No more concert performances for Big Bang in 2009 after ‘Big Show’?

No more concert performances for Big Bang in 2009 after ‘Big Show’?

It has been announced that big-scale ‘Big Show’ concert set to take place in January next year will be the last concert performance for Big Bang for year 2009…

Following YG Entertainment, since Big Bang’s debut they have done about 7 concert performances every year totalling up to about 20 concert performances up till now. But for next year, they will not be any plans for them to do any other concert performances till the end of the year after the one in January.

A YG representative said, “In 1 year they will do 2 to 3 overseas concert performanes and together with those in Korea, they will do about 7 to 8 concert performanes. For next year, they have a lot of preparations to do for their upcoming plans, hence they will not be doing any other concert performances. And we have yet to known when they will have a concert performance again.”

With this, we are set to see more fighting over Big Bang’s concert ticket for their ‘Big Show’ next year.

Already for their 1st windows of ticket reservation sales were sold out to 13,000 fans in just 10 minutes on 5th December. The 2nd and 3rd windows of tickets reservation sales will be on 9th and 11th December.

credits: sookyeong kbites

~ by Winnie Chu on December 8, 2008.

63 Responses to “No more concert performances for Big Bang in 2009 after ‘Big Show’?”

  1. So…after “Big Show” they wont be performing in 2009 at all?

    no matter wt i HAVE too see them!!!!
    one more step for me and my bongie to be together
    see it like faith.. one min. we were half-way-around-the-world apart
    then the next min wer just cross-country apart!!!
    u never no wt gonna happen next!!!!

  3. im gonna miss them if it means no concert in 2009
    but they deserve the break
    plus now they’ll be in america
    now me and YB will close….haha kinda*i wish*

  4. im okay with this desicion. :]
    they deserve this break. i think its great considering all the concerts theyve already done >__<

  5. Im actually happy for this news cuz OUR boys NEEDS their REST and more preparation time for their plans.

    though Im gonna miss them, Id rather not see them for a year than hear news about being at the hospital.

    What Im really really really sad about is I CANT GO TO THEIR BIG SHOW CONCERT!!! *Arg*..I WANT TO GO 😦

    BUT I ALSO CANT WAIT FOR THEM TO BE HERE IN U.S.!!! I WOULD SO DO ANYTHING TO MEET THEM, even if it just a glimpse of them, I would b d happiest!!! ^_^

    btw LOVE ur GIFS winnie!!! sOOO CUTE!!!

  6. oh wow… that’s a long break they’re getting.
    well i feel that it’s well deserved.
    im sure they won’t disappoint when they make a comeback later in the year ^__^

    how could they do this to us?!
    *shakes you by the shoulders crazily*

  8. so…could this be a hiatus to prepare for a possible american debut?
    get’s me thinking. ^^
    i hope it is. but i’m scared at the same time. it’s so sudden. well, not really…but i just want them to take their time and be sure that everything will go right.
    whatever the situation i hope they get what they really want out of it.

  9. WHAT?!?!
    NOOO, But, But, BUT i was sooo excited cuz
    they were coming to American & GD was doing
    his Solo Album and thought maybe they would
    do a concert or something and i could go!!
    Ok, ok, okay i’m good freaking out about this
    Fine, Fine i guess. I mean yeah cuz they said
    going to American was suppose to be there ‘rest’
    and i do want them to get some rest b/c the
    DO DERSERVE it because of non-stop tours of
    Haru Haru, Number 1 & Sunset Glow. argh i guess
    BUT NOOO!! ugh fine i’m okay…..not really
    but i’ll get over it. Fine i just want them to
    have fun and see how American is =]]]]]
    [i swear ima choke someone, or at least the one
    who is next to me or just air choking.No! No! No!]
    Sniffs* it’s alright though

  10. that means I can’t daydream about seeing them in an American Concert Tour anymore 😦
    but that’s alright, just the thought of them being on the same continent as me is already so ecstatic 😀

  11. AWW!! 😦 i been wishing and hoping to see them in concert here in america. but i guess not. so0o0o.. sad T_T

  12. omg i wish they do a concert in california Dx
    i wish i WISH that i can see my smexy choi seung hyun D;

  13. They might not be doing a concert in america but it will be nice to know that they’re going to be closer to me than they used to be 😀 ❤
    Plus they definitely need the rest.
    I mean, who wouldn’t be tired after preforming the same song soooo many times?
    They’re too sexy to work so hard just for us. xD
    But that’s one reason why i love them. :]

  14. i’m glad that they’re finally getting the break that they deserve,
    but at the same time, this means that when they come to america, i’ll have to hope that i bump into them at the park or something :/
    i wish they would do a california tour at least~
    oh well :] there’s still 2010 (though that’s a bit far~)

  15. aawwts,, so sad!
    but then again i think this would be a good decision though..
    from this, out boys can finally have a rest,,
    i bet they’re really exhausted for everything that had happened this year..

    i know no matter what happens, our boys will do their best as always..
    hwaiting ^^

    don’t loose hope vips, maybe something good will happen, who knows, they might change their minds.. ryt??

  16. Since they are gonna have a year break, they should visit Australia after the US (HAHA; I doubt it…)

  17. aww mann . . they cant even perform
    one concert for us ? why ?

    alicia keys did a concert down in korea
    before ! they can do it like her but perform
    in the USA ; jus one for us yu kno ? ughs not fairrr D;

  18. this truely suucks but at least ouur boys will be getting plenty of rest ( :

  19. this is such a bummer! and i was lookin’ forward to them holding a concert in the US so i could go 😦

    argh! but they’ll still have performances right?

    MAN! A YEAR W/O BB CONCERTS! i hope that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see or hear about them as often, eh?

    but yeah again, are babys need rest. 😦 *sniff sniff*.

  20. they deserve this break! i’m glad they are taking it!

  21. that totally reeks son.
    what the hell is yg thinking. 😦

  22. hey guys, didn’t it say,”in 1 year they will do 2 to 3 overseas concert performanes…”
    doesn’t that mean they WILL perform..but like 2 years later??
    or am i wrong??

    im really glad they’re taking a break though 🙂

  23. x . x I wana go ~
    I wish they came to Canada instead xP but US is fine – still closer xDDD now I might have a chance to somehow see them? =D
    I wana see one of their concerts ><”

  24. Aww, no more concerts?
    And I was hoping for one in the US.
    I still really hope to god that they come to Hollywood Bowl.

  25. i was sad for a minute cause this means no concert in the U.S- even though its not fair but their health is more important to me then any concert. at least they could be closer to us.

  26. NOOOOOOOO! This is sad.
    But the boys really need rest. They’re working very
    hard. Danggit, I’m sad now. =[

  27. i wish i could go T-T
    But i’m really happy they are taking a break because they need rest and as long as they are healthy i’m happy, and if i could see them when they come to america that would make me happy to 🙂

  28. awwwww!!!!!! NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! this can’t be!!!!!!!! their coming to the USA in 2009 no performances no nothing in 2009?? How can we live??? Man when Big Bang come to U.S.A. I’m a have to see them!!! Big Bang Fighting!!!

  29. Awww man 😦 but at least they get a break and they totally deserve it ^^ They’ve accomplished so much in 2 years so I can’t even be disappointed by this news.

    They’re coming to America!!! I should go on a road trip and hunt them down XD

  30. aw man so they’re not going to perform in america at all? i was pretty sure they were getting ready and all for performances over here… =[ oh wells at least they can rest from performing for a while but i’m pretty sure they’ll be busy doing other things!

  31. wow U.U i see after the Big Show they will be in America T.T and no more concert T.T

  32. O________________O

    you know, when I think about it now.

    I think I kinda agree with YG, you know just

    take a break and really prepare, so they

    can come BACK BIG!

    but then.. I know later in the year… I will

    be sad.. if I don’t see some BB action -_-

    but I can’t wait for what they have in store : D

  33. i hope YG is being his usual self and not really mean this. i hope this is just a publicity stunt or something so that a lot of fans would really really get into the needle hole so that YG can earn more more more money. lol.

    but NOOOO!!! im about to graduate march 09 and i need to see them in concert after thaaaaaat

  34. no matter it’s true or not..this is a good news for our boys!!
    they need rest! like seriously. and they can use their time in US to like really improve themselves and bring us a better BIG BANG!!
    although i’ll miss them..its ok

  35. OMG THIS HURTS!!!!
    OMG i live and breath BIG BANG wat am i going to do without them or ONE WHOLE YEAR…
    i mean im really happy that thier taking time off to do wat they want and stuff but DANG did they really need that much time….dunno im im going to survive!!LOL
    its sad to see them go but hopefully its all a lie…hopeffully they will get bored of all thier free time and come back to us!!! hahaha i must just hve to move down to LA or whereever thier oin…cause LA is only 3 hours away and its not that i lie!!! man this is SOOOO sad….they should of waited until christmas was over to announce this!!! mannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  36. i’ve already commented on K Bites, but everytime i hear this news…i get super jittery. i’m glad that the boys are gunna be relaxing for a few months(i hope) they’ve been overworked by YG. errr

  37. OOOOOOOOOOOMG SO DOES THAT MEAN THEY MIGHT SING IN HOLLYWOOD BOWL NEXT YEAR?!!! * crosses fingers* I want to go, if its true! But I have no friends in Cali (I’m from hawaii) =[ =[

  38. ya know what i just realized… he didn’t say they wouldn’t perform “SOLO” lol. and isnt GD supposed to come out with his solo album next summer?? So yeah, im pretty sure GD will be performing something at some point.. alone though. so dont get TOO upset just yet.

    and is this a fact that they are going to Cali?? or is this just an assumption??

  39. I wish they could come here in PI :((

  40. aah it’s so saad that they’re not going to hav any concert in 2009
    i’m gonna miss them so badly~~

    but the good thing is, now they can have a breaak!! yay! for them~~
    *clapping my hands*
    they really deserves some break after what they hav goin’ through this year

  41. awww!!! I was planning to fly overseas and watch their concert in 2009! But it’s ok coz I know they need a break 🙂 I hope they make it big in the U.S and other countries!

  42. I’ll miss them! 😦

  43. it’s good that they have a break nxt year…all those concert performance really make them tiring…
    but that’s means i’m going to miss them for one year.
    but i oso hope they would come 2 singapore for concert after one year…

  44. hello, this is random. i mean, nothing to do with this article..
    but on the 10th dec, there was golden disk award ceremony…why big bang didnt attend? how was the result?

    anyone knows? 😀

  45. Now YB is sooo much more close to me me and Tiki have our men Young Bae and Boss wont know what hit them “A Break And Dates!! LOL I just have to find out exactly where????

  46. @Ashley: i think he’s just stating what BIG BANG usually does. so far in the past 2 years they’ve been having 2-3 overseas concerts each year so this year i guess it’s a break for them. they really do need it. i hope they enjoy it. even though they won’t be as active they’ll still be busy behind the scenes. I’ll miss seeing their faces. T-T *sniff sniff. BUT doesn’t BIG BANG always end up surprising us one way or the other? so just be patient and look out for it. ^^

  47. yyyeee!!! 5 m o r e h o u r s til

    S E U N G R I is L E G A L !!!

    (Korea time)

    gah, me and maknae are the same age, just cant

    wait to feel what itll be like when the

    innocence (technical term lol) of BB is gone

    BB will be a great group made of . . . MEN!

    (another technical term lol)

  48. WAAA! this can’t be.. but I wish they come and visit Philippines.. They have many fans out here,.. waiting.. XD darn! why they can’t come here.. huhuhu :(( *tears

    As u guys have said, THEY DESERVE A BREAK! 😀 I wish them goodluck for their “training” in US. :DD

  49. So no YG ONE CONCERT Next year? I mean of course, it’s not a bigbang concert BUTTTT I’m hoping I’ll be able to see the boys at the year end concert for next year. OH happy birthday LEGAL seungri post ^^

  50. seung ri!! @o@


  52. Nooooo!!!!!
    2009 was supposed to be the year that Big Bang will come and tour Australia. That was my new years resolution-to get Big Bang to come to Sydney.
    But on the other hand, when they do come down under it will b more awesome becuase of all the waiting i’ve had to go through. LOL

  53. They have a private concert or VIP concert in June. It will be in S. Korea as far as I know. 500 people only.

  54. TOP is awesome

  55. america..hmm yays….i say cum to WI…^^

  56. haha umm wow they need to cum to america:) and stay there and do a concert in michigan:0 and be awesome!!1 haha i would go anywere in michigan just to see them 🙂 my heart beats faster when ever i hear there songs 🙂

  57. when and where are they comin to the US??

  58. anyone kno??

  59. does this mean that they might have a concert jan or feb 2010 ? lol.
    that’s pretty close to 2009…but…it’s a new year, right?
    i really want them to come to the U.S. when I’m in California

  60. I really wish they had a concert in canada

  61. did they have a concert in america? i’m so confused 😦
    they should come to san fran OR san jose!!! i would TOTALLY go to their concert! 😀 (i rarely go to concerts)



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