Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to VIPs with GD’s LADY


WAH~ It’s that time of year again, can’t believe it more than a year that I’ve been with you guys on the site, make me feel all warm and cozy just thinking about it haha MERRY CHRISTMAS to all VIPs around the world, every place, every corner, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Everyone on this site has becoming closer and closer, we’re like a BIG HUGE FAMILY with one obsession, our wonderful boys, the one that brought us happiness everyday, so I’d like to thank them for that, and also you guys, the one that always support them no matter what. 2008 is definately Big Bang’s year, (so was 07 HEY~) haha Hope our boys will continue on with their success and hope that all of us VIPs will stick with them until the end….. wait… wth? there is no end. haha gotta stop rambling. I’m never good with cheesy holidays stuff haha I almost got beat up for the Christmas card I wrote my grandma last year, don’t wanna go there haha. Anyway,


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P.S:  If you’re wondering what our boys did on Christmas day, well Bae, Bong, Tabi and Dae all went out to CLUB NB to perform with the still-ILLEGAL-in-Korea-maknae, my husband is stuck home, poor Baby, but he’s probably practicing his provacative moves for his solo stage coming up… I’ll be waiting!!

~ by Vicky on December 24, 2008.

40 Responses to “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to VIPs with GD’s LADY”

  1. Vi…
    well.. every year is big bang year, you dont need to imply it : ) keke..

    and HAPPY 2008th BIRTHDAY JESUS ! (:

    have a Bangin’ last few days of 2008 and enjoyyyyy

    this is from PENG in AUSTRALIA 😀

    love &thanks soso much to this fansite.

  3. aww, Vi. that was sweet.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU for sure!
    and to all the other VIP here. i seriously love you
    guys whether we know each other or not. i’ve had fun
    these last few months and i plan to have more fun
    with all of you in the future as we continue our healthy
    obsession of Big Bang. ^__^v

  4. vicky!! merry christmas to you and your family.. and to ur hubby too!! lol

  5. Merry X’mas & Happy holiday Vi, and all of VIPs. ^^

  6. ohh YESS! Merry Christmas i-VIPS!
    (seriously; its been ONE year since i’ve known Big Bang)
    i’ve gone so close to them and its like awww!
    seeing them progress is a BEAUTYY =)
    and thanks to all the hard workers here at this i-vip site.
    you guys/ladies are awesome always updating us.
    Be safe this Holiday! BIG BANG HWAITING!!!

  7. Merry chritmas to u all ^^
    Bigbang fighting!
    VIP fighting!




  11. merry christmas to all vips!! happy new year and happy holidays!!! hope u have a great time, better years to come with big bang in our heart!!! hehehehhe VIP forever!

  12. happy holidays!~
    lady by bong was hot!! xD

  13. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!!
    and of course to our boys!!!

    aawwts~ Baby, is stock at home~
    poor baby, didn’t get the chance to perform with his hyungs on Christmas..

    whoa~ GD’s “lady”,,
    aawwtts~ so Dang HOT!!!


    This is just something i want you guys to see!
    My brothers girlfriend is amazingly good at painting, and here’s what she gave me for christmas gift!! (I love her<33)

    I was like “what the…….????!!!!!” when i saw it ::D
    I couldn’t believe first what I saw cause I was thinking “how did they know..? how could they? whatttt???”


  15. merry christmas girl~
    ohh..bong’s lady is so so sexay~~~~~~~~~
    omg i’m dying kekeke
    and lady is such a fun song! i like it!

  16. Awwwww Merry Christmas Vicky ^^ Thanx for everything!

    BB ♥ V.I.P’s!

    Greetings from Perú ^^

    i love the Bong version of Lady xD!

  17. MERRYMERRYCHRISTMAS AGAIN from PENG to the bbsite workers such as you, Vicky, for working DAYS and NIGHTS just to satisfy not only yourselves but us VIPs.

    this is coming from AUTRALIA BIGBANG VIP
    in order to let you bbsite workers out there know that, this site has been known WORLDWIDE INTERNATIONALLY, and i know the site by heart so i go everywhere with it.

    proud Big Bang V.I.Ps we all are (:

  18. Merry Christmas Vicky!
    whoa whoa GD’s version of Lady
    is oh so hot! “I wanna be your maaann!”

    lol I don’t mind SR not tagging along
    to hit the club, Mr. YG can make him
    stay home to work on those moves and
    that body! hehe. ohh, yes.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    to all you VIPs! (again:P)
    Have a great one!

  19. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you too (:
    AWW MANN, Babyy couldn’t go perform with them.
    But yeah, I agree with you. He’s home practicing
    his AWESOME-GREATNESS dance moves :]
    LOL. Currently listen to Jiyongie’s Lady, & It
    sounds so good (: BTW, I LOVE YOUR GIF! Lol

  20. Merry xmas VIP’z!! thanks yoo vicky!! Omg that performance was just amazing, i love last farewell as soon as you here it you just gonna get up and start saying bang bang hahaha. wish they performed lies aswell, but number 1 was awsome too, stupid camera man, why do we want to watch the audience for silly fool. the haru haru perf was soo emotional they did it really well, better then how its on the cd. and finally sunset glow man i always dance to the chorus now xD

  21. Vi
    Thanks for this “Lady”
    Damn, Bong’s voice sound so sexy.

    Big huge family.
    Hehehe… yup, we sure is.
    Merry Christmas all VIPs

    Tabi go to club again?
    Hope he didn’t pass out & give trouble to all his dongseng.
    Bae, Bong, Dae, hope u’ll put an eye on this old man not to go buckwild >.<

  22. nya

    These hyungs…. they should’ve stay home with Baby though
    poor Baby…. but I’m GLAD that he’s still ILLEGAL haha
    or else Bong will lead him in the wrong way
    you know how Baby is with clubs…… dancing.. AHH!

    haha imagine Tabi in the club getting CRUNK kekeke


    btw gurl. MERRY CHRISTMAS
    NOW it’s officially christmas
    I haven’t open my present yet and it’s already 11 AM
    i’m too lazy haha still in bed kekeke

  23. Merry Christmas Vicky!!! =)
    Have a happy holidays!!!
    Merry Christmas to all the VIPz =)

  24. Merry Christmas!
    Happy Birthday Jesus!
    Happy Holidays!
    Happy New Year!
    And Peace on Earth Good Will To Man!

  25. Merryy Christmas ! 😀
    Thanks for shariing Gd’s LADY !! I absolutely love it !
    When did he sing it? Did he sing it for VIPs as a Xmas present? ^^

  26. merry christmas to all!
    vipz and our boys =)
    hehe poor baby, can’t go to the club…i bet he is getting excited to get in too. hihi.

  27. hohoho
    merry hristmas people!!!
    hope all of you VIPZ have a wonderful day!!!!
    and to our boys don’t leave Baby behin
    even if he insists on practicin his oh so provocative moves
    don’t leave him there!!!

  28. Can we download this?


  30. Merry Christmas
    screams* I love g-dragon’s remix
    when did he record this?
    how’d you get this? I mean I know you
    have these connections but this is good
    cuz it’s GD’s remix. I love it
    this made my christmas Wayy better (:

  31. merry xmas everyone!!

    merry xmas vi!^_^ aww..poor maknae was left home..dont worry’ll be legal soon..haha ^^

  32. Vi
    Hahaha… stay home with baby
    But u can’t stop them to go. Kekeke…
    Baby must be really popular with the girls in the club. His dancing is good.
    Also he’s good at catching gurls heart. A really bad news for u.

    Right? This hyung. He can’t control his own self at all.
    Making all members to take care of him.
    So, being drunk at the club is the first thing I could come to.

    Hahaha.. Christmas already pass here.
    Our time difference really cool huh? Kekeke

    I almost trip when I wake up today
    Sleeping without changing any position make my body feel weird.
    I think I get the old man disease.
    This is what happen to my grandma too. >.<

  33. AHHH
    of course, bong sang that for me ;]
    ahaha jk
    i wish 😦 but oh well i can dream :]
    merry xmas everyone, especially you vicky
    you (along with all the bb fansite staff) have kept me well-informed of the five best men on EARTH<3

  34. GD lady is very old. it was back in September. it was only out for JAPAN ITUNES but then it was taken off. the reason why VIPS dont put it up anymore is cause ALOT of people will start smashing saying GD is trying to get more credit and stuff. so i dont think they will like it up. unless u want more bashing to start like when he did “Look at me part 2”

  35. nya

    he’s a fucking best dancer there is
    and I’m not the only one who knows for the fact that dancers are ESPECIALLY good in bed
    he ain’t going NO WHERE near a club, not until I’m 20 (in korea) and tag along

    I wanna see Tabi drunk and getting CRUNK so so badly
    he’ll look so amazingly awsomely hilarious hahahahaha

    this morning, my effin cousins got here around 6 AM and SOMEWHERE they pick the lock on my door, came in and try to wake me up, I was so pissed off, EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD knows DO NOT! EVER wake me up unless it’s for school or I HAVE to, or else it’s HELL!!! I was gonna hurt them until my dad heard and came in tell them to get out
    don’t mess with me when I’m sleeping
    extra cranky and violent Vi.

  36. Vi
    HAHAHAHA… this “ESPECIALLY” sound so horny.
    What happen to u gurl??
    But leave that aside, is that so??
    I never heard dancers r especially good in bed.
    I can’t miss this topic.

    That is it. When u say them going to club, I didn’t think about the gurls there, but I worry him getting drunk. That hubby. Although he said his body could tolerate alcohol but still he likes to drink till pass out.
    I worry about him though I would like to see one myself. Hahaha

    Hahaha… poor cousins.
    In my case, I could never went to sleep again if I already woke up.
    So, if I went to bed really late, I’ll wake up around 11 the next day.
    I hate to wake up early too ~.~
    Thanks God my school is at evening. I won’t want to back to the days when I should wake up extra early when in high school.
    Wake up at 5am & school start at 6.45 am. Urrghhh~~ a big NO for that.

    So? Did u continue ur sleep? Also it’s holiday.
    Who want to wake up early? Damn, all thing I’ll do is stuck lazily on my bed.

  37. aww you deleted the song :[

  38. hi vicky!!!
    pls help???
    im having trouble accessing my livejournal acccount..that’s why i cant see the gold miss guesting..
    i saw the youtube version and i dont like it cos the video quality is not clear,,is there a way ia can download the videos aside from livejournal..pls help???

  39. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV BIG BANG 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I think “happy holidays” carries with it a hidden agenda in singling out one holiday for generic treatment. …sort of like “take that” with a smile. I recommend the following post, which I enjoyed:

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