12.12.08 Big Bang on Music Bank & Filming Road Show Quiz Expedition


  • This is so freaking cool haha like mama like sons. I think I spot my future mother-in-law hahaha

Big Bang Mamas goes on a trip

  • Big Bang filmed ‘KBS’s Road Show Quiz Expedition’ right after Music Bank, and the fans were there said that Bong is sick. He caught the flu and he was coughing a lot throughout the whole show. awww… Bong ah~

12.12.08 KBS Music Bank
Dressing Room & Sunset Glow Performance
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Big Bang in their Dressing Room

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awww… this is just too cute, they threw Baby a little birthday party with a pink cake in their dressing room. Bong look oh so so excited.

SUNSET GLOW Performance

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haha Puffy is still there!!! Though he covered most of Bae’s face and I really can’t see him clearly but PUFFY!!! haha both of Puffy’s ears stayed down this time keke.

The part where Bae sang the bridge, OH MY GAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRI MOMENT!!!!! Bong came up behind Baby and start messing with his hair, awwwwwww… how freaking cute is that?? I’m telling you, NO ONE is more excited for Baby’s birthday than Bong okay haha I’m sure he miss Baby whenever him and the other members are in a club and Baby have to stay home, and now that Baby’s legal… Mr. Bong is HAPPY. During the first ‘ah ah ah’ you can hear Bong say ‘SEUNGRI!” then after the ‘ah ah ah’ it’s ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ Bong already celebrate Baby’s birthday early last week during Inkigayo performance where he screamed ‘STRONG BABY HAPPY BIRTHDAY’

During Bong’s rap kekekeke I heard someone screaming ‘SEUNGRI SEUNGRI VICTORY’ in the back, first I thought it was Bong, but he’s still rapping, I look to the side and yup.. it’s our Baby screaming his own name hahaha

I just thought of something funny kekeke Tabi, while he’s doing the ‘ah ah ah’ he kinda look like a fish try to drink water kekekek oh~ i cracked myself up kekek.

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Stalker pics of the boys filming the show, we don’t know when this will be broadcast but it look fun, Bong doesn’t really look sick at all, still happy and loving life like he always does, the Kwon Leadah of course will never let you see his weak side, always smiling to make us happy. Seriously, if the K-VIPs didn’t tell me that he was still sick, I woudn’t know, I know that he’s sick before but didn’t know it was the flu, that’s why we all love our Kwon Leadah. They look they were having TONS of fun, haha just from their expression, but it looks really really cold though, Korea’s weather these days are always around 3 – 4 degrees, freaking freezing. And from looking at the pictures hahaha you can see our Tabi, AKA THE OLDEST MEMBER OF THE GROUP, keep playing around with the chairs haha he kept moving it up and down keke as if he’s not tall enough, he gotta sit next to Bae and do that hahahaha.

12.12.08 Filming Road Show Quiz Expedition

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For some reason i LOVE this picture hahaha

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Tabi even got up and do the infamous ‘TOP’ dance haha

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Bong being cute haha LOVE IT!!

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To see more Stalker Pics, go HERE


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~ by Vicky on December 12, 2008.

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  1. “During Bong’s rape kekekeke I heard someone screaming..”

    OMG…i think u need to chg that ‘rape’ word… O_O

  2. stefanie

    thankyou so much for pointing that out hahahahaha
    that is one…. bad typo kekek

  3. haha hey guys just wanted to say that the link to “HERE” goes nowhere…

  4. madds

    wah~ something is seriously wrong with me today
    thanks for pointing that out haha
    I fixed it

  5. hey,at 2:34-2:38, TOP said saengil chuka.
    aww,our seungri must be happy! ;D

  6. haha so cute! basically the whole song is just seung ri! seung ri! saeng??? chuka hae! chuka hae!
    and that pink stool! I have the same bar stool on my office pantry! i remember trying to figure out how to adjust the height too, hahaha.

  7. today’s sunset glow was LOVE coz it is our baby’s birthday~~
    baby ahh~i love you kekeke
    and bong was so excited…he loves baby too much 🙂

    HUH? my baby is sick? 😦 take care..
    those pictures are funny hahaha~
    my bongie is too cute..i love his smile too much!! yeah he just won’t show us his weak side =\
    everyone is so adorable wakakaka..and the last pic cracked me up..i’m so curious to know what they were doing lol!

  8. today’s sunset glow is the best maybe it’s maknae ahh ‘s birthday

  9. Seungri’s birthday!

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i saw my future family in law
    FAMILY CHOI <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  11. Daesung got a hott mama…lol. They’re all so beautiful.

  12. omgg… that was so cute… gd kept screaming seungri happy birthday.. Even TOP screamed “Seungri Saeng il chukka!” at around 2:34.. Big Bang love <3… Maknae was smiling so widely throughout the whole performance, he’s so cuteee~! Happy Birthday Maknae-ah!!

    i died ! D:
    gdragon, marry me already !
    you know you want to ;]
    i’ll even share you with melly !

  14. Omgosh I love Bong. He’s so cute.

  15. GD looks good no matter what!!!~ Tabi is such a dork~ LLOOOVVVEEESSSS it! ^___^ the first pic where he’s biting his lips…soo sexy! ::nosebleed::

  16. i love these pictures! bong picture (the colonize one) to die for!

  17. Aww, GD looks gorgeous in those pics.
    Love his smile.

  18. yay i love birthday shoutouts <33
    baby looked SOO happy 🙂
    aw. poor bong! feel better pleaseee.
    now there is a bigger gap between me and baby lol 3 years 2 months and 25 days~

  19. LOL OMG.
    And once again, I’d like to say:

    LOL I’m sorry I did that.

  20. omg did you ever see road show quiz expedition eps? they started a while ago and it’s HILARIOUSAJFK;EWOAIJSDKFLJAKL. i can’t wait!

  21. yup. my Jiyongie is a trooper. sitting out in the freezing weather while
    fighting the flu [which i agree you can’t tell he’s sick] and still keeping
    a huge smile on his face. one of the many reasons why i love him.

    the dressing room scene was super cute. how cool of the hyungs to do that for Baby.
    and then their little shoutouts during the performance. i’m sure Baby
    feels hecka special. i sure would. shoot. hehe.

    oh man. i so want Jiyong’s Colonize hoodie.

  22. Baby has that shirt but it’s not a jacket.. that GD is wearing in the last picture. 😀

  23. Hehe yay, he blew out all of his candles.
    Lmao for mines i blew out 13 and left my 14th one.
    Aw GD seem VERY happy cuz he’s illegal now!
    YEAHH! what? no birthday song or something? =[
    Hehe G-dragon is VERY excited! i don’t remember him
    being this excited for his, but he loves Seungri
    like we do. Haha he’s so cute saying Happy Birthday to Seungri.
    Lols aww Seungri was singing his own name. keke
    i thought it was a fangirl or GD but nope, it was him =]
    is G-Dragon even allowed to mess with Seungri hair?
    i mean he has to stick with the routine but ahaha it was cute.
    I’m glad G-Dragon is happy i mean he’s sick….still right?
    I love Big Bang espeically Seungri & G-Dragon =]
    Strong Baby, Happy Birthday & Seungri, Happy Birthday!

  24. OMG!!!
    sunset glow performance!!!
    awesome as always
    Bong and Tabi
    wishin Baby a happy bday
    Baby seemed so happy when he saw the cake *-*

    the camera angles were bothering me
    coulnd’t see what was goin on

    The pics…..0.0
    sooooo cute!
    the first pic killed me all of them smilin was too much
    my man’s hair looked reeeeally good there
    I was startin to worry that he would leave his hair down covering his face -___-
    Tabi playin with the chair
    he put it so high made Bae look like a midget

    Bong’s colonize pics are
    pretty hot!
    do I see a beard???!!!

  25. is YG family the official models for colonize now? hahaha. that would be freaken awesome!

  26. manageRI

    I know now who really said “SEUNGRI” b4 “ah ah ah” part and also the “SEUNGRI SEUNGRI VICTORY”..it was TAE YANG oppa and SR just smiles and laugh..I saw it in SR fancam @ youtube..it’s sOOO CUTE U should see it…and then the part where you said Bong is messing with baby’s hair..Bong was actually pointing @ him, so is TOP oppa..its really cute and then during the secong chorus, TOP said “Seungri happy birthday” then he smile-laugh and baby smiles 2..man Im in heaven!!! ^_^

  27. ahahahha,
    “big bang mamas go on a trip” should be in a post all of its own. ITS TOO….IMPORTANT!!!

    even if its just the link! it needs special attention!

  28. manageRI

    OH, I look it up again and Bong did mess w/ baby’s hair after he pointed @ him, but its like a 2 second fixed baby’s hair..haha sOOO CUTE..and then I spot 2am member talking to Bong @ d end like they were close friends..so cute..and then Baby’s reaction 1 second b4 the winner is announced is sOOO priceless..he even kissed her..awww..then @ d end he gesture “saranghae” 2 d fans..SARANGHAEYO Seungri!!! ^_^ OK so thats my little observation..^_^

  29. manageRI

    and 1 more thing..I just noticed it today that during BB’s “I LOVE U GIRL”, our K-VIPz yelled “I LOVE BIG BANG”..I thought its really AWESOME..oops NOT I THOUGHT, IT IS AWESOME!!! How like they answered each other…^_^

  30. lol ri is funny. calling out ur own name

    dude they look so freaking tired. during the interview dae’s voice was cracking 😦 that boy is working triple time almost with bb,mc hosting, cats and etc. they are working a lot this month.

  31. awwwww SeungRi & the cake ^____^

    MAN! I love THIS Sunset Glow perf.

    it was so special<33 cus of SR’s BDAY!!

    The SHOUT OUTS were soo CUTE!!

    awww they everyone loves the maknae!

    He was even HI-5ing the backup dancers! awww!! : D

    then after that HE DID THAT POSE!! lol hehehehe BDAY Boy

    TOP even pointed to him while YB was singing

    the bridge! ^____^ he kept making shoutouts

    he was even the FIRST!! awww the eldest & maknae

    I think it was DaeSung who said “SeungRi SeungRI VICTORY”

    lol they were all so cute in this perf.!

    LOVED IT! definitely a SUPER SPECIAL ONE!!!

  32. Neat post, neat post……….BUUUUUUUUT, I have to use this thread in order to ask some questions.

    Ok, first of all—BIG BANG is the only korean band I really know. Of course I am (slightly) aware of some other bands and singers as well.

    Today was actually the very first day I bothered to look some of them up.

    DBKS was first on my list, since I´ve been hearing quite a bit on them here.

    And hell———the first thing that really grabbed my attention (beside that funny dancing and outfits) was the imense hating that seems to go on between BIG BANG and DBKS fans.

    Really scary!

    Or is that just between the overseas fans? (with that I mean Europe, America…ect)

    For some reason, I though that asianfangirls would be nicer than that.


    Another thing that got my eye—–it seems that ALOT of people seem to consider the DBKS members as good-looking.

    Now of course, as always, personal taste remains that-personal.
    But are they really considered to be good-looking?

    I know that asian and european preferences are really worlds appart—but really now, are they really considered to be “hot”?

    I can say this for sure—BIG BANG would have a much higher chance of getting labeled as hot here in Europe (or even the US).


    Ahhhh, yes——-another really important question!!!!

    Answer this one–it is by far the one I´m most curious about!

    How popular are BIG BANG in Korea?
    How are they seen by the media?
    Are they compareable to BSB or N`SYNC back in the days? Or are they more respected by older people as well?

    And what about their popularity? How fast is it growing?


    Erm…………that would be all for now——–I`m not even sorry about this long post ;O

    Hope someone (not biased) can answer this crazy bubbling of mine.

    Peace out there ;T

  33. the i love ny is crossed out and replaced with what? D:

  34. ahhhhhhh Seung Ri special Sunset Glow xD!

    Cute pics ^^ lol~

    i spot Choi family *.*

  35. jst wondering if there is a colonize shop or website…
    casue i remeber i wasin korea and i saw this massive big bang-colonize and etc shop with all those dunks and stuff

  36. Shaypoo

    there are Colonize shops in Korea
    and also an online store


    but they don’t ship internationally

  37. aahh~bong is so dang HOT!!!!
    looks like they’re all having a great time!
    (look at those smiles~ aaww)

    lolz, BABY.. shouting his own name,, so Cute!!
    Happy Birthday Maknae!!!

  38. Ah, GD is so cute!
    hehe i love him but aww get better =]
    G-Dragon was so happy, he smiled in all
    the pictures…Hrm is it just b/c
    it’s Seungri’s BDay? idks but i like
    him smiling! Big Bang♥

  39. its official. my birthday cake is going to be small and pink. i dont care how many people won’t or will like it, its going to be a small pink cake.

    i luv that pic of my seunghyuns.xD MINE.
    tabi is all, ‘aah~! im choking! maknae, save me!’
    then baby is all, ‘angels above, bless hyung, make him healthy…’
    lmao lmao…

  40. Whoa so much pictures :]
    OhEmGee. Happy birthday to BabyRi :]
    He’s still maknae in our hearts =D
    LOL. Aww Jiyong is sick! FEEL BETTER BOO!
    Haha (: SR Looks so dang CUTE holding that
    PINK cake (: Teehee. BigBang LOVE! xD

  41. GD look really sick, and i hope he gets better ^_^

  42. Vi
    Aw, look at them celebrating baby’s bday~ hahaha in a dressing room
    All I could think is kekeke… also
    Why the cut it when bong held the cake up & let us see???
    I wonder if its BR again? Kekeke
    Their color is brown this time?? Not a bright one?
    He??? Its called Puffy?
    The fuzzy thing that Bae use. Did this Puffy come out first in ur head when u feel want to name it??
    Hahaha… u can hear our gag king screaming ‘saengil chuka’ at 1:35 & at 1:51 he scream ‘happy birthday again’ for baby. Ahh~~~ seunghyuns love XD!!
    Kakaka… during Bae bridge! XD!!
    GRi moment!! Kekeke Bong messing with baby’s hair & Tabi come in pointing at Bong & Baby for us to look. Hahaha… these 3 dorks.
    Aw~ now is Bong who scream “saengil chukahe” for baby ^^
    Baby must be soo happy 
    LOL. Baby screaming his own name?? hahaha
    Naw, we all don’t need to worry for baby turning legal & he’ll acting cool.
    No, I’m positive he’ll always be his dork self.
    Fish try to drink water? Kekeke from where this idea come??

    Aw~ Bong look so cute when he claps his hand ^^
    Ur favo pic, Tabi look so cute with his eyesight there. Lika a puppy  TOP dance that we haven’t seen for so long.
    Hahaha… I love the pic of Bong being cute. Keke, his hands.
    Tabi playing with the chair. >.<
    I think he want to see his right side but coz he sit at the last at the row so he can’t see it clearly, so he has to make the chair up a bit.
    Poor Bae who sit beside Tabi. He look so small. Hahaha
    WTF is these 2 seunghyuns doing?
    Hahaha… I think we should do a guess game. Baby expression is so funny. Haha

    OHMYGOD!! I’ve seen so much of Tabi’s sister but I’ve never see his mother.
    Hahaha… there she is. My future mother in law & sister in law. Kekeke….
    Sis in law sure is pretty.

    Aw~ Bong’s mom look so cute indeed with the peace sign 
    Bong look alike his father when he smile

  43. aww~ my GD’s sick. poor baby!
    i want to hug you and keep you warm.
    GOSH! i’m so sad, i couldn’t tell that he was sick because of his heart warming smile.
    anyways, they all look so good, although i don’t really like puffy on YB.

  44. I love the stalker pix!!!! So love it!!! adorable extremes! hahaha!
    I know I said it before but I’ll say it again…I really wanna take them home for christmas…these are just too adorable.
    Baebae is killing me again with his smile…so glad I can resurrect again to enjoy another few minutes of it. hihihi.
    thanks lil sis in law! just sneaked in again a few minutes to see our boys. =)
    And again belated Happy Birthday Baby Ri!!! I love that pink cake, it looks so yummy. Baebae was too adorable, he wanted to give a cake a close-up. hihihi.

  45. Yayay!? xD
    JiYong’s so sexy in that sweater!? xD

  46. ohh i love all the ajumas!!
    thanks big bang mama!!
    and tabi’s mum is especially beautiful 🙂 haha
    dae’s mum is so fair!! and is she carrying a LV bag?
    kekek dae got her a LV bag? lol~
    i’m gonna save up all the pictures of my mothers in law xD
    and my mother in law is too cute with the peace sign!!
    love them! can’t describe my gratitude towards them
    without any of them, there won’t be big bang

  47. OMG! road show quiz expedition!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. it’s farking hilarious..
    students do some talents (pretty crazy talents i say) and the guest artist judge if they go on to the 2nd round for $1,000.

    and the colonize photo!
    ()^@#&%@@#( they all look good!

    a special sunset glow for our now LEGAL MAKNAE!

  48. Happy Birthday Seungri!!!! <33

  49. J-G-RILEEN

    Baby was so freaking flustered when she said that haha
    he’s happy kekee

  50. spinx

    I haven’t seen you post in a while so I was curious
    I just check the spam box cuz i was bored and there’s all your post
    wordpress spam system is stupid haha
    I’m glad I checked

    yea, I’m aware of the DBSK/Big Bang hate too
    I don’t think it’s necessarily since I do notice that both group are friendly with each other as we seen how JaeJoong are close with Tabi and Yunho being close with DaeSung, Micky was jumping out of joy when Big Bang won the mutizen song and of course we all know Baby is a HUGE HUGE Junsu fanboy

    it’s just that there’s always those not-so-nice fans out there, not just Cassie but also VIPs, let’s face it, there’s different people in everything, we can’t assume something about a group, and those are the people who stir up the whole Big Bang > DBSK or DBSK > Big Bang stuff. Us overseas fans are not really extreme like korean fans I must say, the whole fanclub thing is a bit of a huge deal in Korea but we’re not that extreme

    speaking from now personal taste, which I’m sure relate to many asian girls, I would say they all are good looking, I remember thinking that Yunho isn’t real when I first saw him 3 years ago, he just look so perfect and goddess like, so yea, they’re good looking.

    Korea doesn’t really have the press/media system like the one we have here in the US, so there isn’t a N’SYNC or Hannah Montana (which I’m not fond of i must say) system like . In Korea, Big Bang is a group who everyone respect, for example, if they’re coming out with a song, it’s a MUST listen to, that’s how I would put it, and due to DaeSung’s apperance on Family Outing, elders and adults also get to know Big Bang and love them, Big Bang is definately getting respect everywhere after they win their first DaeSang back in 2007, they say it themselves that after winning that award, ppl find it hard to approach them since they’re successful aritsts now.

  51. Dori

    hahaha Tabi is choking?
    Baby is the help??
    haha he’s done-zo! kkekee

  52. nya

    Inorite~ well their camera have a timing thing on its own or something
    the cake look a bit girly I must say haha

    yea~ hahaha cuz one of my friend, Puffy is her nickname for my Baby, and when i saw the hat with the ears up, it reminds me of Baby doing the ‘SAY WHAT?’ and so Puffy it is kekeke

    Baby’s birthday is widely appreciated, I’m SURE that pink cake isn’t the only cake Baby be getting. I just went to Baby’s personal fansite, and they prepared this huge present for him include a Louis Vuitton travel luggage bag with ‘V.I’ engraved in gold on the handle. Then all these wonderful fanmade stuff that is just amazing, I was like ‘WHOA!!!!!!!!!!” Korean Baby luvers got my respect.

    The 2 SeungHyuns are probably playing charades hahahaha
    Tabi probably found out what Baby was hahaha

    dude~ ur mother in law be PIMPIN
    her peace sign? NOW THAT’S STRAIGHT UP G.
    okay hahaha

  53. Dori

    I know right? i just wanna run up to them, hug them and say thankyou
    without them, there won’t be any joy in our life.

    and doesn’t Bong’s mama look just like his sister?
    now that’s some mother/daughter resemblance.

  54. gelatin

    ahhh~ so that’s now it works
    no wonder they looked so hyped
    thanks for the info.

  55. Baby is not screaming his name but not sure who did it, he was just smile and smile. You may find fancam on You tube: 20081212 bigbang 붉은노을 SR fancam.

    So cute.

  56. Vi
    Hahaha… its only with pink color & u say its girly. Kekeke
    But the cake look cute & match with baby cuteness. ^^

    WOW!! LV travel luggage with V.I name engraved?
    Ah~~ so good of Korean VIP.
    Somehow the things that KVIP done for our boys scare me.

    Kekeke… this mother in law thing sure make me happy.
    It just sound so right. Kakaka…
    Mother in law & sis in law sure looks alike.

    Hahaha… bong like to do this peace stuff too huh?
    Like mother like son.

  57. oh my, GD’s sense of fashion never ceases to amaze me.

  58. @J-G-RILEEN
    i thought it was tae saying “seungri seungri victory” now i know that i wasnt getting their voices mixed up.. lolx..
    >>our boys are too cute making baby all happy!! you can soo see him extra smily today ^_^ makes meeh smile too.. and this has to be the best sunset glow proformance yet.. and loving the remox too ^_^

  59. ——–Vicky———–


    Hehe—–havn´t seen your posts in a while too. (beer and drugs getting to your head?)

    Glad you answered my questions so well. I appreciate it ;T

    So you mean to say that “even” guys in Korea like those “boygroups”?
    Here, it was always considered a girls thing—and even if some boys liked (for example) BSB or N`SYNC, they wouzld have admitted to it.

    Boys here like male groups like “Arctic Monkeys”, “Kings of Leon”—and of course those “Gangstas”.

    Then what kind of group (in Europe or the US) would you compare Big Bang to?

    So awardshows in Korea really are THAT important to the people?

    (and I really can´t stand all those new “teenystars”—-seemed to have appeared overnight!!!)

    (and what the hell are “Cassies”? Fangirls?)

    (a really interesting topic———seriously!)

  60. nya

    it has like flowers on it
    how is that not gurly?

    I know they’re so dedicated and I feel so relieved to have someone over there who are able to do that for the boys
    you know how Baby host Music Core every week?
    well the fans over there, bring in food for everyone at MBC when Baby is on the show
    there were fruits, kimbab, all these awsome looking food for the staff and Baby got his own special lunchbox fill with all these drool worthy food, like it’s so awsome, during this week’s Music Bank performance, the SeungRi fanclub brought in tons of food for the staff/singers at Music Bank, they even wrote a news article about that, I was so impressed.

    some presents crack me up haha
    like there’s this one where everyone contribute a small box of gift for Baby and 90% out of all of them include creme to get rid of dark circles hahahaha so freaking cute

    kekek I know what makes you happy gurl hahahaha
    it’s kinda hard NOT to know
    since you spill too much info for this illegal person here

  61. is it true Vicky? wow, the fans must have put in a lot of effort..

    do you by any chance have photos of the prezzies?

  62. i would love to see the LV bag and the cake esp. ^_^

  63. Vi
    Hahaha… is it?
    I never think too much of the cake appearance, I only think about the taste.
    I don’t mind how bad it looks as long as it taste good, I’m okay. Hahaha
    I’m simple like that.
    Then what should be when I bake the bday cake for hubby?
    Kekeke… u don’t know but I bake a blackforest with a lot of strawberry on top of it. Hahaha… is it gurly?

    ohmygosh. They did all of that.
    wow~ impressive. KVIP sure is scary.
    Then u should feel relieved now that baby is so protected by the vips there.
    Wow~ I wonder if the other members fanclub also do this?
    Or maybe crazier? Haha

    creme to get rid of dark circles. I don’t see that it works on baby.
    The dark circles still there. Hahaha.. but baby won’t be complete without them.
    I think it need to be there. Keke… he has a natural darkcircles & that make him cute though.

    Maybe I should learn how to shut up for my own good. Kakaka….

  64. happy birthday baby……..pwh I greets belated here, no matter, baby is now legal X3 nyaaa`

    anyway, aha I laughed at the last pictures about those two seunghyun, haha funny, I wonder what they do at that time, hehehe

    anywhow anyhow…I love bong bong bong so much, nyahaha… he’s the best… Awww, that pictures when he act so cute, nyaaa, so so so cute, literally…hehehe…

  65. oh i nearly forgot, i love your site… major great… X3

  66. aww..that was so cute!!

    the maknae can feel the love in the air!! i love the pics in the taping too..bong doesn’t look sick..but im worried bout his health..tsk should get some rest soon..^^

    they look so cute!!!

  67. spinx

    haha it’s worse actually
    it’s school
    I’m attending an art school so we have art juries for the past week and midterm next week
    finally got my art stuff done on thursday so I’m active again haha

    define ‘like’
    cuz the fangirl ‘like’ and the ‘like’ have TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEANING
    I don’t really know any group here in the US
    i’ve only been living here for 5 years and recently those boy bands stuff are just.. a no no here haha

    to the fans yes
    it’s the time of the year where artists get recognize
    you’re not a successful singer unless you receive a daesang, which Big Bang have receive many time before, I’m too tire to count but there’ more than 4 and they been debut for 2 years

    I don’t have a problem with aritst being famou overnight
    but I have a problem with those who get famous only becaue of the way they look and not base on talent
    for Big Bang, because they focus mainly on talents, that’s why when they first debut it was a bit rocky for them, it wasn’t until ‘LIES’ that they receive recognition, one of the reason why I love them

    Cassies are DBSK’s official fanclub, just like how Big Bang have VIP, DBSK have Cassies

  68. Oho—–art school!

    Sounds really stressful—I feel for you.


    I´m the same way as you; I can´t stand a group that´s only famous because of their looks. That´s why I never like BIG BANG taking their shirts off.

    Whatever———————VIP however, does sound much better than Cassie ;T

    Thanks for clearing up all those things. I appreciate it (with your tests and all).

  69. tubby


    this is only for members in the fanclub to see so please I beg you don’t share it anywhere else

    The LV bag

    the V.I engraved on it

    at first I thought this was a cake

    but it’s a box filled with messages for Baby

    like these

    even a foot massage machine hahah

    see? haha the dark circle creme keke

    and the food I was talking about

    Baby’s special lunch box

    the staff

    and it’s for the WHOLE staff

    how awsome are these people??? seriously.

    even receive a text message from Big Bang’s manager to thank personally

  70. nya

    haha yall shouldn’t care how the cake look
    I’m sure the birthday present that you have in mind for him have NOTHING to do with eating cake hahahahahaha

    I only join Bong and Baby’s fanclub, because it’s so freaking to join, you have to answer all these questions so they can make sure you’re not a anti and my friend help me with those korean stuff
    I’m beat, Bong’s fanclub haven’t done much but Baby’s fanclub, WHEW~

    hahah i know
    I was like ‘you can buy him a damn dark circle creme factory and it’ll still be there’ kekekeke
    I like his dark circles, it make him unique kekek

  71. spinx

    I’m doing fine with the art part
    just the academic part that’s getting on my nerve
    I’m just glad I only have 1 more week of school then it’s winter break!!!

    I know, they’re not like those who show their body ALL THE TIME, they do it sometimes as fan service and that makes us happy hahaha how the heck is someone gonna gain some respect if they keep taking off their shirt???

    well actually Cassie is short for their offical name Cassiopeia
    Cassies are scary because they’re the biggest fan base IN THE WORLD
    they even got recorded in the Guiness book of record for having the largest fanbase ever with 800,000 official members

  72. Oh wow I have looked at those pictures, that is so awesome for them to do it. wow…

  73. Vi
    U’r wrong this time. All I could think about is feed him the cake & spending the whole day with him.
    Nothing related to pervy. It’s all pure with my wish for him. Kakaka…
    U should take back ur wink. Kekeke…
    OMG, I laugh so hard that I almost chocked on my water when I read ur comment. Hahaha…

    Coz they know baby was illegal & so cute that its dangerous to leave him alone.
    But he’s legal now. Wonder what would all of the nunas will do to him. Aigo~~

    I read ur reply to tummy >.<
    Aw my god. They did all of that for baby???
    They made me down on my knee. Gosh. That’s incredible!
    I like baby lunchbox. The panda rice. Look so cute that I couldn’t dare to eat it.
    Baby is full with love from their fans. Idk why I have this weird feeling.
    Seeing all the stuff they done for baby made me happy.
    Ah! Did they print the plastic bag specially for their fanclub use?
    It has baby drawing & the panda. Ah XD!!! I can’t stop smiling.
    They’ve done so much.
    I wish they’ll continue to do all of this for baby.
    I’m speechless. Idk what to type again. Haha

  74. Vi

    thanks so much for the pics…! it’s really awesome to know that the people in Korea are showing their appreciation to maknae Seungri, considering many cant do it ourselves due to “geographical immobility” XD hope he knows how much he is appreciated and loved. Kudos to the VIPs who had painstakingly made those goodies

    and rest assured Vi, i wont link those photos anywhere else.Thanks~

  75. Vi

    apparently, baby doesnt know the heimlich, so all he can do is pray, lmao.

  76. hi guys. i’ve been going crazy trying to find places on the internet where i could buy colonize hoodies/shirts. since i live in the states. can anyone give me a link to a site where i can buy them please?? thank u!

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