2009 FILA Wallpaper


have a happy holidays everyone!
sorry there haven’t been much updates.

but bb deserves a break too! so that means we’re sorta on break.
anywayz… i have a feeling this weekend will be busy again.

have fun w/ the wallpaper. but not too much fun now… ^_^


FILA is sponsoring BB’s BIGSHOW Concert. so it’s understandable why there’s such hot gear 😀

look at this POWER RANGER ❤

guess which one is my desktop bg right now >=]

he gets sexier every time i see him ❤ to my dongseng!!

TOP’s shoes, the bella linguas (just like GD’s) cost freakin 150 bux. so expensive. but SO HOT. the backpack even has bb logo on it xD

stunna shades. rock on. lol i noticed how he jumped w/ more effort than the other guys. lol ❤ the bb limited edition apparel has bb written all over it. literally. shoes & everything. i want them hats!

source: fila.co.kr

see what i’m saying?!?! HOTTTTT sorry. i got a major shoe fetish. gotta style my kicks. i got it from my baby <33


~ by gdluvzmc on December 18, 2008.

41 Responses to “2009 FILA Wallpaper”

  1. omg yongie and tae look so great in these Thanks so much!!!!

    And yay first comment!

  2. where can we buy this? O______O

    I want some shoes..

  3. WHOA!
    those shoes….are hella cool… xD

  4. D: The shoes are so freckin’ godly !!

  5. want – so – bad…at least a backpack…or a button…something! lol

  6. hotness! save! save! save!

  7. hahaha! power ranger is definitely the best description of seungri in that picture…. love it ❤
    thanks for the post as always!

  8. OMG!!! I so want to get those shoes!!!Time to save money!!heheh….Thx Melly for the wallpapers!!!!Time to change my desktop..;-“]Merry Christmas VIPz!!!

  9. oh my god! the shoes!
    hot stuff.
    i love the white one


  11. shoooooes..
    where can we buy those !?!?!
    the black&gold and white ones are mine >:D

  12. oooo those shoes…
    me likes!!! well i honestly only like the white/silver ones…
    and the black/gold/white ones >__< lol
    it’s weird because i never see FILA’s anymore in the south.. like
    EVER. i havent seen them in almost 10 years now TT^TT

  13. ahhh
    i want those backpack soooo bad
    can anyone tell me wer i can “TRY” to get it??
    and btw
    GD is on my desktop rite now too gdluvzmc and he’s on my avatar tooo hihiihih
    he’s everytwer

  14. “gotta fetish for dem kiks!”
    those are some awesome kiks man!!!
    especially the black and gold one!
    gosh i wish we could get some of those here in the states!

  15. OMGGG! Hot! ♥ thanx for the Wallpapers Melly ^^

  16. thankiEs~~~ you’re the best!~ jang!~ jang!~ jjang!~ the boys look uber sexy!

  17. OMG i gotta HAVE one of these..at least one!!!


  18. wooahh babyy. those are
    some seriously NIIICEEEE shoes 😀
    they look so awesomeeeee xD<33333

  19. ‘G’irls ‘D’esire = GD

  20. those Bella Linguas are bad friggin’ A! especially the black
    and gold ones that TOP’s wearing in the pics. i want a pair so bad.
    not too surprised that their $150.

    but besides the shoes, the guys promoting them look friggin hot too. 😉

    thanks for these awesome wallies. <33333

  21. OMG!! first of all, DAMN!!! all the boys look so good in their pictures, and secondly..I WANT THEM SHOES!!! i love love love the first three..gosh! those are so pretty, and the color..my gosh!!
    it kills me that i live in the U.S.
    is there any way were can order it over seas.

  22. that’s hella cool**

    i need one++ and i like jiyong’s bag

    how much for presenter, i’ll by him** haha+

  23. Nicce, yay for the wallpapers!

    Gah! these shoes are banging!

    I SERIOUSLY have a shoe fettish too
    gotta get my hands on these.

    do they sell them on tha website?

  24. the shoes are sooo effin cool! XD

    I wanna have TOP as my wallpaper.. whahaha! XD

  25. it’d be sick if these were sold in the US…

  26. the DaeSung isnt working :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  27. yea cool wall papaers, i can copy theem can u send them to my email? opadmj@yuurok.com

  28. yea cool wallpapers, i cant copy them can u send them to my email? opsdmj@yuurok.com

    my gad. xDDDDDDDDDDD

  30. […] 2009 FILA Wallpaper EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM ME! have a happy holidays everyone! sorry there haven’t been much updates. […]

  31. Damn i want some Big Bang shoes.
    Dude that would be COOL! =]
    Thank You and i love the wallpaper

  32. OMG OMG. xD
    Where can we get this stuff? :O

  33. omo~
    so dang HOT!!

  34. I Love this wallpaper.
    Thank you !
    GAH, those are awesome shoes !

  35. VI
    Where can we buy these ?
    It’s my birthday soon,
    & i’m gonna ask my Dad to buy me something.
    he always gets me weird gifts anyway^^

  36. does anyone know where i can buy the shoes from the second and third rows ? (those in the middle!)
    i cant find any decent/trustable website online!

  37. its all about fashion ^^

  38. lalanne juicer

  39. oo shit goodluck fan puujee mongolia

  40. my shoes MGL boloroo

  41. love me big bang my name is boloroo

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