Lee Hyori, Second Meeting with Big Bang


Credit to: 한국일보
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Continue from MKMF, special stage is provided at Lee Hyori’s solo concert; Lee Hyori will perform second special performance with Big Bang.

Lee Hyori and Big Bang’s second meet is going to be at Lee Hyori’s solo concert stage.

Mnet Media, Lee Hyori’s management company, said on 3rd that “Big Bang confirmed to appear as a guest on 19th at Lee Hyori’s first solo concert, ‘the Invincible Lee Hyori.’

“(Big Bang) is not appearing as simple guest, but to present a special performance with Lee Hyori, they are preparing for it specially,” according to Mnet Media.

Lee Hyori and Big Bang received attention by performing a joint performance at ‘2008 MKMF’ on November 15h. Especially, a performance where TOP kisses Lee Hyori a sudden kiss brought the best topic.


On the other side, Lee Hyori decided to refund all of her guaranteed fee to use them as system expenses to perform perfect performance on her first solo concert. Also, she is planning on giving t-shirt that she designed to fans who are coming to concert as a present.

~ by jeska on December 3, 2008.

56 Responses to “Lee Hyori, Second Meeting with Big Bang”

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww they will be appearing together on the day of my birthdayyyyyy~ what a present!!!! teehee cant wait

  2. anticipating an awesome performance! ~

  3. lol! i love the new banner at the top.

    “Grown Men” Indeed. Although seungri and taeyang still look adorable…the rest, hotness.

  4. Ok———-I don´t know why, but all of a sudden…..I got THAT feeling……….

    Seriously, I just wanted to use this thread, and THANK YOU girl for having this cool site.

    ———-You´re really doing a great job on it- and don´t think it´s not appreciated———

    ——–Thank you ;O

    ————-THANK you very much ;O



    That being said—–I can´t wait to see their performance.

    —–VICKY———-I get the feeling that the TOP/Hyori afair is taking it´s start ;T

  5. Oh——-it´s supposed to read “GIRLSSSSSSS”.

  6. @ tubby:

    i hope you like it now ^_^

    @ spinx:

    seriously dude… i don’t see vicky’s name on this post whatsoever.

  7. LOVE the new banner! Haha Mr TOP is too tall for his own good, is it? Nooo, you just need to extend the banner higher a little bit. And bias much on Seungri and G-dragon? Hahaha, but you’re the banner maker, so you got the right 😀
    Onto the news, feels like MKMF 2008 is the start of Big Bang status as REALLY POPULAR idol group. They all got to work with Hyori OFTEN, even got to kiss her (which other artist have done that before?) and their air time (including those internet news) increased quite a lot. Just my feeling, though.
    Thanks for the translation!

  8. i wanan be there :(!
    big bang + hyori ( + T-shirt! ) = YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  9. Hehehe……seriously DUDE—-I know she didn´t do this post—-but she will come around eventually.

  10. @ gdluvsmc:

    Yes, i like it so much better now. “Just perfect” for seungri? haha, you hit the nail! But i don’t understand taeyang’s caption :k the rest are LOVE.

    so, you’re melly?

  11. hahaha! the new banner is really funny…”boss is my second kiss right?” anyway i am sri;; jealous..

    and about lee hyori and my bad boy’s kiss again i really don’r know what to say…
    ***LEAVES sobs sobs***

  12. ah melly do you have twir parents pictures when they all went on a trip??

  13. HyoRi should feel extremely blessed to be collaborating with
    Big Bang… im excited to see the outcome! : D

    i dont get the thing abt
    money, ..or refunding?

  14. i like Big Bang
    i like Hyori
    i dont like them together…im such a party pooper lolz….
    please wonderbang…come back atleast once in 2008!!
    *cries in the corner*

  15. Cant wait to see it
    I dont care about the kiss – its only a performance so its not a big deal
    And the banner is coolio’s!!!~~~~~~~

    I can’t wait to see the new music video or whatever it is they are doing.

    And melly, that banner is again, VERY COOLIO =P

    Jeska did a great job translating. Thank you So much!

  16. @ spinx:
    no, not really.

    & the girl kissed YB in the mv.
    YB kissed BOSS. therefore, it is his first kiss.

  17. & i meant SR’s height was perfect for the screen lol. i didn’t know what to say about jiyong’s height.

    & if i made it fit TOP’s head, YB’s head wouldn’t fit xD

  18. like the new banner ^^

    and i can’t wait to see them together…one again 😀

  19. Awww… waiting for the performance!! Hyori is so lucky…
    I love the new banner ❤

  20. oh good
    i’m sure that this performance will be p e r f e c t ❤
    i wish i was hyori :/

  21. @ rosiebb: she gets money to perform at her concert before she performs (…i guess..) but instead, she decided to use that money on better sound/stage/etc. systems. (all those mechanical stuff…and more dancers..or whatever she needs to i think..)

    hope this helped.

  22. i ❤ the new banner.
    baby IS just perfectt :DD
    haha i love all the captions, so cute XD

  23. OMG YB is just as adorable as his puppy in that banner!

  24. loveloveloveee the new bannerrr =DDDDD
    Yayy can’t wait for the concert :]

  25. YAY! I LOVE the new banner!? xD
    I hope there’s no more kisses though. :O

  26. ———-gdluvsmc———-

    Why do you care?

  27. ^ b/c we don’t need misconceptions coming from rude people.

  28. ^I’m not a rude people!!! xD

  29. ^ lol, i hope you’re not, but it wasn’t directed towards you, so you’re good.

  30. gdluzme,

    lol your so funny! sorry that lots of people assume youre vicky even though youve explained it hundreds of times 😀

  31. ohhhhh now i’m nervous for this 2nd Hyori/BigBang peformance T.T
    thanx for the translation Jeska ^^
    btw cool banner ^^

  32. @ bbftw:

    see, at least someone gets it 🙂

  33. OMG!
    I had been wonderin what that was about
    thanx so much for the translation

    the banner it’s awsesome!!!
    poor Boss >.<
    and GD’s LOL
    he’s just love

  34. OH EM GEE!!! haha. i had the same effin rxn. i’m so jealous of her right now. T__T but damm..U Go Girl, no pun intended, and to have BB at her concert as a joint perf…the fans are getting their money’s worth. i hope their will be great recordings from fancams. BTW, new banner is cutEs

  35. OMG!! she is so so lucky. damn this is really her year. yeah for hyori.
    i want to go to her concert. she’s also giving out t-shirts.
    as long as it’s not a picture of top kissing her than i would so want that shirt too.
    wha~ i wish i live in korea. they’re so lucky.

  36. @ sweetworrow

    Mann, I totally agree with you lol..I like bb & hyori
    but not so much together… hahaha
    id PREFER WONDERBANG!! my fave combo!! but its like
    WG have 2PM . . . but I still hope to see them together! : D

    @ jeska

    ohhhh ok, I get it now! that really helped : D
    it was jus my lost self lol i didnt kno where
    the money came from, thanks!

  37. bbftw and gdluvsmc…

    yeah, she gets it, too bad she spelled ur name wrong ^^’

  38. Aww Hyori is nice.
    Wow i never knew Hyori & Big Bang
    would be this BIGG! But yay!
    I’m glad Hyori invited/let Big Bang perform!
    yay! i really wish i was in korea now.
    i wanna see the performence.
    i can’t wait!
    I LOVE Your new Banner! it’s cute!
    aww G-Dragon =] [AHEMS] and Seungri
    hehe damn TaeYang is short but it’s alright.

  39. @ dori:
    lol, you did too.

  40. @ ninalee:

    i definitely had something about YB being short up there, but i didn’t want to be mean lol

  41. Boss isn’t YB oppas 1st kiss btw..but he’s sOOO cute up there w/ his mouth-shape haha^_^

    I LOVE d new banner, they look sOOO grown up but @ d same tym I kinda feel sad that they’ve grown up cuz I really LOVE their KID LOOK…haha^_^ but I LOVE them being grown up 2, its just that…*sigh*…BUT I LOVE THEM ANY WAY…haha^_^

    this is random n it might sound weird but I fall in love w/ Boss especially when I saw his puppy look..awww…I want one 2!!! haha..^_^

    tnx gdluvzmc for EVERYTHING!!!

  42. btw another great news I read from Sookyeong’s minihompy: BIG BANG WILL HAVE THEIR BIG SHOW next year..its d same concert they planned but its gonna b BIGGER!!!

  43. gdluvsmc…
    i see nothing wrong with me~ xDDDDDD lol..
    unless u meant for us to put ‘melly’…

    which is kinda creepy cuz my two closest friends are named vicky and melly (not real names) but yet, they arent u and vi O_O

  44. …ohhhh. dammit, i didnt put a ‘z’~~~ lmao.

  45. the girl in the mv kissed yb.

    yb kissed boss.

    it is yb’s first kiss he gave to someone.


  46. love the banner ^^

  47. gdluvzmc

    right!..sO thats what u mean…tnx 4 clarifyin’ 4 me..haha^_^


  48. haha.. i was confused about that [yb’s first kiss] too.. but now i get it.. XD love the new banner!! its crazy how they grown up soo fast.. but baby will always be our baby ^_^

    >> gdluvzmc [melly] i’m sorry that some people still dont realize that there are others that run this site as well.. =( BUT i do!! lolx.. thanks to each and everyone one of you for all your hard work ^_^

  49. nice banner,melly.
    and thanks to Jeska for all her hard work.

    there’s no end to Young Bae’s cuteness.

  50. gdluvzme

    sorry! lol i didnt realize when i wrote it lol 😛

    wow, was saying that necesary? i mean it wasnt like i did it on purpose..

  51. ^yeah, i know, but i like doing that anywae~
    btw, its gdluvzmC like, how u pronounce it, ‘see’.
    ^^ i like messing people up xD

  52. Dori

    ohh okay 😀 sorry again! goshh i suck at names.. lol

  53. ^ lol, try telling that to melly XDDDDDDDDDD

  54. aawwtss~
    so proud of them!!!

    can’t wait to see this~ 🙂

    hyori unnie~ chukahaeyo!!

  55. wish i could be there.. now that would be a great xmas present… sigh* but yay, can’t wait

  56. are they only going to perform on the 19th or also the 20th?
    Cause Hyori’s concert is going to be on both the 19th and 20th.
    So hope they’ll perform on the 20th.
    I’m going to korea the 19th and don’t think that I can make it for the concert that day:/

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