD!!!!!!! No words to describe them all.
    Ah~~~ snowman beanie….
    Hubby look so madly cute XD!!! Hubby ah!!!
    LOL at he’s mad at bong eating his cake up. Hahaha

    Hahahaha… ur hubby really is cute.
    After he sit between the hyungs he got all better. Look at his pure smile.
    So adorable, but soon this pure smile will be corrupted by u.
    I can’t see the day he’s legal. So many things u could do to him. Hahaha

    AWW~~~ look at Tabi hubby at the back his reaction.
    “uh? Hah! Aw~ haha” kekeke… his face look like this. And mine look like this XD!!!!!

    Kill mosquitoes?? Keke…
    Why I think the CF concept is trying to catch the fliying ice cream cake?? Hahaha

    My Tabi turn out to be BUTT MOLESTER.
    Why naw?? Kaka
    But he’s ENJOYING every seconds of it. Look at his face ~.~a
    Poor Dae’s butt. It look so hurts, leave the butt be hubby.
    At 2:31, look at hubby’s face that said “I’m not SATISFIED enough”

    I really want to know what he’s talking about.
    Look at his smile before he went in the room. Ah~~~ melts me.

    BUHAHAHA… gag king. Yup he is.
    That position is perfect for him. Hahaha
    It’s hilarious! Hubby with the scratching cake stand and the tape. XD!!!
    I love him so much!! Hubby…

    Kekeke… I love them playing the song while Tabi talk.
    OMG… hubby just love ice cream too much.
    If it’s about ice cream, he’ll talk in the whole interview.
    He rarely talks, but here… he’s like the main actor. kakaka
    Also, why they censored it again? I really really really want to know what he’s talking about.
    I think hubby said something about “choco”?? Do u have any clue?

    It’ll be really great if we have the translation of this or the subs verse, isn’t it Vi?
    Ah~~ it look so fun but I can’t understand anything. >.<

  7. awww that picture is sooo cute!!
    makes them look like cuddly life sized toys..
    i want one lol ^__^

  8. DUUUUDE, i love this freaking preview/shooting.
    OMGG! Mr.TOP impressed me the most in this video.
    He couldn’t keep his hands off of Dae’s buttt!
    How cute is that? And his DJ-ing? Ohgosh, that
    seriously is so funny (: Haha, I want some of that
    cake too. I really do. Babyri & his camera, loll,
    so dorky & CUTE :] Hahaha. I can’t wait for this
    CF to come out. My life will be satisfiedd :]

  9. I’ve seen the vid on youtube a few hours ago…hehe…OMG!
    Baebae’s english…so damn sexy…darn it…”I’m gonna make you move,”…I would be in total trance if I was there listening to him speak in english, it’s like whatever he tells me I’ll do it! hahah!
    I love Tabi’s impression of cd-scratching, hehe…LOL with the tape…he really has to do that don’t you think? hahaha!
    Speaking of tabi, tsk3, poor dae and his butt…tabi seems to harass it a lot…waaaa…
    Bong was a bit down on the interview when the rest of them are hyperactive. but he looked so cute with his cheeks puffed while looking at the cake. hehehe.
    Baby was just too cute…He sat in between Bong and Baebae, and he tries to introduce them, then he runs out of breath after mosquito chasing i mean snowman catching…the adorable maknae. ^^

    That picture…OMG……..everyone looks so adorable…darn it they made the snowman beanies look fashionable and cute…I wanna get one for christmas! haha! with them included…

    I really can’t wait to see the CF! waaaa…they are teasing us so badly.

    Thanks lil sis in law!!!

  10. AHH~
    look at them! they look so cute! 😀

  11. J-G-RILEEN

    seriously right?? freaking speechless
    takes me a while to get myself back and think of something to say

  12. nimco

    INORITE!! They can pull off anything
    their bipolar-ness make us dizzy… and dead haha


    Bong needs to get his butt back to Baby
    or else we’re gonna have some problem
    Baby is 2 years older than me hahaha but he’s still my Baby kkee

  13. josh

    it’s what Korean call commercials
    it stands for Commercial Film
    they just shorten it to CF

  14. yumyumSUSHI

    Florida is like that most of the time
    but surprisingly these past couple of weeks it’s been chilly
    get to wear my winter clothes LOVE IT!


    GGAHHH!!! I wanna see the CF ALREADY!! ahh! CMON!!

    OMG!! ahh I cant get over how seriously cute that pic is LOL!!! AAHH!

  16. AHAHA. So cute.
    Does Baskin Robbins do this every year .
    Last year, Wonder Girls did one and it was somewhat similar.
    but they had raccoon hats and a different cake and dancing instead of chasing after snowmen.
    Overall I love the Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake CF every year.
    Its always sooo darn cute.
    i dont wanna wait longer.

    Top and Taeyang being DJ’s. ROFL.

  17. nya

    I KNOW GURL~~~
    I went insane when I first saw it
    NO WORDS can freaking describe!!!!!

    ur man gotta be the special cute one and pull the mad look
    he’s pulling me in every freaking day
    I’m telling you
    it’s not my fault

    hahah the fact that he’s legal or not doesn’t effect what I want to do to him one bit hahah
    from day one those things are already there hahaha

    HAHAHAH Tabi and his dry gags are amazing kekek
    They say the concept for this CF is that they will be chasing snowmen around hahaha
    that’s why there’s snowmen on their beanies kekekke

    brother in law have been butt-molested by Bong many time already kekek
    its PAY BACK TIME!! Just on Dae kekeke
    that’s ur fault then, go and satisfy him gurl~

    he keep making that scratching sound then the ‘WOOOLLLY’ hahaha
    he really look like a DJ right there haha
    that’s hilarious, love it.

    I think he’s talking about the CF and they’re not suppose to reveal it so soon
    so that’s why the block it out

    hopefully someone will sub it
    I would ask someone to translate it but it’s the last week of November… meaning I have midterms and ART JURY COMING UP!!!
    Why the heck did I go to a freaking art school for??
    Art Juries are NOT fun at all
    and I have to start working on stuff T________T
    I’m a lazy asss…. soo… idk how that’s gonna work out.

  18. OK..i noticed @ 4:50-4:54 Bae is lookin’ @ Baby n’ BabyG is lookin’ @ Bae, while baby n’ his own world lookin @ nowhere(?) haha..LOVE TRIANGLE?..LOL^_^ I just LOVE’em!!!

  19. LMAO ahhhaahahaha!!! OMG!

    after seeing GD’s cute face with the 2 peace signs I kept
    CRACKIN UP oer DJ TABI..LOL hahaha omg…with tape as his
    head phones..HILARIOUS!! LOL omg I so did not expect that lol

    SR is so cute pointing at the camera n takin pics LOL hahaha

    LMAO TOP and DaeSung are so funny…lol what the hells wrong
    with TOP! hahaha he keeps spankin DS LOL poor DS, dont worry
    its only hyung love lolol

    OMG!!! AHHH! wait holdon let me collect myself, I totally went
    CRAZY when I heard my DJ SUN (LOL) SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

    AHHH!!! lol the hilarious part is how his voice was so DEEP
    LOL and he really does it like those techno DJs LMAO hahaha
    then that random techno music playing LOLOL omg! cracks me up!!

    “im dj sun, im gonna make you move, im club dj, im gonna make
    you dance” LMAO…thats so techno clubbish LOL..hmmm…go there
    much YB?? hahaha LOVE his ENGLISH! and impersonation! lol
    And then theres DJ TABI!! LOL hahaha he sounds weird and funny
    making those scratching noises hahaha or beatboxing LOL so
    funny how MNET subbed it hahaha

    I cant wait for this CF!!! yay!! I want icecream cake noww!!

  20. I 4gOt 2 mention, d way babyG look @ bae is like “what r u lookin’ @ my baby 4?”..haha..I really miss this couple… 😦

  21. OMG!!!
    the pic was sooo adorable!!!!
    I die

    my man reeeeally know what he’s doin
    stickin his hands on Dae’s butt
    looks more like he’s punishin him….how hot!
    though it would be hotter if I was Dae… 0.0
    (ignore that XP)

    DJ Tabi….LMAO!!
    the sounds he was makin OMG!!!
    definitely the gad king himself

    there it goes again the part when poor Tabi gets the beeping sound
    I relly want to know what he said

  22. I meant d G-RI couple..haha..babyG U BETTER TREAT BABY NICER!!! n’ G_RI 4EVER….

  23. sis in law

    kekeke of course brother in law’s english is very sexy haha
    I’m sure he make YOU move haha

    Tabi is just natural when it comes to dry gag hahaha
    he’s the gag king for god’s sake kekeke
    he really does look like a DJ with that tape to his ear hahaha

    they really look like they’re chasing mosquitos instead of snowmen huh? hahaha
    snowmen can’t fly that’s for sure hahah

  24. Connie

    yeah it’s kinda like a traditional thing with them
    but the concept change each year as they change different endorsers


  25. J-G-RILEEN

    everyone wants a piece out of Baby
    but i’m POSITIVE
    that Baby doesn’t want no one but Bong :DDD
    and me kekekeke

  26. rosiebb

    DJ SUNNY and DJ TOP wins in life hahaha
    they just know how to have fun even with a cake stand kekeke

  27. J-G-RILEEN

    GRi need to show us some action already!!!!!

  28. Sexica

    nah gurl~
    I can’t ignore that oh so perverted comment coming from you hahaha
    no way Jose~

    I think he revealed something about the CF that’s not suppose to be reveal until the day the CF release
    so that’s why they block it out

  29. LMAO!!!
    I…I yeah you’re right

    Oh no wonder
    poor Tabi
    now he’s the one that need to get punished

  30. Vi
    No words could describe their cuteness.
    When I first saw it I went “AHHHH!!!”
    my pervy smile come out somewhere. Fufufu…

    Hah… hubby ah~~~ why u do this??

    Stay on ur main goal vi.
    Baby is there waiting for u to corrupt him. Hahaha…

    I know it. Hahaha… he really fit for gag king position.
    The feeling that I get from seeing DJ Sun & DJ Top completely different! XD!!!

    Naw naw.. killing mosquitoes make a better sound then chasing snow man around. Hahaha… they really look like killing so many mosquitoes in their house. Haha
    Snowman beanies… I never know this kind of beanies could give me a heart attack.

    Hahaha… I love ToDae!! But I think this time hubby went too far.
    He do it too many times. Poor Dae butt.
    Looks like our boys all love to molest butt.
    Remember how they molest baby butt?? Know what I’m talking about??

    Hubby haven’t gone home since so long time.
    Leaving me alone. They have a really thigh schedule.
    Maybe that’s why he went to molest Dae? He can’t hold it again I think. Hahaha
    Hubby, don’t worry, as soon as u come hoe, we’ll do it. Kakaka

    Aw~ midterms? Glad mine have finished.
    U-go-gurl~ fighting for midterms!
    Hahaha… I hope someone will. That CF is too hilarious to be left like this.
    But only few ppl could understand Korean >.<
    Btw, What is Art Juries?

    Soon BR sale on ice cream cake will boost to the sky after the CF come out. Hahaha
    VIP just won’t leave it be. Kekeke…

  31. i wish i could understand the video 😦
    but watching it makes me giggle like a 5 year old,
    …or thats what my sister says as she sits next to me

  32. hahaha.this is so adorable!! they look the cutest in the snowmen beanies! now i want that beanie for myself.haha.thanks for this!
    i think this is one of their cutest pictures so far.
    i can’t wait for the CF.
    thanks vicky! ❤


  34. “I’m DJ Sun…im gonna make you move…im gonna make you dance…im Club DJ” ahahahahahhaah oh my YB…seriously what a cutie..busting out his english, he really loves doing that these days eh? hahah id go to this club everyday and night…

  35. Oh the butt grabbing. Didn’t know TOP had it in him. xD I adore the preview pic so much. Their facial expressions are priceless. I wonder if Baskin Robbins will be giving those hats out with cake purchases like they did with the Wonder Girls fox hats.

  36. hahas…the preview pic was great.I love seeing how top kept touchin daedae butt.[i’m so “disappointed” in top-haas…cause,he looks interested in daedae]
    wow…it’s like long time neva see the G-ri couple…I wish dey continue this “relationship”.I want to see this couples more often…i waiting 4 them 2 release the CF.
    and now seems like there are 2 couples in bigbang:)))hahas…G-ri and T-sung.

  37. wow.. they are so cute!!!
    cant wait for the CF!!!!!

  38. oh gawd~ d pic& d vid r juz 2 adorable im speechless. i was giggling d whole time haha. Gah~ TOP&YB being DJs… hot esp. wen YB talked in eng hehe. &SeungRi being all happy coz he was in d middle&he get 2 start d interview is juz priceless ha. &d BUTT SLAPPING is my fav. haha xD

  39. Aww they are soo cute!
    DaeSung looks happy
    i can imagine TaeYang doing the “Big BANG!”
    & G-dragon looks cute, i like when his bangs
    stick out when he wears hats.
    TOP looks mad-ish
    and Seungri looks like he’s about to give a hug
    aww. i cannot wait fore the REAL CF!!!
    what’s the cake with the 1 candle for?
    For the Video:
    OMG G-Dragon, i want a pizza slice too!
    Mister DJ TOP, aww yes change the 2 seunghyun arounds
    and make little seunghyun sit next to g-dragon (:
    Lmao Seungri looks cute with him fake taking a picture
    hehe what are they trying to catch?
    Aw the are so cute & funny, gosher i love them
    and i cannot wait for christmas, since i’m watching this

  40. AAHH
    i agreed
    IM Dead!!!!
    i have my test tomorrow but after watching that
    i dont even remember my name.. how an i suppose to remember stuff for my test
    IM DEAD!!!
    PS:: Bong is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    To: Bong
    (Singing) I cant take my eyes of-fa You!!!!

  41. omgggg! this is MUST HAVE >___< i can’t wait to see the CF
    LOL~Dj Sunny and Dj TOP<3333

  42. who wants snow man beanie wearing, ice cream cake blowing,
    super adorable Big Bang members for Christmas? *raises hand
    proudly* I DO! I DO! xD

  43. omg this is so cute!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait..hahahaa~~
    catching mosquitoes and chasing around..can’t wait for the cf to be released!!

  44. me too! can’t wait for the cf to be released.. >.< These boys are totally AWESOME! :DD

  45. ————-Damn it—————-one of those videos that´s doing everything right!!!???

    Seriously, can´t say anything bad about it.

    The boys all seemed so full of energy-they even got me smiling at my monitor…..

    What can I say?
    TOP seriously owns this clip! He was everywhere, doing everything and hitting everyone!

    Simply cool—–I will shut up now.

    (aahhhh, before I forget it—–when in hell did TY get so good at english? Must have been practicing ALOT!)

  46. OMG!!!!!!
    jiyong oppa…
    why u so cute..

  47. aaawww thats so sweet… g-ri are wearing matching colour beanies.. :DDDD

  48. what a random english~
    our DJ SUNNY~ LMAO

    TOP seems bullying dae2 by spanking his butt!!
    using his “hyung” status to bully them wkwkwk

  49. DJ TOP was so hilarious, love him<3

  50. omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*:*
    the pic is exceptionally cute for wordsssssssssssssss 😀
    and the video is so funny/cute hahah 😀

    i love bongs face the most its so cute! <33
    TOPs face was hott. kek.
    baby was like OHHHHHH! lol

  52. oh my Tabi…what did you do????=))…leave Dae alone…:))

  53. I came here every morning to take a gOOd look @ our “men”..haha..then i would happily gO 2 school [though i dislike school, im inspired so im happy ^_^] btw GOOD MORNING VIPz!!! ^_^

  54. dream house?? stay wif BB??
    haha, kinda dreaming again!!!

    wanna play snowball with them!!!
    wanna have my christmas with them….

  55. So cute.
    And I want CAKE!!!

    Damn Baskin Robbins, needs to bring me some cake!!!

  56. Aigoo that could have been maknae blowing out the candle. Poor baby~ Those hats are super adorable.

  57. omg i want a beanie!! where can i get one??

  58. omg, those snowman-beannie’s are so freaking cute O_O
    must have one =o where can you buy it? ps: GD isz being
    freaking adorable *drool~~*

  59. OH HOW CUTE!

  60. OH HOW CUTE!

  61. I love Bae speaking english its soo funny and cool at the same time. his english has really improved!!!! DJ SUNNY FTW!!!

  62. WTHH? they’re giving it out! I wANT ONE. WHY IS IT SO CUTE?! and why must it only be in korea. -______- I wanna see that CF.

  63. omg Top facist is so darn cute

  64. omg i want a snow beanie.
    they are soo cute! damn wish
    i was in korea.

  65. Sexica

    I’m always right kekeke
    wonder what KIND of punishment haha

  66. nya

    Baby is waiting at the end of the street but your man is on the side and keep on waving… what am I suppose to do??
    it’s NOT my fault

    dude~ Baskin Robbins is giving out those snowmen beanies!!!!

    He went too far for you
    or he went too far for Dae?
    ekekek Dae was complaining about it
    the hyung is unstoppable.
    Bong like to molest butts the most hahahaha

    “we’ll do it”???

    since I attend an art school
    at the end of the semester I have to show the art teachers what I’ve been working on for the whole time and talk about it with them and they will critique my work
    and I have NOTHING done
    which is VERY VERY BAD
    and i’m very very screwed

  67. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gaaaaaaaaaaaad
    i need those beanies XDDDDDDDD

  68. GiGi

    appearently they will
    aishh~~~ i want one!!! BADLY~~

  69. geles

    the couple will always be there haha
    GRI love FOREVER~

  70. Heather

    what kind of a question is that??
    everyone will raise their freaking hand hahaha

  71. spinx

    kekekeke the boys cuteness and hyper self really have no flaw
    haha especially Mr. TOP and his DJing self hahaha
    with the tape… T___T speechless

  72. sarah

    it’s only available for ppl who buy the cake at the Baskin Robbins store in Korea

  73. chrissy

    no if you look closer
    you can see Dae wearing a blue one
    with pink details on the snowman

  74. Vi
    you seem to know too much I
    wonder why that is…. XP

    about that…
    I don’t know
    what do you siggest?

  75. Vi
    U could just go on, don’t need to worry.
    I’ll make him stop waving. Kakaka…
    U could just think that he wave his hand for me. Fufufu…
    (Oh, I’m too self confidence)

    Yup & they only give it out to Korean fans >.<
    Just think over it vi, they give out the beanies for Korean fans, but u’ll have UR HUBBY. Not the beanies ur hubby wearing but HIM. Hahaha…
    (We should make this dream come true)

    Hehehe… he went too far for ME. Haha
    I just realize this.
    Is this aired 24 Nov on Mnet?
    Haha… I’ll take it as a bday gift from hubby.
    To let me see the unstoppable dork & cute side of him. ^^v

    Hahaha.. I think Bong would like to molest the other PART too.. wohh~~ho~~

    Maybe u could get some inspiration from our boys?
    Like their cuteness or their style.
    Anything that u could connect to ur damn art juries ~.~
    This just like my lecturer Bong assignment. Well, at the end of semester too, we need to do his regular assignment but… that must conclude all of things we have learned from him. Haha…
    Which it make a terribly long essay.
    I think I made a book already with that assignment.

  76. they are so adorable !!!!!!!p.s. ur blog rocks

  77. Vi
    LOL. i like asking questions with the most obvious answers.
    oh and i just wanted to see if anyone else read my post and
    raised their hand. apparently no one but you. xD

  78. ah! 😀
    thats so freaking cute. 🙂
    i just love these boys.
    i cant find any flaws in them!
    THEYRE PERFECT. hahahahah

  79. ah! :DD
    thats so freaking cute. 🙂
    i just love these boys.
    i cant find any flaws in them!
    THEYRE PERFECT. hahahahah

  80. sorry for double posting. the first post didnt show up. lol

  81. ahh~~ the Dream House..

    Interesting article : D

    I wonder if the ‘battle of pursuit’ has to with
    Big Bang smacking mosquitoes lol hehehe

    I hope they have like a whole lot of different
    versions of this CF lol Im so excited!

  82. why is it that tabi looks so cute?!?
    i can’t take it anymore !!
    and i want that ice cream cake!!

  83. haha, yb is wearing his hat on a slant like how he wears hit fitted =| he’s hilariouss with the tape thing, haha and yb’s englishhh ❤

  84. oops, comment cut off,
    “haha, yb is wearing his hat on a slant like how he wears his fitted ❤ gd is so adorable, and i cant get enough of top’s face. he’s hilariouss with the tape thing, haha and yb’s englishhh <3”

  85. I’m sad how the Baskin Robins here aren’t as cool..T_T I want the beanie..DX

  86. kyeahhh~ i can’t wait till this CF comes out!
    its nice seeing them back together for the holidays…
    i wouldn’t mind asking santa for Baby’s camera, it’s so CUTE!
    && the BEST DJ of the YEAR is….TOP!!!
    LOL that part cracked me up! ohh YB’s english is great!
    the ice cream cake looks so pretty that who would want to eat it?
    the picture at the top of the post is PRICELESS. look at out boy’s faces…too CUTE!!! those hats-things that they’re wearing is adorable!!!

  87. I finally watched the video. I love listening to YB’s English. xD
    And, I’m jealous. I want the hat. =[

  88. i like this vid. because i can see that they are genuinley happy. they’re all having a good time…love everybody

  89. the picture is just adorable

  90. Sexica

    ahahaha you should know that by now gurl
    and… i can’t say that hahaha
    he’s ur husband
    you gotta take care of that yourself kekeke
    no comment from me 😀

  91. nya

    haha you make sure he do that
    I’ll speed up and get Baby hahaha

    yea……….I rather have the model than the clothing hahahahaha
    SOUND SO EFFIN RIGHT!! kkekeke

    it was
    I told you how my memory is
    just dazed
    worry too much about art jury I can’t remember anything
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    other parts that Baby love to be molest?? hahahaha

    ahahaha i wrote an essay on Bong before too kekekek
    it’s amazing how the words just flow
    but my concentration for my art assignments is ‘architecture and interior space’

  92. Heather

    or they’re just like me ‘WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT???”
    cuz damn gurl, so many hands will be raising…. no room to fit kekeke

  93. rosiebb

    they will be chasing around snowmen hahaha


    i luv how TOP is chasing Dae =D
    n Top being a dj is really nice too!
    But i have to say, Bae’s accent is soooo cute, gosh *.*

    i cant wait for the full spot!

  95. Vi
    Oh, of course I will, & u needn’t to turn back keke..
    Baby gurl go & get baby in one catch! Haha

    Actually the beanie is not that cute.
    Just coz of the model. They add so much “plus point” there. Haha…
    I’d like to take the model home v^^v. one is enough.
    Is it given separately? Hahaha…

    Hahaha… its okay gurl. Its okay.
    U’re better than my mom.
    When I bake my bday cake my mom said “oh, ur bday is coming. Its tomorrow right?”
    & my answer is “No. it’s today” hahaha…
    What a cruel mom. Haha..
    My bday is not that much interesting anyway. Just like the usual day.
    & don’t really like bday >.< that means I’m getting old.

    Wow~ gurl.. that sound so…. Umm… ehh… hmm…
    I think I better not saying it. Hahaha…

    HAHAHA.. OMG.. worst to be.
    How could u connect it to our boys? Hahaa…
    Or the pic that baby with the apartment? On Come to play? Kekeke…
    Kidding XD!!

  96. god…i love ice cream cakes! i have them nearly every year for my birthday. ahaha! and I LOVE THOSE SNOWMAN BEANIE HATS! i want them! they’re just as cute as the candle/cake ones wonder girls had!

  97. Vicky,

    Thanks for posting the CF on youtube!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND LOVE YOU. If you know where and how we can get them snowman beanie, please let us know 🙂 I’ll do the same if i come across the info!

  98. nya

    the model of course is x10000000000000000000000000 times cuter than the beanie
    if only they give out the model of choice as a gift for the purchase of a cake
    I don’t care where the heck that ice cream store is
    I’M THERE hahaha

    better than my mom
    it was a while ago, she popped into my room and ask me how old am I
    I was like… are you freaking kidding me?
    I said 18 and she actually believe me
    it was SAD~

    ur not old gurl~
    stop tripping
    age is only a number

    hurry up and get old so you can marry ur man legally kekeke

    well everytime I draw I always listen to Big Bang on my iPod
    it helps me concentrate keke

  99. CKT

    you can get them at Korean Baskin Robbins store
    they give them out as gifts for every ice cream cake purchase

  100. Vi
    haha I’m startin to
    ya know I was askin since you seem to have more experience
    you might know what works best

  101. they give them out as gifts for every ice cream cake purchase??
    i wonder if my mom would let me buy it….
    it’s winter and eating ice cream cake is kinda funny but…
    but…i want that snow man beanie !Vicky thanks for the info ^^

  102. Vi
    HAHAHA… giving out the model.
    Kekeke… even its in Antartic, I’ll be there too. Hehehe…

    Hahaha… we both have cruel mom.
    Not only we’re alike but I think our mom alike too. Kekeke…

    My face is older than my age.
    That’s what they said.
    So I’m kind of “sensitive” with this “old” word. Hahaha

    Ah~ if we can’t legally married in Korea, we could do it in Indo. Hahaha
    There’s many bridge here married when they’re only 16.
    That means u could marry baby here too. Hahaha

  103. the commercial is kinda weird, cuz they take the snowmen and pull them over their heads like hats then keep them there ^^’

  104. Seungro and jiyong are both wearing PINK snowman beaniess !! AWW ❤

  105. I know this is late but i really want to buy this hat
    do any of you have it or know where i can buy it please?
    Email to me : please
    some where that i can easy to order.

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