omgosh… theres dude on youtube called aliks089 and HE MAKES THE AWESOMEST REMIXES

for example… here’s his remix of “붉은노을”

Pop Remix – Big Bang – Sunset Glow / 빅뱅 – 붉은노을 (리믹스)

don’t know about you… but I LIKE IT~~~ or maybe its just end of school DRIVING ME CRAZY 🙂

and my upcoming ADVENTURES to CHINA~~

aliks has the dl links on the actual video

here is his youtube channel“ go watch!!!

he also has remixes of other songs, for example, eat you up, nobody, so hot, mirotic, tell it to my heart, u go girl… etc.!!!

go figure~~



~ by 수현 on December 18, 2008.

18 Responses to “remixed.”

  1. OMG YOZ!~
    LOL Me and Tony have been trying to let you guys know about him, but apparently, that’s not needed anymore. >D

  2. omg, i’m a huge fan of aliks too =D
    love his reimxes. i actually love his remix more than the original for a lot of songs…

  3. heyy i like it!!!
    i love his work
    sooo kull

  4. awesome job!

  5. omg, DEJAAA VUUU! wasn’t this already posted before? i remember discovering this song on the blog ages ago!

  6. OMG his “Haru Haru” remix is SICK! I love it!

  7. @PH4T

  8. great remix
    i love it~

  9. hehehehehe! good!

  10. Yea.. I love his Haru Haru remix, I have all of his BB remixes, got em from his facebook fan page.

  11. OOH that’s really good (:
    thanks for sharing~
    oh and i wish bb the best of luck @ their mega tv festival perf today ^^

  12. I listen to every remix he made, and man, this guy’s got some TALENT, lol he’s cute too LMAO kimbunniee

  13. well guess I just become the dude fans hahaha so cool

  14. The Sunset Glow Remix was average… no “X” factor whatsoever…
    I wasn’t able to control myself, it’s like pop and rock put together…
    Dang! Aliks is great!

  15. I also make mixes of Big Bang too but mostly Asian artist. I even have an album that I made of my remixes of most of their songs. Hope you guys can listen to it and liek it. I have been getting positive responses lately too.


  16. I usually don’t really like his remixes but this one is not bad at all….

  17. Yeah he’s a great remixer.
    I’ve been a fan of his for a while.
    o(^o^)o add his MySpace.
    Because he has those songs on his page so people can add them :] to their pages. :]

  18. I like it!
    he is a great remixer.
    Yeha i’ll check out his other remixs =]

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