12.14.08 GOLD MISS | Winning Mutizen Song & Sunset Glow REMIX performance on Inkigayo

Note: Anecia and I will be subbing this episode of GOLD MISS. 🙂 next week is my last week of school before break so I’ll have plenty of time to do this, I’ll try my best to have it out fast, thanks again for my gurl Anecia for helping me translating this.

I will release soft sub for this so if you want your subs to fit perfect to the video, download this one because I made the cut myself and will time the subtitles according to this video

12.14.08 SBS Good Sunday
Big Bang on GOLD MISS
219 MB

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Thanks to 엔탈 | Big Bang Cut by me.

12.14.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
855 MB

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Thanks to cashewmania clubbox

12.14.08 SBS Inkigayo
Sunset Glow (Remix) Performance & Mutizen Song
210 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님

NOTE: GOLD MISS just ended and WOW…that was something, so worth staying up all night to watch. The 2nd half will air NEXT WEEK. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Winning the 3rd Mutizen Song for Sunset Glow!!!!

such an awsome performance, also ToDae moment just make it x1000 better

Thanks to 통키님

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I was watching this live so when I saw them coming up from the door in the audience I got so hyped, they look so freaking awsome down there with everyone cheering, but then I spot Bong… T___T haha he finally wear the purple pant outfit that I love so much but what is with the scarf under the hat now?? I will never get Bong and never will, but that’s okay, that’s the best part about him hahaa not knowing what the heck is going on in his head kekek.

They perform the remix again, wearing oh so colorful clothing for the remix, i love it!!!! I saw Baby…wearing a long coat? wah? haha I think I know who to blame *coughBONGcough* still loving this remix man, the colorful clothing just make everything better, the GRi couple is the only one look a bit in their world hahaha but isn’t that why we love them so much? Baby’s ‘I LOVE U GURL’ is just as cute as always.. ahh!!!!!! Dae’s shirt might be a bit small on him haha his muscles are bulging out of his sleves haha

During the ‘ah ah ah’ part he skating move, now we got to see how they move their legs, haha love it, so remind me of the ‘SO HOT’ move keke then of course gotta love the individual ‘AH~’ Baby was cute, Bong did his grunt ‘AHHH!’ again, Bae did a less-grunt like ‘ah~’ then Tabi hahahaha I remember cracking up so hard my chair almost fell backward haha his ‘ah’ was just so…… him hahaha I don’t know how to explain it but I’m sure you understand right? hahaha gotta love Tabi for that keke

the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ is just TO DIE for! ahhh~ I love that freaking knocking down thing too awsome, Dae was ON THE FLOOR hahaa then when he got up…..DID YOU SPOT THE TODAE MOMENT????????????????????? Tabi came over and pat Dae’s head, awwwwwwwww… how loving is that???????? TODAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Bang won the Mutizen Song for the 3rd consecutive week, YAY!!! and extra YAY! cuz now they don’t have to perform on Inkigao anymore, now they don’t have to worry about their schedule on Inkigayo anymore, more time for them to relax and get some rest, WHOO~ Baby NEVER forget to thank the VIPs, he was so excited he was jumping on one leg during the encore haha.


~ by Vicky on December 14, 2008.

62 Responses to “12.14.08 GOLD MISS | Winning Mutizen Song & Sunset Glow REMIX performance on Inkigayo”

  1. oh man, Vi. i’m so hyper right now. i actually got my tvants to work for me so i got to stream Inkigayo live too. i was so excited. then seeing the boys come out through the audience. that was so cool. VIP must’ve been hecka more exited to see the boys so close to them like that.

    no lie. i will never get Jiyong. always a surprise.

    and dude, i laughed when TOP said his AH too. haha. it was so awkward sounding, but cute cause it was TOP. xD

    just got done watching FO. now i’m preparing to watch Gold Miss Diary. oooh. kind of nervous. >__<

  2. oOOh wow the vips were mere inches away!

    the handkerchief under the hat reminds me of teddy from 1tym

    thanks for the vid (on your special account)!

  3. OMO SO CLOSE! ^_^
    ohh congratulations.

    Seriously, its awesome to see our boys do so well.
    soo heartwarming.

    Thanks for uploading Vicky. i mean it, it really warms my heart to see how successful they are doing after all thehir hard work.

    Ur frequent uploads are like oxygen to us. So thanks hon. 🙂

  4. FINALLY!!
    THey’re ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Baby called them ‘AUntie’ hahaha
    that’s no way to call a lady now Baby ah~

    cool fact, Baby’s mama was born on 1964, 2 years before my mom
    and Baby is 2 years older than me hahahah
    so our mom had us at the same age kekekek
    randome fangirl fact here keke
    dont mind me
    I’m gonna go watch it now
    cant help but spazz

    CHUKAEEEEEEEEE BIG BANG <3333333333333333

  6. love the remix performance
    and I spot the todae moment too!!!
    so freaking cute

  7. I just saw GOLD MISS
    and that was something alright lol

    so no more inkigayo performane?
    that’s good news actually just like u say
    the boys will have more time

  8. Vi
    OMO. what to say about that first half of Gold Miss. it was CRAAAAAAAZY!
    so much to comment on. but you don’t have it up yet so i guess i shouldn’t
    really say anything in respect to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.
    but dude…total spaztoid right here. ahhhhhhhh…..

  9. jiyanz

    I’m so dead tire right now
    haven’t sleep all night
    but dude~ that was SO WORTH IT
    while I was watching it… I realize
    I love Baby so much more now
    I don’t know why I suddenly felt that
    but I did…… isn’t that weird? hahaha
    but you gotta admit
    he was AMAZINGLY cute in there
    like when he saw the lady sing trot finishes
    his eyes…….. just AHHHHHHHHHH!!-
    then the other lady did the ‘CRAZY’ move, his was T__T
    i have to marry him

    they’re so freaking cute on the show
    and Bae…………damn
    isn’t he suppose to be the boy who thinks girls still have cooties?? hahahahaha

  10. TODAE ! =O L O V E!!

    what’s wrong with bongs hair? X’D he will never shows us his hair.hmm…x’D

  11. ahhh!congrats to the boys!again!im so proud of them,every single time.rest well boys!
    this is the first time i got my tvants to work the whole day!
    the sunset glow perf was mad! i was looking for them on stage when heard the song but they werent there.and then i realised them walking out from the back! VIPs were going crazy! i definitely would too if they were that close to me!hahahaha.
    inki then FO which was super funny! and the oh so awesome GOLD MISS!!
    they were so cute!!!!! tabi ahh~~~ theres one part where he looked so scared when the “uhm jung hwa” lady was coming on to him! his expression was priceless!
    and i totally agree with you vicky! bae is supposed to be shy around girls! what happened there!hahaha!
    although i didnt understand what they were talking about it was still hilarious.its totally a must watch everyone! yay!
    i cant wait for next week’s continuation!

  12. whoa~ i love this performance!!
    and they’re oh so cute! colorful and all~
    me too~ i love the ah,ah,ah, part..
    so cute! aaww DAE!!(melts from his smile)

  13. vicky

    u’re really dead tired right now
    i was reading the comments and i saw u replying me
    WTF i was like ohh did i mess anything up and i actually had already left a comment? =_=|
    go and get some rest gurl..
    every sunset glow = love already. i’m taking down more and more sunset glow perf that my hard disc is almost full now!!
    our boys are getting more and more amazing
    finally bong with my fav purple pants of his!!!!!
    but the scarf T___T very very weird..well it’s bong so don’t be surprise of weird outfits on him T__T
    and yeah…bong taught baby to wear that long coat T___T
    YAY they’re changing this to remix and changing their clothes too..so colourful..i love it!
    the ah ah ah part..i love how their legs move T__T
    and they finally each sang an ‘AH’..hhaaa bong’s ‘AH’ is always special lol..and tabi’s ‘AH’ is so..ROUGH..SMEXY VOICE T__T~
    ToDae ToDae! just gotta love them kekeke
    congrats boy! huh..why they don’t have to perform anymore?

  14. that enterance was beast! coolest thing ever
    i like the new inkigayo take 7 thingy, its too cool!
    congrats boys!!

  15. Thanks for the video upload!!!
    Would anyone happen to know how to watch these performances live?

  16. Congrats again to the boys?!!? xD
    I was laughing so hard when Tabi did his “ah~” xD
    Vicky was right!? It’s so him! And it was SO CUTE. 😀
    I love JiYongie’s pants. :O
    So distractingly HOT. 🙂

  17. Vi
    OMG! What’s with the scarf???
    I never understand Bong fashion.

    Aw~ the ah ah ah part. The skating move!! So cute!!
    I feel want to pinch these 5 boys cheek out of blue. Hahaha
    My hands feel so itchy. Keke

    Damn. That “ah” is so SEDUCTIVE.
    I have this crazy idea to audio rip it & cut only the “ah” part then put it as my message ringtone. Haha…

    Aw~ ToDae is so active lately. Is it coz of the weather there is so cold?
    I love to see when s/o pat another head.
    & that make Dae look so cute & Tabi look like he’s protecting Dae.

    & 1 thing again.
    Baby wearing that long coat. Just… um… Idk what to say.
    It’s not like it doesn’t look good on him but it just feel weird

  18. this is the first time I saw the Sunset glow remix perf……I am so glad I got to see it!!!!
    All I can say is that I am damn speechless……I just luvvvvvvv it!!!!
    Gotta give credit to Tabi, he looked so adorable here, hyper and all, and to Dae for being too adorable for words, especially at the last ah ah ah ah part.
    I love it!!!!!!!!
    Thanks lil sis in law!

  19. I can’t wait to see gold miss!!! the preview just makes me want to see it more and more!

  20. Lol I LOVE this performance too (:
    Teehee ToDae (: LOL Cute.
    Jiyong’s outfits are FUNKAYYY, in a good way. LOL.

  21. ahhhh ~ they are so hot ! xD
    hey i think dae sung is wearing seung
    ris sshirt haha . i seen him wear it before .
    well . . it was something similar to it ! lol . .

  22. Jiyanz/Vicky
    haha. i read that too like after Vi commented and i was like, ‘jiyanz? jiyanz didn’t leave a comment. am i blind? o_0’ so then i was like, ‘either Vi is hallucinating that jiyanz is here or she mistakenly called me or the other people jiyanz.’ haha. poor, poor Vi. i hope you got plenty of rest girl.

    btw Vi…Baby was beyond adorable on Gold Miss. i thought of you the entire time predicting how much you would squeal and faint at his Babyness. oh and i agree about YB. he was totally NOT afraid of girls on that show. xD and then the one lady all over TOP. i was bouncing around like crazy fearing for his life. ahahaha.

  23. AHH!
    Can someone help me? I can’t seem to download the video because i don’t have the right program, what program does Gold Miss take?

  24. ohthethrill

    i think she was replying to you hahaha.
    this gurl is too good in hallucinating T__T

  25. LOL @bong’s outfit
    it’s cute :] but the hat under scarf is quite…new xD
    haha vicky it’s all your fault because of your “narrating” i laughed so hard @ tabi’s “AH” i was drinking soymilk too 😡 hahaha you’re right it IS so him !
    i’m glad they don’t have to do anymore concerts on inkigako…they’ve been so tired-looking lately ):

  26. jiyanz

    oh my god
    so it’s true that when you don’t get enough sleep you start seeing things haha
    that cuz u both have Bong as ur icon thingy so I just mixed up kekeke
    but Heather knows I was talking to her kekeke

    I KNOW!! Isn’t it so OBVIOUSLY who told Baby to wear that?? keke
    Bong is the one to blame

    they just don’t have to perform on Inkigayo anymore
    since they have a 3 times winning limit rule
    they’re still performing on other music shows

  27. Jini

    I was watching the whole show and seriously I’m not being bias
    but ONLY Big Bang’s performance that get the crowd going insane, either if you’re a VIP or not you just can’t help it
    I spot a SS501 fan in the back with the ‘I ❤ HYUN JOON’ sign getting excited too haha
    you just resist these boys

  28. nya

    haha I think we’ve developed that keke
    Bong…. let just leave it as that kekek

    everytime you get a text “AH!”
    but it was like a funny AH!
    he was cut short half way or soemthing keke
    which is funny x10000000000000

    that coat
    I just KNOW he’s the one behind it
    a wife just KNOWS!!!

  29. Heather

    yes. Vi is hallucinating hahaha
    you shouldn’t be surprise to see that happen
    cuz.. that’s Vi for you haha
    I’m not normal

    just watching him on the show
    make me love him so much more
    i don’t know what is the reason for that
    it just came out of NO WHERE
    but I get the fuzzy feeling looking at him
    so weird.

  30. Christina

    try playing it with GOM Player

  31. jiyanz

    hahahaha is that a compliment?? kekeke
    I didn’t even notice it until I re-read u guys’ comment for about a million time kekeke

  32. yes the TODAE action was too cute!!! i think he accidently really knocked on Daesung’s head. hahaha. that’s why he came back and pat it. hehehe. it looked like that anyways.

    and DAMN!!! the beginning got me so hyped too!!! it’s just too cool how they really aren’t scared of their fans. i’m sure there are times they are…but at least they’re still having fun with them during the performances. ^^
    did you guys see one of the VIPs grab DAE’s hand though (well, she was trying to grab YB’s but he slickly slide passed her. kekekek) on the way down to the stage? kekeke. i was like no wonder they aren’t that scared cause everyone is being so good. kekeke. then i see this lady grab DAE’s hand…but he just smiled like always and she let go…so it’s all good. kekeke.

  33. omg ..I LOVE GOLD MISS !! x’D that was so funny..can’t wait for the 2nd half!!!….Vi thanks for uploading GOLD MISS ..I LOVE YOU FOR THIS x’D…!! ..oh and yea I can’t wait for the SUBS ^^ thanks a lot~~!!

  34. dang I missed it live!!!

    manageRI what channel do u use? cuz mine dont work… 😦

    thanks for downloads!!! ^_^ so gLad u’r here!!!

    need 2 say more about baby?..damn I LOVE HIM MORE 2!!! the thing is U’ll never find out WHY??? haha^_^

    ToDae and G-Ri again yay..ToDae wearing black mostly while G-Ri wearing purple mostly w/ baby’s coat kinda purple-ish!!! n babyG is defintely the master-mind for baby’s coat..haha…

    VIPz sOOO lucky, the boys s in their REACH~.(?).^_^

    CONGRATS BB!!! rest well…

    SUNSET GLOW~ whoah~…

    comment again later..ima watch gold miss!!! again!!!

  35. btw..IM SOOO GLAD I CAN DOWNLOAD VIDEOS AGAIN!!! whooohooo~ :))

  36. aww..that performance was so good. i love how close they were to the fans, but it’s sad that they didn’t even give anyone a handshake knowing how close they where =(
    but i love the new ah ah ah parts.. hahaha. dae is so cute..
    he looks like superman to me..SUperMAn i need you!!
    GD and his long scarf over the head thing, that’s so him. only he can pull it off. i love love YB’s sweater. aww. i want a hug from him.
    congrats to our boys. they did it again.

  37. i LOVE the new remix.
    it’s amazing :]

  38. aw congrats to the boys!!!
    i cannot wait for gold miss to be subbed!!!

  39. Vi
    lol!~ no one else has that feeling where the whole audience LOVES these boys keke.
    babys momma was born in 1964? my parents were born a year later! lol! so cool!and your mom was born the year after that! 😀

  40. haha, that scarf and hat duo looks really funny on bong XD

  41. i uploaded the videos of Gold Miss on my youtube account here are the links

    and the preview here

    enjoy 🙂

  42. ongratz to our boiz..ah family outing is really one of the best shows now in Korea…DAESUNG i’m falling for you…please catch me…
    now talking about mama please check this out!

  43. Vi
    i gotchu. haha. after watching all those shows live back to back, i was pretty out of it too. if i didn’t reread what i was typing you probably would have never understood anything i typed.

    but really, i see one of the many reasons why you love Baby so much. the cute little reactions and stuff he did on the show just revealed a whole side of him i never really paid attention to before. yeah. sad of me, but i see now. 😉

  44. LMAO! I Love this performance ♥ awwww Tabi’s AH~! thanx 4 the upload Vicky ^^ and thanx for translating Gold Miss ❤

  45. yay! thank you!

  46. thank you sooo much!! yay! can’t wait for the subs…but please take your time. and i really appreciate you and your friend making an effort to sub the show. ^____^

  47. Man, mustve been so hard for

    the VIPz to stay in their seats!

    Love their entrance and what theyre wearing!

    When TOP did his i love u gurl towards

    the end, that was instant death for me!

    CONGRATS my BB!!

    thanks for the uploads! cant wait to watch

    Gold Miss with subs ^_^

  48. Vi
    Just leave Bong be.
    We know him too well. We don’t need to try to understand him. We can’t undersand his fashion sometimes. Haha

    I think all the tings he done is SEDUCTIVE.
    Also his sexy voice in that ‘ah’ add more to it.
    Hahaha… yup. I’m texting with my friends now & the “ah” hahaha
    Sound so cute & sexy. Well, its just too short for a message ringtone. Kekeke

    Hahaha… a wife just know.
    Bong bong… when will u stop influence baby?
    Or baby the one who copy bong again???

    Hehehe… I’m waiting for the gold miss sub ^^

  49. Screams* GD went ghetto again.
    Lols just like back in the days with 1TYM
    well when it was the ‘We Belong Together’ days.
    but it’s super long, the sides. Ahaha i love
    the Dae part when they start singing “Ah Ah Ah”
    i’m glad they won! Sun Set Glow performence/song
    is Amazing&Wonderful!
    i can’t wait to see the subbed Gold miss!
    but i’ll download this version too.
    Thank you for translating

  50. vicky/ohthethrill

    hahaha our icon is really very very similar..hhahaha
    YAY GIMME FIVE ohthethrill..ohh her name is Heather?
    nice name..i’ll start calling her this name..can i can i? lol

    ohh so there’s a rule in inkigayo..GOOD!! hahaa~our boys can rest more..yes!! kekee

    baby ahh..he better don’t stick with bong that much, or else he would be like bong T__T then we’ll have another weirdo for us to figure out T__T G-Ri is getting active again hahaa~

    dang i still find myself laughing over the ah ah ah part where everyone of them spilled out an AH!…tabi’s ‘AH’ just cracked me up idk why..lol. and MF is being so stupid right now that i wanna kill it so badly..i have 3 sunset glow perfs pending now 😦

    hahahaa…yeah u can take that as a compliment lol

  51. jiyanz
    *high five*
    yeah. you can call me Heather. it’d be nice actually. ^__^
    Bong lovers unite. and thanks for thinking my name is nice.
    is jiyanz your real name? cause it’s a cool name.

    and yes, MF is super butt ugly right now. i want to rewatch Gold Miss,
    but i can’t. not until MF stops being a butt. haha.

  52. thanks so much for posting this VICKY!!!

    but the first 2 parts don’t work. ^^;

    hopefully you’ll have that up soon.
    i saw it on youtube though…although i’m sure the HQ version would be even more awesome! kekeke.
    can’t wait for the subs!

  53. heather

    kekee…nope my real name is jiyan..but i put a ‘z’ at the end of my name..don’t ask me why cuz i don’t know why..i’m lame at times sigh T__T~~

    Yay yay yeah yeah bong lovers unite! your name is really nice..makes me freaking feel like getting myself an English name..cuz people can hardly remember my name..sigh.

    what’s wrong with MF…i’m so pissed off right now. and my connection is sucking to a level that it took afew hours to download a 50MB video..sigh.

  54. thanks so much Vicky and Anecia!! really very much appreciated!
    i was watching it on tvants and it was so hiarious i wished i understand them! now that you girls are going to sub it,its going to be so much more awesome and i thank you girls so much for doing this!
    i can’t wait for the 2nd part to air next week!hehe!

  55. WOWOW..thaks vicky and anecia unni!!
    that was soo adorable and cuuuteeee~
    i cant wait for the 2nd part! haha!
    unni can you re-up the mp4 link?
    i can’t DL it..thank you very much!

  56. jiyanz
    the Z adds a little flair to it. hehe. no need for an English
    name. i like your name and i’ll be one of the ones who CAN remember
    it alright? hehe.

    and aww i’m sorry about your connection speed. i have issues with
    mine’s too sometimes. it’s frustrating, so i know how you feel.

    MF is still being a butt, but Vi uploaded the files to a different
    site thank goodness.

  57. Jiyong’s SCARF!! I totally have that same exact scarf! It’s by Alexander McQueen!

  58. ohthethrill

    thanks for remembering it lol..people starts calling me nicknames when they can’t remember my name T__T
    haha about my name…it’s almost the same with bong haha~
    jiyan…jiyong…omg such a perfect couple ❤
    hahhaa xD!
    yeah and my connection speed is back!!
    now it’s fine. i’m downloading gold miss now! kekeke

  59. [jiyanz]
    hahas…neva saw ur name b4,but now i definitely rmb ur name…

    u noe…to me,jiyong’s fashion is always special and unique!!!Believe me…i like wad’s he’s wearing now,with the scarf under his hat.HAHAS…the craziest FASHION.
    OMG…i LOVE their “ahahahahah” part,cos dey change the dance and is like this part was definitely the COOLEST!
    I cant really see clearly what G-RI couple is up to during bae’s bridge. They looks like dey’re enjoying themselves hahas…their poses were cute:)HAHAS.

  60. geles

    hahaa..hey there. LOL i can’t believe my name caught your attention =.=
    cuz normally people tend to forget my name T__T poor me

    i know..his style is very unique..isn’t him?
    the scarf T__T lol i don’t know what he is up to T__T
    and i know i will never understand him
    but i definitely enjoy watching him in weird clothes kekekee
    he rocks those clothes extremely well, right? 🙂
    i love the purple pants.i want it~~hehee

    i know! the “ah ah ah” dance is like the cutest thing ever
    and the 2nd “ah ah ah” part still crack me up!! xD!!
    especially after tabi’s ‘AH’
    i can’t help but laughing over the very ROUGH ‘ah’ of his!!hehee

    haha during bae’s bridge..baby was showing his butt towards bae T__T
    and bong resting his elbows on his back..hahaaaa
    G-Ri is also the cutest thing ever

  61. you guyz are going to post it on youtube? please put some english subs….i beg of you….love big bang so much!n_n

  62. Can’t wait to understand it…LOL!
    Take care!

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