11.29.08 Big Bang Sunset Glow Performance in Music Core | Stalker Pics during Music Bank


I just saw this and I don’t know WHEN it was and WHAT it’s for, but I DO KNOW; that it’s pink, they’re freaking adorable and hot. There’s GRi and ToDae, AND I WANNA SEE THE WHOLE THING ALREADY!!!! I mean seriously!! There’s even hands holding… do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this??? AHHH~~~ :DDDDDDD

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thanks to uy & bigbangpop

11.29.08 MBC Music Core
Sunset Glow Performance
180 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님
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I’m surprise it’s not a BRIGHT~ color theme today haha, maybe I’m too use to it for the past few weeks it’s weird to see them wear gray keke wah~ so many VIPs down there to support them, so cool to see. uh oh~ I spot Dae…. not smiling, he must be dead tire, since he’s been doing his musical a lot this week. aawww.. Dae ah~ it feels REALLY weird not seeing Dae smile, especially in a performance like this, I don’t know about you, but that’s me.

Baby’s vocal keep surprising me everytime, this is one of those time where I heard him sing then I just blank out and can’t think of anything else haha tell me he hasn’t improve since debut and I’ll have to smack you in the head with a fish. …. and I mean it haha

Dae still smile when he’s in the front for us, our ‘Smiling Angel’ even played peek-a-boo during the first ‘ah ah ah ah’ hahaha I’m trying to spot the fanboys down in the audience but I can’t see any because it’s too blurry when the camera moves hahaha the ppl sit in the front seem so…. bored keke how is that possible??

11.29.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
159 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님

Baby is REALLY out to kill me… like seriously.. a suit with a purple bowtie and a hat… talking in that tone and those lips… DANG!!!! I’M GOING INSANE!!!! The part where they introduce H-Eugene, Solbi said something to Dae and Baby did that whole whining thing… I died… oh god, alright Baby~ mission accomplished for you, our Dae is over there hiding in his jacket kekekek As if he hasn’t kill me enough time already, he gotta go and take off his jacket… half way and with that face like that!!! poitning at the floor… Baby………I would get down on that floor with you ANYDAY.

Baby make the MC segment of a show.. normally is the boring part.. turn into this perverted scene for me hahahah XD!!!

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Stalker pics from the Music Bank performance, it’s mainly Tabi stalker pics… since I’ve been spoiling all the Team Toppers a lot lately, and let me tell you, he’s been standing on the side and waving at me, tell me to join Team TOP too, I already have Baby and Bong, so please, you guys tell ur man to STOP IT!!!! I can’t handle that much pressure okay?!! I have limits to my self-control. I love these pics cuz it showed their faces when they were standing there looking at the charts and when they found out they won, it’s just so freaking cute!!!! Tabi was just DAZED~ with his eyes wide open keke.so cute..see!! I gotta stop doing that!!!!!! aigoo~ Tabi ah~ spare me please, or there will be ppl running after me with forks and knifes… or hit me in the head with a fish. T__T

11.27.08 Music Bank Stalker Pics

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Thanks to GD바이러스님 | Jei님 | 귤-_-님 | 단심님 | bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on November 29, 2008.

93 Responses to “11.29.08 Big Bang Sunset Glow Performance in Music Core | Stalker Pics during Music Bank”

  1. manageRI


    This is seriously seriously seriously tOOOOOO much!!! *AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH* “ahem” did I say I LOVE IT yet?…hm..I LOVE IT [repeats] ^__________^

  2. i’m happy they kept their outfits neutral today. matched well
    with all the orange lights.

    and Vi, you and me both – TOP calling us over to his side.
    those stalker pics really aren’t helping us. he’s just tooooo
    beautiful to ignore. gaaaaah. but of course, thank goodness
    for those Jiyong stalker pics. helps me remember why i love
    him so. ^__^

  3. ❤ TOP is so cute

  4. again, sunset glow-ing perfectly as usual.. omg, i like it badly!!!
    for this perf, i like the part they “ah” in row.. even though it was quick and cant see TY so clearly but SR had a sexay “ah” at the end!!! haha, im mad with BB expression.

    DAE, u must be tired, u must smile lot yea, u look like real angel when u smile. must keep it!! TOP, u must take care of DAE yea!!!! i know u love him, rite!!! u were looking at him at the end!! i spot it!!!! haha~~~

    BB hwaiting!!! see, lot of vips supporting!!!!

  5. I like the shirt my darling TOP is wearing this time^^
    and i find when Dae is not smiling, he still looks so darn cute~~~

  6. always love to big bang
    but can i say vicky
    you do SUCH a good job everytime with all these posts
    all the different colours are always eyecatching and cute and your blurbs are always so adorable
    you don’t get enough thanks for your work

    btw TOP is looking FINEEEEEEE<3

  7. AHHHH :]
    perfect performance, as usual~
    and i LOVE the stalker pics :]

  8. OMG cuteness! green is my fav color too! omg looks so nice!

  9. OMGGG, the last two jiyong pictures killed me!
    so cuteee<3
    omgomgomggg. xD
    TOP! is hott man ❤

  10. At one point in the MBC cuts it sounded like
    Baby said no shi~ LOL

    But all in all they looked awesome.

  11. you know TOP getting people to his side isn’t too hard??!?! I might be slightly adding him to my favorite list. hahah…

  12. hahaha… vi, do you know what i was thinking as i saw that second pic of tabi?

    “i’ll try not to hurt my nose again, cuz these bandaids are uuuuuuuuuuglyyyyyyyyyy~”

    kakaka ^^

  13. OMG!!!
    I wanted to stay up and watch this
    I loved this performance
    my man is really tryin to prove he can be cute
    I noticed Dae too
    he need to take care of himself I’ve been worried about them since the Tabi incident 3 weeks ago

    I’ll punish Tabi tonight
    there’s no need for us to go fishing for ya

  14. ^TOP looks like seungri in this pic xD
    I think SeungRi will be like this when he gets older xD

    haaaah jiyongiee~~<3

    thnx vicky!!

  15. i swear baby looks more and more attractive everyday…..if he get even more handsome that this i would dropout from the university and went to Korea so i can stalk him 24/7 XDD LOL jkjk

  16. speaking at coming with u with forks and knifes isn’t a bad idea
    buttttt i won’t come after u unless u share that GD of ur first:P:P top is so cute in those pic!~~~

  17. omfg! seungri is so white and fair ;D

  18. TOP owns big time!

  19. thank you so much about that…..
    So sad to see Dae didnt smile a lot….how tired he was…..hope that he is still fine….

  20. J-G-RILEEN

    especially the pics with Baby and Bong?
    I know gurl~ hahaha

  21. Heather

    I KNOW~
    and I’ve been rewatching the documentary today
    and i just notice how such a dork he was even before hahaha

    yes. thanks to that pic with Baby and Bong
    bring my sense back kakaka

  22. jany

    keke lots of ToDae action lately
    no way Tabi will let Dae get sick

  23. iheartbb

    awww… thankyou
    as long as you guy get updated and always support our boys
    that’s a thanks enough for me 🙂

  24. Dori

    hahaha bandaid~ keke

  25. Sexica

    I decide to sleep last night
    I woke up at 1 AM but too tire to do anything
    so I just went back to sleep hahaha

    fish for me kekeke
    you’re good gurl
    I accept defeat HHAHAHAH
    and you BETTUH take care of it

  26. widchii

    I will hide in your suitcase and come along with you for sure hahaha

  27. daniS2jiyong

    ur right!! with the eyes!!!

  28. omgg it looks like TOP stole dae’s plaid outfit and baby stole TOPs outfit~ keke.
    i LOVE that last stalker picture of bong. it makes me giggle XD
    baby MC’in at 1:26 was super cute <33

  29. hehe i know alot of people who cant resist Team TOP xD =P lmao im already on it xDDD i was always from the start! xDD hehe i use to be on Team G-D before O.O i know hard to believe when all i rant about TOP and YB xDDD hahaha and Team Seung Ri aswell but that was when i first found out about Big Bang, lol if it wasnt for GD’s photo i wouldnt have found out about them ^-^ so i thank him hehe him and TOP were my absolute favourite =D OMO i love the Stalker pics >.< and the PERF was awesomeo haahahhaha

  30. Wowweee! all hail the stalker photographers!
    these pics are amazing! ahh~ Sunset Glow perf. was
    hott for sure! Loved their peformance!

    DS did seem tired
    but his HUGE SMILE after he sang the bridge made me
    feel better : D ahhhh~~~ 2:21 = LOVE!

    SR’s vocals were spectacular! lol (right word?)
    . . . geez Vicky, why you gotta slap someone with a fish? . . . use a whale! haha!

    Please TOP, USE PLAID SHIRTS FOREVERRR! ahh~ so sexy!

  31. awwwww i watch this last night xD lol! the last pic of Bong :p

  32. bbftw

    Lol you are so right! I was like, hmm.. something
    seems off?..their outfits?…
    I kinda of like Dae’s look on TOP : D lol
    SR’s outfit is too black for him hehehe

  33. ohmy geee, GD YOU’RE ADORABLLEEEEE ;DD!!!!!!!<33333333333
    omgaomgaa. i see some G-RI HEREE!! SOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUTEEEEEE.
    top looks super FREAKINGFINNEEE, YeAHH?! xD

    hehe these pictures make me feel happy xDD
    i lovee the picture of gd’s half wink ahaaahaha ;D!

    i realllyyy like seung ri’s jacket too xD
    it’s super stylish lolllllloll.

    they’re so awesomee :DD made my day.
    imma go look at it some more now xDD

  34. stalker pics >> aways gives me *happy thoughts* imma look at it some more 😀

    happy thoughts > u guys know what i mean. 😀 dont act innocent!

  35. Vi
    don’t you worry
    he’ll definitely learn this time

  36. hahaha i like the last picture where gd stuck out his tongue!

  37. I so needed to watch these videos after my longg day (:
    Hahaha, I LOVE that last picture of Jiyong! SO CUTE!

  38. hahaha omg whats up with baby’s laugh? kyoh kyoh kyoh lol i guess he couldnt get rid of the adorableness even if he wanted to

  39. Vi
    Not bright color? R u disappointed?
    But gray look good on them too.

    Ah~~~ Dae must be deadly tired.
    But he still give us his charming smile at the end.
    XD!! Thank u Dae!!
    Peek a boo. hahaha Dae so cute.

    Hahaha… who don’t realized that out baby Ri have improved so much & still improving?
    I agree with u.
    I’ll smack them in the head with fish.

    Baby make the MC segment of a show.. normally is the boring part.. turn into this perverted scene for me hahahah XD!!
    Never underestimated ur hubby.
    That’s one lesson for u. kakaka

    Ahh!!! Thanks u for hubby stalker pic again
    Its rarely posted but these days… hahaha… I find it a lot.
    & since I’m too lazy to visit the other site too, so I won’t find any except here. ^^v

    I’ll told him to stop. Not.
    I’ll MAKE HIM STOP. Hahaha…
    Does that enough for u? kekeke

    OMG!! His face when he know he won. Ahhh~~~
    So cute!! Dazed like that.
    Who the hell that said my man not suit to be cute? Huh?
    I love the 4th pic! XD!!!
    “mr YG will give us plenty of fruits if we keep this up. Hehehe”
    I think he thinks like that. hahaha
    “what should I ask him to? Apple, orange, pear?”

    Omona… Bong last tongue action.
    Vi, still alive? Hahaha…
    Any though fly by when u first see that?

  40. the perf was great!!!
    the stalker pic of jiyongie was cute:)))
    i like all his expression…especially the last pic.hahas
    i like GD the first time i noe bigbang…and until now:)))


  42. hahahahahhaahaha..Jiyong’s pants!!!!
    cute..but i love more when he’s in Mnet countdown..
    he wore his hairband..
    tat makes him even more cuter
    thanks for sharing~~~

  43. Hey Vicky! This is my blog. Please come and take a look. There are tons of Big Bang’s HD performances & music videos :))


  44. The 6th pic of TOP looks really seductive..LOL

  45. Vi

    hmm… is tabi catching on to Baby’s ‘dark-circle-under-eye’ look~? kekeke, maybe he’s doing that so you’ll be on his side too, cuz i know i am ^^ just look at my pic xD lol

  46. awwwww, Vi. you must be grinning like a mad women from ear
    to ear with that adorable GRi moment in that pic. i must admit,
    it’s totally cute. look at their smiles. oh and the pinkness. ^__^

  47. VI, OH MY GAD. ur just going to make sure im going to suffer, arent you?! xD

    look at that pic, its my two fav’s, GRi AND ToDae?! your a mean girl, Vi, a MEANNNNNNNNN girl. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    you just want me so die. XD

  48. help!!! GD was holding SR.. omg.. SR, pls don be shy on this..i feel happy on this couple.

    and TY, u r so cute in pink!!!! LOVE U!!!!!
    top, ur sight will kill, pls stop this..
    dae, love ur smile yea!!!

  49. ahh G-RI!! ToDae!!
    haha..but dae was actually putting his hands on both bae and tabi’s shoulder kekekeee..
    G-Ri FTW!!!!
    ahh..so adorable <33333333

  50. awww they look adorable in powder pink. it’s so lovely on them ^___^ that’s like my favorite color on them… and soft purple.. and baby blue lol.

  51. Whoa!
    that’s soooo hot
    Gri ToDae
    what could be better than that….ToJeDae

  52. PINK!! my favorite colour!!
    them in pink is…AH CUTE!

  53. lol i feel bad for TY man, it’s all about GRi and ToDae lately what happened to him?! XD jk jk i know he’s got them fans out there, i mean, how could you NOT love his voice and *ahem* body ;P
    TOP is pulling everyone in, it seems XD he’s grabbing me too…aww lol SR baby is always number one for me XP don’t worry
    lol i wanna see the rest of those pictures!!! with the whole “pink couple (but not overly so)” theme! does that make sense? lol i hope it does ><

  54. look at Baby and Bae’s hair i think the pics should be recently taken
    finally GRI =]

  55. I went into major nosebleed mode when I saw Jiyong hold Seungri in a half hug with hand holding! GAH!

    They look like perfect BFs. lolol 😉

    P.S. I guess it’s safe to say GRI are on teh NAUGHTY list!!! haha

    so cute!
    I hear girls growling…
    I know so many G-D fans who would murder to b SR in that pic

  57. TABI stalker pics!!! lately i’ve been loving TABI a lot!!! it started with Tabi..then it went to baby then it went to gd then to dae then to bae and back to gd and now…to TABI!! lol. what can i say? i like ’em all ^___^ is it me or does baby’s cheeks look different?? he used to have a bit of baby fat on his cheekies!

  58. oh my god! GRi!!!
    aw~~~ and it’s pink. ah~~~
    ToDae too XD!!!
    when did they made this photosot???
    oh my gosh~~ i need more XD!!

  59. awwww, the latest picture makes me giggle :]
    life is great when we see these cute darlings ❤

  60. gyaaaaaa baby and bong together.. g-ri 4ever… i need more g-ri pics!! XD

  61. im seriously shakin’ n’ cryin’ ryt now n’ I cant breath…O.M.G. ,,d G-RI i’ve been waitin’ 4…I cant even scream, like im froze 2 death…G-RI seriously dont keep me alive….OMG[repeats]..I seriously dont know what 2 say anymore……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  62. whahahaha! bong’s dorkiness made me love him even more!!~~ *squeals
    Tabi! Ahh~~ my first love, He gets hotter and hotter everytime i see him~~ :DD And baby, OMG! I love those pics with Bong.. :):):) Sooo cute~~

  63. OMG I just saw d SBS perf. n’ I think Steve is back!!! :))

  64. great blog

  65. omg!!! G-ri moment :O! when was that? omg! >_<

  66. ahh!!!- gri is back!! im the happiest person on earth…! or perhaps in the universe..!
    dang baby is so cute in the music core host cut..esp at 1:27..

    looking at him makes me fall deeper into the world of a fangirl x.x

    you don’t know how long i screamed after seeing that picture
    their hands!!!!
    the first thing i saw was their hands….
    this really made my day.
    thx for sharing SO MUCH
    can’t wait to see it in the baskin robbins photos then

  68. oh and i want Tae Yang’s jacket

  69. I haven’t seen the vids yet, but seeing that picture in pink is enough. wooohooo!!!
    I know lil sis in law that pic killed you so many times!!! Too damn adorable!!!! I love it!!!
    Dae was not only with tabi, he’s also taking Baebae. hehehe. Our smiling angel can take two….;)
    Oooh I wanna see more Baebae, but that would be so later on. I’ll comment again fast.

  70. Jini

    ahhh haha
    does seem like it eh? keke
    small SeungHyun gave big SeungHyun his clothes stealing disease haha

  71. rosiebb

    hahaha cuz whale are expensive and I’m not strong enough anyway haha
    can’t waste that kind of money and energy on deaf ppl man

  72. Sexica

    I’ll try to believe that hahaha

  73. nya

    I’m not disappointed
    I was just surprised to see them wearing something dark
    the boys look good in EVERYTHING~
    duh~~ hahah

    now you KNOW .. i NEVER underestimate him haha
    since ur hubby keep dragging me to the dark side
    whenever i find any stalker pic of him
    i just HAVE to post it T___T

    hahaha Tabi and his fruits. keke
    his facial expressions are just T__T haha
    actually, when I saw Bong and the tounge, I can only focus on how sexay Baby look with that smirk of his
    Bong is losing his touch.

  74. Heather

    actually when I saw that
    I was more like a crazy gurl with ADD who’s on crack hahaha
    like.. all I can do hitting the table and screaming like crazy!!

  75. Dori

    I already die from it and I don’t wanna be alone down here so I gotta invite some fellow VIPs down hahaha

  76. sandy

    haha actually NO ONE DOES
    i’m on Team GD as well as team SeungRi
    and we love them so much it’s amazing
    these two together is just LOVE
    a famous couple in Big Bang actually

  77. -G-RILEEN

    ME TOO!!!

  78. Vi

    haha the disease is spreadingg!~ and i like it XD
    that pink picture is SEXXY beyong belieff
    i wana see thhe whole shoot!

  79. arghhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    wanna die rite n0w….^^
    g-riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <333
    so0~~~~~cute n ad0rable…….yay~~~~~~~~~~~“

  80. tabi stalker pics!! and the first pink picture,tabi just haaaad to cross him arm and smile like that.makin me love him even more.heheh!vicky,i guess he’s trying make you fall in love with him too huh? hahaha.he wants your attention too!hahah.thanks for posting tabi stalker picts!much appreciated.totally made my day.and night.hahah.



  83. Vi
    Why they could pull off everything??
    Uh~~ they have an undeniable charm. Haha

    Hahaha… u just have to. Kekeke
    That’s their undeniable charm. Hehehe

    Or maybe in the future we won’t open ice cream store but a fruit store instead??? Kekeke…

    Oh my gad! bong losing his touch???
    Never underestimate ur 2nd hubby too vi, hell make a comeback then.
    In the end u just won’t get out of his world. Hahaha…

  84. Ahhh I’m new to this. xD Like..REALLY new. But I had to go and make myself an account just because I LOVE Big Bang. And Top. ^^ Choi. Taby. Whatever you wanna call him, I love him. XD And whoever took tese stalker pics of them! lol I love his red face mask, so sexy. ^///^ Weeell, I’m rambling now. lol

  85. awww sooo cute
    i love that last pic with gdragon sticking his tongue out
    sooo cute :DDDD

  86. […] 11.29.08 Big Bang Sunset Glow Performance in Music Core | Stalker Pics during Music Bank ***UPDATE*** I just saw this and I don’t know WHEN it was and WHAT it’s for, but I DO KNOW; that it’s […] […]

  87. Hehehe, So cute!? xD
    Love them!? ~~~~
    Hehe, JiYongie ❤

  88. my favorite random moment of SR & DS & Solbi hosting : D

  89. Vi

    yeah, thanks. -_-

    lol, just kidding~~ xD its kinda funny, its my two fav’s then YB is just standing there… lmao.

  90. Taeyang’s “AH” at 2:17 was..
    ohhhhh, godly!

  91. yay TOP he is soo good looking <3333
    and i just love seeing them perform, they put so much emotion~~~ and i love seeing TOP being so happy while performing hahaaaa

  92. stalker pictures xDD so cute pics


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