Kwon JiYong’s ARENA Photoshoot RELEASED!!!


UPDATE! Article about Big Bang’s ‘REMEMBER’ Album. Thanks to SooKyeong.

100,000 album sales in just 3 weeks into comeback

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Bong’s ARENA HQ Pictures are also release… and the hair extension…… still there hahaha but I don’t know if this is just me, but when I look at these pictures, his smile effect a lot of things haha. The hair extension is a big NO NO… but when he smile in the picture, it make everything looks fine and normal, but when give us that emo look on his face… hahaha everything just seem so depressing… in a sexy way haha do you get what I mean or am I just rambling here?? ARENA turns out to be a men’s fashion magazine, no wonder~ Bong’s mouth is really entertaining to stare at hahah serioulsy. not lying.

He’s labelled “Mr. Kwon JiYong” hahahaha… doesn’t that sound weird? keke

Kwon JiYong’s ARENA Photos


See how this smile changes everything???

my favorite 🙂

Thanks to 징요얌님 and ARENA


~ by Vicky on November 26, 2008.

81 Responses to “Kwon JiYong’s ARENA Photoshoot RELEASED!!!”

  1. AW!
    his smile is happiness <33
    he looked scary in the first picture! but his smile in the next made up for it XD

  2. jiyongie i gotta tell you, u really do it for me. let me just tell you, i cant think of any guy right now who i love more than yoooouuu….

  3. Yeaa, its really true! His smile makes the pic 100000 times better !

    he looks gorgeous ❤

  4. Nor really digging his clothes (as usual)….but he should smile more often—makes him look so much more relaxed and joyful.

  5. bong is just a cutiie!! xDD LOVE HiiS SMiiLE . . . . <3333

  6. i have just realised how cute jiyoung is. his smile really makes that big difference haha xD

  7. cute yong yong!!! hehehe.
    The last pic is so like his horoscope…the lion!! hihihi!
    I love his smile too, but his intense stare is really smoking…=)

    Gorgeous even with the weird hair ext.
    God, its so good looking at him,

  9. he is always handsome in any time
    he is great!!!

  10. hahahahahahahahahaha………….I can only laugh man……no words 4 it…..BUT I LOVEgazilliontyms HIM n’ HIS SMILE!!!!

  11. Ji Yong is totally cute i wished i het him but on the first pic he sorta looks emo but i still LUV him even he dating Sun Ye from wonder girls. (i hope not >w<)

  12. MR. kwon jiyong!!!!
    haha… so cuttie!!!
    man of the fashion^^

  13. ahha i really like the pictures!! the hair was really something different but i like it!

  14. the second one with the smile~~
    when i saw the fist one i was just like :S…”why so serious?”
    and then when i saw the second one…i immediately changed to 🙂
    the last one is my favorite too
    having fun with his fake bang yeah???

    oh by the way
    there’s already information about big bang’s concert posted in Soompi…
    you can go and check it out
    the concert is called BIG SHOW…and ticket cost 66 000 won..whichis about $66…

  15. his smile is cute.

  16. aww he looks so cute in the 4th 1 hehe

  17. omg!!!!
    his hair..
    but he’s cute.. when he’s smile..
    haha.. cute guy~~

  18. again…
    please be mine!! extension again T__________________T
    yup the 1st hair extension pic was kinda emo but when he smiles
    omg changed everything! my bong! i love you!!
    love the last pic too 🙂 kekeke

  19. work thatt extension. hah he is so freakinggg adorable. at first, i never had a fav in big bang, i couldnt help but love them all. but whatever gd does, it makes me love him soooo much more ❤ i just love how daring he is.

  20. Vi
    I love the suits bong earing.
    He look so gorgeous. Perfect.
    Like an art (well, except the hair extension)

    Aw~ bong smile is changes everything.
    U’re so right. He looks so cute~~

    LOL at 3rd pic pose. What’s that? haha

    I love 4th pic. Naughty sunny boy smile. he look so happy.
    Nothing worth more than our boys happy face.
    Make me want to smile like that too.
    Vi, know the ost of “Full House”?
    I think I
    Hehehe… try playing that song while looking at bong’s pics.
    Especially this 4th pic. U’ll feel “ah~~~”
    Hahaa… this one my favourite, ehhehe

    the last pic looks like he’s feeling so free.
    no pressure or anything.
    or maybe he’s releasing stress there? hehehe

    Mouth? Maybe u mean “Bong’s lips” fufufu…
    I know u’ll stare at it. Don’t need to lie.
    That happen to every normal gurl. Hahaha…

  21. haha not really a fan of his new hair extension lol er just wanted to say, you spelt released wrong lol XD mustve been to hyper to notice eh haha 😛

  22. HIS SMILE.right on 😀

  23. So so cute,loving…and that smile!!!OMO!No matter what,his the BEST,my all.

  24. OMG

    Bong is out to kill so many girls with this ^^

  25. i cheesed knowing me & my jiyongie have the same ring on the same finger <333

  26. keke
    thnks for sharing n uploading

  27. Oh boy!
    Ji yong looks absolutely breathtaking…as usuall! lol
    God i love him!

  28. that hair!! i have bangs too. like right in front of my face…but they’re not as long as his!! wtf?? haha. oh wellies. GD is still cuteS!

  29. Save me!
    Boi, just stop it. I want to live normally without thinking bout u every second 😛

  30. 😀
    Omygosh, you’re right, the smile
    does change everything. *GLAMOUROUSS :]

  31. SoySauce

    where did you hear that from?
    there isn’t any official statement saying that he’s in any relationship
    he also said himself that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now and only want to focus on his music

  32. ncly

    yea~ I already read about it this morning, just in Korea haha
    3 days of concert
    hope they won’t be exhausted.
    if the concert sold out too fast
    there’s a chance YG might have to add another date in
    it’s their annual once-a-year concert
    so of course it’s huge

  33. nya

    kekkeke i know the drama
    not so much of the OST
    since the drama is so boring to me

    releasing stress or consipated??? hehe
    nah gurl~ his mouth kekekeke
    i mean it when I said it.

  34. jennych

    BINGO!!! hahah missing an S
    thanks for telling me

  35. feyfey

    that’s just extensions haha
    not his real hair
    our Kwon Leadah may be bizarre but… hopefully not this much kekeke

  36. HOT HOT HOT! x]

    yea and his smile does make a big difference.

  37. XD look at where he’s pointing to in the first picture (if you don’t look at the words slapped across the pic)

  38. ahhhhhhhhhh~ oh my gad its so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    he kinda looks like he’s about to sneeze i that last pic, dont u think? ^^ lol

  39. haha. it looks like he’s trying to eat the hair extension
    in the last picture. xD

    but yeah, the extensions are a bit weird, but this is Jiyongie
    we’re talking about. he’ll make anything work. these pictures
    are actually really cute. ^__^

  40. since its thanks giving [n’ NO SCHOOL YAY lol^_^] Im watching all Big Bang videos, MV, concert vid. etc. and Im listening to ALL their music to remind myself why IM SOOO THANKFUL THAT BIG BANG EXIST!!! THANK YOU YG for BIG BANG AND THANK GOD [n’ their family] for creating them…I envy them cuz theyre dope talented people..haha^_^ AND OF COURSE THANK YOU BIG BANG for MAKING ME A VIP!!! yeah~^_^ <3alwayz~

  41. and YES thats my random post up there!!! ^___^

  42. OMG. I love his smile!? xD
    Yehhh!! He’s so cute~~! 😀
    Meh, but yeh, I’m not that fond of the hair extensions. :O

  43. Congratulation to our Ji Yong ^^
    He deserve it!!
    i always love his expression in every pictures..he’s really good at it… I’ll never get bored with his expression and his posture…sure..cause I love him…LoL ^^
    Also fall for all of his accesseries…wow…
    each is unique, and it matches the cloth he wears everytime…^^
    Love him more ~~ More~~~~~~

  44. oOoh baby, where ya’ pointing? i likeylikey.

  45. yeah, im not exactly sure i like the long long hair… O_O

  46. ohh. I don’t like the EXTENSION thing. LOL =.= I like his old hair! BRING IT BACK! =.= TSSSS.

  47. he is cute…but it isnt his best photoshoot i mean where is his wild side *roar* MAN

  48. lol@thefirst pic. It made me go wtf…
    then the next pictures made me giggle x)

  49. LOL hahaha loe the one where it looks
    like he’s yawning
    and where his smile is so HUGE!

    hehehe so cute!

  50. LOLS.
    gdragon being gdragon. ❤
    i love this dork! 😀

  51. i think he looks bettr with the hat on
    and ur right
    the hair extensions aren’t very good.
    but when he smiles….ahhh!
    i could just die!

  52. Aww, cute, despite the horrible extensions.

  53. forget about the hair extensions, i’ll love you no matter what ji yong ah~<33333333 ^___^

  54. YB’s GQ photoshot is also relreased.

  55. ahh~ i really envy all those staying in korea. if only i could just buy the tickets online and teleport to Jamsil Gymnastic Stadium on the 31st!

  56. That’s ma b0ii
    0m0…can’t find an0ther h0t,sexy,cute sexy namja like’s juz you Mr.KWON JI YONG.


  58. Omg, Jiyong is SO GORGEOUS.
    Aww, I wanna go to the concert so bad!

  59. aww i love the really big smile one ^_^ so cute =]

  60. his smile and his eyes can tell us all about how he feel
    he’s so cute in what he does**

    what should i do?
    why am i fallin in love with him badly?

    haha….nothing to do
    just love him more and more

  61. love.

  62. Vi
    I only watched half of the drama.
    I don’t really like it either, but I like the ost.

    U don’t know the ost? The title is “I think I”
    Oh~~ I really want u to hear the song while looking at our boys pic.
    That’s so sweet.
    Or maybe I’ll just send it to ur e-mail? Haha…
    Yup, I’ll do it. Hehehe…

    OMG… constipated???
    Hahaha… where the hell that idea come from??? HAHAHA…

    U’ll take both. Mouth & lips. kekeke

  63. @ YB 1st
    whoa. those pics of YB are hecka close up. you can see all
    the stubble on his face and everything. xD

    he’s still hot though.

  64. ohhhh the concert is in February T.T i have vacations that month T.T i wish i could fly to Korea U.U

    wow the pics *.* definitely the smile changes everything xD!

  65. bbilu
    nao nao
    let’s keep it PG kekekekke

  66. Dori

    ahaha with Bong…….I don’t know WHAT to think
    I’m too use to his weirdness


    HAHAHA you know that’s possible
    that sound like something our Bong would do kekek

  67. J-G-RILEEN

    sound like ur excited hahaha
    i’m glad we have 5 days off until school
    but i have to work on my art jury…
    URHG~ it’s the most stupidest thing ever
    why did i go to an art school? aish~

  68. nya

    I only know the ‘3 bear’ song from the drama ahah
    that was pretty hilarious
    and the part where she carried the grandma but dropped her on the way home haha
    THAT is good tv kekekeke

    hahahah well that face tells me many thing kkekek

    gurl~ you can only kiss with his lips
    there’s MANY things you can do with his mouth hahahahaha

  69. Vi


    not exactly the most mature pose, all i can sae ^^’

    and that smile, i agree, changes it. he went from smobby rich person to happy dork ^^ so luvable.

  70. ^ohh… does my picture show up NOW…?

  71. love his smile it makes me smile

  72. AWWW HIS SMILE!! >.< AMG awesome!!!

  73. Vi
    I don’t even remember the story again.
    I only remember the song. Kekeke…
    Coz its our favorite song when we go to karaoke & we always sing it together.

    Many things.
    I wonder what kind of thingd?? Hehehe

    OH MY GOD!!! Even I didn’t think over there.
    Hahaha… u win in life gurl.


  75. waaaow,,really cute GD!!! luve him sooo much!!

  76. awwwwwwwww
    Jiyong is soooooo freakn adorable!!!!



  77. manageRI

    haha..I M VERY EXCITED..finally a break..^_____________^ jury!!! wOw..gOOdLUCK guRL..

    yeah, Y did U???..^______^


  78. extensions or not..he looks amazing!!^_^

    but better without the extensions thou..haha ^^

  79. i love you vey much gdragon you make me crazy happy bday i wish i can se you in my dreams in personal~! aishteru~!zakume~!

  80. hi g-dragon`1 im you fan
    i wish i can meet you

  81. cooooooooooooooooooool

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