12.21.08 Big Bang on GOLD MISS & Road Show! Quiz Expedition

12.21.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
903 MB

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Thanks to 엔탈 and 마시멜로님

Jang Hyuk is the guest this time, and if you’re into the drama world, you’ll have how big he is and he barely…rarely went on variety show AT ALL. With his appreance, this epsiode of Family Outing earned a whopping 29.1% rating. that’s pretty awsome.

AND OMG!!! They’re coming out with a Family X-FILE showing clips from previous episodes that was edited out, and it looks awsome!! It includes Bong playing with a oyster haha !!! CAN’T WAIT!!

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12.21.08 SBS Good Sunday
Big Bang on GOLD MISS
274 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님


Getting caught between Baby and Bong??? Bae playing the piano??? then at the end…… Baby danced to ‘STRONG BABY’

I really CAN’T find anyword to describe this ANYMORE…

NOPE.                            NONE.

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HQ Pictures from the show release from SBS. I love the one with Bae on the piano. I didn’t know this was possible but SOMEHOW….. I’m even MORE ADDICTED to Baby now…. like dude….. it scares me a bit too… is this possible?? omg………. I’m in DEEP

12.21.08 KBS Road Show! Quiz Expedition
Special Guest: Big Bang
311 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

This show is beyond hilarious, I had a chance to watch all the previous episode of this show today and I lost my voice cuz I laughed too much, haha I was a happy fangirl when i saw Baby sitting next to Bong. HEHE~ GRi love in the HIZZ-HOUSE!! If you don’t know what this show is about, it’s basically about college students who are trying to win $1,000,000 won (1,000USD). The basic rule is, YOU HAVE TO BE FUNNY, if you can’t make the judge laugh or do something entertaining within 1 minute, it will be up the judges either youre disqualified or go to the 2nd round. I get to see the Big Bang cuts rather than the whole show so i don’t really know what’s going on, but judging from their expression, it’s freaking hilarious, they look amazingly cute cracking up. They found a Tabi-look-alike in the crowd haha though I think Tabi is x1000000 hotter fo ‘sho.

These two people, one male and a female attempt to pull a ‘Lee Hyori’ haha performing ‘U GO GIRL’ they try to convince the judge to let them go to the 2nd round, poor Bong…. HE JUST HAVE TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT…………….. THAT…. will haunt him for the rest of his life……… LORD.

Getting to see Baby jumping up and down laughing make me a very very happy person. They all just URGH!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!! A lucky girl get to hug Tabi……. when her boyfriend was right there onstage hahahaha her boyfriend take revenge by hugging Tabi too kekekek Tabi’s face was like ‘OH CRAP… HE’S HOLDING A METAL BAR’ hahahahah

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Also STALKER PICS!!!!!!!! Haha the thing you didn’t get to see on the show, is Dae was getting some of that U GO GIRL action too hahaha Baby was being cute with his dancing, Baby copied Dae’s old style dancing this time hahah. And Bong was being SUCH a cutie, YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT.

Big Bang on GOLD MISS

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Big Bang on Road Show! Quiz Expediiton

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Thanks to viva GDragon | SBS | Big KwonJoo


~ by Vicky on December 21, 2008.

55 Responses to “12.21.08 Big Bang on GOLD MISS & Road Show! Quiz Expedition”

  1. ohmygot !

  2. OMG!!!
    the road show thing is hilarious
    and after seein the pics I wanna see the the whole thing
    Bong’s pics are just too adorable
    who could even believe Bong was sick
    and Dae gettin some action
    he’s just standing there smilin nervously LOL!
    the girl who gets to hug Tabi is just too damn lucky man
    I can’t even imagine what I would have done
    no wait I CAN! XP
    even if my bf was there pshhh

    the golden miss pics are cute
    all of them sittin like good boys
    can’t wait to se the rest of the episode

  3. Looks too cute.
    Wish it was subbed. 😦
    Nevertheless, adorable boys!
    Take care Boi’s!!!

  4. Wow that was funny! i was laughing so hard when that dude was infront of Jiyong. Now he won’t have nightmares of Daesung leaving, insted he’ll have them of that guy lol.

  5. oh my gad….

    the spazzing begins now.
    *screams* AAHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!!!!! i have the same hat and i was wearing it at the moment that i saw these.
    i spaz about literally the stupidest things ever.. lmao.

  6. Omg, GD’s gorgeous.
    Are you gonna upload Gold Miss with subs on your youtube account?
    I’m dying to watch it.

  7. Vi
    Oh my god!
    I can’t wait to see the rest. Damn, my download speed is too slow
    Aw~ look at the capture, Tabi being so cute. Only with that already make me all exited.
    Getting caught between Baby and Bong??? Who???? Who can choose between them?? Haha

    Oh my god. The show is hilarious.
    Bong…. That poor little sheep. I don’t even want to know what’s the thing he have seen. He won’t have a nightmare of Dae leaving again.
    No more. But the nightmare of “that”… umm, yeah, “that” will haunt him for the rest of his life.

    Hahaha… that tabi-look-alike. Hubby is much hotter!!! Keke
    The sound effect & the blink they put for the eyesight effect. Kekeke
    Ahh!! What a lucky girl she is. Hehe, she said sorry for her BF. Keke.
    “Crap, he’s holding a metal bar” haha… that’s why u can’t go & hug avery girls. Hmmph! U already have me & u still go to hug other.

    Baby face at the end of the vid. So cute~~~~~~~
    Trying to dace the choreo. Hahaha… aigoo~~ just how cute he is.

    Dae’s u-go-gurl action seems better then bong’s u-go-gurl action. Hahaha

    The 2nd stalker pic of Bong. Bong Ranger. Hahaha… crack me up so bad. 🙂

  8. yay another epi of gold miss!!
    keke i watched the previous episode..
    and i laughed so hard with my roommate in her room
    we literally laughed for the whole 30 mins hahahaa~
    i’m downloading it now!
    and quiz expedition!!
    watching all the fancams already cracked me up..heck
    i don’t how hilarious more it could be
    but the line is being stupid again

    Omfg hotness, too much for 1/this night!
    gosh, i am so envious of them girls
    but ahaha I enjoy watching it.

  10. omg~~~
    Thanks for the pics..

  11. nuskx oh!

  12. omg lucky fangirl hugging tabi!!
    why is he always the one to hug fan girls??
    i wanna hug him too!!~
    and yeah..seeing them laughing so happily makes me happy too
    i like the way dae cracked up hahaa
    fo’sho he’ll clap his hands and go ‘HAHAHA!’
    hahaha..and baby seemed so excited all the way
    kekekee bong with his typical laughter..i love it!!
    too little tabi and bae though kekee

  13. oh red!

  14. nuskk oh red! (that’s 70’s show)

  15. im speechless T_T ..[Y cant i say anythin? :(]

  16. i cant wait until i can watch the whole episode ;D
    those pictures are adorable^^
    Them laughing like that is hilarious !

  17. LOOOL! That fan is so lucky!
    GD is so cute xD! now he will have nightmares T.T

  18. I hope someone uploads the 2nd part of Gold Miss!
    I saw the part when Bae was playing the piano…lucky noona..but he didn’t directly kiss her because those lips were only reserved for me.hihihihi. =)
    Baby looked so adorable too! he was enjoying Baebae’s number on the piano…so cute. hihihi.
    The show was hilarious! Lil sis in law, are you gonna sub the 2nd part as well?

    i don’t know my name anymore either 😡

  20. vicky thanks alot for uploading!
    ahhh!!! the gold miss episode was soooo…indescribable.haahah
    sbs was smart for ending the 1st part with a cliffhanger cause anybody who is sane will definitely want to tune in to the 2nd part.
    and it was worth every minute big bang was on the show!! kekek.
    tabi~~~ dancing with the pink hair lady! LOL! so cute! and then he got all embarrassed.hahah.tabi ah~~~
    and seungri was feeling it when bae was playing the piano.LOL!
    how much more adorable can his face get! heheh.
    jiyongie being the smooth sexy guy.ahh~~heaven.kekeke.
    i really enjoyed this one.
    and i can’t wait to catch the quiz expedition! has to be hilarious!
    thanks alot for uploading!
    are you planning to sub the 2nd part as well? ^__^

  21. OMG!! i love GD and all his facial expressions in the quiz expedition..super cute..
    and him in gold miss sitting on that big bean chair thingie..awwwwww~~~ too too hot! i love that blue on him, it makes him look happy and fresh~

  22. LOL! haha the last part
    was so funny with TOP & YB
    dancing hahaha! and SeungRi
    just looked so cute when he
    was so into the dance n was
    doing it in his seat lol!
    everyone seemed to be having
    a good time…ESP DaeSung! lol
    he was laughing the whole time
    The Miss Gold pics are super hottt!!
    must watch the upload! thankyuuu!!

  23. Vi
    OH-MY-FRIGGIN’-GOSH! i stood up to stream Gold Miss live again and wow, i was speechless just like you. i mean, i already had an idea of what was coming, but man, previews did not do as much justice. show was a million times crazier than the previous ep. that one lady was so hung up on Baby though. tried calling him up, but Jiyong ‘sacrificed’ himself, but she still got Baby to go up and she had like a GRi tug-o-war. then she moved onto a ToDae tug-o-war. wth lady. oh and then OMO…Baby dancing to his song. once i heard the music i thought he was going to sing, but he just danced, which was still good too. Baby is definitely growning up – taking charge and dancing up on that lady. >__< imma have to re-watch this again.

    haven’t seen the full ep. of Road Show! Quiz, but i’m about to DL that now. gaaaaah. imma be in a Big Bang coma for the next 24+ hours. xD

  24. i just watched gold miss
    couldn’t understand but i also don’t know what’s my name anymore
    major sexiness of baby dancing to strong baby T__T

  25. oh mah gah oh mah gah oh mah gah

  26. Vicky I know what you mean!! OMG Baby makes me love him more ‘n more everyday, and it doesn’t seem like i’m gonna stop loving him anyday soon. and i’d never ever been addicted to ANYTHING or ANYONE longer than 2 monthes, for all my life, never. cause i get bored very easily. But baby is the ONLY exception, i don’t know why, it’s even scary that he has this much influence upon me O_O;;;

  27. The Road Show seems funny Lol
    I havent got a chance to watch it yet
    But i’m downloading it XD!
    Arr that look-a-like Top guy
    i agree with you that top’s a lottttttttttttt hattoer than that guy
    Hehe but seungri beside gdragon!!
    Goshhh that makes my body out of blood Lol

  28. Just finished registered my account at Worldpress Lol
    Baby dances to strong baby!!!
    And again that makes me go crazy~
    Those boys are really very adorable!!
    How can anybody not fall into their charms?
    At least not me!!
    They always pull me to them without knowing><“

  29. Sexica

    OMG.. if you didn’t mention it now
    I would’ve forgot completely too
    Bong is just amazing like that

  30. luvpandaeyes

    hahaha I don’t know WHAT’S WORSE in this case hahaha

  31. Dori

    I was screaming at the top of my lung
    this is the first time this ever happens hahaha
    I screamed tons of time before
    but this loud?

  32. jess

    I will be subbing with Anecia
    and it will be on my alternate youtube account since it’s SBS
    but don’t worry
    I’ll post up the videos on here

  33. nya

    she was doing the performance haha
    then she want 2 people to drag on her
    first it was Baby and Bong, the GRi couple
    then it’s ToDae hahaha
    after that it’s BaeDae
    damn she knows how to pick the couple hahahaha

    Bong wil be begging to dream about Dae leaving after this hahahahah

    the MC ask her if Tabi send her a text what will she say
    she was like ‘it’s my pleasure’
    and then they ask what if ur bf ask about it, then she was like ‘I’m sorry’ to her BF

    the bf is holding a damn metal bar
    shouldn’t have mess with him hjahaha
    stay with ur wife for god’s sake hahahah

  34. jiyanz

    seems like Tabi is the one who’s getting all the hugging action huh? hahaha

  35. sis in law

    this boy…………he’s not innocent ANYMORE damn
    the Bae I know before would NEVER have the nerve to do that haha
    and when Baby and Dae copied him HAHAHAH

  36. Jaja

    yup Anecia and I wil be subbing GOLD MISS

  37. Heather

    dude Bong just HAVE to come out with Baby’s girl hahahaha
    she was pulling on Baby the whole time haha freaked him out
    that’s some GRi action, Bong doesn’t want her to touch Baby so he sacrifice himself ahahahahah

    I wanna watch GOLD MISS again
    but I’m scared that my heart won’t be able to handle it hahaha

  38. widchii

    I know how you feel
    like…. I’m scared ….
    the fact that I care too much about him

  39. Vo

    just explain to me why u were screaming THAT loud and i’ll understand : )

  40. =_= i hate typos^

  41. okay so i didnt think i could fall in love with tae yang more than i am now – AHHHHHH he’s going to start a new trend…THE FOREHEAD FINGER KISS~ i was squealing like a fangirl when he did that…omo omo…NOSEBLEED…..SR was so cute dancing to Strong Baby and GD rapping….ah lol….cuteness


  43. NO FAIR, that kiss from baby xDD

  44. Hey u? Any news about WonderBang special stage on Dec.31 on MBC Gayo Dae Jun? Rumors going around about it? Is it true? Could u help search? Thank you.

  45. Vi
    i don’t blame you. that was A LOT to take in.
    i re-watched the first part of Gold Miss last night. i’ll probably
    re-watch the second part soon. *takes deep breath* we gotta be strong, Vi.
    take in all that BB craziness. haha.

  46. Vi
    Yep, Ye Ji Won auntie sure know how to pick couple. Hahaha…
    I laugh so hard at baby’s face during Ji Won auntie perf. Baby’s expression is just too funny.
    When the first time she drag him, baby’s face is like “whooaaa~~~” then it went to “what??? What should I do??”
    Also when he’s feeling Bae’s piano skill. Hahaha… baby’s face. Hilarious.

    Damn, I laugh so so hard when Shin Bong Sun auntie part.
    Tabi acting cute & try to dance along. Then he fell embarrassed himself.
    Oh my god, the cute part that every tabi lovers can’t miss.
    U could see how embarrassed he is when he go back to sit. His face says all. Hahaha…

    Yup, hubby should learn about that.
    If he still want to mess with that metal bar again, next time when he got home, it’s me who hold that metal bar. Hahaha…

  47. Bae on the piano yeah..dream come true lol
    oh lord poor Jiyongie he’s like scar for life haha

  48. Vi
    he really is
    now imagine if he hadn’t benn

  49. lil sis in law

    I know right?
    Baebae’s getting a lot more courage now…but that also means he needs more protection.
    I love him on the piano. hehehe.
    Baby made me laugh when he got the “feel”. hihihihi.

  50. […] 12.21.08 Big Bang on GOLD MISS & Road Show! Quiz Expedition 12.21.08 SBS Good Sunday DaeSung on Family Outing 903 MB […]

  51. how come it’s just cuts of the quiz show? it looks like so much fun…where can i find the whole show? i want to know why BIG BANG is so happy.

  52. can someone upoad the whole videoo?
    GAHH i wanna see so much ~

  53. damn! G-d look so bomb on stage with a girl behind him…
    G-d is so sexy… 😀

  54. Everybody look so fine and sexy in Gold Miss…

  55. I love Tae! Tae look sexy when he is on the piano..lol…
    he rock my world! X)

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