12.04.08 NomNomNom + Sunset Glow Performance at the Korean Movie Award

They talk about Baby’s solo stage….. oooh jeez. I will do ANYTHING to see that. JEEZ.

12.05.08 Mnet WideNews
Backstage: Big Bang Winning #1
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12.04.08 M Countdown!
Sunset Glow, Haru Haru performance and Winning #1
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12.04.08 Mnet WideNews
Shooting Skooloosk CF
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  • INFO: About the boys’ ‘BIG SHOW’ Concert next year. Thanks to SooKyeong.
  • UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shooting of the boys’ new Skoolooks CF is OUT!!! MUST WATCH.. it’s AWSOME.

    Big Bang for ‘Big Show’ on 31st Jan 2009

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12.04.08 Korean Movie Award
NomNomNom and Sunset Glow Performance
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MUST WATCH —- Shooting of Skoolooks CF!!!!!!

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hahahaha they have to run to the front and screamed ‘SKOOLOOKS~’ but it is SOO FREAKING AWKWARD hahaha I know I would be too kekekeke Bae and Baby just run to the front and went back again hahaha the second take was also hahaha but so cute though the third take finally they got it. but… MinKyung’s hand was covering Bong’s face most of the time.. is that okay? hm…

Tabi is drawing with a lion pen… kekek what is he drawing? a shoe haha so innocent kekek then the boys got busy signing autographs, awww….. lucky girls. They danced to a song for this CF?? hahaha it’s soooo freaking cute!!!!!! Dae is the star of this CF for sure kekekek when he did that move at the end XP!!! always cracking up at himself hahah when he popped up at the camera doing that dance.. oh geez… hahaha too amazing. Then Tabi was the glasses..!!!!!!! WIN IN LIFE!! kekekekekee our true gag king is here hahaha Bae with his hotpink pen singing kekeke then WHOA………WHAT IS THAT AT THE END??? GRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH~ I went insane at that part for sure, singing and holding hands??????? I am one damn happy fangirl.

kkekeke they even have to do a dance number, I can only look at Dae’s butt while the turned around kekekek it’s so… perky hahah Bong went up and bust a move, awww.w. how FUREAKING cute.. then… the 2 SeungHyuns???? whoa this will be the first these 2 get grouped together…. we all know they’re uncomfortable around each other so… hahahaha seeing this is just plain weird. Baby went up first and… of course being a hyper Baby dork, then Tabi came up and….touched Baby’s…face…oooh~ They did an acting skit on what not to do during school kekekek no talking during class, no cellphone, no littering, don’t take pictures during class. hahaha I won’t be a good student if I go to that school………well…… I’m not a good student at my own school anyway hahah guilty of doing all those kekekek

The special performance is here; kekeke…. is all I can say kekeke

NomNomNom Performance

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Big Bang’s special performance for the Korean Movie Award base on the movie ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Weird’ Bae came looking a bit too serious kekek his gaze are somewhat kinda scary there haha then I saw Tabi….with that hair O_O …… Baby looking FINE as I would expected.. dang! Bong keep doing that hand on his mouth thing again, he knows how much fangirl like it kekek The music started and everyone got so hyped, then just like all their hyped up performance, it’s pretty much chaos since we know how our boys are with these performances, hard to keep up sometimes, especially when you’re like me who woke up at 5 AM to watch it live hahah.

The little choreography they had was cool, the camera went ALL THEY WAY up in the ceiling and show us that.. idk if it’s a good or a bad thing, you can spot our Tabi when he forgot the routine half way and just went along, awww.. Tabi ah~

Then they did the ‘Say Big Bang’ thing when fangirls like us will start screaming Big Bang like crazy, but since we’re not there but replace by famous actresses and actors….. no response T___T

Sunset Glow Performance

Thanks to S님

HAHAHAH Tabi’s hair keep crackig me up kekekek can’t help it!! it’s so weird seeing him like this kekek I spot Dae and Bae doing the high five again~ the actresses sitting down there are amazed by our boys haha I don’t watch korean drama or movie at all but I notice one of the girl down there, and the 2 actresses who giggle and whisper into each other’s ears hahaha Baby probably hope Song Hye Kyo was there kekeke too bad she doesn’t do movie… or does she??? i don’t know I’ve only seen her in Full House and I didnt’ even finish that drama, no matter how un-asian that is kekekek I didn’t. If these actresses can, they probably will run onstage and start screaming like a true fangirl kekekek they can’t lie, one of them even sing along to the song.

After the first ‘ah ah ah’ Baby look so SEXAY poiting at the camera.. WHOO HOO~ at the end when they’re finish with their performance and Bong said ‘we are Big Bang’ someone screamed really loud, it was like ‘AHHHHHHHHH~’ hahaha which actress could that be?? hm….. haha


~ by Vicky on December 4, 2008.

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  1. thanks a lot vicky. you’re fast

  2. they all looked tired..poor TOP..must have been hard for him to memorise those complex dance steps in a short period of time…
    is there something wrong with Seungri’s voice? he sounded like he lost his voice during Korean Movie Award sunset glow perf. esp. during his solo.

    all in all, 3 awesome perfs. in one day, mnet countdown plus korean movie award, a job well done BIG BANG ❤

  3. i like TOP’s hair lol.. looks like he stepped right out of a manga ^___^
    nom nom nom was… interesting. i giggled when i saw TOP try to play off the dance routine.
    but that audience looks sorta intimidating to me lol. i guess it’s because im so used to seeing people in the crowd singing along, or bobbing their head along to the songs.

  4. OH MY GOSH !! i literally screamed when i saw TOPs hair (dont ask why, im weird like that LOL) it actually looks freaking good like that and the fact that now i get to see how long his hair really is LOL !

  5. hahahahah tabi’s hair T___T
    it’s HOT for me..it has been long time since we see him in long hair T__T and i didn’t know his hair is that long T__T
    but the hair didn’t match sunset glow perf at all T___T
    can’t help but cracking up hahaa
    seriously no response when they said ‘we are big bang!’
    what? those actresses should really let go and scream along hahaha
    maybe it is just me..i feel baby’s vocal is not well

  6. OMG i love their intro it was soo cute
    and TOP hair OMg

  7. okay. i won’t lie. i’m not feeling TOP’s hair. it seriously was the
    first thing i noticed – being all long and flat in his face. after
    frowning at TOP’s hair, i giggled when i noticed Dae with his little
    cowboy hat. then i stared at Jiyong. he seemed confused. like he
    didn’t know whether he wanted to be an aviator or one of those rough
    and tough biker dudes. haha.

    it was a cool performance overall. they should do it again some time
    in front of VIPs though so that it’ll be more livelier. famous
    actors and actresses are too serious. and i guess the guys should
    rest up too because they seemed tired. :[

  8. hahaha! this is so cute! tabi’s hair! very long.must be hard to see with that hair :/ a little hard for me to take in.i just laughed the whole way thru.but i still love him for being so adorable!! i think in that dance routine he was the only one who wasnt in line.tabii~~~how cute can he get!
    this just make me love big bang more and more and more~~
    thanks vicky!

  9. TOP hair, I got to admit is pretty cool.
    Bebe’s was abit serious wasn’t he? =S
    BUT nonetheless it was a pretty good performance.
    I am guessing they are MAD excited to come to the US so these small performances aren’t gettin their attention *cough*tabi*cough*
    Anyways, I don’t see how their intro showed the good the bad and the ugly?

  10. Whoa, now I really get to see how long Tabi’s hair is. But I kinda like it. Haha. Their whole perf was so cute! But I hope none of them are going to be sick, if not T_T I don’t know what to do…
    It was super cute seeing how the actress was singing to Sunset glow, ahahas. Our boys have charm. =)
    Thanks a lot Vicky! =)

  11. Is it just me, or does NomNomNom sound a little bit like Se7en’s ‘Nan Arayo’?


    CHATTING during a BIG BANG PERFORMANCE??????????????

  13. *giggles* OUR BOIZ are freakin cute!!!

    VICKY, song hye kyo is in a drama called “the worlds within.”

    thanks for sharing the vids.

  14. Lol must admit TOP’s hair is something
    unexpected hahaha but i guess thats the style in Korea

    ahhh~ YB & SR were lookin SUPER HOT in the
    beginning of nomnomnom and OMG seeing GD
    bend backwards like that.. oh so sexy! lol

    Sunset Glow perf. so cooool

    GGAAHH!! SeungRi looked so hot @ 2:10

    loved their vocal performance even in Nomnomnom

    I wish I was in that crowd… so Big Bang
    can notice me being the crazy fangirl
    singing along and yelling like a lunatic! : D

  15. ahhh. can’t wait to see the completed Skoolooks cf. they looked like
    they were having a lot of fun. i mean, look at all their goofiness.
    how lucky to have been those girls to be in the cf too – asking for
    autographs during filming breaks. haha. i would’ve done the same thing.
    GRi moments. aww. it’s been awhile. they must’ve read your mind, Vi. ^__^

  16. ohhhhh !! that cf is so adorable ! dae sung laughing at himself LOL and then TOP with the glasses … he freaking owns ! and the GRI moment … i squealed myself LOL
    cant wait to see this cf ! looks like fun ehehe

  17. LOL! I love the shooting! I can see that the CF is gonna be
    real CUTE & ADORABLE. OMFG, The GRI moment? I started cracking
    up. It was soo FUNNY xD LOL. Ooh, Look at Top’s glasses too. LOL.
    Too FUnny. Can’t wait to see this CF :]
    WOW their special performance song was GOOD. that song was catchy.
    The Good & Bad & Weird. Oh I see. LOL.
    SUNSET GLOW :] Ah ah ah ah ah… I always lovee that song.
    WOW Look at TOP’s Hair. I LIKE IT, But I don’t see it on him. BUT
    I still love him & the boys DEARLY :]

  18. ROFL!! omg hahahaha omg I CANT STOP LAUGHING!

    Skoolooks was too funny and adorable!

    shooting inside the classroom was SUPER HILARIOUS!

    LOL omg…

    first with DaeSung in the shot then TOP
    with those GLASSES! LOL!

    Tae Yang’s expression WAS SO FUNNY!

    Ive NEVER seen him do ANYTHING like that! LOL

    and OMG! LMAO SeungRi and GD…hahahaha!

    oh my gosh, I SO CANNOT WAIT for this!

    this shoot was TOO HILARIOUS

    to put into words!!

  19. LMAO SeungRi @ 4:05

    ohh my gosh this maknae..

    LOL TOP and SR were actually really cute

    hahahaha quick expression on SR’s face

    when TOP turned his face, lol!

    ROFL! the way TOP thre TRASH

    was hilarious! LMAO

    omg.. his face is just… LOL!

    IM TOO EXCITED!! the dance performance thing

    and the shot in the classroom looks SUPER FUN & FUNNY!

  20. ahhh! i wish i could go to the concert… gosh seoul is so far away T.T
    OMG G-Ri action in skoolooks XD
    i burst out laughing!
    god i love those two together
    haha i love dae in the CF too – i love his laugh!
    lol TOPs hair in the special performance…
    at first i was like -.-
    but since its TOP.. he still looks mighty fiiine

  21. Whoaaa…Smiling & laughing all the way while watching the skoolooks cf video!
    They totally transformed into a new look…from being cool & hawt to innocent & cute with those uniforms on them…
    If I were to attend the same school with BB n i failed my examinations, its damn WORTH it!!LOL

    It was a stunning moment when bae was seen walking out to d stage..Then my eye sight got attracted by tabi’s trendy hairstyle!
    The shooting part was nicely done! bang!bang!bang~!
    If the fangirls like us were there during their performance, defnitely we will scream our lungs out throughout their performances and get up from our seats to dance along on the nomnomnom part!!nomnomnom……..wheeee~~~~

    Thnk q so much Vic!Those videos made my day!! 😀

  22. i love TOP’s hair!!!
    ~aw the boys were so cute…they looked tired but they did well =) i had to admit YB looked gorgeous walking out at the beginning when he licked his lips…

  23. Big Bang had an adieu performance for Haru Haru at Mnet. Does that mean they’re not performing that song anymore?? :K

  24. if it’s really their last, then i will be very sad :l
    ..haru haru was the song that introduced me to BIG BANG..:D

  25. ^ “introduced me to BIG BANG”

    introduced BIG BANG to me*

    LOL! sorry :p

  26. Vi
    I was all stressed out & just go back from school >.<
    My lecturer give us a damn assignment & I can’t do it at all.
    I’m messed up Y-Y
    But seeing our boys is my heaven.

    Hahaha.. the running part was funny.
    The 1st running, only baby & bae
    2nd running, kekeke… I wonder what is bae said to baby? Crack him hard. Haha
    3rd running, is that really “OK”?? MinKyung hand covered all of Bong’s face. I’ll make them take another one again if I’m the director. Damn, Bong’s cute face is something that u can’t missed out.

    Hubby~~~ hahaha drawing a shoes with lion pen. Aw~~ so so cute XD!!
    Then signing autographs? Aw~~ I so envy them T___T

    Their dance!! So cute!!
    I think my lauthing voice could be heared by the whole street. Hahaha…
    At first I wonder where Dae went, he’s missing. But when he just pop out suddenly from the back, HAHAHA OMG, so Dae with his gag.
    Also for the 2nd, kekeke… Dae is the lead role XD!!
    BUHAHAHA… u should hear me. My voice went weird & rumbling.
    Somehow bae look awkward to me with his mic.
    AHH!!! I scream like a true fangirl seeing Bong & Baby holding hands & singing, so classic but so SWEET!!
    “I am one damn happy fangirl” no. u’r one happy wife.
    Again LOL at back. Dae… haha

    Aw~~ the 2 SeungHyuns dance!! Hahahaa
    Baby just won’t care at all he just turn on his dorkyness to max.
    And hubby’s hand the touched baby’s face. I’m SQUELLING!!

    Bae coming out first looks so madly sexy
    Not that I’m disagree, he still look HOT with that hairstyle but that just look so weird.
    Is it really his real hair? That long? Since when?
    Why I have the feeling that its only a hair extention???
    Hahaha… hubby just like that. he’s not a good dancer but still, he managed to finished it well.
    And I love seeing his dance. Kekeke… it look awkward but I find it cute.

    Is it only me who feel hubby suit for this hairstyle???
    I like him with his long hair, look cool & matured.

  27. thx to Vicky!
    …dear. TOP looks sexy with that hairstyle!

  28. OMG I CANT WAIT to watch this CF!

  29. Also, what the heck with that cameraman???
    At sunset glow perf, twice of hubby’s part was being cut by showing another actress face.
    Not that I don’t want to see the audience face but, please, at this kind of perf, our boys face is the things that u can’t cutted off.
    Their face just freaking adorable & especially its on my man’s part!

  30. TOP’s hair is really that long??? he looks so hot and fine anyway<3 what happened to SR’s voice i wonder?

  31. woooow! the schoolooks CF IS AWESOME!! Dae is soo funny! I luv that he got the main role!

    gosh, tabi looks really hot with his new hairstyle. i really luv it!!

  32. oh gosh this is like the cutest thing ever
    i was laughing all the way!!
    especially when Dae did that move and then laughing by himself HAHAHAA i was literally laughing together too..
    and then tabi with the glasses and lip-synching to the song T_____T he freaking killed me!!!
    and G-Ri..Goshhhh 🙂
    and then bae with the pink pen T___T lmao i died too
    yeah tabi touched baby’s face!! hahahaa~~it is somehow..awkward T__T
    the acting skit is pretty funny too..especially when tabi threw the paper away LOL.
    damn why is this so awesome? T_T

  33. Still have to watch the first video—–BUT—–TOPs hair looked really cool.
    I´m not kidding.

    But I hope that he won´t make a habit out of wearing it like that.

    I´m getting a bit tired of the “Sunset Glow” performance……not my style at all.

    But it doesn´t matter—-soon enough there´ll be more to see from them.

    (can´t wait for the Hyori collaboration)

  34. first LOVE TOPs new hair so sexy..
    an how bad do i wanna go to that concert..damn it they better have one next fall when im in the country!!!
    but good job guys u deserve everything comin your way!!!

  35. daesung seriously plays too much. he had me rolling. and i was cracking up at gd & sr whenever they were singing the songs in their desks… that part was cute ^__^
    that video made my day.

  36. oh mah gah top’s hair i like baby so hot and daedae’s cowboy hat haha lovie it too and love seunghyuns touchy touchy

  37. =O
    Whoa, what happened to TOP’s hair?!
    He always gels it up so I’ve never noticed how long it got. It looks kind of cool. It looks kind of hot.

  38. I spot Han Ye Seul, Daedae’s dream girl Son Ye Jin, Kim Yun Jin (LOST), Shin Miah, Han Ji Hye, Kim Min Hee (Hyuksoo’s gf)

    Is it me or the performance sounds awkwared without fangirls screaming?? LOL..the actresses and actors should loose up a lil’ bit.

    No comment on how the boys did! I run out of words

  39. wow!!! at the end! someone really shouted!! hahahaha!!! OMG!! they look so fine!!! HOT and the perf was great!!! unni do you have mp4 for this?…

    i’m burning up, burning up for big bang babyyy~
    haha i’m too lame :/

  41. i love skoollooks~
    i love TOPs hairr! looks amazingg.
    dae was so funny and GRI…>__< best thing evaa.
    baby looks like a badboy in nomnomnom :O lol do not like herr. mainly cuz of baby liking her and me not being good with jealousyy >.< shes in some new drama, dunno if its aired or not yet.

  42. wah…tabi with the hair :).did u guys notice,during sunset glow performance @ 2.59,the camera was focus on Shin Mina,the actress dat been rumored date our tabi…
    overall i like their performance..

  43. Yo I spot many female actresses who has some relation to Big Bang one way or another. Son Yejin is Dae’s favorite, Han Ji Hye was the ex-gf of Lee Dong Gun who starred in their Last Farewell mv, and Shin Mina the rumored ex/gf of TOP. Hmmm awkward much for TOP???

  44. omg tabi was looking sexy with that hair. huggh drool

  45. vsdfgasdf

  46. thanks for sharing these wonderful goodies! the boys are the perfect suites for the movie concept. and they’re so dorky in the making for skoolooks. all the female actresses…T__T but oh wells. BB FTW~

  47. i love sunset glow.
    its such a great song to dance!
    they all look tired.

  48. gyod for actors some of their expressions were so wooden and blank. I wish bae wore some cowboy western clothin like everyone else. He would make a good cowboy =] Love TOPS hair its awsome, keep it that way xD

    That’s all I’m gonna say about it ’cause I can go on and on. xD

    o-o Everyone seemed a little out of breath. ._. Too tireeeed.
    T_T Rest pl0x!!

    And why did everyone just have an o_- face? D< WAI.

    And TOP should keep that hair. <333333

    LOL, just watched the Skoolooks vid.

  51. AWWWW!!!
    the CF is just cute!
    they just look so adorkable in every scenes is incredible! ;P
    the things not to do…LMAO!!!
    definitely all the things I do in class too!
    gosh no wonder I’m not passing

    OH EMMM GEE!!!!
    the NomNomNom Performance
    was awesome!!!
    what’s with Tabi’s hair though?
    Baby looks VEEEEERY HOT!!!
    the sunset glow performance was pretty good
    but at the same time soooo awkward!!!
    it’s like the actors either don’t know the song
    or just don’t know the boys…as if!
    it was too damn quiet
    opportunity wasted!
    all of us could’ve been there cheering properly….DAMN LUCKY YOU PEOPLE ARE!
    at the end whoever screamed was soooo loud I was just crackin up


  53. hey vicky!
    thanxx ferrrr the videosss;;
    they look so cutee in every secondd of the video 😀
    omg;; ❤

    I hope there’s a MP4 version for this 🙂
    thanxx thanxx thanxx !

  54. I LOVED all their looks for the awards show!
    GD looked FFoiiNE! lol and so did TOP’s hair.

    And Dae is too freakin’ cute for his own good. When they were going “say big bang” it sounded like he said “big bayong” ^_^

  55. Hahah!? xD
    The CF preview was SO CUTE! 😀
    Heheehh… xD
    And the NomNomNom perf was AMAZING. :O
    Tabi’s hair looks so sexyyy!? xD
    Heheh. I love JiYongie’s hat with the googles. xD



  57. whoa~ that was so HOT!!
    i can tel that those actresses were dazed with our boys!!
    (why wouldn’t they? ryt??)

  58. TABI looks like a hot emo guy *___*

  59. the CF was so cute!!
    lolz, baby and yb rushed in first to the cam..so cute!!
    yeah,, dae was the star!! he’s so adorable..
    at first i was wondering where could dae be.. then,, when he popped out from the back,, that was so hilarious and yet he’s so cute..
    (those girls there was so lucky to have their sign. and be with them in the CF )
    tabi nd baby,,lolz. they’re so cute!! omg!
    baby is still so serious dancing and singing and not minding tabi..lolz. so cute!!

    and lastly,, omg~ GRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they were so cute~ aah,, just seeing these two makes my day complete!!

  60. DUDE i love TOPs’ hair!!!! you guys just need to open up to the idea….man what a dead crowd!!! i’m so irritated! s2pid korea music award!!!!!

  61. I can’t wait to see the CF!! I love the behind-the-scenes!
    Baebae dancing softer and more fluid than his usual…waaaa…and more feminine…gaaaaaaaah…I wanna see all of it! And Dae at his hyper best…so damn cute! ^^ GRi moment too!! woooohooo! and Tabi with those glasses….waaaaa….Can’t wait for the final cut!
    Is it just me or did you feel their number at the Korean Movie Awards look a bit held back? Like it wasn’t their best and all the boys are a bit more tense? Maybe because it’s also the lack of the response of the crowd…hehehe…I really felt it was stiff…both from our boys and the audience. They really have to keep their cool don’t you think? hehehe.
    Tabi’s hair…..OMG….my jaw dropped when I first saw it…then I laughed out loud the next! hahaha! Too emo for my taste, but he can pull it off…hope it’s the last one coz i’m not really a fan of the emo look. hehehe. But on him it’s not really emo…it reminded me though of Bongie’s extensions…hehehe.

  62. so many G-RI scenes!!
    i’m so happy hehe~~

  63. G-RI moments are flippin’ priceless!<3

    the second i saw my hubby TOP’S EMO HAIR
    my hubby can pull anything off<3
    something about that hair makes him look
    so dam fineee. but then again i always
    think hes sexy x)
    BUT THEN he shouldnt keep the emo look
    of corse we should all noe that he only
    did the emo hair cuz the guy in the nomnomnom
    movie has that hair~
    lol sry. but yeaaa they win again~ ^^
    THANKS FOR POSTING. this site&downloads&info
    jus makes my day.. xD<333

  65. ohhmigosh. THAT G-RI MOMENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT<3333333333333
    AHHHHHHHHHHH, that was soooo freaking adorable xDDD

    hm in that sunset glow performance. it seems like the audience
    was so serious and idk it didn’t look like they did as well
    as when THERE ARE VIPS. xDD hehe, maybe cause of all those
    actresses. NERVOUSNESS? lmaooo
    and is it me or TOP was rapping slower than the song in the beginning? xD WELL ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYY

    i freaking loveeeeeeeeee THE SKOOLOOKS THING. so cuuutee :D!!!<3

  66. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! i saw SHIN MINA there laughing ang for one moment i died and wondered if they are still together.. MY TOP huhuhuhu!

  67. just wanna say that

    “BIGSHOW” is like the BEST concert

    name they came up with thus far

    lol… Im so excited but, totally
    bummed I cant watch : ( the date is so wierd

    Is M Countdown SunsetGlow & HaruHaru on Youtube?

  68. OMG!! i’m digging top’s new hair on him..i think it’s looks good on him. it’s looks a bit emo but it goes really well his his gorgeous dark eyes.
    YB’s wearing GD’s baby hat haha.
    and DS he’s wearing a cowbow hat..reminds me of family outting for some reason.
    and GD wha~ he looks like a pilot. he’s so ready to fly out to America to see me..aww~ hahhaha ^^

  69. OMO I LOVED THE TORI MOMMENT!! xD ahhhhh you guys all know i love ToRi hahah only for 3 seconds though =( Please TOP be a good Hyung and start talking to Baby more!! pwease TT_TT hahahaha OMO the perfs was awesome…YB did look serious but damn was it HOT lol wow baby come owt looking fine as eva hehe My TOPiee’s hair didnt shock me at all lmao coz he looked sexy and hot in it anyways hahah, i like Bong’s hat =D and Dae’s smile awwww just made me smile as well ^-^

    it juss melts me down like crazie. he gotta keep dhat foh dha concert in jan. 31st. i wanna see dhat on dha DVD if dhey do release it. imma go crazie sooooooon. HES SO IRRESISTIBLE.

  71. i’m really happy they performed Haru Haru. i missed it.

    and TOP’s hair, i was a little weirded out by it at first…as i
    mentioned in an earlier comment, but it’s grown on me. it’s really
    not that bad now that i’ve gotten used to it. hehe.

  72. Awwww why are the 2 seung hyuns uncomfortable with each other?
    Someone please tell me!

  73. The CF looks cute!!!
    When I saw the 2 SeungHyuns I asked my sister “I wonder what they were thinking” my sister said “Top is thinking that Seungri must be eating allot of broccoli lately because his skin feels baby soft and Seungri well he’s off in his own world…like you are most of the time.” I just looked at her like O.o’ and TOP’s hair looks very…interesting 😀

  74. i think i’m loving my tabi’s hair more and more!!
    i’ve always liked when he had long hair
    i miss his long hair T__T
    and i think it’s HOT for me..argh
    i seriously think that it works for tabi keke
    but did that hairstyle appear in sunset+haru haru perf?

    i gotta love Mnet!! can’t believe they sang haru haru again?
    yeah it’s so different..especially bong without the mohikan T__T
    i miss his mohikan! now it’s the weird beanie waakakaka
    but again..baby didn’t sound well..i just hope he’s not sick or something
    sigh i left too many comments T__T

  75. Download HD-TP of BB performance @ Korea Film Award
    Please visit my blog http://kutedragonbabe.skyrock.com/

  76. my favorite part of skoolooks is when dae pops up in the back and starts cracking up. ha! i love his laugh

  77. omggg! Tabi’s new hairstyle ♥ it’s hotttt!

    awwwww i scream with the G-Ri moment in the Skoolooks promo ^^
    seriously lol~ they remind me of Ouran High School Host Club the twins xD! Kaoru and Hikaru xDD!

  78. OMG! T.O.P looks hotter with the hair,lol! The actress singing along during their sunset glow performance was Han Ji Hye from East of Eden. Oh, and I noticed Shin Min Ha on the audience as well, I’m wondering if she’s watching MY top,lol!

  79. Whoaaaa~~Cant wait to c d sunset glow, haru haru performance and skoolooks cf!!!
    Im downloading it now~Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thnx a bunchie…Vic 😀

  80. jiyanz

    haha yup yup
    his hair does not fit sunset glow whatsoever kekeke
    it’s so hilarious

    actresses have to maintain their cool image
    they’re a whole world from singers

  81. Heather

    for the first time in my life
    I thought Bong didn’t look good
    idk.. that whole pilot thing didn’t do it for me
    Baby on the other hand, DAMN haha

    and yes GRi read my mind hahaahah
    they know their wife well keke

  82. tubby

    no, it says ‘ADIEU’ because that was the last M Countdown! show for the year 2008

  83. nya

    I’m still stressing out from my jury stuff so I’ve been missing for a while
    but don’t be scare
    after this week I’ll be fine
    next week is jury, and I’m doing pretty good so that’s good
    pray for me kakk

    did u see Tabi’s face when he was drawing it??? hahaha
    it was hilarious
    like he was so proud of being able to draw that kekeke
    he did pretty good actually, I took a workshop on designing shoes once and the sketches we have to do are similar to that ikekeke

    Dae is the star of the CF
    i’m glad to see that
    I love Bong but sometimes having him as the center of attention all the time just gets.. unfair
    I want other to be the star too, especially Dae and Baby since they never get to

    this wife is VERY happy to see them holding hands
    our husbands did a dance together. OH MA GIAD!!
    ur touched mine’s face!! kekekeke

    Tabi definately look more sexy and mature
    fit his style well
    though it’s kinda… weird since we’ve never seen him like that before haha

  84. sis in law

    that’s it
    i was like ‘why does that look familiar’

  85. i can’t wait for Seungri’s solo stage 😀
    mann daesung is sooooo cuute in that cf~~~~
    i love love love him
    omgsh he needs to stop being so cute
    and irresistable 😉
    TOP hair is sooo good looking on him
    its sexy

  86. Vi
    Hahaha… of course I’ll pray for u.
    I know gurl, well, first I think why u’ve been missing but then I remember u said stuff about ur school art jury.
    In my case, that lecturer just give us a assignment coz we have a three days in row holidays. So, he want us to do something at home then playing around.

    Yes yes yes!! Hahaha… hubby’s face. He looks like a lil kid.
    “hay, I actually could draw it” that kind of face.
    Yup, he did pretty good, coz me myself can’t draw at all. & I think my drawing like a elementary student’s drawing.
    Aw~ u make me want to sign up for a art school even more

    Yup u’r so right.
    Dae & Baby have less then the other hyung.
    But don’t worry, baby have his own solo & movie naw. Hehehe…
    The feels of being main star. Kekeke but we just have to wait for the time to come. Ease gurl, haha
    Dae with FO & his musical also awesome. He could socialize with older ppl who in their 30ies or 40ies like the one in mother’s age, plus his trot. Haha…
    “u’re so sexy” hahaha… ahjumma will feel much younger coz of this line.

    AHHHHHH!! Me too. I love seeing GRi couple holding hands!! XD
    That just so sweet!!
    “dance together”… I don’t think that could be called dance together since hubby didn’t dance
    BUT!! Hubby touched baby’s face!! Look at baby’s face.
    He doesn’t really care for what hubby’s done to him. He just like “ah~”

    Hahaha… but I want him to keep this hairstyle.
    These last 2 days I can’t sleep well coz of this.
    Hubby’s new hair, Idk why I just can’t forget it.
    Every time I close my eyes hubby’s face will come out. Ah~~
    Ah, I’ll get darkcircles too.

  87. when seung ri went close to those fans sitting down in their seat, man ! it looked as though there were going to jump out and jump on him LOL !

  88. oh my god.

  89. ohmygosh>< the skoolooks CF…i love it =) GRI FTW!!!!!!!!!!! Baby and Bong should always be together~~~
    And when Tabi threw the rubbish..cracked me up for ages XD and when they did the ‘no phones in class’ part, when Dae’s phone rang, the ringtone was sunset glow xP Trust big bang to promote their own songs in a CF =P
    big bang hwaiting!!! ❤

  90. LOL! DaeSungie’s victory dance is so cute

    haha SeungRi’s so funny, running up to
    Wally pretending to cry

  91. thaxz thaxz !!!!!!!!they r very cute !!!!!!!!

    luv luv them so much!!!!!!!!!!

  92. hot performance saranghaeyo big bang

  93. tabi’s hair, when i first looked at it, it seemed emo but after a while, it looked super hot. ^^ i didnt know his hair was that long either..it didnt seem to match him in the first place but yea. i quite love it now haha. i’d totally support him for bringing back the other long hairstyle he had in gummy’s ‘im sorry’ mv. HOT. ❤

  94. tabi’s hair is SO hot like that (:
    but only bong will be mine forever ^^

  95. OMFG TOP’s HAIR!!!!!
    ahhhhhhh omg freak out!
    i screamed when i saw that. hehe
    then my sister got freaked out and
    didn’t let me use her Ipod Touch anymore. =[
    i would LOVE to see Seungri’s Solo being
    perform. drools that would be sexy =]
    hehe it’s almost his birthday =]]]]
    kays ah what is G-Dragon doing?? putting
    the hood on, i wanna see his face (:
    Ah, but they are hot! i love thems

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