12.13.08 GDYB Hope Message & Sunset Glow REMIX performance during One Love Concert


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MP4 Version for your iPod available and also audio rip of ‘Sunset Glow REMIX’

12.13.08 MBC One Love Concert
GDYB Hope Message + Sunset Glow (Remix) Performance
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Thanks to 아련알섬님

MUST SEE: GDYB Hope Message

Thanks to S님
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This message between Bong and Bae was freaking cute in so many freaking levels, they’ve known each for so long now, ever since they were 12, and they use an oportunity during this One Love Concert to send each other a message. Bae hugged Bong, how cute is that? he practically lift Bong off the ground keke cuz Bong is such a stick kkee it’s sooo cute!!!
Bong said ‘I love you, my friend’ then Bae said ‘Thanks for having my back’ to Bong, then… Bae gave Bong a piggy back ride while Bong is…. going for swim hahah. Definition of best friends forever, they trained together, went through hardship together, have fun together, debut together, work together, and now… succeed together. GDYB is love.

Translation thanks to gchild123

  • Bae: we met at the auditions with the same dreams
    Bong: there were times when we just wanted to give up but we stayed together
    Bae : i love u the most when u cook us rice
    Bong : i love u the most when i was sleepin and u put the blanket on me
    Bong : i love u bro
    Bae : thanks for havin my back
    Bong : together we will always be friends

Sunset Glow (REMIX) Performance

Thanks to S님

WHOA it’s a remix version, I was watching this live and I was like ‘why does it sound a bit weird’ then after a while it kinda sinks in… ‘ahh~ it’s a remix’ haha I’m a slow person haha. They’re wearing the outfits they wore in the music video, haha Bong is hiding his hair these days, what is going on now? cuz that beanie weren’t suppose to be worn with that outfit. Bong’s ‘BANG’ is so cute haha.

I’m digging this remix version, somehow make their vocal sounds much better, I thought Bae was wearing Puffy, but turns out it’s Puffy’s brother haha after the first chorus, haha Bae pulled Puffy’s brother down a bit lower then he did that face, awww.. Bae ah~~~ you’re too adorable!!! While Bae was singing the 2nd verse after Dae, look at Tabi in the back haha being such a dork and distracting us kekeke

Dae’s dark circles are seriously getting scary, I’m worried that he’s gonna collasp any second now, he’s been too busy with his musical lately, Dae ah~ I feel like crying seeing him that, but he always make it go away by flashing that amazing smile of his, I really am thankful of him for doing that but it still hurts me.

During Bae’s bridge… as always all of them will strike a pose around him, Baby got a new pose this time keke, pointing the bootie in Bae’s way keke then Bong rest his elbows on Baby’s back, that’s so freaking cute!!!! and WHAT’S EVEN MORE CUTER???? THEIR NEW ‘AH AH AH’ dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAI GAD!! That is just too freaking adorable, all their faces right up in the camera, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember squealing like a true fangirl when i was watching this live haha especially when Baby was hogging the camera haha

During the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ they change it to Dae knocking everyone down with the beat haha that’s so freaking cute then the members got their revenge and knock Dae down, look at Baby’s mad face hahaha Dae was just DOWN~~~~ so freaking cute. Dae got it kekeke

~ by Vicky on December 13, 2008.

67 Responses to “12.13.08 GDYB Hope Message & Sunset Glow REMIX performance during One Love Concert”

  1. omg!!!! watching the video is already sweet
    but the conversation between them!!
    is it just me or everyone just feel like crying after reading that?!!
    bae put blanket on bong..and took care of him..
    he’s always a sweetheart. i love him ❤

    sunset glow remix!! it’s nice!!
    the original version already has a strong beat and they can still remix it..and this remix version covers their flaws actually..or our boys actually sang better? kekeke idk..

    bae doing that face is so so so so adorable!!
    and bong is waiting for his hair to grow
    he’ll shock the crap outta us one day kekeke

    OMG luckily i’m alone at home..or else i will get scolded by my dad for screaming during the AH AH AH part!!! WHY IS THIS SO ADORABLE?!!! omg i freaking died. and the 2nd part of ah ah ah cracked me up so badly hahahaa! that’s freaking cute ❤

  2. did anyone notice that this is the first time they actually wore COLORFUL outfits for sunset glow performance??
    those outfits are from Remember poster outfits too~~
    this performance is just adorable!!

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the skiing part hehe~~ it’s SO CUTE!!!
    and the knocking down part at the end~~ adorable!
    lol, DS is so funny when he was knocked down by the whole group


    the GDYB message is just LOVE!!! brothers forever yeah! ❤

    that was so sweet of them to give each other messages.
    then the hug and piggy back ride. so cute.

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that performance. the new GRi pose, the speed skating ‘ah ah ah’
    part, then the close ups for the second ‘ah ah ah’ part, the whole domino
    effect at the end. it’s soooooo friggin’ cute. who comes up with these things?
    killing fangirls a hundred times over. man. seriously. haha.

  4. yeah…..GDYB is love!!

  5. when YB says ‘thanks for having my back’, is it translated literally like that? ahaah cause if it is, it matches, because in the next scene, GD is literally having his back…

    best GDYB

  6. the message made me cry…AH it’s really good to have good friends like BIG BANG!
    and that performance is FREAKIN HOT..

  7. aww the message sounds so cute. i can’t watch it yet with parents in the room but will do soopn ! ><

  8. Vi
    Omg… GDYB. Bong & Bae. Their friendship.
    Thanks for the translation ^^
    I don’t know what to say again
    & them when they’re young is so cute.
    Bae without all the muscles thingy. Aw~
    Bong is stick from start. Hahaha

    Remix verse! Yay~
    I though it was puffy. Then it turns out to be puffy’s bro?
    When u say Dae, all I could think about is his smile.
    & that remind me of Mr. YG said.
    “u’r choosen coz of ur smile” LOL.
    Vi, our angel smile won’t collaps that soon. Looking at his face, though he’s tired but I don’t think he’ll collaps at any time.
    He still manage to give us that adorable smile & we should believe on him. ^^

    Hahaha… GRi moment again~~
    So cute… also the new ah ah ah dance!! XD!!
    Did u notice the couple do the same pose?
    Like Bong & Baby also Tabi & Dae.
    Aigo~~ this perf is full of cuteness. Overload.
    Dae at the end is so cute & funny

  9. awwww that GDYB message was too precious for words.
    that’s really touching to see how much they appreciate each other
    and how much they’ve grown together.
    GDYB luv 4eva!!

    anyway… I watched the remix… I like the fact that they wore those outfits from the video and photoshoot. and I like the infamous Puffy’s brother hat lol.. it’s sexy to me. But I like this version of the song better honestly.

    have yall seen the new Skoollooks cf?? it’s out now!! and it’s really really CUTE!!!

  10. Wooww This is Great..

  11. The “ah-ah-ah” part… it’s a tribute to ice-scater Kim Yeon-Ah, isn’t it?

    Adorable performance + message, I loev the remix!

  12. aww that GDYB BFF message was so touching 🙂
    gosh, I love them!!

    DUDE, Sunset Glow REMIX IS HOTT!!

    OMG im loving it!! perfect remix!

    LOVE the outfits hehe, tchyea its coloful!

    the remix does make their vocals sound better

    but the dance looks SLOWER lol love TOP’s

    “starting the bushcutter” move while GD was

    rapping in the first verse haha. AND WHOA MY GADD!!

    the dance moves for the BRIDGE & “ah..ah..ah” are
    SO CUTE & COOOOLL!!! ggaahhh!!

    And just seeing DaeSung and TOP’s face in that

    part just kept makin me giggle! lol hehe

    AANND OMGG!! when SEUNGRI was like “2, 3, 4!”

    GGAAHH!!! idk ut i jus squealed!! ahhh! SO PERFECT!!!

    Lol! at the end I was So SURPRISED!! I loved the

    ending, that was soo COOL! lol DS was just so cute

    to do that ^_^ lol so funny how they knocked

    him down.. then just danced away… lol hehehehe

    Loved this concert perf!!

    Hansarang BB!!

  13. whhhuuhhhuu.
    thanks to Vi for the mp4.

  14. jiyanz

    it’s not just you gurl
    I already cried when I didn’t even know what they’re saying haha

    oh god. Bong…… he eventually have to show us his new hair during the concert ANYWAY~
    so we’ll see.
    god please don’t give me a heart attack
    last year’s bowlcut shocked me at such a high level I lost it
    this year… oh please no

  15. ncly

    haha I didn’t notice that until you mention it now
    i like colorful clothing haha

  16. Heather

    I love how Bae is giving him a piggy back ride while Bong is taking a swim hahaha
    Bae look like a big brother right there when he lift Bong up and carry him haha

    whoever come up with that.. THANKYOU!!!! haha

  17. dubseeXvip

    that’s funny
    hm… maybe I don’t know keke
    having his back T___T haha

  18. nya

    haha Dae imitating YG is just priceless
    he does it so many times on Family Outing
    probably the only one who have the guts to do that to mr. YG hahaha
    Dae has been holding up really well but who knows
    things happen when you least expect it

    yea I did haha
    ToDae and GRi forever
    GDYB is a brotherly love though kekekek

    I love the part where they all hit Dae and Baby’s face when he did it = LOVE!!!!!

  19. latiana2003

    i did see it yesterday hahaha
    it was so awsome
    I was singing along with them hahaha
    it’s so cute

  20. Procrastinator

    no YG release a statement saying that it’s just a coincident

  21. i’m going to singapore(first time) for holiday next week. If anyone can tell me where i can find big bang merchandise (i.e. CDs) or some of the clothes/ style they might wear i.e. colonize, SAKUN, stussy, bape, can you advise me? email is m.kwan23@hotmail.com

  22. I love the msg…they are so lucky to have each other. Sweet msg…they’re just love ❤

    Thanks for the remix version..i love it when i watched the video and was thinking of ripping it. Haha..now i don’t have to. The song makes me happy!

  23. oh ma goodness!!! GDYB are so cute *-* I’m really touched by them! It’s so cute how they confirm their love =DDD

    and i likke thiss remiiix!!! Bae’s face expression when he pulled down “Puffy’s brother” is so cute <3<3 i just luv this perf. <3<3<3<3<3<3

    But GDYB Luv is priceless.<3

  24. Oh gosh, that GDYB vid was SO CUTE.
    The hug was so sweet.
    And what they said to each other, awwwww.
    And they used Oh my Friend as the background music.

  25. Vi
    Oh yea? I don’t follow FO so much coz my works schedule is tighter now.
    Its good news coz I got a recommendation ^^v but that take almost all of my time hahaha… I’d so like to see it again. Dae imitating YG.
    They always say that Mr.YG is a scary person but they play with him a lot. Hahaha…
    They have a lot of guts.

    Lets just hope they could endure it till next year.
    But I doubt it >.< I’m bipolar
    Coz with all the schedule for big concert.
    Such a big scale concert it is. I know our boys will work like crazy to prepare the best.

    Kekeke GDYB, brotherly love.
    Poor Bae, he don’t have a couple. Hahaha…
    I think they left bae behind.

    Yup! Look at Baby madly cute face when he hit Dae. Hahaha…
    My man don’t give any cute facial for me though.
    He did it like it has to be did that way. Hahaha

  26. im just so happy he wore specs again! i don’t usually comment..haha but would like to thank vicki for always providing mp4 downloads..oh. im really really happy to see him with his specs! :DD i think he looks cuter with it..is he really short-sighted? haha…i don’t know much cause i only started following them closely like this year..oh. just to confirm, the big bang calendar is out in korea right? cause i wanna get my friend to buy it from there..thank you to whoever who answers my questions..

  27. vicky

    hahaha the bowlcut was cute i think hahaa~
    and the haircut makes him perfect to wear a funky cap or something
    i so wish that his hairstyle would go back to the one in With U
    i can’t stop staring at those amazing pics of him in With U as if i never see any guy before in my life lol
    but..well..i think it’s impossible for him to repeat his hairstyle lol

  28. The new dance is so refreshing and cute… I know what you mean… there vocals doo sound better…

  29. wooow
    i really love them^^
    but its so hard to get some real information from big bang
    cause im from austria
    but i love this side

    and i’m so glad that gd&yb made that message clear to each other and the world…especially during the xmas season too .
    usually we’re too busy buying presents and stuff and we think that that shows our loved ones that we loved them, but bae and bong are making it clear in the best way :] gdyb forever oh yesss(:

    oh, and I LOVE THE REMIX 🙂

  31. LOL OKay, this is my most favorite Sunset Glow performance
    from now on. Hahaha it is so dang cute! OMFG I loved BabyRi’s
    pose when YB was singing his solo part. LOL CUTE!
    AWW GDYB iS TRUE LOVE (: FOREVER. I Freaking started tearing
    up when I read the translations & watched the 30-second video

  32. OMG!!!!
    the GDYB message… >.<
    Bae givin Bong a piggyback ride
    those two are reaaaaally something ;P

    the sunset glow perf was sooo awesome!
    they were acting dorkier than usual
    the new ah aha ah was cool
    poor Dae the guys are takin revende on him XP
    I noticed Tabi and Dae did the same thing lookin at the camera
    so did Bong and Baby
    Bong’s clothes are cool
    love this version

  33. awww..i love their messages!!

    and bae lifted bong up in the air..haha so cute!!

    the performance..as always..was absolutely amazing!!

  34. Omggg this performance was the best. Kept me smiling the whole time lol Awwww

  35. vicky u rock!!! thanks for the mp3 its awesome!!!
    the performance was awesome…dae was sooo cute an GD gotta love that boy!!! glasses an pink hat an that awesome jacket!!!
    TOP looked so mischievous the whole time hehe!!!
    LOVE 4 THE LADS!!!

  36. I be lovinn GDYB 🙂

    Sunset glow performance was awesome
    couldn’t help but giggle lol XD



  39. nya

    you got a promotion?
    WHOO HOO~~~ hhaha

    Bae don’t have anyone because he just become goofy recently haha
    while all the others have been dorks since oh so long
    Bae just joined, so he’s a bit slow on the couple
    but sooner or later
    I have a good feeling about BaeDae kekeke

    I love the part where Bae was singing in the front and ur man in the back just being adorkafied.

  40. nxh

    out of the 5 members, I think Bae, Baby and Bong are short sighted, I’m not sure about the rest
    and yes the Big Bang 2009 Calendar is already release in Korea

  41. jiyanz

    the bowlcut make him look so depression
    and it seems like it was effecting his mood too
    I didn’t like it
    when I saw his new hair, the one for with U after the bowlcut
    you have NO IDEA how happy i was
    it’s… AMAZING.

    if he would repeat hairstyle
    I want him to bring the bun back
    the bun that I love so freaking much

  42. Sexica

    yup yup
    the couple thing
    ToDae and GRi
    when.. Bae is alone

  43. omg !! I love this perf.!!!…

    YBGD is LOVE !!!!!!!! ..that was so touching !!…I love them..gosh..x’D….gd is just a cutiie!!

    oomg….the HANA YORI DANGO parody??…I WANT IT. I WANT IT. I WANT IT..GOSH..JANUARY COME FASTER !! ….I hope it’s not out of stock in january…:S..I only can buy it in january -.-”

    sry..I’m a bit hyper xD

  44. omg i love the remix!! it makes the song seem happier~ if thats even possible!! lol
    bonggie looks like he should be in a techno video from the 90s! keke.
    babys ‘two three four’ was too cute for words 😀

  45. *gulp* sorry guys I’d love 2 leave a long comment but theres really not much word 2 describe their awesomeness and hotness and cuteness and……. i need some help here [find a word]… ^_^ BB<3

  46. Jini

    haha that is so Bong
    he’s so 90s FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

    oh yea~ I noticed that too
    he’s so freaking cute
    Baby SHINE in this performance.
    hands down.

  47. J-G-RILEEN

    I told you
    we have to rewrite the dictionary so there’s new words for use to describe them
    cuz…. dude….

  48. Vi

    baby be shining in EVERY PERF.!
    i tihnk its so adorable that bong be making Bae rice :DD
    its so sweet! i wish he would make us rice! mmm~

    that was the bestest performance/remix EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    EVER EVERRRRR. omggggg i died a bajillion times during that ;]!
    ahhhhhhhhh!!! i love bb that was AWESOMEELYY ADORABLE. really.
    WAHH xD!!!!!!!!!!
    plus the hope MESSAGE? TOTALLY COMPLETELY MADE MY DAY<33333333
    ahhhhhhhhhhh that was amazzinnggg :]<3
    AGH, i’m not going to get over this soon. way too cute.


    I love YB in this, he is so cute and dorky.

  51. Vi
    Promotion for a teacher more like more class given to her.
    Not that much, but I handle more class now.
    So I have less spare time to watch the boys.
    But, good things from being a teacher is having a holiday~
    Hahaha… when the students have holiday, so is the teacher.
    Hehehe.. waiting for this end of year holiday & I could spen my time more on the boys.

    We could say that coz of Bae is not experienced? Kakaka…
    While the hyung & Bong r too much experienced.

    I always love that part, but I feel sorry for Bae coz it’s his highlight time but I always look at hubby at the back.

  52. the message was soo cute 🙂
    aww best friends forever ~ ;]
    my daesungie~ poor baby so tired with family outing and his musical
    he needs his rest!
    hopefully he’ll get some soon
    or he might get sick 😦
    but that preformance was amazing!
    so cute heh heh i love that 😀

  53. *not topic related* QUESTION for ANYONE reading. ^__^
    what time does Inkigayo and all those shows on SBS start?

  54. I LOVE GDYB!
    ~im so glad they posted that message…their friendship is like….wow….seriously best friends for life…i always notice too that GD watches out for YB’s reactions to things he does…i think if theres anyone GD worries about for an opinion from, its YB…he doesnt give about what anyone thinks of him or what he does, but i think he really values YB’s opinion and vice versa, YB cares ALOT for GD…sort of like that older brother, even tho they’re only months apart (they share the same birth date, how cute is that)….they’re one pair i know is going to keep going strong even after BB is over….

    now please perform “Unfold at a Higher Place” one more time and i’ll die and go to fangirl heaven!

  55. @ohthethrill,you can find all when inkigayo starts in your location here
    and Gold Miss Dairy is right after inkigayo and i believe FO starts after that.hope i helped.

  56. coolsmurf has all the info on all the music shows.

  57. Nimco
    ahhh. thanks so much for the info. ^__^v
    helped for sure.

  58. OMO!!!!!!!!!!! GDYB got me tearing!!!!!!! and SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they’re so close…. ahhhhhhhhhh

  59. awwwww GDYB Forever!!!! ='(

    I love the performance and Sunset Glow Remix ^^ awesome! Thanx!

  60. Bae : i love u the most when u cook us rice
    Bong : i love u the most when i was sleepin and u put the blanket on me <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    GDYB Forever ever !!!!
    the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ hahah

  61. Bae : i love u the most when u cook us rice
    Bong : i love u the most when i was sleepin and u put the blanket on me <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    GDYB Forever ever !!!!
    the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ hahaha KIAWA
    BIG BANG FIGTHING <33333333333333

  62. aawwtss~
    it’s soo sweet!!!


  63. aaww!!
    watta performance! it’s so cute!!
    i really love the ah,ah,ah..part~ omo DAE~
    Baby and Gd so cute together!!
    baby, always looking at the camera! so CUTE~

  64. OMG. SO FREAKIN CUTE!?!??! xD
    Love the new choreography!?!?!? xD

  65. I saw the GDYB message……….it sent me to heaven and back!!!
    I love it! How sweet…….awwwwwwwww………
    …….just can’t help it. ^^
    It’s nice to see them do this coz they knew each other for so long…awwwwwwww….
    ….I just remembered seeing them in the 1TYM vid…so young…
    …and now they are still together….weeeeeeeeeee.
    hihi. =)

  66. Ahhhh omg, sniffs sniffs GDYB LOVEE!!
    Screams* they are so cute! hehehe
    their message are funny/cute.
    “Bae : i love u the most when u cook us rice
    Bong : i love u the most when i was sleepin and u put the blanket on me”
    Aww that’s so cute. ahahahaha i want G-Dragon to cook
    me rice,,,i mean if Youngbae likes it then it’s good =]
    But there always is G-Ri & GDYB!!!!!
    Aww they met when they were 12 and they are still together.
    Hecks yeah, friends forever!
    I love the remix. REMIX!!
    Yeah, what’s up with the beanie…is it b/c he’s sick?
    i dunno but i miss seeing his hair =]
    Screams* they are so adorable! i like both versions but
    for this one i love seeing it live =]
    Their “Ah Ah Ah” was cute! it looked like they were
    skiing, hehe. Their ending pose is different, i like it.
    GD does looke cute when he said “BANG” Lols a nerd (:

  67. do you take request.?
    on changing things to mp4 file.?
    or can you tell me where to change it.?
    i use moviepod but its really bad quality if you
    could tell one big bang fan to another it would be
    really awesome thanks

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