[ENGLISH SUBBED] Big Bang on GOLD MISS | Big Bang’s VOGUE Pictorial


Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

12.14.08 SBS Good Sunday
Big Bang on GOLD MISS
219 MB

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Translation by Anecia
Timed Edited and Subbed by: Vicky

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Thanks to Anecia, my chilly-home-dawg for helping me translating this haha. yes you read it right, she’s my CHILLY-HOME-DAWG… thanks gurl~~

So glad I finished it before the 2nd part air this sunday. Bong and Baby look hot next episode so I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

Big Bang’s VOGUE Pictorial

Uh…………..the scans for VOGUE are here….. and REALLY hahaha when I frst saw this, I thought Tabi, Bae and Dae was taking pictures with 2 girls, I was like ‘WHERE IS BABY AND BONG?’ but then I look closer…. DAMN. hahaha not kidding. Tabi was Bob Dylan. Bae was Michael Jackson haha he really does look black. Then Dae, haha he was Elvis, fits him well I must say. Bong was Andre 3000 but he look more like a perverted film director to me hahaha and Baby!! OF COURSE, was his idol, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. I love Baby JT. look so slick. The boys’ rocker pics… just…………..make me speechless hahaha SERIOUSLY.

Continue with caution.

Big Bang’s VOGUE Pictorial Scans


This picture scares the crap out of me… WAH??

Mr. Michael Baeson hahaha

He can TOTALLY sing trot in this hahahah

For some reason.. he look like he’s dressed like himself hahaha.

The smoking… hm…… the perm… hahahah he can work it




Thanks to 구름둥둥님


~ by Vicky on December 19, 2008.

92 Responses to “[ENGLISH SUBBED] Big Bang on GOLD MISS | Big Bang’s VOGUE Pictorial”

  1. HAHA this is hilarioousee
    although kinda creepy , not use to seeing our
    booys dress up like this !

  2. hahaha..
    this is so funny
    yet so freakingly sexy!
    thx vicky!!!

  3. lmao omg this is freaking amazing and scary at the same time. I so agree, Bong just looks like he is dressed as usual. Hot, but it looks normal for him. Seungri, Man I’m so happy your finally of age cause i can say that you are smokin hot baby, and not have to worry about jail XD BaeBae omg lol It fits and doesnt all at the same time. I just cant explain it. Dae. you totally need to sing trot in that outfit. You’ll make the noonas go crazy all over again. TOP omg lol he can work it cant he? But overall. Bongie, my love im sorry, but I have to go with Ri on this one. He’s just too damn cute as a mini JT. Gah

  4. wow those are wow i can’t even explain! wow

  5. Damn, so hot. The Vogue photos are just damn hot. That’s why I love the boys so much, they just do it, they don’t care, they just go for it. ❤ TOP as Bob Dylan is just hot, and JT, baby, ooooohhh.

  6. WOOOOOW o.O

    that is sooo UNIQUE!!

    I’m realy speechless (for the first time)….

  7. some pictures, i think “what have they done them!”

    Man i was totally thinking the same thing
    about GD looking like a perverted film director LOL

    all the pics below Mr. Young Bae Jackson are SUPER
    HOT, i mean alla them are workin their Iconic selves!!

    Esp. SR as JT . . . LOVE IT!
    GAAHH!!! his EYES & LIPS!! >> http://pds1.egloos.com/pds/200812/19/42/d0031942_494b82a36a0be.jpg

    YAY for eng subs! thanks so much!

    Well, it looks really cool. xD Reminds me of visual kei, actually.
    Everyone looks……… well. Different. >D
    But I gotta say, they all look good. xD

  9. ROFL ; i love them anywayss ^^ they are they no matter how they dress ❤

    they looked VERY DIFFERENT!
    but i notice them..especially TOP & G-Dragon.
    Screams* Seungri looks hot!
    hehe g-dragon looks like he would dress like
    that but without all the extra hair and stuff.
    OMG seungri has EYE Contacts! it’s a different
    color! whoa, amazed once again….

  11. omgsh sooo cute daesung~
    Seungri too
    i love these pictures
    they tried so hard :]
    TOP looks really hot as bob dylan~ sexy~
    but Daesung is even better as Elvis haha that cutie~
    heh heh i see that hottie :]

  12. LMFAO, the last picture xDDDDDD!

    most of them kinda scareee mee thooo :OO
    but BABY’S JUsTIN T pics are super cute xDD
    lmao, this was kinda funny x]
    and a little…surprising/scaryish?
    xOO tehe. but yeahhh seung ri looks super cute anyway xD<33

  13. OMG. LMAO?!?!? xD
    I couldn’t stop laughing?!?! xD
    OMG OMG hahah

  14. OMG, BABY LOOKS SOOOO HOT! OMG look at his eyes, they look LIGHTER, is he wearing CONTACTS! it looks soo hooot!

    OMFG TAE YANG! lol!


  15. Vi
    $%^%&)&^$# for the pics above Mr. YB Jackson &
    %$@#$)(*^%* too for the pics under Mr. YB Jackson. Hahaha

    Oh my god… lord… that sure is the pic of 2 ladies.

    HAHAHA… I guessed it right!
    The pic before the cut is hubby’s lips. Idk why but I feel so happy now. Kekeke

    Kakaka… oh my god. Dae is so fit to elvis
    I could imagine him singing trot! My stomach hurts…

    No comment for the perverted film director. Uhh…

    Maybe hubby could work the perm but I just don’t like it.
    But still, I must admit he look hot with that perm.

    I should say from the whole cosplaying thing the one I like the most is baby.
    Aw~~ baby JT!! He look hot and cute.

    Everytime I look at this “ron wood” by “Tabi” the song “say no no no” plays in my head.

    Gurl!!!! Thanks so much for the subs!!
    I can’t wait for my download to finish & watch it. Hahaha…
    So “oh my god” for the UJH.

  16. Omfg, I see these pics this morning on Soompi.
    Especially the wigs, omfg.
    The only one I liked was Seungri’s Justin Timberlake.
    And GD’s Bob Marley was decent as well.

    Thank you for subbing!
    I’ve been waiting for it.

  17. lmao at BIG BANG as the Rolling Stones!
    OMG G-ri is J-ri: (mick Jagger, keith RIchards)

  18. BigBang

    no seriously
    creepy is the RIGHT word okay haha

  19. kay-chan

    at least someone agrees with me
    his normal self is just too bizarre, this is NOTHING haha


  20. rosiebb

    hhahaha forreal huh?
    like those who film porn hahaha
    I blame the goatie

  21. ninalee

    no wonder Baby look a bit odd
    he has contact him
    nice catch
    I love his SLEEK&SHINE hair haha (sound like a commercial)

  22. nya

    I feel like I haven’t talk to you in 10 million years
    Spanish midterm was today, ACED IT and NO MORE SCHOOL!!1
    WINTER BREAK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so happy. I was playing ‘Bullshit’ all day
    that was fun too

    I really miss my fangirl life, especially my VVC members.

    you know what I was thinking when I make that picture cut?hahaha
    I was like ‘I’m sure his wife will know it’s him’ hahahahaha

    Dae doesn’t look that much from his trot self huh? hahahaha

    and ADMIT IT.
    Bong look like a porn director hahahaha

    Tabi actually look decent in that perm, that’s good enoug
    with other people T_________T
    like for Bae… not really.

    BABY JT!!!!!!!! I was listening to Justin Timberlake all day today
    and I come home and see this
    kekek WIN IN LIFE!!

    the UJH in GOLD MISS scare the crap out of Tabi hahaha
    that was just plain HILARIOUS

  23. wow. tabi is the only one that pulled this all off and still looked sexy. baby pulls it off when he does justin but thats it.

    i love that last picture of tabi. its beautiful. he totally pulls off that hairdo….i wouldn’t mind seeing him like this more often. 😉

  24. wah~~~~ tabi look like a girl in the first vogue pic….

  25. I know lil sis in law you’re kinda creep out with the vogue pictures…but I still find them all sexy!!!
    Baebae…and those lips…HOT DANNNNNNNNGGGGGG……yep, he can work Michael Jackson all right…and those curls…^^
    I love Baby Ri as JT too!!! He can work it! and I know he really enjoyed doing it! wooohoo!
    I agree with you, Bong seems to be dressed as himself…just shows how diversified his style is. ^^
    Tabi smoking!!! OMG! he looked like he knows how to do it…hope the photoshoot didn’t make him like to smoke…hehehe…but he really still looked cool.
    Waaaa Dae….I love his shots too…too sexy!

  26. Vi
    Hahaha… I feel that too.
    Aw~ winter break? Kekeke… take a good rest gurl, u’ve done so much.
    Midtermn & subbing the gold miss for the same time.
    U could sub the next episode in ease, coz u won’t have to rush the time
    I could feel u gurl. Haha… the holiday for 2 weeks right?

    Kekeke… when I first saw it I was like “it’s hubby. I have the sense of it” but I’m not that sure, & then when I scroll down more, hahaha… “YESSS!!! ITS HUBBY!!” haha… that make me all happy for today.

    Haha doesn’t look that much. Pfftt…
    U can’t help it. It’s Dae’s trademark. Hahaha

    I ADMIT IT. Bong sure looks like porn director. Maybe it’s the socks fault?

    Hubby is hot with that perm, but I just don’t like boys with perm.
    So I don’t really raise my hand for that hairstyle but I don’t say its bad on him too. I’m neutral. Hahaha
    Bae, but at least he drag that feel of Michael Jackson out of him.

    Kekeke… wife just have the sense of what to do right?
    All thing the wife do is related to husband. Hahaa..
    Maybe we have the sixth sense as well. Haha

    OH MY GOD. I remember when I first watched it.
    My mom from upstairs go down to scold me coz I laugh too loud & its already midnight. Tabi expression made the whole perf look more hilarious.
    Also when Bae do the couple dance with that auntie (Idk what her name is) & when he turn back, Bae look at the UJH auntie right behind him. That scare him so bad & I laugh so so hard. Hahaha… hilarious.

  27. LMAOOO
    i’m hella cracking up at those pics XDD

  28. thank you so much for subbing!!!!!

    ~omg those pics are horrible…what the heck did they do to my BAE!?!?!?!?!?! he’s wearing tights! AHHHHH i didn’t think i’d see the day but i have and im crying…oh gosh…

  29. HAHAHA!!! *sorry O.O*

  30. tnx manageRI >_^

  31. Thanks for the sub ^^

    About the VOGUE pix,just no comment :-|.They all look so weird ><

  32. Vogue didn’t quite hit the mark with the Rolling Stones thing. I think Seung Ri was the only one they got right. He managed to look absolutely ridiculous, yet hot, and he still somewhat pulled it off. I can sort of get the Ronnie Wood thing with TOP but not with anyone else. Bong looks more like Keith Richards now, rather than 30 years ago.

    OMG, LEG WARMERS! They look so funny on YB, hehe. I actually just bought a pair today. He’s a funny MJ but the hair is better than SHINee’s.
    Dae Sung channels Elvis perfectly, haha. xD
    Bong’s legs look good. O_O Jealousjealousjealous. I think the only thing that makes that outfit different is the fake facial hair. I can see him wearing it.
    TOP = Bob Dylan? Am I in heaven? I love them both. =D And, I would love to be that harmonica.
    Seung Ri totally practices his JT poses in the mirror. Gosh, he looks so hot. I want his little necklace-tie thingy.

    LOL, in the first picture, YB looks like some weird, pimp daddy Santa Claus. xP
    Now, I’m going to watch Gold Miss.

  33. oh my god! scary pix. haha! but baby JT is so CUTE & HOT! i Love Seungri & JT. 2 in 1, equals ‘SEXY’. haha… Lavet.. XD

  34. vogue is really really weird . thats totally not awkward at all -_- lol

  35. at first, I thought….ewww what have they done to TOP?!?!

    but once I saw the Bob Dylan ones ^_____^

  36. Thanks for the sub!

  37. i love how seungri is justin timberlake. best idea ever!

  38. sis in law

    I should be getting use to all this weirdness by now
    but yet… sometimes… certain things just surprise me haha
    this is one of them keke

    Tabi seriously look like a real smoker right there
    I heard rumours about him smoking but don’t know if it’s true
    look so pro right there
    make me wonder

  39. nya

    haha actually Anecia fisnished the translation yesterday and I subbed it right away last night, a bit this morning and finish it up after I got home from school haha
    I got too excited hahah

    nah~ I blame the goatie
    so classic pervert trademark
    Bong…. porn hhahahahah

    EunHee? hahaha the look on her face was just WHOA
    Bae got so scared he bow down to her ahahah

    I CANNOT wait to see Bong rapping ‘Stronger’ and Baby busting a move, and they BETTER NOT edit out Bae’s piano part
    or we’re gonna raise some hell

  40. Maryam

    I noticed the leg warmer too haha
    I live in Florida, so never was a fan of them
    think they look buldgy and itchy haha
    my friend is obsessed with it so she bought me a whole bunch… that is still somewhere under my bed hahahaha
    when I saw Bae wearing it I was like ‘aww jeez’ hahaha

  41. ROFL Maryam
    weird, pimp daddy Santa Claus definitely fits
    the blank thought I had when I saw that pic of him
    LOL omg so hilarious!

    Dae Sung & TOP are the HOTTEST in RollingStones lol

    It took me a while to see past
    the Korean and oldAmerican music
    culture clash in the last pic
    But now I see how
    hot GD looks with a
    guitar and dark eye shadow
    and how SeungRi looks more like
    his mom, LOL (the hair do)

    Vicky its definitely the goatee AND hat hahaha

  42. ahhahah this is so hillarious i kept laughing all the way : D, but the one with tabi smoking..does he really smoke? o.o

  43. not to be mean,
    but seungri was the only normal looking one.
    him and ji yong.
    the rest….
    i was scarred for life from them.

  44. Wow O.O
    I laughed when i saw Seungri’s hair lol.
    But i got excited when i saw JT Seungri ^-^
    They all look awesome XD

  45. thanks for the english subs vicky and anecia! very much appreciated!! i’ve watched this part of gold miss over and over again.its so funny!! heheh

    the vogue picts are indescribable.hahaha
    bae,weirdly really looks like MJ.hahaha.
    dae can definitley like win an “Elvis Lookalike” contest.hahah totally rockin the elvis sideburns.hahahah.
    and jiyongie the korean Andre 3000.hahah! i dunno what to make out of it.LOL.but jiyongie can wear anything and pull it off.
    my TABI! smoking hot as bob dylan.he can work any gangster/rocker/smoker look everytime.hahah.and damnnn the harmonica picture.so hot.hehehhe.
    and seungri ahh~~ totally lovin that disco ball shot.really like JT.hes totally a natural at posing like JT!hahaha.lookin so so fine!
    the vogue shoot was a change i guess.lets us see what our boys can be and are awesome at.heheh!
    thanks for uploading!!

  46. lil sis in law

    in the last pic Baby Ri looked like Yeh Eun Hye. hehe. ^^
    Saw the subbed version of Gold Miss…it was too damn hilarious! They were all after Baby Ri! haha! Looks like you really have to double your protection with your hubby…as I will also! Those nunas were crazy hilarious! =)
    About Tabi and smoking…I’ve heard before that Tabi used to smoke when he was still doing underground rap and quit after…I’m really not sure about that but from that pic it really looked like he knows how to…if that’s the case hope that pictorial didn’t make him want to smoke again because it’s pretty hard to quit, especially if he was a chain smoker. hihihi.
    But I think he won’t now. especially that it won’t do anything good to his health. ^^
    I’m getting pretty crazy with Baebae’s lips in these pictures.
    Can’t wait for the 2nd part of Gold Miss!!! Would Baebae really play the piano? Gotta see it!!!

  47. is Tabi really smoking??

  48. OMG! =O First thanx 4 subbing GOLD Miss ^^

    that VOGUE Pictorial WOWWWW! my Tabi is looking sexy 😉 and i loe the rocker style >.<

  49. Ahhhhh thanks for subbing gold miss!!!! ❤ *hugs* 😀


    Now those are some RALLY funny pictures!!!!

    Most of them simply made me laugh. Seriously–who the hell was the stylist for this?
    And come on now………JT and Andre3000????

    There are of course some pictures I liked—–Daesungs Elvis pose for example. And that one big picture of TOP and the harp is pretty neat too.

    The others are simply hilarious.

  51. LOL. They all look scary! hahaha. scary = sexiness overload! whahaha!

    Ahhhh~ SR sooo cute!~~ Cute Version of JT. :DD

    Thanks for subbing the Gold Miss vid.. whhahaha! XD Im having a tummy ache here.. Soo funny! hhahahaha.

  52. yea. Tabi smokes. when u get to see the making of Baskin Robbins.. TY says there that Tabi smokes. I’ve seen the box of cigarettes in the box of persimmons DS eats.. and like I was soo dissapointed. argghhh.!!!~~

  53. WOAAAHH thanks for subbing! I was laughing the whole time. LOL.
    DAngggg, the pictures freakkk me out, but I’m okay with it,
    I HOPE.

  54. Vi
    Wow~ u do it so quick. A too exited fangirl is scary. Hahaha
    But why the porn is so suit to him? Kakaka

    That’s one hilarious moment! Haha
    Also when she tries to hug Tabi when doing the disco dance.
    Tabi was so scared. He even lifted his scraft up.

    Oh… I don’t think they will edit it.
    If they edit it, they won’t include it in the preview. Hehehe…
    & they won’t want to raise a war with all BB fangurls.

  55. OMG I found Big Bang on Gild miss so so so funny, I cry from laugh!! I so love them!!!
    But about the Vogue photoshoot I’m annoyed because there are not so much of TOP pictures, and I don’t find him so geat on this one… sad

  56. omg i HATE that wig on SR…its soo ugly
    but he still looks hellah fine!!!

  57. OMG i think the JT one is the best =P the rest like the michael baeson is hot too^^

  58. lmaooo this was hilarious
    and i couldnt rlly tell apart gd and seungri lawll

  59. some how i saw Seung Ri like Avril Lavigne and T.O.P like Takuya Kimura..
    awesome pics until i cried bcz i laughing too much~!!!

  60. Oh no——–did my post just got deleted?
    I seem to have a rival somewhere out there!

  61. OMG!!!!
    thanx for the subs!!!!!@

    and OMFG!!!
    the pics are very unique
    at first I seriously didn’t recognize them
    Bae reeeally looks like MJ
    and Dae woooow!
    now Tabi….no comment >.<

  62. i think i’m going to have a heart attacck
    how is it that they can look great in EVERYTHING T_____T
    scary and adorable at the same time !

    BIG BANG <3333333333333333333333

  64. wow

    now i see what the fuss was about

    Baby and Bong looked great.
    The others look kinda scary .xD

    All in all our bois are great.

  65. omg
    i l0ve the pictures ! 🙂
    Daesung<333 ahhh – i can soo see him on stage rocking the Elvis look ! 🙂
    omg – Seungri as a baby JT !
    that is just WAY too cute ! :O
    LOL Jiyong – his pictures make me laugh 😀
    TOP .. are you smoking again? D:
    i thought he quit – did he? o.O
    ahhhh – Big Bang is amazing ❤

  66. LMAO….i can’t help it.

  67. seung ri jt looks AMAZING! he can really pass for an asian version.

  68. wow

  69. thank you so much for the sub ^^
    n the vogue pics? OH MY GOODNESS,,,,O.O
    they never stop amazed me hehe
    JT-Maknae <333

  70. omg~


  71. I’d have to say that Dae and YB looked the best.
    Dae looked *better* than Elvis. And YB pulled it off well. The rest just get credit becuase theyre so darn cute. (*swoon*)

  72. o my lanta this pics and priceless lol my bebe is to dark to be michael jackson lol but still looks kute. and baby seung ri i knew he was going be justin as soon as i saw the hat. lol

    WOOOOOOOOOOWZ this is so…..interesting 😀
    they look kinda FUNNY but also COOL too 😀 like a “COOL-FUNNY” 😀
    i bet they kinda laughed at each other’s funny appearances too! they might’ve had some fun then ^_^
    that LAST pic with G-RI is great. i like how Seungri looked in it.
    YB=MJ, that was bound to happen, hehehz.
    they all matched their characters well. & Seungri….lol<333333

  74. lolol Go BB for more crazy model pics!!! ^.^ Love this idea! They all got very good personages that they could pull off well. Its so cool to be like- ‘Ah- he looks like him!’ and TY is just too cute while TOP, DS,and SR sex it up. GD really… looks like something he’d already wear for the most part! ^o^ I love you GD!

  75. i gotta admit, and not to be baby-clingy or anything, but baby jt is so the best. did u see bong’s stache? =_=

  76. seriously
    i DO NOT understand High Fashion!!!!
    but love the subb

  77. LOLOLOL; Baby was soooo darn cute ;D
    JT isn’t even half as hot as SeungRi xD

  78. […] [ENGLISH SUBBED] Big Bang on GOLD MISS | Big Bang’s VOGUE Pictorial WATCH HARDSUBBED VERSION ON YOUTUBE: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 […]

  79. hahaha i took so long time to distinguish bae, baby and bong
    not kidding..omfg..those pics shocked the crap outta me
    it was cool..i like it
    hahaha my roommate and i screamed when we saw him doing the mj’s pose!!
    kekee..yeah bong’s pic is just like himself right?
    and i can’t help but stare at his sexy thighs
    and also comparing his thighs with michael baeson’s
    hahaha their thighs are of VAST DIFFERENCE!! lololol
    heck. i’m comparing their thighs..i’m perverted like that

  80. oh my god, unbelievable

  81. Tae shoulda got like Usher or something…but everyone else there counter part suits them

  82. OMG !! OMG!!! I really love the shots !!!!

  83. hahahaha wtf?

  84. lol omg

  85. Tabi smoking.. ah, gives me nightmares!

  86. omg. i was like awwwwws<3

  87. omo..wow..that was..wow..0_0

    i cant even say a thing..my mouth literally dropped open..haha tabi looks smoking..yet scary at the same time..like..wow!

    it was wierd and yet i cant take my eyes off them..omg..

  88. i love mom

  89. umm, why can’t i download the softsubs?
    and how do you play the softsubs and the video together?
    sorry, i didn’t know. and thanks in advance!

  90. I laugh so hard Bae baby I could love you like that but gosh why is it soooo funny!!! Seung-Ri as Andre 3000 took the cake!!! Seung-Ri as Justin brought it back. What were those vogue people thinking??? LOLBig Bang is sexii no matter what though funny!!! But sexxxyyy!!!

  91. heh? i can’t seem to download them, when i do it says it’s “forbidden”? please help, much appreciated ><

  92. If you wish for to improve your familiarity simply keep visiting this site and be
    updated with the hottest information posted here.

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