11.30.08 Winning Mutizen Song on Inkigayo | Music Bank Stalker Pics

To all my dear Bong lovers;
a little early Christmas present for you guys; have fun drooling ;D

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DOWNLOAD: 11.30.08 DaeSung on Family Outing

Congrats our boys on winning the Mutizen Song!!

11.30.08 SBS Inkigayo
Sunset Glow Performance & Mutizen Song
277 MB

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Thanks to DCGD Vocalise님 and ORange@bigbangpop
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First thing that popped into my head when I first saw this performance was “STEVE IS BACK!!!!!” hahahahah Bong has finally the cute furry animal with 2 tails back, YAY!!! Then Bae’s light smile while doing the muscle thing, their clothing theme is lue this time, I like it, it’s cute~ Dae look more energized and happy today, always caught him in the back smiling and laughing, he was bending his back backward during Tabi’s verse keke dork. And our gag king… haha his eyes crack me up BIG TIME, Tabi ah~ My Baby singing his heart out, LOVE IT!! and him doing the ‘I LOVE U GURL’ i don’t know HOW many I died. DANG!

While Bae was singing the bridge, Bong was playing with Steve’s tail, AWWW.I love seeing that, Bong ah~ bring Steve out for air often okay?!! When they were doing the ‘ah ah ah ah’ part, Baby copied what Bae did a year ago, during the Last Farewell days, Bae always flipped his mic and scare the crap out of us, we always worried about it dropping, now Baby’s doing it, this isn’t the first time either, he was doing it back in the Music Bank performance also, Baby and his habit of copying his hyungs T_T

I laughed so hard when I heard Bae say ‘SBS’ after the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ idk why, I just find it funny kekeke. They went over to the MC booth, since today is the female MC’s last day hosting Inkigayo, they pulled mini-roses from their pockets and gave it to her, awww.. that’s so sweet, she was tearing up too.

THE BOYS’ FIRST MUTIZEN SONG FOR SUNSET GLOW!!! WHOOO HOO~ beating both DBSK and Rain… WHOA THERE~ now that’s SOME competition, Minwoo was so happy for the boys and he was congratulating Bong and Dae, then he came behind Tabi and just hugged him kekeke Tabi was so surrpised, all he can do was bow to Minwoo keke so I guess Minwoo is close with our boys? aww… that’s cute to see. The DongBang boys was also congratulating Big Bang with all their hearts, man I’m love seeing this, JaeJoong and Yunho was smiling ear to ear while Micky was hyper and came over to say something to Bong and then just laugh and walk back keke. Since it’s the female MC’s last day, they dragged her out onstage and sing around her, awww.. making her feel special, that’s so sweet.

Last time it was Tabi and Bong stalker pics, now it’s Bae and Baby, I would write more about it… but I’m pretty much running out of words in english to describe them hahaha I’m on a vocabulary shortage due to these guys. Let’s just say, sexiness… and cuteness.. OVERLOADING.

11.28.08 Music Bank Stalker PIcs

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Thanks to 1214님 | YBeffect | seungriya | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on November 30, 2008.

88 Responses to “11.30.08 Winning Mutizen Song on Inkigayo | Music Bank Stalker Pics”

    lol… they’re owning all the music shows again. 😀

  2. omg!! they look amazing!!

    congrats BB!! they’re out to conquer the world..hahaha ^_^

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they look so fine ;333

  4. they’re the most successful korean artist ever! no? 😀
    im so very happy for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the YB n SR Stalker pics are soo cute *_*
    it’s awesome to get up n see such great pics n news! ❤

  6. congrats to the boys!!! they totally deserve it!! sunset glow is so awesome.. it just makes me happy everytime i hear it

  7. aw that was so sweet. its her last day? awww
    those stalker pics are love.
    specially babys!

  8. ekeke..baby flipped the mic..yeah i’m so scare that it would drop
    bae’s SBS cracked me up lmao~~
    and the stalker pics..finally took a detailed look at bae’s jacket
    it is…so….crocodile skin T___T

  9. congrats boys!
    ahh~ stalker pics..bae rockin that croc skin,looking fine.and that pict of him doing the “i love you gurl” move is so adorableeeee.how can anyone not love him right? and seungriiii~~his 2nd pict,what is he doing?? hahaha! such a cute dorky pose.and his smile in the “i love you gurl” move is just ahh~~~.hahaha.
    everyone of them has their own signature “i love you gurl” look and its all so adorableeeee!especially tabi,to me at least, since im on his team.hahaha.
    thanks vicky!

  10. congrats to BB, so great and flawless performance again!! SR, did u faint after a turn? u r so cute!! GD, ur steve is too big on u!!! but, i know u feel soft and warm on it rite? then, keep it on yea.. DAE, ur smile made my dream T______T BAE, ur “SBS”… is so sexay for me, especially the last “S”.. gonna be mad on u!! and i love the way TOP beat “B…BIG BANG” at the end… so perfect the performance. some more, they prepared the flowers to the MC, noona, u gonna remember these lovely sweeties yea..

    and BAE, ur first stalker piccy kills me straight away!!! thanks the stalker for being so good in photographing.. BAE, u didnt shave ur beard?!!!! SR, u bite ur underlip?!!!! *speechless*

    LOVE BB, hwaiting!! hwaiting!!

  11. WHOO Congrats to BigBang for winning the award!
    This performance was GREAT, as always (:
    Hahahah, Jiyongg was playing with the tails of his hat. LOL!

    GG, Big Bang!~
    And of course, their performances pwn. 😀 I love the blueness of it. xD
    And I must say, the last picture of Soongyi-Ebalso is ADORABLE. x3


  13. Congrats to BIG BANG!
    gosh, i’ve been slacking on my BB news…
    didn’t know i was missing all this goodness xD

  14. hooray for our boys ^__^ they never disappoint, I’m so happy they owned all those other artists! wow! Big Bang is #1 !!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. OMG!!!

    BLUE THEME!!!!
    wootz wootz!
    Steve’s back!!!!
    for a second there I forgot how he looked like

    the flower thing at the end of their song was so cute!!!
    I was soo jealous ;P
    and at the end when they were singin around her
    I died!!!

    stalker pics!!!
    Bae’s smile is deadly!!!
    and Baby what can I say about him…. pic #1 should be illegal

  16. omfg who is tht girl all over gd? -_-!!
    i wanna kill her !!!!!!!!

  17. maknae

    haha..clam down..thats ji hye, 1 of “CRAZY” dancers member, also d 1 always dance w/ YB oppa [if not mistaken?^_^]

  18. I still CANT BELIEVE that our baby is growing up, he doesnt seem 2 me..look @ his pics, sO young!!! Baby u’r always b my baby OK?!!!

    man, im speechless again!!!…EVERYDAY there’s SOMETHING about them………………………………………………… 🙂

  19. haaaaaaah congratz to our boyz ❤

    omg seungri x—-x~~
    baby is the hottest in the world, like d d d d d this yo!! keke xD

    thnx ^^

  20. omg baby’s stalker pic are soo cute

  21. asldhfkjsndjsadbfjh`1236v57326n4cybv198;lh ‘;lfh.

    && Congrats to our boysss!!!

  22. haha i have been getting too many xmas gifts from my boys kakaa
    although i don’t celebrate xmas..but thanks i’m downloading it now
    haha n hopefully i’d be okay after watching
    i actually don’t think i’ll get jealous like how i react after watching the REAL concert kekeke
    from the picture…oh mi gosh..i saw my bong’s FREAKING NIPPLES WTF WTF!!! lol

  23. omg crazy FAN girls screaming their heads off during that video XD

  24. Whoo, Big Bang!
    Beat DBSK AND Rain?!
    Wow, wow!

    Oh man, thanks for the early GD christmas present.
    I’m downloading it now!
    SO HOT.

  25. J-G-RILEEN

    thank u :p and sorry! i was just so mad! 😀

  26. maknae

    Oh its alright..lettin’ ur anger sometyms is OK 2.. 😀 n’ bsides Hu would bLame U ryt? GD’s just sOOO damn sexy w/ ji hye..haha^_^ but I love ji hye, she’s my fava in CRAZY members… :))

    I C U have an eye for maknae 2??? OOHhh i got a new sister…hehe^___________^

  27. What the hell is GD doing there?????

    I must admit———even I AM shocked!!
    (seems like he couldn´t stand being in TOPs scandal shadow…..hohho)

  28. Congratz on winning!
    Love them stalker pics of Seungri
    and OMG i am so downloading that fancam, i get to see GD’s sexy bod haha thanks for the ealry xmas present

  29. my gad, that really WAS bong @_@

    NEVER thot he would do anything like that…

    who knew there would ever be a concert like that~?

  30. wow
    our boys have been beating dbsk a lot lol
    wooo XD

  31. good goin guys!!! ure awesome…BIG BANG fighting!!

    watched that GD clip an OH MY LORD, GD is startin to grow on me…so hot hot hot hot…haha

    But im still team dae…

  32. wooo i drooled all over the place.
    want you concert fam cam FTW.thanks Vicky.
    i wish i was Ji Hye,i wanna molest GD too lol
    stalker pics were getting better and better and what their doing.
    Bebe and Baby wfrjgtkgr

  33. Every Big Bang’s Sunset Glow performance refreshes my day. hehe. I really love them.
    I laughed at tabi in the 2nd verse, his eyes went really big like he’s getting high again from all the sugar rush! hahaha!
    Waaaa steve looks so cute on Bongie! hihihi. =) I want a Steve too, but it’s too hot hear for me to wear Steve.
    I saw Baebae puff his cheeks a bit in the line-up “ah ah ah ah ah” part…hihihi…that was too cute because I’ve also been doing that a lot lately.
    The boys are so sweet giving the female MC mini roses…ahhh…I wouldn’t only cry but freeze if they do that too me.
    I love the stalker pics, my hubby and lil bro in law…Baebae looked so hot and cute at the same time…too deadly for me. hehehe. I love him when he holds his smile a bit, too cute. I can still feel Baby Ri as the maknae of the group in there, seeing him so cute and innocent. hihihi.
    After seeing Bong and his fancam…OMG…that was way too hot…I wanna see Baebae too! hihihi! I like JiHye too, she’s really pretty and a great dancer, and I think though a lot of people might have been jealous of her dancing with Bong sexily, they are all thankful when she unbuttoned his shirt…it’s like “We gotta show this to the world!” woohooo!
    Love these! such good belated birthday surprises! Thanks lil sis in law! ^^

  34. BTW lil sis in law I love Edward Cullen too to death..ahh he looks too sexy. You gotta read the book, he was described as way hotter than in the movie. ^^
    Good thing you did a miracle thing on the day of my birthday. hehehe. =)

  35. OMG THE SHOESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! can somebody tell me what brand name?!?!?

  36. veekwon

    they always manage to do that everytime they make a comeback
    that’s why they’re the best 😀

  37. jiyanz

    I KNOW~
    my brave Baby!! whoo~

    for some reason Bae’s ‘SBS’ just funny huh?
    idk why
    but it just is hahaha

  38. Sexica

    haha our wish came true!!
    hurry up and make another wish!! keke

    Baby is so illegal
    I should never post these up in the first place
    now his pureness is in danger T__T

  39. daniS2jiyong

    nice quote
    very RIGHT one too keke

  40. jiyanz

    I didn’t get jealous AT ALL while watching all the she can’t get enough performances
    since I’ve known all the dancers so well and have become their fans also
    so….. eh~ seeing Bong’s nipple is good enough for me haha

  41. sandy

    oh yea haha
    i was suppose to put up a warning telling ppl to turn down their volume keke

  42. spinx

    everyone during the concert did it,
    it’s just that this person only focus on Bong for this fancam
    I wanna see others too~
    though I HIGHLY doubt if Tabi took off his clothes
    and btw, this was back during early 2007, not recently.

  43. sis in law

    ur place too?
    I live in florida is it’s FREAKING HOT
    it even rained today T___T
    weee~ winter is here….

    I just found out that JiHye is the same age as Tabi
    so Bong has been getting hot with a nuna kekekekek
    HOT~ hahahha

  44. omg,bong so hotttt!!

  45. A GAGA!
    i want their shoes T~T
    im gona steal them!!!!!

  46. Vi
    your gift? total Bong fangirl killer. i friggin’ died like a
    hundred deaths. probably more when i keep watching that clip
    over and over. JiHye…man, i envy that girl even more.

    but yeah, Steve’s back. ^__^ Bong even played with the tail
    again. too cute.

    it’s good to see YB and Baby stalker pics too. i feel like they’re
    neglected sometimes. you must be happy though, Vi, with the
    ones of Baby.

  47. omg,after watching them winning the mutizen,i saw that tae pats baby on the butt when baby is getting the award!soooo cute.

  48. Vi
    yup he’s back!
    Tabi – his shirt = MY WISH XP
    you know it gurl!!!

    he’s definitely in danger
    gotta watch out now we’re alwys watchin…..always watchin

  49. Damn i really want see She can’t get enough video!! Vicky, i hope you gonna but that video on youtube T_T

    oh and before i forget again.. somebody have the lyric for this song?

  50. vi
    oh my god Bong’s nipple >.<
    u must put a warning for team bong. Hahaha

    aahh!!! STEVE!! IT’S BACK!!
    Haha… glad to see steve’s comeback.

    Blue~~~ my favo color!! Yay~~
    I never know that Dae during tabi verse bending his back backwards.
    Hahaha… now I know. Kekeke… the gag world.
    Oh my god, my hubby’s eyes. Hahaha…
    It just like he found out a cave full of fruits.
    Ahh~~ steve just too damn cute.
    & bong playing with steve is cute too. Hahaha…
    Ah baby, habit of copying his hyung. Maybe not copying, he learn by watching it from the hyung.

    Aw~ that’s so sweet.
    Give it out for the female MC. She was tearing up.
    Ah~ why they cut out the encore part???
    Our boys… hehehe… making the female MC feel special ^^v
    She must feel really special that day.

    I love the first stalker pic of bae.
    The lighting is so good & perfect.
    Drag out the whole prince part of bae.

    I must admit the best pic of maknae is the last one.
    So cute yet so baby. Hahaha… what does that mean??
    That smirk & suits. Any girls will chase after him.

    as usual (:
    gogo big bang~
    man i just LOVE bae’s belt . oh so sick . i wonder where he got it ? :”D

    and baby is ahDORRRabull, as usual ^^

  52. youngbae&seungri<333 love em

  53. I swear, the back-up dancers always come out of nowhere!
    I love teh Baby stalker pics, especially the second one. Yeah, his smile’s adorable.

  54. congrats Big Bang!!! i’m so proud of ’em. i love love love taeyang’s stalker pics. and thanks for the amazing fan cam. Kudos to the recorder. ^___^

  55. Oh Myyy

    Best christmas present ever!! lol

  56. yeah…..bb wining again hahahah….i luv d lime green theme….thanks 4 great pic………^^

  57. aawww~ YB nd BABY are oh so cute and hot!!
    seeing these boys again, completes my day!!!

  58. very kewl what does SBS mean?

    seoul broadcasting system????

    SBS radio?

    he has like everything in every color, the side cut tangs, the varsity jackets, then now the motor jackets TAE YANG ROCKS

    and lmao the g-d need pacs 🙂

  59. Seungri looks utterly adorable in these pics. ❤

  60. lil sis in law

    It rained here yesterday, and then today it’s hot again.
    Freakin weather…
    Hehehehe. That’s why we can never hate those dancers.
    They let the boys show more sexiness on stage.
    JiHye’s is Tabi’s age? Yep Bong and Baebae has been doing the hot things with a nuna. Good job JiHye. ^^ I really think she’s pretty and has an interesting face. =)

  61. […] 11.30.08 Winning Mutizen Song on Inkigayo | Music Bank Stalker … […]

  62. awwwww CONGRATZ BIG BANG!!!! <333
    lol~ Steve is back!!! ♥

  63. WAAA! at last I saw TY’s stalker pics.. I was searching it yestrday.. Finally.. whoa! :DD This is an early xmas present XD LOVE IT.. Thats for sharing~ XDD

  64. congrattttuuuu, baybehhh!!!!!!
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, they’re all looking soo cuuutee :D!!!!!!
    i love seung ri’s diff. checkered/plaid jackets xD
    THEY’RE SO CUUTEE ON HIM. i’m lovvingg it
    haha sounds like the mc donalds thing ^^
    aha anyway, GO BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SEUNG RI.
    you guys are freaking awesomee xD

    omg, and the pics of GD’s paxxx, man. SEXXXXII much?!?!
    JEEEEEEE, he’s so hottttthotthott XD
    but then again big bang is ALWAYS hot. but there are those times
    that they’re just SUPER BANGINNN SEXXYY HAWWTTT xDDD!!
    yeahhhhhh. :]<33333333

  65. i’m so proud of seungri. his vocals have gotten so much stronger! the stalker pictures are LOVE.

  66. vicky

    hahah and in the other sunset glow perf bae shouted ‘VIP’ also right? during the ah ah ah part kekekee
    so happy that bae has let go and enjoy himself on stage hehee
    WOAH~it was 5am when i watched the fancam last night and oh my F god i felt like screaming my lungs out!!
    bong ahh~he is too sexy~~
    a bit too skinny for me but his nipple!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH
    and i downloaded the bong got punk’d video!!
    hahah it was darn hilarious. bong thought it was ghost or something? and baby lying to him hahahaaa~~
    that sound really freaked bong out huh?
    and after the lights went off tabi went out and freaked him out so badly T_____T
    and he just lied on the floor like that T____T

  67. HAVE MERCY!! these stalker pics are killing me!

    and yet again, another awesome performance of
    Sunset Glow and of course..

    CONGRATS to our BB!! woohoo~
    I must say, beating Bi AANND DBSK..
    i mean wow, I am just so proud of them
    and of course VIPS

    baby, babaayy!! YAY!!
    Im so happpyy ^__^

  68. OMG!!! GD’s pics ^_^ AHHHH!!!!! i think im in heaven haha

  69. i just died and went to heaven.

  70. my heart with you big bang hwaiting love you ^^…

  71. from k.s.a may soul with you big bang saranghee T.O.P you’r aeys stoling my haert . tae yang you’r smail is so beteful . GD you’r so cute .

  72. ————-Vicky——————-

    I thought so (this stuff being old I mean). But yeah, I doubt that TOP would take his clothes off anyway ;Z

    But hell—–they managed to beat Rain! Now THAT—is something.

  73. OH MA GD !!!!!!!!!
    LUV YB & GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. GD is so HOT!!!I never choose the wrong guy…hahas:)))
    GD so cute wearin dat flurry hat…i miss HIM and STEVE.
    Seungri is so cute…everytime i saw him doin the “i love you girl” part,i surely would say CUTE!
    but then i still LOVE GD ONLY.

  75. WOOW GD is soo HOT in the Want You Concert
    have anyone check this out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4ZbZBIfFF8
    2:54 i guarantee you, you’ll see GD’s ABS CLEARLY

    aah omo~ can’t believe that he has a six-pack abs

  76. Just came home from work,run upstairs to look is there something new about BB…then I spot JiYong sshi with open shirt …I just FALL FROM MY CHAIR..n n n my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t breath!!! My dad thought that it was thunder:D(although it’s winter …)Anyways,I don’t have words to thank Vicky to upload these vids.THANK YOU !

  77. Big bang hwaiting!!!!! 😀

  78. OMg Is that Ji Yong With His Shirt Off?
    WEll Tell Me Okay!
    If It Is F*** Yah LICK LICK….
    he he he
    Ji Yong Is LICKED BY Kim Sung Jun!

  79. seung-ri you are so cool. I love you


  80. OMG! That song always makes my day.
    Aww, sexy G-Dragon.

  81. lol dayum seung ri is so O.O i forgot my name lol vicky it happens to me too!
    and yes big bang is back! lol congrats to our boys!!

  82. futureBBmember

  83. Devja

    here’s the youtube link

  84. nya

    I’m gonna lose Bong soon if I keep posting these stuff
    i do not know what’s good for me hahaha

    Baby is defiantely copying man hahaha
    not that I complain
    i think it’s cute

    music shows has been cutting out the encore lately
    i hate it
    dang it!!!
    the one where I hate the most is when Big Bang won their first Mutizen Song EVER~ they were so freaking surprised and was playing it cool but while performing the encore, Baby break out crying whent he fans yelled ‘BIG BANG CHUKAHAE” means congrastulation to Big Bang, Baby was crying but beacuse SBS cut out the encore we didn’t get to see it, only know about it through a fancam.
    they was so freaking surprise and happy that they won since it’s their first

  85. futureBBmember

    I’m not sure what it stands for
    but SBS is one of the biggest broadcasting company in Korea along with MBC, KBS, and Mnet

  86. sis in law

    and TODAY.. it’s freaking freezing in the morning
    I didn’t know so I wear clothes that DOES NOT FIT FOR 50 degress
    so the whole day, my teeth was chattering that I cannot stop
    it’s horrible.

  87. jiyanz

    the first time I saw that video
    ……..it was late at night and..
    I was scared out of my mind when I wasn’t even there keke
    the lights went off and I freaked out ke
    Bong probably got his life span shorten by 10 years

  88. spinx

    I KNOW!!
    Star of Asia
    and Big Bang beat him
    they’re definately Korea’s top group right now

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