BIGBANG today~

Well, hello there, I’m just gonna post some today news about BIGBANG 😉

1.BIGBANG + KARA for Music Bank Christmas Special ?

Big Bang is scheduled to perform a Special Stage performance with KARA on December 26th’s Music Bank Christmas Special. They are scheduled to perform “Pretty Girl” ,  “Sunset Glow” , and some Christmas Carols together.

Well, I personally was expecting more of a Wonderbang, but KaraBANG  is sort of cute too, eh~ I can’t imagine our boys shaking their booties like some pretty girls, and the idea of them singing sunset glow is just, I don’t have any visions of that, LMAO! There will be a lot of nose bleeding for me watching the performance, can’t wait! XD

2.BIGBANG Voted For Best Singers

Some 20 producers of gayo programs and variety shows from the 3 major stations (MBC, KBS, SBS) got their votes together to pick their winners for the year of 2008. Here are the results:

Best Singer: Big Bang (14 votes)
Best Song: “Nobody” by Wondergirls (8 votes)
Best Male Singer: Big Bang (13 votes)
Best Female Singer: Wondergirls (14 votes)
Best Newcomer: SHINee (8 votes)
Best trend of 2008: Idol Groups (10 votes)

So proud of the boys~ Even though the “Golden Disk Award” did not appreciate their hard works enough to give them their awards.  As our news number three, by Sookyeong@kbites explained.

3.BIGBANG’s Absence at Golden Disk 2008

Fans were puzzled and doubtful about 2008 ‘Golden Disk Award’, which was said to be based on album sales, that artistes Big Bang and Seo Taiji who achieved the 2nd and 3rd highest album sales for the year did get an awards.

Here’s explanation why…

The BonSang winners for 2008 Golden Disk Award that took place on 10th December were Dong Bang Shin Ki, Rain, SG Wannabe, Kim Dong Ryul, ShinHwa and Brown Eyes.

Big Bang’s 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’ were said to have sold over 149,000 copies as recorded on HanTeo (album sales tabulation site). And also for their 2nd official album ‘Remember’, it has recorded a total of 112,000 copies sold. So all in all, in this year, Big Bang had brought in about 260,000 over album sales.

It has been revealed that the judging criteria for the GDA BonSang award has 60% based on album sales from December last year to November this year, 20% based on popularity votes and 20% on the committee’s evaluation.

And Big Bang’s popularity vote was at #3 after Dong Bang Shin Ki and Son Ho Young as of 5th December.

But still, Big Bang was not awarded any award for GDA. Why is it so?

It has been revealed on Golden Disk Award homepage that “Winners will not be awarded their awards if they are absent for the award ceremony.” The sponsorships to GDA has made it clear that no matter the artiste’s popularity and album sales, if they are not present for the award ceremony, they will not receive their award.

So with this, it was not true that ‘Big Bang cannot receive the BonSang’ but rather ‘Big Bang did not receive the BonSang’. Because Big Bang was not present for the award ceremony.

Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment was not considered on good terms with the Golden Disk Award committee. And that’s the reason why Big Bang did not attend the ceremony.

It is the same case for singer Seo Taiji. He sold more than 137,000 copies for his 8th album first single ‘Atomos Part Moai’. But he was not present for the award ceremony.

There has been many cases like these in the past where stars who were present at the award ceremony were mostly those who would receive an award. Even though there are many deserving stars for the nomination, because they did not fulfil their ‘loyalty’ to the award by not attending the award ceremony, they did not receive the award.

The award ceremonies has taken the trend of ‘attended stars = winner stars’.

Hopefully with this, fans from different artistes group will understand the situation and bring an end to any animosity.

Peace out. ^^

Well, thanks a bunch for Sookyeong-ssi for the clear explanation =) Now we know in our hearts, they are still our number 1, they’re still our WINNERS, who needs any awards like that,  right? =P

4.BIG SHOW sold out in 5 MINUTES for Second Window Sales

Big Bang’s ‘Big Show’ 2nd window for tickets reservation sales has once been sold out in 5 minutes.

The 1st window took place on 5th December for 31st January’s concert performance and was sold out in 10 minutes. The 2nd window for reservation sales took place on 9th December for 1st February’s concert performance and about  13,ooo tickets were sold with 180,000 people connected to GMarket’s website during the sales of the ticket.

A YG representative said that with such a big-scale concert for 40,000 being held next year over 3 concert performances, at the same time it may be the only concert  from Big Bang for 2009, it is predicted that response for tickets reservation sales will be overwhelming for the 3rd window sales.

Once again, always make us PROUD, right~

5.Who Wins 7th Place for “The Most Captivating Perfect Male” by ETN?

It’s none other than our “KWON JI YONG” baby kwon . baby bong . G-Dragon . etcetra etcetra!

“Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #7 on ‘Most captivating perfect male’. Known to be influential in fashion and also in the music realm, this 21-year-old has captivated many girls’ heart!

Wondering who got #1, it’s none other than actor Jo In Sung. ^^”


6.Trot Singer Seol Woon Do Envies DaeSung~


Trot singer Seol Woon Do said on ‘Shin Dong Yeop and Shin Bong Seon’s Champagne’ set to air on 13th December that he is a passionate fan of Big Bang group member DaeSung.

“I may not know other new generation singers, but I know Big Bang well.” He said, having great interest over member DaeSung.

“My 2nd son who is studying in America now, resembles DaeSung alot. And his nickname is also DaeSung. So I have a liking for DaeSung, who may not even know me. Especially that smile, they really look alike.”

Wonder what his son looks like, must be as cute as our DS~ xDD

7.Eun Ji Won Says : “Whenever I See BIGBANG…”

Eun Ji Won

On Cable channel On Style’s “My Style Road,” MC Park Ji Yoon asked Eun Ji Won, “if he had to choose one career path, would it have been idol group Sechskies, his solo hip-hop career, or his comedic reputation as Eun Cho-ding (a middle schooler).”


“Whenever I see Big Bang, it rere to savor every moment of it, plus, I think I could do a lot better.”minds me of the past and makes me want to go back to those days. I was too young at the time, so I wasn’t really able to enjoy it. If I could go back now, I’d make sure to savor every moment of it, plus, I think I could do a lot better.”

Another artist envies BIGBANG~ It’s so captivating how other sunbaes actually envy our boys, isn’t it! x)) I’m happy for them XDD

And for last but absolutely not least.

What is it again today?



Oh,wait, now that he’s already 18, we can’t actually call him ‘BABY’ anymore, can we?  WELL, we all WISH him THE BEST-EST-EST-EST! XD

Here are SEUNGRI’s fanmade tributes to celebrate our magnae’s BIRTHDAY~ the videos touched me… man, we don’t even realize how long it is since his first debut, right.. And look how much he’s grown… AREN’T WE SOME PROUD FANGIRLS..  watching these videos has rose my craving to jump to him, HUG him tightly, and NEVER LET GO.. Yes, he’s THAT lovable… I can’t even word my love for him… YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!! XD

credits to :blondielikesthat@youtube

credits to: jennyluffsyunho@youtube


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beloved GDLUVZMC unnie, X)

Thanks for all of her dedications to this lovely site, and for EVERYTHING =DD

And not to forget, we will announce the winner of the FFF Challenge, soon~

So, STAY TUNE at our page! =DD

Well, I guess that’s a pretty long post, hope you guys enjoy 😉

So long!

All credits to : Sookyeong@KBites and others. =)



~ by kimvipbunnie on December 11, 2008.

33 Responses to “BIGBANG today~”

  1. YAY!

  2. Ok so I called first Comment! Yayness.
    Back to biz.

    Sucks they didn’t get an award.
    Darn rules.
    But awesome that they are the most highly ranked by all those stations.

    And Maknae will always be Baby to me. XD

  3. but YESH he will always be the baby to us, no matter what, LOL

  4. thanks for the huge update (:
    and once again, happy birthday maknae<3

  5. Thank you for the update^^
    Happy bdaii to Seungrii<333

  6. does anyone know where the concert is taking place? is it only in Korea?
    I heard they are coming to USA in 2009???

  7. All this news is awesome!! That awards business sounds like nonsense, but BB doesn’t need awards to prove their specialness. ^_^
    And I don’t know about you, but I will continue to call Maknae ‘Baby’ – since I’m a nuna fan, I think I can do that xD
    Happy Birthday MAKNAE~
    Happy Birthday Melly/gdluzmc~

  8. eh. i really have nothing to say about GDA. it was so SM oriented.
    but yeah, good to know what really went down, especially since i
    really was feeling a little bitter as to why BB got no recognition.
    but like medirin said, BB doesn’t need little gold awards to prove
    how good they are.

    i really want to see Karabang though. been listening to Kara a lot
    lately, so seeing them with the boys would be really interesting.

  9. woww! so many good news about our boys ^^ it makes me more happy and proud every day ^^ i think this is gonna be an awesome Xmas

    Happy Birthday SeungRi 😛 forever maknae ❤

    and Happy Birthday Melly ^^ u rock! thanx for keeping the site cool ^^ love the new banner ❤

  10. OHHH YES!!!

    a super dosage of BB! just what i need : D

    I was hoping for a WonderBang thing to happen, too
    but i cant wait for their Christmas perf!
    I hope they sing some english carols!

    BIGSHOW…sold out…in 5 MINUTES?? WHOA!!

    wow!! im so happy!!! this is great! woohoo~ u go VIP

    this is like a super special gift for SeungRi ^___^

    forget Golden Disk Awards! BB OWNS!!!!!!!

    GD should just be voted AS “PERFECT MALE” !! lol

    Man, if anyone in the states finds this

    DaeSung look alike, call me!!!!


    again, Happy Birthday SeungRi!!!!

    awesome vids!! “Strong Baby” is like

    my song for today.. im playing it

    while doing everything!!! : D yyyee!!

  11. ALL THIS BIG BANG NEWS IN 1 EFFIN POST!!!~ the boys STILL should’ve won something. that’s a LAME RULE or whatever.

    HAPPiE BiRTHDAY SEUNG Ri!!~~ and of course, MELLY!!~~ lucky…your b-day is the same as maknaes’ ^__~

    i’m not surprised that there are MOAR celebs envious of our boys, their popularity is sky-rocketing and their having fun while maintaining their cool. that’s jux how Big Bang rolls. lol.

    i LOVE reading BB news.

  12. Wow this is a lot of news lol Interesting stuff too.
    Hmm…about GDA, it doesn’t matter. As long as we know Big Bang is an awesome group, right? ^^
    Happy B-day Baby Ri! <333 (wait…do we still call him Baby? lol)

  13. wow. they r adored by so many respected persons.. :DD BB really owns the floor! :DD

    LOL. its AMAZING that in 10 mins. the tickets were sold out that fast!! LOL. That was soooo surprising.. hahahaha!

    aww~~ Saenggil Chukahamnida SEUNG RI oppa!^^ wait, yea, r we still be going to call him Baby? I think yes, coz that name has many memories of him~~don’t change it please.. Im use to call him Baby. 😀

  14. 생일축하합니다 승리
    ah them doing pretty girls is so cute….
    BB will ROCK the world..

  15. KABANG?
    was expecting more of wonderbang though.
    but heyy, i guess kabang works too!
    cnt wait!
    though i will still love wonderbang waaaaaay more!
    he’s a grown up now!
    time flies past SO fast eyh?
    but he will still be our little grown up baby in our eyes.
    gonna be missing big bang a lot next yr… TT_TT
    do you realize that last year and this yr were the years of BIG BANG??
    i do!
    maybe that’s why they’re taking a break next yr to give other groups a chance to shine too!
    what nice ppl!
    i love them even MORE now!

  16. OMG I can’t believe it ! someone posted MY video HERE !! *o*
    that’s an honor~~ haha thank you so much xD

  17. hey blondielikesthat ! =DDD
    thanks for making the video, I love it
    and sorry for not commenting first at youtube
    cause I can’t comment there, so thankyou! xDD
    Yes, seungri will always be the baby in the group, still~


    > big bang and kara…hmm, that should be interesting. i can wait to see our boys perform to pretty girl. ^_^

    >big bang winning best singers. darn right. they were phenomenal throughout the year. AMAZING.

    >I knew something was up when big bang along with epic high, seo taji didnt win any of the awards at the golden disc. the mcs said its the most AUTHORATITIVE AWARDS SHOW IN KOREA>folllowed by the stating its equivalent to the Grammy awards. But i was too perplexed as to how seeing as though many deseving artist (who all werent present) didnt win a single category. BUT now we know. oh well, atleast big bang have proven they are A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! u go boys. 🙂

    >*gulps* second window of sales were sold out in 5 mins. omo, they are in such high demand. Im slightly scared now though. i mean imagine how hard it will be to get hold of concert tickets in the future for when we get to go there. woooow. I GUESS WE’LL HAVE TO FIGHT LIKE NEVER BEFORE EH? ^_^

    >KWON LEADER – most captivating perfect male (7th place) oh that is just brilliant. first tae yang being predicted to do the best as a solo artist from out of all bands, and now our LEADER. wahh, AWESOME news.

    >Who wouldnt envy daedae. he’s soo loveable, talented, awesome, and oh so much more. ^_^ Dae never change. ^_^

    >Eun Ji Won – i find u so much more cool after deeming our boys cool. & THAT THEY ARE INDEED.

    …Now i ought to conclude. lol, must celebrate maknae’s birthday to the fullest. ^_^

    ONCE AGAIN, happy birthday seung-ri & melly. HAVE A BLAST. 🙂

  19. OMG KARA WID BIG BANG!!! OOOOO lmao for the past few days ive been listening to KARA i wasnt really intrested in them before now i LOVE THEM and now they’re PERFING with BB!!! ahhhh AWESOME its lyk a totally coincidence! hehe lmao well they are frm DSP and BB worked with Hyori so i guess it logical since they have a 5 member group now!

  20. haha yeah i read all the news already…
    KARABANG..i’m wondering how cute our boys can be singing IF U WANNA PRETTY..EVERY WANNA PRETTY? lol.i don’t adore this song much but it’s a cute song though..and kara’s sunset glow..we’ll see 🙂

    omg my kwon ledah!! u’re the most captivating perfect male number 1 for me!!! this is awesome~

    the trot singer said something awesome as well 🙂 i love how BB is so diverse in their style that even adults like them too. YAY!

    and i wannna go to the Big Show concert so badly T__T

  21. you know SR is not my fav member in BigBang but.. I don’t know why, I needed to do a birthday video ^^
    kimvipbunnie since you posted my video here, I forgive you~~ kekeke
    Yeah he will always be the maknae because he is two months younger than me~ xD

  22. Uhm… KaraBang… Hope that is good….
    What rules r that!!! Well The boys will always be the number 1, the winner in our hearts ❤
    Wao 5 minutes… ^O^
    Aww.. JiYong… I’m proud of u… The seven… AWWWW
    Ujuu… If he is like DaeDae, i will find him and if i can marry him, ‘cuz daedae is very cute and handsome
    uhh.. eun ji won envys our boys =) thats good
    HAppy Birhtday Again Baby Ri Oppa

  23. oh my god…
    our boys are amazing~~~ XD!!
    this made me speechless. haha

    i love the 2nd vid of baby so much. thanks for sharing ^^
    i like how they show us baby from beginning thill now ^^

  24. happy bday to my panda…Baby ah…Vietnamese VIP love you 4ever..:)…always by ur side:)…love you so much:x:X:x…be stronger and healthy…I wish U ALL the HAPPINESS n anything U WISH wiLL come true..SEUNGRI FIGHTING!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!! :*:*:x:x:*:x:*:x…love you 4ever:*:x

  25. and happy bday to Melly aka gdluvzmc:):x…happiness 4 all:x:)

  26. Happy Birthday Seungri & Melly [gdluvzmc]!!!!!
    Awww oh my gawd i love Seungri soo much
    sniffs sniffs aww watching the Seungri fan video’s
    makes me cry. He has grown so much and i’m glad
    he got chosen instead of S0-1. I swear eveything
    birthday of Big Bang makes me cry and is thankful
    that Big Bang is alive & IS Big Bang!
    Don’t worry, he would & will always be called ‘baby’ =]
    Happy Birthday Oppa & Unnie =]
    Aww i’m glad Big Bang is popular. They are an inspiration
    to ALL of us! So of course we love them =]
    Ahaha who doesn’t love Dae? I want to see how his son
    looks like, well to see if he really does look like Dae.
    Ahhhh SCREAMS*
    Kwon Ji Yong!!!!!!!!! i love him. he’s hot & amazing!
    he totally deserves it! i’m so glad they picked him.
    Damnn, 5 minutes. Whoa i’m proud, so proud of you guys Big Bang =]
    I still can’t believe Big Bang didn’t go to the Golden Disk
    award. Why doesn’t YG & the people there not like each other
    that well? Oh well, they gave the other Artists a chance to win.
    Aww i can’t wait to see KaraBang. But it’s not gonna be
    as popular/good as WonderBang….? idk maybes
    but is WonderBang gonna do a show?
    aha i don’t have any visions on that too but i still want to see.
    Big Bang is Truly Amazing & Wonderful. =]

  27. oh now i get why they didn’t get the award..i was beginning to hate golden disk..hahaha ^^

    aigoo..big bang and kara?..hmm..i think they match..but i like wonderband better thou..lets just see what happens..

    yey!! baby’s all grown up..he’s legal..haha 18 already..but he’ll always be the maknae..^^


  29. thanks for clearing up the whole golden disk thing… i was really surprised that they didnt get any awards… but now i know why (: THANKS SOO MUUUCH!!!!

  30. yes, I don’t really care about the award now, the boys don’t need them to be on the top of our hearts, LOL~

  31. happy birthday my iove i live in mongolia

  32. OMG…he has a son that looks like DAE???
    where at…im gonna hunt him down…
    lol did he say wat part of america?!?!? lol

  33. Calling MalaysianVIPz~I really want to see BB & KARA doing their performance in KBS since I’m from Brunei,any chance when is it going to air??I really like them~^^
    and Happy Birthday Maknae!!!!!<3<3<3I’m sending all my love to you~~~^_^

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