Dear VIP… has been a while since who knows when. Anyway, yeah i thought of dropping by to wish all of you Merry Christmas. Its Christmas Eve from where im from and i cant wait to get my hands on that-so-called-beautiful-big-bird named Turkey. lol

Apart from that, i would also like to express my thanks to everyone for your wonderful support to this fansite. It started from small. And i still remember the first project i made for Big Bang on Valentine’s day. It has made a huge impact on this fansite, where people came and stayed with us till now. Thank you.

Well, i told Melly that i might not be active from now on cause of other work and stuff. So my time on the net will be pretty much LIMITED. I even wrote a “resignation letter” to Melly but she rejected it with no question asked (Melly, you are a good person). Its also nice to see that my lovely kid “Vicky” is doing a good job and still standing with her never ending mission to keep all of you updated. 

I love it here. Coz i get to know each and everyone of you readers. Although, i have only met a few but still you guys are great. Am i ditching Big Bang? Hell NO. Let’s just say that i feel much better knowing that you guys are always supporting them no matter what.

Will write whenever im free. Just felt like talking to you guys and this is the only way to reach you.

Have a great holiday! Ho..ho..ho..ho..Merry Christmas!!!

no genre, just music – momo-


~ by Momo on December 23, 2008.

37 Responses to “Dear VIP…”


  2. hey momo. i x think u remember me but im one of the ppl that participated in the bb anniversary project.

    its sad to hear that ur not gonna write much from now on. but i guess u need some time off for work rite? u guys need a break too once in a while. so much stuff u guys did for the fansite. thank u =)
    i’ll always support this fansite. good luck w everything momo. take care ^^


  4. Merry Christmas MOMO~~~ We love ya *^_^*

  5. i don’t celebrate christmas!!!
    but merry christmas everyone!!!!

  6. happy holidays and thxs for all u have done:D

  7. lol, momo the resignation letter part made me laugh.
    you’re always welcomed here, a fellow VIP & my good friend.
    don’t disappear forever now.

  8. awwwww Momo U.U you are a great person really ^^
    thanx a lot and i always remember you because you did awesome projects for this site ^^ btw i’m Mariale from Perú ^^
    i will miss u around here!

  9. wOw..Im able 2 use ur quote “No genre, just Music”..thank U very much..U’ll always B part of VIP Family..1 of our mothers..hehe..please do visit us if u have time..MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR MOMO!!! Love always..ur VIPz…^_^

  10. momovip, MERRY CHRISTMAS! & Happy Holidays!!
    I remember when I would see a lot of
    posts from you lol…yep, a while back hehe
    but yea, you cant just disappear forever!
    We’ll always support BB, you too ^-^

    I love it here, also.
    I just wanna take the time to thank people
    like Melly and Vicky who make this site, or
    as I call it, my bb-addict-haven, so awesome
    and full of BB

    I also wanna wish all the VIPs Merry Christmas!!
    and Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a safe
    one. Its kinda touchy feely lol but I love the
    thought that there are people love BB as much as me.
    And talking and laughing abt BB stuff is what
    makes me love the iVIPs and BBfansite! I hope I
    can be friends with alla u and any iVIPs

    Im prolly gna repeat this message
    in the future at some BB climax moment lol

    I love Christmas!
    I love BIG BANG!!
    I love all of you VIPs!!!

    Merrrry Christmasss!! woohoo~

    okay, I’m not sure if you even remember me, I just used to go to BBfanchat, x) miss those days…. And I can’t adore Melly unnie more for doing so! =D You are one of the people who made this fansite the way it has become now.. Although you don’t go here as often as you used to, but you’re still one of the family and always be, right? x) I missed your posts too anyways… :DD I wanna thankyou for all you have done for this fansite, we wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS too! I really hope you have a marvelous day, we miss you so much, so please come here when you have time :DD VIPs are more than pleasured to welcome you~ love, love, love =)

  12. Dear MOMO..are you in malaysia right now?’s not too late yet! held another greet and meet in malaysia asap! and u’ll get to know me hahaha~
    u’re too stupid to resign! u can come back anytime u want 🙂

  13. merry chrismas/ joyeux noel VIPs
    THANK YOU FOR THIS FANSITE <333333333333333333333

  14. this may sound cheesy but i gotta say
    yah. it is. and NO. not everyone considers school as their second home.

    i love you all VIPs and especially those who always keep up up to date with BB news.

    if u dont know me, i dnt blame u, i dont coment alot. but i come here at least 5 times a day. 🙂

  15. i wish every one to have a “Happy Chrisma and a Meryy New Year!!!”
    i love this site and always will toooo!! hihihih
    merry merry merry chrismas to mr lovers (Big Bang) too

  16. i might not b good at saying things, but i want to thank you for the updates and news and posts. I seldom comment, but i really want to take this opportunity to wish MOMO all the best and come back when you have time! hahaXD.



  17. merry xmas and happy new year VIPz and Big Bang:*:x:*:x

  18. awww. momo, even if i don’t know u still i wanna thank u for updating us, VIP’s.. We’re so grateful that there’s u, vicky and melly. *tears LOL. okay this is not the tym to cry.. It’s Christmas Eve.. okay.,. ahihi~~ Btw, I really appreciate all of u’re hardworks.. 🙂 And surely they’ll be paid off someday. :DD Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!^^

    To all VIP’s:
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!^^ Hope u have a great one! 🙂 Wishing u all the best!^^

  19. awwwwww… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL VIPz!!!!!!!!!! Hope a lovely christmas everyone~

  20. i wasn’t active in here lately..
    all bcos of my first sem final exam..
    argh!! i hate college life!!
    it’s not fun at many assignments to do..
    how i wish i was back in high school..haihz..
    anyway,dis is not de time to complain..

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!
    to all VIPs & Big Bang!!!
    take care everyone!! muackss!! 🙂

  21. ooowww thank you so much momo you are so sweet ^.^ and merry christmas to everyone ^.^ i love you all ♥♥♥ i hope you all have a dreamy christmas like what everyone wanna catch ^.^

  22. ohhhh, ure always there for us and help us with the projects. Its okay. VIP is forever. Merry Christmas to all and happpyyy adbance new year!!! better years to come with bigbang!!

  23. merry chrtsmass momo, also everyone 🙂
    VIP last forever, & there’ll be no end for VIP
    eventhough u rearely post here but i really love everything that all VIP have post in here.
    here is my favourite fansite too ^^v
    don’t ever shatter, i love everyone who’s here & keep fighting 🙂

  24. Merry Christmas And a Happyyy New Yearrrr……. MOMO
    I think u don’t know me, i’m almost a silent reader haha
    but thank kiuuu for all the things u do for us =)
    I love u ❤

  25. Hey Momo 🙂
    Thanks for all you’ve done too.
    Happy New Year & MErry Christmas & Happy holidays
    to all the VIPS around the world. & Thanks to allt he
    VIPS for making me feel happy (: I LOVE EVERYONE 😀

  26. awww.. momo!! merry christmas too!! dont leave us.. VIPs stay strong. thank you for all your hard work.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE VIPs!!! wishing all of you a happy day with your family and loved ones!! and also, for VIPs to stay together forever!! 😉

  27. merry xmas momo….^^
    vips hv a joyful xmas!!

  28. MERRY XMAS ALL !! are great! we’ll miss you

  29. this lovely kid of your already turn 16 last month
    am I still a kid? haha
    i woke up today and the muscle on my left eye hurt so bad I can’t blind. and… tearing up after reading this PROBABLY didn’t help my eyes’ condition.
    I’ll miss you, and I PROMISE to give yout he ‘kid’ trademark, no one dare to call me that but you.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur the first one I said ‘Merry Chirstmas’ to since in it’s so freaking hot in Florida, I don’t feel it at all haha

  30. we’ll miss you, momo!
    Merry Christmas to everyone at BBFansite!!

  31. Lols; Ho Ho Ho Merry Chirstams.
    Aww come back on soon.
    Please don’t tell me you are really
    resignating. Because we VIPs wouldn’t want/like
    that. Yes we’ll miss you. [even though i don’t know you]
    Thank You for all that you’ve done but come on
    the Net everytime you are not busy and stuff.

  32. Hi Momo! I just have to tell you that this site helped me get into Big Bang. Last year when “Hot Issue” just came out, I heard it and got curious about Big Bang. Since this site is so great, I started visiting every day and realized how great the Big Bang guys are. Love this place.

  33. First of all I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!!I wish all of you guys the best for the new year and always.

    Now, for momo, I won’t ever forget how accommodating you were to me when I asked about a project for BB before and I thank you so much for that. It made me feel welcomed thus making me stay in this community! Thank you! Continue doing your best and God bless you always!

  34. Thanks for all your work! We appreciate it aloooooooot!


    and i love BBFANSITE Family !!!
    we are all in a big family after all yeah??
    and momovip you are really really a good person just like wat Melly said hehe~

    and thx to all the people who updated news too!!
    Vicky, Melly, etc.!! Thank you SO SO MUCH!

  36. Merry Christmas to you too MoMo!!!

    thank you also for everything you’ve done for us..

    Take Care Always~

  37. Merry Christmas to you too!~

    I appreciate what you girls are doing. I swear, if it’s not for this site I wouldn’t be up to date about BB stuff. You guys are amazing for taking your personal time to upload, sub, do contests, and find the knitty-gritty on Big Bang.

    momo, vicky, and melly :hwaiting:


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