MUST WATCH VIDEOS | 11.28.08 Big Bang #1 on Music Bank for 2nd consecutive week

Who else is addicted to the song use in the boys’ Baskin Robbins CF?? Cuz I sure am, thanks to mycatok, we found it, it’s Debbie Gibson’s ‘Sleigh Ride’ version.

Download ‘Sleigh Ride’

MUST WATCH VIDEOS. means… dude… you can NEVER miss this.

Special Video: Big Bang Baskin Robbins CF Outtakes

11.28.08 Special Video
Baskin Robbins CF Outtakes
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Outtakes from the shooting of Big Bang’s Baskin Robbins CF. Just too freaking cute for words to describe.

AH~ there’s suppose to be a GRi scene!!!
WHERE IS IT???????


11.28.08 Mnet WideNews
Making of Sunset Glow MV
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Dae stretching before the shooting haha hoping he would show us his perky butt… but he didn’t T__T haha Bong…. making a poem?? he’s saying that he’s tire hahaha look like he’s imitating someone… who? kekekek his voice sound so funny kekeke and he said something about YG being bad? hahahahah Bong got guts for sure, he’s the only one out of Big Bang who isn’t scared of YG anyway haha. Bae said something and these two cracked up together haha

Dae sitting on the steps just talking then Tabi just HAVE to go in and steal half the space hahaha he’s been onto Dae a lot lately huh? my 2nd fave pair, TODAE!! aigoo look~ even linking and touching his arm up and down. Dude seriously, there’s nothing cuter than Bong eating, I can just sit and watch him chew all day haha he’s such a cutie. When he sat down, he was talking to I think his stylist nuna, he did that thing with his nose ahaha he called out again “MinKyung Nuna!!” aww… he was pointed at the board where it advertise this restaurant called “NEXT DAY” hahaha which is the same title as Baby’s first solo ‘Next Day’ in the 1st album hahaha Baby then just went up and stand next to the board with that expression on his face and his hand hahahahahaha BABY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEKEKEKEK his eyes are amazing 😀

First time I actually see Bae and Tabi fooling around like dorks haha Bae have fallen into the gag world, then he and Baby kekek how cute~ When the people down there was running with their heart, these 3 stooges standing on the roof just clapping hahahahaha speechless

Big Bang prepare for their Mnet ComeBack: Dae and Bong………..OH WOW… hahahaha

11.28.08 Mnet WideNews
Prepare for Comback Stage on M Coutndown!
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Behind the scene of the boys getting ready for their M Countdown! comeback stage haha Tabi is probably known as the ‘DJ’ in Mnet now hahaha who can forget this DJ. HE KEEP SLAPPING DAE’S BUTT EVEN AFTER THE CF WAS DONE!! Bong wanted to show Wolly something…. and that something is……… running up and down 1 step of stair… that’s… so Bong hahaha

Bong loook SOOO SEXY sitting on that stair case it’s AMAZING… especially when he look down then smile and look up… WHOOEW~~ our Dae just stand there taking a selca kekekek They have to start getting ready so the boys just RUNNNN back hahahah Bong’s pants.. once again.. DISTRACTING~

Congrats to our boys winning #1
2nd consecutive week

11.28.08 KBS Music Bank
Sunset Glow Performance
277 MB
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Big Bang won #1 on the K-Chart for the 2nd consecutive week beating DBSK, whooo!! First thing I noticed about the window thing, was GRI!!! Baby’s expression was he won was just AHH~ since he’s a huge DBSK fanboy, must be a good feeling somehow to be able to win against someone he respect so much. I spot Dae’s tounge action haha he was just looking around and when SeoInYoung hand him the bouquet he’s like ‘eh? we won??” haha bow down right away haha so polite~ when Dae talked, his voice sound a bit hoarse, aww.. probably from all the musical performance lately and also the weather, Dae ah~~~ don’t fall sick now~
Love Baby’s ‘VIP THANKYOU!!!”

Thanks to S님
I woke up at 4 AM just to watch this live and my eyes didn’t adjust yet when I first saw this, and when I saw Bong on the floor, I was like ‘WHAT HAPPENED????” thought he passed out from being his ‘Bongness’ self, then I look over to the left… and… I saw Tabi’s pelvis thrustUP AND DOWN; UP AND DOWN; then I realized.. AHHH~ they’re doing that Bae move during Sunset Glow hahahaha Dae was doing it so whole heartedly haha but…. I can’t see Baby kekeke. poor Baby.


Thanks to S님
The KBS camera men are LOVE, the whole zooming their face …. GOOD JOB!!! ah~ Bae was hyper today haha he jumped down that, which is pretty high then went straight for the camera, good job Bae! Then our Tabi and Bong…. but when I saw Baby up that close, I squealed out of happiness haha .. and.. limegreen color theme!!! nice~ Bong’s pant is even more distractng this time haha Is it just me or Tabi’s eyes are especially bright today? haha then my Baby sang his verse, with the smile… OOOOOH ~ I’m in heaven, and when the camera zoom on him while he was doing the ‘I LOVE U GURL’ and his face…. AHHHHHHHHHHH~ killing this little dongeseng fan right here. T___T nuna fans will chase after him for sure.
During the ‘ ah ah ah ah ah’ part did you spot Baby coughing? he turned around and cough, then after the ‘ah’ he run int he back and coughed again, aish…. is all the boys falling sick? I spot Bong with running nose yesterday, and Baby coughing, Bong also had an eye infection last week, take care of yourself now boys~
haha after the ‘ ah ah ah ah ah’ when Tabi rapped, his face was HILARIOUS, it’s like he’s drunk or something keke he also bumped into Dae in the second ‘ ah ah ah ah ah’ what is wrong with Tabi these days haha always skinship with Dae, Dae alredy file his complain about the whole butt smacking thing, cuz Tabi kept doing it even after they’re done with the Baskin Robbins CF and… NO ONE does the second ‘ah ah ah ah ah’ better than Dae, okay haha

~ by Vicky on November 28, 2008.

82 Responses to “MUST WATCH VIDEOS | 11.28.08 Big Bang #1 on Music Bank for 2nd consecutive week”

  1. Whatever they were doing in the waiting room was weird. Kinda of distracting. The performance were great as usual.

  2. congrats boisz! lavett.. seungri~ahh.. ‘love you to the highest infinity! ….

    J-RI-LEEN, where you from?

  3. whhooohoo! good job, boys. ❤
    …&& thanks to Vicky for posting!x3
    btw. where did you watch it? online?

  4. i want be with them in the waiting room hahaha. congrats boyzzzz! komao for posting

  5. ==” what were they doin in the dressing room??
    lol… nice performance and congrats BB..

    take care yea, BB!!!!!!

    hwaiting!! hwaiting!!

  6. boyy do i love close ups~! kekek.
    TOps pelvic thrust?! almost killed me!! lol
    congratulationss~ HWAITINGG ❤

  7. Vi
    Wow~ they won for 2nd consecutive week!!
    Congrats to our boys~~~
    Hehehe.. yup, baby expression when he won. Hahaha
    Kekeke… Dae so funny. He bow down right away ^^
    Naw naw… end of year is like a warning for fangurls, please stay healthy boys

    OH MY GAWD!!!!!!! LORD…
    I’m blanked out for the whole 10 minutes just for this 2nd vid.
    But the strange thing is I still could click the replay button and watched it over & over…


    Oh no hubby, no, don’t
    But hmm… ohh, yes, I LOVE IT. Hahaha
    Thanks God I can’t see his face, if I could I think I need someone to smack me just to wake me up. Hubby’s pelvis thrust… I can’t think straight!!! XD!! I don’t even realized wht are the others doing till I regain consciousness.
    All I see is “that” part. U could call me pervert or anything & I admit that.
    Yes I am.
    Damn, “south” is good.

    Oh!! Could we just give it up to KBS cameraman?
    That a really good job!! Haha I love it when thay close up on our boys XD!!
    Not just u. hubby’s eyes are especially bright today. Haha
    I’m sorry Bae, though its ur part, I can’t help but to look at hubby behind >.< especially after “that”.

    I can’t comment too much for now.
    My head is filled with “the other” thing.
    Oh my god, I don’t need to say it coz u know what I’m thinking naw.

  8. AHH~~ So cute!? xD
    Hehe. The dressing room thing was funny and cute!? 😀

  9. lol.. i like the part in dressing room.. yang yang was “playing magic”?? controlling others’ move?

    omg… everybody just too hot with their thrust…
    wahaha.. SEXAY!!!

  10. vi
    wow~ gurl, u’re fast with the HQ
    ah~~ drooling~~~
    & the new banner is really good. hehehe…
    i love it. also the BR gif. hehe..

  11. OH WOOOW !!! I just LOVE IT!! It’s hilarious how the guyz doing Bae’s move =D Bong has so much fun doing it =DD

    and their performance awwwwww !! I’ma Fangirl in Heaven! did u notice Bongs smile at 0,54min? It’s so cute !!
    And Bae jumping around at the beginning =DD

    AND THEY DID IT AGAIN!! BaeDae high 5 action !! so awesome <3<3

  12. they make me happy everytime i watch they’re performance(s)
    i do hope they are in good health tho
    …. i hope tht while they’re trynna entertain us(VIPS), they’re also taking care of themselves 😀
    we are happy wen they are heppy, no? 🙂

  13. these videos are just LOVE~~~i freaking died already

    what’s my name? hahaha..
    bong’s expression beside the table was so cute omfg
    and the boys catching mosquitoes T___T
    notice baby jumping on the sofa T_____________T
    hahahaaaa..G-Ri..why is it not in the CF. what a perfect couple T____T
    and the boys wearing the ice cream cake thing T___T
    i died

    i love bong too much T____T
    he’s so cute when eating..awwww…and the ‘MinKyung nuna!’ was freaking cute too! hahaha..he was like a little kid shouting for his nuna kekee..and baby T___T hahaaa the hand and expression are.. T__T~kekeke

    hahaha and the mnet video T___T
    bong ahh~~i love you~~
    he was like let’s come and see what am i going to do!
    and then he ran up and down the stairs T___T
    and then dae and wolly joined in T___T
    and they ran back..
    i love to see bong running that is too cute..the way he runs is still the same kekee.
    oh my god..i’m dead now..i love him too much

  14. Wow, were they up against TWO DBSK songs?
    And still beat them?
    That’s a miracle, LOl…GO BIG BANG!
    Aww, GD was so cute in the dressing room vid.

  15. Such goofy boi’s
    I love how excited YB was he just jump off the platform all happy..
    And Tabi does look really happy too. So much smiling.
    It’s so good to see them smiling.
    I hope baby isn’t sick.
    The boi’s shouldn’t be working themselves too hard, but I guess they are getting ready to come to the states, so they are getting everything done before hand.

  16. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
    so many videos!!!!
    ok before I go crazy spazzin
    the 1st video…when they said Merry Christmas I died it was beyond cute
    2nd video…ToDae
    I’m definitely lovin them
    3rd video was sooo adorkable Bong and his ways to fight boredom seriously the girl recordin them…LUCKY!
    the 4th video….0.0
    that was soooooo HOT!!!
    I never knew my man could do that…I’m can’t think straight now
    so many things come to mind
    Tabi better be up for a private session ;P
    Sunset Glo performance was pretty awesome!!!
    loved the green theme
    thanx you cameraman gave us some good closeups
    that’s all we’re askin for

  17. That was cute!!! OH the GRI moment is from 1:27-1:30

  18. Vi

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ my gad.

    big bang is going to murder me some day. it will, and vi, ur going to watch me die. yes you are. you are going to watch me suffer the things that these big bang hyungs are doing to me. utter cuteness xD

  19. krysti

    they was copying Bae’s move during ‘Sunset Glow’ performance
    it’s a pretty difficult move
    lol at Tabi

  20. Li

    yea it was on TVants

  21. Jini

    Tabi was doing it SOO WHOLE HEARTEDLY haha
    I was like ‘WHOA THERE!!!”

  22. nya

    I remember when they say Big Bang on, I had on the same expression as Baby
    except I was like ‘YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” really loud haha at 5 AM… T__T hahah

    ur man.
    that pelvis thrust didn’t do anything to me
    THANK GOODNESS hahahah
    if you download the HQ, you can see his WHOLE FACE.
    andnananahahaha HAVE FUN WITH THAT!!!!

    I KNOW!
    I feel bad for Bae
    cuz during that, either I focus on Bong or Tabi hahaha

    other things?
    i don’t wanna know
    but gurl~
    you HAVE to watch the other videos
    dorkness overload
    ur husband REALLY enjoy Dae’s butt
    not kidding.


  24. nya

    haha so u noticed the new christmas theme kekekek
    took me all morning T____T
    it was worth it though hahaha

  25. Yui´loves´YB

    OOH~ i missed that
    thanks for pointing that out
    guess it’s a regular thing for BaeDae now

  26. Vi
    haha i know right?!
    caught me off gaurd! first i was suprised and than my face went “:DDDDDDDD” LMAO!

  27. jiyanz

    I KNOW!!
    these people already shot the scne
    why not release it??????

    Bong was pointing at the restaurant avertisement sign hahaha
    it’s called “Da Eum Nal”
    which is the name of Baby’s first solo “Next Day”
    hahaha so Baby came up to it and did that hand thing kekeke
    gotta love him man

  28. jess

    our boys can do WONDER~ hah

  29. sandy

    and also it’s the end of the year
    many special end of the year performance and events
    so they have to work hard practicing them
    their performances are ALWAYS amazing
    but it’s sad that they don’t get to rest

  30. Sexica

    I think that’s his coordinator
    since they wouldn’t talk to a fan that easily and let her face showed on camera
    that’s gonna be dangerous for her

    our Tabi surprise us ALL today
    so THIS is what he don in the waiting room T______T

  31. Dori

    good to see that you found out my purpose in life kekeke

  32. J-G-RILEEN

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    GRi fans are NOT to be messed with

  33. the outtakes and the mv making are too cute! Topdae is starting to be my favorite big bang team up!

  34. Jini

    dude, at first I thought that was Dae
    because we all know Dae and his pelvis thrusts hahaha
    but when i saw what he was wearing I waslike “hold up”
    I alsmost screamed ‘NO WAY’ out loud
    at 5 AM
    glad I didn’t
    or else I would get slapped by my dad or something
    he hates it when he get wake up in the middle of the night hahaha…. or 5 AM kekek

  35. vicky

    yeah..there’s hardly any baby scene in the CF
    but its least we can still watch those scenes..
    baby is just too adorable~
    and that GRi scene..omfg they look so loving
    i want it so badly T__T
    hahaha..yeah i know..and bong was getting all excited and kept saying it was same as baby’s ‘next day’ right?
    bong is too cute kekee
    and then baby..even cuter T____T

  36. Wow so much vidoes :]
    Lol, congrats to the boys for winning #1 because,
    they’re number 1 :]
    and that dressing rooom video, lOllllll! Got me going
    up & down off my seat. Hahahahahahahahahaaa!
    & i’d love to be one of those girls running to the
    bus at the beach :] LOL.

  37. Vi

    hahahah! dae…he is GOOD at pelvic thrusts 😛
    dangg how do you stay up so often?
    i tried doing that all week but only made it up till like 12:00 am and went to sleep keke. XD
    i need something to constantly have my attention lol

  38. they seriously need to stop…
    they’re gonna make me die to overexposure of pure big bang awesomness lol.
    (ok seriously, ive been watching too much kung fu panda XD)

    but really.. i loved loved the outtakes. favorite part was the GDYB moment.. and the GRI moment.. and the TOP-RI moment. wish I could’ve seen Dae more >__<

    and really GD-Dae… what was that lol. were they supposed to be running up the stairs or something? whatever they were doing was pretty entertaining.

    and the backstage thing was funny. looked like some knock-off matrix move lol. my YB has super powers ^___^

  39. zzen

    from PHIL!!!

  40. manageRI


  41. OK d whole dressing room movements is weird,,especially TOP oppa,,he’s been really OUT OF CONTROL lately,,but a gotta admit..I LOVE IT!!! :))

  42. They’re soooo freakking cute. I swear. ahhaha, Bong and Dae. LMAO, when they were running up and down the stairs.

  43. sunset glow making MV: of course, Bong will always notice everything about baby..thats d POWER OF^_^ …..and baby sOOO happy :))

  44. Dressing Room: Looks MORE like theyre having a heart/hips attack [lol] and our DOCTOR Bae 2 d rescue..haha^_^

  45. aigoo, Vi. BB alone can be the death of me. YOU providing all
    these BB videos all at once IS definitely going to be the death
    of me. haha. i don’t even know what to say right now. so many
    things to comment about, but i won’t.

    but let me bring up the backstage vid – dude that was a huuuuge
    ‘WHOOOOOOOA. WTH?’ moment. haha. those boys are craaaaaazy. ^__^

  46. Vi
    you think so?
    wasn’t she wearing a uniform though?

    that’s what our boys do
    though Tabi must have been practicin it for a long time

  47. Oh my GAD!

    gahh! theres so many videos to spazz over! yay!
    hahaha just wanna CONGRADULATE BB!! whoohoo~

    hahaha the performances were awesome, I did spy SR’s
    coughing, hope hes okay. Close ups were GREAT!

    ahhh~ watching them in the dressing room was the greatest
    10 seconds of my life so far lol hahaha the THRUSTS!!!
    AHHH! TOP was just ahh, I was like drooling..I wish I could
    see his facial expression haha GD laying on the floor was
    just hilarious!

    Waaa~ the making of Sunset Glow was pretty awesome
    LOL SeungRi standing next to the sign “Daum Nal” hahaha
    his expression was just cracking me up!! LOL

    and GD, Dae & Wally just amazed me with their crazy acts
    so funny!! LOL running up one stair and recording it HAHAHA
    these guys are crazy…and there goes DJ TOP grabbing on
    Dae’s butt LOL then he went after him like he wanted more lol

  48. AND OHH MY GOSH!! idk where to start with the CF Outtakes!
    ahhhh~ going crazy! that was SOO CUTE AND HILARIOUS!!
    LMAO at 0:20 idk why in the world was SR taking pictures
    when the snowmen were coming out hahaha

    and ooooohhhh my gosh! GD’s cuute face behind the ice cream
    cake was soo funny and cute when he was trying out different
    expressions and faces..ggahh!!

    LOL and then YB playing with the BLUE BALL hehehehe!

    at 0:53 you can see SeungRi jumping LIKE CRAZY!
    LMAO omgosh he’s just crackin me up! the way he jumps is
    just so funny! hahaha

    AND there he is AGAIN running in
    that funny way going back and forth while GD & YB are doing
    their shot..LOL ahhh this maknae is making me crazy! hahaha

    idk if anyone noticed but while GD & YB were shooting
    TOP was STANDING STILL in the background just looking
    at the ground then he scratched his head OMG that was
    just HILARIOUS! lol I kept replaying it! HAHAHA 😀
    So cute~~~~~~~!!

    speaking of cute! the scene with TOP & SR then that GRi
    moment! ahhhh~!!! going crazyyy!! especially with TOP & SR!!!
    ggahh!! I cant handle the cuteness!!

    the scene before they said “merry christmas” was so funny
    I wish they had put that in there!

    LOVE the VIDS!!!!

  49. rosiebb runnin’ around…:))

  50. Awww they are so fricken cute!
    I love G-Dragon =]
    The dressing room video….uhhh WTH aha it was funny
    OMG Dae & GD were hilarious. keke run up the stairs
    and GD failed first. but he was fricken hot!
    this is why i love big bang

  51. Baby n’ BabyG dont get sick now…please b HEALTHY!!!


  53. hey anyone know what time is Music Core today? saturday?

  54. hahah TOP’s face at 2:04 at the sunset glow performance!!
    so cute!!

  55. Vi
    Oh my god… the BR vid is just too cute for words XD!
    Look at how cute Kwon leadah is when the close up. Hehehe
    & our 2 seung hyuns~~~ ah~~ I always love to see them together. Hehehe… I dunno why
    Wow~ at the end, their merry Christmas, so cute >.<

    Huh? What did Bong said about YG? Haha..
    Ahh!! ToDae!! Hahaha…
    Hubby is too into Dae lately. Kekeke
    Buhahhaa… half of the space. But that’s make them look more close together & I love seeing this pairing.
    Ah~ linking & touching Dae arm up & down.
    This is scary… I really like to do that too. Like my habit.
    Doing that to ppl who’re close to me when we walk together.
    Haha… that’s what couple is. Kekeke

    Hahaha… “Next Day” kekeke..
    Baby expression!! Haha.. “I’m cool, I’m so cool please shoot me.” kekeke

    Bae have entered the gag world. Hahha

    BUHAHA… who could forget this DJ Top. Kekee
    Omg, if I could I’d like to give him this “DJ of the year” award. Hahaha…

    I think Dae talks something about hubby then hubby just have to slap his butt again. Kekke
    Aigoo… could u hear the sound of hubby slapping Dae’s butt??
    So loud~ hahaha…

    Bong, how could he managed to look so sexy while being so skinny???

  56. vi
    the pelvis thrust, after the downloading…
    omona… i chocked on my water. i don’t know that it’s on the beginning of the vid.
    if i know i won’t drink any water.
    thanks, i HAVE FUN with that. hahaha

    lord… please, not that hubby…
    whith that really thight pants & his face
    also the hands that moving arrgghh!!!!
    what should i do naw?!
    i’m such a pervy i could only look at south.

    u didn’t feel anything?
    god sure hear my prayer. hahaha…

  57. that was the most cutest thing ever~
    im so glad i didn’t sleep yet
    that video of outakes ahhh soo cute
    i can’t handle it O___O
    heh heh i love TODAE now so cute
    how top can’t keep his hands off dae~
    my daesungie~

  58. oh my god O.O they are SOOOOOO dorky XD but that’s a GOOD thing
    lol i love how TOP’s been all hyper and goofy lately XD he seems so freaking happy it’s great
    and oh man, lol SR you’re killing me… there’s way too many things to mention about you =3
    lol GD and the stairs thing…that was so funny my brother thinks i’m crazy now cuz he couldn’t see it XD it’s worth it though
    lol poor Dae having TOP messing around with you so much lol it’s okay we love you too it’s not just TOP
    lol when TY and GD were chasing the ball during the CF outtakes they were like cats man so CUTE

  59. Vi

    that is exactly what it is ^^ kakaka…

    dammit, they cut out the G-Ri 😦
    baskin robbins is so mean.

  60. dear BR director,
    why u took out so many scenes?!! anyway, i know u chose the best from it, rite? but, every picture is the best, u should put all together!!! i think u should break the record, make the longest CF. how can u delete the TOP and SR at the window scene? don u feel heart pain to delete such awesome pic? and also, the lovely GD and SR! gonna protest ady!!! I WANT MORE!! I WANT MORE! well, BB, merry christmas^^

    seriously, i hope i can join their MV, how pleasure the fans there? so nice!! omg, TY u were the first got NG?! u slow a pace?! TOP, do u in love in DAE? this feeling came before the BR CF? so fast? haha!! u must treat him nicely yea! NEXT DAY restaurant, wondering what food they gonna sell it with this concept? business must be very good rite after this because SR was there!!

    ==” GD, i know u were doing exercises. but, u should drag all BB to do with u!! not only DAE… haha…

    hwaiting!! hwaiting!!!

  61. omggg! MUST WACTH!!! so many TODAE action lately 😛 i likey <3333
    Tabi ahhhh~

  62. Oh, my gosh, those outtakes…such dorks. >.< I fangirled during that tiny GRi moment. It was like a “blink and you’ll miss it” thing. Totally adorable.
    And ToDae is priceless.

  63. Those outtakes makes me feel excited for Christmas even more!!! Love these boys!!!HOT and cute at the same time…congrats guys!!you deserve the best!!!

  64. i mizh G-Ri MOMENT!!!!

    mm, J-G-RiLEEN, same here..
    phil? where? me from manila..

  65. i am really into seungri, i really love to see his face, everyday everynight.. ‘cant go to sleep w/o seein his face & listenin’ to his solo song STRONG BABY!! haha.. ‘love him to death..
    bigbang truly roicksss!

  66. @Vicky…



  67. thanx…lovely song, gonna cheer my christmas…


  68. zzen

    haha..same here..cant gO 2 sleep or live my day w/out listenin’ 2 maknaebaby songs or even just a glimpse of him…<3 HIM!!!^_^

    Im originally from LIPA BATANGAS but my family also lived in Quezon City Manila.

    r U stiLL in phil? I haven’t been there for 3 years now..IDK when will i visit again..hopefully in 2010 for my cousins 18 b-day BUT even that Im not sure. I really wanna go home though..I miss every1.. 😦 ..but its OK I have BIG BANG haha..^_^

    nice 2 meet yah…yeah we should meet sometym… :))

  69. jiyanz

    we need to protest forreal
    I’ll order 40 gallons of ice cream from them if they include it
    I don’t care if I blow my life saving goddam it!! hahaha

  70. Jini

    my mom described me as an owl
    I like to sleep during the day and stay up at night hahaha
    idk that’s just me

  71. J-G-RILEEN

    hahaha exactly
    the GRi power
    Bong can smell Baby from 30046309468340963998592 miles away hahaha

  72. Heather

    hahahah a
    i told you before
    I’m a murderer kekeke

  73. Sexica

    cuz I saw her running with the boys after they got called to get ready for the performance

  74. nya

    Kwon Leadah’s face killed me
    it’s been a while since Bong give me that feeling haha
    a LONG while
    he’s always hot and sexy
    but this feeling he gave me when he does that, it’s different

    Bong said something about MR. YG being a bad person haha he also said he was tire, and something about 2 hours yesterday and 3 hours today.
    Bong has some GUTS~

    hahah me too!! I link arm with ppl i walk with
    just a habit I have
    or maybe I’m just lazy and want to put my arm on something hahaha

    Tabi made hitting Dae’s butt a habit
    UH OH~ TROUBLE FOR YOU!!! hahaha

    what did I tell you before?
    it’s hazzarous

  75. OH YAY!
    lol thanks Vicky! thanks mycatok!

    that Sleigh Ride song is soo addictive! its a cute version for BB! 🙂

    I can’t get enough of the outtakes!!

    I spy new posts! must watch~

  76. Vi

    baha! owl! lol owls sure are cutee.
    i like pandas thoughh mostly cuz panda=dark circles=baby=love <33
    i stayed up till like 1:00 yesterday night reading ecplise so im proudd baha!

  77. Vi
    Aigoo~~ r u feeling the long lost love again?
    Hehehe… so sweet of vi.
    Haha Bong just could make everything work. Sexy, hot, & cute.
    That’s why they make him leader I think.
    Coz Bong just could do everything.

    HAHAHA… Bong has guts~
    Great. Hahaha… I don’t really like too good boy.
    Boy need to be naughty or bad for a while so girls won’t get bored.

    Hahaha… I remember how my brother & sister hate to walk with me coz I love to link arm with ppl I walk with. Hahaha
    But seeing hubby like that I don’t need to worry.
    He’ll let his arm for me to link kekeke…
    U too? Hahaha…
    This long lost theory thing sound so amazing. Hahaha

    Oh my god… sure that’s trouble for me.
    But since I love these two I could let them be. Hahaha
    He got Dae butt to molest in guy line & my butt to molest in gurl line. Hahaha
    That’s made it complete for him.

    HAHAHA… I just too thirsty at that moment.
    So I grab some water to drink but I don’t know that its in the beginning of the vid!!
    If know I wouldn’t do that.
    I don’t want to die in early age also I haven’t married o tabi yet.
    Ah my… spare me God.

    also thanks for the Sleigh Ride d/l ^^

  78. my stoopid internet connie wasn’t working for almost 2 days!!! thank god it’s working now. i can’t wait to watch ’em crazy boys. ^___^ thanks for sharing! BB FTW~

  79. lol~ thanx for the Sleigh Ride ^^ it’s gonna be my Xmas Song this year xD! <333

  80. lolz.. bong and dae~ so cute!!
    and the backstage scene,, so cute!! harhar!!
    love their theme, lime green.. nice!

  81. Ahh..did any1 of u realize tht when Seungri jumped down frm d platform right after bae, he almost tripped off to d other side..But phew luckily he managed to stabilize himself back..tht was a pretty high jump..
    Thts such a hyyyperrrr-active performance!
    2 songs frm DBSK against 1 song frm BB..
    N miraculously BB was da 1 being crowned as the winner!
    Whoaaa~~~congrats BB! 😀

    I got to watch their 1st Music Bank Foolish Love & Sunset Glow performance on da big TV Screen yesterday..!It was overwhelming!

    TQ so much Vic 4 d awesome-ness videos!
    -Take Care-

  82. Omg! I luv Big Bang them sooo much and mah guy is G-Dragon…Luv their songs and music…

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