12.20.08 ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ performance with Solbi on Music Core | Sunset Glow (Remix) Peformance

『TRANSLATED ARTICLES!!!!!!!!』Thanks to Sookyeong
AHAHAHAHA~ Bae…. lying on the bed?? What kind of prank is that???? Now I wanna be pranked.

TaeYang, “I’ve been into teasing TOP lately”.


Big Bang is #1 on ‘Thailand MTV 2008 Top 100′

Right after Music Core, the boys record KJE’s Chocolate, they performed 6 songs. I’m excited for ‘Haru Haru’ acousitc ver. AHHH!!! After they finish filming, they went over to Lee Hyori’s concert, the boys are BUSY.

6 Songs:

  • Last Farewell
  • Haru Haru (Acoustic Ver)
  • NUMBER 1
  • Sunset Glow
  • Carol Song
  • Lies

12.20.08 MBC Music Core
Christmas Special & Sunset Glow [REMIX] Performance
383 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님
Also audio rip of ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’

Backstage of Inkigayo

Backstage pictures during Inkigayo from 2 weeks ago, only of Bae, Dae and Baby though, don’t know where the rest are but hahaha this camera man have SOME sense of humour alright keke. It seem like Bae was trying to go to the bathroom but the camera stop him and make him pose for the camera hahaha, so Bae just do a peace sign and smile, a smile that says ‘DUDE! wth? I have to pee’ kekekke poor Bae. The camera man won’t let Dae go either haha Dae look really startled keke then he just step by step try to go into the room and away from the creepy camera hahahaha And at least, BABY! He’s such a camwhore, he’s not scare of ANYTHING, even did a little pout face… KILLED ME!!!!

『JUST ADDED!!』 Sunset Glow (REMIX) performance: MUST WATCH!! ToBae moment!!! and Baby being such a maknae.

Thanks to S님

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since I live in Florida, the weather is freaking hot over here, even though there’s a huge Christmas tree in my living room, it hasn’t kick in yet that Christmas is next week. But… now it does, haha the minute I saw Baby wearing that red sweater, those are the kind that you got from your grandma and you burn it while your parents are sleeping and then you lie and say you can’t find it… why does it look so good on him????…. His english has gotten so good, not to mention he sound so freaking sexy, killing fangirls with every fingers he point, ahhh~

Dae can’t lose either, his voice REALLY fits for carols, I DEMAND A BIG BANG CAROL ALBUM!!!!!! The rest of Big Bang came out wearing Christmas theme color clothing and sing along, I think I know what I want for Christmas hahaha Bong look so good in his vest, keke but his beanie look like a dumpling haha a VERY CUTE dumpling haha

Bae singing ‘White Christmas’… how amazing… and Baby looking at him….. haha what a dreamy stare, do I spot some cheating on GRi going with Baby? nuh-uh It was so freaking cute when Bong use Dae’s mitten and lightly hit Solbi with it haha I’m sure that was meant for Baby for his cheating action keekek

Sunset Glow (Remix) Performance

Thanks to S님

hehe…. first thing caught my eyes… Bong.. wearing a blanket… you know, I knew this day would come, haha didn’t know exactly when, but one day Bong will try wear something like that, guess today is that day keke I like the dumpling beanie he wore earlier on today better

HAHHAHA, the performance was awsome as usual, but then during Bae’s bridge hahaha…… Tabi came up and hug… well more like desperately hang onto Bae’s right arm hahaha now that’s some ToBae action, I haven’t seen this………… in a LOOONG time.. couldn’t remember the last either, but this is just too cute, I guess Christmas bring out the kid in Tabi… wait…… he’s always a kid… so wth am I talking about?? haha his expression T___T

The ‘ah ah ah’ never gets old haha Baby did a ‘Nobody’ move, Bong and Bae did the ‘AH!’ grunt again and Tabi………………. HAHAHAHAHAH HE ALWAYS DOES THAT, I was coughing while watching this live, and when I heard him say that ‘Ah’ I choked on my cough… so that didn’t help the situation, i was coughing and choking at the same time, I felt like my heart was gonna explode, like not even kidding. Who knew cuteness can be a hazzard to your health?

For the second ‘ah ah ah’ they switch from Dae to Baby, he gets to hit his hyung now!!! haha must be a dream come true for him kekeke he was having too much fun and all proud of himself, when all the hyung came up and hit him back at the same time, he pulled the cute maknae crying scene…. this is just TOO FREAKING ADORABLE, and this is someone who has been 18 for 8 days hahahahah I don’t believe he’s a man, but he is. hahaha look at him crying and grabbing the back of his head and just walking to the back hahaha husband ah~

12.07.08 Backstage of Inkigayo

Thanks to SBS | 건의사항님


~ by Vicky on December 19, 2008.

72 Responses to “12.20.08 ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ performance with Solbi on Music Core | Sunset Glow (Remix) Peformance”

  1. Why do they look so good in those ugly sweaters.. hahaa.

  2. omg that was soo cutee !

  3. O yea!O yea! They sooooooo made my Christmas COOLING WHITE!!!hahaha…I agree those sweaters… only Big Bang can make it look nicer!haha…

  4. i feel so stupid for turning on Music Core & missing the special stage…LOL…I just mute the thing so when I open it, they’ve already finished performing…Anyhow, I love it! SR’s voice improve tremendously! It’s not really BiGbang collab since only DS & SR & Solbi sing the song, but I guess they wanted it that way??!

    Anyhow, I just saw RedSunset Glow. SR got knocked over instead of DS this time…LOl…he got hit by GD didn’t he?? hahaha…his little pretending to cry makes me laugh…ahhaha…

  5. aww so cute! they look so warm in those sweaters and i like just wanna pack them up in a box and deliver it to myself.hahah and when i get them just hug them tight never let go cause they’re so adorable and warming.LOL!
    and seungri hugged solbi real tight in today’s music core!!! ahhhh!!!!seungri ahhh~~ i’d appreciate it if you do that to me too.hahaha!
    and yeah! instead of dae it was seungri who knocked everyone down.so cute!
    and what was our jiyongie wearing in the sunset glow perf!!! jiyong ah how can you look adorable in some kind of cape or whatever it is you were wearing.hahahah!
    and vicky i must say you’re super fast! heheh.
    thanks for uploading!

  6. BONG’s SOO NAUGHTY hitting Solbi with that!~ @_@

  7. *faints*

  8. oh those aren’t blankets they’re sweaters from PHENOMENON those cost alot you know like that jacket bae was wearing it was around $450 USD. DANG thats alot you know but they all look good

  9. the jacket that i was talking about it the jacket from their music video Sunset Glow the striped one sorry for being so specific

  10. LMAO! around 2:56 SeungRi
    is like in his OWN
    maknae WORLD lol he’s
    so separated from BB

    Idk how GD managed to look
    hot in that… rug with
    a hole to put his head in
    and then managed to wow me
    with his “MERRY MERRY

    TOBAE!!!! definitely a moment
    to cherish! TOP is so cute! ^-^

    SR’s english def. improved!
    and ahhh…YB’s voice <33

  11. Just noticed the background music in
    their special stage is perfect! All I want
    for Christmas is BB!!! gahhh!!

    Oh, the end of Sunset Glow remix is seriously
    SO CUUUTE with SeungRi hahaha being the maknae
    he’s gotta make a scene and fake a cute cry ^-^

    I wish all of BB sang a Christmas carol
    lol I definitely agree they should have
    a carol album lol! I mean, its like mandatory
    every big artist has one! hahaha

    random, but I’m so nervous for BB’s
    perf. with LeeHyoRi right now, dunno
    what to expect…hope its great!

  12. Awwwww! i stay to watch this online and it was so cuteee!
    i want BB for Xmas 🙂 seriously xD!

  13. yep Baby’s english has really improved. ^^
    ToBae Moment!!! I love tabi’s expression! It really looked like he’s clinging on to Baebae for his dear life. hihi.
    Bong and his stylish self..he really pulled off that poncho. ^^
    Happy Holidays to all! just a few days before Christmas!!!

  14. i love daes sweater!!! green~ lol

  15. Well——-I never understand why singers perform in language they are not really fluent in.
    I am refering, of course, to “Santa Claus Is Coming”. I couldn´t understand Seungri and Daesung at all.

    Korean would have been a much better choice here. It sounds very unperofessional otherwise. (of course it´s not that much of a tragedy ;T)

  16. waah!!!!!..I LOVE GD MORE & MORE x’D…when he hit solbi with dae’s hand gloves..or whatever x’D….

    aaaaah ToBae moment !!!! LOVE!!!…

    and then bong’s “MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS” !!


  17. OMG I LOVE that Christmas video (: It made my
    morning go better, really better. LOVEE THE SWEATERS!
    They look so cute on the boys! Their english is very good too (:
    ToBAE! LOL SO CUTE! Okay my christmas is getting better now. I was
    feeling down, but I know these boys could NEVER turn me down.
    :] Heehee, I heard Jiyong said, “Merry merry Christmas!” LOL
    That was so damnn cute! AWESOME PERFORMANCE, like always (:

  18. Vi
    a blanket? ahaha. it’s called a poncho, love. xD
    not that i care for the specifics. i prefer the dumpling on his
    head that he had on earlier too. but of course, Jiyongah being the
    fashionista he is went and threw a poncho on.

    and aww…it was Baby who did the knocking down this time. so cute,
    especially his little cute cry expression. definitely BABY status.

  19. 0.0
    love this so much!!
    dang it..
    my night has just gotten soooo much better after seeing this
    Tabi’s ‘ah’ is just.. well..
    definitely understood why you’re chocking right there vic
    and for the boy who has been 18 for 8 days aka ur hubby [ :p ]
    well.. just adorable!

  20. Vi
    OH MY GOD! Baby go pointing the girls…
    He make all the girls crazy with only his finger.
    Dae look soo mighty good in green sweater. Also his mitten. So cute~~~
    Hahaha… dumpling. It looks like a Chinese bun to me. Kekeke
    The part when they cover up Solbi. Hahaa… so cute moment of Dae.

    LORD. What the heck is that?
    I can’t understand Bong style at all. Haha… blanket. It do look like some.
    But for me why I think Bong looks like the card soldier of Queen Card in “Alice in the Wonderland” story????
    Bong using that blanket make his skinny legs looks skinnier.

    Oh!! ToBae action!!
    I want to change place with Bae!!!!

    GAHAHAHA…. The “ah”, my text ringtone. Oh my god. I can’t stop laughting.

    Aw~ baby being maknae!! So cute. Look at the proud face he make when he finish hitting them all.
    He must enjoying this stage from all of the other stage. Haha.. baby must have wait for this day to come for such a long time. Kekeke

    “this is someone who has been 18 for 8 days”
    This is what I mean by baby is always baby. Hahaha…
    Don’t need to worry for that Vi.
    Look at my hubby. What age he is now. Hahaha.. but he still a kid himself. Hohoho… & that’s good for us too.

  21. Aww, the song is so cute.
    Darn, I wanted to hear GD sing, LOL.
    Their outfits were so cute.

  22. Ya,notice Bae’s new hat :)).He didnt take out the tag,as usual xD~

    Oh ma! They do look so so good ><

  23. OMG their english has getting even better.
    i love it when daesung sing, it sound so good.
    and like always sunset glow performance is ALWAY AMAZING!!

  24. When I saw ToBae I was like wait. Don’t you mean ToDae? haha.

  25. love the x-mas song. It must be super cold in korea if Taeyang has to wear that hat but very cute!

  26. I actually liked what Bong was wearing on the Sunset Glow Pref. :]
    He look like an upside down christmas tree xDD.
    And i noticed that at the first “ah ah ah” part Bong Pokes Baby’s Butt!!
    haha that’s some funny GRi!<3

  27. i never knew how good someone could look in such ugly sweaters lol

  28. OMG!!!
    the christmas song was sooo big bang!!!!
    first all cute with solbi then comes Bong,Bae and Tabi to give it the style

    the sunset glow performance was toooooo much!!!
    I was screamin like crazy when I saw my man and bae
    that was the cuuuuuuutest thing eeeeever!
    Bong and his blnket LOL!
    and Baby pullin the cryin scene I was in the floor when I saw that
    they are truly dangerous but soooooo damn good!

  29. awww my baby!!! speechless..

  30. Omg that is just so cute. xD
    and then the not being able to go potty
    love it forever xD

  31. awww!!! when is KJE’s will air??? I cant wait for acoustic haru haru and NUMBER 1 perf. especially the part BAE smack the butt..i wonder what will the audience reaction?..cuz mostly KJE’s audience r eldest..haha^_^ ..I CANT WAIT!

    btw manageRI where do u watch all this? cuz the one i use dont work anymore and i really really wanna watch it live..I cant miss GOLD miss next tym and all these goodies..I cant download TVAnts anymore..it says its not available.. 😦


  32. hahaha the backstage pics are so cute !!

    dae’s pics are so awesome !!!!

    OMG!! can’t wait for KJE’s Chocolate!!!……wanna see the Haru Haru acoustic perf..!! waaaah

  33. thu

    it’s a mystery…
    that will always remain a mystery haha

  34. yourfriend

    haha don’t feel stupid
    you have NO IDEA how many times I did that

  35. sammy793

    haha I’m just messing around
    of course I know everything YG men wear is brandname and cost more than my face haha
    it’s how they roll

  36. sis in law

    looking at him clinging on like that
    no jealous thoughts? hahaa

  37. Heather

    haha i don’t know what it call
    I know it’s not a blanket but it sure look like one hahaha

  38. nya

    I need to give husband a piece of my mind
    he think he can go around and do that without me knownig

    Though that ‘AH’ almost kill me

    our husbands will NEVER grow up

  39. nhiphuong

    HAHAH cuz he HOOD like dat kekek

  40. jiyongislove

    at that kekeke
    upside down christmas tree kekekek

  41. J-G-RILEEN

    It wil on the 24th at 12:30 AM [KOREA TIME]
    it’s sorta like a adult music show so that’s why it’s airing so lat
    6 songs… DAMN

    i just TVants to watch it
    sometimes it work and somtimes it decide to go stupid on me and I have to wait until some KVIP upload it on daum

    he still looks cute though 🙂


    ps the backstage pictures are S T U N N I N G *

    lmfao, those backstage pictures are SO CUUTEEE xDDD!<3333333
    AHAHA, bae’s toilet thing was soo cuutee and gave me a lugh :DD<3

    BABY IS ADORABBLEEE AS ALWAYSSS<333333333333333333333

  44. haha~yong bae oppa looks sweet~dae’s expression is super cute…his killing smile never changed!our vi’s mouth y like that!cute*

  45. I love the backstage pics. =]
    LOL, YB is all “uhh, I’m just going to the bathroom…” There are probably a bunch of creepy fangirls that would want to follow him into the bathroom, haha.
    I wonder what’s in Seung Ri’s box. I was hoping he’d open it and show it to the camera. I was hoping in was chocolate. -sigh-


    “I’ve been into teasing TOP lately.”

    Oh, word that, YangYang. ;D.


    Soongyi’s adorable with his pouty face. xDD

    AND LOL, TaeYang by the bathroom all o-o;;; ^_^;; Yeah I’m just gonna. Yeah. *Runs in b-room.*


  47. Vi
    Kakakaka…. But he still do it.
    So, what kind of consequences u’ll give to him when he arrives home?
    I don’t want to think about it. It’ll be bizarre. Hahaha

    I hope they won’t. I love seeing their kids side.

    I want to hear carol!! Wow~ 6 songs.
    That’s a lot. Can’t wait to see.

    Thanks for Sookyeong for the translation.
    But I don’t get the idea of prank by lying on the bed just to wait for hubby to come & see his expression.

    HAHAHA… look at Dae’s pics. Its all the same.
    His facial expression. LOL

  48. LOL! Tae Yang and Dae Sung are so
    funny in the backstage pics

    theyre like, uhh, ok..yea..im gonna go now…

    hahaha, still so cute how they kept
    smiling and posing while trying to leave lol!

  49. LOL, I have no idea about these pictures.

    Dae’s face so funny. Haha

    Tae Yang, he wanted to go t toilet but they didn’t let him go, LOL, his face so so so…funny

  50. ahhh!!!!!
    loved 3:17
    gd kept hittin ri
    so cute
    but sad for ri =p

  51. LMAO at GD poking Baby’s butt during the ah ah ah part… G-Ri~~~

  52. cute perf lol
    Maknae when I see your expression, you’re still baby to me haha
    always love backstage pic, poor YB ^^,,
    thank you so much ^^

  53. omg~
    BABY is soooo ADORABLE~
    waahhh~ i so love him~

    i love this performance,
    i can feel now the spirit of Christmas..

    yeah, i agree,, their English have improved..
    so proud of them!!^^

    love the pic~ aaww

  54. this guy just became one of my favourite cameramen.
    Haha, he didn’t let YB go to the washroom. xD
    That pic of seungri pouting killed me.

  55. haha..YB teasin’ TOP! I wonder how TOP got tease by that???

  56. lil sis in law

    nah I trust Baebae and Tabi to be loyal. hehe.
    Then I read sookyeong’s article and Bae loves to tease Tabi by lying still on the bed, waiting for Tabi…

    …now my head starts spinning with, errr, thoughts.

    What was my hubby thinking??? I thought he only does it for me. hmmmmmp. =P

    Those Inkigayo pix were cute! it was as if I was watching their move frame by frame…poor hubby and Dae, they wanna go but the cameraman was stopping them.
    Yep your hubby was such a camwhore. how cute. ^^ that pout really would have sent you straight to fangirl heaven.

  57. haha dae looks like he cant help himself but look at the camera. even when hes walking through the dressing room hes still posing xP
    i wonder what is in that box seungi is holding

  58. i’m not here for only a mere day and so many awesome stuff again!!
    what? bae lied on the bed and tease tabi??
    haha i so cannot imagine bae lying on a bed T__T

    the carol song was so freaking nice!!
    baby killed me..and killed all the nunas out there
    their sweaters were all nice!
    omg..its so wonderful to have our boys singing xmas song for us on xmas!! bong!! u looked so good T__T
    i seriously love him more when he’s in simple clothes
    but the dumpling beanie kekee its cute 🙂

    but sunset glow remix T_T
    there was a blanket around him T____T
    hahaha..can’t help but loving him too when he’s in weird clothes
    and yeah..it was so in my expectation T__T
    tabi hugging bae..hahaa..that expression cracked me up so badly!!
    lmao baby really looked proud hitting his hyungs
    and the crying face…ohhh…he’s our baby
    his hyungs shouldn’t leave him crying there
    they should have go up to him and hug him or something

  59. lmfao its so funny how dae sung is smiling the whole time he goes into the room LMFAO


    then bae’s expression, priceless. hes just like, ‘leave. now. hello? a guy cant get privacy? maybe if i smile, theyll leave.’


  61. WHEE~
    we get to see bae’s fun side ! ;D

  62. Ahhh OMG they look so hot in those sweaters =]
    hehe i love g-dragon. Merry Merry Christmas
    Ooh TaeYang. Just like G-Dragon always teasing
    Seungri. Now it’s TaeYang’s turn.
    Yes, that’s right. Number 1, in Thailand.
    I Love this Christmas =] Well it’s not even Christmas
    yet but still. Hehe wow, i can’t believe G-Dragon
    was wearing a blanket.

  63. wow they look so good in the christmas sweaters and the backstage pics are funny and the remix is hot bb rocks

  64. LOL, isn’t that blanket thing jiyong is wearing from PHENOMENON ?! I was gonna buy that but damn .. it cost like a whole year of my paychecks (x

    I didn’t except anyone to pull it off, but I should never underestime my jiyongie (;

  65. omg dang seungri singing xmas carols – his english is soo good and his voice is sexay!!!!!!!!!!

    and the photog is seriously stalking yb, who just wants to go to the bathroom in peace!

  66. omg YB can come into my bath room anyday..lolz…but the christmas song was soo nice two santas but GD come on a poncho well i guess he really can rock anything. =/

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  68. Grrrrrrr
    Bae’s smile!!!
    his smile is really something~
    Dae is so hilarious!!!
    Pictures of him trying to get into the room kekeke
    Such a piaro~
    He’s very cuteeeeeeee
    wonder who is he going to give that present to?
    Or someone’s given it to him?
    Anyways i need to watch the video first Lol
    Really wanna hear baby’s voice now~

  69. nya

    I saw the fancam from their Haru Haru acoustic performance
    just 2 seconds though haha
    i don’t wanna ruin
    but they’re all sitting on a chair and sit
    that is going to be AMAZING

    I thought Tabi would do soemthing more like just stand there and give a O-O expressiong
    he would prank Bae back by doing a little something something hahahaha

  70. sis in law

    I trust Bae
    but Tabi…………..hm… not so much with that hahah
    Bae on the bed

    My husband killed many time already
    I really should get use to it
    or else.. hahah T_T

  71. HEHE! Have you noticed that Seungri was putting his microphone to his mouth but not speaking again? So cute that Bong is wearing that blanket but sometimes it reminds me of a bathroom mat AHAHAHA! It was ESPECIALLY adorable when Tabi grabs hold of Bae’s arm and when Seungri pretends to cry :3 THE PICS ARE SO IRRESISTABLE! Bae and his stunner smile, the camera man held him up too long! His kidneys are gonna get infected D: Dae is so cuuuuuteeee! AND SO IS SEUNGRI! I totally was thinking he would do the “bend and SNAP!” AHAHA! But then he’s not a girl…

  72. woh~
    i’m not surprised at the thailand news
    they are HOT there
    i love watching thai music channels cuz theres all these korean stuff on ^^
    (you can’t imagine how many times Nobody played – its unhealthy lol)

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