The BIG family BANGin’


Guess, who these ahjummas are?




I guess these pictures were taken during Japan ‘Stand Up’ concert tour..


From left to right: GDragon’s mother, TaeYang’s mother, SeungRi’s mother, TOP’s mother and DaeSung’s mother

And the Big Bang Mamas do really close.

more under the cut ——>


Daesung’s umma missing? Sure, cause she’s the one taking the picture~ =D

Wearing kimonos,  yeah, still lookin BANGin in their age, eh? x)


Rest of the Big Bang family members.


I guess, there are TOP’s and BONG’s sisters there? If I’m not mistaken BONG’s sister supposed to be the one holding the LV bag, and TOP’s sister is the one hiding under the blue hood, although she still can’t hide her beauty there~

G-Dragon’s parents and elder sister


This is unbearably … SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET~


Wow, she sure does resemble someone, doesn’t she! xP

TOP’s sister and mother.


“They say behind every successful man is a woman.”

So, we VIPs can not word our thanks to the legendary mammas for bringing the BIGBANG to the world.. WE LOVE YOU MAMMAS!

all credits to , once again ; Sookyeong@Kbites

see the real post here :

Say KimChi: Big Bang Mamas go on a trip together


~ by kimvipbunnie on December 13, 2008.

48 Responses to “The BIG family BANGin’”

  1. whoa. that was a lot to look at. haha.
    i was able to pick out TOP’s mom right away. i guess cause i already
    knew what she looked like. TOP and Jiyong’s noonas are so pretty.

    i’ll probably come back to check out those vids you pointed out if i
    haven’t seen them already. thanks for sharing. :]

  2. omg(: i see my mommy in lawXD lol.

  3. Thank You BB MAMAs for bringing 5 awesome Men into our lives. All of them are so fashionable just like their sons.GD and his dad are the same height,his sister also looks alot like him.His mom is awesome since i first saw her in the BB documentaries.Dae’s mom is really styling and TOP’s mom and sister look exactly like him and look hot in sunglasses just like him.they look like sisters.Taeyang and his mom have the same cute.Seungri’s mom is was so cool in the documentary.she must be proud of seungri.and they said that their parents go to every concert,all of them are are so close. and yes GRI is back,i think its cause Seungri turned 18 so GD thinks he can do whatever he wants to him so he’s not arrested,lol.

  4. Lol mommy in law… NIICEEE :]
    Haha. BigBang has beautiful family members.
    “They say behind every successful man is a woman.”

  5. top’s sister is really pretty O=

    i love the bang family ! zomgggg ❤
    lol, when i marry maknae.. ill be a part of it !!
    wahahaha… lol *gets bricked*

  6. i always wondered how close BB’s families are, and now i know.
    much love to all the BB ommas and family who helped raise the amazing Tae Yang, G-Dragon, Seung Ri, TOP, and Dae Sung ❤

  7. tabi’s mum is beautiful..and dae’s mum looks so updated
    other mamas are just fine..
    thanks to the 5 mamas and their families!!
    oh gosh..i treat them like my own mum hahaa~
    i heart you guys ❤

  8. OMG haha dae dae mom dress soo wow lmao haha omg
    they all look so sexy and GD sis do resemble him haha
    lmao and top sister soo pretty haha where is taeyang brother

  9. i see my future mother in law!~ haha. i bet that’s on everyones mind. LOL. when i saw the first pic..i IMMEDIATELY recognized TOP’s mom. like..”WAH~” hehe. GD’s soo cute. the perfect son. his sister is puuurrrttttiiiiE ^__^ and yes..yes..yes..they look osmly alike.

  10. One BIG Family ^^

    i first recognize TOP’s mom ^^ she is so pretty and his sister too

    everybody looks great ^^

  11. Well, we see where TOP’s good looks come from.. his Mom and sister are soo pretty.

    Haha. This is great.. love to see the boy’s moms

  12. dang….DAe’S mom looks realy good…lol
    i love the pics where GD’s mom was doing the peace sign..
    lol…its coool how everyones so close!!!
    hahaha meaaning i’ll fit in perfectly….
    awwwww gd with his parents!!!!! super awwwwww

  13. OMONIM and UNNIE banggapsamnida. thanks for giving me MY BAD BOI TOP.kkkk!
    anyway to our parents * their parents thanks for giving us BIG BANG!

  14. very very cute!

  15. All hail these Mammas!

    man, Dae Sung’s mom looks good lol she looks young!

    rocking the stilettos lol ^_^

    GD’s mom is cute! I see where he gets his smile

    I wonder who are the two men at the side??

    lol i really cant guess

  16. awwww they’re like one BIG family 🙂 ughh why does top’s sister have to be so pretty…SO JEALOUS!! 😛 whose the other girl on the top right side??


  18. BIGBANG family ROX!!!
    If not for those brave and strong mothers,BIGBANG wouldn’t been around and i wouldn’t have knew BIGBANG.
    Dae’s mum looks so fashionable,and top’s mum looks so young!
    Also my mother-in-law…dear dear jiyong’s mum…jiyong is the youngest…hahas…i’m sure the whole kwon family really doted on the youngest one…jiyong is CUTE!

  19. lol
    that’s cuteee
    if only the boys were there too XD

  20. whoa~
    i finally saw the mommies of our boys~
    i can tell, that they’re really are like a ONE family!!
    so cool~
    their sisters are soo PRETTY!!!

  21. Haha!? Aw, love the pic of JiYongie and his parents!? xD
    Yay, my in laws. ❤

  22. i see my momther in lawwwww
    umma, we’ll meet someday. dont worry

  23. That is so sweeeeeet how their families are so close 😀

  24. TOP’s sister is seriously the most gorgeous thing on earth

    ahh my mother in law is so oldlooking 🙂 how cute ❤

    i love how theyre all so close (:

  25. Wow, Top’s sister is SO PRETTY.
    Ugh, lucky, LOL.

    Aww, GD’s sister is cute.
    I see some resemblance.

  26. i want one to be my mother in law xD

    omgg, top’s sister is like. PRETTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYY
    aahaaa :]!
    this is soo cuuutee xD
    and GD’s sister. its like..omgg i can totally tell ;D


  27. top’s sis & mom are pretty lol =) .

  28. I think the girl with the LV could be Seung-ri’s lil sis too…n OMG!! I could tell TOP’s momma straight away…the eyes I guess…it juz stands out…TOP’s sis is really preeetty!! Saw some of her previous pics before…DS mum looks really classy…XD Too bad she was taking the picture instead…There’s one of DS sis too in the grp family picture rite? GD’s mum looks very cute…juz like her son…^^ with the peace sign…

  29. AHHH omg i finally get to see ALL the Big Bang Momma’s =]
    i only saw GD’s mommy. Hrm Ji Yong doesn’t look like
    his parents but he looks like his sister.
    TOP’s sister & his mom almost looked like sisters, in the
    picture with them wearing glasses. Their older sisters
    are pretty! that’s cool how they are taking a trip together.
    i wonder who planned it, or how it got planned.
    &&& Thank you Big Bang momma’s for bring us Big Bang =]

  30. OMG check out TOP’s momma’s ring in the last pic. kekekeke. so TOP like it makes me smile!
    his noona is so beautiful too. that last pic is such a cute daughter/mother pose!

    GD’s momma’s peace sign was so cute! hahahahahaha. i can see where he gets all his cuteness from. ^^

    Wish we could’ve seen DS’s momma in a kimono too.

    but that was nice seeing all of them together like that. wow! seriously…that’s FAMILY LOVE “right thurrrr!”

  31. thank you . . . saranghae GD and TOP oppaaa

  32. TOP’s sister is gorgeous X_X
    i’m jealous –
    i wish i could be his sister ; ❤
    Daesung’s mom is so young !
    wish we could’ve seen his mom in a kimono .
    my future mother in law ❤ LOL
    :: goes to dream land for a while ::


  33. I want to be apart Young Bae family!! LOL his big brother seems nice too like YB!!!

  34. OMG GD’s sister looks just like GD (hahah I know DUHHH) But it’s just so weird to see a female version of GD, lmao. & WOW TOP’s sister is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty. Good looks run in those genes.

  35. dang. TOP’s mom is young and fresshhh. so cute when the mommas are flashing the peace sign.
    and g-dragon’s sister looks a bit like the actress maggie gyllenhaal.

  36. OMG they are so pretty! Finally i get to see how they look like, now it’s time to see their fathers. 🙂 Anyways my friends little baby brother looks exactly like TOP! i should serious post it online because they look alike!

  37. oooooooooh so so sweet i love those picz >.<
    i think jiyong looks more like his father than his mother…
    and TOPs sis is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL, just as hot as her bro

    seung ri´s ans TOPs mom are really pretty and haha dae´s mum looks so like him, both of them got this kinda face which makes u comfortable….

  38. good genes flow

  39. GDs’ sister looks a lot like MAGGIE GYLENHALL

  40. oh nice. G.d`s mothrer is very older. And top`s sister, mother are very handsome. I don`t know- big bang`s other member`s family news.


  42. Dae sungs mom is prettys<3

  43. ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! i luv all their mommy^__^

  44. omg all of big bang’s family is awesome, and bong and tabi’s sisters look pretty!! i guess it runs in the family

    BB Fighting!! <3333

  45. Wandar Candy

  46. beautiful family love you big bang 🙂

  47. G Dragon’s mother poses the same way as him. Peace!!! Top’s sister is also pretty. She looks like Park Bom. And I think his mum is young. All mamas looks gorgeous . No wonder all the Big Bang members are cute.

  48. wow…cute family g dragon….boing boing

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