11.27.08 Big Bang Comeback Special on M Countdown!

Wanna take a guess on how much our boys have earn this year?? 

Translated article is availabe thanks to SooKyeong, a lot more details. Read the official article from SooKyeong.

Big Bang brings in 36 Billions KRW in 2008

According to YG Entertainment, Big Bang have earned 36,000,000,000 WON so far this year, I think 9 zero stands for 36 BILLIONS WON?????? Which is around 24 MILLION USD. Holy WHOA MAN~ They earn it from their concerts, CF acitivities, endorsement, album sales, online music sales, merchandise and many other things

They performed 4 songs, Intro, REMEMBER, NUMBER 1 and Sunset Glow.

You gotta love Mnet.

11.27.08 Mnet M Coutndown!
Big Bang’s Come Back Special
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I love how Mnet make Big Bang a small intro video where they show everything Big Bang achieved for the past year and also headine news about how Big Bang’s lastest album ‘REMEMBER’ sold 100,000 copies after just 3 weeks. And who can forget the emotional moment where they won Artist of the Year at the 2008 MKMF, the moment that make us bawling and crying like insane haha.

The intro…………dude I love this freaking song, when I see that the suit is back… I was out of my mind happy okay hahaha, the suits just look so amazingly sexy on them it’s……… I don’t even konw WHAT word to use to describe their sexiness.

Oh look… Tabi is wearing a crystalzied ‘V’ tie…. my name on his chest? hahaha Tabi ah~ I already have Baby and Bong… I’m sorry hahaha he stole Bong’s tie, that’s Bong’s tie, the one he’s been wearing recently, aish Bong, let the hyung steal your clothes? hahaha I just notice what kind of pants Bong was wearing T_____________T oh jeez. hahaha

But dude, this camera really have NO SENSE. what the heck?? When Bong said ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is GDragon’ that’s the freaking sexiest thing ever and you didn’t show his face???? what’s wrong with you man????????!!!!!


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I didn’t like Remember at first since I’m so use to the English version, but after a while, dude I know every freaking word to this song now haha I also love the choreograph, my Baby look so freaking sexy here, when he wipe his forehead……………I DIED…. haha and the whole ‘EY EY EY!’ never gets old kekekek and of course the beloved ‘MATRIX’ move… dude… that is just too sexy haha.

The only flaw about his performance is that it’s too short~ wahh~ wanna see the whole thing, but that pose at the end… WHEEEEW~ smoking~ hahaha


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AHH~ they change their clothes for this performance, they’re wearing the jackets they wore in ‘WITH U’ anybody notice that too? hahah I’m kinda speechless right now… ahh~~ this is just too hot man, getting to see the performance is just love….. but Bong’s purple pants is distracting me hahaha. I love the part where they all dance together with MiRan, then Bae smack her butt once again hahaha the perverted Mnet camera man as we all know was there to get the close up shot.


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hey~ it’s the magenta theme clothes again!! whoo~ I can’t help but noticing their kicks this time, limited edition 14k gold skytops man……….. pretty freaking fly huh? but then again, our YG men always have to have the best. 😀

Okay… give props for the camera this time for zooming on them, did you spot the BaeDae moment? where Dae gave Bae a high five, does that happen every performance? cuz this is the first time I saw that haha. Did you learn the whole dance for the chorus yet? it’s easy huh? I did kekeke When Baby sang his verse upclose to the camera……what’s my name again? hahaha Dae’s smile is just seriously TOO FREAKING AMAZING just as amazing as when they zoom in on Baby doing ‘I LOVE U GURL’

When they did the whole ‘Sori Chima’ move, did you spot Bong doing that nose thing and then the tounge action??? hahaha looks like his nose was itchy at the time kkekeekke cute Bong. or….. is he sick? running nose? currrent temperate in Korea is 41 degrees, freaking freezing, take care of yourself Bong ah~

Baby……..nuna fans will attack you as soon as you turn legal on December 12, look at his freaking cuteness x100000 smile, oh gah~

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Pictures from the performance, seems like they perform ‘REMEMBER’ in a different outfit than the one being aired, them wearing all pink is just LOVE okay. I love these pictures man, cuz of Baby I think hahaha

11.27.08 Big Bang on M Countdown!

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~ by Vicky on November 27, 2008.

108 Responses to “11.27.08 Big Bang Comeback Special on M Countdown!”

  1. i totally forgot that it’s thursday today haha
    the intro was damn cool~~
    GD standing in the middle, lower than the others. i love the hat that he’s wearing.
    i wonder why they can’t wear just simple that that to award shows….
    didn’t really like their outfit in MKMF 2008…
    i mean these kind of suits are SO MUCH better.
    just all black, with a few accessories.
    i’m pretty mad at the camera man….
    so annoying
    he was suppose to show GD”s face when he said “ma name is G-dragon”..
    hahait’s ok. at least he showed TY and DS”s hotness faces lol.

    and then remember
    i wish they can wear suits forever haha
    i can’t find any one looking better in suits than them
    i always love the “EYYY” part haha. awesomeness
    and GD with the hat~~ DROOL
    lol and the poses at the end kinda made me laugh abit…cuz the poses look like as if they just finished taekwondo hehe.

    number 1 !! yay!
    hey it’s GD wearing that headband again~~ looking young!!
    yes his pant is very distracting haha
    hot performance as always~

    and last is sunset glow
    i’m dissapointd in the sound system
    it’s really bad…
    well i guess lots of people said mnet is always bad with their sound system….
    that’s why artists shouldn’t have their comeback stage in mcountdown.
    but their pink outfits are SO CUTE

  2. Woooow Damn nice~

  3. VICKY! Are those Supra Skytop’s ? Right right ?

  4. i love intro to death and the boys were wearing suit..
    what else can i say? so breathtaking my gosh
    and remember is like my fav-est song!!!
    i prefer the english version more though
    but i love the perf!! i wanna see the matrix move more!!
    sorry BONG but i actually wish the stupid cameraman captured the matrix part hahahaa~

    and wtf is wrong with me? i didn’t notice bae smacking butt part at all!! after watching the whole number 1 perf then only i read your description..and i was like huh? i don’t know what’s wrong with me that i could miss out that part T___T i know..i’m thinking of bong..his purple pants T____T aww love you .<

  5. i accidentally delete my comment for sunset glow T__T
    okay sunset glow was awesome as usual!! and they looked so good in magenta!! god..i don’t even know how to breathe right now!

    MNET…love you!! i can’t believe they performed number 1..the whole performance was too hot~love the choreography!!

    PERF pics..love the matrix pic haha..i don’t know why i love the matrix part so much..and they looked effing hot in pink T__T
    tell me which guy can look so hot in pink? idk..
    and baby ahh~u’re too adorable!
    can’t wait for him to be legal..kekekee

  6. wow… bb did it again!! good job.. good performance!!!
    for intro!!! it was so awesome! i like the stage overall and yea, camera man, i beg u, pls.. pls follow the lyric, u should focus on SR when GD introduced him, and not on YB and DS when he introduced himself.. T__T

    remember, can it be longer? omg, yea, it was too short!!!! i wanna watch the whole thing!! yang yang, u were so hot in every moves even u kept ur shirt there! omg, u re killing me~~ and i cant take my eyes off from u!!!

    BB, u are my number 1, i love this performance so much!!!!!!! they are sexay!!! yang yang, thanks for ur sexay smash!! it was quick and short!! and i like the part “jump..jump..jump”.. feel like jumping with them also!!

    sunset glow, pretty good performance and i saw it, the give me five!!!

    overall, i love this performance!!! and there were four songs preformed!!! omg, sound like a mini concert!!!! BB hwaiting!! jany supporting!!!!

  7. ———–Intro——-damn cool.

    ———–Remember—–good one.

    ———–Number 1—–really cool!

    (I certainly dig the suits, bring on more of them, they´re just fucking cool)

    Funny though….you know which part I liked best?
    During the “Remember” performance, on 1:45, when TOP walks up behind TY?

    Don´t really know why, but for some reason that part really got me ;o

  8. Vi
    Oh~~~ that intro vid is so touching >.<~
    I love MNet~~~ haha

    Hubby just too sexy. That suit fit him so much.
    I can’t think straight XD!!!
    Huh? U stole Bong’s tie?
    Why u didn’t wear ur?
    Idk if u realized this or not, but hubby also have the crystallized V tie, the one with dark red color.
    He wear it in MBC comeback stage.
    Hubby ah~ am I not enough for u? Why u wave ur hand to Vi so much these days???

    Hear hubby said “I promise u forever”?
    Oh my god… lord… I went straight to heaven.
    I know I could loyal to u forever.
    When he said that, I just scream “hubby!!!” really loud.
    That’s not good, since its 10pm now & all my family already deep asleep.
    Aw~ “with u” jacket! Hahaha…
    I really love bong’s jacket in with u. damn, he look hot wearing it. Hahaha…
    Of course my man is number one but I just have to admit bong wearing that jacket is hot.
    Jeezzz for the pervy cameraman T____T

    Huh? Why I can’t spot it? Hahaha
    Maybe coz its not hubby so my eyes sensor is not working? Hahaha
    Oh!!! Thank u so much cameraman~~~
    Though u didn’t take too much close up at hubby but the “pul pul nah” part XD!!!!!!!!!
    I died!! Again!!!

    Huh? They performed “remember” in different outfit??
    Ah~~ that just love. Look at the magenta theme…

    LOL at 4th pic from the last. Kekeke…
    Hubby just like “Look! There’s flying ice cream cake!”

  9. speechless~ they’re so hot. finally get to see more of baby..still not enough 😛 TOP IS HOT HOT HOT.

    btw, what was the perf. where baby wore the checkered shirt w/o his suit?

    m countdown? which group won?

  10. OMG thanks for the performance update!!!!
    Their intro performance was the best! Its always to sexy with them in their suits!!! Anyone know where I can get pics of their intro performance?

  11. waaah!! XDD LOVE MNET!!
    waaah I LOVE THIS INTRO SO MUCH!! GD <3..but the cameraman..-.- damn it..-.-

    remember is H O T !! love the choreograph

    Number 1…well, what can I say…I LOVE IT !!! ^^”…

    and finally…SUNSET GLOW….I can’t breath anymore xDD hahaha the best performances I’ve ever seen..but not the best soundsystem ..

  12. WAHH! four songs is alott.
    the intro was hot, specially the platforms, bongs one was really teeny though! lol
    omg i was eating breakfast watching the intro and when they showed babys face, i actually started drooling! its was hilariouss!
    damn that cameraman! roarr.
    remember is a song that makes my heart STOP. bae in the beginning looked like stevey wonder moving his head like that <33
    kyaa~ the pants bong is wearing looks exactly like pants my aunt wears! bahha ajumma pants!
    i just adore the dance to number one chorus. the point~~ keke.
    TOPS SMILE IN SUNSET GLOW is sooo adorable, its like hes a little kid again ❤
    is it just me or does bae look like the lead singer in no brain in that jacket? lol
    okay, im done spazzing now :DD

  13. ARGHGHGHH!!!!!!
    SUNSET GLOW~~!!!
    he’s damn cute..
    wearing the hairband~~~ hahahahha..

    did anyone notice how big tabi’s smile was at the beginning of sunset glow performance? it was so sweet! his smile is so big and cute hahahahahaa. the intro was fantastic – sexy dance. : DDDD

    did anyone notice how big tabi’s smile was at the beginning of sunset glow performance? it was so sweet! his smile is so big and cute hahahahahaa. the intro was fantastic – sexy dance. : DDDD

  16. ahh my smiley didnt work * : DDD

  17. o.o sorry i posted so many times i didnt realise >.>

  18. omg LOl
    not a single pic with jiyongie.
    oh wellll.

    love them 14k skytops.

  19. wooow, i just dunno what to say.. Ma day was really bad but this lights up ma day <3<3

    Pure Hotness!!! They look sooo awesome !! And the DaeBae action is soo cuuute!!

    n at 1.44min Bong n his tongue =DD Everyone had soo much fun during this performance n i luuuuv baby’s “I LUV U GURL” Close up, he looked really cuute!!

    N Bae showed his fun, too!! Finally he lets himself having more fun during the performance!!

    I LUV U BIG BANG!!!!

  20. aww. my day was starting off pretty blah, but thank goodness
    i went online and saw these waiting for me to view. totally
    turned my “blah” day around. ^__^ the power of BB!

    great performances as usual, but seriously, what was up with
    the camera work when Jiyong said his, ‘my name is G-Dragon’ line.
    Vi, looks like we need another protest. ahaha.

    and look at Baby in those pictures. so cute doing the choreography.

    uh-oh. it looks like YB has a stye in that last pic. o_0

  21. omgosh!!! 4 performances of heaven!
    they all look WONDERFUL! i lovee in sunset glow at 0:08 when Tabi smiles! it’s so geunine and cute!! :]

  22. Thts wht we r waiting & looking for!
    Their performances r getting hotter n hotter day after day!!!

    Intro Performance :
    Started off with a short video showing their achievements during the past and present…Nicely shown!
    As for the performance, this is how an intro should b!..However, when GD is introducing the BB members, the cameraman shud’ve focus/show the face of d member tht GD is introducing..one by one..N tht would be perfect! How come Bae’s suit is diff frm all 4 of them??He’s not wearing a coat..hehe

    Remember Performance :
    Went insane after seeing Bae’s great dancing skills n also when he took out his sunglasses!!!Yea u shud show off ur sexy eyes!

    Number 1 Performance :
    Now its GD’s turn to be diff frm them by wearing a purple pants n not black pants..Heh..Hav no idea y my eyeballs keep tagging along GD’s purple pants..LOL..
    Opps, he did it again!-Bae smacks MiRan’s butt..hehe

    Sunset Glow Performance:
    Well this performance will alwiz put a BIIIIIG 😀 on their faces and definitely on ours as well..Our mouth will start singing together wit them, legs will start tapping n those who knw the dance movements will start showing off their dancing talent once the song is being played!
    U would NEVER get bored with their songs even though u listen to it for billion times..Undeniably, u will doubled up the times u listen previously..from billion to zillion!! 😀
    All in All —-> B->R->I>L->L->I->A->N->T !!!
    ..::Love BIG BANG loads and more::..

    P/S : I have the same birthday date as ur BABY, Vicky!!!
    12 of Dec as well..but a year earlier than ur baby!

  23. WHOA! what a great wasy to start off thanksgiving! :]
    LOLLLL (:
    Anyways, I LOVEEEE the intro, so inlove with it<33333
    & Remember, dangggg, that song is the bestt! I lovee
    the purple pants :] Tahahahahahaha (: SUNSET GLOW
    is my favorite song for now, because of BigBang<3. LOL.
    I LOVE MAGENTA! that color is cutee! & the pictures
    aree sooo HOT(: errrrr, NUMBER 1! Loven the jackets alot & alot!
    Harharrr, yes we will attack BabyyRi on his birthdate
    because he’s so adorablee 🙂

  24. great way to enjoy a holiday, waking up to big bang:O)

  25. OMG!!!
    the intro kileed me!!!
    they look sooo hot in them suits ;D
    number 1 choreography is my favorite
    sooo sexay 😛
    Bae seems to be gettin used to smackin some butt
    he does it so naturally now ;P
    and what can I say about my man
    there’s just no words to describe how hot he looked
    especially in the sunset glow performance
    Bong’s pants….too sexy!
    there’s nothin better than seein the boys wearing magenta
    and their shoes…HOT!!!

    once again I want that cameraman fired!
    why doesn’t he understand that we wanna see closeups
    he only does a good job when it comes to MiRan…freak!
    we’re the only ones allowed to be perverted here

  26. ohhhhhhhh my gaaaaaaaaaaad

    baby just TOO hawt 🙂

    my gawd. high five if u think Baby’s voice is purely wonderful in sunset glow, his part? cuz that is probably my fav part becsides, ‘i love u gurl’ ^^

  27. It was too cute!

    Tae looked so happy at the sunset glow performance. xD

    I’m so happy for muh bois!

  28. AWWW am I in LOVE or what…this is too much 4 WORDS!!! FLY [repeats] ….

  29. ncly

    I set my alarm for 5 AM so I can wake up and watch it live and the stupid thing didn’t work so I wind up waking up at 7 >DDDD

    they can’t wear something that simple cuz that’s how music award shows are
    those simple ones for to be wear during film festivals and stuff haha
    don’t ask me why keke
    but the boys are #3 on the best MKMF best dressed list I think
    I remember reading something about that.

    yup, M Countdown! have the WORSE audio system ever
    that’s why you never see Big Bang or ANYBODY make their first comeback on Mnet
    it’s unjustice

  30. Iqwoo

    our boys have taste.

  31. jiyanz

    I KNOW!!
    When we want him to mess up, he won’t do it
    but when Bong introduced himself, such a sexy part…URGH!!

    haha Bong’s pants interupt you from the smacking kekekeke

    NO NO NO
    Baby doesn’t need to be legal
    he need to stay illegal so he can be protected by the laws dang it!!!1

  32. spinx

    ooh my god haha
    I was thinking the same thing too when I rewatch it a while ago
    I was like ‘hm… he look so calm and maybe a bit sad… but still sexy’ hahaha

  33. nya

    i know ur man got a dark red one too
    but why did he have to steal Bong’s white one, where the V stand out so much
    I’m telling you
    he just keep waving and waving
    dont blame it on me
    i’m innocent
    just weak.

    hahaha flying ice cream cake
    I can see that you’ve been watching the Baskin Robbins CF OVER.. AND OVER…. AND OVER.. again this whole time huh??? hahahhaa

  34. tubby

    that was from the performance they performed for the fans that was there
    they didn’t broadcast that on TV so we can’t see it
    and for the #1 spot, it was between Rain and KimJongKook, Big Bang just make their comeback today so they’re not qualify for the rank, but Rain won #1 today.

  35. Jini

    Baby was the star of today for me
    he was being so friendly to the camera, it’s so much love
    and you’re right, he does resemble hiim a bit, but clothes-wise though ahaha
    not face-wise kekek

  36. Heather

    we can protest, we can sue
    or as Sexica say before

  37. luvYB

    if you notice this
    Bae barely wear suits with long sleve
    I think it’s because of his muscles and stuff
    there’s none that comfortably fit him haha

    now I know 3 people that’s born on this day haha
    it’s a pretty special day

  38. Sexica

    omg i know gurl! like seriously
    when MiRan’s right there, he’s ALLL OVER it

    Bae is now a natural butt smacker kekekek
    we can’t deny it anymore

  39. Dori

    haha Baby’s voice is always amazingly awsome to me so keke
    i don’t even know haha


  41. Vi
    what can we do about it
    I’m just putting all of them on my list
    soon all of them will pay
    *evil laugh*
    he learned from the best
    his hyung and Bong

  42. lmfao, totally spotted that nose and tongue action gd had going on. so cute. hothothottt performances, i love ‘EY’ parts too ❤

  43. NUMBER 1 perf. : G_RI right on camera 4 U…haha^_^ <333

    -sigh- He will always be a baby. xD

  45. lskdnvlskv Baby looks so hot without the coat. It’s like…nosebleed.

  46. 2 bad there’s no such thing as “ILLEGAL or LEGAL” 4 me..If its maknae baby..those laws r nothing..they cant determine legal or not..LOL^_^ buwahahaha…^___^

    OMG now that U mentioned it manageRI..baby’s B-DAY is comin’ up…yay! I need 2 come up w/ a gift…^________^

  47. Vi
    oh whoa. i’ll protest and maybe threaten, but burning the poor
    guy’s house down is a bit much. i would never go that far. haha.

    come on girls. let’s not be that crazy alright? xD

  48. ————Vicky———–


    Don´t steal my brainpower……I don´t really have enough of it left for myself!!


    You just became my person of the week—you used my ALLTIME favourite word—–SPLENDID!!!!!!!!!

    Peace for ya ;Z

  49. lol anyone notice how close bae put the mike to his lips lool. Mannn i love Bae’s Nike ‘Just Do It’ belts but i cant find em anywhere…mann i wonder where they get it from…and their shiny gliterring hightops. WANT THEM SOO BADD. i wish big bang released their own clothing line or something. oh yh and performances were bloody amazing!!! as usual

  50. orhhh so rain won >.< thought big bang wouldve won T_T netherless love when Dae does his verse in sunset glow hes smiles soo much its frikken funny. Dae will always make me smile xD

  51. thank! you! Mnet!

    o my gosh! I cant believe they performed Number 1! wwhhaaa!! : D

    OOHH MYY!!! I loved the STAGE for the intro! that performance
    was just hottt!! SUITS FOR LIFE! hahaha Oh my, oh my, when YB
    and DS were being introduced and they ZOOMED in YB..AAHHH!!!
    It was only like a 3 second focus lol but ahh!! I wanted
    to last for ETERNITY! lol

    REMEMBER performance! AHH! good golly that was just INTENSE!
    lol ahhh!!~~ SeungRi singing the chorus and wiping his sweat,
    the dance is totally sexy!, oh my gosh when GD and TOP came
    out rapping…ahhhhhh~ that was just so hot n amazing! And
    of course, YB’s passionate face while singing..dont lie,
    who was turned on by that?!!! hahaha : D that was just sexy!

  52. WOW!! NUMBER 1 PERFORMANCE, WOW! just WOW! I was so
    BLOWN AWAY by that one! I was just amazed about how
    hyped they were! They were like totally ripping the stage
    and the VIPS were goin crazy! Oh my gosh, I LOVED IT!
    That was a really great performance of Number 1..GGAHHH!!!
    hehehe LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTTT!!! they all looked so fine there
    I loved how alla them sing and rap their parts!
    ^_______^ happiest fangirl! : D ahhh!!

    Wahhh! again Sunset Glow was such a HAPPY performance!!
    OMG TOP SMILING after saying Lee Mun Se <333 AHHH! that just
    starts it off right! : D WAAHH!! the ZOOMS on SeungRi
    just KILL ME!! AHHH!! Oh my gosh SOO CUUTE! I love his smile
    and his “i love u guurll!” lol Everyone looked so hot
    doing ther thing on that performane! LOVED THEM ALL!!

    The pics are amazing! especially of TOP and SR : D : D hehehehe!

  53. wait manageRI ,,is it 36 or 35??? ^____________^

  54. J-G-RILEEN

    that was my typo haha
    it’s 36 billions

  55. OMGD!! 24 millions… in a year… i’m spechless…
    Wao!!! But they deserve it!!! They did so many things this year…
    Aww.. I’m proud =)
    BB hwaiting~~
    Ahh This is random… I’m just curious… There are no Baby Ri Birthday project?? hehe… cuz i’m just wondering…

  56. theyr like perfect….hot….cute….sexy….can dance n sing …n thyr young millionerss….

  57. oh btw i noticed baby sOOO HOT in d 4th pic..sorry TOP oppa, even though u’r d highlight of that pic, I noticed baby 1st…he’s sOOO grown up!!! :))

  58. Vi
    lol baby isnt just the star today, hes the star in LIFE. 😀 hahaa

  59. Vi
    Why he have to wear Bong’s?
    Looks like I can’t stop it, sob sob..
    All he done these days is asking for u to go to him.

    That cute CF, how come I didn’t repeat it again & again??
    Did u notice when they went to hide behind Bong
    Only hubby that can’t hide his body. U could look at his shoulder exactly on bong back. Hehehe…

    OH MY GOD!!
    36 billions won???
    36 billions won is about 307 billions IDR O.O!!
    Damn, & they expect it to be 50 billions by the end of year?
    That a good news but now I’m worrying about their health more.
    Hope they’ll get plenty of rest when they went to US

  60. 24 million USD?! Dayummmmmmmmmmmm, that’s a lot. A-list celebs in America don’t even earn that much!
    Big Bang and YG be bankin’!

  61. omg our boys are toooooo hot for words!!! XD
    >>wait is it 24 mill that goes to them or do they still have to split that with yg?? none the less they deserve all that they make… been hella busy and tired!!! >_<

  62. I love it when the dancers perform together with them..the whole perf seems more fun when there’s alot of dancers with big bang on stage ^^

  63. Whoa. 24 million ?!
    Thats alot.
    Our YG gentlemen are gonna be rolling in style now.
    Anothing reason to marry them. Muahah
    jkjk :]

    I highly doubt they keep everything they earn
    I’m sure some goes to YG ent.

    But still its alot

  64. Remember perf. : O.M.G TOP oppas “I PROMISE YOU FOREVER” sOOO sexy..im in LOVE…^________^ [baby ur still my #1^_^]

  65. super hot! i love this perf.i love seeing tabi in a suit.in fact all of them look so fly in suits,makes them that much hotter.
    i love every single sunset glow perf up till now.its just too adorable to miss.love it love them.haha.
    they entertain us in every song.theres always something to look out for isnt it.saranghae big bang!
    and the last pict of seungri!! so kawaiii!he looks so happy and that smile.ahh~
    is it just me or does taeyang’s eye look bruised in the last picture?

    im dwlded this from HQBB!thanks vicky!

  66. Vi

    yes, i agree…

    but its this one time in sunset glow that it really stands aout to me… ^^’ it sounds so…..

    whats the word…..

    beautiful, lol ^^his voice is beautiful, along with his body xD

  67. 36 BILLION WONS??!! THAT’S SO MUCH MONEY!!! But totally off topic but I wanted to know, am I crazy or did Tae Yang’s solo concert dvd never come out??

  68. Sexica

    hahaa make sure you tell me how it goes hahah
    i want to see them in pain~ kekek

    I have my money on Tabi
    he learn it ALL FROM HIM

  69. Maryam

    only if I can be with him then hell i’m raising both my hands and legs hahah

    the way he roll up those sleves… DAMN!

  70. J-G-RILEEN

    hahaha but maybe some nuna will care about not being in jail haha

    this 16 years old doesn’ t have much power to give him a gift
    just prepare a long ass essay ever since October
    I’ve been revising that thing over and over again, it has to be perfect

  71. Heather

    hahahah not when Bong’s “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is GDRagon” is invovled
    HECK NO!! haha

  72. spinx

    I’m a asian who failed math and english
    I need every brain cells I can get hhaha

  73. omg… it is big number, BB, u r sooo soo rich!!!!

  74. KyBBLover

    I haven’t heard anything about it so I guess there isn’t one

  75. Jini

    the big huge clump in my heart too haha
    in a GOOD WAY!~ kekek

  76. O.M.G i just realized Im In LOVE n babys hands [8 pic]…O___O

  77. nya

    he’s LURING me
    you need to put him on a leash
    there’s limits to my self control you know
    and I’m not really good at controling myself either

    Tabi have to be out a bit just to make sure Bong doesn’t runa way with the cake kekeke

    their concerts are being pushed back so that’s good news
    they can have sometime to rest
    but this end of the year will be BUSY~

  78. connie

    of course since YG pay for all the expense, YG gets the big cut, but that’s the life every korean artist, though I’m sure Big Bang members get a good share too, since YG is like their dad, he really care for them like a family, not as his ‘workers’

  79. Dori

    his voice REALLY improve in this album
    like one can SO tell
    compare their 2nd album to the 1st
    i love it when artist can improve themselves rather than think that they’re good enough
    huge reason why i love Baby, because of his stubborn self that always wants to do well and improve in everything he do.

  80. Sunset Glow perf. : I ❤ how baby n’ Dae smile while they sing..^_^

  81. Vi
    He doesn’t know that u could do so many bizarre thing with him.
    Since he knows nothing, he keep luring u.
    I think he want to run away from me & asking for some help from u.
    But he doesn’t know that we’re the SAME SPECIES.
    He won’t end up having a bright future too. Hahaha…

    Lord… leash? U’re so kinky ~,~A
    I know u can’t control urself well, since we have the same freak brain. Hehehe…
    Who can control herself well when it comes to someone she love???

    HEHEHE… run away with the cake…
    He keep his eyes on the cake. Kekeke…
    I love it when he admits that he loves sweets.
    Many boys like sweets but won’t admit it coz they think its too girly. & I hate boys who think like that. hehehe

    They like to be busy I think.
    They won’t stand still >.< they’re workaholic
    Though that’s a good side too but I want them to have a good rest also. .

  82. Vi
    you know what i realized, it’s actually not the camera man’s fault. i mean…there’s more than one camera man and they are filming different members and different angles all at the same time. the person/people we need to blame are the producers who pick which shots should be aired at a certain time of the song. yup. their fault. >=]

  83. first of all they are not wearing the 14k gold skytops

    THEY ARE FREAKING WEARING PIERE HARDY GOLD SNEAKERS which costs around 430 USD which is way more classier than some supra’s

    i have the same pair, and they bae ROCKS HARD!!!!!!

    he wears, Supreme, HUF, boneyard, Saru, nii etc,

    get yo info straight girls, and thanks for the post,

    honestly bae and TOP is my fav of all time

  84. Oh my! they earned so much?!?!?!? gosh, they seriously can have early retirement ~_~

  85. O-M-G My TOPiee’s smirk at the start was sooooooooo freaking CUTEE!!! .>,w<

  86. WOW~ $24 million? 36 billion Won? whooa
    Big Bang is ballin! lol

    wow, that’s like $5,000,000 bucks for each member by the end of
    the year! soo rich! they deserve it : D

    Im still amazed at these performances and pictures 😀
    Lol I did notice GD’s nose & mouth thing haha i thought
    it was funny..ahh.. I just love how my SR jumps in the
    beginning and how TOP smiles after he says “were back again
    with Lee Mun Se”~ ahhh <3333333

  87. O-M-G My TOPiee’s smirk at the start was sooooooooo freaking CUTEE!!! .>.w<

  88. these are the same shoes Big bang won, these are only availble in paris i beleive, and they got all 5

    pretty bawlin.

  89. .>,w<

  90. O-M-G My TOPiee’s smirk at the start was sooooooooo freaking CUTEE!!! …i think…i think i died! lmao omo seriously it was FREAKING CUTE!!! i was biting my shirt and everything to stop myself from screamin xD, OMO Baby’s so cutee in the perf when the camera man zooms in and his smile…amg lol My YBiee such a HOTTIE, OMO im loving Daedae again =) his hair his smile gosh just hotness guys lmao G-D was so giddy and running every where for the number 1 perf lol its lilke he was on crack xD hahahha sorry Vicky. =3 hehe saranghayeo BIG BANG!!! =3

  91. Vic..
    Ahhh I can imagine now bae wearing a suit..
    2 muscular arms with a miniature body..hehehe..
    Stick back to long sleeve or sleeveless clothing..n u will hav d attractive look frm head to toe! 😀

    Thnks a bunch for choosing me as ur person of d week!!haha
    Guess we hav telepathy on using words to describe those amazing boys!LOL
    They r just more than COOL!hehe..

    S-L-E-N-D-I-D-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! 😀

    Take Care, spinxie! 😀

    Well of cos they worth more than tht year after year!
    Big Bang Rawkz!!

  93. Vicky
    Haha, go ahead, man. You can do whatever you want in Neverland. Strong man is tempting but I like Strong BABY better.
    Ahh, I know! I have an arm…uh, fetish. His look so smooth. xP

  94. Vi
    I’ll make sure to sends pics
    you’lll get to enjoy with me ‘P
    I’m pretty sure it was him
    Bong’s been keepin his hobbie on the dl
    but my man …he’s corruptin the oh innocent Bae

  95. gahd! i lurv SEUNGRi more and more, as weL as GD. but seungri wiL always win #1 spot in my heart. no words can xpress how i freakin love this boy. LOLz.

    btw, J-Ri-Leen,
    u’r frm phiL. ryt?
    same here. ‘ope we can meet in person. haha

  96. OMG!! PINK AND BLACK! MY FAVE COLOURS!! im officially deadddddddddd.

  97. actually in the US is $24,268,572 but that still alot

  98. vicky

    yeah..the camera man is annoying like that!! ARGH
    wakaka dang..yeah i agree.
    many perverted nunas are waiting for this boy to be legal kekee
    i’m actually feeling kinda down that our maknae is going to be legal..don’t know why? kekeke
    24 million USD? OMFG~
    and how much goes to our boys?
    hope they’d get what they deserve..heee 🙂

  99. omggggg they were awesome!!! the intro <333 i love the suits xD!

  100. i must say that i feel happy whenever i watch sunset glow perf. because these 5 hot guys seem to be really enjoying themselves..what a carefree feeling!

  101. gd is sooooo goood and cute!! gotta give him props for his fashion sense (which he can only pull off and make it superb). I actually like his headband…he looks sooo cute! also, he is just an excellent writer…he is so talented! ❤

  102. So cute~~> < they were awesome :X

  103. Whoa———that sounds like alot of money ;O

    But I do wonder…………how much of that cash is really going into the members pockets?

  104. woah shit :0
    they’re so rich :DD
    ..but still i love them for who they are

  105. Vi

    its obvious. how could you NOT tell ^^

    and frankly, i am just going to fly to korea and attack him like the little twelve year old inside me ^^ kakaka

  106. 5 million $$$ for each member?? if they split it right.. wow……..

  107. God, holy. DAMN!
    Big Bang is Amazing though!
    i am so proud of them! they
    deserve so much! i’m smiling =]
    i love big bang!
    I KNOW! Stupid Camera man! jeez
    i didn’t even see much of G-Dragon.
    grr. ah they look hot in suits =]
    i liked Remember. but not as much.
    i like both versions. but damn Seungri.
    that was hot! I love GD and his headband.
    oh yeah, shiny & those purple pants are
    distracting. but Yes, Big Bang is my Number 1
    I love Sunset Glow, once again it was cute =]
    GD is sexy when he sticks out his tounge
    i like magenta. Big Bang is Wonderful

  108. dang!!
    HOT~ i really love the intro!!
    and the rest..

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