BIGBANG Quiz Expedition [fancams]

First video will bring you ULTIMATE BABY KWONNIE’s CUTENESS~

What’s with GD doing the hand motions~

Besides that it killed my sense of humanity..

I can’t think of anything else~

Second video will show you ANOTHER GD cutenessssssss plus some harassment scenes! BEWARE~

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He went speechless and stoned!!! and HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!!!!!? xDDD I watched this show’s first episode featuring the WONDER GIRLS and this is even funnier than GAG CONCERT! LMAO, ok not really cause appearantly we’ve got no subs for GAG Concert LOL The show really got me and my sister cracking our butss off! So, if I’m not wrong, but please correct me if I am.

The Road Show Quiz Expediton is a charity show, held in CAMPUS or universities around South Korea.  For the first part of show, the students must hold a TALENT SHOW, and they have to be funny, and if they’re not hilarious enough for the judges, [which is our own BIGBANG at this episode!] they’ll get eliminated and won’t be able to continue to the second base, which is the QUIZ part. That explains JiYongie tinging the bell so enthusiastically when the MCs [ I guess told him to] cause they scared the hell out of him! LOL! that WAS hilarious for me, though~ xP our DORKABLE GD~ xD

Third Video which is officially my FAVORITE, just watch and you’ll find out why x)


YAY, many people are saying that G-RI is officially BACK! and hell yeah, I AGREE! Just can’t get enough of this pairing~Jiyong seems to LOVE baby’s back these days. [ Yes, still longing to call him baby, aren’t we? x) ]

credits to :  mikolovesanime@youtube

Random Videos~

Oh, and I know this is old but this is too cute to miss~ xD

Jiyong speaks in Japanesse : “Seungri-kun! what time is it now?”

And then Baby answers in Mandarin : “HAO XIANG HAO XIANG!”

LMAO!!!!! you know that sentence is quite popular back in those days when that Chinesse drama is soooo booming, and the OST goes like “hao xiang~ hao xiang~” LMAO


And to end the random post ..

Lee Da Hae in her drama “Robbers”

Doesn’t she remind us of ourselves when we see our boys on TV!

It’s a big yes to me, ok but I think I sound better than that LOL and the little girls’ expression, exactly the same as the people in my house’s when they watch me watching BIGBANG on music bank on TV [ KBS WORLD : the only korean channel in my cabel tv ] Get it? LOL  well.. I better end my randomness here!


~ by kimvipbunnie on December 13, 2008.

25 Responses to “BIGBANG Quiz Expedition [fancams]”

  1. OMO. they just didn’t harass Jiyongie, they violated him. xD
    poor Jiyong he was sooooo embarrassed. and then the vid with him
    laughing hysterically on Baby’s back. i wonder what the person was
    doing. just adds to how much i want to watch the show.

    thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. haha..GRI 4life!!!

  3. Lol, these videos are awesome (:
    Full of cuteness :]

  4. eeeeeeee!!!!! thank you!!

    (btw, what chinese drama are you referring to with “hao xiang hao xiang” ?)

    lol i wonder what the guy flashed him when he opened his robe… hmmm…

  5. I don’t remember the title .. LOL!
    but I’m sure the main actress was Vicky Zhao
    and the drama’s background is about the 60’s or something
    LOL xP

  6. ahahahahah!!
    the 1st video already killed me…my bongie is cute beyond words!!!
    and then the 2nd video is my fav!! hahahaha
    my baby looked so embarrassed..hahaa i like how he gets so shy ❤
    G-Ri = LOVE!!
    kkekeee…and baby’s HAO XIANG HAO XIANG!!
    hell..i’m literally laughing out loud

  7. they totally violated Bongy
    And baby seemed to be having so much fun
    I wish we could have seen the others reactions, TOPs reaction would prolly have been priceless
    never the less, its great

  8. sooo cutes! i loved how he was smiling the whole time while doing those hand movements. ahhh..Kwon Leada…too CUTES!~ the second vid…did that dude seriously ‘tried’ to flash GD? haha. and i love how he politely bowed at the end. LOL and lee da hae…is OSM~ that is soo me now..except for it’s to Sunset Glow. haha. thanks for sharing! great post!

  9. it’s really nice to see our BOIZ having fun…it’s all Bong though..

  10. lol random videos are hilarious

    poor GD when that guy FLASHED him LOL!

  11. wait, when they ting the bell, do they get eliminated or do they go to the second round?

  12. LOOOL! that’s so funny >.< omg! G-RI is back ♥

  13. LOOOL! that’s so funny >.< omg! G-RI is back ♥


  15. hahaha !! that’s so funny!!! ..bong was so embarrassed x’D

    and then the G-RI moment =O L.O.V.E!!

  16. lolZ~
    jiyongie~ so cute!!!
    GRI moments~ i really love these two!!!!!

    i agree, i do act like lee da hae sometimes~ lolz
    (it’s BB, i go crazy every time i hear/see these boys~)

    hao xiang, hao xiang…

  17. Lee DaeHae…. That reminds me of me when I watch Big Bang on my laptop. xD
    Hehe, but I wouldn’t turn it off half way through the song… =_=;;
    That was really funny and cute~~ 😀
    I loved the fan cams. 🙂
    JiYong,,,, so cute!?!?!? xD

  18. loll
    that lady is sooo funny.. and i might sound like her but i know for sure my dancing is ALOT BETTER
    anyway i feel sry for that lil girl, she have that “what the heck is my mom doing?” look on he face
    my BONGIE is sooo cute
    im soooo envy for those VIP hu are lik inches away from them
    why cant that be ME!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ooohh I saw the Wondergirls episode! Somehow, Seungri reminds me of Sunmi, because she too was laughing crazily throughout the show!

    And shockingly, back when I first watched that scene in Robbers, Ive never heard of BigBang. GASPS. I repent.

    i laughed so hard my stomach hurt

  21. Omg, his smile is SO GORGEOUS in the first video.
    Aww, GRIII. ❤

    those were so funny and cuutee xD
    GRI FOREVERRRRRRRRR ;DDDD!!<3333333333333333333333333333333
    OHMYGOD. that vid of gd asking seung ri wat time it is in jap.
    they’re so hilarious and cuuteeee ;]!

  23. LOL!! the harassment video~ gd has this expression on his face like “oh god, i’m too innocent for this” LOL! it almosted looked like he wanted to shield his eyes XDd

  24. Ah, G-Dragon is so cute!
    i fricken love him!!!
    OMG Yes! good boy, ahahaha hell yeah
    i was cracking up cuz he looked freaked
    out with the girl was dancing around him.
    G-Ri will always be together =]
    Ahaha Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang. aww cute!
    hehe G-Dragon always gets embarrassed when
    he gets put up to spotlight. hehe it’s okay though.

  25. Does anyone know if this show airs on KBS World? The closest show I see on the schedule for the Chicago affiliate (Ch. 41) is Quiz Korea…but I doubt that’s it.

    Thanks. 🙂

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