12.02.08 Making of NUMBER 1 MV | Mnet ComeBack Stage Pictures

  • UPDATE NEWS: After Big Bang and Lee Hyori’s MKMF Special Stage, Big Bang will be the guest performer for Lee Hyori’s first concert, showing another joint stage.
  • NEWS: Big Bang’s UPCOMING SPECIAL PERFORMANCE!! Can’t wait!! it sounds awsome already. I think I know who’s gonna be the ‘weird ‘ one haha

Big Bang to transform into ‘The Good, The Bad and the Weird’

12.02.08 Mnet WideNews
Making of NUMBER 1 MV
72 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to S님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The scene with Bong and the ‘ladies’ look so hot in the MV, but here it look so awkward keke Dae yawning aawww.. our Dae be dead tire~~ kekekek I LOL when I saw Baby in the sea of ladies… keke since he’s illegal!!! Bong just keep being his mental Bongness…. laughing at the scene then get all serious at the camera, turn around to laugh then serious… just keep doing that.. Bong ah~ can’t fingure him out… give up on trying lonngg ago.

HAHAHAHAHAH OUR TABI!! Having fun with the tape keke then say hi to Shaun and then… drop on of his ‘stach kekekek then he put it on Shaun and run away kekekek Bae have to do the dance with Aimee not just once you know, it’s again.. then again… whoooo~~~~

Baby standing there… taking off his jacket kekeke what is he doing??? can you tell me please?? kekeke my hsuband, can’t even get him, awww. Tabi at the back working hard on his dance. Baby look so freaking tire with his dark circle but once the music’s on, the just bust a move, love it~ I love their individual dance, kekek Dae can’t help but smile kekekekek of course, he’s our smiling angel.

I spot Bae and Boss at the end!! awww.. he brought his dog onset, that’s too cute Bong was cuddling with it too, awww………

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mnet release the HQ pics from their Comeback Special last week, and lemme tell yea,, WHOOO~ 70 pictures of hotness… oh dang, now you know if I upload for you, you sure will die right?? hahaha and its too much that I can’t upload one by one so I zipped it all up and upload it for you

Official Mnet Pictures Download

Preview behind the cuts… see if it’s worth downloading first ;D

Big Bang’s M Countdown Comeback Special Preview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to Mnet and S님


~ by Vicky on December 2, 2008.

87 Responses to “12.02.08 Making of NUMBER 1 MV | Mnet ComeBack Stage Pictures”

  1. awwwwww~~~ xD always fooling around on shoots those boys
    T_T GD so CUTE during that whole thing 😀
    Bongie and TY dogs >< so cute

    Thank you for the pictures they look great 😀

  2. i luv bigbang in suits x]

  3. Sexayyyyyy lol Boss is sooo smalllll lol

  4. Seungri was pointing at his wrist, “What time is it now?”,”I haven’t had lunch/dinner yet”,”My stomach is hurt”… something like that haha 😀

  5. OMG!!!HOTNESS!!!!I love it when Big Bang wears a suit!Especially TOP!!!hahah…

  6. omg cant wait to watch this at home!!!

    cant do it now, im at work xD

  7. HAHA maknae makin’ a gesture instead of sayin’ what he wants 2 say…maknae ah~ I LOVE U!!!

    awww,,I believe that’s baby BOSS cuz BOSS looks younger haha^_^ ,,I want BOSS seriously…please MOM give it 2 me as a gift 4 X-mas!!!^___^

    TOP oppa don’t b like that..UR luring me!!! haha..^____^

    pOOr DAE, he lOOk sO tired!!! 😦

    BAE oppa s just bein’ himself!..^_^

  8. n’ babyG laugh-serious-laugh-serious …HAHAHA ^_^

  9. haha..babyD gave up on dancin’ n’ just follow-stare d camera…HAHAHA ^_^

  10. bossu is soo small there, haha i thought it was a stuffed toy at first lol

  11. daaaaaang top and daesung look really good in these pics:D

  12. What? Special performance? When? Where? or r u just talking about the video? okay, let me know! love the pics. Thank you.

  13. i love babys picture! he looks FINE in that suit XDD
    lol the good the bad and the wierd?? 😀

  14. OMG!!!
    and I thought they looked were so cool
    after seeing this video I come to realize they are just too damn adorkable
    Dae’s smile is KILLER!!!
    Bae and Boss…no words to describe my reaction when I saw them

    Tabi’s the gag king!
    he looked sooo funny with the tape

    I died when he was practicin the steps
    that was just too damn sexay!!!
    I managed to look at him stead of Baby
    that makes me happy for once

    the pics are sooo worth downloadin
    they look damn fine!!!
    my man and the V on his tie….I DON”T LIKE THAT!
    I’m just a jealous beast ;P

  15. aww.. I LOVE BOSS ❤ haha
    LMAO TOPie What are u doing??
    Aww.. Baby Ri is too cute!!! He is trying to say that he can’t eat because of the MV?? i dunno haha that’s just cute, OMG he busting a move, i’m scared…
    I didn’t watch it full… Can’t wait to watch it =)

  16. LOL, TOP & Shaun with the tape =D
    Boss is so tiny!

  17. Boss is too cute. He was like super puppy status back then.
    TOP and the tape. Bong and him being bipolar. Baby and taking
    off his jacket. Dae yawning. YB and Aimee. Wow. Their behind the
    scenes are always entertaining.

    Pics are great too. So many HQs to look at. Thanks for sharing, Vi.

  18. lol damn i love them in suits XD

  19. Vi
    Hahaha… when I first read ur essay I think how could bong scene with the leadies looks awkward?
    Yup it is. Hahaha… that do look awkward. Kekeke
    Aw~ poor Dae, he looked so tired.
    Haha baby in the sea of ladies. Feel want to drag him out? Coz he’s illegal.
    But soon he’ll be legal enough.

    LOL at bong. Laugh-serious-laugh-serious, keke

    HAHAHA… nothing less expected from hubby. He just can make me laugh like an idiot. Hahaha…
    The tape, kekeke… at first I don’t know what u mean but after watching that… oh my god. I think my voice could be heard by all ppl in the house.
    Naw I know what hubby will look like if he’s old & have beard & the moustache. Hahaha

    Hahaha… Bae. He has to do it again & again.
    Of course he don’t have that much experience last time. Naw, he’s pro at slapping butt.

    I don’t get what baby doing too. Like what time is it? Pointing at his wirst.

    That is Boss??? Its so small!!
    I fist think it as a stuffed animal!
    Aw~ Boss, so cute~~

    Oh my god. The pics are too hot. Thanks Vi. ^^v

  20. Vi

    wow. the making of the number 1 mv really is… interesting…. haha xD

    i quote my friend, “Bong just keep being his mental Bongness…. laughing at the scene then get all serious at the camera, turn around to laugh then serious… just keep doing that.. Bong ah~ can’t figure him out… give up on trying lonngg ago.”

    haha, that was probably my fav part XD
    kekeke, it was like, T_T then ^_^ then back to T_T for another episode of ‘bong and his changing expressions~’

  21. does Boss actually belong to Tae yang?
    cuz i thought they only use Boss for tae yang to take pics

  22. what kind of special performance?!?!?!

  23. I love my boys in suites!

  24. Seung Ri and Tae Yang have the sexiest

    male thighs amongst mankind period.

    ^_^ah a behind the scenes! cant wait
    to watch! have no time now : (

  25. ahah! definitely HOT pictures.i loveee watching them perform in suits.just so danng hot.haha.that pict of jiyong! he looks like hes twisting his arm backwards ahaha! love himm.and tabi ahh!so frickin fly! heh.

  26. good lord,
    bong is at it again .
    i swear one day his hotness is going to kill me .
    it’s either him or baby or tabi :]
    not that bae and dae aren’t hot, but tabi and baby and bong are just TOO ^^

  27. Liz

    ah~ haha thankyou for explaining
    Baby and his maknae world
    can’t explain it

  28. J-G-RILEEN

    christmas come and you just feel like calling everyone Baby??
    you’re messing the names up in my head haha
    cuz whenever I see ‘Baby’ i just know only my husband kekek

  29. I just finished watching and I have to admit, Bong is adorable.

    Vicky you rock for hooking us up with that making of number 1 vid. Wayyy to cute. And Tae had boss so its like..<3 more reason to love him.

  30. hoichu

    me too~
    when I saw the picture with Bong holding a dog
    I thought that it was a stuffed animal

  31. krysti

    they will perform it on the 4th during MBC’s music festival

  32. Jini

    yup~ you read itright keke
    I have a feeling I know who’s gonna be the weird one kekek

  33. Sexica

    why put my name on his chest? T_______T

  34. Heather

    i was looking for a word to describe Bong
    I was gonna go for either psycho and crazy
    but bipolar it is hahahaha

  35. nya

    THANKYOU~ it look so freaking awkward
    the ladies look like they don’t wanna be there haha
    which I dont’ get and didn’t think it was possible

    he probably was looking for me somewhere in there keke
    sorry babe, I’m still illegal

    kekeke he was dragging Shaun and put it on him kekeke
    even say ‘Shaun Evaristo’ in a spanish accent kekeke
    Shaun was so cute when he laughed at Tabi dropping his ‘stach

    Baby was in his maknae world at the time
    hard to know keke
    gotta stop trying while we’re ahead

  36. Dori

    Bong is just like his nickname
    cute… but hard to figure out kekeke

    at first I thought he was laughing at Tab in the sea of women
    but Tabi is sitting in the back so that’s a no
    so idk WHAT he was laughing about forreal

  37. Dee Dee

    no, Boss is actually Bae’s real dog

  38. xmonstarbby

    click the link I put above
    it will lead you tot he translated article

  39. aaawwtts~
    they’re all so HOT!!
    dang!! GD~ (so speechless) that yellow coat! SO DANG HOT on him~
    SR baby, so cute!!
    DAE is so funny!! NG king!
    YB, HOT as always!
    and TABI, such a cute dork!lolz

  40. oh yeah~
    and the SUITS!!

  41. Haha, that was so cute!? xD
    Bae with Boss. 😀
    And and JiYongie. ❤
    And and and Tabi with the mustache~~ 😀
    Hehe xD

  42. hmm interesting, let me have a guess (even though I never watch the movie itself)

    the good – tae yang
    the bad – t.o.p/seungri
    the weird – g.d/daesung

  43. manageRI

    haha did I? ^_^

    well just felt like callin’ them baby..idk Y!!!

    baby = Seungri
    babyG = G-Dragon
    babyD = Daesung
    babyT = TOP
    babyY = Yong Bae

    I’ll probably use that from tym 2 tym…^_^

    btw how’s ur Art Jury?

    man I’ll b very busy from here on cuz our Finals r comin’ up!!! 😦

  44. WOAH~ another HYORI unnie w/ BIG BANG perf.??? collaboration??? did I read that right??? or Am I seein’ things??? O.M.G. ,,,man Y am I ALWAYS speechless when it comes 2 BIG BANG??? n’ now w/ HYORI unnie!!! OK whoever is goin’ 2 d concert, U r BAM!!!..CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

  45. AMG hahaha Bong is such a dork laughing and then going serious!! xD lmao i really did not now what Seung Ri was doing….Hahahah My Tabi gave Shaun his moustache hahaha crack up…at the start where he talked ot the camera i wonder what he said that made them repeat it xD Awwwwwww Boss is soooooo cutee >.< that was when he was still a lil pup =3 how cutee hehe My YBiee had to do it over and over again TT_TT

  46. Vi
    I don’t know but I’m just damn jealous that’s for sure
    my man should have a J not a V


  48. the mustache lol made my day! and whats with baby looks like he’s acting out a situation where the girlfriend is late for a date and he’s going “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?”
    aaah he such a comedian

  49. I think TOP looked kinda hot(ter) with the mustache
    Daesung does look really tired there 😦
    Boss is so small there, so cute

  50. ohmy god. HAHAA, the pics add to the hottness after watching the
    vidd xDD
    OHMYYMYY, TOP WAS SOOO FUNNYY xDD his mustache/goatee/w/e LOLOL.
    BOSS LOOKED SOOOOOOOOOO CUUTEEE with them that was soo freaking
    cute XD!!!! Dae is all tired -AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-
    seung riiii you’re so ass flapping ADORABLLEEE D:
    ommgee, they’re all just so hottt in that vid -___-;;;

  51. Vi
    Hahaha… don’t wanna be there? No way. How could gurls won’t wnt to be around Bong? Haha it doesn’t make sense.
    Or maybe they just think about the consequences?
    What would happen to them if the MV was released by some crazy fangurls. Kekeke
    I’m evil.

    Hahaha… looking for u. yup.
    He should look for u at home, not in the club.
    But, he’s illegal himself too!!
    U 2 shouldn’t be in the club.

    Buhahaha… u remind me of hubby’s face again. Seriously. I laugh too hard at that scene. That just too hilarious!! XD!!
    LOL at Shaun face. Also in the back hubby running away. Kekeke
    Haha.. that accent. It sound so natural for me. I didn’t feel awkward at all when hubby said “Shaun Evaristo” or is it just me??

    Haha.. maknae world. Yet u left ur hubby alone in his world?
    Btw, don’t u think baby was like lecturing u for being late on ur date? Kekeke
    Does that got u?
    “Vi, what r u doing? Do u know how long I’ve wait for u? its 30 minutes late. Don’t u want to have date with me?”

  52. mann, i can’t wait 2 watch it.. i’m just using ma phone at this moment to get some news ’bout bigbang. hek! ‘jus reading ur comments.. i miss ma beyVi seungri. evryday i miss him & everyday i LOVE HiM. haha! his maknae worLd is my world too. maybe he’s weird, but stiL it’s naturaly cute. i love how weird he is.. cute dork ever. hakhak.. GD, i miss U too, wenever i see his cuteness, aww i’m dead. haha! TOP is really a GAG king, i salute this handsum king. haha.. YB is always HOT to describe, too hot 2 handle. kekek. dae is simply amazing! BB rocks.

  53. Tina Sungmin
    oh my God!!
    i was thinking the same thing too for baby maknae world.

  54. thanks vicky 4 the infos about BB. all the efforts u’ve done are priceless. just Like SEUNGRi. haha

  55. zzen

    did u get my reply from other post?


  56. hi J-Gi-RiLEEN, yup! sorry i wasn’t abLe to reply there. because wenever i Look at 2 seungri,i’m out of this worLd, sumtyms i 4got evrything. haha.. am i weird? heheh. anyway, Let’s meet here in manila.. i hope so. haha! emaiL me..

  57. tahxz u!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 pics

    luv bigbang soooooo much

  58. it’s OK…If its Seungri [or BB]…everything is FINE!!! 🙂

    rest of my message on d email… ^_^

  59. thanks also to gdluvsmc! and to those pipoL behind this. thanks for making this site possible. i am so happy to knw that many ViPs around the world! i love BB so much! keep supporting BB tiL the end..!

  60. have u guys heard JT’s new song called ‘MAGiC’? sounds lyk baby! or maybe it’s just me. haha.. i Love JT’s song entitled ‘botique in HEAVEN’. i love ‘HEAVEN’ it connects BB’s HEAVEN.. hekhek. oh why i’m talkin bout JT here? wel i love seungri bcoz of JT.. u know pips, i’m a fan of JT, almost 8yrs! i love you if you Love JT. but now, i Love Seungri more than JT!? hak. i love them both! haha. ..weird.. -‘just sharin-

  61. J-G-RiLEEN, ok.. ingat lage.. hehe!

  62. I saw Boss and I just squealed. I love puppies so much!
    Yeah, so the behind the scenes video was quite entertaining. Like, I found myself absent-mindedly chuckling throughout the whole thing. xD
    Oh, Baby is so enthusiastic when he dances, it’s cute. I just had to point that out.

  63. more hyori and bb?? am i the only one here who isn’t a fan of thw two together??? lolz…i think i am…and here i was thinking we’d see some wonderbang finally this year….poo.

  64. LOL AT TOP!!!
    hahahaha how dorky~~

    aaawh Boss and his master attack!!
    they’re so cute being together…
    it seems like YB brings him everywhere he goes

  65. That was a pretty cool behind-the-scenes!

    GD & TOP were so funny
    YB looked soo good filming!! ahhh~
    hahaha DS did look tired, but
    toward the end when doing his scene
    he was just standing still, lipsynching
    and following where the camera moves lol ❤ so cute!

    Whoa~ what was that look SR gave at 3:53

    lol it looked pretty fierce! but ahhh!!! the
    sexy way he was dancing for his scene! ggahh!!
    Im amazed & in love!

    behind the scenes was hottt :]

    LOVE the banner : D!!!

    oh, and their suits – that are iron and pressed
    soooo well that they shine – are SUPER SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. LOL at tabi.. :DD :)) he’s such a dork! 😀 😛

    awww~~ cute little boss 🙂 bae really loves boss just like his own baby.. LOL and bong also a dog lover.. 😀 😛

  67. haha..bong..u’re so hot in the yellow suit..love u~
    yeah i can’t figure him out too..
    what was baby doing lol? and i spot tabi practicing behind..
    it’s good that he knows his weaknesses and practice hard for it
    love u too my 2nd hubby~
    dae seriously looked tired..poor dae. take care dae~
    and i can’t take my eyes off baby when he starts dancing
    seriously, the reason why i love this choreography to death is becuz baby looks too sexay while dancing..can’t stand it T__T
    ahhh! bong looked so good with boss
    our bae’s boss is super cute!!
    MNet HQ Pics!!!! effing hot!!!
    and finally i can take a detailed look at their shoes
    i love their shoes
    are they supra skytop?

  68. hahah bong is so cute hahah xDD

    aaaaaaaaah !! boss + bong xD = cuteness !!! xD

    hahaha top with that tape so funny xDD

    thanks for the pic’s Vicky ^^

  69. Vic..I’ve downloaded the pictures..but i couldnt open it..
    cos its in .rar format..
    need helppppp!Im dying 2 c those kewl picturesss!!! 😀
    Thnx a lot…

  70. omg how cute is that puppy!?!!?!?
    so cute

  71. Vi

    who do u think? lol

  72. LMAO. shaun and TOP are too funny. hahaha.

    “SHAUN VARISTO!” LMAO at TOP saying his name or whatever he said. ahhahhaa. but that’s what it sounded like. kekeke.

  73. awwwww Tabi was funny >.< playing like a kid ♥
    i spot Shaun Evaristo and Aimee ^^

  74. J-G-RILEEN

    haha again I’ll be confuse keke

    well I have to fill up half of my sketchbook, do research on 8 artist and 8 techniques then some action photography thing… need it done by monday
    I’m screwed 😀

  75. Sexica

    that’s what I’m saying
    he should STICK TO HIS LOVER
    not me!!! kekek
    i am a WEAK fangirl

  76. nya

    i gotta say I was a bit jealous when his hand traveled DOWN her arm T__T

    Tabi was saying Shaun’s name in a spanish accent I think keke
    since he look like a spanish man with that mustache keke
    Shaun was cracking up hard
    keke it’s so cute, even there’s a language barrier they’re still so close

    let just say I have a way to make my husband not mad at me for being late 😉

  77. jiyanz

    at first it look like supra 14k gold skytop to me
    but after a while it’s actually this other shoe that i forgot the name but i just remember that it cose 450 USD

  78. luvYB

    right click it
    then click ‘EXTRACT HERE’

  79. Jini

    who is better than the one and only resident in maknae world???

  80. Vi
    oh! lol i thought it would be daedae or sth. lol XDD

  81. […] 12.02.08 Making of NUMBER 1 MV | Mnet ComeBack Stage Pictures UPDATE NEWS: After Big Bang and Lee Hyori’s MKMF Special Stage, Big Bang will be the guest performer for Lee […] […]

  82. Vi
    Ah, that scene.
    Well yeah, if its hubby, maybe I will too.
    Coz the way Bong held her arm… T___T

    “even there’s a language barrier they’re still so close”
    Hahaha… that’s good! It make everything easier.
    Coz hubby & the other just like to messing around.
    That’s also a good news for us to hear.
    So, when we meet them we won’t feel awkward coz of our language barrier. Hehehe

    OOHHH!!! Hahaha…
    What kind of way exactly??? Kekeke…

  83. the HQ pixiEs are <3<3<3 thankiEs thankiEs thankiEs! and i was looking forward to watching shaun and aims in the making. there was only a lil itty bitty part of her and a teeny weeny itty bitty part of him. i hope some1 subs this soon. GD was feelin up on that female…UGH! and Tabi with the facial hair…looked kinda.. X__X haha. nevertheless, the boys are entertaining as usual.

  84. Vi
    he’s just teasin other gurls
    suckin them into his world
    and I thought the last punishment I gave him was enough
    I guess not 😛
    what do u recommend I do?!

  85. I loved Seungri in this video.
    he was hot. hehe and i love
    him and G-Dragon were funny in Making Number 1.
    Top…WTH, i don’t really like the whole
    beard/mustash thiingy going on but it was funny
    Aw poor DaeSung is tired. Damn Big Bang is
    famous and SUPER busy. TaeYang! Ahh i still
    cannot believe the slap Aimee’s butt. but
    aww the little puppy’s were cute!
    Uh yeahhhh! Thank You Mnet =]
    Drools* Hot pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. OH MAN. thanks so much for these pictures! TOP’s eyes are so frikking adorabley cute! and gd’s facial expressions make me giggle! =)

    i have something to dream about tonight. hehehe.

  87. Vic..
    I couldn’t spot any ‘Extract Here’ when i right click it..
    Is it possible for u to send d pics via my email?
    thanks… 😀

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