It’s AVAILBLE for pre-order on Yesasia

WARNING: These DVDs are Region 3, which means it only works on DVD Players that are made in South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan). Luckily, the one I have at my house is from Vietnam so whew~ you guys might wanna check that out before buying it and it won’t work.

  • Release Date: January 8, 2009
    $59.99 (Poster in Tube)
    $49.99 (Folded Poster) <– they fold it REALLY crappily, so I suggest you get the poster in tube version.

They are many options, there’s 3 difference color versions for you to choose, I’m getting the green one 😀

US & Canadian Orders || International Orders


OH MY GOD!! I FREAKED OUT after seeing the tracklist for the concert DVDs… our beloved Mr. YG include  3 DVDs.. full of goodness.. oh my god. I’m speechless, as expected, AMAZING things happens on Baby’s Birthday. I love Mr. YG so freaking much words can’t describe it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

INCLUDE: 3 DVDs + Mini Concert Photosbook + 3D Paper (DaeSung, SeungRi)

2. Wrong Number
3. Shake It!
6. BIG BOY (t.o.p solo)
7. Prayer (tae-yang solo)
8. Only Look at me (tae-yang solo)
9. A Fool’s Tears
10. Fool
11. DANCE PERFORMANCE (seung-ri solo)
12. CRAZY DOG + 환상 속의 그대
13. WITH U
14. DIRTY CASH (remix)
15. VIP
16. LALALA (remix)
17. Look at me, GwiSoon (dae-sung solo)
18. THIS LOVE + BUT I LOVE U (G-dragon solo)
20. LIE (remix)
21. Last Farewell
23. 언제까지 (credits)

1. VCR – “ 꽃보다 빅뱅”

[Disc-3 : TAEYANG 1st CONCERT ” HOT”]
2. Prayer
4. Only Look at me
5. Sinners
6. TaeYang HISTORY
10. WITH U
11. ALWAYS (remix)
13. Fool’s Tears
14. Only look at me(remix)

1. Prayer
2. Only Look at me


DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE DAESUNG AND SEUNGRI 3D DOLLS LOOK LIKE?? HAHAHA I had a good laugh, I attempt to make a TOP one before and failed.. .MISERABLY, so I probably will never touch it, but I still want it!!!! see it under the cut.


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thanks to 건의사항님


~ by Vicky on December 11, 2008.


  1. Mr. YG never stops to make VIP have huge smiles.
    look at the package deal. ^__^

  2. lol… hahaha… i like it…. ^_^
    Great job vicky~

  3. finally..

  4. must have!!!

  5. oh mO NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wowwwwwww! this is the best Xmas gift a VIP could have T.T


  8. i looked it up on yesasia…it has about 3 different version >”< wat’s the different between, do you know?

    btw…the DVD is region 3 😦 i’m worried that some of the people cannot watch it with the region 1 DVD player 😦 like I 😦

  9. so are all the colors holdong different things? or is only the colors different?

  10. OHHH EMMMM GEEE!!~ i was complaining about no concert dvd releases two weeks ago on LJ and now…my prayers are heard. Mr. YG is amazing!!! i’m so down with buying all the freakin goodies. ^___^

    and please don’t brick me but…those are really bad 3D dolls. like…EWW! haha. could’nt they make like keychains or something. haha. oh wells. i love BB so much, i’ll still collect ’em anyways

  11. LOL. The moment I have been waiting for.. XD atlast, DVD’s are released! yahoooo! cant wait to buy one!!!

  12. hhahahaaa~the 3D dolls are funny xD
    oh mi gosh..i love Mr. YG too..DVDs..nice and cool..but i know the price is gonna be very ‘NICE’ too T__T


  14. Big heads :pp


  16. orhhh i was kinda hoping taeyang concert dvd would be released serparately. Can we not buy it seperately or do we have to buy all 3

  17. omg, i am over the moon. my january will be amazing. IT WILL BE RELEASED A DAY BEFOR EMY B-DAY. BEST FREAKING B-DAY EVER omo.


    if so where?…yesasia as usual, or another place?


  18. muahahhahhahaaa

  19. YESSS!!!

    This is GREAT NEWS!!!


    So can’t wait for the release!! this is a gotta have!!

    FINALLY!! its OFFICIAL!! woohoo~


    GAHHH!!! this is awesome!

    the 3D of SR & DS are so cute! hahahaha

    totally great!!

  20. i just checked out yesasia. & u can pre-order the dvds already.


    &even bbetter yet. u can choose between 3 colours.

  21. muahahahahahahaha!!!! I basically gone crazy after i saw this in my email inbox… muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  22. Sooooo, umm.

    I want it. 🙂 LOL

  23. Sorry about my outburst…have gone back to my senses now. I need to know what’s the different between blue, green and orange version actually? Is it the cover? I wanna preorder…

  24. stefanie

    they’re not difference version
    just the difference of the outside appearnce of the DVD case

  25. 7samira7

    thankyou so much
    I’ll edit that right away

  26. Even though it’s region 3, would you still be able to watch this in a laptop???????

  27. Min Sun

    I’m not sure
    but I think so
    but don’t take my words for it

  28. hoichu

    you have to buy all 3

  29. Ena

    I think it’s only the covers
    the inside content are the same
    also include 3 DVDs

  30. Thanks Vicky ^^
    I think I’m getting the Orange version…

  31. stefanie

    I have an obession with bright colors lately so haha
    lime green for me keke

  32. manageRI

    haha..Seungri is GREEN 2 in that 3Dpaper…<3

  33. will there be a region 1 or region 0 version? or is the region 3 all that’s being released?
    hmm…i guess i’ll be watching this on my computer.

  34. Mr. YG is oh-so-not cool!!!! Why is it Region 3??????? Now I can’t watch it on my DVD in its original form….I should find code to free the region on my DVD player.
    I’m soooooooo getting the green one. sighhh!! been shopping TOO MUCH these days ( UPS even lost my package of of $50 worth)
    Order now or it might runs out of order soon. Y’all know how it is with BB stuff

  35. O M G !! I WANT IT!!!!!!
    but the first problem is I can’t preorder it now…damn… …the 2nd problem is…I haven’t a DVD Region 3 PLAYER x’D
    do u know if I can watch it on my laptop??…>.<

  36. vi
    omona~ the DVDs. i’ll do everything if i could get it.
    but sadly, i can’t.
    online shipping won’t arrived here.
    & worst is all of BB’s goods r not available here.

    hahaha… the 3D dolls looks so cute~~~
    aigo~ look at baby & Dae’s face.
    the 2 maknae of the group ^^v

    btw gurl, haven’t heard of u in a long time.
    did ur art juries stuff done?
    feel weird now for not spazzing aver a long time ~.~a

  37. Is there a way you can watch this other then on a region 3?
    Laptop would be sweet!

  38. medirin

    no i don’t think so
    they normally only release 1 version

  39. AydaN

    I’m not sure but I think you CAN watch it on ur computer/laptop

  40. nya

    aww… i feel u gurl
    i’m sorry 😦
    maybe someone will rip it online for those who can’t watch it

    I know, I know
    like it’s crazy this week
    i keep volunteering to go first so I can just get it over with cuz I have it up to HERE with art juries
    but… yesteryda, I DID IT!!!!! with the 2 most awsome teachers EVER!!
    and today is Friday, since I’m done with jury, i don’t have to go to school~ WHOOOOOO~ I’m so happy you have no idea hahahaha

    but I still have midterm next week
    after that, 2 weeks of vacation!!!!!!!!!

  41. oh my f-ing god!!!!!!!!!!! its finally out oh heck yeah im preordering it!!! thanks somuch for the heads up!!!

  42. Oh no. i really wanted to complete my set of 3D dolls.
    i expected it to be in mini album! 😥
    omg then i have to buy this to complete the set?
    hmm duno if i can afford 😦

  43. if you have a really rubbish DVD player make for example “crown” or summit it would allow region 3. because i have panasonic which obviously is a good make doesnt allow region 3. but my crown one and another one which was free from the casino can play region 3 🙂
    but my computer can also allow changing region settings. so u can c if u can watch on laptop or computer 🙂

  44. heyy! i just want to ask what;s the difference between the dvds
    why is there blue, orange, and stuff??
    thanxx in advance whoever can answer this 🙂
    i’m for sure that i’ll buy this

  45. nvm, reading from all the comments i found the answer.
    but i’m confused about the region 3 and stuff
    is there specific dvd that you could watch this??
    or its the same as like the great dvd concert and stuff?

  46. i want this DVD so badly!!
    but i live in france…. so it won’t work… T_T

  47. what’s the difference between the 3 versions?
    & by Region 3, was the great dvd like this?

  48. January 6? That’s my birthday, LOL.
    Best gift ever. <33
    Thank you for the love, YG! kekeke.

  49. there’s no difference between the orange, blue or green versions. they’re all the same, just different colored covers – so pick your favorite lol.
    and this is the first time a BB DVD is region 3, usually it’s region 0 (all). so unless you live in Southeast Asia, you probably won’t be able to watch the DVD in your DVD player. you will have to watch on a computer most likely, unless your DVD player is region/code free.

  50. GD`S_WiFEYY

    no the GREAT DVD was Region All so it play in any DVD players
    this is different

    and there’s NO DIFFERENCE between the 3
    just difference color of the box

  51. Oh my gosh wow.
    Arghh i don’t have money =[
    but i would LOVE to buy it.
    Christmas present…Hrmmmm?
    but aha it’s cute xP
    i like the dollies.
    Thank You Mr. YG

  52. ohh… so would i be able to watch it on my comp. like medirin said?
    or will i just not be able to watch it period? lol

    thanks vicky !

  54. @feyfey: actually YG announced that he was making the DVDs awhile back…but hasn’t posted them for sale yet…i guess cause there’s just so much that they have to edit.

    @hoichu: why would you want to buy them seperately? that just means more money out of your pocket? and not only that but even if you didn’t want the big bang DVD (for some weird reason) won’t you still get to see TAEYANG in it? PLUC honestly, i think the boys do their best when they all perform together.

  55. *plus

  56. so if u have a dvd player dhats from china. would it be able to play the DVD? cuz i dun wanna order it. please tell me thanks.

  57. what country is this going to be released in?
    will it be realsed in korea????

    coz im there now! and i dont leave till the 14th of jan!! XD haha

  58. haha tat sd doll thing is funny x)
    omgomgmogm the DVD is to die for~ look at all
    those songs& imagine all the sexy perfs!
    tats on my wishlist for sure (:

  59. LOL. i tried making taeyang. i failed too :[
    so i nvr touched it again. haha i kept him in
    a box. :] the DVD is so expensive. gahh. i
    dont have money.. :[

  60. hehe. cute baby n daesung dolls. weird but cute

  61. Vi
    Haha… I hope there’s someone 
    The bad thing from living in a small area is like this 

    Hahaha.. good news to hear from u ^^
    Volunteering? Aw~ ur school do this kind huh.
    In our school case, the teacher will randomly pick our attendance card & whoever picked on, she should go in front. No negotiation.
    Se we have to wait for our turn

    Aw~ midterm, I’m glad mine have past & nothing again till January for final. Um… then a whole month of holiday. Ah~~ so happy.

  62. So today I checked my dvd player and it says made in china hahaha..
    is that available for this dvd? or i have to find a specific thing on my dvd player, to see if the dvd can work on it??

  63. mwsgn_

    yea it will be sold in store in Korea
    so you can so get it 🙂

  64. nya

    well they pick out name randomly if there’s no one volunteer,
    since I got all my stuff done (SURPRISINGLY) I just wanna go first and get it over with already
    but I was a bit late on asking
    so I didn’t get it done til Thrusday
    but WHEW~
    so glad I won’t have to go through that again until the end of this year.

    a whole month??
    damn u
    i only 2 weeks

    my summer vacation isn’t until June
    my mom wanted me to come to my uncle’s weeding in Korea
    and ther’s NO WAY I’ll sit through a 30 hours plane ride just to see my cousin getting marry to my uncle… oh god, though he’s my fave, I’m sorry too creepy.
    so I’m gonna be here with my daddy, have some good fatehr daughtedr fun hahaha
    will be in California for like a week or 2 so I’m notsure if I can keep in touch the boys, but I’ll my best 🙂

    I know someone who will die if she can’t talk to me hahahaha

  65. bigbangloverr

    China is not Region 3 unfortunately.

  66. I’m really sad that is region 3 dvds. they left out all the oversea fans:0( I hope YG really hope he releases some all region.

  67. Vi
    Hahaha… why u add this ‘surprisingly’??
    Kekeke… things u hate from school is this. Same as me.
    I always complain for test stuff but when u actually work, u’ll find out that school is more relaxing than work.
    Ah~ feel want to be child forever.

    This whole month thing is still considered.
    The lecturers still discuss whether to give us more holidays or less.
    But I heard the less is a whole month.
    Last time we have a holiday for like 2 months.

    R u sure??? A wedding in Korea.
    I mean Korea gurl.
    Maybe u could go to YG building & (luckily) meet with our boys ^^
    I think u better go.
    But u still have a vacation if u didn’t go to attend the wedding right?
    So, have a lot of fun gurl ^^

    “I know someone who will die if she can’t talk to me hahahaha”
    Do u mean me, or other? Hahaha…
    Well, since we hang out for so long time.
    3 or 4 month already? Hahaha… now it do feel weird. Kekeke…

  68. speechless…okay, actually i’m a bit hysterical!!!!! OMGeeeee..i just bought The Great concert DVD and now, they are launching Global Warning!!! oh gosh! oh gosh!…okay, i ought to freak out as i’m broke!!!!! i want this GW DVDs!!!!!!!!!

    Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!! i’m shivering now…OD of excitement + tension…excited as the most anticipated concert i wanna watch is out this Jan…tensed as i can’t get my hands on it!!! my sis gonna kill me if i buy this GW DVDs!!! i have to pay for my college fees this month and i’m totally broke, dude!!! n that’s the biggest prob..i have to calculate again my budget..hopefully there would be some holes i can penetrate so that i could buy this DVD…waaaaaaa… i want it so badly that i blamed my stupidity for being careless in spending my precious money on something petty yet cost me lots of money…food for instant, muahahaha..=D..have to be on diet, that won’t harm me..kiu kiu kiu…

  69. nya

    hahaha yes yes yes
    don’t wanna grow up forever
    just til I’m 21 then I wanna stop growing already keke
    that’s the golden age

    hahahahaha i wrote it wrong
    for some reason I wrote Korea when I should be writing Vietnam
    my bad.

    wonder what was the first time ever that we talk to each other
    was it back durig the boys’ Haru Haru comeback? hm….. haha

  70. Vi
    Kekeke… 21? When I reached 20 I think I’ll get stressed out all over.
    1st coz I think I already so old. Haha
    2nd coz when u’r grown up u have smuch money problem
    3rd have to do so many things 7 be responsible for it.
    My mom likes to scold me how much I forgot about things I should done.
    She always say “ur not a child anymore! ur a perfectly grown up. Be responsible for anything u have to!”
    Ah~ her face pop up when I typed this to u.

    Ah~ so that’s why u said u don’t want to go.
    U make me wonder why u don’t want to go to Korea? Its impossible u don’t want to. Kekeke…

    Oh yes. Right, when our boys haru-haru comeback. Hahaha…
    The parody of haru-haru with all the “butt” thing.
    I like to read how u & roro write to each other. Kekeke…
    Then I told u to take a responsibility of making me into a pervert. Hahaha

  71. […] Bigbang 2008 Global Warning +taeyang 1ST Concert Dvd It’s AVAILBLE for pre-order on Yesasia WARNING: These DVDs are Region 3, which means it only works on DVD Players […] […]

  72. nya

    growing up is hardwork
    i’m glad I’m only 16.

    hahaha that’s right
    VVC president!!!!!! kekekekek

    Now I will cry & cry & cry & cry just because I don’t
    have the right REGION DVD Player. 😦
    I HOPE THAT THERE’LL BE Region 1 DVD’s sold soon!!!

  74. Vi
    Hahaha… sooner or later it’ll happen to u anyway.
    Kidding ^^ LOL

    Kekeke… we left the VVC for too long I think.
    This words didn’t come out recently.
    I wonder if my pervertness

  75. lol i have tae yang’s pop up.. and it took me hours to put it together!! but it looks pretty awesome lol.

  76. hmmm, i’m still thinking about getting it.
    boo, no english subtitles! 😦 ahaha
    but still…it seems like a really good deal…

  77. LOL I have to buy a new DVD player all for Bae and the boys!!! LOL Christmas present!!!

  78. will there be english subtitles??

  79. oohh…no eng subtitles.. thats a bummer. but i want it so bad!! but im x sure ive region 3 dvd player. im from malaysia. so…i guess ive 2 check. y do they have 2 make it complicated?? y not just make all dvds on the same region through out the world?
    im afraid it’ll get sold out. so, i guess im buying it =)

  80. oh no..
    my DVD player is Apex and it said it was made in america… ㅠ.ㅠ
    i really wanted it… but i have a Hp laptop, will it work there Vi? 😀

  81. Okay why does yesasia say there english subs if there isnt is there??? LOL I’m confused it doesn’t mattter though I have to have the HOT concert!!!! It’s all about Young Bae!!!!

  82. OMANO! i want it ..
    but i dont have a dvd from south asia T___T
    itsz sucksz very bad .. and i dont know if
    my family in vietnam has one .. i feel sad
    voor myself and the other one’s who cant not
    watch.. D: but yeah keep fighting!! ^______^

    xoxo ngaa~

  83. are they going t have subs? =]

  84. VI!

    can you play the dvd also
    with a vietnamese dvd player?

    i wonder if they have subs…

    and the daesung and seungri 3D dolls attempt are GENIUS!! xD

  86. okie i think i should have a Region 3 dvd player since i live in singapore… i have two dbsk dvds which are region 3 which means this one should work too .. hmmm i think ive never throught about buying their concerts but i always go crazy over their perfomances so maybe it is time for me to actually watch a blasting concert! and get my friend to watch it with me too! but school is starting arggghhh… so any of you girls getting this?
    if you cant play it .. play it on your laptop or just go over to a friends house to get a player?? problem is that these are mainlly for asian countries to play.. so no worries.. its better to get it now before its sold outtt.. and then worry about playing it later.. ><

  87. lol.. so if i have a dvd player(sony) made from malaysia would the dvd work for me??

  88. you sure its released on the 8th in korea? coz its the 8ths today and i looked in a couple cd stores and none of them had the global warning concert dvd in stock :S

  89. TT__________________TT

    Would I be able to watch it on my computer? An English Computer…

    Grrrr…. I’m seriously irritated right now- I want it soooooo bad!

  90. Yeah.. but the oragnge one (i think its the orange one. not sure) doesn’t have subs. wth cant they release a region 2 edition?? T_T

  91. I should have read this post before I bought…
    Why!?!? I think the dvd player in my parents room is from vietnam.
    Hopefully it is…if not, I just may cry.

  92. I got these at my anime convention, they have a special version for release in the U.S, but I don’t know if they will appear on Yesasia or not.

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