for those of you wondering about these rumors passed around about jiyong being on ‘we got married,’ i’ve been looking around since last night, & i honestly haven’t seen anything confirming that.

so rest assured, kwon jiyong is NOT going to be on ‘we got married.’


(^ click for bigger picture ^)

finally the hanoi post is up.
thanks to our fellow vipz in vietnam, especially Ha Ji [Wind] from Bigbangvn.com for keeping me up to date w/ the meet & sharing the meet pix.

i have to say, since the 2 yrs that bb has been out, nothing of this sort of project that can reach the masses has been done in honor of BB, nor ANY other group. i’m quite proud that bbfansite started the trend & many others have followed. the results are mass networking amongst vipz around the world. one day i hope to let our boys know how many fans they have around the world. one project at a time, they will find that out. i’m looking forward to having the video messages get in their hands & they’ll have a taste of that.

here’s the results of the hanoi meet. from what WIND has shown me, they’ve had a few already for gdyb’s bdays. you’ll be amazed at how many attended.

details under the cut ————>

i’ll also post up the NYC MINI-GREET. more details on that later.



My sister & I were in the place at 12.30 While having lunch in Thai Lai’s restaurant, I got a phone and heard such a shocking things – the projector I had ordered for the party couldn’t be sent to me, because of the heavy rain and the flood. I was kinda angry and worried, also tried to look for other companies which lend the projectors. Unfortunately, they all couldn’t come to my place, so at 2p.m we had to start the party, without the projector, with the heavy rain outside and only 9 people inside.

Oh I must say something about the projector. Maybe you guys dont usually use it when having a party, but we ALWAYS prepare a fan-made video which lasts nearly an hour to celebrate the member’s birthday (Taeyang’s, G-Dragon’s before and T.O.P’s) So being in lack of projector means like you’re working with only 1 hand!!!

At last, I decided to use a laptop and all people gathered around it to watch the video. The video was a collection of special moments of our TOP, and we sat person to person, which seemed to be very warm and friendly.

After that we celebrated Top’s bday with a big cake (a vani-chocolate one) and 22 candles. Even the “host of the party” couldn’t come ^^ we still feel happy and sang out loud a “Happy bday” song for him.

A game started later with 8 questions to know more about Top, the answers were given through videos and who could answer right got a Viet subbed VCD of Documentary 7.

If you want to know, here are the Qs.

1. What is the real name of Top? Who gave his nick name – T.O.P?
2. In Mnet Star Watch Sept. 14, 2007, Top was asked, if he were a girl, which member in BB he would date with. So what is Top’s answer?
3. During Global Warning Tour, Big Bang acted in Hana Yori Dango parody. What is Top’s character?
4. Top’s favorite foods?
5. In Happy Share Company show, in the part of “1000won happiness” who did Top make a present for?
6. In “Change” show, which character did Top wear a costume like?
7. Nicknames that netizen fan call Top?
8. What is Top’s first drama? Tell something about his character.

And after Q8, we showed a video collecting impressive scenes of Top in “I am Sam”. After that Lita had to left the party soon due to her business.

Everybody attended the party received a picture as a gift from the staff, which has… signature of T.O.P (thanks to Photoshop ^^) and A RANDOM NUMBER.

We prepared picks based on the numbers people already had, and I chose only one to decide who is the lucky person that gets the T.O.P’s 2009 calendar – designed and made by [Wind]. TOP party was hold in Nov. 2 to celebrate T.O.P’s birthday – Nov. 4 and the LUCKY NUMBER is 11, too!!! How surprising it was ^^

At the end of the party, I prepared some videos that have English/Rom. subbed for people to sing along. They are Lies (Korean ver.), Haru haru, Make love and Lalala (Eng ver.)

Despite a heavy rain, in the end there were more than 20 people coming to TOP party, half of them got all wet when appearing. I couldn’t express my feeling at that time, as a person who held this party, I had thought that no more than 10 people could come, but they made me surprised. There were only gift-photos, Cokes, birthday cake, funny videos and a game, I wish that I could give them more fun, more things as a thanks to them. Wish that I could hug everybody once.

Love of Big Bang makes people all around the world nearer, isn’t it? We have no relationship in fact, some just met each other at the first time at TOP party, but we still have a warm party and so many smiles and laughs.

Just wanna say thanks to all, and especially Lita, who came as a stranger to everybody (she just only SMS-ed me some times), but nobody considered you stranger.

Here are the pics from the party.

The banners used:


UNLUCKILY, I forgot to take the most important pic – the pic of all the member here (how stupid I am T^T) So I give the pics of another meeting in Hanoi in Oct.5 – we came and took pictures for TOP’s birthday project

and some pics from 2 offline parties in Hanoi in June (for TY’s belated bday)

(** DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? crazy viets. gotta love it <33)

and in August (for GD’s bday and 2nd anni. of BB)

(** AGAIN, SEE THAT?!?!? coulda sworn i been to that place when i was vacationing in VN lol)


Photos which have T.O.P’s signature


T.O.P’s 2009 Calendar – I made it for all Big Bang fan and to celebrate 2009 with T.O.P with full strength and happiness!


That’s all things in TOP party, I just give you in details. So with a few pics I sent, do anything you want to tell pp more about this party, as they are waiting for the pics. Thanks a lot for your lovely help.

Ha Ji


i must say that was one of the most organized posts i’ve ever gotten from another vip. thanks so much to HA JI. & definitely what she said about ‘strangers’ meeting up – BB definitely spreads the LOVE around. once you meet up, you come closer b/c of things you have in common – & that’s 5 LOVELY KOREAN BOYS WITH SPUNK! gosh i’m still in awe.
i can’t wait til i start another LA MEET – hopefully MORE OF YOU will JOIN! <33


~ by gdluvzmc on December 14, 2008.

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  1. Omg, so awesome :O
    Dang, very organized.
    *cough* wants another Bay Area meet
    Lol ;D

  2. I’m vietnamese, too. And I love Big Bang.

  3. Wow that’s a lot of people.
    aw I want a Florida meet. 😦
    Come on florida get with it! lol

    That calendar is so awesome.

  4. OMG!!! AWESOME Viets. VIPz!!! OMG I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER BAY AREA MEET!!! ^_^ or maybe LA meet since my cousin live there and if i ever visit her and there’s LA meet, I’ll definitely try 2 come!!!


    I WANT TO MEET ALL VIPz around the WORLD!!! ^_______________^

  5. OH MY WOW!!!! I want to go to Vietnam now!hahah….GO VIPz!!!! It would be nice to have a WORLD MEET for all VIPz,I hope one day it will happen, anyways, Ha Ji your AWESOME and a true VIP!I salute to u!;-“]

  6. Dude Awesomeness 🙂

  7. awesome awesome!!
    it’s amazing to see how BB brought all of us together 🙂

  8. Wow! that’s so cool!

    you guys had a lot! the give aways, the games,

    cakes hehe the banners are awesome! so are

    the prizes and giveaways!

    It’s true what you said, BB can do great things

    like bringing people and the world together

    ^__^ im so happy, its mustve been really fun!

    Pls. keep this project goin! I hope to attend

    a Meet one day!! so proud of BBFansite

    and of course, thank God for Big Bang 😀

  9. That’s super cute! >.< and so organized…i hope soon have Meet and Greet here T.T maybe when i meet more people that share BB luv ♥

  10. i didn’t know where esle to put this but i just found out that Gdragon might be coming out in we got married tv show.
    SEriously im not kidding. i went to http://www.naver.com and typed in “우결 권지용” and it’s all over the news. I hope someone gets this commnet and notify all the fans~

  11. OMG. i just wanted to comment that.. i would like to see them on my campus. but just not with the pink or purple backpack



    GD ON WGM?!






    (must study for finals……nooooooo)


  12. ohokay after i freaked out for a bit….

    how are they going to film that if gd is going to be in the U.S.

    unless its for after that… to promote his album


  13. aha, thanks for the click on my site!:D

  14. oh lol
    about the we got married thinging
    i asked my korean friend to clarify and she said that it’s just a rumour
    and also the possibility is so low because GD is going to America in 2 months anyway, and he’s preparing for Big Bang’s concert..where’s the time to film??
    and also tons of fans are so agaisnt it so yeah.
    it’s actually Jun Jin and Kang IN that they are thinking about couple with Lee Hyun Ji

  15. 헐!!!

    DEFINITELY would LOVE to see them on
    my campus! lol
    I LOOOVE their fashion look
    ALLA their expresions are so hothandsomeness!!!

    FILA is awesome! hope to see more ^_^

  16. A same as somebody above: HOW CAN WE GATHER TOGETHER TO SHARE OUR LOVE TO BIG BANG, VIPz… The world is so small, when we stay at home and still meet and have the friends who have the same feelings and favour like us!!

    Love all of you!
    Waiting for another meeting!!!!

  17. how I wish there was a Singapore meet!

  18. That FILA picture is awesome! So awesome it’s now my wallpaper ^-^

  19. guys watch this is so funny BB realated

    MANNN i didnt i know about them wen i was in vietnam this summer
    i hate myself!!!!
    they sure are VERYYYY VERYYY VERYY VEYRYY famous in vietnam
    i have to go bak there and go to one of those Big Banging PARTY

    *Queenie note ur self: go to Big Banging Party in vietnam

    i wish i was there ! @________@;;


    And I LOVE the calendar. <333333

    i wish i was still in vietnam
    then i could’ve been there
    it looked like a lot of fun
    glad to know there are lots of Big Bang fans in Vietnam 🙂

  24. wow…how i would love to have a Boston meet…and how I would love to have them go to my school..Or a nearby one (I go to all-girls college)

    and I noticed in the Fila pic that Dae is wearing the same scarf as in the Remember promo pics! 😀

  25. dangg, when I go back to Vietname during the summer, I wanna meet all of them :)!!!!!

  26. WOW COOL!
    You VIPS are Gorgeous looking (:
    LOL (:

  27. Kwon Ji Yong—————
    i’m glad he’s not gonna be on “we got married”
    because Big Bang is super busy and i don’t want
    him being very tired. Aha i would want to go
    to school if those guys [AHEMS] Big Bang was there.
    Actually i would be very happy if i did back when
    they are in middle school, but i’m in middle school
    right now. Ahhhhh
    Thank you for sharing the/ ALL pictures =]

  28. I gotta HAVE those mens..i meant the shirts!!! :’)

  29. as for Jiyong being on WGM, i read at a different forum
    that WGM producers want Jiyong on the show. but YGE told them
    that because of BB’s busy schedule, he probably won’t have time.
    YGE did say they would give the idea some serious consideration though. eh. i hope they formally pass on the idea if this is true.
    having Jiyong on the show would be interesting, but like we all
    know, they’re just too busy.

    anyways, i love the Fila pic. i can’t wait to see the rest.

  30. I gotta HAVE those men..i meant the shirts!!! :’)

  31. melly, i agree. we viets are VERY crazy, lmao…

    tabi is just.. gorgeous inthose pics. just gorgeous.

  32. btw, i luv my new desktop, the fila pic~~

  33. […] 081111 Hanoi Meet: Success! for those of you wondering about these rumors passed around about jiyong being on ‘we got married,’ […] […]

    did you guys eat Pho at the party? haha you know how much Bong love them and there’s no place that cook Pho better than Vietnam now, that’s OUR dish haha

    and about Bong being in WGM
    apparently, the PDs from We Got Married are desperate trying to look for new couple so they ask Bong to do it but he deny it. I think it’s silly they even ask not only does Big Bang have such a tight schedule but Dae is on Family Outing which is on the same time slot with WGM but on SBS. But the KVIPs are furious and tell Bong to “GO WEST! GO WEST! Go to America” already so he can stay away from WGM keke I thought that was cute

  35. lol.

    yea. there is no way jiyong would have the time
    he has to finish album promo’s
    finish producing the yg girl group
    work on those concerts
    go to america
    start on his own album

    & then find a way to take me out on a date

  36. wow. didn’t even know there were rumors about GD being on WGM. hehehe. i hope the boys never go on that show…unless they are guests! like TOP and TY for the ANT COUPLE episode. kekekeke.

    but i heard about micky yoochun being a possible member of WGM.

  37. Well with the boys going over to america and Jiyong working on his solo, I doubt he has the time!

  38. omgd, thank god you got the pics >< sry i’m so damn disorganized i thought the mail sent but it didn’t & ash, it doesnt matter cuz they’re up~ yay~
    it was spectacular ^^ vietnam’s really into korean stuff so im glad to be in a country with so many VIPs ^^
    lotsa props to Ha Ji for being the best organizer ever =]

  39. i would be sad if he’s on we got married. ha!

  40. that is truly amazing! it’s crazy seeing all those participants. it really threw me off for a while. but wow, i’m proud of them! viet vipz all the way! whoot! to just think i was just there a few months back XD!

  41. the fila picture is holy hot T__T~
    what..WGM? i would like to watch it so badly if he’s really going on the show
    hahaha ‘go west go to america’..Kvips are so cute lol.
    yeah i don’t think my busy bongie will have time though
    i want him to go to america after all these promo,concerts and female bb stuff
    AHHH i can’t wait..i want them to rest..like immediately
    but no…i think i’ll be sad and will be missing them like hell

  42. wow! i love the new fila picture.
    GD looks a bit short though?
    Whereas seungri looks pretty tall. o_o

  43. i would go to school if there were boys like them roaming around too!!!
    they’re so super hot in that fila photo shot..she fresh and clean. i love the simpleness.
    i love love them jeans on the boys..it’s not too tight and not too lose..just perfect, just how i like em. ^^

  44. DUDE! how come there werent any meets when i was there! ;__;
    hahah dang thats a lot. wow crazy~~

  45. hey, it’s me, replying your comment.
    well, ironically, i think we’re both very similar. i was with that kind of clique, too. only worse. this clique is way worse than just talking about hot guys or stuff, they also feel the need to ‘punish’ any girls that they think were ‘bad’. by bad i mean not following their orders. so at first the three of them wouldn’t want to talk to this girl, and then the whole class wouldn’t, and it spreads until the girl finally accepted their ‘authority’. i was in that kind of friendship. but there’s no bond, we simply stick together only because deep down we were afraid to be ‘punished’ and not recognized. in fact, it only needs one simple twitch for them to turn their backs on each other.
    backstabbing, friends-stealing, it’s an all day’s work. but they were popular. no, actually they ARE still popular. i spent a full semester hanging out with these girls. at first they want to accept me because i was in a hell lots of competitions. speech, debate, all kinds of stuff, and i sorta contributed a few trophies for my school, and they think of me as school’s successor, then we started to chat, and they started to ask me what kinds of stuff i like, and when i said something, even if it’s totally random, like ‘i enjoy a long walk home from school’, or ‘i love writing poem’ they were like, ‘no way, me too!’ and stuff. at first i thought we were alike. and i joined their clique, and left my best friends to reach higher social level. but after a several weeks they started to show their true skin. and I, drunk by popularity, cruelly ‘punished’ my own friends. the turning point was when i watched an movie. well, if you’re Indonesian you might know this movie, the title was Soe Hok Gie, and there was a scene where the actor said ‘better to stand in intimidation than having to give up for hypocrisy’. well, it’s more beautiful in Indonesian, anyway. so when I listened to that I started to question myself, is this the place i really want to be? (i was also having to pretend to like hot guys, to date some only because they’re hot and will boost my popularity higher.) it wasn’t me. I ditched class, Biology, nonetheless, my favorite subject, because I don’t want them to leave me. I lied to my parents, I lied to my teachers, I lied for so many times, I even lied to them so they’ll like me. but i seriously had enough. I tried to make them understand that what they did were wrong, but they said it is not the matter of right or wrong, it is only whether you’re in, or you’re out. I was proud of myself when I decided to get out of their clique.
    But things didn’t get easier for me then. the whole grade didn’t talk to me anymore, and every time i raised my hands or say something in class, they would shout sarcastic comments or insults. But i got through it. I never thought i would, but I did. i guess there’s sunshine after the rain after all. so i apologized to my friends, and as best friends should be, they forgave me. I still hang out with my best friends now, because they accepted me for who I am. gold medal or no gold medal, hot guys or no hot guys, and i just thought that by reading my post people should know that there’s more than being stereotypical.
    oh, and by the way, X was one of the girls in that clique, the ring leader, actually. my friends always say she envied me or something, but as long as she just annoys me, not ‘punishing’ me, then it’s cool. and now i’m so happy being myself and i just want people to feel the same about themselves.
    anyway, cool blog! one of my friend likes that band too, i got her a cd for her birthday.

  46. Jiyong being on WGM? Are you kidding me? Please, his schedule is damn pack. He aint got the time to be recording on WGM! I like the fila photoshoot. Thank you.=]

  47. hello bigbangkorean
    can you change your website background colour and font?
    it’s hard for me to read small font with dark background..
    i love big bang music and this website is one of sources with big bang news

  48. O gosh…rumors about Ji Yongie being on WGM?? i hadn’t heard about that. i’m glad it’s not true, so far as we know. my heart couldn’t take it, and he doesn’t have the time to be filming it. not to mention he’ll be leaving Korea soon…

  49. oo yes. xD
    ooo, YUMMMyyy o________________o;
    lolll. not realistic xDDD
    success of course xD makes us fan girls drool more and more lmao.

  50. i’m Vietnamese too…i’m proud of Vietnam VIPz:*:x…BB frighting!!VIPz frighting!!:*:x

  51. Haha is there no answers to the TOP questions above? I seriously don’t know whats the answer!

  52. i read at muishie’s youtube comments that kangin(suju) would be replacing hwang bo and hyung joo.. dunno who the girl is, though.

  53. hey guys…

    i’m just wondering~ are we not doing anything for seungri’s bday? and also, big bang skolooks cf has come out a few days ago, i’ve seen it and it was soooo cuuuttee!! but i don’t think i’ve seen the video being posted here. just saying~

    anyway… can anyone please kindly tell me where to get big bang scarf?

    gosh i’m so jealous of you guys -.-

  55. WOWWWWW SO MANY VIPS! BB HWAITING! I’m so jealous!!

  56. oh man the vietnam VIPS are awesome!!!!! looks like you throw great parties!!!

  57. Realistically speaking, ratings will shoot up if WGM decides to cast an Idol Group member, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    If anyone of you isn’t informed yet, GD is rumoured get casted on WGM with Wonder Girl’s Sun Ye. This following the news report in Korea about netizens going crazy for Wonder Bang ( like that thread in Soompi ) So, we’ll just see. Even if BB goes to America, there CAN be filiming, because, Wonder Girls are going to America around the same time as BB and probably will interact some time.

  58. “I’D BE HAPPY TO GO TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY IF THERE WERE BOYS LIKE THAT ROAMING CAMPUS~~ RAWRRR” I totally agree with this 110% lol big bang = hotness

  59. let’s do one in dallas!!

  60. i wanna Aussie meet!

  61. European meet plxxor.

  62. wow, very well organized and .. man, !
    makes me more excited about the project xD

  63. omo u have to make a fanmeeting on summer 2009 cause i´ll be in VN then… xD

  64. coughhh*
    cause we philadelphians are awesome like that, justplayin :]
    but seriously. meet please?

  65. dude, i could answer all those TOP questions!
    ahaha, i feel proud.
    i want to go to a meet and greet!

  66. Awww it sounds like you guys had a great time!!! =D



  68. thats 2tally random up there but im desperate..i really want to hear TOP sing in one of their songs for next album or the next next one..^_^ we’ve seen clips of him singing and i just really want him to sing to his own song as well…THANKS again^_^

  69. PS:[random again]: 1 more final day n X-mas vaca. baby..WHOOOHOOO~ ^___^

  70. annyong haseyo..B to the I to the G BANG!!BIGBANG SARANGHEYO!!!
    YOU’RE THE BEST..my NUMBER ONE korean singers..

  71. Ya,I’m from Ha Noi (VN) too but unfortunately I missed that meeting by chance 😦
    Waiting for another meeting 😀

  72. I wish there would be a meet in Mass..
    come on massachusetts ppl get it together! XD

  73. Its amazing how many fans Big Bang has all around the worldd ~~

  74. omq vietnamese
    i’m proud to be a vietnamese…
    ‘nD i will go to vietnam
    T.T iin germany aren’t lot of bb fan

  75. i went to viet nam and just came bak and i didnt kno that viet ppl kno big bang what a shame LOL

  76. i want a melbourne meet

  77. SYDNEY! Let’s have a Meet && Greet!
    Hi five to the Vietnamese VIPs! you guys are the best!
    By any chance, are you planning another Meet && Greet at the end of the year??
    Cause that’s when I finished my year 10 exams and my daddys gonna buy me return tickets to Vietnam for the summer holidays. YAY!!!
    I miss my family in Vietnam. They’re always nagging me to go visit them. Anyways if there is going to be a Meet and Greet,
    someone will be nice enough to tell me right??
    It would be great to go overseas once in while and visit your family. On top of that i’ll get to meet other Big Bang fanatics.
    The last time I went Vietnam was in October 2006, and back then it seemed that no one in Vietnam knew about Big bang. This time when i return, i am sure that i’m not the only one who knows about Big Bang.
    BTW Kwon Leaders the best!!! xD

  78. For those Big Bang VIPs that aren’t Korean or know how to speak Korean, Hi-Five. I’m a Vietnamese born Australian and know not a single word of Korean, but that hasn’t stop me from falling in love with Big Bang. Alot of my friends think i’m a retarded and weird because i listen to foreign music.

    But I don’t care what they think. So neither should you. if listening to Big Bang and watching their parodies, MVs and concerts makes you happy, then other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter.
    So? Are u with me or not??

  79. i’m vietnamese.i love BB so much.i want to join another meeting.so fun!i want to meet all VIPz in the world

  80. hi สวัสดี I Love BB and I Love BB fanclub. I Love V.I.P.

  81. oh…:”X :”X…thnx for ur pics ^_^…. i hope kvipz and vnvipz can be good friend :”)

  82. Hihi…I’m proud of Vietnamese V.I.Ps and BBVN:X:X:X

  83. i’m Vietnamese but i’m studying in U.S right now…i just started loving Big Bang for 1 year but i’ve never love any singers or music groups before like i love Big Bang at this time…if there is a Big Bang concert in Vietnam…i swear that i’m gonna go back to Vietnam to attend in their concert…Big Bang…come to Vietnam, plz…

  84. love Tae Yang n G-Dragon so freaking badly…it makes me out of control whenever watching them…u’re the love of my life…muahhhh muahhhhh…

  85. Hi Guys ! Can I join the Bigbang family ? I’m Vietnamese,too ! Member I like best is T.O.P !

  86. I would love to go to that Hanoi meet
    I wish they had a Houston meet already!!!

  87. sang hankook bo’c fe’t ah`

  88. T’m Vietnamese , I love T.O.P forever!
    I hope BigBang will come to VN .
    ♥I love you♥

  89. I’m Vietnamese too!
    so happy to know this website!
    I love BB much, eps Tae Yang. I’m learning korean to go to Korea next year!!!!!!! What i can do in Korea to meet my Idol huhu T_T

  90. Hi… I’m Malaysia girl and I very like big bang..

  91. 3^ vi3^t. nam kia`
    hay wa’

  92. 2009 có tổ chức k anh chị ới…..
    có j` Mail e fát nhớ:x

  93. Wow, I’m vietnamese but I never knew Big Bang was so big over there! 😮

    Ahhh that is so cool. I want an Oregon meet!!!
    Come on guys organize one already, I would SOOOOO GO omg… 😦

    I am so in love…. ❤
    Love at first sight

    EM YEU CAC ANH <3333333

  95. Hi!
    I’m VietNamese,too
    And I’m very very lovE BB
    BB!U’re alway in mY heart
    Cac’ a den’ VN di :(( :(( :(( :((

  96. i wanna see Big Bang sing in vietnamse and then take a photo with me, that’s my dream.I think that’s dream isn’t come true easily because i don’t hava a lot of money, i’ll try. Big Bang’s my idol 4ever!

  97. Oh!I luv BB so much.They’re so hot.I wonder if they arrive in VN

  98. i’m vietnamese,too
    i’m also a Vipz
    and i love BIGBANG so much.

  99. how do i become a VIP member??

  100. waaaahaaaa…its sooo unfaair..
    i Live in germany but my dad lives in hanoi…
    -.-“i want to see T0P!!he is so sexy..*___*

  101. ~~~ Omg!! I so want to go on one of these meets if I ever visit Vietnam again!! I didn’t know there were so many VIPs there…. so awesome! Too bad my Vietnamese sucks….. wahhhh…

  102. I’m Vietnamese. i luv Big Bang 4ever.
    come to VietNam,big bang, pleassssss
    i miss you!

  103. i’m vietnamese,too
    i’m also a Vipz
    and i love BIGBANG so much
    i wanna see Big Bang sing in vietnamse
    truj uj Cac anh den Vn Dj ma 😦 😦 😦

  104. I love BANG BANG more more.Will you come to vietnam , please!!!!!!!!! Big bang no 1

  105. Big Bang n01
    i3u m0j. ng` w3′ BB m0`

  106. yea.I love them so much,too.they are really skilled and look really good too.

  107. ban nao chi minh cách gia nhap fanclub cua bigbang nhe! thanks so much.

  108. how to register on this page..

  109. i’m from vietnam.i always luv big bang & 2ne1.i hope you will come to vietnam this year.i’ll learn korea.I luv YG 4ever!!!!

  110. i don’t like BB so much beacaus they are sing common not cute site common too IN FACT BB is the band not influence me

  111. omg i want to met Big Bang~~~

  112. Hãy đến Việt Nam nhé!
    I love BigBang!

  113. i love g-dragon … i’m from VietNam … So i don’t know English …

  114. I want Slovakia meet because I’m from Vietnam family but my family live in Slovakia long time 😀

  115. i’m from VietNam and i’m looking forward to get acquainted with the vips !!!

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