12.06.08 Sunset Glow Performance on Music Core | GRi Stalker Pics during NomNomNom

  • WAHH~ the site is snowing keke I remember it snowed last year too. Wow. time flies.
  • UPDATE: ADDED!!! Baby and Dae’s MC Cuts, MR. SEBASTIAN LEE IS BACK!!!
  • NEWS: 13,000 tickets for Big Bang’s ‘BIG SHOW’ Concert sold out in 10 minutes WHOA. Thanks to SooKyeong.

Big Bang ‘Big Show’ 1st window reservation sales sold out in 10 minutes

12.06.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
268 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to 통키님

    12.06.08 MBC Music Core
    Sunset Glow Performance
    180 MB

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks to 통키님
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OOOH~ it’s a pastel pink, how amazingly lovely, haha I spot Bae with a furry animals, kekek if he keep wearing it then I must give it a name later hhaa Bong…. he look like someone with all get-up.. but I can’t remember who, like…. he remind me I think of one of the dancers in High-Tech, haha maybe hanging around them too much have influenced Bong. Do you notice everytime Tabi rap his 2nd verse, he always lift his right leg up? kekek and most of the time he almost lost his balance, like right here keke Baby and Dae look so furreaking in that pink and smiling LOVE~

During the bridge part, where Bae was singing and the rest just does poses around him, kekek look at Baby, he was the first one to pose, and he just froze there looking at no where and blinked… then blink again.. and again hahahaha in his little maknae world onstage. Dae was such a dork at the end, doing all kind of weird dances kekek Seem like Bae always say something at the end of the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ last time it was ‘SBS’ now it’s ‘Music Core’ keke


Now for some GRi goodness from the NomNomNom performance, Thanks to our dear GD&H님 once again for the Bong goodness, I thought during the performance Bong was all cool and everything, but of course I was wrong haha he was being a dork with every freaking different facial expression known to men, just not on camera, but we caught him anyway haha such a cutie pie. And if there’s Bong, there’s GOTTA be Baby, he was being….. oh my gad. unlike Bong, he had 1 freaking expression throughout the whole thing haha it’s kinda funny though his face was just oh so sexy, like it was amazing you wouldn’t believe it forreal man. ahhhhh~ and add that to what he’s wearing and you equal dead fangirls.

GRi Stalker Pics during NomNomNom performance




















For more Bong Stalker Pics, and their original size, go HERE
Thanks to GD&H님 | Victory90 | Seungriya우쭈쭈 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on December 6, 2008.

80 Responses to “12.06.08 Sunset Glow Performance on Music Core | GRi Stalker Pics during NomNomNom”

  1. Wooow~
    so nice<3
    love it

  2. SR looks so cute with all the expressions^^

  3. sooo CUTE~ They both look so animated and wow, so HOT at the same time!

  4. Great song… but i think this ought to be a “summer song”…
    but it’s winter isn’t it? Anyway… still Great song…
    Sunset glow… who said we can’t have sunset in the winter… d^_^b

  5. Ahh my little fangirl heart cant take it major cuteness overload!!!

  6. SR kills me. Ugh. *Dies*

  7. tickets sold out in 10 minutes??? COOL OR WHAT?!

  8. the performance is so frgging awesome..i’m a pink lover and gosh..bong ahh~he looked so cute in that pink pants T__T and beanie forever win in life! hahaha~
    baby and dae looked mighty fine in pink too~
    ahh can’t help but loving it..and it’s snowing! ❤
    and fansite is snowing too! goshhh
    yeah i think tabi lifted his leg up in every perf. awesome 🙂
    stalker pics are so great! baby looked so fine ❤

  9. what color hasn’t these boys worn?!? they look good in all of them! Wow! concert sold out in 10 mins, that’s crazy! Good for them! Love all their sunset glow performance.

  10. i think the boys have like a rainbow range of the clothes they wear ranging of more than 7 colours. hahaahah : D pink is love! ❤

    yea i kinda realised that tabi does a lot of the leg lifting up thing too. haha and he on purposely opens up his eyes on the second verse he sings. *DIE* the stalker pics are hot. cuteness overload AGAIN : )

    sold out in 10 mins? YAY BIG BANG HWAITING! : DD i wish i could fly to korea to watch them : (

  11. thanks for sharing =DDDD

  12. btw i love the fake snow going on the homepage =DDDDDD

  13. wow! is my eyes fine or issit really that seungriii is hotter than ever? haha, for this pics, i chose V.I over bong. soryyy bong~

  14. the performance was amazing!!!
    GD and SR look so hott!! OMG!!

  15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The colors are so cute!!!
    and I caught SeungRi blinking too
    you’re right, he look so blanked out lol
    love him

  16. oh and those pictures
    I was blanking out the whole time
    can’t even think straight

  17. GD looks tired at the end of Sunset GLow at music core.

  18. aww. the homepage is snowing just like the performance.
    powder pink. very cute. poor Baby though. he slipped and slid
    during that one part. i don’t think it was on purpose…at least it didn’t look on purpose to me. did you catch that, Vi?

    and yay. stalker pics. i love stalker pics, especially if they’re of
    Jiyong. that goofy goober. making faces when the TV camera wasn’t
    looking. hehe. the ones of Baby are nice though too. from cute maknae
    to sexxxxxy maknae. 😉

  19. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vicky ur husband is killing me!!!!
    He’s so sexy in those pics… XD i died
    Bong is cute in those pics
    and Baby Ri is hot
    Oh my god!!

  20. those stalker pis of Baby are hot
    and 10min? woot go bb!

  21. Finely there are some pic’s of GD!!!!
    he is so photogenic
    (I hope I writh it ok, it is not my birth language. I’m form the Netherlands and love BigBang hope ther will be a FanMeeting here 2)
    Thankyou for sharing all this stuff. every day I take a look at this page it is the first thing I do 🙂

    Thankyou veryveryvery much!!!!

  22. *pics

  23. *ignore*
    random off topic ranting.
    wth happened to my avi in the corner?
    that’s not what i set it to. haha. >=[

  24. GRi stalker pics are to die for!!!
    love the pink. lol baby looked so cute

  25. omg..did Baby lose weight?? >_<

  26. Vi
    Ah~ paste pink!!
    The sweetest color of all ^^
    The background & snow drop make the situation seems so romantic XD!!
    sunset glow in winter.

    The first thing I notice in this perf was not hubby.
    Sound so unbelieveable right?
    Naw, its Bong’s pants. Hahaha… dunno why but the pastel pink pants look so eye catching. Keke

    Hahaha. Name it? Yup, after a while u should name it so we could expand the whole fuzzy family thing

    No one could work pink as cute as baby XD!!
    Aigoo~ I want to pinch his cheek. Look so good in pink.

    Winter + sunset glow + Dae’s smile = complete. Hehe…
    Winter won’t feel cold again with Da’es smile.
    It’s like it’ll make ur heart warm. Hehe

    Hubby ah~ there’s a limit for a girl like me.
    How could u look so adorable & sweet? While I could do nothing.
    Stresss. Hahaha
    Most of the time lost his balance? Not really. Haha
    If he does then I’ll be worried if he’ll fell while performing.
    The snow stick on hubby’s head. Hehe, I find it look so cute & funny.
    I just can’t stop giggling. Feel want to help him out. ^^

    Bong in the 6th pic look so cute.
    Look at his cheek & his lips. Hehehe
    He definitely in mood to stick out his tongue lately. Hahha

    I just realize how gorgeous baby was with that vest and all.
    LOL for vi’s hubby 2nd pic. he looks like “Aw~” kekeke

  27. god i love G-Dragon & Seungri =]
    omg it’s snowing on your page and it’s piling
    on my computer screen =/
    cools. Aw they don’t look as smiliy.
    now they are starting to show their tirdness.
    i hope the get REST!

    *Fanngirl status*

  29. Ahh it’s snowing :] LOLL! Cool! It’s snowing
    where I live too. Haha, i LOVe this performance.
    They look very happy, as alwayys (:
    Teehee. I LOVEE the snow in the performancae. H-O-T. I mean COLD. Lol.

  30. jiyanz

    the site is snowing just like last year
    I still can’t believe it’s already more than a year that I’ve been a Big Bang fangirl hahaha
    broke my obsession record for sure haha

  31. HOTNESS/ CUTENESS OVERLOAD with both stalker pics!!! a lito bias but i love babys more.. sorry gd.. lolx XD
    >>why am i still surprise that our boys sell out soo fast?? i should be used to it already…. but anyways.. congrats to all those that got there tickets.. AND I HOPE THEY GET LOOOOOOOTS OF GOOOD FAMCAMS FOR US!! XD give us a lito preview before the dvd.. lolx ^_^

  32. babyfedex

    even if you can fly there it’s impossible
    a friend I know try to log on Gmarket to buy it but as soon as she logged on at the exact time it start selling, it was sold out

  33. mahirah

    what u talking about? haha
    Baby always been that hot keke

  34. Heather

    OH EM GEE?
    husband almost fell????
    WHERE WHEN HOW?????????????????/

  35. KyBBLover

    he’s capable of doing that
    I should know T­_T

  36. Ala

    ur english is really good
    VIPs from every place and corner on earth
    love it!!

  37. Heather

    eh??? it look normal to me
    Bong smiling fashing them teeth kekek

  38. xtopieloverx

    u think so?
    I don’t see it
    then again I’m really bad at seeing those things
    my friend lost 10 lbs because he had the flu but when i saw him again I didn’t even notice it

  39. nya

    perfect color
    make you feel all happy on the inside eh?

    hahah I can accept that keke
    Bong’s pants always distract me anyway keke it’s nothing new

    last time it was Bong’s hair that was a magnet for confetti
    now Tabi’s hair is the magnet for snow. they’re even kekeke

    YOU JUST NOTICE?????????????????????????
    gurl~ u better go and make sure ur eyes are 20/20 kekekeke
    cuz DAUYM.
    I almost died because of lack of oxygen when I saw him walking out onstage during that performance
    cuz it was WHEW~~~~~~

    actually, call over bong & babyy (:
    they’ll probably make it explode in flames, but at least i’ll be happy :]]]

  41. 10 minutes?!? amazing :DD
    aw solbi uni looks like a little kid with the pigtails XD
    baby and dae seem so hyper! keke

  42. for me, SR was always the cutie pie in this group, so young but cute… but damn! Vi your husband is so sexy on this pics!! lol

  43. OMG!!!
    it’s snowin…. 😛
    woooah I seriously love this performance!
    I say we name Bae’s furry thing
    it’s only fair ;P
    Tabi’s just so damn cute
    liftin his leg up and almost loosin his balance every time
    reeeally makes my day

    the stalker pics are hot
    who knew Baby could look so good
    I didn’t notice when I saw the performance
    since I was too busy staring at my man’s hair but…dang!

  44. DAMN!!
    13,000 Tickets, sold out in 10 minutes
    omfg, i am so proud of these boys.
    but damn! still in shock*
    Aww Seungri & DaeSung are adorable.
    kekeke solbi is lucky!
    hey it stopped snowing =[

  45. Vi
    Tehehe~ I love pink, it’s the sweetest color of all.
    my wardrobe basically full of pink colored shirt.
    Now seeing them in pastel pink is just love.

    Maybe coz he’s wearing one of my favo colors I can’t help but to notice that first. Haha, its so distracting.

    Haha, even, u compare them?
    But hubby’s with the snow stick on his hair just so cute right?
    It feel so strange and funny, like there’s a string pulling lips to always smile when I replay it again & again.

    Yup. I just notice that.
    Coz all I can see is hubby with his new hair at thet perf.
    Damn, he look too sexy for a human being.
    So, sorry maknae & other members. Its not I don’t want to but I can’t. I just can’t help it XD hubby draw all of my attention.
    U won’t believe me. I realized Dae wearing that cowboy hat at the third time I watch the perf. Haha, I’m hopeless.

  46. where does gd gets all of his awesome eyewear grrr….anyway it took me 2 minutes to realize the snowflakes on the page lol nice work!

  47. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SEUNG-RI AHHHHH
    MY BABY!!! AHHHH YOU’RE KILLING MEE!!!! this is so HOT!
    he’s just makes me wanna LALA

  48. UGH. I’M BACK AGAIN VICKY. HE’S SO EFFIN HOT. BABY AHHH. I WANT HIM. WANT WANT WANT. Let’s go to Korea and kidnap him.

  49. Devja

    keke why do you think I married him?? keke

  50. Sexica

    if only Bae take it out for air more than twice
    then I’ll pick the first word that pop in my head for it kekek

    you didn’t know??
    well… haha keep it that way
    I want him to myself 😀

  51. nya

    I like pink but as far as wearing them
    not that much
    i have a couple here and there but not a lot
    though I love love love bright colors
    I have tons of them in my wardrobe

    oh my god. i didn’t notice Dae either
    we focus too much on our husband
    but u know what
    I’m glad u didn’t realize Baby is hot
    as long as I KNOW then it’s enough keke
    unfortunately for you, i already acknowledge ur husband’s sexiness.

  52. Ivy

    I think I said this many time before keke
    but anytime, just call me, I’ll get the rope and the big bag hahah

  53. oh man, i was so confused – i was like, is it snowing during the performance, or on the webpage, then i realized it was both! great pics of GD and Seungri!!!

  54. eheh to bad we don’t have snow here in Florida but i still can come here and watch the snow and de perf! lol

  55. vicky

    hahah and for sure next year i’ll be here to see fansite snow again kekeke..haha u’re obsessed with our boys for the longest period? haha..i’m obsessed with my 1st idol for 5 years and still counting 🙂

  56. Vi
    we’ll have to see about that then
    I didn’t notice until now
    but isn’t that better?
    if only I hadn’t seen those pics
    I swear Baby’s startin to grow on me

  57. OMG. :O
    It’s snowing!? xD
    Hehe. 🙂
    OMG. I loved the background with all the snowflakes that the boys perf was in front of~~ xD
    And the baby pink makes them so adorable. 😀

  58. awwwwww i watch Music Core it was snowing too xD! lol they all look awesome *.*

    The G-ri pics ♥ so cuteeee! love the outfits ^^ Thanx Vicky!

  59. how dya get it to snow?
    like javascript or something?

  60. GRi! Aww, but it wasn’t enough. =/
    Why does maknae insist on torturing fans with that beautiful face. He just looks so serious and it’s SEXY! And his smirk/smile thing is to die for. xD

    I’m loving the snow. I scrolled down really fast and capture a snow flake. It’s sitting on top of the scroll bar. Wahh, and now more snow is falling! Ha, I’m so easily amused. I need sleep before I become anymore insane than I already am.

  61. Hey guys, want to participate in a discussion question? I have one on this site http://secretcorner.weebly.com

    Go to the second tab down and leave your comments
    The topic is very Korean, culture-wise…you could say that it’s part of our pop-culture to be obsessed about this, so you can brush up on that!

    Have fun!!

  62. vicky if u name the furry animal on tae’s head, u should name it gary lmao 😀 he wore it again today 😦

  63. Vi
    Haha, coz I think pink is a really cute color, so I love it.
    And it actually fir my skin color well too, so i have many pink colored shirt in my wardrobe.
    Beside pink, the other is green for me. I have many green shirt or blouse too ^^
    I’d love to wear white or bright color, but the pollution here just too much, once u go outside with white shirt & the wind blows, u’r shirt will be dirty coz of dust etc.

    A good news for u but a bad news for me. Haha
    There’s so many ppl should thank me for being loyal. If I’m not that’ll bizarre. Haha
    But for hubby, he won’t have any bright future with me beside him. Kakaka

  64. Vi
    oops. i’m so sorry to scare you. he didn’t fall or anything. i think
    he just lost his balance a little. starting around 1:49 – 1:52 when
    they have the back shot, you can see him wobbling a bit. nothing
    bad. i blame the snow stuff. probably made the floor a little slippery.

    and yeah, my icon is back to normal now. it’s just when i first
    posted it was a completely different picture. weird, but oh well.

  65. Awww! I love G-ri moments! And I’m always in love with Dae’s smile! Go Big Bang!

  66. Question!!!
    Where do you watch SBS live? I wanna watch it so bad live, but I cant find the right place!! Gah!!
    And, and! What time i airing? I feel like I’m such an bad fan when I haven’t watched them live once.. So please, tell me~!
    Thank you!

  67. What time is it airing?***
    Sorry, I was a little hyped up.. xp

  68. omgah
    maknae is sizzling

  69. WOW! those GD pics are AWESOME. is assume that’s GD&H stuff again. greaaatt~~~

  70. oh~maaa~ seungri~ahhhh… +droolzzz+
    ‘love evrything ’bout him..

  71. lol. i LOVE the snow falling from the top of the page. haha. =]

  72. Just uber sexy!
    omg GD faces are soooooo adorable! love him so MUCH!
    and Seung Ri just looking so hot. n the outfit is HOT! omgomg .<

  73. […] 12.06.08 Sunset Glow Performance on Music Core | GRi Stalker Pics during NomNomNom NEWS: 13,000 tickets for Big Bang’s ‘BIG SHOW’ Concert sold out in 10 minutes WHOA. Thanks to […] […]

  74. WHY ISNT SRI LEGAL YET?!?!?!?!?!!

  75. soon^^ he’ll be of legal age.. :DD I think this January.. Now he can join with his hyungs on clubs.. :))

  76. GD is HOT as ever.
    seungri is CUTE as ever.

  77. awts!
    PINK,, so cute!!
    i love the stage~(winter scene)

    GRI pics,,

  78. as always seung ri always the cutest!!!! eventhough his face seems mature these days…so cute….
    gd the best unique fashions style!!!loving it!!!!
    is there any pic of T.O.P he look so hansome in the nom2 perf!!!!
    his eyes were were cover by his hair!!! so hansome!!! awww…T.O.P always be my top!!!

  79. as always seung ri always the cutest!!!! eventhough his face seems mature these days…so cute….
    gd the best unique fashions style EVER!!!loving it!!!!
    is there any pic of T.O.P he look so hansome in the nom2 perf!!!!
    his eyes were were cover by his hair!!! so hansome!!! awww…T.O.P always be my top!!!

  80. I love the second of last picture of Seung ri :] It’s like my new favorite picture of him now :]

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