GDragon confessed having nightmares fearing DaeSung would leave Big Bang behind


Big Bang leader G-Dragon has confessed about he had nightmares after fearing that fellow DaeSung, who has been active on TV program ‘Family Outing’, will really go away.

G-Dragon said on the episode of KBS ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2′ set to air on 23rd December that he had envied fellow member and also one of the long-time star appearance on SBS ‘Good Sunday – Family Outing’ DaeSung.

He said, “In my dreams, I dreamt that DaeSung, caught in between the Big Bang and ‘Family Outing’ members, has without hesitation chose ‘Family Outing’ members over Big Bang members. I was afraid that he would leave us.”

He also said that he found it disturbing that DaeSung, who would talk to him softly and comfortable in their normal conversations, would shout “This is DaeSung~!” in the ‘Family Outing’ episodes where he is waiting for his call before departure in the waiting room.

G-Dragon even give an example of how their president Yang Hyun Seok has been jealous of DaeSung on ‘Family Outing’. Because of his busy schedule, sometimes DaeSung will not be able to answer calls during filming, including that of Yang Hyun Seok. There was once when DaeSung had called back again, Yang Hyun Seok had said, “You would definitely pick up Yoon Jong Shin’s call but will not pick up mine”.


O_O g-dragon is so silly (: daesung will never leave us, right?

thank you SOOKYEONG.


~ by 수현 on December 19, 2008.

41 Responses to “GDragon confessed having nightmares fearing DaeSung would leave Big Bang behind”

  1. Oh GD, you’re such an adorable leader.
    Daesung will never leave you guys.

  2. Daesung loves singing he would never leave big bang! He loves big bang! he tried so hard to get into big bang he would never leave! he better not leave! GD so silly.

  3. i hope that never ANY of them :[

  4. bong… dae won’t leave BB.
    & BB won’t be completed without Dae.
    its just a nightmare.
    it’ll dissapear aftewr u woke up 🙂

  5. o-o;
    This is gonna give ME nightmares.

  6. omg that’s horrible! doradaesung will never leave big bang; I’m sure – he’s made such a great bond with the members of Big Bang that he can’t possibly forget, and the boy loves singing and spending time with them! So how can he ever give that up for Family Outing
    ? That’s quite ridiculous! Those boys are meant to be friends together, forever ❤

  7. OMG. D:
    This is gonna give ME nightmares. TT-TT
    Noooo, DaeSunggg, dun leaveee D:
    He`s meant to be in Big Banggg ;o
    It`s not right if he leaves :/

  8. I’m agree with fellow VIPz…
    GD ah, please dream another good dreams….
    and to daesung, please pick up mr YG’s phone next time..
    he is ur boss ok? hehe…

  9. hahaha. this is so funny! poor dae! he’s caught in the middle even if he doesn’t want to be.

  10. awee!
    dae would never!

  11. oh GD! Dae will never leave anyone!

  12. O_O !!!! you striked fear

  13. I remember on “NII 2008 Winter photoshoot Interview”,GD had asked DS the same thing.He asked:”Among BB and FO,which one will you choose?”

    And how sad that DS answered without any hesitation that he would choose FO ><

    It’s just like the fear of DS’s leaving BB is GD’s biggest fear

    Poor mah little Yong,it seems like he has been thinking about it so much 😦

  14. awww. if it wasnt for big bang, dae sung wouldnt be in family outing. and in family outing. he’s really proud in being part of it. HE WOULDN’T LEAVE!

  15. prooud of being a part of big bang*

  16. Im so sad that GD feels like that,
    but im sure, as a leader he has to think
    of stuff like that but DaeSung is DaeSung
    because of BB! Relax Kwon Leadah
    DS’s not goin anywhere . . . he better not!!! : D

    although, i cant believe YG said that
    Lol haha its like theyre a couple

  17. daesung don’t leave! T.T
    that really would be the worst nightmare ever.

  18. now i’m going to have nightmare about Daesung leaving T-T Jiyong oppa, our smiling angel won’t leave us…will he? if Daesung left i would be sad because it’s not big bang without all five memebers, and i would miss his smile.

  19. omg i would killed daedae if he leaves!! but he loves the boys too much to do that.. gd is just stessing and being his leader self… haha about mr yg.. poor boss jealous of mc yoo.. daedae needs to pick up mr yg’s phone call and not text that idol girl… lolx jkjk love you daedae^_^

  20. maybe because dae busy, GD felt lonely and think too much well pray hard that it won’t happen. hopefully dae will faithfull with the boys as they are already like family.

  21. Nooooooo T.T nightmares

  22. jiyongie opa!! dont be afraiddd!
    i hope dae will never leave us!! oh no..

  23. NuhhhUHHHHHH.
    JIYONG, don’t think like that!
    Dae’s so busy, but he’ll never leave ’em.
    BigBang is LOVE (:

  24. oh gawd!~~ I dont want DS to leave bigbang! O.O Without Big Bang he would not be in F.O. So he shouldnt leave big bang! That would be a TOTAL NYTMARE if DS leaves.. :((

  25. OMG HE’S TOO CUUUTEEEEE!!!! I do get the feeling that Daesung is a bit different when he’s with the Family, and maybe during Jiyong’s episode with FO the other time, he saw that. But Jiyong ahhh….Daesung will never leave Big Bang!!

  26. y GD is silly? i dont understand that the end!!!
    i wish it is false

  27. AWWW gdragon is so cute (:
    no worries, dae won’t leave ^^


  29. God i hope this isn’t true. but Daesung did work really hard to be in this group to give it up for a comedy tv show? never!

  30. oh my..GD..:))…u’r so silly…DS never leave you…never leave BB…never leave VIPz…:x:x…luv ya:*:X

  31. awwww poor GD<3
    i hope it never happens …

  32. awww Jiyong (:
    you’re an amazing leadah ❤
    don’t worry –
    Daesung will never leave Big Bang !
    Big Bang Forever (:

  33. aawwtts~
    don’t worry too much bong,,
    it’s just a bad dream~
    i know DAE won’t leave BB for sure!!!!!!!!!
    BB Forever!

  34. i hope not anyone of them will leave big bang! the whole world loves the big bang!!!

  35. Awwww,
    But-but i know Dae would NEVER
    do that….er right? i mean he wouldn’t.
    he loves Big Bang & plus he loves
    singing && he was so so happy when
    G-Dragon wrote him a trot.
    Aha Mr. Yg is jealous too. =P
    Ahhh i know, i wanted to see DaeSung’s
    reaction. i can imagine him hugging
    G-Dragon and saying “Don’t worry, i would NEVER!”
    Exactly…Big Bang FOREVER!

  36. OMGD. 🙂
    he cares too much. i had a dream like that once..
    but there was so 1 still in it and then he left…

    yeah. but i never really liked him.

  37. aigoo oppa..dont say that!!

    dae2 will never ever leave big bang..he loves those boys too damn much..^^

    haha..even mr.YG is jealous..i know dae feels the love and he’s just a bit busy..but kwon leader doesnt have to worry..

    BB FOREVER!! ^^

  38. this is totally striking paranoia. dae would never leave big bang!! don’t leave!!

  39. NO! Gdragon…that’ll never happen.
    If any of the BB members leave, I will die and be in a pit of peril. BB wouldn’t be complete without any of them.

  40. oh…don’t worry…he NEVER go away…he can’t do this…BigBang is not real without Daesung

  41. ola solo paso para decir que cantan super bien y que estan super guapos y que tienen un buen estilo de musica y espero su respuesta ee sale adios

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